IsleComm Linemen

By: Ron Nelson
(© 2016 by the author)

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Jeff Jessup waited at the entrance of the IsleComm equipment yard to be picked up by Gus Lazlo for their day’s assignment. It was Jeff’s second day on the job, and Gus was to be his boss for the next two weeks as they installed some new equipment on the IsleComm cell phone towers which ran along the low-lying coastline of South Carolina. 


It was already hot, and his sweat had by now dampened his tight yellow t-shirt and camo shorts, which were the summer uniform of IsleComm linemen. On Jeff, his tight t-shirt looked good on his five-ten, one-seventy-five lean and tanned muscular twenty-two year old body. He’d just completed his two-year electrical technology course at Catawba Tech, where he’d also played ball and liked to work out in the weight room and mats to keep in shape. 


He looked forward to working with Gus. They’d already met a couple of times, and had already checked each other out. Gus was about thirty-five, five-eight or -nine, and weighed close to one-ninety, all muscle. He had the build of a weight lifter and, in his off hours, sometimes wrestled on the semi-pro wrestler’s circuit in Saturday night matches in the local area high school gyms and armories. Sometimes he took the role of the hero and sometimes the role of the villain. Being good natured, but tough and knowledgeable, he liked it and was good with his roles either way. 

Gus also gave a couple of classes at Catawba Tech, mostly in high tower work techniques. Watching Gus climb the school tower, his big bicep muscles bulging as he pulled himself up the tower, and with his thick and muscular legs providing the lifting power, he really looked good. And the bulge in the front of his tight camo shorts as he moved around sure looked good too.


As Jeff and the others in his class watched Gus, and then when he joined Gus at the top of a tower and learned how two men needed to work closely together, Jeff felt his own big rod grow long and hard. And when he and Gus had to support each other, and their arms, bodies and legs touched hard against each other, Jeff thought his big boner was going to break right through his shorts. Looking at Gus’s shorts, he saw Gus’s boner was just as big. Yeah, they were aware of each other, for sure.


Thought Jeff, working closely with Gus, ’I could really get into it and rassle around with this guy. And, looking at him, I wonder if maybe he‘s thinking the same thing with me?’ 


Gus drove up to the yard right on time, a grin covering his broad and weathered face, as his big biceps and hard pecs bulged out from the tight yellow t-shirt he also wore.


‘You’re a good man, Jeff, to be right on time. I like that. You’re lookin’ real good too. “You ready for some hard work today? We’ve got a couple of towers to rig up with some new equipment, and we’ll then take the rest of the week to make all the connections to complete the job.


‘But you look like you’re up to some hard work. You work out?” said Gus as they drove off, which ride gave both of them a chance to check each other out a little more.


“Oh yeah, man,” was Jeff’s easy reply, “I like to play some ball, but like more to work out in the weight room and on the wrestling mats at Catawba Tech. I saw you rassle last month over at the Lancaster Armory. You sure did look good, and I liked the way you and the Masked Terror locked up real tight a few times. That sure was a turn-on for me. Anytime you’re looking to rassle around and work out with somebody, lemme know. I’m your man!” said Jeff.


“Ok, Jeff, yeah, me and the Masked Terror really like to work out together, both in and outside the ring. And I think maybe you and me could get into it some time real good too,” was Gus’s non-committal reply. But Jeff could see by the grin on his face that the answer to his comment was “Yes“!


‘Yeah’ thought Jeff to himself, ‘I know I’d sure like to mess around with Gus some time, and maybe more than just rasslin’ around on the mats. And Gus looks like maybe he’d like to get into something like that too!’  


At the job site and tower, Gus and Jeff worked steadily as the day got hotter. First they had to move all the pieces of heavy equipment from the bed of the IsleComm F-250 pickup truck to the base of the tower. Then they had to raise it all to the cross arms at the top where the parts had to be fastened in place. As they worked, their sweat dripped down on top of each other while the muscles of both grew and rippled to meet the challenge of the work.


Sometimes Jeff could hardly keep his mind on his work, watching the stocky muscular Gus expertly turn and twist up at the top of the tower as he reached over and fastened the various parts together. But Gus at the same time was no less aware of the lithe and muscular Jeff either down on the ground or when both of them were working together at the top of the tower.


‘Yeah,’ it was in the back of both of their minds that they wouldn’t mind at all getting into rasslin’ around with each other too. 


They broke for lunch and a mandatory rest at noon. IsleComm work rules specified linemen were to take at least an hour and a half for lunch, half to eat and half to rest. That was just fine with Jeff and Gus. To have their lunch and then to relax and cool off, they took off their t-shirts and kept on only their camo shorts and work boots. Jeff couldn’t help but notice close up even more Gus’s powerfully thick and heavy wrestler’s and weight lifter’s pecs, and Gus could help but notice Jeff’s own well defined pecs and abs too. Along with Gus’s powerfully thick legs and thighs, and Jeff’s longer and muscular ones as well.


As they sat in the grass and leaned back against the side of the F-250 on its shady side, Gus said to Jeff, “You said you worked out on the wrestling mats at Catawba Tech, and saw me wrestle the Masked Terror in Lancaster. You into rasslin’?”


“Oh yeah, man, however it goes, both to watch it, and even better to get into it myself. When you were wrestling the Masked Terror, I saw he got you in a couple of real tight body scissors and crotch lifts from the rear, and he gave you some real great pec punches too. But then you got him in some great head locks and seemed like you stuffed half your pecs into his mouth. And at other times you got him in some real good head scissors, catching his head between your big thighs and making him really work to try and flip out of his predicament. And then I saw a couple of times when you got to sit on each other and rub your butts into the other’s face. All of that sure was a turn on for me, and like I like to get into it, give or take, too!”  

Gus grinned at him. “Yeah, I can see you’re real observant of all that stuff, Jeff, and that’s real good. Yeah, both my buddy the Masked Terror and I figure we might as well enjoy it while we’re rasslin in the ring in front of an audience. And we’re liking it just as much, and maybe even more, when we’re practicing our routines or just messing around with each other privately. There’s always some special holds a wrestler particularly likes to take on another man, and the same or other holds he particularly likes taken on himself. And if a couple of guys like to give and take it on each other, why not?


“The Masked Terror‘s real name is Joe Garvin. He works for IsleComm too up around the Pawley’s Island district, and we like to mess around with each other ‘most every week. He’s got a garage out back of his place. It’s real quiet and private there, and we can strip down to naked if we like, maybe put on some oil, and mess around, no time limit, anything goes. Sometimes both of us get so hot we end up shooting our loads, but that’s ok.


“In the ring, of course, we got to hold back. But we know what we’re both thinking, and I think that makes for a better show for the audience too.”


Jeff was picking up on what Gus was signaling him with his comments. He liked what he was hearing and figured he’d respond the same way. This could turn out to be real interesting! 


As they sat close enough to touch each other to keep in the shade, Jeff could feel his cock grow long and hard and his balls thick and engorged with what he was hearing and thinking. And he saw Gus’ own big load of male equipment getting longer and harder and bulging out from under his camo shorts too.


“Well, one of these days, if the Masked Terror isn’t available to work out with you, or even if he is, I know I’d sure like to mess around with you any way you like and however it comes out!,” said a grinning and eager Jeff.


“Sounds good to me, man. I’m thinking I’d like to mess around with you some time soon too!“ was Gus’s non-committal but positive response.


“Well in that case,” said Jeff with a grin and a sudden move, “how ’bout right now!” As he said it, he reached over one of his own muscular arms, strong but still not as big and strong as Gus’s, to grab Gus by the back of his neck and pull him into a headlock.


Gus went along with Jeff‘s move, but then in the next instant he reached out and got a similar headlock back on Jeff. Next thing Jeff knew Gus had pulled his whole head and face into and against his thick and naked pec until almost half of it was stuffed into Jeff’s mouth. Jeff had no problem mouthing Gus’ big pec at all.


Nor did Jeff release his own headlock on Gus. Instead, he kept his arm and hand, now wrapped over Gus’s head and face, until he was able to stick two of his fingers in Gus’s mouth, as if he’d caught it on a fish hook. Then he began to pull Gus’s head backward as far as he could. It was the same move he recalled Gus himself had taken a couple of times when he was wrestling the Masked Terror. He knew Gus would recognize it. Gus did, and very much liked it. It looked good, and felt even better.


For the next couple of minutes, it was a deadlock as both twisted around to keep the other in his hold while at the same time taking the punishment the other was giving him.


It didn’t end until Jeff was able to twist around to get on top of Gus, even though he was still caught in Gus’s headlock on him with Gus‘s big muscled pec still in his mouth, but now he was able to pull Gus’s head back even more.


And maybe Gus was also letting him get away with it just to encourage Jeff and see what else he might come up with. As he felt Jeff’s tongue and teeth close down lightly and rim around on his nipple, with the rest of his big pec still stuffed deep into Jeff’s mouth, Gus knew Jeff wasn’t having any problem with his situation at all. And he knew he sure didn‘t have any problem with Jeff sucking on his big pec either. Nor did he mind feeling Jeff’s fingers in his mouth trying to pull his own head back either. 


For a couple of minutes they struggled back and forth with each other, very much liking what they were doing. But then, after a few more minutes of struggling with each other, and very much liking it, Gus said it looked like they’d better get back to work if they were going to finish their assigned job today. As they returned to their work and then continued to work closely together at the top of the tower for the next couple of hours, they knew what they really wanted to happen next.


The job got finished, with all the equipment and supplies they had with them, about an hour early. Gus said IsleComm liked for the men to come back to their yard at just about quitting time, but not too much before, so they wouldn’t be hanging around the yard too long before the work day ended.



It was still hot and they were wet with sweat as Gus and Jeff descended the tower for the last time and walked over to a shady area in the scrub brush to rest up. First they pulled off their heavy work boots and then their hot and sweat drenched camo shorts. It turned out Gus was wearing only a jock strap under his camos, which barely enclosed all of his big load of male equipment, while Jeff was wearing only a tight bikini. Both were bulging with what both were thinking might come next.


“Hey man,” said Jeff suddenly, “what’s that over there? Looks like maybe some kind of new drone or something!” As Gus turned to look, Jeff, who was deliberately standing right behind him, took the opportunity of his having distracted Gus by suddenly jumping on his powerfully broad back to bring him down backwards on top of him.


For an instant, Gus staggered with the sudden weight of Jeff trying to bring him down, although it wasn’t a total surprise to him either. He liked it when another man suddenly jumped him, and liked what Jeff was doing to him now.


Gus staggered for an instant and then fell backwards on top of Jeff, just as Jeff intended. As they went down, Jeff reached around Gus’s big chest and seized both of his big pecs in his fists to keep control of hiim so that he couldn’t escape. Then in the next instant, they both hit the ground, Jeff underneath Gus but in a position to dominate him with his tight hold on Gus’s heavy pecs.


Jeff always like the feel of another guy, particularly if he was naked or nearly so, on top of him, and having the big and muscular Gus now on top of him felt really good.


Then to add to his pec hold on Gus, which was always a favorite hold of his, give or take, and having the longer legs too, he wrapped them around Gus’s lower body around his hips. Then from there he crossed his ankles right over Gus’s crotch to tighten his hold on him even more, and began to smash his heels hard into Gus’s bulging jock strap.


As he did, he could feel his heels pounding down on Gus’s big and already hard and swollen cock and balls over and over again as he smashed down on them. At the same time he kept and tightened his hold on Gus’s big pecs and began to squeeze them too until he could almost Gus’s muscled flesh squeezed out between his strong fingers.


Jeff liked all the punishment he was now giving the big and heavy Gus on top of him, and

Gus surely wasn’t having any problem with any of it. He liked the intense feel of the punishment Jeff was giving him, and liked that Jeff was taking the initiative in working him over. He also knew Jeff would like it just as much if and when their positions might be reversed a little later on.


For a couple of long minutes Jeff smashed into Gus’s cock and balls and squeezed his pecs as hard as he could, while their deadlock continued. Jeff clearly liked a lot of give and take punishment. Gus was the same.


After a couple of minutes, however, before Jeff would tire himself out too much, and knowing his heavier weight was still on top of Jeff, Gus slowly started to work himself loose from Jeff’s tight grip and smashing blows on his crotch, and eventually turned over on top of Jeff to get to him face to face. Now, looking at each other, a big grin covered both their faces, which were not more than three inches apart.


Yeah, they liked what they were doing, and were now glad to be into it with each other.


Gus then closed that distance between their faces by dropping his head down until their faces, and then their lips, met. From there, it was only an instant until their tongues found their way into each other’s mouth and then they began to wrestle it out between them.


As Gus lay on top of Jeff, but knowing he’d already been on top of Jeff long enough, he shifted his weight slightly to the side so that most of the weight of his solidly muscled body and thick legs would be on the grass beside them and not totally on top of Jeff.


Jeff felt Gus move partially off him, and appreciated his move as he knew he really couldn‘t do much more with Gus on top of him. But he also knew Gus moving slightly off him also gave him a chance to escape Gus entirely, or at least he hoped it would.


In the next moment, with their bodies still almost naked and wet with sweat, he slid out totally from underneath Gus and positioned himself next to him. That brought Gus around on his side from where Jeff then shoved him over the rest of the way and got him in a full body press to now reverse their positions.


‘Yeah,’ thought Jeff, ‘I like that and now I’ve got you under me to where I can do most anything I like with you!’ Gus was no less pleased with Jeff’s move and now having Jeff on top of him, and waited to see what Jeff would do next.


Jeff surprised him and, instead of keeping a face-to-face body press on top of Gus, he suddenly twisted himself completely around on top of Gus. This time to get him in a tight figure-four head scissors as he wrapped his long and muscular legs around Gus’s head while positioning his thin and bulging bikini hard against Gus’s face to smother him with it as hard as he could.


Gus had no problem with that. It was one of his own favorite holds, give or take, and he liked the feel and taste of Jeff’s hot and sweaty bikini, with all his big and long boner and swollen and aroused balls, pressing against his face and mouth.


Instead of trying to get all of Jeff’s big load of junk off his face, he instead reached up with both his powerful hands to grab Jeff’s bikini and rip them right off Jeff, leaving him completely naked, so that now Jeff‘s big long, hard sweat-wet and naked boner was pressed tightly across his face from just below his chin, across his nose, and the hard red heart-shaped end of it was jammed right into his right eye.


As soon as Jeff realized that Gus had torn his bikini right off him, Jeff, who was facing directly into Gus’s own big and exposed crotch, ripped Gus’s jock strap completely off him too so that now both would wrestle completely naked.


‘Yeah,’ thought both Jeff and Gus, ‘this is the way real guys should wrestle anyway!’ 


But now, with Jeff having a tight head-to-toe body press on top of Gus, and having caught him in a tight figure-four head scissors as well, that gave Gus one, no, make that two, new problems he had to contend with.


Neither of which he minded in the least, and with neither of which he was at all unfamiliar.


First, in their wrestling around so far, Gus had already gotten a huge boner which stuck straight up from his body right into Jeff‘s face. And, at almost nine-inches long and more than an inch thick, his big rod, he knew, made a target which Jeff would hardly be able to resist.


Sure enough, in the next move, Jeff seized Gus’s big boner, now all naked, exposed and wet with sweat, in his fist and started to push it down forward, like putting a stick shift in a pickup truck in reverse, and began to push it forward between Gus’s massive legs to the ground below them.


Gus felt like Jeff was going to almost break it off him, but at the same time he liked the pain it was giving him, and he was able to bridge just enough to keep Jeff from actually doing the job on him.


At the same time, with Jeff’s own big rod and thick balls jammed against his face and cutting off almost all of his sight and breathing, he had to open his mouth to at ;east get some air. But then, as soon as he opened his mouth, he felt Jeff stab his own huge boner deep down into his mouth and throat to choke him on it even more. 


‘Oh man,’ thought Gus, ‘this guy really knows what he’s doing! Oh yeah, man, give it to me all you can!’


For a long minute or two, Jeff was able to keep his body press on Gus, making it almost impossible for him to escape, particularly while he was almost breaking Gus’s big, long and hard cock off him at one end, and choking him at the same time with his own rod stabbed deep down into Gus’s throat impaling his head to the ground.


Gus wouldn’t admit it to Jeff, of course, but he had no problem at all with what Jeff was doing to him at both ends.


At the same time, he knew he wasn’t going to let Jeff get away with it too long. And soon they’d have to get back to the IsleComm equipment yard too. 


For another long couple of minutes, Jeff pounded away at Gus, with Gus taking everything Jeff wanted to give him. Both also knew that Jeff, with his big rod stuffed deep down into Gus’s mouth and throat, and him working on Gus’s big boner, both of them were getting more and more aroused. Soon, whether they wanted to or not, they’d both get so sexually stimulated they’d both be forced to shoot their full loads of hot cum juice.


Suddenly, to try to escape Jeff’s working him over and try to reverse their positions, Gus flipped his powerful legs up in the air and got the unprepared Jeff in a tight head scissors of his own, almost crushing Jeff’s head between his massive thighs and cutting off just about all of Jeff’s sight and hearing.


Then, in the next instant, Gus flipped both of them over until now their situations were suddenly reversed and now Gus was on top. And then, to complete the move, Gus stabbed his own huge rod deep down into Jeff’s open and waiting mouth, just as Jeff had been doing to him just seconds ago, but while Gus also kept Jeff’s big rod just as deep in his own mouth.


It was a perfect double figure-four head scissors, with both wrestlers naked and wet with sweat in the warm late afternoon heat while the roar of the breakers in the nearby surf passed over them. Now they were both locked tightly together, each one feeling his own stiff, long and hard cock stabbed deep down the other’s throat, but at the same time the other’s big cock stabbed deep down his own throat. 


For another couple of minutes they desperately fought each other to see which would force the other to come first, or come first themselves.


It was a tie. Suddenly Jeff felt and then tasted Gus’s huge load of hot creamy sweet cum explode out deep inside his mouth and throat, while Gus felt and tasted the same big load from Jeff.


On and on their big cum loads pulsed and flooded deep inside the other‘s wet and naked body, with both taking in and swallowing as much as they could until finally the excess just ran out of their mouths and down the side of their necks to the leaves and sand they’d been wrestling in.


Finally, they found themselves completely drained and exhausted. It had been good. 


On the way back to the IsleComm equipment yard, which they’d reach at just checkout time, Gus turned to look at Jeff, sitting next to him Both had tired grins on their faces.


“Yeah, my man Jeff, you’re real good! And up on the tower too, I mean!” said Gus.


“Well, with a man like you giving it to me, it’s no wonder. And I mean on the tower too, of course” was Jeff’s grinning reply. 


The next day they went out again to the same tower to continue with the installation and connections of the new equipment. Once again, they finished about an hour early. And of course once again they didn’t want to get back to the equipment yard too early to check out.


We know how they passed that last hour. It was even better the second time around!


The End

Posted: 04/22/16