Foxhole Wrestlers

By: Ron Nelson
(© 2013 by the author)

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“Tim” Timmons felt like he was choking to death as he throated the sergeant’s big thick wet cock stabbed deep down into his mouth. To make it harder on him, the sergeant’s throbbing, naked wet muscular body was lying heavily on top of his own throbbing, naked wet muscular body as they lay locked together in the nighttime darkness of the muddy foxhole on Fort Grogan’s training grounds.


Then it got worse for Tim with the sergeant’s tight figure-four head scissors on him, his powerfully thick muscular thighs wrapped tightly around his head so that he couldn’t hear or see anything.


And then it got even worse with the sergeant seizing his big, hard nine-inch rod in his strong calloused hand pushing it down between his legs into the mud beneath them, almost breaking it clear off his body.


He loved the whole thing, and hoped it would never end. 


Tim was in the last couple of weeks of advanced infantry basic training. He had run up against Sergeant Luchara halfway through his earlier basic training. The sergeant headed up the personal combat part of basic, and he was as good as they came. He was only about five-eight, but weighed a rock hard one-eighty, was into body building in his off hours, and looked like he could take down, or beat up, any man he met.


He was also real good natured, showed respect for the officers above him, and could be real tender if any of the recruits was really having a temporary problem adjusting to the military and basic.


But in the field, on a training mission, Sergeant Luchara could be ruthless. The men loved him. 


Tim and the sergeant had spotted each other early on. Both were about the same size, except that Tim, despite being a star player on his high school football team and a varsity wrestler on the wrestling squad, were still in totally different leagues physically. Of course, the Sarge was probably about twenty-eight or so, with a lot more years of intense physical training, while Tim was barely twenty and just coming into his full strength. But still.


During one-on-one combat training in earlier basic, Tim had volunteered to be the “victim,” which was the only way the men would put it when the sergeant asked one of them to step up to be worked over by him in their various take-down and disarming drills. He was “taken down” and “disarmed” before he even knew it. 


Then the exercise was repeated, in reverse. But once again he was put down hard. It was hot in July during the exercise, and they were wearing no more than training shorts, and their muscular bodies were wet with sweat.


That time, when the sergeant came down on top of him, Tim nevertheless had the presence of mind, from his wrestling workouts, to try to get a grapevine leg hold on the sergeant to keep him in place on top of him. In addition, he grabbed one of the sergeant’s big pecs as well, which was pushing down right on top of his face, to squeeze it and push him off.


The sergeant looked surprised, grinned, and kept his body press on Tim even while he was also enduring Tim’s thick thigh pressing hard into his crotch against his cock and balls, almost crushing them, while one of his thick pecs was being squeezed in Tim’s tight hold on it.


Tim recalled that he thought to himself at that time, ‘Yeah, this feels good, for sure,’ and I don’t mind how long the sergeant holds me down.’ He knew, by the sergeant’s delay in breaking the hold on top of him, he wasn’t having any problem with the hold and suffering his own punishment by Tim either. 


Over the following weeks and in other one-on-one training sessions, not too frequently so as not to be too conspicuous about it, Sergeant Luchara and Tim took each other on a number of other times as well.


In combat training exercises with the sergeant he was always glad to be the “enemy.” And in the base gym, where he liked to work out in off hours and he and the sergeant were there at the same time, the sergeant on his body building workouts, and Tim just working off some of his spare energy, they soon got to mess around with each other on the mats there too.


A couple of times, on weekends when no one else was around, and with their wrestling around some more, Tim could tell, by his own feelings and what he was feeling with the sergeant, the sergeant was liking it just as much.


As they wrestled back and forth, give and take, it wasn’t long before both got powerfully big boners, which then became additional targets for each other, and it soon got to be a question of which could give or take the most punishment on their big cocks and balls too.


They might have gone all the way and been forced the shoot their loads the last time they wrestled, knowing that’s what both wanted, but a couple of other soldiers came in to work out just at the point so Tim and the sergeant had to cut it off for the present. But both knew there’d be another time when they would finish the job with each other. 


Now Fox Company was in its fourteenth week of advanced basic. The men were out in the field for the full week doing day and night training. It had rained most of the day, but had cleared in the late afternoon. Their training assignment was to take and hold an area of ground against infiltrators who might come in from any side, in the dark, and “attack” them. They would have to repulse the infiltrators and then secure the area. The area itself was partially wooded, with a lot of underbrush, which made it almost impossible to see anything more than three or four feet away.


Tim had been assigned a shallow foxhole, with his closest squad buddies in similar foxholes about six or eight feet away so that they’d cover the area pretty tightly. It would be the problem of the infiltrators to make their way into the area stealthily, silently “kill” the defenders, and then make their way back out again without being caught.  


Tim and the other members of his squad and platoon were told not to fire their rifles and give away their positions. Instead, they were to use their personal combat skills, no holds barred, anything goes, as they’d been taught in their personal combat classes, to kill or be killed.


After the exercise was over, the next morning, they’d be able to sleep in a couple of hours more to make up for being kept awake the previous night. Following that, the company captain would conduct a review of everything they did right, and whatever they might have done wrong.


It all seemed very reasonable to Tim.  


It was just shortly before midnight, and Tim was alert to what was happening around him. Except nothing seemed to be happening. Nothing to be seen, and nothing to be heard.


It had been a full day and he knew he was getting sleepy, but he was determined to stay awake, knowing that was all part of the training exercise.


He must have dozed off slightly anyway.


Next thing he knew was this powerfully muscular “panther,” all strength and power, or at least that‘s what it seemed like to Tim, suddenly came out from the undergrowth behind him, leaped on top of him and knocked him flat on his back in the mud at the bottom of the foxhole.


He then felt this panther man’s knee come crushing down on his cock and balls, but which had almost instantly become aroused and was already rock hard. At the same time one of panther man’s hands reaching for one of his pecs to crush it in his fist to hold him down in the mud, while the other hand went for his throat to choke him to a fast and silent death.


Tim, no slouch normally and even less so with all the personal combat training he’d received, reacted fast and instinctively. Ignoring the pressure he was taking by this sudden attack on his crotch, he nevertheless brought his own foot up and jammed it into the panther’s groin to push him off and punish him the same way back.


Then, bringing one of his hands and arms back behind his head to give him more leverage, he shot his other arm and fist up hard, either to seize his attacker’s arm if he were holding a knife to stab him with, or punch him in the face as hard as he could to fight him off.


H quickly realized, however, his attacker didn’t have a knife, what with one of his attacker’s hands having seized his chest and pec and the other hand going for his throat.


His upward punch therefore landed hard against his attacker’s muscled chest and big pec as his attacker moved just as quickly to the side to avoid being punched in the face.


There was very little light to see by, but Tim quickly knew who his attacker was, and was real pleased. “Panther-man” was, of course, Sergeant Luchara, who knew exactly what he was doing when he “attacked” Tim.


For a second or two, they froze in their immediate position, the sergeant coming down hard on Tim, and Tim coming back just as hard on the sergeant. As they looked at each other in the dim light, each could see the small grin on the other’s face. 


Still, the sergeant had the advantage of surprise, strength and experience, and in a flurry of movement, he now got behind Tim to get a tight choke hold on him. Not really as tight as he could have made it, of course, but just enough to give Tim a hard time, which he knew Tim would be receptive to.


A flurry of movement followed as Tim and the sergeant wrestled and fought silently in the dark foxhole, neither uttering a sound except for their grunts when they were hit or crushed by the other, or caused the other to be hit or crushed in return.


Tim broke the choke hold of the sergeant by reaching back and grabbing his crotch and found, not to his surprise, the sergeant’s big tool, more than an inch thick and at least nine inches long, sticking straight out from his body, hard as a rock, and an excellent target for Tim’s now crushing and bending hold on it.


Which the sergeant returned by taking the same hold from behind on Tim’s now equally rock hard rod jutting out straight from his own body.


It was like the cock fight they almost got into all the way back in the gym earlier, except now they were alone, in the dark, and could finish the job with each other, one way or another. 


Tim then reached down to grab the sergeant’s ankle, behind him, pulled it up, to dump the sergeant on his back in the mud at the bottom of the foxhole. Before the sergeant could recover, Tim managed to twist around and come down hard on the sergeant in a full body press to keep him down even tighter.


Then, to add to it, he jammed his knee into the sergeant’s groin to crush his cock and balls while his hands found the sergeant’s big pec and throat as targets for his hands. It was the exact reverse of the sergeant’s holds on him just a couple of minutes ago.


‘Yeah,’ thought Tim, ‘I know the sergeant could easily whip my ass here if he really wanted to, but I’m thinking he likes to take a lot of punishment too - just like me!’ 


For a couple of moments more, they fought each other silently in the darkness, concealed in the bottom of the foxhole and protected by the underbrush around them. Even the closest other soldiers near by had no idea of the desperate struggle going on between Tim and the sergeant only a few feet away. 


Both Tim and the sergeant knew, however, they wouldn’t be able to carry it on very long. For one thing, the commotion would soon attract the attention of the other soldiers anyway, and of the company commander too, who was keeping a close eye on the whole exercise.


And, more importantly, both Tim and the sergeant knew that their fight, and in particular their cockfight aspect of it, had gotten them so aroused they’d soon be forced to shoot their loads whether they wanted to come or not. 


Which was where they were when this little story began. Both Tim and the sergeant were now covered with mud, and they’d had ripped off everything they were wearing except their combat boots, and were wrestling naked in the mud.


Tim had slipped in the slippery wetness of the goo, not that he minded that at all, and the sergeant had come down on top of him, head to toe, in a full body press and figure-four head scissors, crushing his head between his powerfully thick and muscular thighs, and had then stabbed his big, long and hard rod deep down into Tim’s throat.


At the same time, the sergeant had seized Tim’s own big too, sticking straight up from his crotch just a couple of inches in front of the sergeant’s face, which the sergeant had seized, was rubbing its big and seriously stimulated heart-shaped end even as he was also pushing it forward between Tim’s big legs into the mud below.


Even as Tim was fighting desperately escape and relieve the sergeant’s punishment on him, he knew he was also intensely enjoying the punishment he was being forced to take, as well as the pleasure he was getting from wrapping his tongue around the sergeant’s own big tool deep inside his mouth. 


For a few seconds, both were deadlocked and struggled desperately against each other. Then Tim knew the end was about to come as he felt all the hot white cum in his body begin to shoot through his groin ready to burst out of him right into the sergeant’s face. When he did suddenly shoot his full load of man-juice, he wasn’t surprised to feel the sergeant’s mouth come over his cock-end and suck every drop of Tim’s cum into his own mouth for its own delicious taste.


At the same instant, however, Tim suddenly felt his own mouth fill with the full load of the sergeant’s own hot creamy white cum burst out into his own mouth until it filled it and the excess ran out and down into the mud below them.


‘Mmmmm yeah,’ Tim thought to himself, ‘this is sure good, and just like I’d like to mess around with the sarge every day for the rest of our basic training.’ Tim didn’t know it, but the sergeant was thinking along the same lines. 


A couple of minutes later, the sergeant had disappeared in the undergrowth. Once again, Tim found himself once again alone in this foxhole. Except now he was completely mud covered, but totally relaxed too. 


It was just getting light with the dawn when he heard the loud speakers at the edge of the training period announce that the exercise had now officially ended. All of the men were ordered to come out from their foxholes and head to the showers where they could get cleaned up and issued a new pair of fatigues and underwear, knowing all the men would all be pretty grimy from their night’s exercise.


When he got to the showers, Tim noticed he wasn’t the only man who was totally covered by mud. He wondered what some of the other guys might have gotten into too?


‘Not as good as me,’ he thought as he grinned to himself, ‘but maybe not so far from it either.’ 


When they fell into formation after they got cleaned up and ready to head to the mess hall for breakfast, the company commander told them their exercise had gone off well, and they should be pleased with the fine job they did.


‘Yeah,’ thought Tim, with another wide grin on his face, ‘I thought it came off real well too!’


The End

Posted: 12/06/13