The Argosy Bar

By: Ron Nelson
(© 2012 by the author)

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 Part 1



Matt Dalton rode his dark burgundy and chrome Shadow 1100 cruiser motorcycle around dusk down River Street, along the Savannah River, into the heart of the old waterfront district of Savannah, Georgia. The pavement was still wet from an August evening thunderstorm which drenched the area just moments ago, with the lightning and distant thunder of the storm still to be seen and heard off toward the east.


After a half dozen blocks, he turned into the hard packed dirt parking lot next to the Argosy Bar, his destination. The Argosy was located in one of the two-hundred year old solid stone and heavy timbered factor warehouses which lined the historic waterfront. Many of the old warehouses dated back to the early 1800’s. At one time they held the huge bales of cotton, turpentine, lumber and other commodities produced in the back country of Georgia, destined to be loaded on to the sailing ships, and later freighters, to be shipped all over the world.


The old warehouses are as dark and solid today as they were 200 years ago. The Argosy and the old warehouse in which it is located are owned by Stavros Kostas, known by the patrons of the Argosy as Steve. At one time he was a sailor and assistant engineer on one of the freighters of the old Hellenic Shipping Line which traded mainly between Piraeus, Greece, and Savannah.


At present Steve is about sixty, but it’s hard to say exactly, what with his dark and weathered skin and close cropped steel gray hair. At about five-eight and two hundred pounds, just about all of it solid muscle but coated with a comfortable layer of fat too, he’d doesn’t look like he’d be too easy to move if he didn’t want to move.


However, that doesn’t happen too often as his shrewd but good nature is always ready to welcome anyone who comes in his door. He quietly notices everything that is going on in the Argosy, however, and if he takes exception to any of it, it doesn’t take him long to straighten the situation out, including anyone who is the cause of it. 


Legend has it that he’d joined the Hellenic Shipping Line, when he was just sixteen, as a cabin boy. In time, he rose to be a ship’s mate and then by his late forties he had become a senior assistant engineer, which was all he ever aspired to.


On board, over the years, he’d met scores of shipmates of all shapes and inclinations, talents and dispositions. Mostly, he got along with all of them. But there were always a few who nobody could get along with, nor could Steve either. Over the years Steve had also picked up an extraordinary talent for poker and the other card games the sailors got into during their off hours.


Over time, Steve won substantially more than he lost, although he was always careful never to take the other man’s last dollar or drachma. Whenever he docked in Savannah, he put his winnings safely in the Savannah Trust Bank for safekeeping in case he might ever need to draw on it some time in the future.


In addition to the time he spent increasing his card-playing talents, he, like many other sailors or other men confined to small quarters, such as in prisons, also took up body building. He not only liked it for the pleasure and satisfaction it gave him to see and feel his body develop like the pictures of the ancient Greek athletes and wrestlers whom he admired, but also for the protection it might provide him from some of the other similarly powerfully built sailors who might be inclined to assault him for their own pleasure. Not that Steve necessarily always minded such attention from some of the other men on board.


Every ship always had some unused locker room or corner where the ship kept some weights and unused cargo mats for the men to work out on. The weights were great for building up, and the mats were good for whenever, as traditional Greeks, the sailors engaged in Greece’s oldest sport, wrestling. Steve, for one, like some of the other sailors in particular, liked to wrestle around with another man in their off hours whenever he got a chance.


Sometimes it was for the physical challenge and workout to further develop himself. But almost as frequently it was for the physical and sensual pleasure he got from the body contact of wrestling with some of the other sailors on board, with them getting the same pleasure from Steve.


Early on as a boy, and then as he grew older, Steve was always attracted to look at the statues and pictures of the Greek wrestlers, muscular and nude, in their Olympic games or gymnasiums or matches. Those matches ranged from casual and training matches in the Greek gymnasiums, to the pankration or ‘no holds barred’ wrestling in which no part of the other’s body was immune from attack or punishment. Steve liked that. 


* * * * 

About eight or ten years ago, while serving on the Hellenic Shipping Lines’ freighter Olympia, he met up with a shipmate, a sailor by the name of Kristos, who developed a violent dislike for him along with most of his other shipmates.


One day, while they were in the middle of the voyage between Piraeus and Savannah, in an off duty poker game, Steve and Kristos, with two other sailors, were playing poker one night around midnight when all four were off duty. Steve and one of the other men were coming out ahead, and Kristos and the fourth man were at the losing end.


They were playing poker in the small compartment room just off the engine room where the weights and wrestling mat were located. Suddenly, furious that he was losing, Kristos leaped up and attacked Steve and dragged him over to the wrestling mats to fight him there.


Steve went along with Kristos for a moment or two, not realizing how furious Kristos was. But then he realized Kristos was serious in his attack and so he began to take Kristos’s anger more seriously himself.


It was hot near the engine room and the men had been wearing only brief shorts and deck shoes. For a few minutes their fight and wrestling match, for Kristos was a good wrestler too, went back and forth while the two other sailors in the game stood and watched from the side.


But then Kristos pulled a sharp and pointed sailor’s knife from under his belt with the intent of stabbing or at least slashing Steve however he could.


Seeing that, and then feeling some warm blood on his leg and noticing that it was his own blood from where Kristos had already managed to slash him, Steve picked Kristos up bodily and smashed him against the bulkhead to take him out. In doing so, Kristos happened to hit the bulkhead badly, broke his neck, and in the next couple of minutes died.


An investigation was held by the Olympia’s captain and first mate, and Steve was found completely innocent. After the verdict, however, the captain suggested to Steve that as the dead man had three brothers who also sailed on the Hellenic Shipping Line ships in various capacities, and they would vow to get even with him if they ever found Steve alone at sea, his life might very well end very soon afterwards.


Steve took the captain’s suggestion to heart and decided to follow his advice. By now he’d served about all the years he cared to on board the Hellenic Shipping Line ships anyway, and he’d accumulated a considerable amount of the money which he had been depositing all along in the bank.


In addition, he’d been thinking about retiring from life at sea and instead take up a career owning a Greek bar in America. He knew what he’d like it to be to cater to the Greek and other foreign sailors coming to Savannah from all over the world on various ships. He also figured he might attract some local people who might find his bar and its unique offerings agreeable to their own likes and interests.


* * * *


The Argosy Bar was located on the lower floor of the old factor warehouse on the waterfront. It was a two-story building, which had one entrance which fronted on River Street where Matt was coming on his motorcycle. The other entrance entered on the upper level, which ran in from Bay Street above it.


At one time, horse-drawn wagons coming in from the fields and plantations outside Savannah would bring their loads in at the upper level. Then the loads of tar barrels, lumber and other commodities could be stored and winched down to the lower level, from which they would be removed and be carted to the ships which lined the waterfront.


Now the upper level entrance had been closed off so that the lower entrance to the building was the only entrance to the building. 


After acquiring the building, Steve fixed it up just the way he wanted it. On the lower level, toward the front, he located the Argosy bar room. He’d found an ornate old bar from one of the original paddlewheel steamers which went up and down the East Coast. When the ship was eventually wrecked in a storm and had to be dismantled for salvage, Steve bought the bar and moved it to the Argosy. With the bar’s ornate solid oak surface and the wood carvings, gilt mirrors and brass fittings Steve bought along with it, the whole bar took up one entire side wall of the room.


Along the opposite wall there were six dark oak booths with padded leather seats, and in the middle were about five smaller tables with chairs for patrons who preferred to sit there. Hanging from the walls and ceiling, in addition to the usual brightly colored neon beer company signs, were various fish nets, old lanterns and other memorabilia from the ships and the lives of the men who sailed on them all around the world. With the original factor warehouse rough stone walls and high and dark timbered ceiling, and only a couple of dim lights hanging from the ceiling, the Argosy had a dark and comfortable atmosphere which appealed to its patrons.


The Argosy was not widely known outside of Savannah, and it was rarely mentioned in the magazines which told of Savannah’s many charms and points of interest. However, those who knew of the Argosy, tended to know it well and came back to it time after time.


Many of these repeat patrons, as word got around among the ships and their crews as to places to visit when they were in port in Savannah, were sailors who came in to the Argosy from ships from all over the world. Wherever they came from they always knew they’d be welcome at the Argosy. Many also knew of a couple of unique other features of the Argosy as well, which made it even more appealing to them. 


* * * *


The Argosy factor warehouse held more space than Steve needed for the bar. That was one reason he acquired it originally.


Steve knew that lots of times sailors on board ships developed intimate friendships with some of their other shipmates in particular. However, for reasons of their assignments on board or rank or other circumstances on board the ship, they were unable to carry their relationships any further, or as far as they would like.


It was only when the sailors were in a port that they could get off their ship and find a place and time when they could experience their interests with the other, and special, shipmates more deeply.


Many times, their interests in their other shipmates were no more than just to get totally drunk and wiped out with them, knowing they could drink all they wanted for as long as they wanted, and know they didn’t have to report for duty only a few hours later.


For others, there may have been an increasing amount of friction with another man until the only way to settle it would be to fight the other man where they wouldn’t be limited by the ship’s confining circumstances. That was the case when Steve and Kristos fought and it ended with Kristos’ death. 


And then many times the men simply wanted to know another shipmate to the fullest degree possible, and to let their physical and emotional needs be satisfied for the full and complete pleasure it would give both of them, which again they were rarely able to satisfy on board their ship.


To satisfy these varying needs, Steve planned to add a couple of other features to the Argosy for the pleasure of the sailors who might like them, or for any other patrons who might also like to take advantage of them.


The Argosy bar took up only the front half of the lower level. Behind the wall which separated the bar from the rest of the old factor warehouse, an old wooden staircase, left over from the days when the building was a warehouse, led to the upper level.


Up here on the upper level Steve installed half a dozen cubicles, separated by rough wooden panels about eight feet high. Each cubicle held a small and simple bed similar to a ship’s cot with which a sailor would be familiar and comfortable. A small table, lamp, chair and some clothes hooks completed the furnishings of each cubicle. A couple of cubicles were larger and held double the furnishings of the single cubicles.


The intention of the cubicles was to provide a place where sailors, if they were too intoxicated, or it was too late for them to return to their ships that night, or if they simply preferred to stay on shore that night, would have a place to sleep. Or whatever else they might want to do with their night. 


To the rear of the bar, beyond the wooden stairs and behind another thick old original warehouse wooden door, was the rear half of the first floor. Here Steve had put in something else that he knew he would like for his own use, and which he knew a number of other sailors who had spent long weeks on board a ship might like to use.


They would be the active and muscular men of various ages, from young teens who were apprentices on the ships to senior sailors who had spent years at sea, might like to use and work out to satisfy more of their physical needs. And find release all of the energy which would have so long been accumulating in their bodies but which they’d been unable to fully release in the limited possibilities on board their ships. 


That was a full size wrestling mat which Steve had set up in the middle of the heavy rough stone and timbered warehouse room for whoever might like to work out on it. Around the mat were some plain wooden benches where anyone who wanted could watch whatever action might be happening on the mat.


The big dimly lit warehouse room smelled not only of the tar and turpentine and tobacco which were left over from a hundred and more years ago, but of more recent sweat and liniment and other pungent gym and muscular body smells as well. The room was lit only by only a single light which hung down from the high beamed ceiling over the mat.


There was a little more to the room than just the center wrestling mat.


Off to one side there was a small alcove which once held smaller or more valuable commodities ready for shipment. Now it held some lockers, clothes hooks and changing benches. Next to it was a small open shower room which held four showers running into a single floor drain, and a couple of toilet stalls.


Against the rear wall was another alcove formed by two rough wooden walls which made the alcove only about ten feet square. Here the light over the big center mat cast only a slight glow but which otherwise left it in almost total darkness. On the floor from wall to wall was another wrestling mat.


Steve knew that sometimes sailors liked to wrestle or work out in bigger areas or where others could watch the action. Other wrestlers liked to work out in smaller, enclosed and more private areas where they could focus entirely on each other. Here they could wrestle each other for as long as they liked, however they liked, and until they would feel completely drained and satisfied with whatever they did.


Not many patrons of the Argosy knew what the back room and upstairs of the Argosy held. But those who did know, knew they liked it. Like Matt.


* * * *


Matt knew about both the upstairs sleeping room and the back room from the bar and the wrestling mats which were located there. He recalled that when he was only thirteen, he already knew he was attracted more to guys than to girls. He knew he particularly liked to wrestle around with other guys not only for the physical workout it gave him, but for the sensual pleasure it gave him too. In the back country of Georgia, where he grew up, there were a lot of opportunities for wrestling around with some of his buddies, and he was always ready to get into it whenever the chance came up.


Coming into the Argosy this evening, and thinking about the back wrestling room and what it might hold for him that night, Matt recalled one Saturday afternoon in August a few years back. He was fifteen, and living with his grandparents on their farm in the small town of Claxton, Georgia.


Living on an adjoining farm was his buddy Seth, who was eighteen. Most afternoons, after their chores were done, they’d go off to go swimming in a nearby creek to cool off and pass a quiet afternoon together. They swam naked in the creek, and then, after swimming around for a while, they got out and lay naked in the cool grass under some willow trees to stay cool and dry off.


Early on, as they swam around, they’d already begun to fool around hit and splash each other in the creek, and now, one day, as they lay on the grass, Seth reached over to punch Matt in the chest. Both already knew they liked the give and take of hitting and taking each other’s blows and moves on each other when swimming in the creek, and Matt returned the punch.


In another moment they found themselves locked together wrestling each other, each trying for some advantage over the other, but liking it just as much when they were caught and trapped by the other too.


Wrestling naked, it didn’t take long for them to get aroused and for their cocks to harden and stick straight out from their bodies. That in turn provided more easy targets for the other’s further punishment. Seth, who was the stronger and heavier of the two, eventually managed to get on top of Matt, head to toe, to hold him down. Matt fought back, but at the same time he knew he didn’t have any trouble with his predicament as he liked the feel of the naked and muscular Seth on lying on top of him and holding him down.


Then Seth added to his hold on Matt by wrapping his muscular legs around Matt’s head to get him in a tight and suffocating head scissors. And, in addition, positioning his now long and hard cock directly over Matt’s face. It wasn’t the first time Matt had felt Seth’s long and hard cock pressed hard against his face at one time or another, and he had no problem with it now either.


This time, however, Seth then started to rub Matt’s cock, which was already hard and sticking up right in front of his own face, too, making it even harder. That was a new sensation for Matt, but he knew he didn’t have any problem with it either even though he didn’t quite know where it was leading to.


He’d already learned about three years ago how to jerk off and pleasure himself when he was alone in his bedroom at night, but he’d never shot his load with anybody else around.


Now, however, as he began to think about what Seth was doing to him, he’d lost his focus on the fact that at the same time Seth had stabbed his own equally hard cock not only against his face but almost all the way deep down into his own mouth.


It was only when he found he was almost choking on it, and Seth was stabbing it repeatedly faster and faster and deeper and deeper down his throat, that Matt knew he was getting it at both ends.


Matt already knew that when he came, he came fast. It was no different now with Seth working him over than when he was pleasuring himself.


After struggling for a few minutes to escape from under Seth and what Seth was doing to him, but also really liking it, he very soon felt himself begin to come. And by Seth’s movements and groans, he knew Seth was too.


Then it happened. Suddenly Matt felt his full load of cum race through his cock and burst out right into Seth’s face, which was not more than an inch from the end of Matt’s big hard heart-shaped cock end. At the same time, Matt suddenly tasted all of Seth’s own hot sweet cream of Seth’s own huge load of cum shoot out of Seth’s equally big and hard cock end, and pour and pulse into his own mouth and down his throat as well.


For a moment or two they remained locked together, neither moving as both enjoyed the pleasure and the feel of what they’d done to and with each other, and the taste of each other’s cum in their mouth. Finally, after they were completely drained and their cocks went limp, they felt the rest of their bodies go limp too.


“Man, I liked that,” said Matt.


“Me too,” was Seth’s reply. ”Let’s do it again next time. I know I’d sure like to!”


“Same here!” 


The rest of that summer, Matt and Seth returned to the swimming hole a number of other times. Each time they both knew they went for more than just the swimming. They both knew neither had any problem with it either. It seemed so natural to them they could never get enough of it. 


At the end of the summer, having finished school, Seth moved to Savannah to get a construction job on the waterfront. There, he met a couple of slightly older men who he found liked to wrestle the same way he did. That is, easy going messing around, give and take, as much for the sensual pleasure of it as for the casual workout and relief it gave them.


One of the men was named Jake, and the other Rinaldo. Jake was about twenty-five, had played football and wrestled in college, and now worked as a crane operator. Rinaldo was about twenty-seven, immigrated from Italy about either years ago, and was a muscular stone mason working on the dock bulkheads.


Seth then began to join them Saturday nights when they wrestled in the small apartment they shared in which they’d fitted out some wrestling mats. That’s when Seth first found out something new, which he soon began to like, too. That was, sometimes he’d be riding another guy who was on his hands and knees, or body pressing him when he was flat on the mat. Then, in addition to just wrapping his arms and legs around the body of the man under him, and when his big cock would be pressed hard against the bottom man’s butt, he discovered the additional pleasure of slowly and easily, but firmly, driving his big rod deep into the other man’s butt and body, much to the pleasure of both men.


It took Seth just a little while to get used to it, give or take. But they took it slowly at first, with Seth on top to drive his hard rod deep into the other man’s butt. Then, reversing their positions where he found he also liked the feel of having the other man’s long and hard rod slowly but surely penetrate deep into his own body. He found he got a lot of pleasure either way, either giving or getting it, and was a new way to get the deep sensual pleasure he got from wrestling around with another man in the first place.


* * * *


For the next three summers Seth returned to Claxton to work on the farm, as Seth continued to do as well, and they still went swimming together in the creek after they finished their chores. And then they also liked to wrestle around again in the grass afterwards as they had before.


But now Seth showed Matt what newer and additional ways he’d found out to get pleasure from wrestling around with another man.


Now when Seth was on his hands and knees on the soft grass and Matt was riding on top of him, both of them wet and naked, and with both of them fully aroused and their cocks long and hard, Seth felt, as usual, Matt’s big rod pressed tightly against his butt.


But of course now he knew what he’d learned and experienced in Savannah from Jake and Rinaldo. However, he wasn’t too sure of what Matt’s reaction might be if he suggested it right off. Instead, with Matt on top of him, Seth suggested to Matt that it would be ok with him if Matt positioned his big cock end right against his open and waiting butt hole.


Matt had no problem with that and liked the feel of it. Then Seth suggested to Matt that he wouldn’t have any problem with it if he drove his rod slowly and easily into his waiting butt hole. Matt didn’t have any problem with that and so slowly, gently, but more and more deeply all the time, drove his long and hard rod deep into Seth’s butt hole until it penetrated deep into Seth’s muscled body and couldn’t go any further.


At the same time Matt was driving his hard shaft into Seth‘s waiting body, in order to keep his tight wrestling hold on Seth, he wrapped his arms tightly around Seth’s muscled upper body to grab both of Seth’s big pecs in his fist and squeeze them to increase the pressure he was putting on Seth. He knew that Seth liked to have both his butt and his pecs worked over hard, and Matt had no trouble, and enjoyed, giving it to him.


Seth, in turn, groaned with the pleasure of what Matt was doing to him, and could only say, “Give me more, man, more - all you got!”


Which Matt did for the pleasure it was giving to both of them. Suddenly, however, he realized he was about to come and shoot his full cum load while his big rod was deep inside Seth‘s muscled and naked body.


Matt wasn’t sure if he should come while his rod was deep inside Seth, and tried to withdraw it. But then Seth wouldn’t let him.


Instead, understanding Matt was about to come, Seth reached one hand up off the grass to grab one of Matt’s hand which was squeezing his pecs and held him tight so that he couldn’t let go. At the same time Seth tightened his butt muscles to keep Matt from pulling out of his butt end too.


Matt was in a panic for a moment. Then it was too late. In the next instant, Matt felt all of his hot white creamy cum shoot out of his big cock and pulse deep inside Seth’s wet, warm and waiting body. On and on Matt felt his cum pulse and flow out of him until finally there was no more and he grew limp with exhaustion.


It was only then that Seth let him go. Both rolled over to their sides on the grass and when Matt reopened his eyes, both grinned at each other.


In the following couple of weeks, as it was still only July, whenever they went swimming together, they followed it up by wrestling in the grass next to the creek. And from there it almost always ended up with Matt on top of Seth, pinning him down, and then his big and still growing rod finding its way deep into Seth’s muscled body with the same results, to the increasing ease and pleasure of both of their action, every time. 


Then one day in early August, Seth asked Matt if he’d like the feel of his own cock slowly feed down into his, Matt's, butt, and know that Seth’s cum would be shot deep into his own body.


At first Matt wasn’t too sure. But he knew the pleasure Seth got from it, and so it didn’t take too long for him to decide he wanted it too. Seth took it real slowly and easily on Matt at first to be sure he was ok with it. But it soon turned out Matt liked to take it just as much as Seth. Later on, whenever they wrestled again, it went, and they liked it, either way… 

* * * *


As Matt turned his motorcycle in to park it along the side of the building, he glanced around to see who else might be at the Argosy that night. As usual, he saw the other vehicles were mostly pickup trucks, some older and smaller, but a couple of others big hulking monsters of trucks. A few ordinary cars, but what looked like a fairly new Cadillac and a Jaguar too.


‘Pretty much as usual,’ he thought as he dropped the kick stand, which cut the engine, and turned the wheel to lock it as protection from someone, who might have had a little too much to drink and began to think he might like to take it for a ride somewhere.


As Matt pushed open the old and heavy wood door, left from when the building was still a factor warehouse, he stepped into the bar room with its rich and pungent mixed smells of a couple hundred years of commodity smells mixed with the more recent barroom smells of smoke and spilled beer. It all smelled good and familiar, and Matt knew he was where he wanted to be for the rest of the night. 


Matt had had a typically full day earlier that day. His job was a forklift operator on the riverfront docks just north of the city. It was a job he’d had for a little more than three years now. He liked it and was good at it.


It was year-round outside work. Sometimes the winters were cold on the piers, and the summers were hot, but he liked it and was accustomed to it, either way. In the winter an insulated parka, gloves and boots kept him warm. And in the summers, such as now, just a pair of cutoffs, a tight sleeveless t-shirt and his work boots were sufficient to keep him comfortable.


At about five-nine and one-seventy, and in particularly good shape both from working out regularly in his spare time at a nearby gym as well as the workout he got from driving his forklift. He was aware that his muscular body wasn’t too bad to look at either by anybody watching him nearby.


His job was fairly simple, although it took an experienced touch and feel to do it. Most of the cargo carried by freighters these days was in containers. For unloading, these containers were lifted off the deck or out of the hold and then swung over the side and placed on modified rail cars to be moved to the warehouses or waiting trains at the end of the dock.


However, a portion of a freighter’s cargo frequently was in the form of odd-sized shipments, or shipments of a special or fragile nature, which were put in special-sized crates or left open on pallets. These needed to be unloaded separately from the standard containers and required special individual handling. Picking up and moving these individual pieces of cargo was Matt’s job with his forklift.


This special cargo was generally loaded into the aft cargo holds of the freighters. When a ship was docked and ready to be unloaded, the Deck Chief in charge of the cargo would take his place along the rail where he could watch both the cargo as it was being brought up out of the hold, then lifted over the ship’s rail, and then placed down carefully on the dock in a designated location from which Matt could pick it up with his forklift and move it back to the customs or holding area for its next move.


The freighter Heraklion of the Hellenic Shipping Line, sailing out of Piraeus, Greece, had come in during the night with a full cargo on board to be unloaded in Savannah. The bulletin board in the Pier Operations Office on the dock listed what ships were at the docks, how long they would be there, and their unloading and loading schedules. The board showed that the Heraklion would be in port for three days, taking one day for unloading its cargo, one day for loading its new cargo, and one day for some unspecified repairs.


Matt saw that he was assigned the forklift job for the unloading of the special cargo of the Heraklion. It was scheduled to begin at 7am, and was projected to last until 4pm. 


‘Good,’ thought Matt. ‘That’ll make a full day’s work and pay. Then I can get back to my apartment, sack out for a while and have supper, and ride over to the Argosy later on to see what might be happening there tonight.’


Matt had gotten to the dock shortly after 6:30am, in time to check in and see what else was going on. He parked his motorcycle just outside the gate, checked in with the time clock, got his forklift out of the dock storage garage, and headed over to the Heraklion by a quarter to seven.


By the time he got to the ship, he could see that the container unloading had already begun, as usual, with the ship’s own cranes already released and swung into position, ready to hoist the big cargo containers out of the forward and mid-ship holds where they were secured. At the same time, the dock railcars had been moved into place to receive them once they reached the dock, ready to move them to the end of the dock where they would be loaded on to the regular railroad cars.


Matt drove his forklift to the aft end of the ship and stopped opposite the smaller ship’s crane which he knew would be the one he’d receive his cargo from. His next step would be to spot the Deck Chief who would direct the unloading operation, and whose direction he would follow as to what cargo was coming up, where it would be placed on the dock, and any special instructions as to how it was to be handled, as all of those were the Deck Chief’s responsibility.


For a moment, the sun blinded his eyes as he looked up at the Heraklion’s main deck, about twenty-five feet above him. As his eye followed along the deck edge, however, he soon saw the Deck Chief standing there, looking down at him, with a wide grin on his face.


Matt couldn’t help but give him an equally big grin in return. It was a grin rather than a call or shout as the noise of the cranes and other dock and ship noises made it difficult for them to hear each other and so they would, as usual, have to communicate mostly by the usual dock sign language, which both knew well.


The grin on Matt’s face was also in checking out the Deck Chief himself.


‘Man,’ thought Matt, ‘He sure does look good! I wouldn’t mind getting into it with him some time!’ As he looked at the Deck Chief, he felt his own big cock grow long and hard, most likely even visibly bulging out from under his cut-offs, considering what he was thinking. 


The Deck Chief did look good. He looked like he might be in his mid-thirties, and was deeply tanned. Under his dark blue baseball cap which said “Deck Chief” in gold letters, his curly black hair came down low over his forehead and came partly over his ears too. He had sort of a pug nose, which might have been natural or also looked like it might have been hit and pushed back into his face at one time. His ears stuck out a little, and they looked slightly cauliflowered, the way a wrestler’s looks after he’s been caught in a few too many headlocks or head scissors on him. He looked, in fact, like many other Greek sailors he’d seen, but even better. He looked something like Steve, back at the Argosy, except maybe a slightly younger but more powerfully muscular version of him.


Matt couldn’t help but notice the Deck Chief’s bulging biceps and big and solid pecs under his tight clean white t-shirt, his tight dark blue workout shorts which barely held in his thick and muscular thighs and legs, and dark all-weather deck boots. He looked like most likely he worked out pretty regularly in the Heraklion’s crew gym, and who knew what else he might do for workouts with the other crew members on board too?


‘He’s got a fighter’s face with a wrestler’s body, but his sparkling eyes and wide grin give him a real easy going and good natured expression. Whatever, he sure looks good,’ thought Matt. ‘Yeah, I’d sure like to get to know him a lot better.’ 


Over the dock and ship noise, despite being barely able to be heard, Matt called up, “Hey Chief, I’m Matt! At your service! Whatever you want - I’m all yours!” Matt meant it two ways, and he hoped the powerfully muscular Deck Chief would take it that way.


To the Deck Chief, Matt looked very good himself. For work that day, Matt was wearing a sleeveless t-shirt which said “Savannah-Wrestling” on it, brief camo shorts, workboots, and a camo baseball cap. He didn’t look that much different, in fact, except maybe ten years younger and not quite as big and powerfully built, as the Deck Chief himself. The Deck Chief liked just as much what he saw in Matt. 


“Ok Matt, I Lykos! We work good together I think. You wrestle like your shirt say? You look like tough man. Maybe I like wrestle you, but I no want you to hurt me!” said Lykos, the smile on his face growing wider as he spoke.


‘Oh man,’ thought Matt, ’I’d sure like that!’


“Ok Lykos, you’re on-and I’ll try not to hurt you too bad either!” was Matt’s grinning reply. Both knew it was very unlikely that Matt would be able to hurt Lykos if they ever were to wrestle. But who knows?


It was now time to start unloading the cargo, however, and Lykos turned to give the orders to the crewman who was working the aft crane to begin hoisting the first cargo pallet out of the hold. Lykos then turned back to Matt and indicated to him where on the dock he intended to place it so that Matt could maneuver his forklift to the best position to pick up the pallet and move it away.


The morning went by smoothly as Lykos and Matt worked together easily to coordinate the timing of lifting the cargo out of the hold, then placing it carefully on to the dock, and then Matt’s moving it to the holding area at the end of the dock and coming back for another load.


Lykos signaled they would break for lunch at noon, and Matt hoped Lykos might come down to the dock so that they could get up closer to each other. Lykos, however, had to remain on board, most likely to check on the remainder of the cargo still to be unloaded, and whatever else he had to do.


As scheduled, the unloading was completed shortly before 4pm. When Lykos signaled that the last pallet was now being lowered to the dock, he gave Matt a final grin, pointed to Matt’s shirt and extended his thickly muscled arms out to Matt as a wrestler might to an opponent when starting a match. He then gave Matt a thumbs up and disappeared from sight.


Matt was sorry to finish the job with Lykos, but knew that was the way it had to be. He picked up the last pallet with his forklift and took it to the end of the dock. That done, he returned the forklift to its storage garage for the night, checked out through the main gate, got on and started up his motorcycle and rode home to his apartment to sack out and eat some supper as he’d planned to do earlier.


* * * *


“Hey Steve,” was Matt’s greeting to Steve, who noticed him as soon as he came through the Argosy’s door shortly before eight, after he‘d had his supper and gotten a few winks. “Good evening, my friend,” was Steve’s welcoming reply to Matt. Before Matt even got to the bar, Steve had opened a bottle of Millers, which he knew was Matt’s preferred beer. 


As Steve then turned to wait on another customer, Matt took an empty seat at the bar and swiveled around to check out who else was in the bar, and anything else that might be happening. In the back of his mind, Matt knew, of course, that the Argosy was a favorite bar of many of the sailors on the freighters who came to Savannah, and he couldn’t help but hope that sooner or later, with luck, he might see Lykos there, either alone or with some of his buddies.


Unfortunately, while there was a good crowd in the Argosy already, Lykos wasn‘t there. It was still early, however, and maybe he’d come in later. As he was Greek, and Steve was Greek, Matt hoped Lykos would at least know about the Argosy Bar. Even if he did, however, he might not get to the Argosy if he had some duty on board the Heraklion that night anyway. He didn’t want to get his hopes up too high on seeing Lykos again.


After watching the crowd for a while and talking with the man seated next to him at the bar for a few minutes, Matt decided he’d head back to the back room and the wrestling mat to see if there was any action going on back there.


Most of the time nothing was happening this early in the evening, but sometimes a couple of sailors or local dock workers might have come in early when they couldn’t wait any longer to get into it with each other. That might have been either out of anger or seeking pleasure. Or maybe both at the same time.


As he stepped into the big back former warehouse room, for a couple of minutes Matt couldn’t see anything due to the dim light cast by the single overhead bulb over the center mat. Matt then saw it was empty, with no one else in the big dark room either.


As he first glanced over at the dark mat in the rear alcove it too at first appeared to be empty. But then, in the darkness, Matt saw what looked like some movement on it.


It looked like they were two big men locked together on their feet on the mat. One man was holding the other in a tight headlock, with both of them slowly forcing the other slowly down to the mat.


In the near darkness of the alcove, as he got closer to them after they had sunk to the mat, he saw they were two big men now locked together, the one still holding the headlock on the other, now almost motionless on the mat. Both men were naked, covered with sweat, and totally intent on each other.


One man, with a big mop of roughed up black hair almost covering his face, was on now top of and lying sideways across the bottom man. The bottom man, who had a shaved skull, and was lying partly on his side and partly on his back under the top man with the mat underneath him.


In the dim light, the top man looked to be maybe in his late twenties or early thirties. The bottom man looked older like he might be in his forties or even early fifties. Matt guessed both men must have weighed well over two hundred pounds and both had thick and muscular arms, thick legs and thighs, thick necks and enormous and ponderous pecs.


The man on top had the bottom man in a tight headlock and was forcing the bottom man’s full face tightly against his big pec, blinding him and trying to stuff his pec down the bottom man’s throat and choke him on it. Matt noticed that the top man had already succeeded in forcing his nipple into the bottom man’s mouth and was now forcing him to suck on it while the bottom man was gasping for breath.


The bottom man, however, although blinded and being forced to take the top man’s punishment of him with his huge pec in his mouth, in retaliation, had nevertheless reached around through the top man’s thick legs, stretched out next to him, and had seized the top man’s naked and exposed cock in his fist. Matt could see that the top man’s cock was fully aroused and almost as big and as hard as a hammer handle. Matt could now see that the bottom man was trying to crush it in his fist while at the same time was trying to pull it back through the top man’s enormous legs to rip it off the top man’s body.


As Matt watched them for a few minutes even though they were almost motionless, he could see that the bottom man was trying to turn his head in the other man’s headlock on him to get the top man’s big pec out of his mouth and let him breathe free again, while the top man tried to shift around slightly to ease the torture on his cock.


Neither would gave in, however, and so their deadlock and torture of each other continued as long as Matt watched them. Their deadlock was actually one of Matt’s own favorite holds and predicaments to get into, either to take or get caught in, and he knew the combination of pain and pleasure both men were getting from their deadlock. He wondered which would give in first, or if eventually, by mutual consent they would consider it a draw and release their holds at the same time and then go on to something else.


Matt watched the two big wrestlers locked together in the dark alcove of the big rear room where the wrestling mats were, for more than fifteen minutes. While watching them, although they were focused on each other and the pain each was giving and taking from the other, first one and then the other glanced up at him. As they looked up at him, Matt noticed small grins covering their faces. It was as if they were saying they were very much liking what they were doing to and with each other, and had no problem with it. Matt returned with a grin on his face as well as if to say he understood what they were doing and feeling, and liking the same thing himself.


As Matt watched the two big wrestlers in front of him, a couple of other men came in from the bar to watch, but, as the wrestlers were almost motionless and deadlocked, they left after just a couple of minutes to return to the bar. Matt then returned to be bar too to resume his seat at the bar to see what else might be happening.


* * * *

When he got back to the bar, a few more patrons had come in, including a group of men at the back table of eight who looked, by their varied clothes, like they probably were some crewmen from one of the ships in port. The other tables around the bar had also begun to fill up, and the barstools began to fill up too. It looked like it was going to be a good night at the Argosy, and Matt hoped there’d be some action to see, or, even better, maybe get into himself later on in the big back room on the mats. 


Part 2


Matt was talking with Steve, the owner and main bartender of the Argosy Bar and when he became aware of a good looking younger man standing quietly next to him waiting to get his attention. As Matt turned and noticed him when Steve had to leave to wait on another customer, Matt saw he was solidly built and muscled even though he was probably not much older than the minimum age of eighteen to enter the bar. He was also wearing a tight white t-shirt which said “Heraklion” on it. He had a grin on his face as he looked at Matt.


“You Matt?” the young man standing next to him asked.


Matt couldn’t help but grin back. “Sure am, man, at your service!”


“I deck man on the Heraklion,” he continued, “and I work on Lykos’ crew. You the man who work forklift today unloading Heraklion cargo?


“You got it again, man,” was Matt’s grinning reply. “What’s your name?”


“The young man grinned back, “I Mikos,” he said.


“Ok Mikos, what can I do for you?”


“My chief Lykos say he want wrestle with you if you no hurt him.”


“Oh sure,” was Matt’s smiling reply, “Not too much chance of that, I’d say. Sure, tell him any time he likes I’d sure like to get into it with him too. Where is he?”


“He over there at table” said Mikos, nodding over to the dark table in the corner.


As Matt turned over to look more closely at the men at the table, he saw Lykos looking at him with a grin on his face. Matt’s grin quickly matched it and the one on Mikos’ face too. Matt also felt his muscled body begin to throb in anticipation of what he hoped was going to happen next, and his cock began to lengthen and harden too. It felt real good to him.


“Ok, good deal,” continued Mikos as he cocked his head slightly in Lykos’ direction, and saw Lykos get up, squeeze the shoulder of the man sitting next to him, and walk to the back room of the bar where the wrestling mats were located.


“You’re a good man, Mikos. Can I get you a beer or something before I head back to take care of your man Lykos - or him to take care of me?”


“Ok, Mr. Matt. Mikos just ordinary crewman on board Heraklion, so free beer sound pretty good!” Matt turned to Steve, who was standing nearby alternating between watching the conversation between Matt and Mikos and casting an eye back at the table where Lykos and the others were sitting.


As Matt made sure Mikos was getting his beer, he felt his own body tighten up even more as he thought about whatever might happen next with Lykos in the back room on the wrestling mat. He knew he could hardly wait to get into it with him. 

* * * *


When he walked into the big dark warehouse room, with its pungent smell of two centuries of commodity, with Mikos walking behind him, it was too dark to see anything until his eyes would get used to the dim light.


Nevertheless he moved to walk across the mat to check out more of the room, with Mikos following behind him.


Matt never got across to the other side of the mat.


Suddenly, in the darkness, as he walked across the mat, a powerful hand, like a powerful bear trap, grabbed his ankle and began to pull him down to the mat. He couldn’t help but lose his balance and began to fall. But then he was conscious that a powerful arm had come up at the same time to catch him as he went down so that he’d come down easily and not get hurt.


It didn’t take Matt long to figure out what had happened and who it was that grabbed him, particularly when he reached out and felt the warm, moist and solidly muscled skin of Lykos’s muscular abs as he had positioned himself under Matt as he came down to catch his fall.


In that same instant, Matt grinned at what was happening, and liked it. He ended up falling slightly on his side on top of Lykos, but quickly recovered and in the next instant he twisted around to lie crosswise on top of Lykos, chest to chest. He still couldn’t see anything, but, feeling the powerful body of Lykos underneath him, he knew exactly where he was.


>From that position, he then quickly reached one arm out between Lykos’ powerfully muscular legs, with the crook of his elbow against Lykos’ crotch to pin him at one end, and reached his other arm around Lykos’ neck to hold him down at the other end.


As he reached around both ends of Lykos, he felt that Lykos was completely naked underneath him. Matt liked the feel of that. It was the way he liked to wrestle too, and it would be the way their entire match would go.


For a moment or two Matt was able to keep his pinning hold on Lykos, while Lykos both tried to escape but was also ripping off Matt’s clothes until he’d be naked too. Sensing what Lykos was doing to get him naked, Matt reached over and untied his shoes to help him along.


It was still dark by Matt’s eyes, but most wrestlers don’t need much light to wrestle by, and many wrestle with their eyes closed part of the time anyway, wrestling more by the feel of their own and the other man’s bodies against his own rather than by sight.


With the dim light now overhead, however, and with Matt’s eyes having grown accustomed to the darkness, he could now make out the very powerfully muscular body of Lykos underneath him. From their brief action already, and with both now being naked and anticipating their close, tight and sensual match to come, Matt felt his cock grow long and hard. At the same time, he saw and felt Lykos’ own big cock grow equally long and hard.


Now naked and wrestling each other in the dim light of the wrestling room in the rear of the Argosy Bar, it was what both had wanted since they first saw each other on the Savannah River docks that morning.


Every wrestler has his own style of wrestling and how much he wants and likes to give and take. They’d hardly begun to wrestle each other when Matt heard Lykos say, “Lykos tough, so you be as rough as you want.” That was good news to Matt, and he wasn’t surprised, having already noted Lykos’ powerful build and guessing at his previous “anything goes” Greek wrestling experience.


“Ok, Lykos,” Matt responded, “I like to take some punishment too!”


That set them off, both knew, for how their match might go and maybe how it would eventually end too.


* * * *


Lykos was about the same height as Matt, but his powerfully built and muscular body, which he’d trained into a body builder’s physique, was probably about fifteen pounds heavier. And the additional weight of muscle and flesh was perfectly distributed over his broad and muscular back, his thick arms and bulging biceps his thick and granite-hard pecs, muscled abs and thick and muscular legs and thighs, were like those of a marble statue of Apollo or the wrestlers of ancient Greece.


Matt had thought earlier when he first laid eyes on Lykos that morning, when he was on the dock and Lykos was on the deck of the Heraklion, that he’d sure like to get into it with Lykos if he could. Now he finally had it.


After Lykos saw that Matt had adjusted to the surprise of his being caught and brought down on top of him, and had then stripped of his clothes and gotten naked, he began to start their wrestling with each other and made his first move against Matt to free himself just a little from Matt’s pinning hold on him. Not but what he always liked the feel of another wrestler’s hot and naked body on top of him just as Matt always did.


While Matt was both younger and lighter than Lykos, and of course all wrestlers knew that inevitably any two wrestlers would always have different specs from each other, Matt and Lykos both knew Matt’s own powerfully muscular build would be able to give Lykos a really good workout and run for his money. So who knew what the outcome might be? It would be a match that could last a long time, give and take, until finally it would come to some kind of end one way or another.


But for now, both could hardly wait to get into it with each other.


Matt already liked the feel of having Lykos’ big body under him, his muscled pecs crushing against Lykos’ big pecs, one arm extended tightly through Lykos’ crotch, crushing Lykos’ big cock and thick balls in the crook of his elbow as he reached under Lykos to grab his muscled butt to tighten his hold, while his other arm was wrapped around Lykos’ thick neck and around the back of his head to hold him down at the other end.


At the same time as Matt was tightening his hold on Lykos, however, Lykos was slowly taking the same holds on Matt even though he was being pinned down on his back underneath Matt.


Lykos first freed up one of his muscled arms, extended it out under Matt’s body, and then brought it up between Matt’s just as solid butt, crushing Matt’s own now hard and bulging cock and balls in his elbow as he brought his hand up to Matt’s butt, while he reached his other arm up and over the back of Matt’s neck to get him in the same headlock Matt was holding on him.


In the next minute, they were deadlocked in the same hold on each other, with Lykos underneath and Matt on top of him. Both enjoying the sensual feeling of being tightly wrapped up in each other’s strong hold on him.


For a couple of minutes both struggled with each other, Lykos to get free and Matt to keep him in place, but neither really wanting to break it off either.


They also paused in their struggle for a moment when Matt felt a warm and wet liquid fall on his back and the rest of his body, and then Lykos felt it too. It felt good to both of them. Then Matt turned his head and saw that it was Mikos who was pouring some warm olive wrestling oil over the two of them to make their wrestling match even more sensual and interesting.


Matt had wrestled oiled before, and knew it always felt real good. While it made holding the other man a little more difficult in some positions and deadlocks, it also made it easier to get out of holds or situations he might be trapped in. The end result was that an oiled wrestling match could be even longer lasting and more sensual than matches without using oil.


Matt knew he surely was ready for that. And, with Mikos doing the oiling, Matt knew that Lykos was knowing and thinking the same thing.


Little by little, Lykos was succeeding in getting free of Matt on top of him, but then Matt, sensing that Lykos might soon free himself, twisted around slightly until now instead he lay on top of Lykos, head to toe, in a full ’69’ body press. And from there, he had only to slide himself down on top of Lykos to get him in a solid head scissors, with his muscled legs wrapped tightly around Lykos’ head, and his big, long, hard and naked cock pressed tightly against Lykos’ face to blind and choke him on it.


Lykos, however, had no problem with his new predicament at all. He was used to it, and relished it, give or take, every time he got into it. When Matt shifted his body slightly to tighten his hold a little, Lykos felt Matt’s big, hard rod pressed tightly across his nose, with its big heart-shaped head pressed against his face and mouth.


Needing to open his mouth to breath with Matt’s suffocating head scissors on him, Lykos let his tongue play with the helmet of Matt’s big rod, without letting it into his mouth. At least not yet. That would come later when they would get into the same predicament, give and take over and over again. Matt felt Lykos’ tongue play with the end of his big rod, and knew the sensation for when their positions would be reversed, and savored it just as much as Lykos did now.


Lykos, however, although blinded and suffocating in Matt’s full and tight head scissors on him, knew he had his own way to get back at Matt to equalize their moves and holds on each other.


While Matt was focused on tightening his head scissors on his opponent, Lykos suddenly flipped up his own powerfully muscular and thick legs, catching Matt’s own head in an identical head scissors.


Then, when Lykos dropped his big legs back down to the mat, he brought Matt’s head down with the move until now they’d once again be deadlocked in the same hold on each other. Now Matt felt Lykos’ big, thick and hard rod, now also wet with wrestling oil, pressed hard against his own face and mouth to blind and suffocate him as well.


And then Lykos added to Matt’s predicament by rolling both of them over until he was on top of Matt, who now found himself with his back on the mat and the bigger man’s full and solid muscular body on top of him.


For a moment, in their new position, neither moved to escape or change it. Lykos knew that although Matt was doing great with him so far, he didn’t want to push Matt any further than he might be comfortable with, and he didn’t know how Matt might or might not like the feel of another wrestler, particular a bigger one like himself. As a result, he paused and eased up on his head scissors on Matt right after he took the hold on him to give him a chance to breathe and escape if he wanted.


Matt, however, always favored the feel of another wrestler on top of him, and when that other wrestler was as muscular and built as Lykos, and they were naked and wrestling oiled, he knew things couldn’t get much better than that.


As a result, he kept his own head scissors on Lykos, and in the next moment both rolled over again until now once again Lykos was on the bottom with Matt on top of him, both still caught in their double head scissors on each other.


Covered with oil and slippery as a result of it, Matt tried, and then succeeded, in pulling his head out from Lykos’ scissors hold on it and free himself to breathe and see once again.


And with it, plot his next move and punishment against Lykos. The Greek anticipated that this would be Matt’s plan and, although still blinded and suffocating in Matt’s tight head scissors on him with the fork lift operator’s long and hard rod still pressed against his face and mouth, he waited to see what Matt’s next move might be.


Matt wasn’t long in deciding. With his head now free, Lykos’ big and hard cock was sticking up, fully aroused, just a couple of inches from his face.

It was a target too big and too close not to go after.


Lykos said at the start he liked to wrestle tough. Ok, this might be the chance to see just how tough.


While continuing to hold Lykos in a suffocating figure four head scissors under him, Matt wrapped his strong and calloused hand around Lykos’ big, long and hard cock right in front of his face and began to slowly push it forward, like a truck floor gear shift, and push it down between Lykos’ big legs to the mat underneath him.


Matt started slowly and Lykos reacted only by lifting his legs slightly to ease the pressure. But then Matt pushed it another inch, and another inch, and then another inch until it was almost down between his legs, while Lykos increasingly squirmed and began to groan while trying to ease the pressure on it. When he wouldn’t give in, Matt finally figured he’d pushed it far enough. He didn’t really want to break it off the big Greek’s body entirely. At least not yet.


Matt knew what he was doing, since he liked the same torture and pressure on his own equally big number when their positions were reversed.


As Matt eased up on the torture of his opponent’s engorged manhood, Lykos began to recover from the pain he’d been having to endure. Then he managed to free himself from Matt’s tight head scissors on him and rolled both of them over.


Now, suddenly, Lykos was once again on top of Matt and their positions were reversed. Matt, as usual, liked the feel of having his back on the mat with the powerfully naked, muscular and oiled body of Lykos on top of him, holding him down.


Matt also knew that he was as fully aroused at Lykos, with his own cock now sticking up straight from his body right in front of Lykos’ face, while Lykos’ own thick boner was now once again pressed tightly against his own face.


He wasn’t surprised then to feel a powerful hand wrap itself around his exposed cock and begin to crush it in a fist. It hurt just a little, but it did feel good. Then Lykos began to push it forward between his own muscled legs. That hurt a little more, but felt even better. Lykos pushed it further to torture Matt still more until he’d pushed it almost as far down between Matt’s legs as Matt had pushed his own erection down.


But then Matt figured it was about all he could take, and a tap on Lykos’ solid leg wrapped around his head signaled to Lykos that that was about as far as he could take it.


* * * *


Lykos quickly picked up on Matt’s signal and also eased his head scissors on Matt just enough to let Matt escape and get himself set up again. Which didn’t take long.


As Matt got free, Lykos got to his hands and knees to prepare for whatever Matt might try on him next. Which turned out to be to get on top of him and ride him like the Greek stallion he was. To get a tight grip on Lykos, Matt wrapped his legs tightly around Lykos’ muscled body, locked his ankles together underneath him, and then began to repeatedly smash his heels back into all of Lykos’ thick junk hanging down between his legs.


At the same time, Matt wrapped his arms around Lykos’ upper body and chest to grab one of his big thick pecs in each of his hands and began to maul them in his fists. It felt real good to Matt to squeeze the big man’s muscled flesh that way, and, in fact, Lykos liked it just as much as it was one of his favorite punishments that he enjoyed taken on him.


Nevertheless, Lykos did begin to shift back and forth on the mat to escape the worst of Matt’s punishment on him and try and shake him off. None of it worked, however, and for some minutes he took, and also drank in the punishment Matt was giving him.


Eventually, however, with their bodies oiled and slippery, Matt began to slide off his steed’s big back sufficiently so that Lykos was able to reach one hand up to Matt’s fist which was crushing his pec to hold Matt in place, and then roll both of them over on the mat.


Now it was Matt who once again had his back on the mat, with the powerfully muscular sailor on top of him. Matt still kept his body scissors on Lykos, however, while able to still keep his heels jammed into Lykos’ exposed crotch against his cock and balls, and maintain his tight bear hug and excruciating hold on the firm pecs to keep him in place.


However, Lykos was now able to lean back on top of Matt to crush him underneath him so that their punishment of each other would be about even between them.


It was a favorite deadlock both wrestlers craved, however, both give or take, and so neither was in any great hurry to end it.


At one point, Lykos picked Matt up bodily off the mat and turned him upside down in a great leg split,, which Matt liked for how Lykos man-handled him. However, Lykos knew that as he was a lot stronger and could do it to Matt, Matt probably wouldn't be able to do it to him, so, not wanting to take unfair advantage of Matt, he soon let him down for them to continue on the mat. 


As they struggled back and forth with their double punishment on each other, both glanced at one time or another over toward the edge of the mat. In the dim light, they saw that a couple of crewmen, in addition to Mikos, had come in and were sitting on the benches along side of the mat to watch. Their faces were covered with grins as Matt and Lykos worked each other over.


Eventually, while both Matt and Lykos liked the different predicaments that had already gotten into, they knew they wanted to try some more things to get at and punish the other some more, while taking the other’s punishment back on themselves just as much. As a result, they soon loosened their holds on each other and, in their naked and oiled slipperiness, slid apart and slightly separated -- just enough for Matt to recover from having Lykos’ body on top of him, as much as he liked the feeling.


Matt also noticed that Lykos, who was bigger and older than he and no doubt had a lot more tough wrestling experience, was watching the interaction between the two of them and made sure he wasn’t coming on too fast or strong on Matt in their struggle with each other. Instead, he noticed that in one deadlock or another he paused just enough to turn the initiative back to Matt whenever he was ready. Matt appreciated that.


This time, as they separated, Lykos found himself on his back on the mat with Matt ready to move against him in some other way. Matt did move fast and got the older man in a full body press, head to head. He slid up, positioning himself so that now his head would be a little beyond Lykos’ head, and his muscled pec, would be directly over Lykos’ face and mouth.


Then, wrapping his legs around Lykos’ lower body to hold him in place, he brought his full weight down on top so that his pec pressed down fully on Lykos’ face with his hard nipple directly over Lykos’ mouth.


Needing to open his mouth to breathe, Matt then shoved his tight nipple and as much of his pec as he could and stuffed them into the waiting mouth to force him to suck on them. He felt Lykos’ tongue circle around his nipple trying to push it out of his mouth, but Matt held him down too tightly to escape. And maybe Lykos’ didn’t try too hard to escape his predicament either.


Later on, when their positions were reversed, more than once, and Lykos was on top with Matt underneath him, Matt felt and tasted the even bigger pec and nipple stuffed deep down into his own mouth. Nor did he try to escape it any more quickly than Lykos had earlier.


Eventually, with their slippery oiled bodies making it difficult to keep any hold or deadlock too long, Lykos managed to slide himself up, and Matt down, on top of him until their heads and faces were even with each other. Now their big, muscled arms bear hugged each other, their chests and pecs tightly pressed together, and their legs intertwined with each other to hold themselves, and the other, in place.


Then with their heads and faces directly opposite each other, with Matt, on top, he pressed his face down against Lykos’ to hold him down even more. Slowly, their lips met and their tongues found their way into each other’s mouth to wrestle each other there. As before, neither was in any hurry to end their latest deadlock with that move.


 Eventually, Lykos loosened converted his bear hug on Matt to a headlock and began to push his calloused open hand and palm against Matt’s face to push him away. As he did, he stuck a couple of his fingers into Matt’s mouth while the heel of his hand forced itself against Matt’s chin, succeeding in pushing Matt off him as he did.



Matt didn’t go easily, however. Instead, as Lykos was trying to push him away, he brought one knee up to jam it into the waiting crotch against his cock and balls to crush them in the move. The big Greek took that pain and pushed Matt off him until he was able to escape and roll off to the side.


For another fifteen or twenty minutes both wrestlers fought back against each other slowly, to both conserve their energy and also enjoy the sensual pleasure they were getting from the other and for themselves. As they did, the darkness of the dim warehouse continued to blanket them, and a couple more patrons came in from the Argosy Bar to quietly watch the action in front of them.


Now Matt and Lykos were on their knees on the mat facing each other, with their fully aroused and oiled cocks, which they’d been torturing each other all along, sticking out in front of them making them easy targets for the other to grab and increase the torture. Of course neither lost any time in grabbing the other’s big dick and doing just that.


Now, both having seized each other’s swollen rod in his fist, they moved in closer to each other until they were able to grab the other around the back of his neck to bring him down to the mat. At the same time his other hand continued to crush the other’s cock and try to both to pull it down to the floor and push it back between the other’s legs as if to almost break it off. It was a total and sensual cockfight between the two, and neither could get enough of it.


Both realized even more that the other liked to be tortured, so long as there was no real or permanent damage done, and so for another long several minutes they tortured each other’s rock-hard masculinity as much as they could. With both being about the same height, their moves on the other were about even, with neither wanting to give in first. Once again, it was only the slipperiness of their oiled and naked bodies that eventually caused them to lose their grips, with both then falling on their faces on the mat in front of each other.


This time Lykos was the first to recover, and by now he knew Matt was able and enjoyed taking a lot of punishment. Being a few pounds lighter and not as powerfully strong as body builder Lykos, he couldn’t take quite as much punishment as Lykos which the sailor instinctively realized. As a result, he moderated his moves and punishment against Matt accordingly, but without being too easy on him either. It made for a good, and long lasting, match.


Lykos therefore quickly moved to get and crouch on Matt’s chest, facing his feet, while Matt was still on his back. Matt quickly moved to try to escape from under Lykos before the big seaman could come down on him totally. But, at the same time, he liked the feel of the powerful and muscular, naked and oiled, muscleman on top of him. So he wasn’t at all disappointed when Lykos completed his move to top him. Now he knew he was trapped and waited for whatever the big bodybuilder intended next.


Lykos gave him only a few seconds to adjust to his new quandary before he made that next move. The move was to slide back a few inches on top of Matt’s chiseled chest until his big and solidly muscled butt was directly over Matt’s face.


In the next instant, Matt knew what Lykos intended for him as he began to feel the solid, bubble shaped butt settle over his face. As Lykos came down on him, Matt gradually felt his nose, and then his eyes, mouth and lips, slowly sink into the deep, dark and wet canyon of Lykos’ butt until he was blinded and almost suffocated in the darkness that fully covered his face.


As Lykos felt Matt’s nose, face, mouth and lips sink deep into the crevice of his butt, he knew he’d aimed to just right to complete the move. He knew he didn’t have to sit on Matt’s face too heavy or hard to give Matt the full effect of it, and also to give Matt a chance to breath through the small space the gap of Lykos’ butt left him.


Matt knew he was trapped. At the same time, however, he was used to the move, being a favorite of his either give or take, and had no problem with it at all. Just as Lykos didn’t have any problem with it later on in their match when Matt took the same move on him, for the same reason.


Although the back of Matt’s head was pressed tightly against the mat with Lykos’ butt fully covering and smothering his face to keep him in place, Matt knew the rest of his well muscled body was open, so in the next minutes he tried to both flip and bridge out from under Lykos to free himself.


That meant, however, as Matt was still highly aroused, that his big rod was once again sticking up exposed right in front of Lykos and waving like a flag pole only a couple of inches from his face. And, worse, every time Matt tried to flip out, it was a temptation to Lykos to inflict some additional punishment on Matt. Which the man on top didn’t pass up.


Each time Matt came to bridge up, Lykos took his calloused and oily hand and slapped Matt’s cock one way back and forth or the other. This didn’t hurt Matt but only aroused him even more until he thought he could hardly endure the delicious pain it was giving him.


To get back at his punisher in some way, and realizing Lykos had not trapped his arms and hands with his legs folded against the side of his chest, Matt managed to reach around Lykos’ thick and muscular thighs and seize his own long and hard cock to crush and work it over just as Lykos was doing to him.


Lykos was unable to stop the return punishment as he was using both hands to torture Matt and keep his own position on top of the local hunk. As a result, it was yet another predicament for both wrestlers to both inflict their punishment on the other, while enduring the other’s revenge on himself. It was yet another sensual predicament they were giving each other, and neither could get enough of any of it.


It was only when Matt finally managed to pull Lykos’ big staff off to the side, almost ripping it off his body that the muscular seaman had to go with it and fell off to the side next to Matt. Then, after Lykos lost his balance and position on top of him, Matt was able to recover and escape… and proceed to reverse their positions. It was now he who sat fully on Lykos’ face to blind and suffocate him in the deep canyon of his butt, which Lykos enjoyed and endured just as much as Matt just had earlier. 

* * * *


Meanwhile, two or three other patrons of the Argosy Bar, heard that there was a real good wrestling matching going on in the dimly-lit back warehouse room, with both wrestlers real hunky, naked and oiled. The word got around it was a match between the Greek deck chief of the freighter Heraklion, in port for three days, and the fork lift operator who was working the ship’s cargo earlier in the day, and both seemed to be enjoying their pretty much even struggle with the other.


Steve also came back from behind the bar a couple of times to see what the action might be and how it was going between Lykos and Matt. He grinned each time he checked them out.


* * * *


By now the two musclemen had been wrestling back and forth for over an hour. From time to time they paused, deadlocked, which gave them a chance to catch their breath. Also, both knew they were really wrestling as much for the sensual pleasure it gave them to struggle back and forth, oiled and naked, their muscular bodies locked together in one hold or another, and keeping it even between them in order to make it last as long as possible.


Still, they struggled back and forth with each other, although they’d also developed a pattern in that whenever one had the advantage, it wouldn’t be long before, with the oiled slipperiness of their bodies, he’d lose it and then very soon afterwards it would be reversed. It was clear each liked all the deadlocks and predicaments they got into, give or take.


It also got to be more and more of a cockfight between the two as each looked to crush, bend, and almost break or rip the other’s big, long and hard rod off his body, while the other did the same to him. As both liked the torture they were giving to the other and at the same time taking back on themselves, neither ever backed off.


Then there were the times when they got a crushing head scissors on each other, trapping the other’s head between his powerful thighs and forcing the other to try and bridge or flip out. That didn’t always work, however, and sometimes in their twisting around their faces ended up facing into the other’s wet and naked crotch, long hard boner and thick, bulging balls.


When that happened, it wasn’t long before whichever wrestler had the scissors, he’d reach out and pull the other’s head deeper and deeper into his crotch and against his big cock and balls to blind and suffocate him as much as he could.


Lykos was the first to get the hold on Matt, who soon found himself trapped, blinded and suffocating with his face deep into Lykos’ hot wet crotch, just as the sailor intended. As it happened, however, it was one of Matt’s favorite holds to get caught in as well as take on the other man.


And then frequently Matt found that by twisting his head just a little when caught in a tight head scissors such as Lykos was holding him now, with his face pulled tightly against his Lykos’ big rod and thick balls, Matt was able to suck first one, and then both of the heavy, bulging Greek’s balls into his mouth.


It didn’t take Lykos long to realize that now he was at the mercy of Matt and had to hope the stud wouldn’t chew his balls right off his body. At the same time, he knew exactly what Matt was doing as he’d done the same thing when caught in a similar predicament wrestling with other men back in Greece and aboard ship. It was always a deadlock between the two, and sometimes lasted a long time. As it did now too. 


* * * * 


Eventually, however, Lykos’ began to release Matt slowly, which not only gave Matt a chance to recover but also release Lykos' big balls out of his mouth, and also gave him the chance to get back at the Greek sailor and bodybuilder however he liked. As soon as Lykos had let Matt free, and knowing Matt had been under some pressure for a while, he went to his hands and knees on the mat to let Matt take the next initiative.


Which Matt soon did, which was to once again get on the Greek’s powerfully muscled back, wrap his muscular legs around the sailor’s lower body and his arms around his upper body and chest, tightly grasping his thick pecs to hold himself in place.


That position also meant that, as they were wrestling naked and oiled and were both heavily aroused as well with all of their back and forth cockfighting, that Matt’s long and hard rod was pressed hard and deep against the dark fissure of Lykos’ hard and tight bubble-butt.


Matt knew he always liked the feel of that when he was being ridden, and as Lykos never made any complaints against it, Matt knew he liked it just as much.


Matt suspected Lykos might like to go further with it, just as he and Seth had gotten into it in the backwoods of Georgia a few years ago.


After Lykos and Matt had been wrestling for well over an hour and knew they’d have to end it some time, they came back to their “horse and rider” position more and more. Matt figured he’d take it to another step.


Slowly he began to position the big heart-shaped end of his long and hard rod directly over Lykos’ butt hole, and then began to push it in slightly until at least his purple-headed soldier had penetrated the arena he thought Lykos would like.


Lykos moved slightly to one side and then the other as if to avoid Matt, but he went no further to escape what Matt was doing to him.


Matt, however, signaling that he didn’t want to end their match yet, broke it off when he shoved one of his arms under Lykos’ arm to pull him up and turn him over, which he succeeded in doing.


Now once again both were on the mat, Lykos on his back and Matt on top of him in a full face-to-face body press. As they looked into each other’s eyes, each could see the big grin on the other’s face. Matt figured Lykos must not have minded what Matt had just been doing to him earlier when he was riding him and had begun to probe his butt with the working end of his hard cock. He was right about that.


With this new body press of Matt’s on top of Lykos, he first face-pressed him and once again their wet and oily lips met, their tongues finding their way into each other’s mouth to once again wrestle it out there.


Then Matt pulled himself up a little on the muscle-stud’s big body until he was able to position his own muscled pec directly over Lykos’ face and mouth, and once again moving to stuff it deep into his mouth, forcing him to suck on it. Lykos had no trouble in taking the punishment.


But then Lykos brought his powerfully thick leg up underneath Matt and jammed it hard into the exposed crotch, almost grinding his young victim’s cock and balls into his own vulnerable body as he lifted Matt high over him. At the same time, he reached up and grabbed each of Matt’s hands in his own two hands so that Matt couldn’t escape the bow and arrow reverse.


Now it was Matt who was suspended high in the air, unable to escape as Lykos kept his tight grip on his hands and a big foot was jammed into his crotch, crushing his cock and balls under his own body weight. It was agony for Matt, although the observers along the side of the mat saw the big grin on his face as he acknowledged the predicament he was in.


It was only when, in the slipperiness of their bodies, Matt was able to slide out and come back down to the mat next to Lykos that he was once again free. The sailor-man went back to his hands and knees position next to Matt until he could fully recover.


It didn’t take long. Once again Matt quickly mounted Lykos’ back, grabbing him around the chest and squeezing his pecs, not only to solidify his hold but also to punish Lykos for what he had just done to him by suspending him in the air while crushing his cock and balls as well.


Lykos’ crushing of his cock and balls, however, had only increased the sensual feelings Matt had become aroused more and more during their whole match. Now both knew neither was very far from coming and shooting their full loads. The question now was only when, and how?


As his big anaconda was now once again pressed hard against Lykos’ solid butt, Matt once again positioned it directly over his butt hole. But now he began to push it slowly deep into the Greek’s powerfully muscled body. This gave Lykos a chance to relax and take it if he liked it, or tighten up if he didn’t. He stayed relaxed.


Slowly, and deeper and deeper, Matt stabbed his big, long and hard one-eyed snake deep into Lykos’ waiting and receptive body. The hardness and smooth oiliness which covered all of their bodies, including Matt’s big bone, made the penetration go so easily either hardly felt it at all, except for the pleasure it gave to both of them.


Matt wondered how deep he should or could go. But Lykos offered no more than some groans of deep pleasure as Matt went deeper and deeper into him until Matt felt his balls soon slapping against Lykos’ buns and he could go in to further.


The whole thing felt real good to both wrestlers.


Now Matt instinctively began to stab his long, hard dipstick repeatedly into the muscled body builder’s muscled butt, slamming his whole body against Lykos as he did, working to force all of his hot white cum to spill out six fathoms deep into the sailor’s muscled body.


As Matt pounded him, Lykos remained solidly on his hands and knees on the mat, willing to take his whole delicious subjugation as long as Matt wanted to give it to him.


It wouldn’t be too long, as Matt knew he was close to coming even when he had just began. Then Matt felt all the hot rich and creamy cum which had been so long accumulating all during their extended wrestling match suddenly begin to rush through his pipes, and then burst out of his big cock head which was bedded so deep inside Lykos’ waiting body.


Lykos felt Matt’s body stiffen on top of him as he began to shoot his big load, and in the next instant he knew that he was being filled with all the creamy white cum that Matt had in him.


Lykos had no problem with that at all. He was willing to wait until Matt had completely finished with him, gone limp as all of the energy in the young muscle-stud had drained out of him along with all his cum, and fallen off back on to the mat next to him.


* * * *


As the Argosy Bar patrons who were sitting by the edge of the mat in the darkened warehouse watched, Lykos and Matt lay quietly side by side, and a couple of them figured the match had ended, and began to get up to return to the bar.


Both Lykos and Matt knew, however, they weren’t quite ended yet. Already, their match had gone on, back and forth, for well over an hour on the mat in the darkened warehouse in the rear of the Argosy Bar. They knew they’d already expended a tremendous amount of energy in their long give and take struggle with each other, but they hoped they still had at least some more to continue it yet further.


But they both knew that while Matt was drained of all the hot white cum in his body for the moment, he’d recover fast and would then be ready for at least a little more. And that Lykos still had his full load of hot white cum in his loins, and would want his return on Matt.  


As they lay naked and oiled side by side on the dark warehouse mat, Lykos, who was on his side and back, watched Matt out of the corner of his eye and saw him slowly extend one of his arms over toward him.


Then suddenly Matt, now already almost completely recovered, reached out and seized Lykos’ wrist so that he couldn’t escape. Then he followed that up by jumping on top of Lykos once again to pin him in a new body press.


For an instant, while Lykos was suddenly getting used to the good feel of having the naked, oiled and muscular body of Matt on top of him again, Matt moved to solidify his hold on the hot Greek sailor.


As he’d hit Lykos from the side, he moved to body press him head-to-toe. This let him get Lykos in another crushing figure four head scissors and press his big and still throbbing cock and thick balls hard against Lykos’ face to blind and suffocate him once again and give him something more to think about.


Matt, at the same time, also found Lykos’ still long, hard and wet big cock once again sticking out from his body right in his face and ready to be attacked, crushed and bent forward between his big thighs once again.


But this time Matt’s advantage lasted only a few seconds. He’d used most of his rebuilt energy to make his sudden move on Lykos, who still had all of his energy. Lykos knew he still wanted his piece of the action, and he knew Matt would expect it too.


Even though he was suddenly trapped in Matt’s figure four head scissors, with Matt’s big rod and thick balls pressed tightly against his face, he nevertheless managed to flip up his still strong own big and muscular legs to catch Matt in a powerful and crushing head scissors of his own.


Then he dropped his legs down to the mat again still holding Matt’s head tightly between his big thighs, with next his own big Dick and the Twins pressed tightly against Matt's face.


For a moment, Matt, still being on top, struggled to get free. However, his predicament quickly got worse when the powerful Lykos rolled both of them over, both still caught in their double figure four head scissors on each other. But now the powerfully muscled body builder Lykos was on top of Matt in a full body press as well as the tight and crushing head scissors.


This time, however, Matt knew he was still weakened from having already shot his full load, while Lykos was still at the peak of his power.


Although still fighting to get free from under Lykos, Matt very much liked everything Lykos was doing to him, always liking the feeling of another wrestler on top of him holding him down. And when that other wrestler was a powerful, naked and oiled Greek god, he knew things didn’t really get any better than that.


But now his struggles got worse, or maybe still better, when once again he felt the big hard heart-shaped end of Lykos’ big loukaniko against his mouth and lips. He knew what Lykos intended to do then, and waited for it. As he struggled to breathe in the tight head scissors on him, with this big hard rod and thick, bulging balls pressed tightly against his face as he struggled to breathe, Matt felt Lykos plunge his big hammer deep down into his mouth and throat.


Neither ever had any problem with that previously, knowing it was just a normal part of “anything goes” wrestling, and that, wrestling naked and oiled, the more they got, the better they liked it. Nor did Matt have any problem with it now.


Matt guessed, rightly, that this time Lykos was going to end their long match by taking revenge on Matt, who was still weakened slightly from having shot his own full load of cum deep into Lykos' big and solid butt just a few moments ago. The seaman bodybuilder now would shoot his own full load of hot cum deep down into Matt’s own mouth and throat.


Matt knew he was going to like that.


It didn’t take Lykos long, with his full arousal during all of their long match, to come to his climax. Suddenly, Matt felt Lykos’ powerfully muscular body shudder and give a small groan as he felt all of his hot white cum race through his body to his big and hard heart-shaped hot cream slinger.


Then, in the next instant, Matt felt it as it burst out into his mouth and flood and pulse down his throat. At the same time Matt tasted its sweet creamy taste as it soon filled his mouth and began to run over the side of his face and down the side of his neck to the mat beneath them.


On and on it flowed as Lykos finally felt himself draining himself of all his cum, which drained all of his energy too, while Matt soon found the rest of his energy drained too.


* * * *


For a few long minutes, both Matt and Lykos remained motionless on the mat, now as slippery and as oil- and sweat-covered as the wrestlers themselves. In the darkness of the warehouse room, the Argosy Bar patrons who had been watching them through all of their long match knew they’d seen a really good match up.


Among them now once again was Steve, who had come in to watch the latter part of the match and watched as both wrestlers shot their full loads deep into the other to the complete satisfaction of both.


Slowly Matt and Lykos got up, ready to go to the shower and get dressed when Steve came up to both of them and say, “Ok, Matt, how you like wrestle with my son Lykos?”


“Your son?” asked Matt with a complete surprise and a big grin on his face.


“Oh sure,” replied Steve, “Lykos made Deck Chief on the Heraklion a few months ago, and when he come to Savannah last month, I tell him about you. I say you hunky young guy, work on docks and good wrestler. Lykos wrestling champ back in Greece and on his ship, and he say he want to wrestle you.


“So I tell him to watch for you on docks, and sure enough, there you are. So I tell him you come to Argosy Bar Friday nights, so things happen.


“That ok with you?”


“Man,” replied Matt, “it sure is and was. Lykos here is the greatest!”


To which Lykos responded only with a grin and a squeeze on the back of Matt’s neck.


* * * *


It was almost two o’clock in the morning when Matt stepped out of the Argosy Bar to ride his motorcycle back home. The night air was warm, and the evening thundershower had cleared the air and River Street was again dry. As Matt rode along the river, the river was black and shining in the reflected moonlight. Only a lone tug boat chugging its way down the river, most likely to meet and guide in an arriving freighter, gave any light or motion to the whole scene.


‘Man, I liked that,’ thought Matt as he shifted into a higher running gear and his motorcycle purred easily under him while the warm and clear night air blew softly into his face.


‘And tomorrow’s Saturday and I’m off, and the Heraklion is to be in port for three days. I hope Lykos is going to be at the Argosy again tomorrow. I’d sure like to mess around with him again!’


As Lykos sacked out in the small dormitory room over the Argosy Bar, there being no need for him to return to the Heraklion that night, he was thinking the same thing.


 * * The End * *


Posted: 11/30/12