Scott & Roscoe
By: Ron Nelson
(© 2013 by the author)

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Part 1

Buck was sitting at his desk in the cluttered office of his truck and auto repair shop in Gadwell, North Carolina, when he looked up and saw one of his oldest and best customers come in, Dr. Justin MacGregor. Dr. MacGregor, was the head physician for traumatic injury cases up at the Veterans Hospital in Asheville.


“Good morning, Doctor, mighty good, as always, to see you. How can we help you this morning?” said Buck with a welcoming smile on his face. It was always good to see Dr. MacGregor, whether the doctor was in town on a business matter or if he just stopped in to keep in touch with how things were going in Gadwell.


Dr. MacGregor kept a close eye on town affairs. Part of his job was to oversee the interrelationship between his patients and the community as he helped his patients recover and make the transition back to local and civilian life from some of the horrendous things they’d seen and experienced on recent tours of duty in the Middle East. 


“Good Morning, Buck, always a pleasure seeing you and knowing how good you are in keeping all of us rolling along in our cars and trucks!


“And, yes, I’m here to see you on a matter which has been of a little concern to me lately, and I’m wondering if you might be able to give us a hand on it?”

“Sure thing, Doc, any time I can do anything for you, you know I’m right here ready to do it.” Buck knew that the doctor was always good for some small talk, but then he was a busy man with all of his responsibilities, and needed to get to the main point fairly quickly too.


“I’ve got a fine young man by the name of Scott Chilton up at the hospital. He had a rough time in the Middle East, and now he’s spending some time with us getting his life back. He’s making great progress and has a great attitude. What I think he needs now, however, is to get out of the hospital environment and more into the main stream of society.


However, he still needs sort of a “big brother” or “kindly uncle” to help him, to give him something useful to do and relate to so that he can feel and be productive, which he really very much wants, and just be with him for some “regular guy camaraderie” as he gets back on his feet.


“So I was thinking, and knowing you worked with a lot of young men in your US Marines days to bring them along, maybe you could help Scott too. And maybe Cat could help him too, just being Cat. I know you’re very close to each other, and I’m not forgetting Roscoe, who never met a man he didn’t like. I’m thinking maybe he could help Scott too.”


“Doc, there’s nothing I’d rather do, and I know Cat and Roscoe will feel the same as soon as they hear of it,” was Buck’s easy and unhesitating reply.


Buck knew that Cat would understand the situation quickly, not having been very far from it in his own way, except on a much smaller scale, with his own life. He’d make a great companion and would be about the same age as Scott. Roscoe couldn’t pick up the exact words, but, being Buck’s chocolate lab dog and a very wise dog, would quickly size up the situation and be very understanding and help too.


“That’ll be great, Buck,” said Dr. MacGregor, “and on behalf of all of us up at the Trauma Center at the hospital, and of course Scott himself, we’ll all be very grateful to you.


“I know you’ve got your cabin over on Larson’s Creek on the Appalachian Trail, and if you were going out there this weekend, maybe I could get Scott here to you, you could all go out together, and then you could take it from there?” said the doctor.


“Just what I was thinking too, Doc. Cat, Roscoe and I were planning to go out this weekend to do some repair work on the section of Appalachian Trail which goes through the property. The river overflowed some with the recent rains we’ve been having lately, which washed out part of the Trail.


“So if Scott would like to come out, get some fresh air and give us a hand, and if we could be of some help to him too, that sure would be great all around.”


“That’s just what Scott needs and wants to do. He works out regularly at the hospital gym, both by himself and with some of the other men there, and he likes to use his considerable strength to some purpose. So I expect he’d really like to give you a hand at it, and working with you on it will help him immeasurably too.”


“Cat and I were planning to head out from here around nine on Saturday morning, so if you could get Scott here by then, that would be great,” said Buck.


“You’ve got it, Buck - and thanks so much!” was Dr. MacGregor’s grateful reply. 


Saturday morning dawned sunny and warm. It promised to get up into the 80’s, most likely, with possible thunderstorms in the evening before clearing up and then being much the same on Sunday.


Buck and Cat had just finished breakfast and were parked in front of the truck and auto shop when Dr. MacGregor drove up in his vintage Mercedes, with Scott.


“Morning, Doctor, and you must be Scott,” said Buck with a grin on his face coming up to greet them, “mighty good to see you both!


“Doc, you already know Cat, and Scott, this is Cat, my buddy and one of our ace mechanics in the shop.”


It was strong handshakes and grins all around. Buck and Cat quickly liked what they saw in Scott. He said little, but looked alertly at them and their surroundings as they stood talking.


‘Scott is looking at us,’ thought Buck, ‘but I can see he’s checking out the perimeter closely too. That’s what comes of training and experience in a bad conflict zone. Most likely part of his very urgent and sometimes desperate need when he was in ‘Stan.’ It was just the same as his own earlier days in the Marines in ‘Nam.


All three men, as well as Doctor MacGregor, couldn’t help but instinctively check each other out, as strong and active men invariably do.


Cat and Scott were both in their mid-twenties. Cat was slightly taller than Scott at five ten, but probably a few pounds lighter, at about one-seventy-five. Scott, on the other hand, was shorter and stockier, all of it solid muscle, both naturally and from working out on the weights, and maybe on the mats too, in the VA hospital gym.


Roscoe, meanwhile, first stood quietly by and then went over to Doctor MacGregor for a head and ear scratch. Then he moved on almost immediately to Scott for the same.


But then, when Scott bent down to give him a scratch and rub too, Roscoe turned his head up, wagged his tail, licked Scott’s hand, and remained next to him for the rest of the time they talked.


“Well, men,” said Dr. MacGregor as he got back into his Mercedes, “I’ve got to head on to a few more things this morning. You all have a good time this weekend - it looks to be a good one!” was his cheerful word to them as he drove off.


“How about if we head along too,” said Buck next, “maybe we can get to the couple of things we’ve got planned at the cabin and on the Trail, and then we can just take it real easy from there!”


“You got it, man,” said Cat in his usual enthusiastic way, and a “Sure thing, Buck, sounds good to me” response, just a little more hesitant and reserved, from Scott while he was getting used to them and adjusting to the occasion. 


There was sort of an informal protocol when they went anywhere in Buck’s big black and chrome extended cab F-250. When Buck was going somewhere alone and just Roscoe with him, as was generally the case, Roscoe always sat in the front passenger seat where, if it was warm, he could stick his nose and head out the window to check the passing scenery and smells and enjoy the wind in his face.


If Cat was with them, Roscoe was just as happy to be in the rear seat where he could then check out both sides of the road, with Cat in the front passenger seat.


When they had a third person with them, he’d take the front seat and Cat and Roscoe sat in the rear.


This time, Buck told Scott to jump in next to him, while Cat and Roscoe automatically got into the rear seat. Scott was quiet as he followed Buck’s suggestion, and Buck could see that he wasn’t at ease, but was checking things out and all around him all the time.


‘Understandable,’ thought Buck, ‘and we’ll hope he feels ready to loosen up as we go on.’ 


Within ten minutes of their starting out, however, Buck noticed an interesting thing happen. Normally, Roscoe knew that when someone was in the front seat, his own place was in the rear, particularly when Cat was with him, who was also always good for another occasional and very satisfying neck rub.


But this time, soon after starting out, Roscoe quietly got up, squeezed himself between the two front seats and moved forward to sit on Scott’s lap. Now Roscoe was no small Lab, and when he sat on someone’s lap, just as he liked to do now and then with Buck and Cat, he was a lapful!


As Roscoe moved forward to sit on Scott’s lap, Scott, who Buck could see was still tense and almost rigid with his eyes continually checking out the road ahead as well as the sides, and every house, barn and tree they passed, nevertheless helped Roscoe up to make him comfortable in his lap.


Once in Scott’s lap, of course, Roscoe was so big Scott could barely see around or over him, to say nothing of having his considerable weight on Scott’s lap.


A moment after Roscoe got situated in Scott’s lap and Buck could take his eyes off the road for an instant, he glanced briefly over to his right to see what they were doing, and to tell Roscoe to please leave Scott alone and return to the back seat with Cat.


But with his brief glance Buck noticed that Scott was already holding Roscoe tightly in his lap close into his powerfully muscled body, his head almost buried in Roscoe’s neck nuzzling him. Scott’s mouth appeared to be down-turned and a silent sob and a couple of silent tears were coming from his eyes and running into Roscoe’s fur.


Roscoe took no notice of Scott's quiet action in holding him tightly, and Buck decided to say nothing either, nor did he tell Roscoe to return to the back seat. 


For most of the rest of the trip out to the cabin, Scott continued to hold Roscoe tightly to him, with no objection from Roscoe at all. It was only when they were going the last couple of miles to the cabin, which Roscoe knew where they were as well as Buck and Cat, that he let himself out of Scott’s tight hold on him and returned to the back seat to re-join Cat. 


“Ok, men, here we are,” said Buck as they drove up the dirt driveway and pulled up to park next to the cabin.


“Man, Buck,” said Scott, for almost the first words he’d volunteered since they’d started, “this place is beautiful!”


“Glad you like it,” returned Buck, “it’s our favorite place to spend the weekends. Cat and I have been working to get it fixed up for a while, and now we’re mighty pleased to have you here and be a close part of it with us.”


As he said it, he reached over to squeeze Scott’s knee by way of welcome. With the thoughtful touch, Scott instantly reached down to squeeze his own hand on top of Buck’s by way of saying “thank you.”


“Tell you what, gentlemen, it’s just about eleven now,” said Buck, “how about if I unload the truck and get things sort of set up inside, and the two of you check out the place. Cat, why don’t you take Scott down to the bunkhouse to show him where you’ll be sleeping tonight, and then maybe walk down the Trail aways to the wash-out and figure out what we need to do to get it back in shape again.


“By the looks of you two, you look like you’re both in pretty good shape right now, so soon’s we get the Trail back in order, we’ll have it made.”


“You got it, Buck,” was Cat’s reply, and Buck could see that Scott, by the grin on his face, was ready to head out with Cat for whatever he had in mind for them to do.


Buck noticed that Cat and Scott had already scoped each other out. It was obvious that both liked what they saw, for whatever might come from that.


As they began to separate, Buck to empty the truck and Cat and Scott to head down to the bunkhouse, Roscoe looked at all of them unable to make up his mind whether to stay with Buck or tag along with Cat and Scott. Then, with a cheerful wag of his tail, he ran out to catch up with Cat and Scott as they were already out the door and halfway down to the bunkhouse.


Watching them as they walked down the path, Buck noticed that while Roscoe bumped against Cat by way of telling him he was there, he then went quickly next to Scott and bumped him too. After that, he stayed closer to Scott, who reached down from time to time to give him a neck or ear rub. That seemed to please them both very much. 


Cat and Scott were back just at noon, by which time Buck had lunch on the table. It consisted mainly a huge platter of barbeque, tossed salad, some beers, and the makings of a big strawberry short cake for dessert. As the day was warm and the covered porch cool, they ate at the table on the porch to enjoy the soft and quiet air and view of the grounds, which led down past the bunkhouse to the creek and the Appalachian Trail which ran along the side of the creek.


Buck had noticed that as soon as they arrived at the cabin, Scott tensely checked out not only the cabin, but the wooded forest surrounding it to the rear. Having done so, he could see that Scott was feeling just a little more relaxed now as the three of them talked about what they’d need to do to repair the Trail that afternoon.


At lunch, they talked about the trail rebuilding project. Buck said it looked to him like it might be a three- or four-hour job. Most of it would be the heavy work of bringing up a few loads of rocks from the creek bed. Then build them up carefully along the lower side edge of the trail to hold the dirt, which they’d also have to bring in. Then some gravel to hold the dirt, and then a layer of mulch on top of that so that hikers would have something soft to walk on.


“Sounds like a real good plan to me,” said Scott, for the first time really entering into their conversation. “When I was a kid growing up in Lancaster, South Carolina, my dad and I built a wall around an old pump house. If we can fit the rocks just right, they should hold forever!”


Both Buck and Cat noticed that these were almost the first words Scott had said of his own mind since they’d first met. It was a real good sign. Maybe Scott was feeling more comfortable now. They hoped so, anyway.


Buck, Cat and Scott ate their outdoor lunch on the cabin porch enjoying the view and the quiet of the setting. Roscoe was not given any lunch nor permitted to have anything from the table, but there was no law against him sitting close by and seeing if he could get a handout some time anyway.


Buck noticed that Roscoe was sitting next to Scott, however, with his head on Scott’s knee, while Scott was using mostly only one hand to eat with and the other resting gently on Roscoe’s head.  


After lunch, Cat said “Hey, Scott, looks like the Sergeant Major here is going to want us to get to work pretty soon, so I’m thinking maybe we’d better get started before we get court martialed.


“What do you say we go down to the bunkhouse and change into some work clothes, which is to say shorts and work boots as it looks like it’s going to be a hot afternoon, to get started.”


“You got it, man, I’m ready whenever you are,” was Scott’s easy reply as they headed out toward the bunkhouse. In no more than five minutes, both of their young, muscular and tanned bodies, wearing no more than their work shorts and ready to go, headed out together with their wheelbarrow and tools to get to work on the Trail.


Roscoe stayed behind with Buck while both watched the two young men head out. For a moment, Roscoe stayed with Buck as he cleared the table and started on some paperwork he had in mind to do.


But then, seeing that Buck was going to be focused on his own work, Roscoe found he couldn’t hold back any longer. Having the freedom of the whole place, he ran out and headed down to the Trail, which he knew well, to join Cat and Scott. In no time at all, quickly sensing where Cat and Scott were, he headed toward them until he found them already working on the job they’d set out to do.


After checking both of them out to be sure everything was ok with them, he laid down in the cool moss nearby. He placed himself, however, so that he could watch both of them with at least one eye even while dozing with his other eye closed. 


The Trail widened as it crossed Buck’s property, and while there weren’t a lot of hikers on it at any one time, every hour or two, particularly on weekends, a couple, or a maybe one or two male or female hikers together, passed by on it. Some of them appeared to be long-distance hikers with full packs, while others were obviously out for only an afternoon walk or a short hike.


There was a parking area about three miles down from the cabin where the Trail crossed the highway where hikers could park. Near the parking area were some scenic rapids, and there also was a small waterfall about a mile above the cabin, both of which the hikers always liked to visit.


Cat and Scott had been working about twenty minutes and had already worked up a sweat which glistened on their ripped, tanned and muscular bodies. Scott had a powerful body-builder’s physique, with thick biceps, big pecs, solid abs and bulging thighs and legs. They not only came naturally to him, but he’d also built himself up even more at the VA hospital. Cat’s own more lithe but equally muscular body looked and felt just as good.


Suddenly, as they were working and focused on the rock retaining wall, Scott froze motionless and quickly glanced around tensely. Cat didn’t notice anything, but Roscoe instantly noticed Scott’s action. Instinctively, the big Lab quickly got up from his bed of moss, and went on the alert and looked at Scott as soon as he saw and sensed Scott‘s sudden concern about something.


“What’s that?” said Scott to Cat, quietly but urgently.


“What? I don’t see anything,” replied Cat in his usual casual style. Cat had very acute senses and very fast reflexes when need be, but this time he didn’t see anything.


“Over there, beyond those trees, down the Trail,” Scott exclaimed with a tightness in his throat.


“Oh them,” he replied, “that’s just a couple of hikers coming our way. Looks to me like a typical middle aged couple out for an afternoon walk. He’s in a walking jacket and she’s in tweeds. Most likely they’re just going for a walk up to the falls and back.”


For another moment, Scott stood rigidly silent until he could clearly make out that that was all it was. Then he perceptibly relaxed and gave Cat a sheepish grin.


“Sorry, man, I guess I’m still on edge about some things. But I’m learning, if you’ll just bear with me,” replied Scott.


“No problema, man, I understand. I was in the jug for a couple of years and things were tight for me too until Buck rescued me and brought me around. And I know when I first met Buck, I found out he was in ‘Nam, and anything too sudden got to him too. It takes a while, but it comes around.”


As soon as Scott and Cat relaxed, Roscoe did too. When the couple came back from the falls an hour later, which was indeed where they were headed, they smiled at Cat and Scott and asked them what they were doing. Which Cat and Scott were very agreeable to telling them about repairing the Trail, which gave them a break from their job too.


“Well,” said the lady, “you look like mighty nice young men, and we hikers surely appreciate all the work you do to keep the Trail in good repair.”


“Thank you ma’am, it’s our pleasure. Gives us sort of a workout too, which obviously my buddy here needs,” said Cat, punching Scott’s big bicep a nice hard blow. Scott took it and grinned. He figured maybe he could give it back to Cat another time, and the thought brought grin to his face. The first real easy grin he’d come up with yet. Yeah, he was coming along. 


As Cat and Scott worked bringing up rocks from the creek bed, they didn’t say much although they were keeping a close eye on each other too. Cat surely liked what he was seeing in Scott, and wondering if maybe he was into wrestling around some with that great build of his.


Scott was thinking much the same thing looking at Cat. They worked out sort of a pattern in doing the job, with Cat getting suitable rocks for the retaining wall from the creek bed, and Scott, with his prior experience, expertly placing them so they would lock together and hold against any future flooding from the creek.


“Hey man,” said Cat when they were together for a moment, “how come you got that great build? You’re really something, you know, and I sure like what I’m seeing!”


“Oh yeah, Cat, thanks,” was Scott’s easy reply. “I was lucky to get some pretty good genes to start with, and then my high school coach got me into football, soccer and wrestling. Then the Army took it from there before sending me over to ‘Stan, and now Doc MacGregor has me working out too!”


“Well, it sure shows,” was Cat’s reply. “You still liking to wrestle around with other guys?” asked Cat tentatively.


“Oh yeah, man. Right now the Doc’s urging me to get into everything I can, and I’m always ready to mess around with another guy anyway. He says my situations’s sort of like I’ve got these demons in my head after some of my experiences over there, and I need to beat them out of me, or maybe get the other guy to beat them out of me too, which I agree with.


“It’s sort of like being frustrated or angry about something, and going out and chopping wood or punching a speed bag until it’s all worked out of you.”


“Well, sounds reasonable to me, Scott,” said Cat, “and maybe tonight, if you like, we can see about getting into it, ‘cause I’m sort of like you too. I sure do like to grapple around with another guy, give and take, until we’re both drained and exhausted and relieved of all this stuff.”


“You’re on, man, any time you like for however you like!” was Scott’s grinning response. 


Their job was finished just a little before five, with Roscoe having kept a close watch on both of them the whole afternoon. During that time, a number of other hikers passed by on the trail and gave them greetings and thanks for keeping the trail up, which brought grins from both their faces. After the first two or three groups went by, Scott no longer seemed too concerned by them.


One of the hikers passing by, in fact, a nice middle-aged lady, even gave each of them a couple of energy bars and a kiss. Their being all muscular and half naked didn’t seem to deter her at all. Scott tensed up as she approached him, but then eased up with the energy bar and the kiss she gave him. 


Part 2


After Cat and Scott finished their Appalachian Trail repair job, they returned to the bunkhouse and got cleaned up. Probably that included a couple of bear hugs and headlocks by way of getting into it with each other before they appeared ready to go up to the cabin with Roscoe, who had spent the entire time with them. When they got up to the cabin, they found Buck had already laid out a substantial supper of steaks, baked potatoes, a big salad, and an apple pie with chocolate ice cream for dessert.


“I’ve got supper just about ready to go, men, just in case you might want something to eat after fixing up the Trail,” said Buck. The grin on his face came from knowing they were probably starving for something to eat.


“Cat, how about you setting up the table and getting some beers out of the cooler. And Scott, as you and Roscoe seem to have already teamed up, how about you going over there to that lower cabinet and fixing up Roscoe’s dinner for him? I know he’d sure like that!”


Cat started setting up the table as Buck suggested, and Buck watched Scott as a wide grin covered his face as he prepared Roscoe’s supper. His grin then grew even wider when he knelt down on the floor with Roscoe’s dish, and Roscoe gave him a big lick across his face by way of thanks before he chowed down with his own meal.  


They again ate on the open porch as the evening came on, and Buck noticed some big storm clouds gathering off to the west, the quarter where storms generally came from. Buck was facing west, while the others were facing east and so hadn’t noticed the approaching storm.


Suddenly, just as they were finishing their meal, Buck and Cat saw Scott suddenly stiffen and go motionless, his eyes wide open and alert. Not even a second later Roscoe, who had been sitting next to Scott for his on-going neck rub, suddenly went on the alert too, and the hair on his back suddenly bristled.


Only a few seconds later did Buck and Cat hear no more than the most distant rumble of thunder as the evening’s thunderstorm, which had been predicted as possible for that evening, come to their ears.


Buck knew instantly what caused Scott to tense up so suddenly.


“Looks like we might be in for a thunderstorm soon,” he said casually, “and maybe some lightning along with it. But we sure could use some rain, and maybe it’ll clear the air for the rest of the night too.”


As he said it, he saw Scott suddenly relax and ease up, with Roscoe following him. Thunderstorms were no problem with Roscoe, but he had reacted only in response to Scott’s initial reaction, so now both were relieved at the same time.


“I know what maybe you were thinking, Scott,” said Buck easily. “I was the same after ‘Nam, and it took just a while ‘til I knew it was only a thunderstorm and lightning, and not an enemy raid.”


“Thanks Buck, it’ll come, I know, but I guess it’s just taking me a while,” was Scott’s quiet reply.


The storm hit about twenty minutes later. They watched it’s arrival, with the rain and wind suddenly swooping down on them from the direction of the creek, while the lightning flashed all around them.


At first Buck and Cat could see the lessened but still continuing tenseness in Scott’s body as they sat in their big porch chairs. But then Roscoe climbed into Scott’s lap again, as much for his own pleasure, Buck thought, as Scott’s. But so ok, it calmed them both, and by the time the storm had passed and the stars had once again come out from behind the cloud cover, things were all quiet with them too.


It was just after nine when Cat said, “Hey Buck, me and Scott here have had a long day, you understand, and I think we’ve still got some more to do down at the bunkhouse.


“Would you mind if we broke it off for this evening and headed down there to take care of that?” A sly grin, which didn’t fool Buck at all, covered his face, with a matching grin from Scott.


“No, not at all, men. And if you want to take Roscoe with you, that’ll be ok too!” was Buck’s easy reply. He knew what they were intending to do, and also knew Roscoe should be with them tonight too rather than with him.


As Cat and Scott went down the porch steps headed for the bunkhouse, Roscoe looked first at Buck and then at them, undecided what he should do.


“Go on, Roscoe old buddy, I think they need you more than I do tonight,” said Buck, pointing him toward Cat and Scott. Only a moment or two later, Buck watched as the three of them entered the bunkhouse door while he turned back into the cabin himself. 


The bunkhouse wrestling mats were laid out, as always, in the center of the floor, for whoever might want to mess around on them.


Cat and Scott knew what they wanted, as they’d already found one opportunity or another all afternoon to brush against each other’s near naked and sweat-covered body while working on the Trail, and had given each other an occasional friendly punch for one thing or another as well.


The night light on the wall provided the only illumination inside the bunkhouse in addition to the star and moonlight which came in through the bunkhouse windows.


Quietly they stripped naked and put on only their brief jock straps in which they’d start to wrestle with each other. Then Cat reached over for some wrestling oil, which was on a nearby shelf, and he and Scott lightly oiled each other.


As they ran their powerful hands over each other’s naked and muscular body, the sensual pleasure of their feel of each other already began to arouse them and their masculine desire for each other.


Roscoe, meanwhile, took his usual place on his thick dog mat which was his bed whenever he spent the night in the bunkhouse. It also provided him with a full view of the mat and whatever might be going on it as well. 


Being their first time wrestling with each other, neither Cat nor Scott knew what to expect so they took it slow and easy to start. Cat went down to his hands and knees on the mat first and waited for Scott to come down on top of him. Cat always liked for another guy, particularly if he was as strong and muscular and naked like Scott was, ‘and the way Buck was too whenever me and Buck wrestled with each other on these same mats,’ thought Cat, and waited for Scott’s first move.


Scott, for all his solidly muscular body builder’s physique and the innate tenseness of his circumstances at the VA hospital and earlier during the day, surprised Cat with his initially light touch and move on him.


It felt good to Cat to have Scott’s oiled and naked body come down on his back, and the feel of Scott’s strong hand go for a full crotch hold on his already bulging and full jock strap, while his other hand reached over his far side and under his arm to pull him over backwards until Scott would be on his back on the mat, with Cat on his back on top of him, holding Cat down so that he couldn’t escape.


Yeah, that felt real good to both of them, particularly as Cat then responded by reaching one arm back around Scott’s thick neck and the other under Scott’s powerfully muscular thighs to grab a full crotch hold on Scott’s similarly bulging jock strap and everything it enclosed. 


For the next few minutes, the two powerfully muscular twenty-plus-year-olds grappled back and forth easily as they got used to each other. Cat was fast, lithe and strong, and liked to get at the stockier and even more muscular Scott, while Scott liked just as much to trap and hold Cat in one or another powerful headlock or scissors holds of his own.


It soon turned out both Scott and Cat liked to get into some MMA moves too, mainly some deadlocks with one or the other on top and the other underneath. Then both offered each other some solid body punches to his pecs, abs or back. Both knew they wouldn’t go for each other’s heads or faces as their interest was only in the physical punishment they liked to give and take on their bodies rather than of actually beating the other.


Early on, when Scott was at one time down on his back with Cat on top of him, with Cat alternating between punching out Scott’s big, thick and powerfully muscled pecs, and trying to choke him out too, Scott murmured up to him, “Yeah, man, give it to me hard as you can and beat the motherfucker out of me all you want!”


Cat took him at his word, but still only within reason, knowing what Scott was saying, and knowing a lot of times he wanted to be punished the same way.


Scott, in turn, when he had a headlock or full head, body or leg scissors on Cat, knew Cat liked a lot of pressure too, but again within reason so that he wouldn’t go too far.


Lots of times they’d get into a deadlock with each other, like maybe a full body press when their powerfully muscular bodies were bear hugged and locked tightly together. Then their legs would get grapevined with each other’s, their long and hard cocks and thick balls would be crushed against each other’s, and their faces and lips also pressed tightly together so that only their tongues were left to wrestle it out deep inside each other’s mouth. Neither ever wanted to be the first to let go.


Within just minutes after first locking up with each other, they’d already ripped off each other’s jock strap to wrestle naked. As soon as they lost their jock straps, however, their long, hard and powerfully aroused cock-rods proved to be wide open targets for the other’s abuse. And then their thick and bulging balls were also targets for each other’s additional abuse.


Cat, the slightly taller of the two, had gotten Scott in a powerful body scissors from the rear. Wrapping his muscular legs around Scott’s waist he began to smash his heels hard into Scott’s crotch against his stiff rod and thick balls. It was a punishment he knew Scott liked to take for as long as Cat wanted to give it to him, and which he liked just as much when Scott reversed it later on and gave him back the same punishment.


At the same time, however, every time Cat smashed into his cock and balls, Scott raised his solid and powerful body up and then dropped his own solid and hard butt down on Cat’s equally and fully aroused big male equipment crushing it in return. Which Cat and later Scott liked just as much.


At the same time, their powerful arms and hands reached around the other’s upper body to grab one of his big pecs in each of his fists to squeeze and crush them in his fingers to increase the punishment. Both liked to give and take all the pec punishment they could, and neither ever got enough of it.


Then there were the times they might be facing each other on their knees on the mat. Then both would extend one of their hands to reach out to the back of the other’s neck to pull him forward and down, and, at the same time, reach out with his other hand to seize the other’s big rod, sticking straight out and exposed, to either crush it in his fist or pull it down to the mat or push it back between the other’s legs until it seemed they would almost break the other’s rod clear off his body.


It was another punishment neither could ever get enough of, and, in one form or another, their whole grappling match was soon a running cockfight between the two as well. Both intensely liked the hard and sometimes agonizing punishment they were giving and taking of the other, and neither could get enough of it. 


Then there were the times when Scott might be on top of Cat in a full head-to-toe body press and he’d caught Cat’s head in a crushing head scissors. At first, he’d only press all of his hard and fully aroused male equipment hard against Cat’s face. But then, as they got deeper and deeper into it with each other, Scott increasingly stabbed his big, long, thick and hard cock sword deep down into Cat’s throat to choke  him on it as well.


It wasn’t long after that, however, that their situation would be reversed. Then it would be Cat who would stab his own equally long, thick and hard rod deep down into Scott’s mouth and throat to choke him on it in the same way. Again, it was a favorite hold of both, give or take, and neither could get enough of it. 


Roscoe quietly but alertly watched the two naked and oiled muscular hunks wrestle and grapple it out with each other on the bunkhouse mat. Roscoe knew Scott was liking his struggle with Cat and working off the demons in his head, and knew Cat wasn’t much different with his own head. 


As the two continued to grapple in the dim light of the bunkhouse mats, Scott liked to drop his powerfully strong butt down on Cat’s face, which he knew Cat actually could never get enough of as he felt, every time, his whole face, nose, eyes and mouth sink deep down into the dark, wet and naked canyon of Scott’s butt until Scott would finally move off him to let him breathe again.


But then it was never long until Cat soon reversed the hold and then Scott would feel his own face, nose, eyes and mouth buried and suffocated deep inside the dark, wet and naked canyon of Cat‘s butt. It made for a sort of desperate fight and struggle, and neither ever wanted it to end. 


Cat had sensed earlier when they first started to wrestle with each other, that Scott was uncertain and maybe just a little uneasy as to what he was getting into. Cat didn’t know if it was an uneasiness within himself, or with Cat. At the time, he had also noticed, out of the corner of his eye, that Roscoe was also eyeing both of them as his head rested on his paws with his legs stretched out in front of him, also not quite certain as to how things would go.


But now, after almost an hour of their wrestling back and forth on the bunkhouse mat, naked and oiled and their powerfully muscular bodies totally wrapped up and deadlocked with each other, Cat found himself caught in one of Scott’s solid headlocks on him. Nevertheless, he was able to glance over to the side to see Roscoe. Roscoe was now fast asleep on his back, with his legs in the air, paying no attention to them at all. 


Cat and Scott’s wrestling with each other on the bunkhouse mats, their powerful young and muscular bodies naked and oiled, was now well into its second hour. They were both liking the workout and punishment they were giving each other, and, even more, enjoying the sensual, erotic and sexual pleasure they were getting from it.


More and more, as they grappled with a tortured each other’s powerfully muscular body, it became more and more of a big cockfight between the two. And, with that, they both felt themselves getting more and more aroused. Soon all of the hot white cum that had been so long accumulating in their bodies would demand to be released.


This time the powerfully muscular Scott had once again pinned the not unwilling Cat to the mat underneath him in a figure-four head scissors and body press. And with it, he had once again impaled Cat’s head on the mat by stabbing his long and rock-hard man-tool deep down into Cat’s mouth and throat to choke him on it to keep him in place.


Unable to free his head from under Scott’s pressing body weight on him, and with Scott’s big, thick and hard rod stabbed down his throat, Cat tried desperately to bridge out with his legs. But that only positioned his own stiff rod right in Scott’s face only a couple of inches away from his powerful grip, which Scott lost no time in wrapping around Cat’s big tool to crush it, and squeeze whatever was in it to come out.


Desperately they struggled back and forth, Cat to escape and Scott to inflict his punishment on Cat, to the great pleasure of both, until both could hold back no longer.


In the next instant both wrestlers felt, and then tasted, all of their enormous loads of hot, white cum in their powerfully muscled bodies explode out of their huge tools. Scott’s full load of hot white cum juice pulsed and poured deep down into Cat’s ready and waiting mouth, while Cat’s own equally huge load of hot white cum burst out into Scott’s own face and mouth at the same time.


For what seemed like long minutes and more, all the hot white creamy man-juice that was in them pulsed and poured out until finally there was nothing left in either one, and both fell back exhausted.


Their powerful thrusts even woke Roscoe, who became quickly wide awake again, while he watched quietly from the side as his two heroes covered and almost drowned each other.


Roscoe knew it was good, however, and as soon as he saw both Cat and Scott drop limply back to the mat, exhausted, it wasn’t long before he too went back to his own sweet dog dreams on his own mat beside them. 


Buck was already up the next morning, in the kitchen starting to put a man-size breakfast together for Scott, Cat and himself when he saw Cat coming up the path alone from the bunkhouse. Typically, Cat looked wide awake and ready for the new day. But neither Scott nor Roscoe were with him.


Coming into the open kitchen, Cat came up behind Buck and gave him a big man-squeeze while Buck was at the sink. They never touched each other when they were out in public, but in their own privacy that rule was waived. The hug felt good to both of them.


“And did we have a good time last night with Scott?” asked Buck, a smile on his face for Cat.


“Oh man, he’s something else, and really great!” was Cat’s reply. “Yeah, we messed around for almost two hours ‘til we were both so tired and exhausted we just collapsed.”


“And so, if you’re here now, what have you done with him?”


“Man, I expect he’ll be here shortly - and Roscoe with him,” said Cat. “When I left, they were both still in Scott’s bunk together, fast asleep. Scott’s arm was tight around Roscoe, and Roscoe was nuzzling Scott‘s face.


“But, as we know that Roscoe likes his breakfast pretty promptly, and I expect Scott will be ready for some breakfast too, I expect Roscoe will be waking him up shortly for both of them to get started for the new day.”


Which turned out to be the case. Just a few minutes later Buck and Cat saw Scott and Roscoe coming up the path together, grins on both of their faces.


“ ‘Morning,” said Scott to Buck and Cat as he entered and as Roscoe bounded in to go to both Buck and Cat for his usual morning neck and ear rub.


“ ‘Morning, Scott, you and Roscoe are looking real good this morning - did you have a good night’s sleep in the bunkhouse?” asked Buck.


“Oh yeah, man, although I had to fight off this wild guy for a couple of hours before we got to bed. But that sure went well and I think it ended in a draw. Which means I expect we’ll just have to go at it again to see what happens next time,” said Scott, grinning over at Cat, who went over to give him a tight neck squeeze as if they were almost about to start it up again right there.


“But then Roscoe and I managed to keep this wild guy in line, and eventually we all sacked out real good and I was gone until just thirty minutes ago when Roscoe told me it was time to get up ‘cause he was getting hungry for breakfast.


“Speaking of breakfast,” Scott continued, “whatever you’ve got going on there, it sure smells good! Where do we keep Roscoe’s breakfast food, as I’d better see to that afore I see to my own!”


Roscoe himself answered Scott’s question by standing right next to the cabinet where his food and bowl were kept. Scott immediately spotted Roscoe’s position, brought out his food and poured it into Roscoe’s bowl. As he put it on the floor he was rewarded for it by a big wet lick on his face by Roscoe.


Buck and Cat both quietly grinned to themselves and at each other. Never yet had Scott said as much or been as enthusiastic about something. They knew Scott was fast coming back to himself, and his demons were in full retreat.



The following Tuesday Dr. MacGregor came into Barton’s Truck and Auto Repair Shop in Gadwell, and saw Buck in the back of the shop helping one of the men remove the transmission from a pickup.


Seeing the doctor come in, Buck came to the front to greet him warmly, as did Roscoe, who was sleeping in the office. Their grins on seeing the doc was matched by an equally warm grin on the doc’s face.


“Buck,” said Dr. MacGregor, “you and Cat, and I understand Roscoe too in particular, really did a marvelous thing with Scott last weekend. He came back like a new man, and we could see he surely was a lot more relaxed than before.”


“That’s mighty good to hear, Doc,” said Buck, “but I think most of the credit goes to Roscoe here. They hit it off real well right from the start, and Roscoe took real good care of him. I think our man Roscoe knows when a guy’s hurting, and I can’t think of a better man than Roscoe to help him get over it.”


“Do you think it would be possible for Scott to join you for another weekend some time?” asked Dr. MacGregor. “I know Scott had such a good time with you, and I know he himself realizes the good it did him to be with the three of you. If Scott could be with you some more, that would surely be great,” said the doctor.


“Doc,” replied Buck, “nothing would give us greater pleasure than to have Scott come out every week as often as he can. I know we surely enjoyed having him, and I know Cat and he really got into it with each other, if I may say so without getting either one of them in any trouble. And I know Roscoe would like nothing better than to be with his buddy Scott again for as long as he can.”


Roscoe knew they were talking about him, as evidenced by his standing quietly but expectantly between them. As he looked up at their faces the open-mouthed grin and the eager wag of his tail said he couldn’t wait for Scott to join them again too.


The End



Ron Nelson 

Posted: 08/16/13