Redneck Rasslers

By: Ron Nelson
(© 2014 by the author)

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Part 1

Rory Ryder was thinking, ‘Shit, man, that son of a bitch really double-crossed me and messed me up bad. Here I’d rassled him before and every time it was great, changing off wins, and this time it was my turn to win. Instead, he pins me and I’m out. Damn his fuckin’ ass!


‘We’d gone a real good almost thirty minutes and put on a good show and then that mother-fucker picks me up, slams me down hard, comes down in a full body press on top of me, jams his knee into my balls when he knows I’ve got a big hard- on with rasslin’ him, and then I’m down and out for the ref’s three-count.


‘Must be he had some possum-faced pussycat who he’s shacking up with in the audience, wanted to show off how good he is and wanted to get back to her, so he drops and pins me before I even know it.


‘Man, he’s shit, as far as I’m concerned, and we’re gonna even the score real soon!’ 


Rory headed back to the make-shift dressing room in the Stumptown Armory down in South Carolina where he and Clyde Rukkus and a half dozen other semi- pro wrestlers put on a wrestling show about once a month. The audience was never very big, but they always liked the shows and the matches paid the wrestlers just enough to make it worthwhile - plus they got their own pleasures out of it too.


For Rory, and a couple of other real hunky wrestlers, there might be an additional, side benefit when some guy in the audience with more money than brains wanted to get into the ring and mess around with him, or maybe take him home so they could wrestle “anything goes” privately, and pay him maybe $100 for the ride. Rory never had any problem with that. Whatever the guy wanted, he was good to go with it.


Sometimes those private matches didn’t last too long, but sometimes they did. And sometimes it was a guy who was into just a few holds, but other times it was a guy who had a really good build and liked to get into it real sexy until they’d end up making it a real good cock fight and fuck session between the two. Rory was always ready for whatever the guy wanted and had no problem with any of it. 


When Rory got back to the dressing room, he saw that that fuck-head Clyde was still there. He had just come out of the shower and was still all naked and wet, with his big dick rock hard and sticking out in front of him like a broadsword. He was walking across the warm-up mat in the dressing room headed over to his locker. 


“Hey, fuck-head, what the fuck you mean by dropping and pinning me like that? You knew it was my turn to win! Mother-fucker, and that meant you got the extra $50 bonus for the win too.


“Maybe you were trying to impress some dick-head girl friend of yours in the audience ‘cause you ain’t doin’ too well in bed with her, right fuck-face?”


“Hey fuck-face yourself man,” was Clyde’s reply, starting easy but then showing he didn’t like being addressed that way by Rory, “easy on the language and any reference to my girlfriend!


“Plus you ain’t near as good a wrestler as you think you are!” They were both about the same size, Rory about five-nine and one eighty and Clyde about five-ten and one-eighty-five, so there wasn’t that much difference between them. “And we both got pretty good builds. But you don’t know what the shit to do with your assets, and that includes that hot cock-rod and those peanuts you got down there between your legs! You’re lucky I didn’t rip your trunks off and show the people what little you got!”


“Fuck you, man, mine’s bigger than your piss pods any day of the week, and I’ll show them to you and shove them down your fuckin’ big mouth or jam them up your big ass any time you like!”


“Ok, man, what about right now? Eddie the manager said he’d be late with our night’s pay, needing to count the take and pay the house, so what about we settle it right here and now?”


“Just what I was thinking, ass-hole,” said Rory as he stripped out of his brief trunks and took off his wrestling shoes to get himself just as naked as Clyde standing in front of him. 


As Rory stripped off his trunks and shoes, Clyde reached over to get some wrestling oil to pour over himself and Rory. They always wrestled lightly oiled in the ring ‘cause it not only made them look better and sexier, but it felt real good too. And it made it easier for getting in and out of holds every time they locked up with each other on the mat in the ring.


After Clyde finished oiling himself, he handed the bottle to Rory so he could oil himself too. Actually, they both sort of liked each other, or at least were pretty used to wrestling with each other. And both knew a lot of the holds and moves and escapes which both liked and which they looked good in. And which also looked and felt real sensual to both of them and turned the audience on too.


Also, being similarly built and muscular, there was a certain chemistry between them, man-to-man. As a result, it wasn’t uncommon for them to get a hard-on in the ring when they were wrestling each other in front of an audience. When that happened they didn’t make any effort to conceal it from the audience either, knowing it was not only a turn-on for themselves and some of the guys watching, but for a lot of the gals watching too. 


Now, stripped naked and facing each other, they were ready to fight it out. But this time it was more for real. For Rory it was pay-back time to Clyde, and for Clyde to show Rory that he could do whatever he liked whether Rory liked it or not. This time, however, it would really be anything goes, no time limit, no holds barred until one was forced to submit to the other to settle the issue.


Naked, oiled, and already pretty sexed up from the match they’d just had in the ring, and now having gotten big hard-on’s again for this fight, they felt their muscular bodies ready for whatever would happen next. 


They came together cautiously, each looking for the first advantage to pick up and slam the other to the mat. For both of them, aroused to the tough and sensual fight they were about to have, both of their big cocks stuck out long and hard in front of them, ready to use to attack the other, or be attacked and most likely beaten on in return. 


‘Man, I’m going to get that mother-fucker now,’ thought Rory. ‘With his big rod sticking out hard in front of him, I know he’s really turned on. So I think I’ll just start and swat that big dick of his real hard to the side so he’ll really feel it. Then I’ll reach down between his legs, get him in a good crotch lift, crush his balls in my elbow while I’m doing it, and then slam him down real hard to the mat like he done me. Then get a full real tight body press on him before he even knows what’s happening.’


Which worked, but only half way, as that was exactly what Clyde figured on doing too. As a result, both felt their big hard-on’s sting with the hard blow the other gave it, swatting it hard to one side. And next they felt their own now thick and bulging balls being crushed inside the other’s elbow as each tried to pick the other up in a total crotch lift to slam him down to the mat in the follow up.


For a few seconds they danced around, each trying to pick the other up to make the slam, while taking the other’s punishment trying to do the same thing.


But then Rory, more by luck than planning, was able to drop Clyde by sticking his foot out behind Clyde’s leg to trip him and knock him down, flat on his ass on the mat. After that, Rory quickly dropped down on top of him so that they were now pressed tightly together, face to face.


“Yeah, man,” said Rory, “now you’re mine” as he slapped Clyde across the face a couple of times just to rub it in. Clyde, still trying to recover from being slammed and then tightly body pressed by Rory, took the blows without hardly even noticing it.


>From there, to keep his advantage, Rory followed up on his body press on Clyde by quickly shifting one of his muscular legs between Clyde’s outstretched and equally muscular legs, and then kneed his thick upper leg hard into Clyde’s crotch, crushing his big rod and balls under the weight of his own powerful leg and lower body.


“Yeah, man, that feels real good, don’t it?” said Rory to the now recovering Clyde. “Ain’t gonna be nothing more left of that horn dog and balls of yours but a heap of wet grits for your ’Miss Petunia Pie’ tonight!” was Rory’s half grinning comment to him as he ground his knee and muscular thigh even harder against Clyde’s now suffering and fully aroused load of male equipment.


“Mother-fucker, you ain’t doin’ nothing to me that hasn’t happened a lot of times before this, and your time’s comin’ for a big pay-back soon too!” replied Clyde as he felt the pressure and pain of Rory’s muscled leg crushing against his erect, naked and engorged cock and balls. 


Both wrestlers were accustomed to taking a lot of punishment from each other as well as from a lot of other wrestlers they worked out with. As a result, instead of paying too much attention to whatever pain or predicament they were in, they gave most of their attention to figuring out how they’d escape and then reverse their situation.


Whenever they were wrestling in the ring in front of an audience, although the end of the match, and maybe some of the major holds and throws were agreed upon in advance before the match began, most of the in-between give and take, holds, deadlocks, throws and punishments were not scripted and the wrestlers just improvised and did whatever the situation called for.


Most wrestlers, including Rory and Clyde, also knew a whole lot more holds and moves than they ever used in a ring match, knew how far to go with them, and knew how to make things look painful or bad, but how to keep the whole match going too.


Sometimes, of course, a wrestler might go too far in punishing the other man, and then one wrestler or another would really be in trouble. But when that happened, they’d soon realize it and signal the other, and they’d break it off to even things up again.


Then there were the times too, to catch their breath after a particularly fast struggle, they’d get themselves deadlocked and remain almost motionless. That always looked good to the audience, particularly in certain sexy holds, and both Rory and Clyde never had any problems with those holds and the sensual feelings it always gave them too while they caught their breath.


In this private locker room match between Rory and Clyde, while they still didn’t want to really hurt or injure the other, this was more than just a show for the audience. So they’d have to try to figure it out now as they went along how it would go between them. Rory knew he really wanted to mess Clyde up some for double- crossing him, and Clyde knew he wanted to mess Rory up some in return for even thinking of such a thing.


And the physical male sensual and sexual attraction between them was right there under the surface too, for whatever might eventually come of that. 


Both Rory and Clyde had big well developed pecs and were used to trying to grab them and crush them in their fists even in regular matches in front of an audience. It was not only a turn-on for both of them, both to grab the thick muscular flesh of the other’s big pecs, but also to feel the same pec- punishment on themselves. And they knew the audience got a sensual thrill out of watching the men work over each other’s thick man-slabs too. To say nothing of the ladies and the big boob punishment they liked to give and take too.


In fact, most always, like for tonight’s show, there were always one or two lady wrestlers, who put on their own “ladies night wrestling shows” about once a month in the same armory, sometimes the same night the men were wrestling.


The ladies liked to wrestle sometimes real sensual too, and it wasn’t unusual for them, “accidentally” of course, to grab or punch one or both of the other’s big boobs, already barely held in by the skimpy bikini tops they wore, and show even more flesh until it just about came totally out of their bikini. And maybe a couple of crotch grabs along with it too.


Yeah, the audience, both men and women, always liked that show and frequently yelled for more. The wrestlers knew, however, that they could lose their wrestling licenses if they went too far, and so knew to keep it under control.


Still, it always looked good and turned the crowd on, and Rory and Clyde never minded going as far as they could in the ring with each other. But they weren’t in the ring with an audience looking on now, and they were wrestling oiled and naked and turned on anyway, so no telling how this match was going to turn out. 


Now Rory, to punish Clyde still more, in addition to crushing Clyde’s cock and balls under his muscled leg, started to punch Clyde’s big pecs, first one and then the other, with his right fist while holding his left hand against Clyde’s throat to choke him and distract him just a little with that too.


Clyde knew that was one of Rory’s favorite moves, however, and so now, even while still feeling his big and bulging male equipment being crushed under Rory’s leg, and his thick man-boobs taking blow after blow of Rory’s punching them pretty hard as well, and being half choked out by Rory too, but not actually having any real trouble with any of it, he reached up to seize both of Rory’s own big power pecs, now hanging down heavily from his own muscular chest right overhead.


Which meant that now he got a couple of tight and crushing claw holds on both of Rory’s thick pectorals in return. He liked the feel of all of the muscled flesh of Rory’s pecs being squeezed out between his strong fingers. And he knew Rory liked the feel of his big pecs being squeezed hard too.


For a couple of minutes, they silently crushed, squeezed and tortured the other’s big man-boobs, while Rory continued crushing Clyde’s bulging cock and balls too, with neither wanting to be the first to give in despite the pain it was causing them.


Eventually, it was Clyde who broke the deadlock when he finally managed to push Rory off him in the oiled slipperiness of their naked bodies and Rory fell off to the side.


>From there, both wrestlers staggered to their feet, with Clyde recovering his footing just a second before Rory, and then from there proceeded to get him in a tight standing headlock. ‘Mmmm yeah,’ thought Clyde, ‘I’ll just pull his head right into my pec and let him suck my tit for a while. I know he’ll like that, and so will I!’


Which is exactly how it went. As they staggered around, Rory tried to get free while Clyde kept him tightly head-locked under his arm. But then, as they’d done a score of times before in the ring while the audience watched, as they knew the audience always like and expected to see it happen, Rory reached under and between Clyde’s thick legs and got a real solid and crushing crotch hold on his big bulging cock and balls. From there, he lifted Clyde up into the air, which broke both of their holds and left them sprawling on the mat once again. 


Rory quickly recovered and got to his hands and knees to prepare to see what Clyde’s next attack on him would be on him in return. Rory sort of liked to wrestle defensively, and always liked the idea of being attacked and then be forced to try to escape, or take the other wrestler’s punishment until he was able to do so. 


He knew what “S&M” meant, and figured he must be one of these “M” tendency guys from how he liked for the other guy to give him a hard time, just so long as the other guy didn’t carry it too far.


Clyde, on the other hand, liked to wrestle just a little more aggressively, so they were pretty evenly matched on that score. As a result Rory now waited to see what Clyde might have in mind for him next.


This time, while Rory was still on his hands and knees, Clyde quickly shifted around this time to attack him from the side. First he dropped his chest hard on Rory’s back to hold him down. Then he reached one powerful arm over Rory’s butt to reach under him between his legs and grabbed Rory’s whole big cock and ball sack by its neck in one fist. At the same time, with his other hand, he reached over to the far side of Rory’s back and underneath to once again grab one of Rory’s big pecs to tighten his hold on him even more. Now he was able to hold Rory down in front, rear and on top, just like a human stapler.


Rory didn’t have any trouble at all with Clyde’s tight holds on him, however, having taken the same holds on Clyde and a lot of other wrestlers scores of times before, and being caught lots of time before the same way.


He tried to escape it, however, by shifting away, but for right now, Clyde had too strong a hold on him. As a result, he mostly just took Rory’s punishment on him and waited to see what Clyde would do with his holds on him, or how he might escape, and then figure out where they’d go from there.


Meanwhile, he’d just have to endure the punishment Clyde was giving him, trying to rip his hard-on cock and balls clear off his body in one fist, and once again tightly squeezing one of his big pecs with his other fist.


Clyde kept his punishing holds on Rory just long enough to give Rory some time to worry him, and then went on to his next move. Which was to punish Rory even more.


Holding Rory tightly under him, he slowly began to lean back further and further back as far as he could, bringing Rory with him and almost ripping Rory’s whole package of male equipment and his pec right off his body. Rory had no choice but to go with him if he didn’t want to lose entirely all of his most important male parts. 


Eventually Clyde leaned so far back that he rolled both of them over backward completely until his own back was on the mat, while still pulling and holding Rory tightly to him.  


At the end of the move, Clyde found himself still holding Rory down tightly on top of him against his chest, and still pulling him down hard by his big boner and balls at one end, while shifting his hand from Rory’s pec to cover his head and face instead to pull him down at the other end, forcing Rory in a tight bridge hold on top of him.


Rory knew a solid back breaker when he was caught in one, caught as he was in a solid bridge on top of Clyde’s big chest, and this was it. It could have been a difficult and painful hold for him to suffer in, except that it wasn’t the first time he ever got caught in that same predicament, either give or take, lots of times before. And, by shifting up just a little, and being in real good shape and flexible anyway, he was able to ease the pressure on his back just enough until he could figure out how to escape his predicament and make his own next move.


And then too, he sort of liked the punishment Clyde was giving him, that of having Clyde almost ripping his hard cock and balls right off him at one end, and with Clyde’s big ham of a fist covering his face almost smothering him. This wasn’t the first time either of them had gotten the other in that particular hold when they wrestled in the armory in front of an audience, and they knew the audience liked to watch the caught man suffer in it, and they could suffer right along with him too.


Still, Rory was also beginning to make his plan to escape his predicament. Which was, first, to reach out with his free hands to try to pull Clyde’s big hand off his face to relieve the pressure at that end, which would, in turn, relieve the pressure on the whole rest of him at the other end too.  


It wasn’t so easy, however, and he needed both hands to pull Clyde’s big, strong hand away from his face, despite Clyde’s still having to use his other hand to almost rip off his stiff rod and balls off him down at the other end. Eventually, however, he succeeded at least partially and began to make his own next move in return back on Clyde.


Which was that in a fast move, made just a tad easier by the oiled slickness of their bodies, he was able to turn over on top of Clyde, who was still underneath him, and reverse it and get another tight body press on Clyde. In switching around on top of Clyde, Rory also changed his angle on top of Clyde so that now he ended up head-to-toe on top of Clyde.


In that new position, and before Clyde could recover, it didn’t take but a couple of seconds more for Rory to get a tight head-scissors on Clyde and jam his just recently tortured and abused balls hard into Clyde’s face to blind and suffocate him in it. And, to add to it, when Clyde was forced to open his mouth to get some air, Rory stabbed his big, long and hard boner, which Clyde had just been crushing in his fist which had just made it get harder and harder all the time, deep down into his open and waiting mouth and throat.


Then, to lock his big rod deep down into Clyde’s mouth and throat, he tightened his head scissors on Clyde’s head even more between his muscular thighs so that Clyde could no way escape his new predicament.


“Yeah, cock-sucker, eat my big dick!” said Rory to Clyde as he jammed his now fully aroused nine-inch naked and hard rod first against Clyde’s face and then deeply and fully into his mouth while a big grin covered his face. “Now I got you, cock-sucker, and you can eat my whole dick which I’m jamming full in your face and down your throat! Don’t seem so small now does it, fuck-head?”


At the same time as he felt Rory’s long and hard dick go deep into his mouth, he felt one of Rory’s big and swollen balls jam hard against each of his eyes to close and blind them as well. 


Desperately Clyde tried to bridge out of his predicament but his head was too tightly held in Rory’s crushing head scissors on him, and then too his whole head was now solidly impaled against the mat by Rory’s big dick stabbed deep down into his mouth and throat.


Despite the punishment he was being forced to take, however, Clyde knew he was liking what Rory was doing to him. And he knew Rory was liking the feel of what he was doing to Clyde too. As a result, while they struggled with each other, the one to escape and the other to keep the hold, neither was really in any rush to end it. Both knew what each one, and the other, was thinking, and both knew they liked it either way, give or take, and so neither was really in any hurry to actually break it off any time soon.  


‘Yeah,’ thought Rory, grinning to himself, ‘how do you like that, you mother- fucker? I’m gonna make you eat the whole thing, you sonuvabitch!’ Trapped as he was underneath Rory, and with Rory’s big hard rod stabbed deep down into his mouth and throat, and knowing that both were now in a highly aroused sexual state, both wondered what would happen next. 


Part 2


When last we were with Rory and Clyde in their post-show locker room wrestling match after the main bouts in the Stumpton Armory, down in South Carolina, Rory had a real tight head-to-toe body press and head scissors on Clyde, holding Clyde’s head tightly between his thick muscled thighs so that he couldn’t escape, and had stabbed his big and hard nine-inch boner deep down into Clyde’s mouth and throat, impaling his head to the mat.


Desperately, but also having no problem at all with the predicament he was in, Clyde struggled to escape. But, with his head impaled on the mat by Rory’s daggered dick stabbed down deep inside his mouth and throat, he couldn’t move his head at all.


It wasn’t the first time he, or Rory either, for that matter, had ever found themselves in such a predicament. And Clyde also knew that even though his head was caught tight between Rory’s muscled thighs, his own equally big and muscular legs were free. And, along with it, his own big rod, just as long and hard as Rory’s, was sticking up straight aimed right at Rory’s face, who was on top of him.


Suddenly, while Rory was still concentrating on stabbing his big rod deeper and deeper into Clyde’s mouth and down his throat, Clyde in a sudden massive flip, tossed his own legs high into the air and caught Rory’s head straight and tight between his own big thighs.


Then, in the next instant, before Rory could react and escape Clyde’s new tight head scissors on him, Clyde rolled both of them over until he totally reversed their positions. Now suddenly it was Clyde who had the tight head scissors on Rory, while Rory continued to hold Clyde’s head in the same hold. And, from there, in the next instant, Clyde stabbed his own equally big and hard dick deep down into Rory’s own mouth and throat, impaling his head on the mat, no more able to escape than Clyde had just been earlier.


“Ok, cock-sucker,” said Clyde to Rory, “how about this nice big piece of meat for your supper. Eat my dick, which is even bigger and thicker than yours!”


Rory, his head now being held tightly between Clyde’s massive thighs and his ears covered so that he almost couldn’t hear hardly anything, and with Clyde’s big boner stabbed deep down into his mouth and throat so that he couldn’t really say anything either, could only make some kind of garbled sound which sounded like “Umm, yeah, man, tastes real good, what little there is of it!”


Both knew the feel and taste of another wrestler’s big dick jammed down into his mouth and throat, as in their new predicament, and neither had any trouble with it either way, give or take. As a result, this new deadlock lasted for two or three minutes while they struggled with it. With neither in any hurry to end it either.


Eventually, they did manage to separate, both wrestlers being slickly oiled and now wet with sweat too. Slowly, Rory managed to pull out from under Clyde at least part way and then was able to reach up to pull Clyde’s big dick out of his mouth so that he could begin to breathe more easily again. 


Then suddenly, Rory making his escape entirely and pulling himself out from being under Clyde, and still Clyde trying to figure out what he was going to do next, Rory slipped around on the mat behind him and got the fast recovering Clyde in a full and tight body scissors from the rear to squeeze him tightly between his powerfully muscular legs and give him a hard and punishing time with his new tight body scissors.


As Rory adjusted his hold to get it even on Clyde, Clyde felt Rory’s big legs wrap tightly around him in. Actually, he liked the feel of being trapped in another man’s tight body scissors from behind, so made little effort to escape it.


But then to add to it, in order to hold Clyde even more tightly, Rory wrapped his muscular arms around Clyde’s upper body in a tight bear hug and once again grabbed both of Clyde’s big pecs in his fists to squeeze and crush them even more than he had before. Clyde liked the feel of that despite the pain it gave him as he felt is big man-boobs get squeezed out between Rory’s strong fingers. This was a predicament both of them knew they liked the feel of, give or take, and were in no hurry to end it.


And then, to tighten his leg scissors hold on Clyde even more, Rory now crossed his ankles and positioned his feet so they’d be directly over Clyde’s now even harder and throbbing cock and balls.


This was now going to be a tough predicament for Clyde, particularly as Rory now let go of Clyde’s pecs, having given him a few more big squeezes there, and raised his arms and got Clyde around his neck in a tight choke hold, pulling Clyde’s head back to tighten the hold even more.  


The whole combo made it hard for Clyde to get back at Rory, behind him, and forcing his multiple punishments on him. Still, he also liked what Rory was doing to him, and knew the Rory liked the feel of the whole thing too. As so often before, as a result, neither was in any great hurry to break their new predicament.


And then, in one yet final additional punishment, Rory began to smash his feet down hard into Clyde’s naked and exposed crotch and against his big, totally aroused and throbbing cock and swollen balls over and over again. Clyde couldn’t help but like the whole package of punishment Rory was delivering to him.


The hunky and muscular Clyde always liked for another wrestler to beat up on him, just so long as he didn’t cause any permanent damage, and he had no problem now taking whatever Rory wanted to give him until he might make his escape.


Rory fully realized what he was doing to Clyde, and what Clyde was thinking, as he liked the same predicament, give or take. It was one of their favorite deadlocks and punishments to get into in the ring and in front of an audience, who liked to see and feel it right along with the wrestlers themselves.


“Oh yeah, man,” said Rory into one of Clyde’s cauliflowered ears, which was right next to and touching his lips, “you’re going to have nuthin’ but some real tasty chopped meat and candied yams down there between your legs for your sweetie-pie to eat tonight afore I’m finished with you, you mother-fucker!”


What Clyde said in reply to Rory was “Oh yeah man, but it’s yours we’re goin’ to be eatin’ tonight afore we’re finished with all this!” Although what he was really thinking in Rory’s punishment of him, was “Gimme all you got, man, ‘cause it sure do feel good, even though you’re breaking me apart while your doing it!” 


Desperately, Clyde nevertheless began to try to flip or twist out, just like he’d do in the ring in front of an audience. But Rory continued to hold him real tight and punish Clyde for his earlier transgressions in the main ring that night. So now he came back once again to squeezing Clyde’s pecs with his claw holds on them, while continuing to smash his heels hard into his crotch and against Clyde’s swollen and naked cock and balls.


 “Yeah, you cock-sucker,” said Rory, another revengeful grin crossing his face, “now see if you can get out of this! Or, of course,” he added, “you can always submit, and acknowledge which of us is the best!”  


It wasn’t the first time Clyde had ever been caught in that particularly punishing predicament, however, and so of course he never considered submitting.


“Hey, mother-fucker,” Clyde said to Rory instead, “when you gonna begin to rassle? You ain’t done nothin’ yet to impress me!”


Which of course prompted Rory to increase the pressure and torture on Clyde even more. Which was no surprise to Clyde, as he’d taken the same punishing holds on Rory and other wrestlers a lot of times before, and had suffered the same punishment in return from him and other wrestlers, including Rory, before too.


And which, they would have to admit, they both liked to get caught and pressured in too. (Maybe this is really why these two redneck rasslers took up rasslin’ in the first place?) 


Nevertheless, Clyde soon went into his ring mode like they did when they were wrestling in front of an audience, and now he began to moan and groan and beg Rory to take it easy on him, even though he was really liking the punishment Rory was giving him. And which Rory couldn’t help but notice and like what they were doing to each other too, and pretended to work Clyde over even more. 


Then, to make it even worse for Clyde, which was frequently what they did in the ring too, Rory started first to lean back, bringing Clyde with him, and get both of their legs and feet high into the air. Then he reversed the move and slammed Clyde back down forward again in front of him, smashing his feet and heels even harder into Clyde’s crotch and against his thick and heavily aroused cock and balls, crushing into them even more each time as he did.


Each time Clyde felt Rory’s heels smash into his crotch to crush his big rod and balls, however, he was able to get back at Rory at least a little each time, however. As his own hard and muscled butt was positioned right against Rory’s own bulging cock and balls sitting right behind him, each time Rory leaned back to get both of their legs and feet in the air for Rory’s heels to come down hard into his crotch, Clyde could raise up just slightly and sit down hard on Rory’s own balls to even up the punishment.


That made it a double crotch-crusher for both every time. Whenever they got into the same hold and action in front of an audience, they knew the guys in the audience would feel it along with them, and the ladies knew all about it too. Neither Rory nor Clyde had any problem with the punishment they were now giving and taking with the other, however, and so it went on for quite some time afore they broke it off to go into something else.


‘Yeah,’ thought Rory as he slammed his heels hard into Clyde’s crotch over and over again, ‘you mother-fucker, feel that! That big boner of yours is going to be so sore it sure isn’t going into your sweetie pie’s tunnel any time soon tonight!’


However and meanwhile, he wasn’t doing much better himself with Clyde coming down hard each time on his own swollen and outstretched boner down under Clyde’s own hard butt.


Finally, however, in all their naked and oiled slipperiness, Clyde was able to reach out and pull Rory’s ankles apart. That, in turn, caused Rory to weaken and then lose his tight rear body scissors on Clyde, and they separated once again. 


But now this time, once freed, it was Clyde who moved first and fast as he spun around and caught Rory in a tight head scissors from the side while both were on the mat.


Now it was again Rory who was caught, like a ‘coon in a food trap, with his head totally trapped between Clyde’s big, thick and muscular thighs, unable to see or hear anything at all. Just like a caught ’coon, or a fish too, he tried desperately to flip or bridge out. But Clyde continued to hold him tight.


“Yeah, ass-hole,” Clyde said to the desperately struggling Rory, but grinning to himself as Rory tried to escape the head scissors he was caught in, “you think you can beat ol’ Clyde here, but ol’ Clyde can beat the meat out of you too!”


Although Rory knew he was caught tight for the moment, he still knew it wasn’t the end of him either. In fact, from getting similarly caught by another guys’ head scissors on him before, he knew he might even be able to use his present predicament to his advantage. Slowly, he managed to twist his head around inside Clyde’s powerful head scissors on him just enough so that he was able to face directly into Clyde’s hot, wet and naked crotch, now only an inch or two away.


Clyde had no problem with Rory’s shift to face into his crotch. In fact, as soon as Rory had positioned himself that way, Clyde reached out to the back of Rory’s head to pull him in even further until Rory’s face was pressed hard and fully against the full load of all of his wet and naked male equipment to the point Rory was just about blinded and suffocated in it.


“Now eat my whole big houn’ dog,” said Clyde, “that’s all you’re good for, you mother-fucker!”


Rory knew, or at least he hoped he knew, what he was doing by letting himself get caught head first in Clyde’s hot wet crotch. At the start, he wasn’t sure if his plan would work. But then, with Clyde pulling his head into his crotch harder and harder, he managed to twist his head slightly, just as he’d hoped to do.


Then suddenly, with his face now being pulled hard and fully into and against Clyde’s highly aroused cock and balls, and positioning himself just right so that both of Clyde's big wet balls were pressed hard against his face and mouth, he sucked first one, and then both, of Clyde’s big balls all the way into his mouth. And then he followed that up by closing his mouth over the tough neck of Clyde’s big globes until he had both of them held tightly inside his mouth.


As he ran his tongue over them he thought, ‘Man, these are in tougher than the burgers down at the “Burger Palace” in town. And these don’t have any catsup with ‘em either. Still, they ain’t half bad at that,’ as he held them tightly in his mouth.


Suddenly, Clyde knew he was now in big trouble with Rory having sucked both of his big balls into his mouth. And he wasn’t able to pull away unless he was willing to have Rory chew his big burgers clear off his body.


Now Clyde had a big problem on his hands. Slowly and carefully he continued to pull Rory’s head into his crotch, but this time it was to keep Rory from pulling away from him and taking his balls with him. He was right to be concerned when he felt Rory trying to pull back out, pulling Clyde’s balls along with him. And Clyde also had to be careful to be sure Rory didn’t suddenly just chomp down with his teeth and chew his balls clear off him.


It wasn’t made any easier for Clyde either as Rory then also began to reach up blindly to once again pound on Clyde’s pecs, which were bunched up now even bigger as he had to reach out to pull Rory’s head in closer and tighter into his crotch.


Clyde knew he just didn’t have any alternative to taking all the punishment Rory wanted to and was giving him on both his balls and his pecs unless he wanted to lose his throbbing balls entirely. 


‘Yeah,’ thought Rory, with Clyde’s big balls completely filling his mouth, ‘man, this is what you get for messing with me in the ring. Now it’s your turn to sweat!’


Which Clyde was forced to do for just as long as Rory wanted to keep up the punishment he was giving him even though he still held Rory’s head tight between his powerfully muscled thighs.


Eventually, in what seemed like full minutes later, Clyde was finally able to reach out and pry Rory’s mouth open just sufficiently to release his balls. By then Rory figured he’d had enough of holding Clyde’s thick and heavy balls in his mouth too, and he was glad to breathe more easily without Clyde’s balls in his mouth as well.


The whole deadlock, the threat to Clyde’s balls and pec punishment by Rory, and Clyde’s tight head scissors on Rory, had been real good. Both knew, however, that it was time to go on to something else too. 


As Clyde and Rory separated, and Clyde trying to recover from having his balls caught so long in Rory’s mouth and the pec beating he’d just been getting as well, Rory was figuring out what he’d do to Clyde next before Clyde could get back at him first.


After they separated, Clyde once again found himself on his back on the mat, with Rory right next to him. Then, before Clyde could move away, Rory jumped on his chest, sitting on and straddling it, facing Clyde’s feet, and he then also folded his legs under Clyde’s arms so that Clyde couldn’t get free. That meant Rory’s solid, wet and naked butt was just a couple of inches above Clyde’s throat.


>From there, it was no problem for Rory to just shift up those couple of inches until he was able to position his wet and naked butt right over Clyde’s face. Clyde immediately knew what Rory had in mind for him. But, with Rory sitting on his chest and his arms caught under Rory’s legs, there was nothing he could do about it.


Slowly, he felt Rory’s big wet and naked butt come down on top of and begin to cover his face. Then it came down more and more until it soon totally smothered his whole face, and his eyes, nose and mouth got slowly buried deep in the dark, hot and wet canyon of Rory’s butt. Which in turn cut off all his sight and hearing, and just about all of his breath except for what little air he could get through the big crack between Rory’s big and solid butt cheeks.


Rory liked the feel of Clyde’s whole face, nose and mouth sink deep into the dark wet canyon of his butt, and then feel Clyde’s gasping for air and thrashing around to try and get free, but unable to do so with Rory sitting so squarely on his face.


“Oh yeah, man, kiss my butt and eat it too, you mother-fucker!” said Rory to Clyde. ‘And it feels so good too!’ said Rory to himself. ‘And maybe it don’t feel too bad to you neither, you mother-fucker,’ he added to himself.


Rory didn’t quite have it all his own way, however. For a couple of long minutes Clyde thrashed around, almost suffocating with Rory’s solid butt covering his whole face and his tongue having to push up and lick Rory’s butt too to help try to ease the pressure on his face while he was trying to bridge out and escape from his newest predicament. 


Actually, it was far from the first time that either one had another guy sit on his face in a good wrestling match, trying to smother him, or he doing the same thing to another guy. So it wasn’t really no big deal to either one, nor did either have any problem with it . 


Eventually, however, when Clyde felt Rory decrease the pressure on his face for just an instant, maybe he was distracted for a moment, in the oiled slipperiness of the their bodies, Clyde managed to escape his predicament and get free from under Rory. And then, before Rory could react to Clyde’s sudden escape, Clyde managed to twist completely around, shove Rory underneath him, and got the same face sitting hold on Rory!


Clyde knew all along that Rory, while liking to punish another guy, liked just as much or more liked to get punished himself. And also, like a lot of wrestlers, lots of times the holds they took on another man were frequently the same ones they liked taken on themselves too. So maybe Rory wasn’t too surprised, or minded too much, or maybe even helped him just a tad, to reverse their positions.


So now it was Rory who suddenly found his whole face, eyes, nose and mouth being forced to sink deeply into the dark, wet and naked canyon of Clyde’s own big and muscled butt, with Clyde sitting just as firmly on his own face. It was just exactly the same as when Rory had trapped him just before in the same hold and predicament, except now it was in reverse.  


Rory, however, while he struggled to breathe with Clyde’s powerful butt covering his face, was no more bothered by it, than Clyde was earlier. In fact, they both sort of liked the predicament whenever they found themselves in the predicament of another wrestler sitting with his naked butt fully on their face, and neither was ever in any hurry to end it, either way. 


For almost a half hour more, Rory and Clyde wrestled back and forth in one punishing hold, predicament or deadlock after another. There were more body slams, pec claw holds, and tight head and body scissors. And, above all, it was also turning out to be more and more of a tough cock-fight between the two as both wrestlers remained totally aroused, with their big rods sticking out in front of them and always vulnerable to the other’s pulling, bending and crushing punishment of them. And getting them even harder and more aroused all the time.  


Along the way, Rory had pretty much forgotten why he was trying to punish Clyde so hard in the first place but, after remembering, figured he’d pretty much made his point long ago. And Clyde too was long past trying to get back at Rory for trying to get back at him. Instead, they were now pretty much just enjoyed messing around with each other as much as they could and for as long as they could keep it up. However, both also realized that they were also getting closer and closer to coming with all their messing around with each other now too. 


Still, Rory hadn’t forgotten entirely why he was battling Clyde. And both also knew they’d soon have to come to the end of this particular fight, particularly after their earlier sensual battle with each other in the ring too. Even more importantly, with all their cock fighting each other, both knew they’d built up so much hot creamy cum-juice in their bodies that, one way or another, they’d soon be forced to shoot their full loads and end the whole thing. 


Now both knew they couldn’t go on much longer and would soon need to explode their loads, ready or not. Rory was maybe just a tad more ready to end it on his terms than Clyde as it was he who got the whole thing started between them. Although he wouldn’t put it beyond Clyde to try and double-cross him once again and some way force Rory to submit to him again. 


One final time they’d gotten into a double leg scissors on each other, each with a tight body scissors on the other, facing in opposite directions, both their heads away from each other and up and down. With it, they found themselves rolling back and forth, first one facing up and the other down, and then the reverse. But, with the slipperiness of their bodies once again making it hard to keep their holds, they couldn’t hold their deadlock and separated. From which both quickly tried to twist around to face the other before the other could do the same to him.


Clyde got only as far as to get back to his hands and knees when Rory recovered first and jumped on Clyde’s back, like a dog in heat, determined now to finish it with Clyde on his own terms.


Before Clyde could escape from Rory now riding hard on his back, Rory also once again wrapped his arms tightly around Clyde’s big wet and naked body to tighten his hold even more. As he did, he pressed his thick pecs hard against Clyde‘s broad and wet back to help keep him down, and at the same time felt his big, long and bone-hard rod press tightly deep against the wet and naked canyon of Clyde’s butt. 


Clyde felt the pressure of Rory’s solidly muscled wet and naked body on his back, Rory’s strong hands crushing his big pecs and Rory’s steel rod pressed hard against his butt.


He knew what Rory was planning to do, but there was nothing he could do about it to escape unless Rory some way lost his grip on him. Which Rory had no intention of doing.


For seconds more, Clyde struggled to escape by trying to shift from side to side underneath Rory, but knowing as he did, it was probably only making matters worse for him.


Then Clyde realized it was too late for him to try to escape any more. Both of them were so highly aroused that the end had come for both of them.


In Rory’s final riding of him he couldn’t hold back any longer. Suddenly Clyde felt all of Rory’s creamy hot man-juice explode out of his big hard rod and totally cover his whole back and butt, wetting them so completely that he felt the excess soon running down the sides of his well- muscled legs to the mat below them.


On and on it continued as Rory, on top, felt it pulse out of his big shot gun rod until finally it began to diminish and eventually drain completely out. And, as it did, he felt all his own final energy completely drained out too.  


Clyde knew that Rory had beaten him on this one, for sure. He didn’t really mind it at all.


As he waited until Rory had finished with him, he felt Rory eventually slide off his back to the mat beside him. He knew he had also gotten just aroused as Rory was just a minute ago, and in another minute he was totally drained and exhausted too.


Eventually, both recovered and looked at each other. Grins covered their faces.


“Oh yeah, you mother-fucker,” said Rory, “this’ll learn you to fuck with me when we’re in the ring! You lost this one, for sure!”


“Oh man,” was Clyde’s grinning reply, “if this is what you’re going to do about it, I’m going to fuck you in the ring again every chance I get!” 


‘Mmmmm yeah,’ both thought. ‘Can‘t wait ‘til we get into it again!’ 


Posted: 12/05/14