Jerry, Flayme and Jake

By: Ron Nelson
(© 2013 by the author)

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Jerry Jerdan and Flayme L'Torche 


Jerry Jerdan looked out the blackened windows of the Dulin State Prison van just outside of Dulin, Alabama.


‘Damn,’ he said to himself, although not particularly seriously. His situation was both good and bad. On the bad side, the judge had just sentenced him to nine-to-fifteen months in the Dulin State Prison, with possible early release if he didn’t run into any trouble in prison.


Which, he knew, wasn’t a bad sentence for car theft. However, it was a Cadillac DTS, and it was just a spur of the moment piece of bad judgment. The owner had left the keys in the ignition when he’d gone into a bar for a drink.


How was Jerry to know that the Caddy was equipped with an OnStar transponder, and, by satellite, the car could be spotted at any time 24/7, in use or not, within six feet of its actual location?


When he discovered his car was missing, not fifteen minutes after Jerry had taken it, the owner notified OnStar, who located the car instantly and alerted the police. They picked Jerry and the Cadillac up just a few minutes later. Jerry was just planning to ride around in it for a while and then park it somewhere and go about the rest of his business.


The judge took into account that he quickly admitted what he’d done, agreed it wasn’t a very bright thing to do, and that he was sorry about what he did. Still, he had stolen it, and it wasn’t his first run-in with the law, so he got nine-to-fifteen out of it. The judge also told the owner it wasn’t a very bright idea on his part either to leave the keys in the car, and fined him $200 as well.



Now, with Jerry being in prison for a few months, both of his jobs might be in jeopardy. In fact, most likely he’d be terminated from both of them, although he hoped maybe he could get them back after he was released. That was the bad part of his situation. 


The good part was that, despite having two jobs, he was, as always, short of cash. He owed two months back rent on his small apartment at the edge of town, his pickup truck looked like maybe it was having a transmission problem, and he knew he needed to see a dentist some time soon about a cracked front tooth. So maybe at least he could get the prison dentist to take care of that.


Jerry also knew the Dulin State Prison with a reputation for being a tough, but fair, prison for its inmates. If they stayed in line, the Warden, J. Fenworth Dixon, saw to it that the inmates were reasonably well treated and not unnecessarily hassled by the guards. Also, they were encouraged to take some classes and improve themselves, and work out in the prison gym or yard to burn off their excess energy.


If they didn’t stay in line, however, Warden Dixon would see to it that they were “challenged” to improve their lot, as he reminded each of them when they arrived at the prison and came under his control.


That suited Jerry just fine. He knew there were two main factions among the prisoners, many of whom were in one kind of trouble or another all the time outside. One faction was the mostly white prisoners, who were called the Sabres. The other faction was the mostly Hispanic and Indian prisoners, who were called the Tacos. Neither was much better or worse than the other.


The problem for the shorter term prisoners was mainly how to keep out of trouble with either the Sabres or the Tacos. That wasn’t always easy, and could be a rocky road if a guy wasn’t lucky or careful. 


‘Well,’ thought Jerry, ‘I’ll face that when I get there and then see how it goes.’ 



Jerry was not the sort of guy to worry too much about things he couldn’t control, nor sometimes, it had to be admitted, did he trouble himself too much about things he could control.


At just 23, he’d always been able to at least get by, and physically handle himself in just about any situation he found himself. And being basically good natured and real easy to look at, he got along with just about anybody who was willing to go along with him.


Jerry was on the short and stocky side, being about five-eight, but weighing a real solid one-ninety, just about all of it muscle, spread evenly over his whole body. Thick wrestler’s neck, solid and wide shoulders, biceps most guys would die for, big and solid pecs, muscled abs, and thick and solid thighs and legs which more than filled up his tight jeans, and in which, on occasions, more than one guy had found his head or stomach almost crushed between their massive power. But with his wide smile, and his always neatly cut and groomed dark hair, naturally parted in the middle, he looked anything but threatening to anybody who looked at him.


Looking around at the other three prisoners in the van, two looked liked they probably had already had a lot of trouble in their lives, while the other man, who looked to be about thirty, just looked sort of dazed and lost.


All four were in the standard prisoner orange jump suits, in leg irons with only about a 15” length so that they could walk, but not run, and their hands ‘cuffed with only about a 12” chain so they could move them just a little, but not enough to be dangerous to the driver and guard with them.


It was about a two hour drive to the DSP, with one hour down, one to go, and time just to ponder where he’d been before his carjacking escapade. 


His job at Walart was in the rear stockroom, ten-to-four every day, six hours a day. He liked the job well enough. The pay was ok, it gave him a good physical workout, which he always liked and needed to keep in shape, and the boss pretty much left him alone as he knew his job and did it in a real competent and dependable manner, which is all they asked.


His other job was a little more colorful. That was as the second bartender and occasional bouncer at “Flayme’s Bar,” just on the outskirts of Montgomery. He liked that job, even though it was sort of unusual. His hours there were from eight to closing, which was generally around midnight during the week, and a little later on weekends. That tied in real good with his Walmart job, gave him time to sleep and eat between shifts, and have some free time too. He’d been at Flayme’s almost a year now, and hoped his job there would still be open for him when he got out of prison.


He had met Flayme one night when he was at the bar for just the second time. It was around eleven o’clock, on a Friday evening, and some of the patrons, mostly local farm hands or construction workers, were already getting pretty well lubricated. Then a fight began to develop between two of the men from different parts of the county.


Mike was the only bartender on duty, with Flayme handling the cash register and circulating among the patrons, joking and teasing them along. She had a great personality and was real good at that, and they were very much enjoying her attention.


Flayme was something else, and unique. She got her name from her long rich copper and gold colored hair, which was very elaborately wrapped up on top of her very attractive head and face, which in turn were on top of her already full five-ten height. But her main feature, or features, as they were two very big and conspicuous ones, were between her neck and her waist, and were about the biggest and firmest boobs in all of Montgomery.


She also made no effort to conceal by the tight sweaters or low cut blouses she wore, showing just about all the cleavage the law would permit. From there on down, she had some real tight abs, two of the best looking hips, and the solid and shapely legs and thighs any guy, or maybe another girl, could wish to see or have.


All of which were most useful, and came into play, when she was engaged in one of her other jobs, which was as a semi-pro lady wrestler, traveling around southwestern Alabama on Saturday night pro wrestling cards in one or another local armory or high school gym.


Flayme was about 29 and smart, and not only owned “Flayme’s Bar,” but also had some money in one or two other local businesses. But wrestling and the bar were her main interests. 


When the going got rough that night, Flayme wasn’t slow in throwing out a couple of the ladies who also got involved in the brawl, but Mike was having some trouble getting the guys settled down. So Jerry stepped up and took care of a couple of the men until the place quieted down again.


After the brawl, Flayme had noticed how easily Jerry had picked up and dragged out a couple of the men himself, getting one in a real good headlock and dragging him out that way, and then getting the other in a solid crotch lift, bouncing him up and down a couple of times smiling as he crushed the guy’s balls in his hold, and then expertly flipped him over on his back and then sat on him ‘til he settled down.


“You’re a good man, Jerry,” said Flayme. “I liked the way you handled those men. You did it real easy and nicely, but there’s no doubt they knew you meant what you were doing.


“You into wrestling, as they looked like some pretty good wrestling moves you used on them?” asked Flayme.


“Yeah, I do sort of like to mess around on the mats,” was Jerry’s easy reply.


“Most generally I like to wrestle ‘anything goes,’ just so long as nobody really gets hurt. And if it’s a turn-on for me or the other guy, that’s even better!” Jerry added with a grin on his face.


As he said it, looking at the voluptuous Flayme, who was a little taller than he was, and just as solidly stacked as any bodybuilder guy he’d ever known, even if she was lighter than a similarly built guy, he knew he sure wouldn’t mind rasslin’ around with her on the mat some time either.


“Well, tell you what, Jerry, you know I hit the ladies semi-pro wrestling circuit around southern and central Alabama a couple of weekends a month.


“And training for that, I work out with Madge Fletcher, who wrestles under the name “Madge Mountain.” She weighs about one-eighty, but isn’t too fast. We know each other real well, and so we see to it that our matches are real even, with her winning about half, and me half. That puts on a real good show for the folks, and then that sets things up for a re-match next time.


“To keep in shape for that I work out with Eddie Flanagan, who’s a trainer down at Ace’s Gym, out on the river road. Eddie was a semi-pro wrestler until he got hurt a few years ago, but him and me wrestle ‘anything goes’ a couple of times a week, which keeps us both worked up, in shape and satisfied.


“However, both Madge and Eddie are out of town for the next month or so, and so I wonder if you’d be interested in wrestling around with me for an hour or two a couple of times a week? It pays double what you make as a bartender and tips, and maybe a hunk like you might just like to work me over too. And I’m thinking I mightn’t mind too much working you over too, ‘anything goes,’ just so long as nobody gets hurt!”


‘Oh man,’ thought Jerry. ‘Is she saying what I’m thinking she’s saying?


‘Yeah, I never really wrestled around with a woman before, or at least with no real lady wrestler like Flayme, nor ever really been wrestled at by a lady wrestler either, so this might be real interesting.


‘And she said “anything goes,” so must be she’d be expecting some rough wrestling, and giving it back in return too! Yeah, this could be real interesting! And getting paid for it too!’


“Sure thing, Flayme,” was Jerry’s response. “I ain’t never wrestled with a lady wrestler before, but I can see I might really like to get into it, and if I can help you train for whatever you want to do or get into, that’d sure be ok with me!”


“Good deal, hunkman - how about if I see you down at Ace’s Gym on the river road next Tuesday afternoon around three? We’ll take a while to warm up and then we wrestle around and let’s see what happens,” was Flayme’s reply as a customer walked in and she turned to set him up with his drink. 


Jerry was out at Ace’s Gym about a quarter hour early, and saw Flayme was already there, dressed in a tight rainbow colored bikini which just barely held in her two most prominent assets, plus a tiny bikini that didn’t cover much more down below. The rest was all a real nicely tanned skin, already smooth and wet with the sweat she’d already worked up.


Jerry wasn’t certain what to wear, so he had brought a pair of sweatpants, a pair of gym workout shorts and a tight black bikini which barely held in his own massive and bulging masculine equipment. Seeing how Flayme was dressed, he decided on his bikini.


After changing in the locker room, he came out and he and Flayme worked out together for about fifteen minutes on a series of curls, squats, leg raises, bridges and stretching exercises to warm up.


Jerry could see Flayme knew her way around the gym and weights, and a couple of times when she was spotting him, or he her, their bodies, now both wet with sweat, touched, while their muscles began to bulge and swell more and more with their workout. Neither had any problem with that, nor did Flayme seem to notice the considerable bulge which was getting bigger all the time inside Jerry’s tight bikini. 


“Ok, hunkman,” said Flayme after about fifteen minutes warming up, “how about you and me getting into it, and let’s see what happens?”


“Whatever you say, Flayme, just tell me. I’m all yours to do with whatever you like,” was Jerry’s easy reply.


“Good deal,” said Flayme, “tell you what, the routine which Madge and Eddie and I follow, more or less, is me trying or working on something on you. Then, you try and escape the move or hold, which lets me figure how to counter it.


“Then, we mess around a little, and you then try the same move or hold on me. That way I can get a feel for how it feels to be caught or held in the move, and how best to escape it.


“Any time you want to try something different or new on me, however, that’s ok too as that gives me a chance to take on the unexpected, and then figure out how to escape it or reverse it back on to you.


“Lots of times, too, we just mess around back and forth on the mat real easy and sort of impromptu style, punishment back and forth giving the folks a good show, maybe giving or showing the folks a little extra, and liking what we’re doing to each other too.




“That ok with you, hunkman?” said Flayme, a small grin on her face as her sweating and nearly naked body pulsed with eagerness to get into it physically with him.


“You’re on, lady, give it to me any way you like!” was Jerry’s now eager reply. 


Jerry started off, although Flayme hadn’t suggested it, by dropping down to all fours so that Flayme could get on top of him and do whatever she liked with him from there.


Which she lost no time in doing. Suddenly, he felt her and her near naked body drop down on top of him in a full body press, her big boobs pressing down hard against his muscled back. Then he felt her long and strong legs wrap themselves around his lower body, and her feet cross under him with her heels jammed back hard into his bulging crotch, almost crushing his thick balls as she tightened her hold on him.


At the same time, her long and powerful arms wrapped themselves around his thick and muscled chest, with each hand grabbing one of his bulging and muscled pecs and begin to squeeze them to tighten her hold on his upper body.


‘Man,’ thought Jerry, ‘she’s really something! She’s strong and fast, and tough too. If she can take it like she’s giving it, I can see why she’d be a real good semi-pro lady wrestler! I can also see why a guy, or another lady wrestler, might like to wrestle around with her too!’


Jerry liked the feel of what she was doing with him, and didn’t want it to stop. Still, he knew she expected him to resist and try to throw her off, which he eventually did. But even when he rose up to his knees, with her almost sliding off his back, she held on and got him in a neck and choke hold until he was forced back to his hands and knees with her still on his back.


That left him to make his other option, which was to roll over, with her still on his back, until now she was on her own back on the mat, with him on top of her, both of them facing upwards.


She still kept him locked tight in her leg scissors on him, however, her heels still jamming into his crotch to smash at his cock and balls, and her big strong hands still crushing his big pecs in her tight grip.


Actually, Jerry always did like to have the other guy grab and keep him in the same punishing hold, crushing his cock and balls down at one end and squeezing his pecs at the other end, and found he liked it even more when it was Flayme doing the punishment on him.


Still, he knew he had to break her hold on him as part of their training routine if nothing else. Slowly, he began to flip and bridge his legs up and down trying to release himself from her leg scissors, which repeatedly smashed his broad and muscular back down hard against her big boobs, which he then felt squash under him when he pressed backwards, but then they came back up again when he moved back up himself.


He had the idea she wasn’t minding at all what he was doing, or the effect on her. He was right about that. Finally, she began to release her hold on him, which let him slide off her to the side.


Jerry didn’t know what to do or expect then, but Flayme took the initiative, as he said they’d exchange and reverse holds, so she could work on both the offense and the defense as well. As a result, she followed up closely and went to her own hands and knees next to him, shaking her head as if she were momentarily dazed, as a pro wrestler might do in the ring at a show to both regain his breath or make it look like he was suffering and vulnerable, and give the other wrestler a chance to come back at him.


Jerry knew this was what she had in mind, and she’d said at the start that their routine would be that she’d take a hold on him, they’d struggle in it for a while, then break, and then he’d take the same hold back on her.


He wondered if she really meant it? Apparently so, as she stayed on her hands and knees waiting for him to get on her. Which he then soon did.


To give it a little drama, he paused just a couple of seconds, and then crawled over to her, as if he were still dazed from her punishment on him, and mounted her just as she had mounted him just moments before.


‘Ok,’ thought Jerry, ‘I guess this is where we see if she really meant what she said!’


As he came down on top of her, he knew his weight was greater than hers, so he tried to keep it balanced on her so as not to put too much strain on either her hands or legs on the mat.


Then he moved to wrap his powerfully thick legs and thighs around her lower waist, crossing his heels under her just as she had done with him, and then jammed them back into her crotch, just as she had also done earlier to him.


There was no big bulge of cock and balls in her tight bikini to crush his heels against, so directly into her crotch they went. Her own thick thighs gave her some protection, but he was still able to drive his heels in the rest of the way almost right into her.


At the same time, he began to wrap his powerfully muscled arms around her chest, clasping them just below her big boobs to avoid grabbing her big breasts directly.


“Up just a little, hunkman,” she said under her breath to him, “you’ll hold ‘em better that way!”


‘Ok, lady, if that‘s what you want, it’s sure ok with me,’ thought Jerry as he grabbed one of her enormous malleable melons in each hand, her protective bikini sliding to the side uselessly, and began to squeeze them with his full strength.


Flayme didn’t seem to have any problem with that at all.


‘Oh man,’ thought Jerry, ‘if she doesn’t mind what I’m doing to her, I know I sure don’t mind!’


For what seemed like long minutes, although it probably wasn’t more than just a moment or two, he rode her like a cowboy as she seemed to struggle back and forth and from side to side to buck him off, but, in fact, letting him keep up his punishment on her with no complaint from her at all.


Then, when they’d remained locked in that hold for another moment or two, she raised herself up to her knees, but more expertly than he had done earlier, and slid him off her back until he lay once again on the mat.


As she laid on the mat next to him, their eyes met and a small grin covered both of their faces.


‘Yeah, that felt real good, now let’s see what comes next!’ their glances seemed to say. If Flayme was satisfied with things so far, Jerry knew he surely was.


Flayme quickly turned on her side and before Jerry even knew it, she thrust out both her long and powerful legs and got him in a tight body scissors around his waist, just above his hips. As soon as he found himself caught with her muscled legs around him, he struggled to escape, trying to twist out first one way and then the other. Then he tried to bridge out, but that didn’t work either, so he remained trapped until he could figure another way out of it.


She realized his predicament, however, and after a moment or two eased up her scissors hold on him just enough for him to slip down part way out of it Then, as Jerry tried to work the rest of his way down and out of it, she slid her big and powerfully muscled legs up to his big chest and then up to his neck. He planned then to pull his head out completely from her scissors hold on him. But then she suddenly tightened her legs again getting a tight scissors hold around his head and neck.


‘Man,’ he thought, ‘she’s got me now, but all I need do is work at it a little more, and then I’ll be free.’ Slowly, he had almost pulled his head free, when she tightened her head scissors on him once more, even tighter, until her big legs and thighs were wrapped so tightly around his head that he couldn’t see or even hear a thing.


Not that he really minded any of it as one of his favorite holds to get caught in always was another guy’s total head scissors on him, blinding and almost crushing him in it as he tried desperately to escape it by trying to pull or bridge out of it.


So he tried to pull or bridge out of her hold on him now. But for doing it, he needed to twist his head around some, which he did. But then she countered that by twisting herself around too so that both of them still remained locked tightly together like two wrestling snakes on a mat, until he found himself facing directly into her now hot wet crotch, not two inches away.


Which gap quickly disappeared when she reached her long arms out to the back of his head and began to pull his face fully against the tight little colored bikini bottom she was wearing. Slowly, he felt himself begin to suffocate more and more in the hot dampness of her sweating crotch.


Not that he minded it, however. And she knew he didn’t mind being trapped in that predicament either.


It wasn’t the first time he’d ever been caught in such a hold by any means. It was yet another hold and predicament he always liked getting caught in. That is, getting caught in the other man’s tight head scissors or face press on him, and then having the other man’s big and bulging male equipment pressed hard against his face, blinding and choking him on it every time.


However, in all the previous times it had always been having the other man’s bulging cock and balls pressed hard into his face. This time it was Flayme’s hot wet crotch being forced in his face. But he never had any problem with that before, nor did he have any problem now, with Flayme, either.


Nevertheless, he instinctively countered the move as he’d always done to the other guy when he’d been caught like that previously. At those times, he reached up blindly to grab and pound at the other guy’s pecs to make him release his hold.


But this time, with Flayme, he wasn’t sure about that. Still, she had him in the hold, and had said earlier “anything goes,” so why not this time too?


In the next instant, he began to reach up blindly to grab and pound both of Flayme’s big and solid boobs. Which she had no problem with at all, even though her big boobs were made even bigger as she continued to reach out to pull his head into her hot wet crotch even tighter to punish him still more.


It wasn’t until almost minutes later that she finally released her hold on him so that he managed to pull back and out of her tight head scissors on him and could get some air again. And then he released his squeezing and pounding on her big breasts as well as they separated.


Then, as before, she looked around as if she were dazed, giving him the opening to try something else and come back at her to reverse their positions. After a brief and mixed struggle, he moved quickly to reverse the previous hold, knowing that’s what she really wanted from him, and he got the same big and solid head scissors back on her, catching her head solidly and tightly between his own muscular legs and thick thighs.


She acted surprised, like she would if she were in the ring in front of an audience, and began to try to pull out of his head scissors on her. But, instead, she soon got herself twisted around until her whole head was now caught between his own big thighs, with her now facing into his own bulging crotch, his big, hard and throbbing cock and balls now barely held in by the tiny bikini he was wearing, just exactly as she had held him just a few minutes before.


And now it was he who reached out and grabbed the back of her head so that now it was he who was able to pull her head and face all the way into his crotch until the bulge in his bikini was almost jammed down her throat and she was blinded and suffocated in it just as he had been earlier.


It was only when he saw her open her mouth and try to suck in as much of his big and throbbing male equipment into her mouth that he knew she had no more problem with her face being forced fully and hard into his hot wet crotch than he had earlier when their positions were reversed.


Then, to get back at him, just as he had done to her earlier, she began to reach her long and strong arms and hands up blindly to squeeze and pound at his pecs to make him release his hold on her. But, as he always liked to get pounded and punished on his pecs, he didn’t mind that at all, and had no intention of letting her go.


Eventually, however, he did finally ease his head scissors on her and let her try to slip away, just as she had finally released him earlier. But not before both had fully enjoyed what they were doing to and with each other.


But now, with his easing his hold on her, instead of pulling completely out of his head scissors, she turned to bridge out instead. It was a great move, and he had an idea that she not only liked to bridge out, but knew it looked good to an audience. So he kept his head scissors on her, but more lightly this time, until she did finally pull away from him entirely.  


For almost an hour, Flayme and Jerry wrestled back and forth, getting more and more used to each other’s pace and likings, and keeping up their pattern of Flayme first taking one hold or another on Jerry, and then either he escaping or Flayme subtly letting him go. And then reversing their holds on each other so that, if it were a real match with an audience out front, they’d see it as a real even and great wrestling match between the two.


Jerry was finding out something else too. Flayme apparently liked to be pounded and punished on all parts of her body. Not that she’d necessarily do everything in an actual ring match, but it was apparent she liked it any way she could get it.


Jerry figured she must be into at least some S&M, which he liked to get into too. She apparently had a real high threshold for taking pain, and he knew he did too, so the rougher it was for both of them, the better they liked it.


At one point, Jerry had his back on the mat, with Flayme standing over him. She then picked up first one, and then both, of his legs by his feet, putting him pretty much at her mercy with him on his back and unable to escape.


She then picked up one of her bare feet, and stomped it into his crotch and against his bulging and swollen cock and balls inside his tight bikini. When he didn’t seem to mind, she then increased the pressure until he felt all of his male equipment being almost crushed under her foot. He tried to twist out of the hold and punishment she was giving him, even though he knew he liked the pain of it, until she figured she’d done just about as much as she should.


But then, instead of releasing him, she turned sideways and picked his feet up even higher. And then she began to jam one of her feet into first one of his big and thick pecs, and then the other, to flatten and crush them instead. Actually, he liked that pec punishment just as much as having his cock and balls crushed, so at first he only tried to squirm out of her stomping on his pecs, but without really doing so.


It was only after a couple of minutes of that punishment on him that he figured she’d now want him to escape. So, with that, he reached out with his right hand to grab Flayme’s ankle, with her standing right next to his head, to bring her down to the mat next to him.


Which let him, with her now down on the mat next to him, and with their routine of taking and then reversing their various holds and punishments on each other, he quickly got up and picked up her two legs by her ankles, just as she had done to him, to make a perfect reversal of their hold.


Again, he wasn’t sure how far to take his next moves, but came to the same decision as before. As she had said right from the start, she wanted to both give it and take it, and so far they’d done exactly that, with no complaints from her.


Now he picked up his bare foot and stomped down on her big boobs, at first just lightly. But then, when she didn’t seem to object, he came on harder and also began to alternate between one and the other.


In doing so, he squeezed first one of her big feeders, and then the other, clear out of her bikini. But she didn’t indicate she had any problem with that either, so soon he stomped down on both of them alternately, while she struggled to get free of his punishment on her. Finally, she managed to jerk back both of her legs back out of his wet and slippery grip on her ankles and twist out of her predicament.


As she pulled away to free herself, Jerry couldn’t help but notice the small grin which covered her face. She apparently didn’t have any objection at all with him stomping hard on her breasts, just as he didn’t have any problem with her stomping on his pecs earlier.


Yeah, she was tough, but he was too, and both realized it in themselves and each other. Yeah, and it felt good too. After he let her go and they separated, she pulled her big breasts back into her little bikini, and then they went on from there. He noticed that she never seemed to have any problem with any of it. 


As they continued to wrestle and back and forth, neither noticed that three or four of the other hunky men working out in the gym, and a couple of women too, had quietly come in to watch the action between him and Flayme. Flayme had noticed, however, but she liked wrestling before an audience, just as when she was in the pro ring, so had no problem with anybody watching them, nor did Jerry either after he also noticed the small audience which they’d gathered. 


But Jerry also knew at the same time that while they wrestled back and forth so sensually and erotically, he was getting more and more sexually aroused.


His big cock-rod had already gone long and hard under his tight bikini, making a long hard ridge which ended just under the edge of his bikini until the red and swollen heart shaped end came and stuck out from the top of it.


Flayme hadn’t said anything about it, one way or another, but Jerry noticed that she didn’t hold back from fully and tightly grabbing his crotch by the long ridge under it, and every once in a while she used it like a handle to pick him up, or hold him down, or whatever else she wanted to do with him. He was used to that in cockfighting lots of times with other guys, so he took whatever punishment she wanted to give him in that line, as often as she liked and however tough she liked.


But now, after they’d been wrestling for almost an hour, he knew he couldn’t go much longer without shooting the full load of all the hot white cum that had been building up inside his powerfully muscled body all along.


He didn’t know quite how to mention to Flayme, however, that he’d gotten so aroused with all his sensual and erotic wrestling around with her that he was about ready to shoot his load. He also didn’t know if she’d expect him to shoot his load into her voluptuous body in one place or another, or just plain out and gone.


He didn’t have any need to worry about that. Flayme knew he was just about ready to come too.


One final time, when both were standing on the mat, she was crouching down and positioning herself to flip him over and down to the mat, with Jerry crouching too to be ready for her next attack on him. Suddenly she reached out to go between his legs, got a real good crotch lift on him, and easily flipped him over on to his back on the mat. She then quickly followed that up by coming down on top of him, straddling his powerful chest with her big and muscular body to keep him down, just as she’d done a number of times before.


But this time she came down facing his feet instead of his head, as she had before. Then she quickly shifted her weight back until she was able to sit, with her almost totally naked, hot and wet butt, fully on and completely covering his face.


With that, and with the small and tight bikini she was wearing, now pulled even tighter until it was no more than a G-string, he felt both of her big wet butt cheeks come down over his face as his eyes, nose and mouth sank deeply into the deep dark canyon of her solid butt.


Jerry had no problem with that at all. It was just like the many other times when another guy sat fully on his face with their wet and naked butts too. But then it had been another guy’s butt in his face, or his in the face of another guy, not Flayme’s. He knew, however, whether it was another guy or Flayme, it was still one of his favorite punishments to get caught in, or take, on the other guy.


He was willing to remain trapped with his face deep inside the dark wet crevasse of her butt for as long as she wanted to sit on him. But he nevertheless knew she wanted him to eventually try to escape too, even if not too soon, so their match could continue.


Desperately, then, all he could try to do was to bridge out of his predicament as only his feet and lower body were now free, with Flayme sitting so fully on his head and face.


But this time, with Flayme sitting on his face blinding and suffocating him, he knew his problem was worse, as he knew he was also getting so aroused that he was about to shoot his whole load of cum juice, whether he was ready to or not.


As he desperately tried to bridge out, and Flayme also knowing he was close to shooting his full load, she leaned over forward just a little and reached one of her long and strong arms and hands to grab at the huge bulge in his tight little bikini.


At first she just grabbed at the full load of his big and throbbing cock and balls bulging out of his bikini, which was such a tempting target right in front of her.


But then she reached under his bikini to specifically grab and then begin to squeeze his big and throbbing man rod, now fully eight inches long, thick and hard as steel. And then she pulled it out from under his bikini as if to show it, like a big oversized hot dog, to the group of onlookers at the side of the ring.


He knew what she was doing, and sensed that she was showing his big rod to the audience, most likely with a big grin on her face even as she was crushing it in her fist to torture him, while he was desperately struggling, unsuccessfully, to free himself and escape from under her.


But he couldn’t escape her, and then she began to rub his big and bulging bone up and down too, as well as letting her fingers caress and rub the big heart end of his rod to torture him even more, until he couldn’t stand it any longer.


In the next instant, she had forced him to shoot his whole big load of hot white cum clear out into the air. On and on it pulsed and flowed as he could do nothing about it. Flayme felt it run down over her hand and she and the others watching them watched it as it ran down over the side of her hand until it finally reached the floor.


On and on she continued to rub and caress it, with agony on Jerry’s part, until she’d forced every drop of cum out of it and his big tool softened in its now emptiness.


Only then, when Jerry was completely drained and totally exhausted, did he and his big rod go limp and she let him go and slid off him, to end their match.


For a moment he just lay there, with Flayme now almost equally exhausted, beside him, until both began to recover.


He looked over at Flayme and saw the grin on her face. He couldn’t help but match it with the grin that covered his own face as well.


She then got to her knees, came over and kissed him on his forehead.


“You’re real good, hunkman, and we gotta do this more often!” she said.


“Yeah,” he replied, “any time you’re good for another round, I know I sure am!”


With that exchange, both of them slowly got up and headed back to their respective shower rooms.


Jerry knew it had been real good, for sure. And it was just as good their next sessions over the following weeks when they did more of the same. 


‘Well,’ thought Jerry as the prison van got closer and closer to his future home at the Dulin State Prison for his nine-to-fifteen months, that sure was good, and maybe she’ll take me on again after I get out. I sure hope so anyway!’ 


Part 2
1  3


Jerry Jerdan in Dulin State Prison


The prison van pulled into the secure double gate entrance to Dulin State Prison, and then pulled into the prisoner loading dock inside the prison. Still in shackles, Jerry and the other prisoners with him were herded into the processing room, and from there, a couple of hours later, Jerry found himself in the cell which would be his bunk for the next nine-to-fifteen months.


The warden had explained that this would be his home for the period of his sentence, and he’d better get used to the idea. He was housed in a four-man cell as it was a light-to-medium security prison. The prisoners had a couple of hours exercise period every day to get and keep in shape, have some kind of job inside the prison for a few hours a day, and eat in the common mess hall. They’d also have access to the prison’s library and educational training facilities, while the rest of the time would be their own in their cells.


It seemed to Jerry like a decent set-up, and fair enough. The warden told him it was a chance for him to get his act together, learn some self-discipline, and work towards a trade if he liked. If he did, fine. If he didn’t, and wanted to continue to mess up his life, that was ok with him too. And if he stepped out of line while he was in the prison, he’d see to that too.


All of it seemed fair to Jerry as he collected the couple of sheets for his bunk bed and began to size up his new cellmates.


The first thing he found was that prisoners were assigned to whatever cells were available as they arrived at the prison, without regard for their background or sentence, so the four-man groups made up for a lot of varieties.


Of the three other prisoners in his cell, # 313 in the B Wing, one was named Eddie. He was about thirty and pretty slender, who apparently lived in his own world and didn’t want to talk to anyone but himself. As a result, he was pretty much ignored by the others.


Then one of the two others was a Hispanic man, maybe about 28, shorter than Jerry but stocky and real muscular. It turned out he worked out a lot in the prison gym, which a lot of prisoners did, either to protect themselves from bigger and more powerful prisoners, or maybe to better inflict themselves on smaller and weaker prisoners for whatever favors or pleasures they might get from that.


He said his name was Pedro, and he looked warily at the bigger and equally well built Jerry. At the same time, he had a grin on his face, and Jerry figured they’d get along real good as they got to know each other better.


The fourth prisoner was a big man, maybe about thirty, named Jake. He must have been six-one or -two and weighed about two-twenty, just about all of it muscle. He clearly worked out in the gym for whatever he had in mind to do with his size and strength.  



 Jerry knew that in prisons, despite the many regulations and confinement, sex, sexual assaults and rapes were not at all uncommon among the prisoners, with some of the bigger and stronger prisoners, if they were so inclined, taking every advantage they could over the smaller and weaker prisoners. Jerry wondered what Jake’s inclinations might be. He also couldn’t help but wonder what his own fate might be. In fact, he knew he was also sort of looking forward to finding out.


Jake was pretty easy to talk to, however, and Jerry soon found out that on the outside, Jake was in auto repair and worked in the service department of a Ford dealership in Montgomery.


Then, after a couple of minor run-ins with the police, he got into a brawl in a bar in which, due to his size, he unintentionally gave another guy a major concussion when he dropped him on his head. Jake knew that he could get angry if he was really provoked, and might hurt another guy, and so the judge thought he ought to spend some time in prison until he was able to train himself to get along with people a little better.


Jake didn’t seem to mind the sentence and, like Jerry, also figured he’d use the time to get his act together, as he put it, and then start all over again.


Altogether, Jerry found himself liking both Pedro and Jake, and, like them, pretty much ignored Eddie.


The cell was about eight by twelve feet, not very big, but not too small either. Steel double bunk beds were on each side. Pedro, on top, and Jake, on bottom, shared one side, Eddie had the top bunk on the other side, so Jerry took the lower there.


Soon after he got to his cell, at 11:30 am, Jerry saw and heard the automatic cell doors open to let all the prisoners in his section out to go to lunch, and Jerry followed his three cell mates to the mess hall. There, each prisoner was issued a plastic tray and a plastic spoon, then was given some hamburger, fries and a small salad, plus a drink, which he took to what looked like plain steel picnic tables bolted to the floor. After the meal, each prisoner was required to turn in his tray and spoon under the watchful eye of a guard to be sure he didn’t try to walk off with it.


After thirty minutes for lunch, they were then marched back to their cells and the cell door closed and locked behind them. Guards and cameras were positioned to keep them under surveillance every minute.


When Jerry asked about that routine, both Jake and Pedro said it was the same every day, and was about the same for breakfast and supper too.


In the afternoon, at two o’clock, their cell door opened again. That was when the prisoners had their slight taste for freedom and when they could go to the prison yard for some fresh air and maybe a game of pickup basketball, or maybe go to the prison gym where the weights, boxing speed bags, and wrestling mats were. All three of the gym facilities were popular with the prisoners as a way to work off their excess energy as well as to build themselves up physically.


While Eddie stayed behind in the cell, which was permitted, Jerry, Pedro and Jake went out to the prison yard and gym. The wrestling mats caught Jerry’s eyes almost immediately, and he walked over to them, accompanied by both Pedro and Jake.


“Hey, guys, this is neat,” said Jerry, with a grin crossing his face. “Yeah,” replied Jake, “it’s not bad at all” as he watched Jerry’s expression out of the corner of his eye.


He was thinking and saying to himself, checking out Jerry’s muscular build and apparent interest in the wrestling mats, ‘Yeah, not bad at all!’


Six men, in three sets, were working out on the mats. Every one of them was powerfully built and muscular, and dressed only in their prison shorts, which was permitted, and which showed a lot of skin and muscle. Jerry could also see by their tight and bulging trunks that at least four of them were at least partially aroused as they wrestled around with each other. And, by the holds they were taking on each other, he could see the reason why.


As he watched them, he felt his own big cock get long and hard, which both Jake and Pedro noticed too.


Jake and Pedro, who seemed to be very comfortable and close to each other, then went over to the weights for their own workout in the time allotted, and Jerry joined them to work out with them too.


Jake and Pedro were watching Jerry closely to see how he was doing with the weights, and were pleased when they saw he was real familiar and comfortable with them, and could handle as much weight and reps as they did, each in his own way.

Eventually, the bell rang and all of the prisoners had to return to their cells so that the prisoners in the other cell blocks could come out and work out too.


Back in their cell, Pedro and Jake went to sack out in their own bunks, which Eddie was already doing, and so Jerry sacked out in his own bunk as well.


So far, it had been a full day, with a lot of new experiences and sensations, and he didn’t mind taking a break from it now until supper time, when the lunch routine was repeated.


The cell was also equipped with a single steel desk, with two steel seats attached to it, which let half the cell mates sit at the desk at any time. Jerry noticed a half dozen magazines on the desk, including two wrestling magazines and two body building magazines.


‘Must be,’ thought Jerry, ‘at least one of these guys, Jake and Pedro, or both, are interested in wrestling. Hmmmm, maybe that’s got some potential there too!’


Lights went out at 10 pm, and the entire cell block went completely dark, except for the red exit signs. However, infra-red and night cameras displayed the walks in front of the cells, while sound and motion sensors were put in various places to pick up any unusual sounds or movements. The cells themselves, however, were generally dark and unchecked.


It had been a full day for Jerry, and he was ready to sack out when the lights went out. For an hour or two, he slept soundly. But then he awoke and became aware of various sounds coming from nearby cells. Soft sounds, maybe a murmur or a groan somewhere, maybe of flesh being rubbed or softly slapped, or other similar sounds.


Then he became aware of some of the sounds coming from his own cell. It was dark, with what little light there was coming from the exit sign at the end of the cell block. But in the dim light of the moon coming in through the narrow window of his cell, he could see some movement on the opposite side of the cell.


He couldn’t make out what it was, but it seemed like two figures, one bigger, on the bottom, and the other, smaller, on top, were positioned sort of head to toe.


It was a position Jerry was familiar with, being just like two wrestlers deadlocked in a double figure-four head scissors on each other, with each one’s big, long and hard rod stabbed deep down into the other’s mouth until one or the other would give in, or they would shoot their full loads of hot white cum deep down into the other’s mouth and throat.


As Jerry watched them, he felt his own big rod grow long and hard in sympathy with them. He’d knew he’d like to get into that action too. It was Jake and Pedro.


But he knew it was just his first day in prison, and he’d be here for a lot of days yet.


So that would just have to wait for another time. He dozed off again until the wake-up alarm sounded at 6:30 for the prisoners to get up, get dressed, and get ready for breakfast at 7:00 am. 


His first full day in prison began just like the previous one had gone, as far as the meals and exercise routine went. After they got back from breakfast, Jerry found both Jake and Pedro quiet but real easy to talk with. Jerry could see they were both very cautious and uncertain about him, and would remain so until they had a better chance to size him up, when they might open up just a little more.


Soon after breakfast, while all four were just sitting around their cell, for by now Eddie had gotten up and joined them for breakfast, although he went back to his bunk soon after they got back from breakfast, Jerry was sitting at the desk. Jake was sitting in the other seat and Pedro was sacked out in his bunk, when Jerry picked up the wrestling magazine and began to casually thumb through it. Jake noticed what he was doing and said, initiating the conversation for almost the first time, “Hey man, you into wrestling? You look like you got a pretty good build!” 

“Oh yeah, man, it makes for a real good workout and sometimes it’s a real turn-on too!” was Jerry’s easy reply.


“How about you? This your magazine, or Pedro’s or maybe both?” asked Jerry casually.


“Yeah, me and Pedro both like to go messing around, and sometimes me and him work out on the mats together.


“Maybe you and one or both of us should work out some time too. Gets sort of tired messing around with the same guys all the time,” was Jake’s equally casual reply.


‘Yeah,’ thought Jerry, ‘maybe we had oughta do that some time - which could be real good, for sure!’ an easy grin covering his face when he glanced over at Jake, who had a similar grin back for him. And, with a glance over to Pedro, who was listening to them, Jerry could see the grin on Pedro’s face as well. Were they all maybe thinking the same thing? 


Jerry knew he wouldn’t mind at all wrestling around with Pedro any time he’d like, but he was particularly taken with the idea of wrestling around with the much bigger Jake. Jerry knew he always liked to wrestle around with bigger guys, who more likely than not, would really work him over.


But he always liked, and was able, to take a lot of punishment, which sometimes didn’t turn out to be very different from some good S&M wrestling, which he also like to get into. Given the right opponent, bigger, heavier and stronger, but hopefully also reasonably careful not to do any real damage or take it too far, that would be best of all. 


Their conversation was suddenly interrupted when a guard came to their cell door, and Jake quickly getting up and put on his prison work boots. Then the door slid open and Jake went out, preceded by the guard, and they went out down the cell block until they were out of sight.


“Hey Pedro,” said Jerry, “what was that all about? Where’d Jake go, and what did he do?”


“No problema, man. Jake works a couple of hours a day in the prison laundry working on and fixing the big laundry machines. One week he works ten to noon mornings, and then the second week he works ten to midnight nights. He’s real good at the machines, and earns about a dollar a day, which is real good here in prison, and takes care of all sorts of little expenses. Maybe you ought to see if you could join him some time!”


Jerry knew he wouldn’t mind at all having something to do instead of just sitting around his cell, go to meals, and work out. “Yeah, sounds like a good idea, for sure!”


That afternoon, after Jake got back from the laundry and after their noon meal, he talked with Jake about his job, and asked him how he could get a job in the laundry too. Jake told him just to see the head guard at one of the meals, and they’d take it from there.


The following week, when one of the guards came to escort Jake to the laundry, he motioned for Jerry to join him, and all three went to the big, old and dark prison laundry, where the big machines were turning and grinding away, doing their thing.


Jake moved to his work station, which was overseeing and tending to the machines. Jerry was assigned by the guards to go over to the huge open bin where all the dirty laundry of the day had been thrown in a huge heap. His job there, with a few other prisoners similarly assigned, was to take the individual sheets, towels, uniforms and everything else heaped in the pile and then separate everything into smaller similar piles, which would then be ready to go into the various and appropriate machines.


It was hot work, and Jerry saw that the other prisoners had taken off all of their own clothes and shoes, to keep them clean, and stripped down to just their prison uniform shorts. After they were finished their shift, they could then shower, get cleaned up and put their regular clothes back on to return to their cells.


Jerry did the same. Within just a few minutes he had the hang of it and was working alongside the half dozen or so other prisoners assigned to the same job.


Jerry noticed that a couple of the prisoners, one a real hunky looking black prisoner and another just as hunky looking white prisoner were off to one side, sort of working together, and involved in a lot of horseplay and shoving each other around.


He could also see, by the clock on the wall and the pile of dirty laundry in front of them, that they’d finish their part of the job well before their shift ended, and could slacken off a while. Then the two sort of disappeared.


Jerry went over to where he’d last seen them, and saw them locked together at the bottom of the pile of dirty laundry. The white hunk was on his hands and knees deep in the pile of soiled laundry, with the black hunk on his back, riding him like a horse. Jerry could tell he had his big, long and hard rod stabbed deep into the other man’s exposed and waiting butt.


He could also see both the pain and grin on their faces. As the laundry area was secure from the rest of the prison, there were no guards in the area, and if there were any cameras around, nobody seemed to be paying any attention to them.


‘Yeah,’ thought Jerry, ‘this job could really turn out to be interesting. I wonder where Jake is, and if he doesn’t come over once in a while too?’ 


Just as he had that thought, he saw Jake on the overhead walkway which surrounded the dirty laundry pit. He was looking at both of the prisoners making out over in the corner with each other, and then over to Jerry. A smile crossed his face, while another smile crossed Jerry’s face as he looked back at him.


‘Yeah,’ thought Jerry, ‘this is looking better all the time! Maybe it could be me and Jake next time! I know I’d sure like that!’ 


After both had returned to their cell and Jerry had just about fallen sleep, he felt Jake’s big hand run over his head, down his back and over his butt. Despite the huge size of his hand, which Jerry knew was a very powerful one, his touch was soft and sensitive.


Jerry smiled as he felt Jake’s hand run back and forth over him and then he fell asleep. 


The next week went by surprisingly quickly. Eddie stayed pretty much to himself, although Jerry sensed he was more alert to what was going on around him than he let on. But apparently he just didn’t want to get involved in it.


Pedro was always good natured, and a couple of times Jerry watched him working out on the weights, at which he was real good, and which clearly resulted in is having such a great and muscular build.


And he and Jake got to watching each other more and more too, as if working themselves up to messing around with each other, one way or another, but neither quite yet willing to make the first move.


Between times, Jerry also learned that Jake was serving a one-to-three year term, so he’d probably be there until after Jerry would be released. As a result, Jerry knew he’d need to make the first move if they were to get to mess around with each other, which he wanted to do more and more every day.


Meanwhile, when they got to their daily workout hours in the prison gym, he’d already watched a couple of times when Jake had gotten into a couple of wrestling matches on the mats himself.


Once, it was with a guy somewhat smaller them himself who was about Jerry’s size. At first, Jake took it easy on him while apparently encouraging him back to be as hard on him in return as he liked. It looked like Jake liked being pressured.


But then the other man tried deliberately to stick his finger into Jake’s eye, which Jake had warned him against earlier. And then, following that, and ignoring the first warning, the other man then followed that by almost twisting Jake’s foot off his ankle when Jake had deliberately exposed his ankle for the other man to grab if he liked. But he still didn’t want it to be broken, particularly to his opponent‘s advantage.


That was therefore a very bad move on the other guy’s part. Suddenly, and with almost no effort, Jake twisted free of the other man, proceeded to pick him up, and then smashed him down bodily on the mat.


It was just hard enough not to break any of the guy’s bones, but pretty close to it. The other guy, getting Jake’s silent message to him, left the mat without a word immediately afterwards.


In another match, when Jake was messing around with a guy who was even bigger and heavier than he was, but obviously not nearly as strong or experienced, the other guy deliberately tripped Jake to fall down to the mat. Then the other man dropped down hard on top of him before Jake could even position himself to withstand the blow, to the effect that he was almost crushed under the other man’s weight.


Jake took exception to that unexpected move and blow. He quickly threw the other man off him, got up, and then picked the other and bigger man up like he was a sack of potatoes, and smashed him down to the mat in return too. It took the other man a moment or two to recover, and even then he only got up groggily. But then he soon saw the light and daggers in Jake’s eye, and decided to call it off as well.


Later, when they were back in their cell, Jake was no more than being back to his regular affable self.


From that, however, Jerry figured Jake could be real dangerous if he were unduly provoked, but otherwise he seemed real considerate of the guys he was wrestling around with. Jerry could see most of the times he was only matching the other man in their moves, one for one, but not overwhelming them.


He saw too that Jake didn’t have any problem with all sorts of crotch holds, pec squeezing and punching and other stuff which weren’t normally permitted, but were in line with “anything goes” wrestling so long as none of it caused any real injuries or damages.


Jerry only hoped Jake would take the same approach with him if they’d ever get to wrestling around, which he hoped more and more would be real soon. 


A couple more weeks went by, with Jake back on the day shift while Jerry remained on the night shift. But then, the following week, both of them were assigned to the night shift together.


Even before then, at night in their cell, Jake approached Jerry more and more and soon began to make some wrestling moves on him both when they were awake and just resting in their cell, and a night when they were presumably in their bunks.


Jake messed around with him only lightly however, most likely because he was not yet sure about Jerry’s reaction to him. Assaults by one prisoner against another in their cells was prohibited, and if caught, the guilty prisoner was subject to major penalties. Jake knew he was watched as a result of his temper when provoked, and didn’t want any more trouble than he could help.


Still, Jerry felt himself getting more and more aroused when once, when they were fooling around in their cell, which was getting more and more common, a couple of times Jake got him from the rear and tried to pull his arms back, with Jerry getting really aroused as he took Jake’ punishment. Jerry liked the masochistic feel of big Jake working him over, and knew Jake liked the sadistic feel of seeing how far he could stretch Jerry out before Jerry would give in. 


But Jerry soon began to reciprocate, and a couple of times he got on top of Jake, in his lower bunk, and got some easy wrestling holds on him. Jerry could tell Jake had no problem with that, or for anything else Jerry might want to do to him, even though he never said anything.


Jerry knew he now wanted to really get into it even more with the big man, the harder the better, no matter how it might turn out. He also knew by now Jake felt the same way about him. Both knew what they wanted and were ready for the other one just as soon as possible. 


Two nights later they did get into it. Both Jerry and Jake were on the night shift at the laundry. By now, Jerry knew they could finish their work with at least an hour left over. Jake’s work was similar, with an hour left over too.


With just a nod of understanding, Jerry and his fellow prisoners set to work over the accumulated laundry, while the other prisoners sensed something was up between Jake and Jerry, most likely getting into it with each other. That in itself wasn’t too unusual, as the lightly guarded laundry room saw some other action between other prisoners as well.


As the prisoners worked, Jerry gradually moved over toward one corner of the bin where it was darkest. There he made up some rolls of dirty laundry and shifted them to the bottom of a pile, and then he shifted some sheets on top of them to form sort of a mat on which he and Jake could wrestle around.


He’d hardly finished when he saw Jake appear on the catwalk above them. Jake had just finished fixing one of the machines which had broken down. It was hot work, and so he’d stripped down to just his prison shorts and work boots, and was otherwise buck naked. He looked real good, and Jerry felt his big tool grow long and hard just looking at him. He also saw Jake’s even bigger rod grow even harder and longer as its big and swollen heart shaped end showed out through the bottom of his shorts. Jerry began to get an idea of what he might be in for if he wrestled with the big man.


Although the other prisoners gave the appearance of continuing to work at the dirty laundry, their eyes and minds were focused entirely on Jerry and Jake. They knew that while both were powerfully built and muscular, Jake was a lot bigger, stronger and older than Jerry.


They wondered if Jerry knew what he might be letting himself in for?


Jerry wondered too, but the urge to get into it with Jake was too great for him to resist.


In the next instant, Jake, on the catwalk above the laundry bin, flipped over the railing and landed on his hand and knees on the soft laundry right at Jerry’s feet. Then, in the next instant, looking up at Jerry and grinning at him, as eager to get into it with Jerry as Jerry was with him, he grabbed Jerry’s ankle and began to pull him down on top of him.


Jerry liked that. Their match began. 


Jerry had already sensed that Jake liked to be manhandled and punished. He also knew that he couldn’t really hurt Jake, even if he wanted to, as Jake could always escape him, one way or another. Not that Jerry couldn’t give Jake a pretty hard time of it if he wanted, and Jake would feel Jerry’s punishment of him.


But still, Jake would always survive, while it was Jerry who was in the greater danger. He knew that Jake could take a lot of punishment, and liked it. So if Jake didn’t come back at Jerry too hard, in case he did take exception to what Jerry wanted to do with him, it shouldn’t come as too big a surprise, or be clearly dangerous.


However, if Jake really got tee’d off at some point, then that could go real bad for Jerry. Jerry figured he’d just have to take his chances with the big Jake as he now couldn’t resist getting into him, nor, he sensed, could Jake resist getting into it with him either. 


As soon as Jake brought Jerry down on top of him, Jerry got on Jake’s big muscular back, grabbed one of Jake’s big arms to bring it up behind him and over his butt, while wrapping his other arm around Jake’s throat in a sort of choke-hold, but didn’t make it too tight. Just enough to signal to Jake that he was ready to take him on, one-on-one, for however it might turn out.


For a minute or two, they struggled against each other, Jake to free himself from Jerry’s holds on him, and Jerry to keep his holds and position on top of Jake. As they struggled back and forth, Jerry, whose big cock was already long and hard, found himself trying to use it to penetrate Jake’s big and solid butt however he could.


As Jake struggled, he not only felt Jerry’s holds on him trying to immobilize him, but also Jerry’s big, hard boner trying to get into him But while he didn’t like to get into anal penetrations, it was clear to both of them that Jake didn’t mind at all Jerry’s trying. Nor was Jerry’s idea on the matter any different when Jake tried to stiff his big rod into Jerry’s butt in return later on. 


Eventually, Jake was able to get his arm free from Jerry’s hold on him and slowly rolled over on his back, but Jerry loosening his choke hold on him so that he could still remain on top of him. So that now they were face to face, their faces only a couple of inches apart. The slight grin on both of their faces showed that they liked what they were doing so far.


Jerry then released his loose choke hold on Jake and lifted himself slightly off the big man in sort of a pushup so that now he’d be able to grab one of Jake’s massive pecs in each of his fists and begin to crush and squeeze them as hard as he could. A tight pec claw hold was a favorite he liked to take on another guy, and have taken on himself just as well, generally as hard as possible. He hoped Jake had no problem with it, and it was a signal to Jake that it was something he liked taken on himself at any time in return.


Finding his own huge pecs being crushed in Jerry’s tight and crushing hold on them, Jake easily figured that must be one of Jerry’s favorite holds to get caught in too. And so, reaching up, he similarly grabbed one of Jerry’s own thick pecs in each of his own huge hands, and began to crush and squeeze his own big pecs just as hard back in return. Jerry liked that, as he always did.


For a couple of minutes, each felt the sensation of the other’s muscled flesh being crushed in his own hands, while his own muscled flesh was being similarly squeezed real hard by the other. It felt real good to both, and neither wanted to be the first to let go.


Later on in their long match, they reversed the holds more than once, and then it would be the massive Jake coming down on top of Jerry, which Jerry always liked even more, to be on the bottom when he could reach Jake’s massive pecs coming down on top of him and reach up to squeeze them as hard as he could to keep Jake from coming down any harder on him. Which, of course, he had no problem with any time either.




Then Jerry shifted his legs over so that one of them would be outside Jake’s big legs, and the other would be positioned right between Jake’s legs directly over all of his now big, hard and bulging male equipment. Then, after Jerry got himself properly positioned, he pressed his own big and thickly muscled upper thigh hard into Jake’s now hard and bulging male junk until he’d just about crushed all of it against Jake’s own lower bone structure.


Jake took the punishment without even flinching. Finding that, Jerry jammed his big leg repeatedly even harder into Jake’s big crotch, pounding and punishing him even more.


Jerry had by now sort of figured that Jake seemed to like taking a lot of punishment. Or at least he hoped he was right on that score. But then, working Jake over almost as hard as he could right now, with Jake not even hardly flinching or making any complaint to him, he figured Jake not only didn’t have any problem with it, but was very much liking it.


And for what might be a lot of punishment for most guys, Jake was so big and tough it took a lot more to really get to him. Whatever, Jerry knew he was liking the almost sadistic punishment he was giving Jake, while the masochistic Jake was liking just as much all that Jerry was giving him.



Jake wasn’t about to let Jerry get away with too much, however, figuring Jerry probably liked much the same thing taken on himself. Gradually, and with Jerry hardly even noticing it, he began to bring one of his own legs up underneath Jerry until he was able to get his big foot up and positioned directly into Jerry’s own big and bulging crotch.


Then, slowly at first but not stopping, he jammed his huge foot hard into Jerry’s crotch, crushing his thick and bulging cock and balls as he did, and pushed Jerry up and away from him. At the same time, he also slowly grabbed both of Jerry’s hands by pulling them off his pecs, and pushed them up so that Jerry soon found himself suspended in mid-air, held tightly in place only by Jake’s powerful grip on his hands and Jake’s big foot jammed into his crotch hard against his big, throbbing cock and balls, with most of his weight coming down on top of them.


For Jerry, it was agony, particularly as Jake then began to juggle his hands around to shake Jerry up some more while his foot did the same, crushing Jerry’s big thick cock and balls still more.


Jerry looked down at Jake’s face and saw the small grin covering it. He knew his own grin matched Jakes as, despite the predicament and pain he was in, he knew he was liking every masochistic second of it.


For a along minute and then some, Jake kept it up, knowing it was probably hurting Jerry at least some. But at the same time, he knew Jerry liked it too Only then did he begin to let Jerry down easily and then give him another minute to recover from it too.


Jerry appreciated that, and as he quickly recovered, he tried to figure out what to do with Jake next, while Jake waited for him to make that next move.


Jerry knew it wouldn’t be easy to match Jake muscle for muscle and move for move, so he had to figure out something else. Which he soon did.


‘Smother and choke the bejessus out of him,’ thought Jerry as he suddenly got on Jake, who was once again on his back, and got a tight body press and figure-four head scissors on the big man. 


Jerry had real thick and powerful thighs, being on the more or less short and stocky side, and knew that whenever he could get a good scissors on another man, the other man would really feel it, particularly if it was a combo body press and head scissors, in which he could blind and suffocate the other man as well.


It worked fine as he got his specialty on Jake this time. Suddenly he caught Jake’s head perfectly and tight between his thick and muscular thighs, and then he jammed his whole big cock and balls fully and hard against Jake’s face to blind and suffocate him in the hold as well.


Until now, although their loose prison shorts had already almost come off a couple of times, thus far they were still on the two. But now, as they wrestled back and forth, Jake reached up blindly to rip Jerry’s shorts off him so they wouldn’t be loose in his face even though that would now mean Jerry’s big and throbbing naked cock and balls would be pressed tightly against his face.


Feeling Jake ripping his shorts off him, Jerry lost no time in pulling Jake’s shorts off in return. So from now on they would wrestle completely naked as they fought each other.


From here, this match between the two prisoners, who were also cell mates, the big and powerfully muscular Jake and the smaller but no less muscular Jerry, got even more intense in the darkened prison laundry. As the two fought and wrestled back and forth, the other prisoners now stopped their own work entirely to watch the action between the two. It sure did look good.


Part 3

1  2


Jerry Jerden Wrestles Big Jake in Dulin State Prison 


Jerry now found himself on top of the bigger, older, more muscular and stronger Jake as they wrestled each other back and forth in the darkened laundry room of the Dulin State Prison, where both of them shared the same cell with two other men.


They’d already been wrestling back and forth for close to half an hour and were still just getting into it and getting used to wrestling with each other. Jerry knew he’d really wanted to get into it with Jake ever since he first saw him, even though he knew Jake had a reputation for violence if and when he ever got provoked.


Still, when he wasn‘t provoked, which was most of the time, Jake seemed to be a real decent guy. In wrestling with him, Jerry just hoped things would stay that way. But that still remained to be seen. 


Meanwhile, right now, Jerry tightened his figure-four head scissors hold on Jake. At first, he got it from the side, getting Jake’s head caught between his legs, with Jake facing upwards so that he couldn’t get too much leverage to break out of his hold.


But then slowly Jerry was able to shift around to get Jake in the same hold, but now getting on top of him to use his own weight to hold Jake down as well. From there, he got Jake directly under him and gave him a smothering face full of his long and hard tool and bulging balls. He could feel Jake’s mouth open under him to help him breathe, but that then only let Jerry plunge his big long dip stick hard forcefully deep down Jake’s throat to choke and blind him even more.


If Jake was surprised, or didn’t like it, Jerry knew that the big man might just chomp down on his thick hunk of meat and that would be the end of it and him. But nothing happened as Jerry then began to stab his big rod deeper and deeper down Jake’s waiting mouth and throat. Although Jake moaned some as his mouth and throat were filled with all of Jake’s swollen male equipment, he didn’t fight him back either.


At one point, Jerry felt Jake shake his big rod out of his mouth, and suck both of his big balls down into his mouth instead. Jerry wasn’t too sure about that move and tried to pull them back out. But when he did, Jake wouldn’t open his mouth to let them go, so Jerry just had to stick with his own now reverse punishment until Jake would finally release him.


After a couple of minutes, Jake did release Jerry’s balls out of his mouth. But then quickly, before Jake could do anything else, Jerry once again aimed his big rod directly of Jake’s mouth and once again stabbed it deep down into Jake’s throat. Jake once again took the whole thing in and felt and tasted the whole thick and slippery rod of it as it was now jammed even deeper down his throat.


As Jake seemed to be ok with that, Jerry figured if maybe he could pressure Jake some more some other way too, he’d see what else he could do on top of it.


Already having Jake in a real good, tight and smothering figure-four head scissors, and both wrestlers naked, wet with sweat and getting more and more aroused with each other with all their cockfighting, that meant Jake’s own enormous, long and thick rod was sticking up right in front of Jerry’s own face, exposed to whatever sadistic torture Jerry might want to work on it too.


Which Jerry knew what it would be. Slowly, he released one of his hands from under Jake’s massive upper leg, which he’d been holding on to in order to keep his own hold on Jake tight. He then grabbed Jake’s big and hard tool and slowly began to push it forward, like a stick shift in a pickup truck going into reverse, down between Jake’s massively big and thick legs.


At first, Jake hardly reacted to this new pressure Jerry was beginning to work on him. But Jerry knew he was bending it unnaturally, and soon it would either break off, or Jake would have to react to escape Jerry’s torturing hold on it.


For a moment, working all the pressure he could on Jake, Jerry had forgotten that while Jake was ordinarily so good natured, he could get almost violent if he felt he was really being hurt or wronged. Such as what he might be doing to Jake right now, Jerry suddenly realized.


But still, nothing happened, while Jake continued to take Jerry’s torture on him. Jerry moved slowly, however, knowing that’s how he himself liked to be punished and tortured. Enough to enjoy the pain, but at the same time having enough time to either escape or signal that it was probably, at some point, enough.


Finally, after Jerry felt like he must be near almost breaking Jake’s big rod clear off him, Jake began to react. By now, Jerry had figured Jake must really like a lot of pain, however, and must be liking to get into some S&M.


At the same time, Jerry figured he must be doing something right too, to have been able to go this far with Jake, and with Jake really liking to take a lot of punishment. Jerry knew he liked it pretty much the same way himself, just so long as no real damage was done.


Suddenly, Jerry became aware that Jake, while continuing to take Jerry’s punishment on his big rod by almost breaking it off his body, he had at the same time begun to push one of his own big and strong hands up between his face and Jerry’s big load of junk, which was still smothering and crushing against his face with Jerry’s tight head scissors on him.


Slowly and easily then Jake grabbed and began to pull Jerry’s own big rod, still long and hard, out of his mouth so that he could first at least breathe a little more freely.


Then, almost crushing Jerry’s own big rod in his fist just as Jerry was doing to him, he one-handedly, with his massive strength, began to push Jerry’s own big and hard rod up to break his head scissors on him. Then he pushed Jerry up even higher, with almost Jerry’s whole body weight coming down against his own big tool, until Jake had him suspended high overhead in a one-handed dead lift.


Jerry knew, even though he had now lost his tight head scissors on Jake in this almost effortless move by Jake, he did like the feeling of being held up in the air by just his big boner alone. He was able to reduce the pain and pressure on his rod at least a little by reaching down to brace his hands on Jake’s big legs just to ease the pressure as much as he could on his own big stiff rod, but it was only a partial help.


After holding Jerry aloft for a couple of minutes, but knowing the strain it was putting on Jerry’s big tool, Jake began to shift his hand over to one side, with Jerry’s rod still tightly held in its powerful grip, until he had rolled both of them over and reversed their positions so that the big and muscular Jake was now fully on top of Jerry, head to toe, in a massive body press, while still holding on to Jerry‘s big and still rock hard rod too.


Jerry realized exactly what Jake was doing and liked it, particularly when Jake now proceeded to get the same tight figure-four head scissors on him that he had just been holding on Jake.


Now Jerry felt his own whole head caught tightly between Jake’s massive legs and thighs, with Jake’s even more massive and bulging big cock and balls pressing hard against his face, blinding and suffocating him as they did.


Jerry knew he sure like that. And, at the same time, Jake still continued to crush Jerry’s big rod in his fist and bend it forward between his legs, too. Man, he knew it was about as masochistic a punishment he could take, but he still hoped Jake wouldn’t end it any time soon even though it was almost killing him.


But then, to add to Jerry’s predicament even more, just as Jake had been forced to earlier, Jerry had to open his mouth to breathe. And with Jake’s smothering head scissors on him, that let Jake take advantage of the situation as he stabbed his whole enormously long, thick and hard tool deep down into Jerry’s mouth and throat.


Jerry liked that even more. The whole thing about having Jake’s massive weight on him, being smothered by Jake’s head scissors around his head, and now having Jake’s huge tool stabbed down his throat, just about totaled him out completely. He knew he sure liked the full punishment of it all too.


‘Yeah,’ thought Jerry, ‘you got me all the way, Jake, but I’m loving every minute of it!’ 


For the next couple of minutes, Jake continued his pressing and choking torture on Jerry, while Jerry tried desperately to escape. But the whole thing felt so good to both of them that neither wanted to be the first to end it.


Finally, Jake, knowing he’d been punishing Jerry long and hard enough, much as he knew Jerry liked all of it, Jake began to ease his crushing and choking pressure on Jerry. First he began by releasing his hold and the pressure on Jake’s big rod, and then by shifting himself off the smaller man, thereby easing up on his head scissors on Jerry. Then by pulling his big rod out of Jerry’s mouth and throat, and finally by rolling off Jerry back on to the sheets on which they were wrestling. 


All of the other prisoners assigned to the laundry had been watching them through the whole thing. Most of them liked to wrestle around similarly, and knew the pain and torture both Jerry and Jake had been giving and taking from each other. They liked the vicarious pain and pressure they were getting from the whole thing too.


Jake waited for Jerry to recover. But by this time, he had also figured that Jerry like to be tortured, and was maybe more into the “M” than the “S” part of the equation, and while he generally let Jerry take the lead, being the smaller of the two, he’d continue working Jerry over, as long as Jerry didn’t complain, knowing he himself liked the “S” role as well as the “M” role too.


Suddenly, as Jake was on his back waiting for Jerry to recover, Jerry did so, and in one leap he jumped back on top of Jake, head to toe, and with both powerfully muscled wrestlers, now naked and wet with sweat, Jerry got Jake in another powerfully tight head scissors. He knew it was one of their favorite holds to both take and get caught in, and one the liked to get into over and over again.


But this time, before Jerry had a chance to really tighten his hold on the big Jake, Jake flipped up both of his powerful legs and caught Jerry in another powerful head scissors of his own.


It wasn’t as tight as he could have taken with his powerful legs, but it was tight enough so that Jerry couldn’t escape it either. And then, in the next move, he broke out of Jerry’s own head scissors on him, so that now it was only Jake who had the head scissors on Jerry.


As soon as Jerry realized his head was caught between Jake’s massive legs, he tried first to pull out, then flip out and then bridge out, like a fish caught in a net and landing on the deck of a boat.


But he couldn’t escape Jake’s head scissors on him, hard as he tried. Each time Jerry tried to pull out one way or another, Jake just rolled himself around, following him and bringing the helpless Jerry along with him. Jerry had a strong neck, however, which Jake had already realized, and liked the punishment Jake was subjecting him now by not letting him go.


In fact, Jerry had gotten into an S&M match with another guy only a couple of weeks ago just before he was picked up and sentenced to his present prison term. In that match too, the other man had trapped Jerry in a similar tight head scissors, forcing him to struggle to escape his predicament, until the other man eased his hold just a little and Jerry was able to make his escape.


Se he now enjoyed what Jake was doing to him even though he was being flipped over and back and forth from side to side like a hooked fish in a boat by Jake, who wouldn’t let him go. Eventually, however, Jake figured maybe he had held it long enough, and eased his scissors on Jerry’s head just enough to let him escape. 


Again, Jerry recovered quickly from the punishment Jake had just been giving him. He knew he was big enough to get back at the powerful Jake in the same punishing hold. However, he began to figure maybe there was another way he could get back at Jake which might be just as good.


Before Jake pulled away, Jerry, now recovered, therefore twisted suddenly, while Jake was on his back, and jumped on Jake’s massive and powerfully muscled chest to straddle it, his knees and feet facing toward Jake’s head while he faced Jake’s feet. Then he moved back just a few inches until he felt Jake’s face positioned exactly under his butt.


In the next instant, before Jake could react, he dropped his whole upper body weight and his naked, solid and wet butt, directly on Jake’s face to blind and suffocate him in it. He felt Jake’s nose, eyes and mouth sink deeply into the dark and deep canyon of his butt, hopefully being suffocated there. He knew he’d hit it just right too.


While Jake was bigger and stronger that Jerry overall, Jerry’s own weight and strength weren’t really too far behind Jake’s either. And now with Jerry’s almost full weight on top of just his head and face, Jake knew he was in for some punishment from Jerry as long as Jerry kept sitting on him, or until he could someway dislodge Jerry and get him off him.


Jake, however, also liked the feel and challenge of having another guy sit fully on his face, knew that Jerry liked it too, and knew Jerry liked the same challenge when he was the bottom man and another guy was sitting full on his face.


So Jake, suffocating as he was, was in no rush to escape what Jerry was doing to him. And then he also figured that maybe this was another move he could reverse and take on Jerry some time too.


If and when he did, it wouldn’t be quite so hard due to his weight and size difference, but at least enough for Jerry to feel it and like it. He was right, too.


That was just what Jerry liked even though he was almost crushed and suffocated in it, when their positions were later reversed and Jake sat just as long and fully, except just a little more lightly on Jerry’s face in return.


For now, however, as he knew Jake was too tough to give in, Jerry himself figured it was about time to let Jake up from his face sitting punishment.


But then, as Jake began to get back on to his hands and knees from Jerry‘s having been sitting on his face, before he could recover completely Jerry jumped on his back wrapped his legs around Jake’s powerful lower body.


Then from there he got Jake in a massive neck lock, trying to push Jake’s head and neck down almost as if he were trying to break Jake’s head off clear off his powerfully muscled body.


Jerry had already noticed that Jake had one of the thickest and strongest necks of any guy he had ever known, and he suspected Jake liked to have his neck worked on to his maximum strength. So Jerry figured now he’d oblige him on it. He was right. Trying to break Jake’s neck off his body was like trying to push a fully grown oak tree down with one hand. It didn’t work, but he knew Jake liked him to try it as hard as he could. 


For a couple of long minutes Jerry also rode Jake’s big back like a bucking bronco, while Jake tried to throw him off. But Jerry managed to hold on, kicking his heels repeatedly into Jake’s naked and exposed cock and balls to punish him there too, while Jake just took all of his punishment until he was finally able to throw Jerry off him. Jerry’s sadistic punishment of Jake was matched by Jake’s masochistic willing to take whatever Jerry wanted to give him, to the pleasure of both.


Eventually, Jake did finally manage to rear up, and, with the slipperiness of their bodies as a result from all the sweat they’d worked up, Jerry couldn’t keep his hold any longer. Slowly, he slid down and off Jake’s back and they momentarily separated.


That’s all it took then for Jake to come back on Jerry. Jerry was expecting it. He’d now had Jake in two punishing holds, which he knew Jake liked despite the pain and agony it was giving him. So now he expected, and looked forward to, whatever Jake would do to him in return.


Jake generally knew it wasn’t good, if a match was going to be real good for both wrestlers, for the heavier and bigger man simply to get on top of the lighter or smaller man for any length of time. Whenever the heavier man did that, which was always a temptation for him, it generally resulted in the top man expending very little of his energy, while the bottom man would soon exhaust all of his adrenaline and energy just try to stay alive and escape, and the match would end prematurely.


Still, there were times when it was a good move for the bigger man to get on top of the smaller man anyway, if the top man positioned himself so as not to really put his full weight on the bottom man, and give him a chance to breathe and make his escape without exhausting himself.


Jake, who knew all along what he was doing, figured so far they’d been messing around real evenly, without his putting too much of the real pressure he was capable of, on Jerry, and so Jerry was liking the whole match very much himself. 


Jake had also already figured out that Jerry liked to be on the bottom, trapped there by the bigger and heavier man, just so long as he wasn’t expected to use up all or too much of his energy to try to escape his predicament.


Before Jerry could escape this time, therefore, Jake quickly came down on him, face to face, at first almost crushing him under his powerfully big and muscular body. Jerry thought that was great, and he only hoped, once again, that Jake wouldn’t keep him trapped too long or before he really would be crushed.


Jake knew again that that would be on Jerry’s mind, however, and he quickly shifted slightly to the side so that while one of his legs was positioned between Jerry’s legs, where it could also come down on Jerry’s big load of still hard and bulging junk to keep up the pressure there, his other leg remained outside, carrying most of Jake’s massive weight with it, so that only part of Jake’s total weight would actually be on top of Jerry to hold him in place.


‘Oh man,’ thought Jerry, ‘ol’ Jake here is about to crush me, but I just hope maybe not quite, and it sure does feel good!’ 

It was, in fact, pretty much a reversal of the same hold and position they were caught in earlier in their match when their positions were reversed. Both knew it, and both knew they liked it, both ways.


Slowly, Jake dropped even more of his weight down on Jerry, knowing Jerry liked the feel of Jake’s big, naked and muscular body on top of him. He was right about that.


But this time, although at first Jerry reached up with both hands to once again squeeze both of Jake’s massive pecs in his fists and crush them all he could, he thought maybe he’d switch it just a little.


Slowly, he began to release his grip on one of Jake’s rock hard pecs, and used that hand to reach under Jake’s huge body to grab his big still long and hard big rod and thick and bulging balls, pressing down hard on his own thick cock and balls.


And this time too, instead of just grabbing Jake’s big schlong and his bulging ballglobes, he grabbed around the base of the whole assemblage which connected all of his junk to his big and powerful body. Then he moved as if to rip the whole works right off the big man.


For an instant, Jake flinched, not knowing what Jerry was about to do. But then he hardened and took the pain as Jerry started to pull the whole load of all of his big male equipment almost right off his body.


But then, in return, figuring what was good for Jerry was good for him too, he similarly released his own grip on one of Jerry’s pecs, reached underneath himself, still pressing down on Jerry‘s whole body, and similarly grabbed Jerry’s whole tool bag around it’s own base and began to crush and pull it off Jerry’s own body in return.


When it came to cockfighting and torturing each other’s big and now full and throbbing whole tool bag, they were even, and so, for a couple of long minutes, each punished the other as hard as he could, while enduring the pain of the same hold on himself.


Both knew it was a great S&M move, and neither could get enough.


Even as they were trying to pull each other’s big cock and balls right off the other’s body, Jake also continued to slowly drop himself down on top of Jerry even more. He was still keeping a large part, but not all, of his weight off Jerry, however, so as not to really crush him.


At the same time, he was bringing his own head and face down closer and closer to Jerry’s until finally their faces met. From there, it was then only a couple of seconds more until their lips met, and then their tongues began to wrestle it out inside each other’s mouth.


‘Oh sweet Jesus,’ thought Jerry, ‘what’s he going to do next, what with dropping his crushing weight down on top of me, then almost ripping my cock and balls right off my body, and now his tongue beating my tongue up inside my own mouth!


‘But if I’ve got to go, this is just the way I want it to happen! Man, it hurts, but man it feels so good too!’ 


Then suddenly, feeling himself totally in Jake’s power and about to be subjected to whatever final punishment Jake might have in mind for him, and knowing they were both so totally aroused that they were both about to shoot their full loads of all the hot white cum in their bodies, Jerry felt Jake’s face lift up and turn slightly away, as if he were distracted by something. Jerry, suddenly also slightly released, followed Jake’s glance to see what he was looking at.


One of the other prisoners watching them was motioning toward him and Jerry and pointing to the big clock on the wall. The other prisoner was signaling them their shift was going to end in about ten minutes, and sometimes the guards came in a couple of minutes early to be sure the place was cleaned up, because they wanted to leave soon too.


Jake nodded to him and then turned his attention back to Jerry, now coming down on him even harder. For a moment Jerry didn’t know what he planned to do, but, with the massive and muscular Jake on top of him, there was little he could do except take whatever Jake had in mind for him.


He knew that both he and Jake had massive hard-ons with all their wrestling and cock-fighting, and their big rods were still long, thick and rock-hard as they were still trying to rip them off each other’s body.


And he knew too, at least for himself and he thought probably Jake too, that he had a huge load of cum built up inside him which was just about ready to explode out of him whether he was ready for it or not.


Now even more he began to feel Jake’s big tool, jutting out stiff and hard from his hot and wet crotch like a giant crowbar, push it’s way down between his legs. Jerry felt his own big and muscular legs and thighs were still held tightly together by Jake’s even more massive legs on the outside, and there was nothing he could do to escape Jake’s powerful hold on him.


At the same time, he also felt his own rod being crushed as it drove up between Jake’s legs in the same way that Jake was coming down on top of him.


Now both of their rods were being rubbed, tortured and crushed between the other’s massive legs, and neither was hardly able take the pain and pressure it was putting on them. At the same time, both knew it was also forcing both of them to come closer and closer to shooting their full loads no matter where it would end up.


That did it! Suddenly, as each gave one final uncontrollable spasm while they still remained tightly locked together, both of them felt their hot white cum juice explode out of their body while at the same time they felt the other’s full load of hot creamy cum juice pour all over their own body.


For what seemed like long minutes, both of their hot wet cum loads poured and pulsed out while they remained tightly locked together until both were completely soaked and exhausted.


It took another moment for both to recover. But then, as Jake slid off Jerry and to his side, he embraced and bear hugged Jerry one final time while Jerry, in return, reached up and got Jake in a light headlock to keep him right where he was.


At the same time, both realized, however, the clock was still moving on and the guards would be coming in any minute. Slowly and reluctantly, Jake slid off Jerry the rest of the way and both got up.


In another moment they’d wiped some of their sweat and cum off their still naked, energized and throbbing bodies, gone over to the open shower at the edge of the laundry pit where the prisoners washed off briefly after working on the laundry, put their prison shorts back on, and straightened out the dirty sheets on which they’d been wrestling for so long and powerfully.


When the guards came in a couple of minutes later, Jerry, Jake and the other prisoners were all lined up, as previously ordered, ready to be escorted back to their cells. 


Ten minutes later Jerry and Jake were back in their own cell, their faces covered in a wide grin from ear to ear. Eddie was in his bunk asleep, or at least pretending to be, while Pedro, who was also in his bunk, looked over at them. He saw the grins on their faces, guessed what they’d probably been doing, and gave them an equal grin in return.


‘Yeah,’ thought Jerry, ‘it sure had been good! And the best part is that our sentences still have at least another eight months to go, so this time won’t be the last time either!


The End

Posted: 11/15/13