Jerry, Flayme and Myke

By: Ron Nelson
(© 2014 by the author)

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(Reader’s Advisory: This story may get a little raunchy at times with lady wrestlers and their actions. The reader therefore may or may not want to read it. Ed.)


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Jerry Jerdan was freed from Dulin State Prison just one year and one day after he’d been sentenced for car theft. While he didn’t want to go back to Dulin SP any time soon, he knew he sort of liked it while he was there. Good food, chance to work out and add to his already impressive build, and get into some real good wrestling around with his cellmates as well as with some other prisoners when he was working nights in the prison laundry. 


Now that he was out again, the big question was whether he could get his old job back at Flayme’s Bar, both as bartender and maybe as her “personal trainer” again? That sure was different from what he’d ever done before, but he knew he liked it.


Flayme was the voluptuous owner and manager of Flayme’s Bar, as well as a lady wrestler who worked the central Alabama district on Saturday night matches in the local small town armories.


Then, her regular trainers, another lady wrestler and a male trainer, had to be away for a few weeks, so Flayme asked Jerry if he’d sub for them. Jerry, then 23, five-nine and about one-sixty, said sure, he’d be glad to do that. And he got into some real good give-and-take, anything goes wrestling with Flayme, which both of them enjoyed very much.


Now, after a year in Dulin SP, he was a year older and had increased his weight, just about all of it muscle and in all the right places. He’d always had big muscular legs and thighs anyway, and in prison he further built up his upper body, pecs and biceps, until now he was very impressive. With that, he hoped Flayme would take him back both as a bartender and at least her part-time wrestling trainer.


‘Yeah,’ he thought to himself now as he pulled up to Flayme’s Bar in his old Ranger pickup truck, ‘I’d sure like to get back into that now if she’ll have me!’ 


It was around four in the afternoon, on a Thursday, that he got to Flayme’s Bar. The bar opened around two, but hardly anybody got there until after five when the local patrons, mostly men, got off from their regular day’s working jobs. Flayme used the intervening time mainly to get the place cleaned up, get the bar re-stocked, take care of whatever office jobs she needed to do, and just talk and relax with whoever might be around the bar at the time.


As Jerry walked into the bar, he saw the place was deserted, but saw some light, and some voices, coming from the back where Flayme’s small office was located. He walked back and saw three people in her office, being Flayme, a similarly well stacked lady like herself, maybe just a little older, and a slightly older but muscular man, about forty-five, sitting around talking.


Flayme looked her usual self, with her flaming copper-colored hair done up on top, a tight yellow t-shirt which stretched out to the limit showing off her two big boobs, which were even bigger and firmer than Jerry had remembered from before, and a pair of tight white shorts which showed off her tanned and muscular legs and thighs. As always, she sure did look good, just as she always did in the ring when wrestling another lady wrestler, and being watched by all the men, and a lot of women too, in the audience. 


The other woman with her looked to be real solidly built too. Maybe she was a little shorter at five-seven or so, but, by her really solidly built figure, she was maybe close to one-sixty compared to Flayme’s one-forty. This lady, however, as Jerry could see, was really packed, but it was hard to tell how much was muscle and how much was fat.


What she did have was a couple of enormous heavy jugs, just as big as Flayme’s, except they hung down lower due to their being so big and she being maybe just a little shorter. Jerry could also see that her legs and thighs were really big and heavy too.


‘If all that flesh that lady has packed on her is also a lot of muscle, as it looks like it might be,’ thought Jerry, ’ she’d be a heck of a person to wrestle with, that’s for sure!’


Like Flayme, she was dressed in a colored t-shirt, but not quite as tight as Flayme’s, and light blue shorts. Looking something like Flayme, Jerry couldn’t help but wonder even more if she were a lady wrestler too?


The man with them looked real good too. He was maybe five-nine, about Jerry’s height, but was built like a Ram pick-up truck. Grey crew-cut, tanned and slightly lined face, a couple of scars on his chin, slightly cauliflowered ears, a tight black t-shirt which covered his thick chest and showed a pair of real big and solid pecs, a stomach which looked pretty solid but had also probably seen its full share of beers over the years, and thick muscular legs and thighs. His tight sleeveless t-shirt showed off his big biceps and forearms, and a tight pair of camo shorts were tightly filled with an impressive package between his big muscular legs and thighs, the whole scene ending with a pair of black work boots on his feet.


‘Yeah,’ thought Jerry, feeling his own big cock and balls grow thick and hard in his own tight camo shorts, just by looking at all three of them, ‘I sure wouldn’t mind rasslin’ around with any of them for sure!’ 


As soon as Jerry walked in the office door, all three looked up, not expecting him, with Flayme then immediately all but leaping out of her chair, a big grin on her face, and coming over to greet him.


“Jerry,” she practically shrieked, “It’s you! You’re back! Hey hunkman,” she said as she looked him over from top to bottom, “You’re sure looking good, and even bigger and hunkier than you were before! Mmmmmmm good!”


He didn’t know quite how to greet her, and put out his hand to shake hers. But she quickly pushed his hand aside, and gave him a solid punch on his muscular left pec with her right hand, knowing he always liked to have his pecs punched anyway.


Then she waited for him to react, but he didn’t know quite what to do, and so she then said, “Well, hunkman, don’t I get one in return?”


Jerry remembered very well that when they wrestled privately before as her wrestling trainer, their system was that she’d work some hold or punishment on him, and then he’d return it back the same way to her.


But he wasn’t quite sure whether this would be the right time and place for such a return move, particularly with these other two people watching, by punching her back pretty hard, just as she’d just done to him, in one of her big boobs.


Still, that’s what she just indicated he should do, and he delivered a light punch to her breast thinking that would do it.


“Hey, hunkman, I know you can do better than that, particularly with you looking even hunkier than you ever did before!” said Flayme, with a broad grin on her face


“Yeah, Flayme, my bad, and with you looking even greater than ever before too,” he said as he balled up his fist and this time gave her a solid punch in her big and firm left breast. It felt real good hitting all that solid flesh, pushing it in, squashing it at least half way, and then feeling it spring back as he pulled his fist back out.


“Oh yeah, hunkman,” said Flayme, grinning, “now that’s more like it!” 


“Let me introduce you to my friends, hunkman,” she then said, turning to her two companions. “Hey Myke and Chet, this here’s my man Jerry, who I told you about. He’s been ‘away’ for a year or so, and now he’s come back to us. Me and him trained together when he was here before he went away, and I hope he’s now come back to stay.


“In fact, maybe we can make use of him even more now!” she continued. “Looks like he’s probably still in the wrestling scene, and he was getting to be a real good bartender too!”


Jerry liked what Flayme was saying as that was the big question in his mind right now. So with that question apparently taken care of, he could focus more on what Flayme was saying right now, and on her friends here as well. 


“This is Myke Mayheme,” said Flayme, “Me and her wrestle the circuit and we’re real good friends too! And this is Chet Gordon, also known as ‘Bull Dozer’ from his wrestling days, which aren’t over yet!”


By this time, both Myke and Chet had gotten up to stand with Flayme and Jerry, and Jerry reached out his hand to first shake Myke’s, and then Chet’s, hands.


“Hey, Jerry, don’t I get the same greeting as Flayme?” said Myke first, smiling. “Helluvaguy you are!” as she delivered a solid punch on him, this time to his right pec, even harder than the one Flayme had just given him on his left pec. She had already noticed Flayme had given him a pretty hard one and that he had just grinned as he took the hit, so she figured she could do no less, and which only got another grin from him.


‘Yeah,’ she thought as she struck his hard pec, ‘those big muscles are for real, and apparently he likes to get hit on them too!’


“Yeah, sure, Myke,” he replied, grinning, and giving her a real solid punch to her enormous right breast in return.


“Oh yeah, hunkman, now that’s more like it! I can see you and me need to get into it some more too, ‘cause we can’t let Flayme here, and maybe Bull too, have all the fun!”


“Pleased to meet you Jerry, and I need to get one in too” said Bull as he half balled up his powerful fist, and punched Jerry, this time solidly hitting his left pec again, but with only moderate force, even though it was still stronger than either Flayme or Myke had hit him, but probably only a fraction of what it looked like he could deliver.


Jerry knew he liked to get hit and punched on his pecs, along with a lot of other places, and he couldn’t help but grin and easily took all the punishment they were giving him.


Which punch he now returned to Bull, hitting him squarely in his own massively big left pec which was pushing out from under his tight t-shirt.


Jerry thought he’d hit Bull pretty hard, for just being a greeting, and knew he’d hit a lot of muscle along with a good layer of fat as it pushed into Bull’s big pec. But Bull said, “Ok, hunkman, that was pretty good, but next time you can go all the way ‘cause I like it too!” Bull obviously knew what he was thinking, and he was right.  


Jerry knew he was sort of intruding on the conversation the three of them had been having, and he needed to get back to his small apartment too to set up his own things just a little more.


“Hey Flayme,” he said, turning back to her, “I just stopped by hoping to catch you in, and wondering if maybe I could get my old jobs back as bartender, and maybe as your ‘personal trainer’ too if that would be possible?” said Jerry.


“Sure thing, on both counts, Jerry!” now getting back to business too. “How about you starting up again in the bar next Tuesday, as we’re still closed on Mondays. Say five to midnight or closing? And yeah, let’s see about this ‘personal trainer’ thing too as soon as I work up my schedule for the next couple of months.


“Meanwhile, Myke here and me are setting up to wrestle each other in a private ‘anything goes’ match out at the Four Square Ranch Saturday night, starting around ten-thirty. It’ll be a show just for Rex Duncan, who owns the big Duncan Construction Company, and a bunch of his mostly male guests, who are mostly other men in the construction business. It should be a real good show, probably a little on the raunchy side, and so we’re working out a couple of the details now with Bull, who’ll be sort of setting it up.


“If you’d like to go, and I’m thinking you might just like to do that, Bull here will give you a pass to let you in.” As she spoke, Bull pulled a small pack of passes out of his pocket and drew one out to give to Jerry, which he gladly accepted.


“Hey, Flayme, yeah, thanks very much, and thanks Bull! You know I’ll be there for sure! And if you need me for anything else, just give a holler!


“You too, Myke and Bull, you need me for anything you just let me know. I’m yours to do whatever you like with!”


Flayme, Myke and Bull all looked at each other and grinned as Jerry walked out the door. ‘Yeah,’ they were all thinking, each in their own way, I’m thinking to take you up on your offer too!’ 


Saturday evening soon came and Jerry drove out to the big secluded Four Square Ranch. It was about ten miles out of town and located at the end of a secluded dirt road. After going through the high stone and iron gate, Jerry saw a couple of dozen vehicles, mostly pickups, off to the left parked near a grove of trees. Under the trees was a temporary open tent, illuminated by some low colored lights from which he heard a small fiddle, guitar and banjo group playing some bluegrass music.


Parking his Ranger pickup and walking over and into the tent, he first just looked around to check out the place, then took a beer from one of the two waiters at the scene. Then he walked over to join a group of men standing around talking and eating some barbecue. Jerry immediately liked the whole scene. It looked like a real casual affair, mostly men but a few women too, and all real easy-going. The air was warm and sultry and the stars and moon shone silently above the trees.


Picking up some barbecue and slaw to go with his beer, Jerry then walked around to see the rest of the place, including another open tent a few yards behind the one he was in. This second tent wasn’t lit, but there was enough light coming in from outside so that he could see that it held a black padded vinyl wrestling mat in the middle, which was surrounded, right to the edge of the mat, by a low set of three-step bleachers on three sides. They looked to be just enough to accommodate maybe forty or so people. On the fourth side of the mat were what looked like maybe a changing room curtain behind a table and a couple of chairs in front of it.


‘Yeah,’ thought Jerry, ‘I expect this is where the action and the wrestling match between Flayme and Myke will take place. Not a very big mat, maybe no more than ten-by-ten, and the bleachers set right next to the mat so that everybody will get a real good close-up view of whatever’s happening on the mat.’


Jerry checked his watch and saw it was already about ten-fifteen, so the match would probably start pretty soon based on what Flayme had said earlier. He noticed that a few men were already beginning to come into the tent and take their places in the bleachers, their beers in hand, ready for whatever they would see.


All of the men looked to be working guys by their casual blue jeans and casual short sleeved or sleeveless shirts, with a number of them showing a considerable display of muscular biceps, pecs and thighs. It looked like the men ranged in age from maybe in their early twenties to late sixties. The four or five women in the group of guests looked similar in their own ways.


Some of the men in particular who Jerry saw looked real interesting, and he noticed two or three of them looking back toward him. They looked to be really well built and muscular, maybe not only from just their construction jobs, but maybe who also worked out in some home or town gym in their off hours. Jerry was always modest about his own body builder’s physique, but he knew he had one, and always liked it when somebody else noticed him or complimented him on it.


Checking out some of the other men in particular, Jerry knew he wouldn’t mind getting to know some of them a lot better. And maybe mess around with a few of them too if they might be similarly inclined.


Then, over near the curtain behind which Flayme and Myke were probably preparing for their match, he saw Bull Dozer, who was looking back at him. Jerry had a big grin for him, which was matched, with maybe a certain special grin on Bull’s face, in return before Bull had to turn his attention to whatever he was doing. 


Jerry then redirected his attention back to the main tent where he saw one or two men, most likely Rex Duncan and one of his assistants, begin to move the rest of the men not yet in the wrestling tent where Jerry and the others were already seated, in to find a place in the bleachers too. Jerry took a seat in the first row of the bleachers at the edge of the mat right next to where Flayme and Myke would be coming out from behind the curtain.


As soon as just about everybody had found a seat in the bleachers, couple of soft and low red and gold spotlights came on, aimed toward the center of the mat.


With that, Rex came to the edge of the mat, and said, “Ok, men, and the ladies too, here’s what you’ve been waiting for, unless, of course, you’ve been getting it all the time anyway,” which drew a chuckle from everybody watching.


“Tonight we’ve got Flayme L’Torche and Myke Mayheme to wrestle for us,” Rex continued. “You probably know both of these ladies from the semi-pro wrestling circuit, and so tonight they’re here to put on a show for you - and maybe each other, too.


“It’s ‘anything goes,’ no time limit, so it might get just a little raunchy, as these are about two of the toughest and sexiest lady wrestlers you’ve ever met. If it gets to be just a little too much for you, the bar and the barbecue tent will still be open. Otherwise, just enjoy the show!” 


With that, Flayme and Myke came out from behind the curtain to the applause and not a few whistles, hoots, and “oh yeah’s!’ from the audience.


Jerry saw that Flayme was dressed even more skimpily than for her semi-pro appearances in the local armories. Now she was wearing no more than a small tight black bikini top, which barely held in her big, firm and bulging boobs Down below she wore only a small tight bikini bottom, which had very little material in front, and even less in back, being no more than a very thin strap in the rear which was almost invisible and lost deep inside her big and solid butt cheeks. She did look good, for sure, and her near naked butt even better, thought Jerry.


Myke wasn’t dressed much differently. Flayme still looked like her usual self, which was about five-nine and around one-forty pounds. Myke, on the other hand, looked to be maybe no more than five-six, but weighing probably closer to one-sixty. For wrestling each other, that made them pretty even, with Flayme’s additional height being offset by Myke’s additional weight. Flayme had her copper colored hair done up in a pony tail, while Myke’s hair looked like a bright blonde floor mop. They did look good, and real sexy too, thought Jerry.


Myke’s attire was pretty much the same as Flayme’s, given her shape. She wore a tiny bright red bikini top which just barely covered her nipples while the flesh of all the rest of her heavy and hanging breasts, due to their size and her slightly older age, was all exposed to the viewers. Her bikini bottom, in the same shade of bright red, was barely visible in all the thick muscle and flesh of her thick legs, thighs and butt cheeks in both the front and rear.


Both of their bodies had a slight glow of oil on them, and Jerry had noticed one of the ranch hands, just before Flayme and Myke came out, spread a light coating of oil on the mat too. That would let them get into and out of whatever holds they were going to use on each other a little more easy, and let them slide around on the mat a little more easily too. Jerry knew he always liked to wrestle around slightly oiled, if possible, as that always made wrestling around a lot more sensual and erotic too.


After both Flayme and Myke entered from behind the curtain, both made a sort of flaunting march around the edge of the mat to show off their bodies to the watchers, which elicited even more “yeahs, ooohs and whistles” and other exclamations from the small but hungry group of men ready to see some action. As Flayme went around the edge of the mat, she ran one of her hands lightly over the heads and faces of the men on one side, while Myke similarly ran one of her hands over the heads and faces of the men on the other side.


Then they went to the opposite sides of the small mat and glared at each other, just like they did in one of their regular semi-pro Saturday night matches, and each also almost instinctively reached up to be sure the tops and bottoms of their bikinis were on tight, with as much of their generous girls enclosed as possible by their tiny bikinis.


After that was done, both of them stepped forward to make their initial attack on each other for whatever would come next. 


Part 2
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Flayme and Myke, two semi-pro lady wrestlers, dressed only in tiny tight bikinis which barely held in, at least at the start, their fully-stacked knockers. They began their “anything goes, no time limit” wrestling match under the tent set up on the secluded ranch of Rex Duncan at a private party held for Duncan’s mostly male construction worker guests. 


As the two females circled each other, each was looking for any opening advantage she could find. Flayme, the slightly taller of the two, moved in first when she sprang at Myke, got a solid head lock on her with her powerful right arm, which sent both of them crashing down to the mat locked together in a single mass of nearly naked and writhing flesh.


Flayme landed sideways on top of Myke, keeping her headlock on Myke’s head, and then began to pull it tightly into her chest with Myke’s open mouth soon pressed hard against Flayme’s big right boob. Only Flayme’s tiny bikini prevented her from stuffing all the solid naked flesh of her thick boob deep down into Myke’s throat. Myke nevertheless quickly found herself almost choking and suffocating on Flayme’s big hooter as it covered and pressed hard against her whole face, nose and mouth.


After a slight pause while Myke adjusted to her predicament, she then quickly began to fight back, blindly grabbing Flayme’s pony tail to pull her head back to relieve some of the pressure on herself. And then, even more effectively, she managed to shove her hand through and between Flayme’s big legs and upper thighs to grab a solid crotch hold on the flesh of Flayme’s exposed and vulnerable glory hole underneath the tiny bikini bottom she was wearing.


Flayme glanced down to see Myke crushing her crotch and at the same time she felt it too, but that didn’t prevent her from keeping her tight headlock on Myke with Myke’s face still pressed hard against her big breast.  


For a long couple of minutes the two wrestlers struggled back and forth, Myke suffering with Flayme’s big boob pressed hard against her face almost suffocating her, and Flayme feeling her crotch being crushed in Myke’s strong grip on it.


As they struggled in their first punishing deadlock on each other, the men and women watching could see that Flayme was also further tightening her headlock on Myke to stuff as much of her big and solid breast into Myke’s mouth to choke her on it even more, while Myke was also tightening her hold more and more on all the muscle and flesh of Flayme’s crotch in return to make her suffer just as much or more in their deadlock on each other.


Watching the deadlock and punishment between the two reminded Jerry of when he was in the same position and predicament both Flayme and Myke were in now. Then, if he had the tight and suffocating headlock on the other guy and was trying to stuff his own thick and muscled pec deep inside the other guy’s mouth to choke him on it, the other guy would be reaching through Jerry’s thick and muscular thighs and seizing his big stiff cock rod in return. The other guy would then be trying to crush his big rod in his fist as well as almost rip it off his body, just like Flayme and Myke were doing to each other now.


Jerry knew, however, that he always liked that deadlock he’d be in, and liked the reverse of it even more. That would be when the other guy would be trying to force his big pec into this mouth or, despite the pain it would always cause him, when the other guy would be crushing his big rod in his fist in return. He thought maybe Flayme and Myke were having not only maybe no more problem with their predicament and deadlock than he ever did, but maybe sort of enjoying it too. 


In Flayme and Myke’s deadlock now, Myke made the next move to begin to break it. Slowly, she began to pull Flayme’s head back even further, first by the hold she had on Flayme’s ponytail, and then, when she got Flayme’s head back far enough, by moving her hand flat-palmed against Flayme’s face to push her whole head back even further until Flayme’s head was practically down on the mat next to Myke’s own head instead of being above it.


At the same time, Myke started to tighten her claw hold on Flayme’s box until Flayme was finally forced into a total bridge over Myke’s body, with her solid back now pressing down hard on both of Myke’s huge boobs, caught in Myke’s now reverse body staple job on her.


Jerry knew how both Flayme and Myke must have been feeling in their new deadlock as he’d been caught in that same position too, both ways, top and bottom, when he’d been wrestling with another guy. If he was on top, he knew what it was like to have the other guy pull his head back to the mat at one end while almost ripping his big and stiff rod off at the other end, to hold him in place. And when he was on the bottom, he knew what it was like to have the other man bridging over him, but almost crushing him in the process. 


Desperately Flayme struggled to escape the predicament she was in until finally, by spreading out both of her powerful legs, even though it meant Myke almost ripping her crotch off, she was able to free herself just enough to turn over on top of Myke, but now positioned face down on top of her.  


Suddenly, their positions were reversed, and now it was Flayme who had a tight body press on Myke, but still from the side. But now their heavy breasts were tightly flattened and crushed against each other’s crosswise. Neither had any problem with that, however, and neither made any move to try to escape this newest deadlock.


Instead, with Flayme on top of Myke and their big boobs crushing against each other’s, Myke reached up to wrap one of her powerful arms around Flayme’s neck in a headlock to hold her down even tighter, crushing their big jugs against each other’s even more tightly, while her other hand tightened the crushing claw hold she continued to hold on Flayme’s now almost bursting crotch even more.


It wasn’t much different, however, Jerry figured, from what he and another guy would be feeling when they were in the same deadlocked position, him on the bottom and getting the man on top of him in a similar headlock with one arm, and then grabbing the other man’s big rod in his fist to crush it and torture him, or use it as a handle to pull or push him one way or another so he’d feel it all the more.


Or the reverse, if he were on top. He never had any problem with it, despite the torture it was for him, and he suspected neither Flayme nor Myke had any more problem with it now themselves.


As a result, this latest deadlock between Flayme and Myke, each being willing to take the punishment on themselves rather than end it on the other, made their match continue deadlocked for some minutes, while they also caught their breath for whatever they’d get into next.  


Eventually, it was Flayme who eased her hold and body press on Myke just a little until she was able to shift around and get a full body press on top of Myke, so that they’d now be head-to-head and face-to-face, rather than Flayme lying crosswise on top of Myke.


Flayme still kept her full body weight on top of the slightly heavier but shorter Myke to keep her down, and Jerry could see that she was positioning her big boobs directly over Myke’s even bigger boobs, again crushing and flattening both of them against each other’s until they were almost bursting out of their tight bikinis, which they practically were anyway.


At the same time as she was body and boob pressing Myke’s upper body, Flayme also shifted one of her big and muscular legs between Myke’s own big and heavy legs, barely able to force them apart they were so thick, so that she could get one of her legs between them. But eventually she succeeded in doing so, and from there on was able to force her big upper leg and solid thigh hard against Myke’s crotch, crushing it as she did.


Myke didn’t seem to have any problem with that at all, however, any more than feeling the crushing body press Flayme had on her and Flayme’s big breasts pressing down and crushing her own breasts at the same time.


Myke knew that she still had some advantages over Flayme, even though she was presently caught in Flayme’s crushing body press on top of her, as she still had the advantage of both weight and a compact size for some additional leverage for when she’d begin to try to get back at Flayme some other way.


Gradually, Myke began to bridge out of Flayme’s crushing body press on her with her more compact body. Then, after she’d managed to lift some of Flayme’s weight off her, she stretched out one of her shorter but strong and muscular legs to the side. And then from there, using her leg like a crowbar turning over a rock, Myke used it to roll both of them completely over until their positions were reversed.


Now it was Myke who was fully on top, with a full body press on top of Flayme, who now had to suffer under Myke just as Myke had suffered under her before.


Desperately, Flayme tried to bridge out and escape her predicament before Myke firmed up her full body press hold on her. But it didn’t work. In the next instant Flayme felt all of Myke’s even heavier and solid body weight come crushing down on top of her, just as she had been down on top of Myke just moments before.


Now, once again, their big breasts, barely enclosed by the tight bikinis they were wearing, were tightly pressed, crushed and flattened against each other’s, while their legs now also grape-vined each other to lock tightly together in the lower bodies as well.


Myke then added to her heavy body press on Flayme even further by dropping her head and face down hard against Flayme’s own face until their lips met. From there, it was only seconds until the watchers could see Flayme and Myke tongue wrestling it out inside each other’s mouth, with neither willing to give in and pull back.


It was only after a couple of minutes of deadlocked tongue wrestling each other, Myke still having her full body press on the rest of Flayme, that Myke slowly pulled her face back from Flayme’s face to free them apart just a little. But then Myke used that new freedom of movement to began to slide her whole body a few inches up Flayme’s body underneath her.


When Myke began her full body press on Flayme and they were locked together face-to-face, their still bikini-bound boobs were crushing against each other’s. But now, by Myke sliding up a few inches, she was able to position one of her enormous breasts directly over Flayme’s face and mouth.


Then, as soon as she got herself positioned just right, she dropped her big and heavy left breast down heavily on Flayme’s face to completely cover and smother her eyes, nose and mouth. And then, when Flayme was forced to open her mouth just to breathe, Myke stuffed as much of her breast as she could deep inside Flayme’s mouth until it was filled with all she could hold.


It was payback time from their very first hold when Flayme got the tight headlock on Myke and then, down on the mat, tried to stuff as much as she could of her big boob as deep as she could into Myke’s mouth.


As she was trying to stuff her heavy left breast into Flayme’s mouth and force her suck on it, at the same time, her big right breast hung heavily down the side of Flayme’s head, ready to take over if Flayme some way managed to free her mouth and face of Myke’s big left boob.


To increase the pressure and punishment on Flayme even more, Jerry noticed Myke had dropped her big thick and heavy thigh over Flayme’s crotch, just as Flayme had done to her earlier, and was now using it to crush Flayme’s crotch as well in the double punishment of it all. 


Jerry knew the feeling both were having, but he guessed that despite their punishing deadlock, they weren’t having any real trouble with it either.


The full body press, with the top wrestler’s pec pressed deeply into the bottom man’s mouth to make him suck on it, and the top man’s big muscular leg pressing down heavily into his crotch at the same time, almost crushing his big cock and balls, was one of Jerry’s favorite holds, give or take, and he never had any problem being subjected to it at all.


He too liked to get another guy in a full face-to-face body press, and then slide up just a few inches until he was able to stuff his big pec, or as much as he could of it, into the other guy’s mouth to choke him on it. And then jam his own muscular leg and thigh into the other man’s groin to crush his cock and balls and make him suffer even more.


He knew he liked it even more when the other guy was on top of him and doing the same thing to him. He knew he never had any problem with any of it as long as it lasted, and he suspected neither Flayme nor Myke had any problem with it now, give or take, either. 


Myke could see that Flayme was almost being suffocated with her full body press on top of her, and her enormous and heavy breast stuffed into Flayme’s mouth, but that Flayme was doing ok with it anyway. Jerry figured maybe it wasn’t the first time either Flayme or Myke had been in the same predicament, give or take, and figured probably Flayme could work herself out of her predicament now too.


After a couple of minutes of Myke’s punishment of her, and, Jerry knew, actually enjoying it as well, however, Flayme began to make her next move to escape her predicament and get back at Myke some other way.


The time sped by, and by this time, with all their other holds and predicaments, they’d been wrestling each other for almost half an hour one hold, deadlock and reversal after another. It was going real good between them and Jerry knew they wanted to make it last as long as possible, not only for the construction men watching them, but even more, for their own pleasure too.


But now, Flayme, and most likely Myke too, knew maybe it was time to take their match to a whole new level.


Slowly, Flayme began to push one of her arms, both of which were free of Myke’s tight and full body press on her, up behind Myke’s back. Then, even though she was still blinded by Myke’s heavy breast pressing down on her face and having a whole big part of her heavy breast in her mouth, Flayme used her fingers to blindly grope around Myke’s broad and fleshy back until she was able to find the small snap that held Myke’s tiny bikini in place.


As soon as she found it, and before Myke would realized what she was doing, Flayme undid the snap. In the next instant, Flayme then ripped Myke’s whole bikini top off her and flung it to the side of the mat so that from now on both of Myke’s melons would be completely exposed, open, and vulnerable to whatever would happen next.


Myke wasn’t as distracted by losing the top of her bikini as Flayme had hoped, however. Instead, realizing what Flayme had just done, and wanting to get back at her the same way, Myke then reached down similarly around Flayme’s upper body, still having her full body press on top of Flayme, found the small snap which held her own bikini top in place, undid the snap, and then pulled Flayme’s bikini out from under her and threw it off to the side off the mat to join Myke’s bikini top at the edge of the mat.


Now both Flayme and Myke would wrestle bare-breasted and almost naked on the vinyl mat in front of the mostly male watchers. Neither seemed to have any trouble with that as they just continued to focus solely on each other.


‘Maybe it wasn’t the first time either or both of them had wrestled bare-breasted before,’ thought Jerry. They did look good, however, wrestling that way. 


Now wrestling bare-breasted, they could focus even more on trying to crush and punish each other’s big boobs. Slowly, Flayme managed to bring her powerful hands up and between herself and Myke, still pressing down hard on top of her, and grabbed both of Myke’s huge naked and exposed headlights, one in each hand. From there, she slowly began to crush them in her fists, or at least as much as she could hold of them, as she also tried to push Myke off to her side.


Myke felt Flayme grabbing and crushing both of her big breasts in her fists, but instead of trying to pull Flayme’s strong hands off her breasts, she instead reached down and similarly grabbed both of Flayme’s big and solid jugs in each of her own hands to crush them in her fists and push down on Flayme even harder to keep her down instead, as well as just returning Flayme’s punishing hold back on her.


For long minutes, the watchers at the edge of the mat watched the power play between the two women wrestlers right in front of them, their legs still locked and grape-vined together to keep both of them in place and to increase their leverage, crush and squeeze each other’s big breasts in a test of strength,, pain and endurance, with neither willing to give in to the other.


Jerry watched and felt their pain and punishment with them. At the same time, he sort of grinned too. Pec torture, particularly the other guy’s on him, was another of his favorite punishments which he always liked to take and, once again, he thought maybe Flayme and Myke were sort of liking it too, for all the pain and agony it was causing them. 


Eventually, however, as they began to separate Myke began to lose her balance on top of Flayme and soon Flayme was able to slide out from under her heavier opponent. And then, once she was able to do that, she was able to regain some of the leverage she’d lost earlier until she was able to roll both of them over until now she was again on top.


Then, before Myke could recover, Flayme quickly spun around on top of the prone Myke until she got a new body press on top of her, but this time, she got it head-to-toe.


From here, Flayme quickly wrapped her powerfully strong legs and thighs around Myke’s head to get her in a solid figure-four head scissors. Myke’s head and face were now directly under Flayme’s groin, which she now dropped down heavily on Myke’s face to smother her in all the thick sweaty and oiled wetness of her crotch flesh.


Desperately, Myke tried to bridge out of her predicament, but then she decided not to use too much of her energy to escape it, and instead opted to take the feel of Flayme’s hot wet crotch pressing against her face.


At least part of her face, however, was still protected by Flayme’s small and tight bikini which gave her at least that much protection from Flayme’s otherwise wet and naked flesh pressing against her face.


But then Flayme moved to make Myke’s situation even worse. As Myke’s own bikini-clad crotch was right under Flayme’s face in their head-to-toe body scissors, Flayme reached down under Myke’s butt to find the small snap holding her small bottom bikini in place.


In all the full rolls of muscle and flesh of Myke’s thick and powerful body, it wasn’t easy to find. Nevertheless, Flayme did eventually find it, undid it, and then ripped Myke’s bottom bikini right off her body so that now she’d be completely naked, her glory hole fully exposed to whatever punishment Flayme might intend for it. Plus, it was now fully exposed to all the men and women watching the struggle from the sideline bleachers.


Myke tried desperately to struggle out from what Flayme was doing, but the powerful Flayme continued to keep her tight head scissors and smothering crotch hold on Myke’s face, and Myke was unable to prevent Flayme from doing what she was doing.


Myke knew, however, that she was in a position to do the same to Flayme. In the next instant, Myke reached up blindly, still face-smothered in Flayme’s tight head scissors on her, to find the back of Flayme’s own tight bikini bottom. Then she found the snap which held it in place, ripped it open, and pulled Flayme’s own bikini right off her body in return.


As a result, from now on both Flayme and Myke would wrestle each other completely naked. When both of their crotches were fully exposed, the watchers on the sidelines saw that both wrestlers had shaved all the pubic hair off their crotches, so that now their glory holes were not only fully exposed to the watchers but were also now fully exposed and vulnerable to each other’s punishment, whatever might come next.


Neither Flayme nor Myke seemed to have any problem with wrestling completely nude, however, and both ignored their new situation and continued to focus on their tight wrestling fight with the other. 


Watching them wrestle in the nude, the muscled flesh of their powerful bodies glistening with oil and sweat, but neither seeming to be bothered by it, Jerry thought maybe it wasn’t the first time they’d wrestled nude and oiled either. 


By now, Jerry also noticed Flayme and Myke had been wrestling with each other for almost an hour as they gave and took all of each other’s punishment and torture to every part of their body they could get to. Neither, however, being experienced and liking to wrestle anyway, seemed to be having any problem with everything they were doing to each other.


Jerry had noticed, being an “anything goes” wrestler himself, that Flayme and Myke were actually alternating their holds and punishments on each other. It was a lot like he and Flayme did when they were wrestling. With that pattern, each would work the other over, and then be worked over, not only for the pain and pumelling they were giving each other, but for the considerable sensual and erotic pleasure they were getting from the whole thing too.


He also noticed that a lot of the holds and punishment that Flayme and Myke were taking or suffering under, and the various deadlocks and predicaments they got into too, were pretty much the same or similar to the ones he and Flayme had also worked on and inflicted on the other when they’d wrestled each other.  


And even now, with both the tops and the bottoms of their bikinis gone and them wrestling naked, it was a lot like the cock torture Flayme had given him earlier, and even more, much the same as the cockfighting he and another guy got into whenever they also wrestled oiled, naked and “anything goes.” 


Now, with their bikinis totally gone and both wrestling nude, Myke found herself on her hands and knees trying to get away from Flayme to set herself up for another move against Flayme. Before she could escape, however, Flayme lost no time in dropping down to her knees next to Myke, dropping her big knockers down on top of Myke’s back, flattening them wide as she did, to hold Myke down.


Flayme then, with one hand, reached over Myke’s far shoulder and then brought it back under Myke to seize one of her big hooters, hanging down free and heavy beneath her, in her fist, and prepared to use it to pull her over backwards.


At the other end, Flayme shoved her other arm and hand down between Myke’s massively thick thighs to get at her at that end.


But this time, to tighten her hold, and with Myke now stark naked, Flayme proceeded to stick first one, then two, and then three of her fingers right into Myke’s now newly exposed and naked glory hole.


Deeper and deeper her fingers went into Myke’s body, first one, then two, then three inches deep to get as good a hold on Myke as she could. With one hand tightly wrapped around one of Myke’s big hanging breasts and the other dug deep into Myke’s glory hole, Flayme then arched backwards to pull Myke over on top of her.


Myke took the tearing pressure on both of her vital body parts and resisted as long as she could. But then she had to go with Flayme’s move anyway if she didn’t want to have one or both of her most important assets ripped right off her.


Jerry saw Myke resist Flayme’s move on her for a moment or two, but she didn’t really seem to be having any real problem with it anyway despite the pulling punishment it was giving her.


Jerry knew what Myke was feeling, however, because Flayme took just about the same holds on him earlier, except then she’d grabbed his big and steel-hard cock as if to rip it right off his body if he didn’t move as she worked him over.


He also knew what it was like from when another guy took the same hard pec and cock holds on him, and how he always liked the pain and torture it gave him, or when he took the same holds on another guy in reverse. Even now, with Flayme and Myke, it looked like the holds and moves weren’t unfamiliar to either of them, give or take, and they weren’t really having any problem with them either. 


Now, after Flayme completed her backward roll over with Myke, she now held Myke down tightly on top of her, even though Myke’s weight was now crushing her own big knockers under her while she tried to keep Myke from escaping and with Myke trying desperately to do just that.


Finally, Myke did manage to slide off Flayme’s big breasts just a little, which was then just enough to cause Flayme to lose her tight cock-pocket hold on Myke, and then Flayme lost her hold on Myke’s big boob too. 


Myke didn’t seem to need any time to recover from the punishment she’d just been taking from Flayme, which made Jerry think again maybe this wasn’t the first time she’d ever been subjected to it, nor probably Flayme either when their situations were reversed.


Jerry also knew once again he always liked the same torment too, even though it was his big rod, and sometimes his balls too, and one of his muscular pecs as well, that would be in danger of being ripped off, even though he always did like the predicament he was in. He thought maybe Flayme and Myke didn’t really mind it either. 


Now Myke, being on top of Flayme and free of Flayme’s tight holds on her, quickly rolled herself over, while still keeping on top of Flayme to keep her down, but now she brought her powerful legs up underneath her until she could sit with her full body weight directly on top of Flayme’s big and solid knockers, crushing them under her full weight and her big and solid butt as she did.


Jerry watched as now Flayme desperately tried to get Myke’s full tit-crushing body weight off her breasts. But at the same time, Jerry knew Flayme wouldn’t really have any problem with it, knowing that Flayme liked to get all the boob punishment she could get.


He recalled when he, with his heavier weight, sat on Flayme’s big globes in similar circumstances, and she never had any problem with it then. Just like Jerry never had any problem with it when she sat on fully on his pecs or face when their holds were reversed.


Now, however, after Myke had sat on Flayme’s big knockers for a while, she also began to rub her butt around on top of them to squash them even more until Jerry thought they might almost burst with the pressure on them.


Then, with Flayme still trying to escape from under the strong and heavier Myke sitting squarely on her boobs, Myke began to slowly slide back a few inches until she had slid her solid butt off Flayme’s feeders and position it directly over Flayme’s head and face.


And now from there she dropped her big and heavy butt right down on top of Flayme’s head to sit fully on Flayme’s face, which simply disappeared in the awesome amount of fat and flesh which comprised Myke’s butt.


Desperately, Flayme tried to bridge out of her new predicament even though she was now not only being crushed by Myke’s sitting fully on her face, but being blinded and suffocated by it as well.


But then every time Flayme tried to bridge or twist out of her dilemma, Myke countered her every move until Jerry began to wonder how Flayme was getting any air at all to breath what with her whole face, nose and mouth buried deep in the wet and dark canyon of Myke’s naked butt.


But, again, Jerry knew it wasn’t that much different from when Flayme had done the same thing to him, or when he later sat on Flayme’s face. In both cases, both survived it for a long time until finally they could make their escape and then go on until soon afterwards they’d reverse their positions on each other.


And, of course, it was the same as when Jerry and another guy, both of them wrestling nude too, and they’d get in the same predicament, give or take. Jerry knew he always liked to get into it, and figured maybe Flayme and Myke weren’t much different now. 


After being subjected to Myke’s punishing naked butt engulfing her face, Flayme was finally able to blindly reach up to Myke’s crotch. Then from there, while Myke was leaning forward sticking and twisting three of her fingers deep down into Flayme’s now exposed and vulnerable glory hole, particularly when she was trying to bridge out of Myke’s sitting on her face, Flayme was now able to stick three of her own fingers deep inside Myke’s own glory hole, positioned right over her face.


Now it was payback time. Slowly Flayme used her grip on Myke’s glory hole, with her three fingers deep inside it for leverage, and began to pull Myke off her and to the side if she didn’t want her cock pocket ripped apart and right off her body.


‘Man,’ thought Jerry, ‘these ladies are tough! But then, obviously being real good wrestlers, most likely they’re not only used to it, but also probably really liking what they’re doing and taking from each other.’ Jerry knew he always liked it when he was in the same situations, give or take, when he was wrestling around in a real good cockfight with another guy too.


‘It hurt, yeah, but it always hurt real good too!’ he said to himself.


Jerry couldn’t help but wonder what Flayme and Myke would do next? 


Part 3
1  2


Having broken apart from their previous deadlock in all their naked and oiled slipperiness, Flayme and Myke now found themselves sitting on the mat opposite each other, their legs extending straight out between the other’s. Flayme, who had the slightly longer legs, reached over and grabbed Myke’s right ankle and started to pull Myke into her, while at the same time she jammed her right foot hard into Myke’s naked an exposed crotch until she’d positioned her big toe, which Jerry knew was particularly long, and proceeded to stick it right into Myke’s naked, exposed and vulnerable glory hole.


Myke took it with only a slight grimace as it went in, but then ignored it while she grabbed Flayme’s left ankle the same way, pulled Flayme in to her, and then stuck her own big toe just as deeply into Flayme’s equally vulnerable dick hole.


For the next couple of minutes, Jerry could see both Flayme and Myke twisting and working their toes deep inside the other’s body, while ignoring the torment they were taking on their own bodies. At one point, Jerry saw Flayme and Myke eye each other, with a small grin covering both of their faces despite their grimaces of the pain it was giving them.


Eventually, with the slipperiness of their bodies, they lost their grips on the other’s ankle, and once again separated.


This time, Flayme was able to get up first and got to her feet to stand right over the still prone Myke down on the mat. Then, before Myke could escape, Flayme picked up both of Myke’s ankles and lifted them up high enough so that Myke would be on her back, almost helpless.


From which position Flayme then followed up and jammed her left foot hard into Myke’s exposed groin again, crushing all the flesh of Myke’s thighs and crotch until it must have hit her bones right to their base.


Myke took the punishment of Flayme‘s jamming her foot hard into her crotch as long as Flayme wanted to give it to her, but at the same time she gradually shifted to Flayme’s side too. Suddenly, she reached out and grabbed one of Flayme’s ankles, as she was standing right next to Myke’s head, pulled it suddenly and hard out from under her, and brought the now unbalanced Flayme down hard on the mat, face down.


At that moment, they were right at the edge of the mat and Flayme couldn’t help but guess what Myke was planning to do back to her next. Before she could recover, however, Myke grabbed both of Flayme’s ankles, with Flayme still face down on the mat, and dragged her completely around the vinyl mat twice. Which forced Flayme, unable to escape, to take all the pressure of the drag on just her big boobs alone like two giant rollers.


Jerry could see the agonizing expression on Flayme’s face as she was dragged around the mat, unable to free herself, while her big knockers were being dragged and crushed underneath her and taking all the punishment.


‘Yeah,’ thought Jerry, ‘Myke’s got a real good move there, but I know Flayme likes to take a lot of punishment on her boobs, so I expect maybe she’s not really having too much trouble with her predicament either.’


After two complete circuits of the mat right in front of the bystanders, Myke lost her grip on Flayme’s ankles with their oiled slipperiness, and they once again separated briefly before they got into their next moves.



The next two moves by Flayme and Myke got Jerry more closely involved in their match himself, both to his pleasure.


The first was when Flayme and Myke were locked together right in front of him, not more than three feet away. Myke was underneath Flayme on her hands and knees and able to break away only by crawling away from Flayme on all fours and headed straight toward him.


Jerry didn’t know what she had in mind, but then, as she got right up to him, it looked like she was aiming for the small space in the bleachers between him and the man sitting next to him. The low bleachers had some extra space in them so that the watchers weren’t too crowded together. As Myke just barely made it to the lower bleacher, Flayme caught up with her and reached to grab her foot to try to drag her back on to the mat.


Myke, however, was just able to reach out and grab the back of the lower bleacher seat, right next to Jerry, as if to pull herself up next to him. He didn’t know what to do, if anything, so he just shifted a couple of inches to the side to make room for her if that’s what she had in mind. And apparently that’s what it was as she now just barely managed to reach out with both hands to the back of the seat so that Flayme would be less able to drag her back.


As Myke looked up at Jerry’s face, not but inches away from her own, she gave Jerry a wink to indicate to him she was doing just fine. Then, to add to it, she suddenly and very briefly released one of her hand holds on the back of the bleacher seat, reached up, and gave Jerry a solid punch on his pec - the same one she’d punched when they’d first met. He grinned back at her while she then resumed holding on to the back of the seat while Flayme was trying to strengthen her own position on the mat to try to drag Myke back even harder.


Flayme wasn’t succeeding with that, so she then stood up on the mat to increase her leverage even more. until it ended up with Flayme standing up, naked, her big bazooms bouncing up and down as she tried to dislodge Myke’s hold on the bleacher seat, and Myke stretched out in mid-air.


Flayme held Myke’s feet high up in the air, with Myke still holding on to the back of the bleacher seat, so that her enormous jugs hung down loose swaying ponderously back and forth as she writhed desperately with both hands to keep her hold.


It sure did look good to all the watchers, and particularly to Jerry and the other males watching the action only inches in front of them.


Eventually, Flayme was successful in the action between herself and Myke. Myke lost her grip on the bleacher seat first with one hand, and then the other. And then, with that, she dropped down heavily back on to the mat, with her big breasts taking the full blow of her full body weight as she hit the mat.


Then, to follow up her success on dislodging Myke from the bleachers, and reversing Myke’s punishment on her just moments before, Flayme now proceeded to drag Myke clear around the mat in the opposite direction from what Myke had dragged her earlier, with now Myke’s enormous boobs taking the full punishment of the drag in return.


‘Yeah,’ thought Jerry, a grin on his face, ‘but still, despite her grimaces, it looks like Myke doesn’t really have any more problem with it than Flayme did earlier. Looks to me, in fact, like maybe they’d done it before to each other in some earlier matches?’ 


The other incident, which lasted a lot longer, although more quietly, Jerry enjoyed even more as this one involved him even more closely. 


He was sitting, as we know, on the first row of the three-stage bleachers, which were wide but not all that deep. At the start of the wrestling between Flayme and Myke, Jerry, like most of the other watchers, leaned forward to watch the action as closely as he could.


But then, when he wanted to change his position a little and straighten up for a while, when he did straighten up, his back hit the knees of the man immediately behind him. The man immediately noted Jerry’s move and spread his knees and legs apart just enough so that Jerry could straighten up and squeeze easily between them. At the same time, as Jerry straightened up, he pushed his head back too, hitting it right into the man’s crotch and against his bulging cock and balls inside the tight jeans he was wearing.


The move and hit felt good to Jerry, although he wasn’t certain about the man’s reaction to it.


Jerry looked up behind him just an instant to acknowledge the man’s obliging him, and sort of apologizing for hitting his cock and balls with the back of his head. When he looked back, he saw that the man, who looked to be maybe about forty-five, had a strong and deeply tanned face and a tight short crew cut of his silver gray hair showing out from under the cowboy hat he was wearing.


By the looks of his strong and muscular body, and now feeling the man’s long and strong legs on both sides of him as he straightened up between them, Jerry guessed he was probably about six-one and probably weighed at least two-ten. He was just the sort of bigger and older muscular guy, in fact, that Jerry knew he liked to wrestle with any chance he got.


‘Mmmm, yeah,’ he thought, ‘I’m not minding at all sitting here real close between those big muscular legs of his, for sure, and with all his big load of junk right behind my head too!’


After Jerry sat upright for a couple of minutes, he felt the man’s big legs come in even tighter together again until they touched his shoulders in sort of a light scissors hold. Jerry liked that even more, and to indicate he had no problem at all with it, he wrapped his arms around the man’s big and solid calves, which were right next to his sides, and pulled the man’s leg’s still tighter yet against him.


The man didn’t seem to have any problem with that, and obliged Jerry by squeezing him still more, just like having a real good body scissors on him. It was one of his favorite ways to get caught in when he was wrestling around with another guy.


‘Mmmm, yeah, I like this even more,’ thought Jerry. 


Whenever he got caught in another man’s body scissors on him from the rear, he also always liked to have the other man come in even further by crossing his feet over his crotch, and then smashing his heels into his cock and balls to make the hold even more punishing.


So now Jerry, while still holding the man’s big legs tight around him, and noticing the guy’s feet were sort of still awkwardly placed outside of him while the guy’s big upper legs were holding him tight, Jerry picked up first one of the man’s feet, despite the heavy work boots he was wearing, and shifted it over into his crotch. Then he brought the other one over too, and crossed both of the man’s ankles over his now bulging male equipment.


From there he began to push the man’s booted feet down into his crotch to begin to crush his cock and balls. That was an even greater punishing hold he liked to get into whenever the other guy got a real good tight body scissors on him from the rear.


The man picked up the message and quietly, but with increasing strength, began to jam his heels back harder and harder into Jerry’s crotch, but with hardly anyone else even noticing it. Jerry knew it felt good to him, however, and was glad when the man didn’t move away from his scissors hold and crotch smash on him either. It was maybe as if he and the other man were thinking along the same lines.


Then, the man himself followed up with another move on Jerry.


Just a few minutes after Jerry found himself caught in the full body scissors of the man behind him, Flayme and Myke found themselves locked together on the far side of the mat in much like the same scissors hold the man behind Jerry had on him.


Flayme had managed to get behind Myke while both were seated on the mat. Then she had wrapped her powerfully big and strong legs around Myke’s thick body. Following that, she had crossing her ankles over Myke’s crotch, and was now jamming her feet repeatedly into Myke’s groin, just as the man sitting behind Jerry was pretty much doing to him.


With both Flayme and Myke totally naked, the watchers could see Flayme’s heels smashing directly into Myke’s glory hole over and over again. Myke didn’t seem particularly bothered by that punishment, however, as she leaned forward to try to uncross Flayme’s ankles over her crotch to just loosen up the scissors hold that Flayme was holding her in.


But then Flayme tightened her hold and punishment on Myke even more, this time attacking her upper body as well. Now Flayme reached around Myke’s heavy chest to again grab one of Myke’s enormous hooterss in each of her hands, and slowly began to crush them in her fists until the flesh of Myke’s big boobs was almost squeezed out between Flayme’s strong fingers. And then, in addition to that, Flayme started to pull Myke backwards into her, almost ripping Myke’s big boobs right off her in the process.


Myke seemed to ignore this latest punishment of her big boobs being almost crushed and torn off her body, however, as she continued to lean forward, which only increased the tearing pressure on her own boobs, as she in turn worked on Flayme’s feet and ankles to get them uncrossed.


For long minutes Flayme and Myke remained in that punishing predicament, writhing and locked together, Flayme pulling back on Myke’s big jugss until she almost ripped them off her body, and Myke leaning forward to get at Flayme’s ankles, with neither willing to give in.


‘And,’ Jerry thought, ‘probably enjoying their holds and punishment on each other too, just like I always do when I get caught in the same punishing predicament by another guy, with him smashing his feet into my cock and balls and his hands reaching around and crushing my pecs in them, and which Myke is getting and I expect liking right now.’


And then, Jerry suddenly realized, he was in fact suddenly caught in the same punishing predicament Myke was herself.


As he was watching Flayme and Myke deadlocked on the other side of the mat, Jerry had hardly noticed the man behind him, who was still holding him tightly in the leg scissors he held on his upper body, with his booted feet crossed and jamming into his crotch against his cock and balls.


Now the man had reached his big muscular left arm and hand down over Jerry’s strong shoulder to grab his own muscular left pec and had begun to slowly squeeze it in his fist. And, when Jerry didn’t object to that, he tightened his grip on it even more tightly until he was just about crushing it. Jerry didn’t have any problem with that either.


Then, following that, while everyone else’s attention was focused on what Flayme and Myke were doing to each on the far side of the mat, the man behind him reached down with his strong right hand and grabbed Jerry’s big right pec and began to squeeze it just as hard as he was doing to Jerry’s left pec. It was the same hold Flayme had on Myke’s breasts across the mat. Jerry liked what the man was doing to him just as much as he suspected Myke liked what Flayme was doing to her.


“Yeah,” Jerry said under his breath, just loud enough for the man behind him to hear, “give it to me as hard as you like!” 


As a result, just about the whole time Flayme and Myke were deadlocked together in their tight and deadlocked full body scissors and crushing breast holds on the far side of the mat, the man behind Jerry was doing the same thing to him.


‘Yeah, man, let me have it as hard as you can!’ Jerry said again, to himself. It was one of his favorite and most punishing holds he liked to get caught in, having his big pecs squeezed and crushed, and he was in no hurry for the man to ease up on it.


It was only after what seemed like long minutes that Flayme eventually loosened her hold on Myke breasts that Myke was able to slip away from her and get back to the center of the mat, bringing Flayme with her. But then Myke once again also managed to turn completely around so that now she was once again on top of Flayme, and now began to come down hard on Flayme to smash at her own big boobs.


As Flayme and Myke were once again in the center of the mat, and the watchers re-focused their attention to their new situation, the man behind Jerry loosened his hold on Jerry’s pecs and Jerry let the man’s feet go from smashing down into his crotch, to return to their normal place next to him. It sure did feel good while it lasted, however, Jerry thought.


Jerry figured after the match ended, he’d be able to get up and hopefully get to know the man at lot, a really lot, better. Which he did, much to the considerable pleasure of both.


But that’s another story.


Meanwhile, after a couple of minutes, the man behind him slipped his card into Jerry’s hand. On the front was printed “Roger Hawkens, General Contracting & Grading.” On the back was written “Hey buddy, give me a call and let’s see what we can do about all this!” ‘Yeah,’ thought Jerry, ‘I’ll do just that!’ as he slipped the card into his shirt pocket, subtly nodding his head. 


As Jerry now watched Myke once again pound down on Flayme’s big, firm, fully exposed and naked breasts, Jerry thought, ‘Oh man, Flayme’s going to feel this. But at the same time, it’s really no more than Flayme and I did too when we wrestled around. She sure didn’t have any problem pounding me on my pecs, and me doing the same on her big boobs, and I guess we survived it too. In fact, I’m thinking Flayme is liking just as much as what Myke’s doing to her right now just as much as I did when Flayme was doing the same thing to me’ 


By now, Jerry noticed in a glance at the watch of the man sitting next to him, with all their other holds and moves, Flayme and Myke had been wrestling each other for almost an hour. Sometimes they were putting out a really lot of effort, but many times they remained deadlocked for a couple of minutes to catch their breath and energy to make the whole thing last as long as possible. 


But still, for the match between Flayme and Myke right in front of him, Jerry could see they were both getting pretty tired, but that they were also getting pretty sensually and erotically worked up too, and that it would soon have to end.


He wondered how they’d finish it up? When he wrestled around with another guy, naked and oiled, it eventually turned out to be little more than a big cockfight between the two until both would eventually get so stimulated they would be forced to shoot their full loads of cum juice at or into each other, one way or another, come what may.


With Flayme and Myke, it had gotten to be more and more a big boob fight between the two, with their naked and vulnerable glory holes coming in second, and Jerry wondered how it would end for them. 


He knew that at least Flayme, and most likely Myke too, liked to end up a wrestling match with a really great and total orgasm. That would then leave them totally exhausted, but both completely satisfied as to the outcome.  


A couple of minutes later, with both Flayme and Myke locked together in another double figure-four head scissors on each other and rolling back and forth over the match to see which could end up on top, Jerry noticed one of the ranch hands, who’d been sitting opposite him in one of the chairs in front of the curtain, reach under his chair and grab two objects and toss them on to the mat right where Flayme and Myke could grab them.


As Flayme grabbed one of them, Jerry could see what it looked like. It was like a policeman’s shiny black Billy club, with one end being about nine inches long and about an inch thick, being the club part; then a wider ring around the middle of the club, and then a shorter and ribbed other end where the club could be easily grasped and held. As Flayme grabbed for one club Myke grabbed the other.


‘Man,’ thought Jerry, ‘I wonder if they’re going to do with them what I think they’re going to do!’ 


Both Flayme and Myke had each grabbed a club with one hand while they were still locked together, head-to-toe, in their tight figure-four head scissors on each other, both trying to get, and stay, on top.


Flayme, with her longer legs, just barely finally succeeded in mounting on top of Myke to keep her position. Then, as they’d gotten a little loose as they’d rolled back and forth, Flayme now tightened her hold on Myke again by dropping her full her naked and wet crotch and glory hole once again down hard on Myke’s face to once again try to smother her in the hold.


‘Yeah,’ thought Jerry, ‘I know how Myke’s feeling now, all blinded and smothered by Flayme’s wet and naked crotch pressing tight against her face, unable to see or hear anything or even hardly able to breath, with Flayme tightening her crushing head scissors and full face press on her tighter and tighter all the time.’


It was the same hold Jerry liked to take on another guy in the same circumstance, when he was on top, but he knew he liked it even more when he was the man on the bottom taking the punishment - and whatever might follow from it.


When he was on top, he’d then stab his big rod deep into the other guy’s mouth to choke him on it, and, if the match were ending, he’d end up shooting his full load of hot white cum juice deep into the other man’s mouth and down his throat to make him taste and drink the whole load.


Or, if he were on the bottom, which Jerry liked even more, to get the other man’s big wet and stiff rod stabbed down his own throat and then soon feel and taste all of the other man’s hot cum juice as it exploded into his own mouth. Either way, he knew he always liked it, and wondered how it might work or go with Flayme and Myke?


Flayme so far had managed to keep her tight figure-four head scissors on Myke, but Jerry could see it was a precarious hold as the powerfully strong and heavier Myke was not easy to keep down. At least so far, however, Flayme was succeeding.


And then Flayme made her next move. Quickly and deliberately, she brought the shiny black cudgel, which she still held tightly in her hand and, in one swift move, she stabbed it, carefully but fully, all the way deep into the struggling Myke’s naked, exposed and vulnerable cock cave, just inches below her own face.


As she felt it penetrate deeply inside her, Myke almost involuntarily tried to arch and bridge out of her now almost desperate predicament. But as she tried to arch out, that only let Flayme push it in even deeper until it hit the ridge of the club and couldn’t go in any farther.


While Flayme was focused on stabbing the Billy club she held in her hand deep inside Myke‘s body, however, she had forgotten that although she still held Myke’s whole head tight inside the massive, crushing and suffocating head scissors she held on her, the strong and resilient Myke had meanwhile brought up her own hand, still holding her own billy club, and had jammed it up between her face and Flayme’s crotch until it was aimed straight at Flayme’s own big dick hole.


Then, in a powerful thrust, Myke blindly stabbed her billy club just as far as it would go into Flayme’s body. With Flayme’s full weight on top pressing down on it, and Myke’s shoving it upwards, Myke’s truncheon penetrated just as far and as deeply into Flayme’s body as Flayme’s had stabbed into her.


Myke’s move caught Flayme just as she was focused on what she was doing to Myke, which caused her to lose her concentration for a couple of seconds. But that was just enough time for Myke to then use her own and heavier powerful body, in a sudden and powerful bridge, to roll both of them over on the mat. Now, suddenly, their positions were exactly reversed, with Myke stabbing her Billy club down into Flayme’s body, and Flayme stabbing her hard rod upwards into Myke’s body. Neither Flayme nor Myke seemed to have any trouble with it either way, however, and Jerry wondered what would happen next. 


For the next couple of long minutes Jerry could see both of them desperately struggling back and forth with each other, each trying to continue to stab their shiny wet and black weapons deep inside each other’s cock pocket, while taking the other’s deep inside her own body at the same time.


As they stabbed each other harder and harder, Jerry could see that both of them were also becoming more and more sexually and erotically aroused with what they were doing to each other, and with what was happening deep inside each of their bodies.


Jerry and the others watching them heard both of them groan and utter small screams of either pleasure or pain, and maybe both. Then, suddenly, Jerry saw Flayme and Myke both give a powerful spasm at almost the same instant, arch back, and give a small shriek as each felt the full and total orgasm that came over each of them.


For a long minute Jerry could see both were almost paralyzed by their actions and what was happening to them. Then he could see both Flayme and Myke suddenly go weak and collapse on top of each other on the mat.


They were now not only exhausted from their long wrestling match with each other, but even more so from the complete orgasm both of them had just had, and given to the other, to end their long struggle. 


Jerry knew the total feeling which they both had just had. It was the same way he felt after he’d just shot his full load of hot creamy cum juice on or into another guy, after a similar long wrestling match he’d had with him. And the same way, and even better, when he felt and tasted the other guys’ full load of hot cream cum juice burst into his own mouth and flood down into his own mouth and throat, and then experienced the complete exhaustion which followed. 


‘Yeah,’ thought Jerry, ‘that sure made a great ending for both Flayme and Myke, and I’ll bet they’re feeling the same good way about it like I always do!’ 


*          *          *          * 


Jerry arrived at Flayme’s Bar the following Monday about fifteen minutes before five, the time Flayme had asked him to be there to resume his work at the bar.


When he walked into Flayme’s office to check in, there, once again, were Flayme, Myke and Bull Dozer. As he walked in, they looked up, with grins on their faces.


“I saw you out at Morgan’s Ranch,” said Flayme, with a grin on her face. “Did you get some of their great barbecue and slaw to eat?


“Yeah, thanks Flayme, it really was great! Great wrestling show too! Some of it looked a little familiar, in fact, and I was wishing I was in it myself!” replied Jerry, with a grin similar to their’s on his face.


At that moment, he was standing next to Myke, who gave him a solid punch in his muscular thigh, as she said good naturedly to him, “You’re a good guy hunkman! Flayme’s been telling me about your various talents, and I don’t mean bartending, and I’m thinking I could use a personal trainer too!”


‘Ok, ladies,” said Bull, “but like we discussed, I get him first, if he’d like, before you get a chance to get him all messed him up.”


Then Bull continued, looking at Jerry, “ I was watching you at the match last Saturday night too, and I’m thinking you and me were both thinking and liking the same thing. Isn’t that right, hunkman?”


“Oh yeah,” said Jerry replied to all of them, the grin never leaving his face, “I’m ready any time anybody likes, for anything anybody wants to give or take from me. Yeah, anything at all any time you can give it to me or get it out of me! 


As he left the office, Jerry fingered the business card Roger Hawkens, the man sitting behind him during the match between Flayme and Myke, had given him after the end of their match, and said to himself, “Yeah, and that goes for you too, buddy!’ 


The End


Posted: 01/24/14