Hurricane Hit

By: Ron Nelson
(© 2014 by the author)

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Part 1


‘Hawk’ Hawkins checked the barometer again on the deck of his Gulf Coast condo in Naples, Florida. In just the last couple of hours, it had dropped another couple of points. It presently stood at 28.9, and gave every indication of dropping further in the next few hours.


He didn’t mind that at all. Hawk, by trade, was a talented woodworker and all-around craftsmen who worked on some of the finest homes of the “snowbirds” who had winter homes in and around Naples. Whenever they wanted especially fine cabinetry or other woodwork done on either the inside or outside of their palatial homes, it was Hawk they called.


Hurricanes always halted his work on their homes, however, so a couple of years ago he had signed a contract with a private club of sportsmen, who called themselves and their club the “Gladesmen.” It called for him to stay at their Club house, deep in the Everglades swamps of south Florida, to protect and then repair any damage to their property in the event any hurricanes which, from time to time, hit their place.


Such as at present. By the weather channel, it looked like the eye of “Hurricane Kurt” was now about 120 miles south-south-west of Naples. It looked like a Category 3 hurricane, with the eye traveling, at present, about 25mph, although it was expected to pick up speed after it hit land.


As it was now four in the afternoon, and it normally took him about an hour to reach the club, he would be able to get there between five and six. The eye of the hurricane was predicted, at present, to pass just slightly to the south of the club house around midnight before it was projected to shift to a more northerly line and probably exit Florida for the Atlantic somewhere in the Daytona area.


As for the storm’s intensity, Hawk could see that just by looking out the window of his condo. The fast-growing storm’s heavy clouds, rain and wind had already begun to hit Naples, and it was increasing in violence all the time.


It would be important for him to load up his tools and enough food to last two or three days, although the club was fully stocked in both for all the basics. And the generator at the club would kick in automatically as soon as the power failed, which it was sure to do as the lines snaked through the massive jungle growth and trees which blanketed the great swamp.


The more important reason for leaving shortly was that the barely paved road leading into the club averaged little more than 18” above the normal level of the swamp. When the moon was full and the tides were high, or if there was any backup in the swamp water, which drained into the Gulf, the water rose to within 6” of the road surface.


With a hurricane, the water could be expected to rise to a couple of feet over the road, making it impassable to any vehicles going in or out until the storm and its full effect abated. Anyone who might be at the club during the storm would be forced to remain there until the waters eventually receded sufficiently to reopen the road, and no one could get into the club from the outside either.


None of that presented any problem to Hawk. He was used to working alone, and liked to be his own company. He’d already done three or four different jobs at the club house for the Gladesmen, sometimes when he was alone, or sometimes when only one or two of the Gladesmen were also there enjoying some personal time of their own. 


The club house itself was built to be almost impervious to any hurricane that could possibly hit it. It had been built originally by NASA to be used as a base to observe, monitor and record space shots from Cape Canaveral.


NASA had started the base by first creating a small but solid earthen island in the middle of the swamp, higher than any hurricane waters had ever reached in the past, which would keep it dry no matter how high the waters rose. Then the building itself was of a solid steel and stone construction, with a stormproof roof and heavy siding, both of which were built to resist almost any real hurricane damage.


The risk, however, was from driving rains and flying debris from broken trees and limbs which could break off and slam into the huge windows of the building, behind which much of the NASA monitoring took place. If the windows gave way, there could be substantial damage to the interior of the club house. There were also a couple of small side buildings, one housing the emergency generator and the other used for storage, but these were considered strongly built and less essential.


Hawk, for himself, always liked hurricanes just for their sheer power and punishing impact on all of their surroundings. At age 32, five-nine and a solid muscular one-eighty, he always liked the intense physical and mental challenge a great hurricane always gave him and forced him to combat it.



When he was in high school, and ever since when he went to the Impact Gym in Naples, where he liked to work out at least three times a week, sometimes late at night or after the gym closed, he could find another guy who like to work out and wrestle around with him, not only for the workout, but also for the challenge and the sensual and erotic pleasure he always got out of it too, not unlike the same challenge and pleasure he got from a hurricane.


Sometimes he and the other man might wrestle for as long as an hour or two, or sometimes even all night, on the mats in the gym or sometimes on the mats he maintained in his condo. In those matches, he and the other man would frequently wrestle nude and oiled, no holds barred, anything goes until one or both were completely drained of everything they had in them.


And, as the matches frequently then became a sensual battle as well, including an erotic cockfight as well, with their repeated deadlocks and punishing holds on the other, they soon found themselves getting highly aroused.


It was no surprise that more often than not, with all of their sensual and erotic wrestling and cockfighting, that they eventually generally ended up shooting their full loads of hot cum juice onto or into the other until they had nothing left and they were totally drained and exhausted.


That always felt real good to Hawk, however, and he always knew that very soon afterwards he would be ready to get into another similar match as soon as the opportunity presented itself.



As he had planned, Hawk reached the club house just before six. Along the way, the driving rain made it almost impossible to see the main “Alligator Alley” highway, which passed through the heart of the Everglades between Naples and Miami, until he reached the unmarked entrance to the four mile old and narrow road that led into the club house itself.


When he arrived at the club house, he parked his F-150 pickup truck next to the building on its lee side to protect it as much as possible. As he stepped out of the truck, he was instantly hit by the driving wind, drenching rain and roar of the storm surrounding him. He could see, as he approached the house, that the power line from outside had already gone down and the small emergency generator light on the side of the shed, indicating it was already providing the limited amount of power it gave to the house, was lit. 


As he looked around, he could see a number of limbs and heavy fronds had already broken off the tall royal palm trees which surrounded the house, and a great number of branches from the thick cypress trees standing in the water, which also surrounded the house just a few more feet away, had already been torn and blown off the trees and were now littering the grounds.


 In addition, in the rain and despite the increasing darkness of the storm and the night, his eye caught the narrow eyes of a couple of good sized alligators, not twenty feet away from where he was standing, as they lay on the lawn just at the edge of the rising water to gain what security they could from their now flooded natural habitat.


He knew that, unseen to him, there would also be a score of tropical birds in the trees or perched under the eaves trying to escape the full blast of the storm, and other wildlife, such as snakes, racoons and ‘possums could also be found cowering in hidden pockets around the club house. All of them were trying to escape the fury of the intense and dangerous storm which was about to hit them with all its roaring ferocity.


It seemed to Hawk that all of the swamp wildlife, normally hunting each other for food, or escaping other animals in similar pursuits, during a storm of such intensity, called sort of a truce from fighting amongst themselves while all tried to preserve their own lives until the storm would abate and they could return to their natural swamp habitats.  


As Hawk struggled to walk the few steps to the club house and then began to open the heavy door to get in from the storm, Hurricane Kurt almost wrenched it out of his hand. But, in this case, the hand was mightier than the storm, and he managed to get inside the building and close the door again behind him before it was torn off its hinges.


His quick walk-through of the club house which followed showed no damages to the club house yet, and that in turn would give him a chance to see that all the other precautions which he needed to take could be promptly taken care of.  


NASA had built the building in the form of a “U.” One side was for the sleeping quarters of the personnel manning the base, and the “Gladesmen” kept that side just about as it was for their members.


The center part was for administration and dining purposes, which the Gladesmen also kept pretty much as it was for the same uses.


It was the third side and wing which the Gladesmen had significantly altered. It consisted of one huge room, which the club called the “great room,“ and NASA had built the outer wall of this side of the building almost entirely of double layerthick glass in order to provide the best security and visibility for monitoring Cape Canaveral and the rocket launches. The inside of this wing had originally been filled with their scientific and tracking equipment and cameras to monitor the space shots.


After a few years, however, NASA had developed newer and more scientific means of monitoring the space shots, and so this whole base was no longer needed.


NASA had then removed all of their scientific and tracking equipment, which left the room bare, and then put the whole base installation on the market. It was then that the Gladesmen bought it to meet their own Club needs and desires.


In the great room along one wall the Gladesmen had installed a long and ornate bar which they had bought from a once elegant but now closed hotel in Atlanta. In fact, Hawk had installed it in the club house for the Gladesmen a couple of years ago. Then off to the side of the room were some ornate tables and easy chairs where the members could relax and play cards. An elegant carved oak pool table stood nearby as well.


Along the opposite wall they had installed a full gym, with a full set of free weights and some Nautilus equipment where the men could work out as they liked. And then at the far end, they’d built a full size heavily matted boxing and wrestling ring for workouts.


Most of the members of the Gladesmen club ranged from their early twenties to their early sixties. Just about all of them were active and muscular men. Some were in various professions, while others were working men. But all of them liked to be part of a group of sportsmen with similar interests.


Hawk got to know a number of them while he was working at the Club, and he liked a few of them in particular, while they had the same feelings for him. 


One of them, Sam Willson, was the Deputy Chief of Police of the Rushton PD, a town not far from Atlanta. He was the man in charge of the RPD SpecOps section. About six-one and a muscular one-ninety-five, his keen eyes and easy smile missed nothing, while his powerful physique, sometimes oiled or wet with sweat and wearing no more than a pair of RPD gym shorts, always looked real good to Hawk.


One weekend Hawk was working on installing some new cabinets in the kitchen, and Sam had come down alone to check on the Club’s equipment needs. It was hot, and both were wearing only their shorts. Hawk’s shorts had the logo of the Impact Gym in Naples.


“You’re looking real good in those shorts, Hawk,” said Sam, “you work out regularly in a gym?”


“Oh yeah, man, I need to keep in shape for my work. Plus I need to work off some extra energy a lot of times, and the gym I go to is real good for that. Plus I like to wrestle around, and with some of the other guys in particular, and the gym‘s real good for that too. I’ve also got some mats in my condo too, so we can wrestle around there any way we like, for as long as we like, and however it comes out.”


Hawk wondered what Sam might be thinking as he said it, and if it might be what he was thinking as they checked out each other‘s muscular build. If they might be thinking the same thing, which was maybe getting into and wrestling around with each other, that could be real good.


“I know what you mean, ’cause I’m the same way,” was Sam’s easy reply. “We’ve got to look good to keep up our image as Rushton’s finest, of course, but I’m the same way - I just like to work out and wrestle around too, one on one, for the pleasure of it. I sort of like to take a lot of punishment and get into it real tight with another guy too. And if a man also gets a little extra pleasure from it, I guess there‘s nothing wrong with that either.” As he said it he shot a small grin and a sharp eye toward Hawk.


That night Hawk and Sam ate their dinner quietly in the club’s small dining room. It was hot, and both wore only their tropical cut-offs and tight muscle t-shirts. After supper, Hawk moved to clean up his tools and arrange them for the work he planned the next day before returning to Naples while Sam moved to the small club office to take care of some club business which he was to take care of.


After Sam finished, he saw Hawk was just finishing up his work too. They were now both in the big great room near the weights and the mats.


“Hey, man,” said Sam, “you said you like to work out and wrestle around on the mats. You feel like hitting the mats some now?”


“Oh yeah,” was Hawk’s easy reply. “With you, that sounds like a real good idea for any time. I’m thinking you’re probably a lot better than me, so don’t break me up too bad. But whatever else you want to do, it sounds good to me, and do whatever you like!”


Hawk grinned to himself at the thought of wrestling around with the very hunky and powerfully muscular black man. Being a member of the Rushton PD, Sam was naturally in very good shape anyway. But as he was also real sensitive to other people too, he had no intention of giving Hawk any more than he could handle.


And Sam, as he had just said, liked to get pressured too, just as Hawk did, so things were looking real good for wrestling around with each other for as long as and however they liked. And however it might come out.


As it turned out, they wrestled and messed around with each other for almost two hours. Within the first couple of minutes, they’d torn off each other’s shorts and t-shirt, and put some wrestling oil on their bodies, which made it easier and more sensual for getting in and out of their different holds and deadlocks. As they fought back and forth, their muscled bodies soon glistened with their oil and sweat in the semi-darkness of the room, which was lit only by the starlight which came in through the giant windows facing the Everglades swamp and jungle outside. 


‘Yeah,’ now thought Hawk as he recalled that first time he’d wrestled Sam, and then the three more times since then when they were alone at the Everglades Club and wrestled again, ‘those matches were real good, for sure.’ Each time they had wrestled with each other, privately, and naked and oiled, they had both become so aroused with some of the most intense and erotic feelings they’d ever had from wrestling another guy. And then eventually, when their arousals had reached their maximum peaks, they soon found themselves totally drained and exhausted and their match finally ended.


Every time, at the end of their match, Hawk had felt Sam’s huge thighs wrapped around his head in a tight and smothering head scissors, and then felt and tasted Sam’s huge big black cock-rod plunge deep down into his mouth and throat. From that, it was only seconds more that Hawk tasted the full and overflowing load of Sam’s hot cum fill his mouth. At the same time that Hawk was tasting all of Sam’s hot male juice fill his mouth, Sam forced Hawk’s own almost equally huge load of hot cum out of his own solid and throbbing man-tool as they ended their match together.


It was the way both liked the end to come, and it was real good every time.


Hawk wondered if maybe Sam would come back to the club in the next day or two, after the hurricane had passed, to check on things. And if so, maybe they could get into it some more? 


After Hawk checked on the inside of the club house as Hurricane Kurt raged all around the outside of the club house with ever increasing ferocity, he wanted to go outside as well to check the generator and storage buildings. But as the generator seemed to be functioning properly by the steady emergency lights inside the house, and with the violence of the storm, he decided against that move.


Instead, to prepare for the next few hours, he decided to fix a couple of sandwiches for himself, along with a thermos of coffee he’d brought, for supper. He planned to stay up all night for the duration of the storm in case anything happened, and he needed to stay alert for that.


After eating, he returned to the great room, where the huge glass windows were located, to keep an eye on them, particularly as the full force of the hurricane was coming at him from that side.


As he made himself comfortable in one of the big easy chairs, he became more and more aware that every few minutes a couple of the biggest fronds from the palm trees had broken off from the trunk of the tree and, in the fierce wind, were slamming against the windows. That wasn’t good, but so far the windows were holding up.


But then, in the blackness outside and with the driving wind, he saw that one of the biggest and nearest of the old palms which surrounded the house, the one with the already half torn off fronds, had begun to tear loose from the soil and the whole tree was now beginning to lean dangerously close to the windows. If it broke loose, or even leaned over more than a certain point, it might easily crash into the windows and break them. If that happened it would be a disaster and cause huge damage to the property, both inside and out.


Hawk saw that it was now close to midnight, and the hurricane would be almost at its height. However, it was too early yet for it to begin to abate. This was confirmed by the continued roar of the wind and the torrential beating of the rain on all the windows.


And then he noticed another peculiar sound. It sounded at first like the noise of possibly some debris of breaking limbs of the palm and cypress trees hitting the side of the club house. But then it sounded as if it were coming from around the front door area, and had a more regular beat. 


It was almost as if someone were pounding on the door. But that would be impossible, he thought, as no one could possibly be out in the storm at this point, and, in any event, the road in to the club would now be impassable with probably at least eighteen or more inches of water covering it as well as all of the rest of the swamp.


Still, the pounding seemed to continue. He decided to get up and take a look.


Looking out the thick window next to the door he saw, indeed, what looked like the figure of a person standing there. It was almost totally dark and the figure, for that’s what it was, looked more like a dead body standing there who was trying desperately to keep from being blown away by the driving wind and rain. As Hawk looked more closely, the figure was that of a young man who was wearing nothing but a pair of shredded shorts, a torn and shredded shirt, and combat boots. He was otherwise naked and totally drenched.


Hawk quickly got to the door and opened it just wide enough to get the man inside without letting the storm get hold of the door and rip it off its hinges. As he pulled the man in he could see he was just about gone with exhaustion.


Closing and locking the door with one hand, he turned quickly and helped the young man over to a chair in the hallway to sit him down in it before he fell down to the floor.


For a moment, neither said anything as Hawk quickly went into the bathroom to get a couple of big towels to begin to dry the man off. He quickly saw that he was maybe only in early twenties, good looking, and had a real lean and muscular build. His smooth black skin glistened while the rain water was still dripping off his wet body.


After another moment of Hawk drying him off, the man began to recover and looked up at Hawk.


“Oh shit, man, I sure do thank you for letting me in,” he said. “I thought sure I was gone and done for,” he added, as a small grin began to come out from behind his obviously frightened and exhausted face.


No problema, man,” was Hawk’s easy reply. “I’m always glad to help a near naked guy when he’s out in the middle of the Everglades swamp in the middle of a hurricane and he comes knocking on my door!” He returned the man’s grin with one of his own.


Hawk wondered what on earth the story was that this young man should appear at this isolated club at midnight in the middle of a raging hurricane?


After the young man was dried off, Hawk could see that he was recovering quickly and said, “If you’re ok, how about something to eat? I’ve got some food in the kitchen, and would be glad to share it with you if you’d like.”


“Oh man, yeah, I haven’t eaten all day. I sure could use something inside me!”


With that, Hawk and the young man, who was now recovering quickly, went into the kitchen where Hawk sat him down at the table and went to the small refrigerator for some sandwiches.


Bringing them over, Hawk said, “You know, I’m wondering how you happened to be here, but first, do you have a name?”


“Jayson, man. You?”


“I’m ‘Hawk’ Hawkins, Jayson, nice to meet you!”


“Same here, Hawk!” As they shook, each liked the feel of the other’s firm grip in his hand.


And with that, Jayson, now concentrating on the two sandwiches and the hot coffee Hawk had brought to the table, with another cup for himself, sat quietly as Jayson soon did away with the sandwiches in very short order.


As they sat in the small kitchen, Hawk noticed that the clock on the wall said it was half past midnight. Meanwhile, the roar of the hurricane and the wind and the rain seemed to be reaching a new high in intensity, and the hammering of the rain and debris against the windows and walls remained unabated.


And then, with the sound of debris hitting the windows and walls there was suddenly an even sharper cracking sound of the debris against the windows.


Quickly getting up, Hawk said “Excuse me, Jayson. I think I need to check on the big windows and walls of the great room. This storm’s really giving the place a hard time, and I’m not sure how much more it can take.”


With that, he quickly went to the big great room to check on the sound. What he saw really concerned him.


Looking through the dripping glass window, he could see that the big old royal palm just outside the window had become uprooted with the force of the wind and was now leaning precariously against the side of the building exactly where the window and the siding met. If it shifted against the window it would surely break it and crash through into the room, which in turn would let the full blast of the hurricane come into the room as well, which would be disastrous.


Already, Hawk could see the thick trunk of the tree shift back and forth as the powerful wind tore at it, trying to break it free from the few roots in the ground which still held it in place. It wouldn’t be long until it did break free. Hawk knew he had to move fast.


Despite the driving rain and shrieking wind, he figured he’d have to go out in the storm, try to tie a line to the tree, and try to pull it to the side and away from the window.


For a moment, he thought maybe he could tie his end of the rope to his pickup truck and use that to pull the tree away. But when he looked over at the truck, he could see it was under a pile of wind-blown debris, and it would take a few minutes to clear that away. And he knew he didn’t have those minutes to spare.


He ran back into the kitchen, where he knew a length of strong rope was coiled up in the pantry. Grabbing it, he ran outside right into the full fury of the storm. Seeing him go back out, Jayson jumped to his feet and also ran back out into the storm to follow him.


As soon as they stepped outside, the full force of the wind and the rain of the hurricane hit at their now almost naked bodies as both, after their showers, had put back on only their shorts and combat boots.


As they got to the tree, Hawk knew he’d need to try to wrap the rope around the highest point of the palm tree he could reach to get the most leverage he could on it, but he couldn’t reach very high even at that.


Jayson, however, instantly saw what he was up to and said, “Gimme that rope, Hawk! I can climb up the tree higher than you can reach, and I can secure it up closer to the top!”


With that, he grabbed the rope out of the surprised but willing Hawk’s hands, and quickly climbed up the dangerously swaying tree close to the top, with the wind and rain almost tearing him off the tree as he went up it.


In another couple of seconds, he had managed to tie and secure the rope around the top of the tree and then clamber half way back down until he could jump to the ground from there.


“Hey man,” said Hawk through the shrieking wind, “you’re good, you know!” Jayson gave him a big grin.


Hawk quickly picked up the other end of the rope and began to pull it back to about twenty feet from the base of the tree where the angle for pulling the tree would be most effective. Jayson quickly followed Hawk’s move and picked up the rope right behind him so they could both pull it back together as one.


They had everything they could do just to stand up against the fury of the wind and with the driving rain slashing against their faces and bodies, let alone pull on the big tree itself. But they knew what they had to do and weren‘t deterred by the storm raging around them. 


Hawk had now not only grabbed the rope but also wrapped it around his waist to secure his hold on it, and Jayson now did the same, in effect tying them both tightly together. Their only hope was that their combined weight and muscle power would be enough to pull the palm away from against the window before it broke and crashed through it.


Together they pulled as hard as they could. It felt for a moment as if they might succeed when the tree moved a few inches away from the window while the wind swirled around them from the side of the building and helped them. But then in the next swirl, the wind suddenly went in the opposite direction and they were back where they started, and maybe even a little worse off.


They knew they couldn’t give up, however, and they strained every muscle they had in them to try to move the tree again. But then Hawk suddenly felt himself begin to fall backwards as his feet give way under him in the muddy wetness of the ground on which they stood. And, in falling backwards with the strain of his pull, he fell back hard into Jayson, causing him to give way too. 


For an instant, both were stunned with their fall backwards into the mud, and Hawk now felt himself lying hot, wet and almost naked on top of the equally hot, wet and almost naked Jayson underneath him.


‘Mmmm yeah,’ was Hawk’s first thought, ‘if we weren’t trying to move this damn tree, I sure wouldn’t mind this position we’re in at all! This guy sure does feel good underneath me!’ 


Had he known it, Jayson was feeling the same way, except in reverse, about Hawk, now lying down all dripping wet and nearly naked on top of him in the darkness of the raging storm. 


Part 2


As Hawk and Jayson lay together, Hawk on top of Jayson, stunned with their sudden fall into the mud together, and both thinking of some other possibilities with that and with each other, both knew, nevertheless, they had more immediate things to do than lie there with the hurricane roaring all around them and the huge palm tree still leaning precariously against the big club house window. They knew they had to get back to the job of trying to pull the tree away from the window before it totally crashed through it. The rest of their thoughts would have to wait until maybe another time.


In another minute, they had regained their feet. Once again Hawk wrapped the rope around his waist and tightened his grip on the rope while Jayson, standing right behind him was about to do the same in order to double their power.


But this time, instead of grabbing the rope, Jayson saw he could be more effective by getting a tight bear hug on Hawk himself, and pull Hawk himself back while Hawk held on to the rope. Ummm yeah, both men liked the feel of Jayson coming on to him like that.


As Jayson got his hold on the muscular Hawk in a tight bear hug, he wrapped his muscled arms wrapped tightly around Hawk’s chest and then seized both of Hawk’s pecs to tighten his grip on Hawk. At the same time, he felt his own now thick and aroused nine-inch cock and balls press hard against Hawk’s solid butt while holding him even tighter.


Hawk liked the feel of Jayson’s big arms around him, with Jayson squeezing his big pecs as hard as he could to tighten his grip on him, and at the same time the feel of Jayson’s big load of now aroused male equipment press hard against his butt.


‘Mmmm yeah,’ each thought, ‘if it weren’t for having to move this big old mother fucker of a tree, I could go with this all night!”



For what seemed long minutes of both Hawk and Jayson pulling back on the tree, nothing seemed to happen. With the wind and the rain still beating down on them furiously, the big palm tree didn’t seem to want to budge, but the two men never ceased trying to pull it away either.


But then, slowly, the upper trunk of the tree seemed to move a couple of inches away from the window. And then it moved a few more inches. And then, as they continued to strain at it with all their might, it moved a couple of feet. 


And then both Jayson and Hawk suddenly found themselves end up in the mud again, flat on their backs. Once again, Hawk was on top of Jayson as they remained momentarily stunned again, with both of them still locked together and with Jayson still keeping his tight bear and pec hug on Hawk.


But this time, the reason for their finding themselves in the mud again was because the howling wind had suddenly caught the tree when it was a few inches away from the window, picked it up, and then slammed it down to the wet ground away from the window.


For a couple of minutes, neither Hawk nor Jayson moved, stunned and exhausted. Then Hawk slowly got up, loosened his hold on the rope while Jayson loosened his hold on Hawk, and both got back to their feet.


“Looks like we rassled that mother fucker down real good, Jayson!” said Hawk, a wide grin covering his wet and grimy face.


No problema man! I was feelin’ real good rasslin’ around there with you too!” was Jayson’s grinning reply.


For the moment, that crisis was over and the job got done. 


After they slogged their way back inside the club house against the still shrieking wind and driving rain, both noticed that the storm was almost imperceptibly beginning to diminish as it was beginning to move off to the east.


After they got inside, Hawk said “Man, I think the first thing we need to do is get washed up. We’ve got a couple showers in the bunk room wing so let’s head there.”


“Ok with me, Hawk,” said Jayson as they got to the showers, a grin covering his face, “but why mess up two showers with mud when we only need to mess up one? Why don’t we both use the same shower?”


“Makes sense to me,” replied Hawk, “particularly if we shower together!”


“Just what I was thinking too, man,” was Jayson’s easy response. 


In the shower, Hawk reached for the soap, but instead of soaping himself off, he turned to face Jayson and began to rub the deep jungle scented lather all over Jayson’s powerfully muscular black body.


He started by first lathering around the top around Jayson’s solid shoulders, then down over his tight pecs and muscled back, then over, in and around his tight butt and crotch, with special attention to massaging his big cock, which was now fully aroused and sticking straight out long and hard from his body; then his bulging and fully engorged balls and then on down over his well muscled thighs and calves to his smooth feet to complete the job.


Mmmm yeah, that sure felt good to both of them. And it was just as good when Jayson returned the favor and did the same job on Hawk, whose own big rod and thick balls were just as big, thick, hard and aroused as Jayson’s.


Both knew they were thinking the same thing, and both were recalling their too brief semi-wrestling match just a few minutes ago in the mud after the big palm tree crashed down and left them reeling. 


After their shower, they wrapped the big soft club towels around their necks and Hawk led the way back to the big wrestling mats in the great room.


The emergency generator was still on but still providing just enough power for a few dim lights and the stove and refrigerator, and not enough for any more lights or the air conditioning system.


As they stepped on to the mats, naked and still wet from their shower with only their towels draped over their shoulders, the light was dim and the room warm. They could still see the driving rain and strong winds outside the big windows as the trailing edge of the storm continued to tear away at the trees and the jungle swamp outside.


But that no longer concerned them as they knew the storm was now abating and would soon be gone entirely.  


Suddenly, to the considerable pleasure of both, they found themselves once again locked together, wet and naked, on the mat. But this time Jayson was on top of Hawk, holding him down underneath him, as they quickly got a double bear hug on each other, ready to wrestle it out from when they’d begun out in the mud earlier.


They couldn’t wait any longer to get into it even though it was now almost two o‘clock in the morning.


Jayson made the first move after both getting locked together by getting a tight headlock on the unresisting Hawk. As he did, he pulled Hawk’s face in to press hard into his muscled pec and nipple, soon filling Hawk’s mouth with them until he could feel Hawk‘s tongue wrap itself around Jayson‘s muscled flesh and tit inside his mouth.


But then, without trying to escape Jayson’s hold on him, Hawk reached around between Jayson’s muscled legs to get a solid hold on the muscular and naked Jayson big, thick and bulging cock and balls. Grabbing his big stiff rod like a handle, he started to crush it in his fist and also pull it back between Jayson’s legs as if he might almost to break it off Jayson’s body. Jayson had no trouble with that feel at all. For the following couple of minutes, they remained deadlocked, each suffering in the other’s hold while forcing his own hold on the other in return.


Eventually, Jayson loosened his headlock on Hawk, and Hawk eased his hold on Jayson’s big tool.


Then Hawk spun around quickly and got on top of Jayson, head to toe, getting Jayson in a tight head scissors and forcing the full load of his male equipment hard into Jayson’s face to blind and suffocate him in the hold.


Jayson had no problem taking that, however, and suddenly bridged and then flipped his powerfully muscular legs up to catch Hawk in the same hold. Now both of them had a double figure-four head scissors on each other, each one’s face buried deep in the other‘s hot wet crotch.


Then Jayson managed to roll both of them over, with the not unwilling Hawk following Jayson’s move, until now Hawk was underneath the hot, wet and naked Jayson lying hot, wet and naked on top of him.


In their double figure-four head scissors on each other, the already heavily sexually aroused wrestlers then stabbed their big, long and hard rods deep down into the other’s throat. Their powerfully muscled bodies had already produced huge loads of hot cum during their long fight outside to remove the tree from the window, but they knew they didn’t want to shoot their big loads of cum yet as they had only begun their pleasure of wrestling around with each other.


Both therefore eventually broke off their double figure-four head scissors on each other, and now Hawk shifted around quickly to catch Jayson from the rear, while both were sitting on the mat, to wrap his powerful legs around Jayson’s waist to get him in a tight body scissors with his powerful legs. Then from there, he crossed his ankles and began to smash his heels hard into Jayson’s fully aroused and exposed naked cock and balls. At the same time he reached his powerful arms around Jayson’s muscular chest to seize both of Jayson’s solid pecs in his fist and began to squeeze them, just as Jayson had squeezed his own pecs earlier when they were outside trying to pull down the tree.


‘Yeah,’ both thought, ‘I like the feel of this!’ as Hawk had his tight and punishing hold on Jayson, with Jayson very much liking the feel of Hawk working him over.


But then Jayson, in their sweat-soaked and oiled slipperiness, began to twist out of Hawk’s tight body scissors on him until he got himself completely reversed to face Hawk even thought he was still caught in Hawk’s powerful scissors hold on him.


Now, however, Jayson was able to get first to his knees, and then stand up, and then begin to lean heavily down into Hawk and gradually fold him down until Jayson’s legs were straight out behind him. As Jayson came down further and further on top of Hawk, their faces came closer and closer together until finally they met. Next thing they knew, Hawk had loosened his scissors hold on Jayson somewhat, and their tongues began to wrestle it out with each other inside each other’s mouth.


That felt and tasted real good and went on for a couple of minutes. But then Hawk slowly brought his hands up until he managed to grab Jayson’s head between his powerful hands, and then he gradually pushed Jayson’s face away from his own. But that was only to push Jayson’s head down to the level of his chest and pecs; and then down to his stomach, and then, still keeping his leg scissors on Jayson to keep him from escaping entirely, until he forced the not unwilling Jayson’s head and face down until it was opposite Hawk’s wet and naked crotch.


But then, with that, Hawk tightened up his leg scissors on Jayson again, and this time got him in a tight head scissors, while at the same time he pulled Jayson’s head and face down into his crotch until Jayson’s face was completely buried and smothered in it.


Jayson had no problem with any of that at all, nor now with finding his whole face buried, blind and suffocating, in Hawk’s crotch. For long minutes that was all he could taste or feel, and he had no problem with that at all. In fact, as he shifted his head around slightly in Hawk’s tight hold on him, and feeling Hawk’s big rod against his face and Hawk’s big throbbing balls against his lips, he soon opened his mouth to suck both of Hawk’s big balls in his mouth, and that felt and tasted even better. With Hawk having no problem with the move either. Nor later on when the whole situation was reversed, and Jayson got the same hold on Hawk, and soon felt his own balls swallowed deep inside Hawk’s mouth instead. 


For almost an hour Hawk and Jayson wrestled back and forth in their club house match while the storm continued to rage outside. Time after time they found themselves wrapped tightly together in each other’s wet and naked body, giving and taking all the punishment each could devise. Sometimes they moved quickly, but more often they remained deadlocked in one hold or predicament or another while both enjoyed the sensual and erotic pleasure they were getting from their whole match.


But their long match also included an ever increasing amount of cockfighting each other, and with their already long and tiring battle with the hurricane storm, that meant ever increasing loads of hot white cum were building up more and more in their bodies. And with that, both knew their wrestling match would soon have to end.


Once again, just like when they had begun, they found themselves in a tight double figure-four head scissors on each other, with once again both of their big cock rods were stabbed deep down each other’s mouth and throat.


But this time, they didn’t break it off to go on to something else. Instead, they this time rolled over but remained tightly locked together, as both knew they couldn’t hold their big loads of hot cum juice inside them any longer.


Suddenly both felt a strong and rippling spasm come across is own and the other’s muscled body as well, and in the next instant both felt and tasted all of the other’s hot creamy cum as it exploded out of his big cock rod and pulsed and poured in a flood into his mouth and down his throat.


On and on the torrents pulsed and flowed until finally both were drained and both found themselves exhausted.


Both knew it sure had been good. 


It was close to ten o’clock the next morning when Hawk awoke. Looking out the window of his bedroom, he saw nothing but blue sky and sunshine. The hurricane had passed completely away. Looking at the grounds outside, however, he could see that, while the alligators and other wildlife had returned to their natural swamp habitats, the grounds were completely covered with the debris of leaves and branches from the many broken trees surrounding the club house. It would take some time to clean it all up.


Before making breakfast, he decided to go outside to walk around the property to see what other damage might have been done. Hawk saw that power had been restored, but the air conditioning had not yet come on again, and it was already hot and humid. Putting on only his shorts and boots, he went out the main door.


The debris was piled high on all sides, but at least the big palm tree he and Jayson had finally moved from the side of the house was now lying on the ground out of the way. And his pickup truck, although covered with leave and storm debris, looked undamaged too. All told, while it would be a big clean up job, apparently there was no real or other damage to the property. 


When he came back inside and walked into the kitchen, he saw that Jayson was not only already up, similarly dressed in no more than a pair of tight gym shorts he’d found somewhere. Hawk noticed that his shorts bulged in all the right places, front and back, and he felt his own big load of male equipment once again begin to bulge as well. Going up to Jayson to greet him, Hawk couldn’t help but reach down to grab the big bulge in Jayson’s shorts to greet it too, and found it hard and full. Jayson greeted him similarly. Hawk knew that felt real good to him too. 


Hawk also noticed that Jayson had apparently already found some cereal and canned milk, some bread and preserves, and some packaged waffles, making altogether a complete breakfast. ‘Now,’ he said to himself, ’I wonder how Jayson happened to find the makings for such a complete meal so quickly?’ It also occurred to him that he still didn’t know, in fact, how come Jayson appeared at the front door of the club at midnight in the middle of the raging hurricane in the first place?


“Hey, m’man,” said Hawk, a grin on his face. “I’m thinking that you haven’t yet mentioned, I do believe, how you happen to have come here late last night in the middle of the storm, and how come you seem to be so familiar with things here in the kitchen this morning?”


A wide but bashful grin covered Jayson’s face.

“Well, man, you see, I sorta been here before, you know?”


“No, I don’t know,” replied Hawk good naturedly, “but I sure would like to!”


“Well, you see, man, I’ve sorta been living out in the swamp, real nearby, for a while.


“It’s sort of this way. I got into a problem about four months ago over in Fort Myers. A couple of years ago I got involved in an assault and battery situation over there when I beat up a couple of guys who were in a gang and wanted me to join them. I didn’t want to join up with them, and so instead of them beating up me up, I just sort of beat up on them.


“Then the police came and broke it up, but the men said that I had assaulted them. I denied it, but it was two against one, so the judge figured I was guilty and sentenced me to eighteen months in jail. I got out about a year ago, got a job in construction, and things were going along okay until, like I said, about four months ago. 


“There was another assault in the neighborhood, and two so-called witnesses said I was the guilty party. There was another witness, and some good DNA evidence, that I was not the guilty party, but with my previous record, it was left up in the air, and I was let out on bail.


“My brother came down to help me, and he’s been putting together the real evidence ever since. He said it would probably take three or four months to bring it together to present to the court, but in the meantime, I should just make myself scarce for a while.


“So he suggested I come on out here, and he and I fixed up sort of a little hut about a hundred yards from the clubhouse here, out in the swamp, for me to live in where nobody could find me.


“And now he comes down every two or three weeks from Rushton, and brings me some clean clothes and enough food to get by to keep me going.


“But now here comes this big hurricane up and I got clear flooded out of my hut and almost blown away.


“So I saw the lights on in the club house, and your pickup in the yard, and figured somebody must be here and maybe they might let me in to get me out of the hurricane.


“So here I am!”


‘Rushton!’ thought Hawk immediately as soon as Jayson said it. That’s where Sam Willson was from and where he was with the Rushton PD and headed up their SpecOp unit. Which would put him able to help Jayson with his legal problems and help him stay in the swamp near to the club house where he could keep him going until things cleared up for him again in Fort Myers.


‘And yes, looking at the similarity between the two powerfully muscular black men, with Jayson being a smaller version of Sam, the likeness was there!,’ thought Hawk quickly.


“You mean you’re Sam’s kid brother, Jayson?” asked Hawk. “ I know Sam real well and I know he comes down here to the club house every two or three weeks. I thought he came mainly just to check on the property, knowing he’s on the board of directors and one of the members in charge of the place, but I thought it was just in connection with that. 


“But I see he’s been coming down to help you too. He’s a good guy, for sure!” Hawk added.


“You know it, man, Sam and you saved my life! And I sure do appreciate it!”


“He’s a lot bigger and older than you, Jayson, how come the difference?” asked Hawk gently, not wanting to pry into Jayson’s affairs any more than he might be comfortable with.


“We got the same mother, but different fathers” said Jayson. “Our mother first married his father. He was an air force pilot and instructor. But he died when a student he was flying with messed up and they crashed into a mountain in Colorado.


“Then a few years later our mother married my father. He was a jazz musician in New Orleans, and I came along. But that didn’t work out and they separated. He died a few years later, and then my mother died when I was about nine years old.


“I’ve been living with different aunts and uncles since then, but Sam always kept an eye on me and did what he could for me, but I’m not sure I ever lived up to his hopes for me. Still, he never gave up on me, and he’s keeping an eye on me still. I finally got pretty well settled down in construction in Fort Myers, until this came up.


“But now if I can get through all this okay, even though I know I’ve already lost my job, I hope to get back on my feet again and make it own my own from now on.”


“Man,” said Hawk, “I can see you’ve had some pretty rough days and years. But looks to me like you’re pulling through real good now, and I sure wish you the best from here on out.


“Meanwhile, for right now, looks like you’ve put together a real good breakfast there, and so what do you say we get it inside of us? I’m thinking after we finish eating, if you’d like, we could go outside and clear away all the debris the storm left us, and I think we need to get out the power saw to cut up that big palm tree we pulled down and dispose of it too.


“Might be a four or five hour job till we’re through, so we might not be able to finish up until late this afternoon.”


“Hawk, man, I’m sure with you all the way. After all, you just saved my life, so that‘s a real plus right there. And then, of course, you’re real easy to look at when you’re all almost naked and working around with all those muscles too, and so whatever you want to do, anything at all, I’m real good with whatever you like, for sure!”


With that comment, and recalling their wrestling around all wet and naked last night in the mud and then on the mat in the great room, which ended in their shooting their full loads of hot cum juice into each other, and this morning’s crotch-grabbing greeting just now, they were both thinking the same thing. 


The work cleaning up the grounds went easily and well. The equipment shed held a leaf and limb shredder in addition to the power saw, and they dumped the shredded debris into the swamp. The big palm tree which had come down was disposed of similarly with only a few odds and ends left to do when they saw a big yellow Hummer H1 pull up and park next to Hawk’s pickup.


On the doors and sides of the Hummer were the emblem of the Rushton PD, and the words “Rushton PD SpecOps Unit.” As they watched, a grinning Sam, dressed only in camo shorts, a tight “RPD” muscle t-shirt and combat boots, got out to greet them. 


As soon as he saw Sam, Jayson ran over to him and threw himself into Sam’s welcoming arms. For a couple of long and silent minutes, they held their embrace of each other while Hawk stood aside quietly.


For the next fifteen or twenty minutes Jayson and Hawk relayed all that had happened at the club during and after the hurricane, while Sam deftly and quietly questioned them as to some of the details to complete the picture in his mind.


Clearly, Jayson had done the right thing, Sam said, in coming to the club house at the height of the storm to see if he could be admitted inside, and it was mighty nice of Hawk to let him in and take care of him until he could recover himself.


And then it was surely appreciated that both of them worked so hard at the height of the hurricane and storm to pull the big palm tree off the side of the house and away from the window so it wouldn’t be damaged, and then working hard all morning to get the club house and grounds back in order again.


After the three walked around the club house and grounds to check the rest of it out, Sam said that he would have to return shortly to Rushton as he had just come down for a brief visit to check how the club house had survived the hurricane.


As they relaxed in the kitchen with a cup of coffee before Sam had to leave, Hawk suggested to Sam that maybe the board should consider having a full time caretaker during the hurricane season? And if so, he’d like to recommend that Jayson might be given the job if he wanted it.


Sam’s reply, with a grin on his face, said that was just what the board was thinking and had decided upon, to get a caretaker for the hurricane season, but they didn’t know who it might be. And Sam said that before this hurricane had come along he was reluctant to suggest his brother Jayson as that might seem like some sort of family favoritism.


But now, said Sam, with the great and hard work Jayson had just voluntarily done to protect the club house with Hawk, and then working still more to clean the place up after the hurricane, he was sure the job was Jayson’s if he’d like it!


As the three walked back to the big yellow Hummer for Sam‘s return to Rushton, Sam asked Hawk “How long do you figure you’ll be able to stay over here at the club house this time, Hawk? Things look pretty good now, and I know you’ll want to get back to Naples soon too, maybe there are a few more things you need to do here first?”


“Well yes, Sam,” was Hawk’s reply, “I’m thinking maybe Jayson and I can get the place really cleaned up and finished in another hour or two. But then I thought maybe I’d stay over tonight as maybe Jayson and I have some other unfinished matters we need to attend to too.”


As Sam looked at the two muscular men standing close together in front of him, both of them almost naked wearing nothing but their gym shorts and combat boots and wet with sweat, and noting the big bulges in their shorts, he had a very good idea of what the two of them might be thinking of doing with each other.


After Sam left, Hawk and Jayson finished up the last of their cleanup work, got washed up, and fixed up a good supper from what Hawk had brought with him, plus all the food which Sam had brought down from Rushton for Jayson, plus some extra supplies for anybody else who might be working at the club house over the next few days. 


But Hawk and Jayson both knew what they really wanted to do then. It was after dark that both found themselves in the club great room again. Once again they were completely naked and wet and slippery with some wrestling oil as well. As they faced each other once again, ready to battle, their big cocks, already aroused for the battle to come, once again stuck straight out from their bodies, as long and hard as hammer handles, in anticipation of the battle they were about to have.


And, even better, this time they didn’t have to think about any hurricane raging outside. Instead, they could have their own private hurricane, anything goes, no time limit, and make it last as long as they liked and for however it came out.  


It lasted for over two hours, until both wrestlers were once again completely drained and exhausted.


Yeah, it sure was good. And, even better, Hawk was only an hour or so away, over in Naples, and with Jayson now the caretaker of the club, so this wouldn’t be the last time either. 


The End

Posted: 08/29/14