Philadelphia Gang Fight

By: Ron Nelson
(© 2014 by the author)

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 Part 1
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Al Delgado walked east along Federal Street, in the southeast quarter of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He was headed toward his Aunt Rosa’s. She had the first floor apartment in a row of old fashioned townhouses near the 9th Street Italian Market.


It was a warm Saturday night in August. The sun had already gone down, the street lights had come on, and scores of people, old, young and all ages in between, were sitting on their front steps, talking with the neighbors and getting their last breath of cooler night air before they’d have to go inside and go to bed.


Al walked along as quietly as he could, looking mainly at the sidewalk trying not make eye contact with anyone. He knew he was running a risk in being there, but his Aunt Rosa had wanted him to come see her. She had run out of candles to take to St. Sylvester’s the next day, and she knew that whenever he came, he always brought her some fresh fruit from Reading Terminal. In return, she never let him leave without feeding him a full meal of Italian tomato and pepperoni lasagna, which she knew he loved.


The problem for him was, however, that she lived in the southeast side of Philadelphia, which was “Leopards” territory, and he lived and worked in the southwest quarter of the city, which was “Sabres” territory. 


Al was just twenty-two; he was born and grew up in southwest Philadelphia, and it was only natural that he’d be familiar with, and maybe a member of, the Sabres. It was a large but loosely organized gang. Some members were heavy into it and into all sorts of the gang’s activities. Not all of their activities were bad. In emergencies, such as in hurricanes or serious fires, they could be quickly organized and put to work. And, during religious festivals of their neighborhood Catholic churches, they could always be counted on to help with the decorations, floats and street events.


But they had their darker side too, such as extorting of money or favors from the younger school age children in the neighborhoods, or committing petty house and car thefts. As they got older, many of them began to get into more serious street crimes, shakedowns, car thefts, assaults, and even worse from there.


Al had never gotten in very deeply with the Sabres because his parents, Mario and Florenzia Delgado had let him know, in no uncertain terms, that any association with the Sabres would not be tolerated, and he still remembered the hard swats his parents had given his butt when he slipped his moorings.


But he knew, if he wasn’t going to get mauled or beaten up by the Sabres, he couldn’t ignore them either. Plus, Al always had just a natural sense of adventure. He was pretty tough himself, and had no problem giving and taking a little physical punishment now and then from another boy when he was small, or from any man later on. As part of learning to take care of himself, he street-learned to walk a narrow path of behavior somewhere between his parents and the Sabres. And, so far, he’d come through it pretty good. 


After graduating from Garibaldi HS in southwest Philadelphia, he’d gotten a steady job at Bellini’s Hardware, located on a side street not far from upscale Rittenhouse Square. He’d started in the stockroom, where he spent just about all of his time moving heavy boxes of hardware items off the delivery trucks into the store warehouse, and then from there into the store and onto the shelves. Now, although he still worked in the stockroom, which he liked for the physical challenge and workout he got from it, he liked being on the floor and helping out with the customers too.


Al was not a big guy, being only about five-eight and weighing one-seventy. But he was solidly built and muscular, which he built up even more by working out three or four times a week at Capilla’s Gym, down on South 23rd Street. That helped toughen him up for whenever he got into a street fight.


 Like a lot of young Italian men in Philadelphia, he wasn’t any stranger to getting into street fights. Most of the time it was with his own buddies who were forever trying to out-macho each other. As a result of all that he got to be a pretty good fighter. He could give and take some really hard punches, but he liked mostly to wrestle around with another guy. And with some of them in particular. Sometimes he’d wrestle around with another guy in a basement room in some buddy’s house, and at other times in the rear of Capilla’s Gym where he and the other guy could lock the door and not be disturbed until they were finished with each other.


‘Yeah,’ he thought to himself as his mind turned to fighting as he at present walked to his Aunt Rosa’s place, ‘those fights with my buddies sometimes hurt, but they were pretty good too.’ 


He was about four blocks from his Aunt Rosa’s when he became aware of three men, about his own age and size, standing on the sidewalk in front of him, more or less blocking the sidewalk.


Instinctively, he shifted gradually to the inner side of the old cracked brick sidewalk, closest to the row houses and their white marble front steps on which no one was sitting at the moment. When a guy was faced with what might be an unpleasant encounter with another guy, or group of guys, on the street, it was always a question of whether it was safer to walk closer to a building, where he could be attacked from only one side, or closer to the street, where he could more easily run and make his escape down the street. This time he chose to walk closer to the building and along the fence in front of an upcoming empty lot.


Then he saw two of the men also shift to the side closest to the houses to block him, while the third stayed closer to the curb in case he suddenly shifted that way.


As he mostly looked at the sidewalk he was also watching them out of the corner of his eye so as not to look directly at them as if to challenge them. He didn’t speed up or slow down, and didn’t want to appear to notice them. Maybe they were only lounging around in the evening air like so many of the other people he’d seen along the way.


It was only when he got to about ten feet in front of them that he looked up at them with a small smile on his face, as if in a peace greeting.


The bigger of the two, who was probably about five nine and maybe around one-eighty, stepped forward into his path while his buddy, about five-seven and maybe about one-sixty, stood slightly behind him. The bigger one looked, actually, real good in his tight black sleeveless muscle t-shirt and tight black jeans. Al could quickly see that he must work out somewhere, with his muscled biceps, thick neck, solid pecs and thickly muscled thighs. The smaller man looked like he must work out too, although maybe not quite as much as the bigger man.


Instinctively, Al, like so many other men who might need or want to fight or wrestle around with another guy, friendly or not so friendly, checked out another guy he might have to contend with, and estimate his chances with him.


The general rule was, if they’re bigger and stronger, make peace, and run. Same size, make peace or fight. Smaller, make peace or beat the shit out of them. But watch out for additional buddies and knives. Cope with whatever the situation might call for. Al was not the worrying or scared type, but he always made sure he’d be ready for a street fight if he couldn’t avoid one. 


“Hey, man, watcha got in the box there?” said the bigger man in front of him, half seriously and half grinning. Al figured he was maybe in his mid- to late-twenties, and therefore not very much older than himself.


“Oh, you know, man, just some candles for my Aunt Rosa for church tomorrow,” was Al’s easy but cautious reply.


“Looks like a pretty big box for just candles, man! What else you got in there?”


“Yeah, well my Aunt Rosa likes some fresh Jersey tomatoes, lettuce and Salerno grapes, so I got her some of those too from Reading Terminal.”


“Oh yeah, man, sounds real good. You know this here’s Leopards territory, man, and I don‘t recall seeing you around here before,” he then said, figuring correctly that Al could be from some other South Philadelphia gang. 

“And you know we charge admission to guys like you who come over to this side of town. The admission being some real nice fresh Jersey tomatoes, lettuce and Salerno grapes - just like what you happen to have there.”


“Oh, ‘fraid not, man, my Aunt Rosa’s figuring on having these for her supper tonight and tomorrow, and she’d be mighty disappointed not to get them. And I know you wouldn’t want to disappoint my Aunt Rosa!” said Al, with both a grin on his mouth but also a more serious look in his eyes.


Meanwhile, the young man slightly behind him looked first at Al and then at the bigger man doing the talking. A look of concern came over his face as he wasn’t quite sure how far his main man was going to take it, nor how serious Al might be to resist him.


“Hey c’mon, Dino,” he said to his buddy, “we’re heading over to Messina’s Gym. Let the guy go with the stuff he’s got for his Aunt Rosa, and do something else.”


“I don’t think so, Pasquale, and maybe you let me handle this, ok?” said Dino, frowning.


“Are you sure Pasquale doesn’t have the better idea? said Al, quickly picking up on their names.


But Pasquale’s and Al’s comments now meant Dino had his own reputation and face to save in front of both of them, as well as the third man, now standing off to the side and coming closer in. He moved in slowly, also seeming not to want to get involved in what seemed to be the conflict developing between Al and Dino. However, Dino was also starting to actually like the idea of having some fresh Jersey tomatoes and Salerno grapes to eat.


“Naw, Pasqua, our man here would be glad to pay a small admission to come into Leopards territory to visit with his aunt Rosa, wouldn’t you buddy?” continued Dino.


“Naw, I don’t think so, Dino, my Aunt Rosa is sort of figuring on them, and I know you wouldn’t like to disappoint her,” was Al’s easy but nevertheless penetrating reply.


“We don’t have time for all this shit, man,” Dino now said in a more threatening tone to Al. “Pasquale, you get behind him while I relieve him of the groceries,” as he reached out suddenly to grab the package from Dino while at the same time Pasquale got behind Al to get him in a tight bear hug to hold him tight while Dino seized the bag.


Al reacted just as quickly. Holding the bag of groceries and candles in his left hand, he reached back to seize and crush Pasquale’s crotch and cock and balls in his fist while also stepping hard on Pasquale’s foot, causing him to stagger and crumple down to the sidewalk.


At the same time, Al, while in a tug-of-war with Dino to keep hold of the bag of groceries, after dropping Pasquale, brought his hand around fast and punched Dino hard in his muscled pec. Al liked the feel of his fist hitting the hard flesh of Dino’s muscular pec through his tight sleeveless t-shirt, and Dino didn’t seem to mind taking the blow either.


Nevertheless, Dino was surprised by Al’s fast reaction to him, let go of the bag and stepped back a couple of feet.


“Hey, man, what did you do that for?” he said, with look of mixed surprise and anger, but keeping just a little away from Al too.


“Well, man, like I said, my Aunt Rosa is sort of looking forward to this bag of good stuff, so if it’s okay with you, I figure I’d better get on my way before she begins to wonder where I am,” was Al’s firm but still good-natured reply.


Al wasn’t quite sure whether this encounter with Dino was over, or whether maybe it was just beginning. He also wasn’t sure whether he should be too concerned about it, or not.  


Actually, he knew, his Aunt Rosa was only expecting him to come some time that evening with some candles, and she didn’t even know about the fruit Al was bringing with him.


Al knew, however, that on one hand, this Dino, with his buddies, if they really wanted to and were serious, could give him some real trouble, and he really didn’t want that just right now while he was heading over to Aunt Rosa’s.


On the other hand, Dino did look sort of real interesting, had a really good build, was sort of aggressive but seemed sort of good natured too, and he knew he maybe wouldn’t mind at all getting into it with Dino for a little more action another time. Maybe even a lot more action, if Dino were interested too.


It would be a questionable encounter, however, as the Leopards had a reputation for really messing up guys they didn’t like, particularly if they were members of another gang. Al saw that Dino had already noticed the small but elaborate “S” which was tattooed on his own left bicep in contrast to Dino‘s bigger and equally elaborate “L“ on his right bicep, the traditional places gang members always wore their gang membership tattoos. 


By this time, their encounter had attracted the attention of some of the neighbors, some of the older men in particular who were nearby and now coming out on their own front steps to enjoy the evening,


As a result, Dino and Al both knew that their encounter had gone far enough for the present, particularly as Pasquale and the other man with them didn’t seem to be favoring any more action on Dino’s part.


“Hey man,” said Dino, dropping his hands down to signal that he wasn’t about to move any more to seize the bag Al was holding, “you got a real good build, and I liked that punch you just gave me. You work out in a gym somewhere?”


“Oh yeah, Dino, I work out at Capilla’s Gym - you?”


“Messina’s Gym. In fact, me and Pasquale were headed over there right now for a couple of hours, and maybe longer if there’s anything going on. You like to mess around some, like maybe later tonight after you get finished with your visit to Aunt Rosa?” suggested Dino, now with a grin on his face.


“You know, Dino, that sounds like a real good idea. Maybe you and me could hit the mats, and maybe a little more too, and we see what happens. I’m thinking maybe I wouldn’t mind shoving my boner up your ass even if it meant taking a few licks from you, and maybe you’d like to give a little something back to me too,” was Al’s now grinning reply. 


‘Yeah,’ Al now began to think, ‘I wouldn’t mind at all getting into it with Dino on the mats and whatever else he might have in mind. Wouldn’t mind at all getting caught in a headlock with those nice big biceps of his, or my head getting caught between those big thighs either. And I’m seeing now the studded leather collar he’s wearing too. And looks like he’s got a real big boner on him as well. Maybe we’re both thinking the same thing, and maybe he wouldn’t mind getting into it some with me either!’  


Al, for all his easy-going street manner, was not only into easy-going give-and-take wrestling around with another guy but, if the other guy liked, he liked to get into the leather and BD/SM scene too. It depended on the other guy’s interests and inclinations. Sometimes that sort of stuff could get out of hand and could lead to some serious damage to a guy. At other times, however, even if it sometimes hurt, it also always felt real good. And if there weren’t any after effects, it could make things real interesting.


“I’m going to be spending about an hour at my Aunt Rosa’s, and she’s only about four blocks from here,” said Al. “I know where Messina’s Gym is, down just off Federal and South 7th Street. How ’bout if I get there around eight-thirty, and then we can take it from there?”


“Sounds good to me, man. By the way, me and Pasqua here don’t even know your name yet!” said Dino.


“’Al,’ man. And you?” “Dino Salina, man, of the Leopards, and these here are my buddies Pasquale and Vito.”


They didn’t shake hands, but the grins on their faces said what they were thinking. Al then went on with his bag of candles and groceries for his Aunt Rosa, and Dino, Pasquale, and Vito grinned at each other as they headed off in the opposite direction to Messina’s Gym. 


‘Yeah,’ all four thought, ‘this might turn out to be a real interesting evening, for sure!’




Part 2
1  3


Al walked down the darkened alley to Messina’s Gym shortly before eight-thirty. It was located in what had originally been a stable back in the 1800’s. Then it was converted into an automobile garage, then into a machine shop, and then into a warehouse. About fifteen years ago, it became Messina’s Gym.


Most of the members, all men, lived in the surrounding neighborhoods, and ranged in age from eighteen to probably close to eighty. Some were big, some small, some fat, some lean, some in really good shape and some not so much so. Some came to the gym to work out, some came only for the steam baths, some came just to relax and some came having maybe some other purposes in mind.


Messina’s Gym, Al knew, had two reputations. One was as a good place to work out, relax, enjoy the steam baths, play cards in the back room and maybe place a few undercounter bets here and there on local sporting events.


Their other reputation wasn’t quite as good. It was said Messina’s Gym was mob-backed, where many shady as well as legal deals were quietly worked out. And sometimes, after certain deals had been worked out, certain men who weren’t members of the Messina Gym soon afterwards found themselves getting hurt, if not worse, or their stores or businesses burglarized or vandalized, or found other problems or “incidents” arising in their lives.


Most “incidents” of that sort took place away from Messina’s Gym, but every once in a while someone was hustled out of Messina’s into a car and either taken to the emergency room of the nearby Pennsylvania Hospital, or maybe never even seen again. There were more such instances years ago, but were still not unknown now.


For some reason, however, the police never seemed to be aware of Messina’s Gym and were never seen anywhere near the place. 


Al walked down the dark cobblestoned alley toward the unimposing entrance of the gym after leaving his Aunt Rosa’s. As he walked he noted that anyone coming down the alley could be seen from the gym window before they got to the entrance, but they wouldn’t be noticed by anybody walking by on the main street.


He began to wonder if maybe he was getting into something which might not go too well for him. He was still identified by Dino and his buddies as a “Sabre” and an outsider, while they were “Leopards.” And this was their territory, and they were very protective of it. Maybe they were planning a different sort of “messing around” with him than he was thinking. His desire to get into it with Dino, and maybe his buddies too, however, overruled his sense of caution.


He pressed the buzzer next to the heavy old black wooden door marking the entrance to the gym. When the door was buzzed back, he pushed it open and stepped inside. Almost immediately, he felt the heat which came out from the steam baths inside, and smelled the mixed odor of sweat, ointments and cypress which hit his nostrils. Al knew the smells from Capilla’s Gym where he was a member.


He glanced over to the attendant, seated behind a small glass window just inside the door, who gave him a keen glance in return. The attendant then seemed to turn to the side as if to say something to someone whom Al couldn’t see, after which he pressed the buzzer which opened the inner door to the gym itself.


As soon as he stepped inside, Al liked what he saw, although he knew he was seeing, at first, only a small part of the total gym. 


The gym was deeper, front to rear, than wide. Beyond the entrance, on the left, he could see a locker room with it’s old green metal lockers, some of them dented, and the shower room to the rear. On the right, behind a low carved oak partition, was sort of a lounge with some big overstuffed leather chairs and illuminated only by a couple of floor lamps. Behind that lounge, to the rear, Al could see another lounge, and maybe another one beyond that. He also heard from somewhere the click of balls from some pool tables, and thought he heard some voices from a card room as well.


Straight in front of him, beyond a pair of heavy frosted glass oak doors, he saw the overhead lights of what probably was the gym.


As he had approached the entrance of Messina’s Gym in the alley, he’d already noticed the old brick walls which had enclosed the building when it was a warehouse. The walls gave no indication, however, how far the gym might extend to the back, nor what might be upstairs on a second floor, or in a cellar below.


As he entered the dimly lit hall and approached what looked like the lounge, he saw Dino sitting there, who got up to greet him. Pasquale and Vito were with him and got up with Dino too. All three were still dressed just as they had been when Al first encountered them on the street earlier.


Dino still looked real good, really muscular in his black sleeveless t-shirt, desert tan camo shorts, and black combat boots. Pasquale looked like a smaller and younger version, obviously trying to look as much like Dino as he could, and Vito looked much the same except he was in a blood red sleeveless t-shirt and camo shorts. All three were looking real good, however, and Al knew he wouldn’t mind messing around with any one of them - or maybe all three together. 


“Hey man,” said Dino, with a small, but maybe also a slightly threatening grin on his face. “You came back, even if maybe that wasn’t too bright an idea on your part, you being a Sable and this being Leopards territory.


“We didn’t get to finish what we’d started out on the street ‘cause some of the neighbors might not have liked it. But you still haven’t paid your admission yet. So maybe we need to collect on that now, right?”


Al began to wonder just a little more if maybe he’d misjudged the situation with Dino and his buddies. Out on the street earlier, it seemed as if they might be okay. But now, by the grim look on their faces, he wasn’t so sure. And, to make it worse, he was now in their power where he couldn’t easily escape. The reputation of Messina’s Gym made him even more uncertain about whether or not he‘d gotten in over his head. 


“So hey man,” Dino continued, “how about you and me and Pasqua and Vito here heading down to the ‘Dungeon,’ and let’s see what’s happening there.”


That made Al wonder even more what might happen next. This “down to the ‘Dungeon‘” didn’t sound too good. Al knew certain people in Philly were into S&M, leather, chains, gags, whips and the whole B&D scene. While he also liked to get into some of that, it was only in friendly circumstances with guys he knew. He wasn’t sure, however, if that included the men of Messina’s Gym, and with Dino, Pasquale and Vito in particular.


“Why not?” asked Al, not wanting to show his concern. And he also was curious, he knew, to see just what the Messina’s ‘Dungeon’ might be. 


Going down an old dark stone staircase, which had originally led to the basement of the warehouse, Dino leading the way, at the foot of the stairs they came to an arched stone doorway. It was the dark and grim entry to the Dungeon.


Going through the original solid oak doorway, Al found himself, with Dino, Pasquale and Vito in front and behind him, in a dimly lit big cellar chamber enclosed by rough stone walls, with a heavy wood-beamed warehouse ceiling overhead and a floor of concrete and packed dirt. It probably wasn’t much different from the way it was maybe 150 years ago. But then he saw a few other things which maybe weren’t in the original warehouse cellar. 


These began with various old iron hooks and rings embedded in two of the side walls. Some had chains hanging from them, while others were hanging open. In front of the walls were a number of rough wooden racks and what looked like some old rough iron machines. Some were rounded in the form of rings, others no more than rough and bare wooden planks. On a third side of the cellar were a series of hooks and shelves which had on them, or hanging from them, various leather masks, whips, handcuffs, studded leather straps and belts and all sorts of other bondage and discipline paraphernalia.


Al recognized most of them. They were typical of what guys used in S&M and bondage and discipline scenes, when dominant men would impose their will on submissive men, many times whether the submissive men might be willing victims or not.


In the center of the room was a black vinyl mat, about 12’ by 12’. Al noticed it was sort of concave, with a lower center and slightly raised edges. He knew what that would mean. Any water, oil, piss, mud or any other liquid that came into play in any wrestling match or fight on the mat would collect in the center of the mat. And then anybody working out on the mat would have to wrestle in it or fight their way out of it.


The only light in the dungeon was provided by three dim lights coming from some old wrought iron lanterns hanging down from the rafters from when the place had been a warehouse. The rest was in semi-darkness. The whole place had the feel and body smell of a medieval Inquisition torture chamber. 


‘Oh shit,’ thought Al, ‘I’m not so sure about all this. But it is sort of interesting too. I wonder what Dino has in mind now what’s going to happen next?’ 


He wasn’t long in finding out. But first, Dino paused just a little to let Al take a second and more detailed look at what was going on in the dungeon itself right then, which Dino did just to impress him a little more as to where he was, and what it might mean for him maybe soon coming up.


On this more detailed look around, Al now noticed one man, powerfully built, naked and muscular in about his mid-30’s, gagged, hanging off the wall with his feet just barely touching the floor. He was held tightly and securely in place by a series of studded leather straps wrapped around his hands, pecs, waist, thighs and ankles attached to some of the hooks and rings embedded in the wall.


Standing in front of him were two older men. One was a big and beefy man, probably over 220 pounds, who was stripped down to just a jock strap and who was clearly the dominant man. Next to him was a smaller but also muscular man, also wearing just a jock strap. Both had black whips with leather handles and flayed ends in their hands. They were alternately whipping the man chained to the wall. Each time the whip snapped against the man’s naked body, he writhed unsuccessfully to escape the punishment he was getting, but there was nothing he could do about it.


About ten feet away, stretched out on a sloping rough wooden rack was another man. He looked powerfully built and muscular, just like the man hanging from the wall. This man was strapped down to the table by studded leather straps around his neck, tightly enclosing his bulging and straining pecs, waist and ankles. Like the other man, this man was naked too. Like the man hanging on the wall, this man was gagged so that he couldn’t cry out, but also not blindfolded so that he could see whatever punishment was to be inflicted on him next, but unable to prevent or escape it.


Al thought it was interesting that both victims, despite the punishment they were receiving, had obviously become highly sexually and erotically aroused, and their big horse-sized sex horns were sticking straight out from their bodies, one curving sharply to the right and the other curving up to his navel. Both were obvious additional targets for whatever further torture their captors might have in mind for them.


Around the racked victim were four other men of different ages and sizes, all wearing only jockstraps. However, all of them were wearing full leather face masks so Al couldn’t see their faces.  


Two of the men alternated slowly pouring what looked like hot olive oil on their victim from time to time.


Then it looked like the other two men were taunting their victim by punching him lightly, with studded leather gloves, on the flesh of the man’s thick and muscular pecs, biceps and thighs from time to time just to make him suffer and feel the blows all over his straining body. Being gagged, their unfortunate victim couldn’t cry out, but Al could see him desperately trying to writhe out from his torturous predicament, but with no success.


After letting Al have a good look at what he too might be in for, Dino led him, followed by Pasquale and Vito, to the edge of the black wrestling mat. On the mat, Al could see two more muscular, oiled and naked men, about his own and Dino’s size, locked in a desperate struggle on the mat.


One wrestler looked to be maybe only in his early twenties, and looked to be lean, muscular and really good looking. The other man looked to be heavier, maybe in his forties or fifties. The older man was lying prone on his stomach on the mat, while the younger man was lying crossways on top of him.


The younger man seemed to have a choke hold around the older man’s neck and throat with one arm, and had reached under the older man’s thick butt to grab and apparently was trying to crush the older man’s big and swollen cock and balls in his fist.


The older man groaned with the punishment he was taking, but he wasn’t making any move to escape his punishment, while the younger men was obviously steadily increasing his pressure on the older man to see how long he could take the punishment before his victim would be forced to submit.


The younger man briefly glanced up when he saw Dino and Al come over to the mat, and then shifted both himself and the older man to the edge of the mat to make room on the mat for Dino and Al if they wanted to come on to the mat to join them.  


“Hey Mr. ‘Sabres’ tough guy, whaddya you think about this?” asked Dino as he turned to watch Al’s reaction to what was going on around him.


“Yeah, Dino, I like it!” said Al, “It’s fukkin’ hot, just like home!” He wasn’t quite sure about the whole situation yet but didn’t want to let on about his true thoughts to Dino. At the same time, he wasn’t unfamiliar with the whole scene either. Capilla’s Gym had a similar but a lot less elaborate set up than this as some of Capilla’s men liked to get into the BD/SM scene too. In fact, Al himself always liked to get into it from time to time too whenever he could find another guy who liked the same thing. But he didn’t want to let Dino know that quite yet.


‘Who knows,’ thought Al, ‘maybe that’s what Dino, with maybe his buddies Pasquale and Vito too, have in mind for me and us too!’ If so, looking at them, and if they were liking it along the same lines he liked, Al knew he’d sure wouldn’t mind getting into it with them. The problem was, what were they thinking? 


After he saw Al taking a second look around, Dino said to him, “Ok, man, now it’s your turn. Let’s see what happens to a Sabre when he comes into Leopards territory.” 


In the next couple of minutes, Dino and Al had both stripped off their street clothes in the small and dark adjoining locker room to find out the answer to that question. The dimly lit black vinyl mat attracted both of them. They’d wrestle it out to determine what would happen next.


Stripped, both, for the first time, now saw each other’s powerfully muscular body. That made them like what they saw even more. Anticipating the sensual and sexual battle which both knew was about to come, the already big cocks of both had quickly grown even longer and harder now and stuck straight out from their bodies, exposed to whatever punishment the other had in mind to give it.


With that, both Al and Dino were now even more ready to attack each other, both knowing they’d also soon feel the other’s punishment on himself in return too. They could hardly wait to begin.


After they stripped down to naked, Dino handed Al one of the studded leather jock straps which were hanging on the wall, and took another for himself, which both put on. They could hardly force all of their now bulging male equipment into the tight jock straps, but eventually they succeeded, for however long they would stay on.


As they stepped on to the mat, Dino apparently had in mind that they’d wrestle and fight it out on the mat rather than tying Al up on one of the racks or the chains on the wall. That suited Al just fine. As they stepped out on to the mat in just their studded leather jockstraps, Pasquale, who had stripped and donned a studded leather jock strap himself, stood at the edge of the mat.


He was holding a bottle of olive oil in his hand, from which he then proceeded to pour some of the oil all over Al’s body. Then, when Al was thoroughly covered with the oil, he began to rub it into Al’s big pecs and muscled back, over his legs from his muscular thighs down to his bare feet, and then all around and deeply into his crotch as well, which got Al aroused even more. After oiling Al down, Pasquale then gave the same treatment to Dino, arousing the same erotic and sensual reaction on Dino as he had just done on Al.


After Pasquale finished oiling down both wrestlers, he took from Vito, who was holding them for him, a set of studded leather bicep straps, studded leather ankle straps, two buckled studded leather neck collar and two snap studded leather cock rings. He then first put one complete set on Al, pulling Al’s now big, long and hard rod out of his tight leather jock strap, almost breaking it off his body, to put on the studded leather snap cock ring. Then he did the same to Dino.


Pasquale’s part was just like having a valet for the fight ring, thought Al, and not a bad idea at all. Also, as he seemed to take care of the job so easily Al figured maybe this wasn’t the first time Pasquale had performed that function either.


Meanwhile, as Al and Dino eyed each other while Pasquale was setting them up, they were getting even more eager to get into it with each other, come what may. 


Pasquale had hardly stepped back, his job completed, when Dino and Al lunged at each other, clashed together, and then began to grapple with each other to see which could throw the other to the mat first. In their oiled slipperiness, it went back and forth until finally they both crashed down to the mat locked together not far from the edge of the mat. 


Then from there, to improve their position, they struggled to move more to the center of the mat where Dino dropped down to all fours to get himself positioned for whatever would happen next. At the same time, Al crouched in front of him, ready for whatever would happen next too. Dino quickly drove forward to shove his head between Al’s powerfully thick and muscular thighs in order to get him in a neck lift and dump him over his back down on to the mat.


Al was ready for him, however, and while feeling Dino’s oiled head jam itself between his legs, he continued to crouch down on top of Dino and reached one hand under Rico’s body to grab hold of his whole big studded leather jock pouch. As he grabbed it, he felt Dino’s long and hard rod inside it, and began to crush it in his fist to tighten his hold on it. Then he began to use it like a lever to pick Dino up just by his big tool alone until he was upside down, his head, which had now hit the mat between Al’s legs carrying the weight of his whole body and his powerful legs almost uselessly aiming straight up in the air.


Al then held him there in a tight bear hug to keep him from sliding down or going anywhere else with his holding him tightly in place just by his big boner alone. If Dino didn’t want his big stiff rod torn clear off him, he knew he’d have to go with whatever Al wanted to do with him until he’d be able to make his escape some way.


Al knew he didn’t want to push it too far, particularly right at the start when neither was yet familiar with the other nor how their match would go. As a result, after just a few seconds he followed up by dropping to his own knees and easing his hold on Dino’s big rod so that Dino could make his escape and both could go on to whatever they’d do next.


Dino then said quietly under his breath, but loud enough for Al to hear, “Hey man, you’re good! I liked that!” Al was pleased with the move too, as it also meant Dino and he were probably thinking along the same lines for the rest of their match and whatever other punishment for both of them was yet to come.  


Al and Dino found themselves on their knees facing each other, with now just about all of their male junk so aroused it was almost bursting out of their studded leather jock straps. With that, both knew they wanted to get at each other’s big stiff rod directly. As a result, in their next move, both tore away the other’s studded leather jock strap, leaving both with only their studded leather cock rings on their big horns, as they threw their studded leather jocks off to the side.


Now it would be a studded leather-ring cock fight until whatever would happen happened. Both knew it was going to be for some real punishment for both of them coming up. They could hardly wait for it to begin.


Both of their big long, hard and totally muscled boners, now even more aroused, stuck out from in front of each one, aimed directly toward his adversary and making an even clearer target for the other to grab, twist, pull, crush and torture even more in their grips to come.


With both now on their knees facing each other, both knew what their next move would be. Al could feel his own big man tool suddenly seized in Dino’s powerful grip as he slowly began to crush it in his fist while at the same time he was also using it to try to pull Al toward him, and then push it back between Al’s legs to push him away.


Al felt the pain and punishment it was giving him, but he was familiar with it and liked the feel of what Dino was doing to him.


At the same time, in return, Al grabbed the neck of the whole of Dino’s big assemblage of male equipment in his own fist, and began to crush not only Dino’s big rod in his tight grip, but also Dino’s full and bulging balls as well, punishing Dino even harder than what Dino was doing to him.


But Dino, although feeling the pain of the punishment Al was giving him, didn’t have any more trouble with it than Al was feeling. As a result, for what seemed like long minutes, they were almost motionless as they tortured and crushed each other’s big and most vital sex tools in their strong fists.


Finally, it was Al who first lost his grip, with the oiled slipperiness of their bodies, and he pulled back from Dino while Dino then edged back as well. The pain and torture they’d been giving each other was a draw. As they stole a glance at each other, both could see the small grins which covered the other’s face. Yeah, it hurt, but it had felt real good too! 


Each then tried to re-position himself for whatever would come next. As they did, Dino slipped slightly and found himself spread-eagled on the mat, face down. In an instant Al got on top of him in a full body press, head over head. And then, in the next instant, to keep him there, he wrapped one muscular arm around Dino’s neck to get him in a headlock from on top, although he kept it from being a choke hold on Dino. He then extended his muscular legs over Dino’s own equally muscular legs to grape-vine him in place.


Which also positioned his steel-hard rod directly over Rico’s butt and butt hole. Generally, Al didn’t like to get his own butt penetrated by another guy’s big stiff rod, although he never minded the other guy trying to get into him.


He didn’t know what Dino’s feelings were on getting fucked, but thought he’d take it easy and not push it too far until he found out how he felt about it.


He soon found out when he heard Dino say, mostly to himself but also to Al, “Mmmmmm yeah, man, give it to me as hard and as deep as you like!” That answered Al’s question. Still, he knew it was too early in their wrestling around with each other to shove his dick in yet, which might even make him come, which would end their fight too soon.


‘No,’ he thought to himself, ‘it’s too soon to finish him off. We got a lot more messing around to do with each other before we come anywhere close to the end of it!’


While he was jamming his big boner down into Dino’s butt, he also released his choke hold on Dino and instead reached under him and now grabbed both of his big pecs in his fists and begin to squeeze them until he felt Dino’s muscled pec flesh almost ooze out between his fingers. It was a punishing hold which he liked to have taken on himself, and it signaled to Dino that he was ready to take it from Dino when their positions were reversed.


Which Dino quickly picked up on, and did crush Al’s own big pecs a number of times later on in their match. And, with Dino’s taking the punishment now without much resistance, he figured Dino like the punishment he was being forced to take on his pecs too.


In the slipperiness of their oiled and naked bodies, and with Al’s concentrating on trying to stab his big rod deep down into Dino’s butt while at the same time crushing his pecs in his fists, however, he hadn’t noticed Dino’s gradually shifting slightly to his side to begin to escape Al’s total punishment on him.


Eventually, Dino managed to slip free and then in the struggle which followed, and before Al could begin to get himself repositioned, Dino got behind him and got him in a real tight body scissors from the rear.  


Now it was going to be Al’s turn to suffer. Al knew what was coming and tried to escape Dino‘s new scissors hold on him, but Dino had him. Before Al could work himself loose, Dino quickly got his full body scissors hold on Al even tighter.


Al knew he’d gotten trapped in a punishing hold and knew he was going to be given a hard time from top to bottom. But it was a predicament and punishment he always liked to get caught in. And for as long as the other man wanted to give it to him, he was glad to take it.


He now saw Dino’s ankles cross in front of him, and then saw and felt them as they crashed down hard into his big naked and exposed cock and bulging balls. His studded leather cock ring made his big rod even bigger and harder, with Dino’s heels ready to smash them into no more than pulp. Which Dino then proceeded to do by smashing his feet and heels into them again and again until they were almost crushed and beaten. Al liked the punishment Dino was giving him, however, and said under his breath, “Yeah, man, give it to me as hard as you can!”


At the same time, Al also felt Dino’s powerfully muscular arms reach around his own muscled chest, and Dino’s strong hands returning some of the real tough pec punishment he’d been taking from Al earlier. With that, Dino grabbed both of Al’s big pecs and began to crush them in his fists to go with smashing his heels over and over again into Al’s crotch.


It was payback time, but Al, who liked both of the punishments Dino was now fully working on him, couldn’t get enough of it.


First Dino’s heels smashed painfully into his big and stiff cock and balls, and then his hands squeezed his pecs as hard as they could. Then Dino smashed his heels again, and then his hands again even tighter, forcing Al to take all the punishment Dino wanted to give him or submit. Al couldn’t get enough of it, however, as the sadistic inclinations of Dino were matched by Al’s own masochistic inclinations, and they remained locked together for what seemed like long minutes.


Eventually, however, again with the oiled slipperiness of their bodies, and Al knowing he would soon have to try even harder to escape before Dino really did beat him to a pulp, he began to try to escape Dino’s punishment on him with the intention of coming back with something else back against Dino. 


His gradual move to escape Dino’s punishment on him almost worked, but not quite. Which only meant that he soon felt himself trapped in yet another punishing hold by the tough and powerfully muscular Dino.


It was to be another punishing hold and predicament which both liked to get into, however, both give or take, and one which they would get into over and over again during the course of their long match still to come.


Before they got into their new predicament, however, they noticed, without even being aware of it, that two things had come about as they wrestled. One was that after their first burst of action, they’d slowed down to a real slow pace and pattern of wrestling with each other. That meant they very much liked what they were doing, and wanted to conserve as much of their energy as they could in order to make it last as long as possible.


The other thing they noticed was that they’d developed a pattern of first one taking some hold or punishing deadlock on the other, and then soon they’d reverse the hold and deadlock so that both could give and take whatever of the pleasure and pain of they were doing with each other. It was soon clear that both Al and Dino liked both parts of a really rough S&M wrestling match, and wanted to get into it as much as they could.


The question was: how long could they keep it up. Were there any limits as to how much each could give and take, and, eventually, how would it all come out? 


Part 3

1  2

Slowly, with Dino’s once again smashing his heels and feet into Al’s crotch against his exposed and suffering cock and balls, and Dino’s crushing claw holds on his bulging pecs, Al began to slip down in their oiled slipperiness and try to escape from Dino’s tight body scissors on him.


He had almost made it until finally only his head remained caught in Dino’s scissors on him. But then Dino, who had eased his holds to let Al slip away from the punishment he was giving him, suddenly tightened up on Al’s head and this time got him in a real tight head scissors instead.


But now, as Al struggled to get free, Dino caught Al’s head twisting it to face into his crotch. Al’s face was no more than a couple of inches away from Dino’s big stiff, naked and oily wet rod and his thick and bulging balls which were made even bigger and harder by the studded leather cock ring he was still wearing.


Dino then followed his head scissors on Al by reaching out and grabbing the back of his head and started to pull his whole head and face into his crotch until it was jammed hard into the hot and wet full mass of his big load of man junk, almost suffocating him.


Not that Al had any problem with that however. It was one of his favorite holds and predicaments to get caught in as well as to take on another guy.


In this case, he knew he’d be able to counter it too. With his face being jammed hard and blindly into Dino’s big rod and thick, wet and heavy balls, Al quickly felt first one, and then both, of Dino’s thick and leathery globes pressing hard against his mouth and lips.


That was all he wanted. Before Dino even noticed it, Al opened his mouth and slowly sucked first one and then both of Dino’s big balls into his mouth. He then held them there by bringing his lips down over them so that Dino couldn’t escape him unless he wanted his balls chewed right off his heavily muscled body in the process.


Dino quickly realized what Al had done, particularly as it was one of his own favorite counter moves he took on another guy when he was caught in the same predicament. Now his concern about having his balls being chewed right off him was just as great as Al’s concern about almost suffocating in the tight head scissors Dino had on him.


If Dino’s balls getting caught and trapped in his opponent’s mouth had happened in a dungeon fight in the old days of the Inquisition, it would be all over for Dino, and he knew it. He just hoped that Al wouldn’t take it quite that far now.


For a long couple of minutes, both remained almost motionless as Dino continued to pull Al’s head hard and deep into his wet and oil crotch, partly to continue to suffocate Al in the hold, but now also to keep Al from pulling back and ripping his balls off with him.


Al, meanwhile, continued to hold and chew on Dino’s testicles in his mouth despite the fact he was almost suffocating in the hot, dark and wet dampness of Dino’s sweating crotch. Al also felt the studded leather cock strap around Dino’s big rod against his mouth, which he knew made Dino’s big rod and balls swell even bigger and which therefore gave Al an even bigger mouthful of Dino’s balls inside it.


For long minutes, their punishing deadlock continued until eventually, both began to release their holds on the other. Gradually, Dino let Al’s head go free, and Al let Dino’s balls slowly pull out of his mouth and go back to their owner. ‘Yeah,’ both thought, ‘that sure felt and tasted real good!’ It also felt and tasted just as good when, no more than a couple of minutes later, their holds on each other were reversed, and now it was Al’s balls which were trapped inside Dino’s mouth until, again, both eventually released or lost their holds on each other and went on to something else. 


By now, with all their other punishing holds and moves, Al knew he was liking very much the way their match was going. He and Dino were real evenly matched, and even more importantly, they were obviously enjoying the same things by way of deadlocks, the pain and punishment of wrestling naked and oiled with their various studded leather straps around their necks, biceps and thighs, and the dungeon-like atmosphere in which they were wrestling.


When they pulled apart from their last punishing deadlock, and when Dino paused just a couple of seconds to wipe some oil out of his eyes, Al had a chance to look around outside of their mat ring. He noticed that the two powerfully muscular wrestlers, the younger man and the older man, who had been locked together wrestling on the mat when they started, were now seated together on a bench along side the mat watching them.


And the big muscular man who had been gagged and chained to the wall and was being whipped by the two men in front of him had now also apparently been released by his tormentors and was sitting on another bench between them, also watching them. Apparently none of the victims were any worse for the punishment they’d suffered earlier from their tormentors while they’d been chained and whipped. 


All that was taken in by only a quick glance. And now Al also saw Pasquale step on to the mat. He was still dressed only in his own studded leather jock strap, but now he was wearing a Sicilian peasant army cap and carrying what looked like a six foot long steel dog chain.


Without saying a word, and with now Dino and Al once again both facing each other on their hands and knees like to wary mastiffs trying to figure out what they’d do next, Pasquale stepped over to both of them. Then he took one end of the chain and clipped it to the ring on the studded leather collar Dino was wearing around his neck and, before he could stop him, Pasquale clipped the other end to the ring on the studded leather collar around Al’s own neck.


Al immediately knew what that meant. From now on, he and Dino would fight and grapple it out chained to each other by the steel dog chain which connected them until one or the other would give in, or Pasquale would come back to unchain them. 


Al had wrestled chained before and knew both its advantages and disadvantages. On one hand, it kept the other man from getting away. On the other hand, it kept himself from getting away from the other man too. So now, with Dino and himself now having to wrestle it out between them chained together, they’d probably get deadlocked and remain almost motionless at times in one punishing deadlock or another. Which was just fine with Al as it brought the two of them, muscular, naked, oiled and getting more and more sexually aroused all the time, wrapped up with each other even more tightly.


Chain wrestling rules generally said that neither wrestler could touch the chain or use to advantage, such as choking or pulling it to put the other man out. The only time a wrestler could touch the chain would be just to disentangle if it got so twisted around between the wrestlers that it was impossible for them to move otherwise. If either unfastened the chain from his collar, however, he not only automatically lost the match, but lost face as well. And neither Al nor Dino wanted that to happen.


That meant they would remain chained together until either Pasquale would come back after they’d been locked together long enough, or if Dino or Al were forced to submit or give up some other way.  


Dino was used to wrestling chained to the other man, but he wasn’t sure if Al was. As a result, he held off just a little and let Al make the first move with them chained together. But Al, being used to wrestling chained to the other man, and with his liking to wrestle BD/SM style too, moved fast anyway.


Dino was lying on his side waiting for Al to make a move when he suddenly found Al landing on top of him and holding him down in a tight and solid body press, head to head and face to face, Dino’s naked, muscular and oiled back pressing down hard into the black wet vinyl mat.


That meant the chain connecting them was now lying loosely on the mat next to them, having no other function for the moment. Then Al brought his face down on Dino’s own face. In just another second their faces and lips were locked together, and their tongues began to wrestle it out deep inside each other’s mouth. Neither had any problem with that and both were willing to take the challenge as long as the other wanted to keep it up.


After a couple of minutes of tongue wrestling, Al, being on top, eventually pulled back to give both of them a chance to breathe. Then from there he slid down Dino’s naked and oiled body a few inches until his face and mouth were once again opposite Dino’s big pecs. Maybe he was heading down to mouth Dino’s crotch. Dino didn’t know. As Al moved down Dino’s body, the chain connecting them began to lengthen.


So this time, before Al could do whatever he planned to do next, Dino reached up to grab the back of Al’s head and, instead of letting Al’s head and face bury themselves deep and hard into his crotch, he pulled Al’s face hard into his left pec, forcing almost half of it into Al’s mouth forcing Al to suck his hard nipple, almost choking Al on it as he did.


Al tried to pull back and away, but the chain had fallen behind Dino’s head, which Dino knew. As a result, Al found himself unable to move and was now forced to keep and suck Dino’s big and thick pec as it was half stuffed almost down his throat. As it happened, he didn’t mind that at all.


And this new predicament still let him get back at Dino two more ways. One was to bring up one of his strong arms and hand again to grab and squeeze Dino’s other pec in his fist. Then with his other hand he reached down between the slipperiness of their oiled and naked bodies to seize the neck of Dino’s own big, hard and bulging genitals in his fist. And then from there he began to crush them in his fist to put just as much pressure back on Dino as he could.


Neither Dino nor Al had any problem with their latest predicament, however, choking and painful as it was for both of them. Now their newest deadlock lasted for a long time as each gave and took the other’s punishment. It was only when Dino finally managed to shift his body just enough to let him and Al both escape the other. But then all that did, as they were still chained tightly together, was to roll both of them over until they’d exactly reversed their positions.


Now it was Al, on the bottom, who grabbed the back of Dino’s head and forced most of his own muscled pec into Dino’s mouth and forced him to suck his pec and nipple instead. And now, at the same time, with more than half of Al’s big muscled pec in his mouth almost choking him, Dino managed to reach down and grab Al’s own big load of junk by the base and began to crush all of it in his fist too.


Yeah, and the whole thing, as usual, felt real good to both of them too. 


By now, Al and Dino had been wrestling back and forth for almost an hour. Most of the time they actually wrestled pretty slowly just to maximize the pleasure they were both getting from their whole match despite the pain and punishment it was giving each of them, and to conserve their energy to make it all last as long as possible. Neither of them wanted any of it to end any time soon. 


Both realized pretty much from the start that they were pretty evenly matched. Dino was slightly older and heavier, but not too much so, and Al was strong, willing and experienced in BD/SM dungeon wrestling just about as much as Dino. Also, they both knew they were into it for all the pleasure it was giving them, for all its pain and punishment, and for all the bragging rights it gave their gang. No wonder they both wanted to make it last as long as possible.  


With Dino now on top of Al, and both having been forced to suck the other’s big pec and nipple for long minutes, but limited in what they could do because they were still chained together, Dino decided to twist around on top of Al so they’d be head to toe while still tightly locked and chained together.


And in this new way the chain would be just long enough so that Dino could not only get a solid figure-four head scissors on Al, but also hopefully stab his big thick Italian salami deep down into Al’s mouth to choke him on it. In addition, he would also be in a good position to suck Al’s own big boner in his own mouth, and chew on that for a while. Yeah, there were some good possibilities coming up with this switch.


It worked too. With all their wrestling back and forth, it included an almost unending cockfight between the two. Dino knew that by now he’d gotten so highly aroused it wouldn’t be long before he’d be forced, one way or another, to shoot his full load of cream. And he knew Al was in about the same way.


And when either one or both shot his load, whichever came first would be too exhausted to continue the match, unless both shot their loads at the same time.


Before he’d force his big boner deep down into Al’s mouth and maybe shoot his own load first, however, in the position he was in, which was still his full head-to-toe body press on Al, Dino first wanted to get at least one last lick in by sitting on Al’s face. That would just remind Al who was the boss in the match. He figured he could just do it with the length of the chain which still tied them together.


Letting Al’s big boner out of his mouth and sitting up, it worked, but maybe partly because Al sensed what Dino had in mind to do, and didn’t mind at all having Dino’s wet and oiled butt sitting on his face even if it did come close to once again smothering him. Dino figured Al wasn’t minding it too much either when he felt Al’s tongue rimming around his butt hole tasting as much of it as he could.


Nor did it surprise him a couple minutes later, however, while Dino was enjoying the pleasure of sitting on Al’s face, when Al suddenly slid out from under him and reversed their holds. Now it was Dino’s turn to have Al sit fully on his face and suffocate him in return just to tell Dino he was still very much in it. Dino had no more problem with having his face buried deep into the deep dark wet and oily canyon of Al’s butt than Al did earlier.


But then soon afterwards, with the oiled slipperiness of their muscular bodies making it increasingly difficult for either to hold his position for long, Dino again managed to slip out of Al’s sitting on his face and reversed their positions once again.


Now Dino was back on top. And, still being chained together, neither could still really escape the other, so that whichever had an advantage, the other was forced to go along with it until he could escape it some way. 


Now Dino was once again on top of Al in another solid head-to-toe body press, with a solid figure-four head scissors on Al as well. But this time he wrapped his muscular thighs even tighter around Al’s head, with the chain connecting them just long enough to allow the move.


Then, holding Al’s head tightly between his big thighs so that he couldn‘t escape, he once again stabbed his big and hard rod deep down into Al’s mouth and throat to choke him on it. Both Dino and Al felt Dino’s huge long and hard boner go deep down into Al’s mouth until Dino’s cock ring hit Al’s lips and it couldn’t go in any further. Yeah, neither had any problem with that.


And now with that, Dino figured he could now shoot the huge load of hot white cum which he’d been building up during all of their long naked and oiled match in the Dungeon of Messina’s Gym, deep down into Al’s mouth, which would make him the winner of the match.


Which Al had no problem with at all if that was the way it was going to turn out. However, he still had enough energy left, even though he knew he too was very soon ready to come and shoot his load as well, to give Dino a hard time of it yet. Which Dino was prepared for too.


Once again, with the oiled slipperiness of their bodies and still chained together, and with Dino’s big turgid tool stabbed deep down into his throat, but with the advantage of being underneath Dino and having the leverage of being on the mat, Al managed to suddenly flip both of his powerfully muscled legs up, catch Dino’s head in a tight head scissors of his own the same way Dino was still holding him, and suddenly, once again, reverse their positions.


So now Al was back on top of Dino, and in the next instant, had stabbed his own and equally long and hard Sabre’s sword deep down into Dino’s mouth and throat, hoping to shoot his own equally big load of hot white and sweet cum into Dino’s mouth and down his throat instead.


If Al had succeeded in his intention, Dino wouldn’t really have minded that at all.


However, for the sake of his reputation at the Messina’s Gym Dungeon, and wrestling in front of Pasquale and Vito and the other members of Messina’s Gym watching them, he knew he’d better win this one with Al. He also glanced up, despite having Al’s huge cock stabbed down into his throat, and saw, as Al had earlier, now all of the men who they’d seen in the torture racks before when they came in.


This now included not only the one man who’d been hung on the wall but the other man they bound and gagged on the rack who had been tortured, as well as their torturers, none of whom seemed any worse for their experiences. As a result, Dino knew he still had to try one final time to whip Al even though he knew both of them were now only seconds away from coming. 


As Dino and Al struggled desperately with each other, both still chained tightly together and both about to come with both of their big shafts stabbed deep down each other’s throat, it was going to be real close as to how it would end up.


Then, in one final massive flip, even though he knew he surely liked being trapped under the naked, oiled and muscular Al lying on top of him, Dino managed to escape from under Al one final time.


But this time, however, with Al now once again on his back underneath him, Dino suddenly switched his position from again getting him in a full head-to-toe body press and crushing head scissors, he came down instead on top of Al to straddle his powerfully muscled chest, face to face. This new position let him position his big rod and thick balls right over Al’s face underneath him.


For Al, he felt the full weight of Dino’s powerfully muscular body on top of him, holding him down, and able to see nothing but the big blood red swollen heart-shaped end of Dino’s big cock, now about to burst with all the hot cum in his body, and feeling Dino pressing it hard against his face and mouth.


At first Al tried to keep his mouth closed to keep Dino from stuffing his big rod deep down into it and down his throat, just to still give Dino as hard a time as he could. At the same time, however, he knew he always liked having the other man dominate him this way and stab his big thick cock down into his mouth and him get a mouth full of another guy’s cum when he couldn’t escape it.


But he still had to breathe too. And for that he had to open his mouth. And then that was it.


Suddenly he felt Dino stab his whole big rod deep down into his mouth and throat, and then in only an instant more he felt and tasted all of Dino’s hot white cum explode out into and fill his mouth and throat. Al swallowed as much of the hot sweet cream as he could, but there was so much he had to let the rest of it run out of his mouth and down the side of his neck to the mat beneath them.


It was only when he felt and tasted and realized that Dino had shot his load out into his mouth, exhausting him, that Al realized he too was suddenly feeling exhausted on his own account.


Then he realized that while Dino was shooting his total load into Al’s mouth, Pasquale had at the same time come out from the side of the mat and forced and sucked Al’s own equally big and aroused cock to do the same job on him.


Both Dino and Al had therefore shot their full loads of all the hot white cum which was in them, and anybody keeping score on the big match between Dino and Al would have had to call it a draw.  


But now, with that, both Dino and Al found themselves, still oily wet and naked and chained together, totally exhausted on the mat. The whole thing had been real good, for sure.


Slowly, as they recovered and began to get up off the mat, Pasquale came over to them and unclipped the chain binding them together so that both would be free again. As he did, he gave an extra wink and a grin to Al, who grinned back at him. Al knew he and Vito, and the other men watching the fight, liked the whole thing just as much as Dino and Al themselves did.


After they showered and got dressed, Al saw that it was now after midnight. They’d been together, most of the time wrestling, grappling and fighting on the mat in Messina’s Gym Dungeon, for more than three hours.


Yeah, that sure had been real good. 


Dino, Pasquale and Vito walked Al to the front door so that he could head back to his own side of town. As they passed the small entrance booth, Dino said, grinning, “Hey, man, you know you’re a real cool dude.” With that, he reached into the small entrance booth and pulled out a card and said, “In honor of the occasion, man, here’s a guest membership in Messina’s Gym and in the Leopard’s gang. Any time you’re over this way again, you’re welcome to stop in and do whatever you like when you get here.”


“Damn, Dino, that’s real nice of you. In fact, I’m planning on seeing my Aunt Rosa again next Saturday around this same time.


“Any chance you guys might be here about the same time too?” asked Al, a wide grin on his face.


“Yeah, I think we just might be. In fact, I’m sure of it!” said Dino as they bumped fists and parted, with Al going his way, and Dino, Pasquale and Vito heading back into Messina’s Gym for whatever they’d get into next themselves. 


The End


Posted: 04/04/14