Denver Long Haul Trucker

By: Ron Nelson
(© 2013 by the author)

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Jeff Baillen drove his big white Kenworth tractor-trailer rig at just a couple of miles an hour over the speed limit as he headed north from Pueblo toward Denver on I-25. It was around three in the afternoon. He’d just called his dispatcher at Toppman Trucking in Denver to say he’d probably be in around five.


With that report made, as traffic was light and the day was clear, he settled down to let his mind wander just a little while he kept a close eye on the road too. Reaching over to the seat next to him, he grabbed what remained of the triple cheeseburger and fries he’d picked up at the last truck stop to finish it before it got completely cold.


‘Damn,’ he said to himself, ‘last week the doc said I was already up around 225# at age 44, and what I needed was more exercise, not more food! So here I am eating again just sitting here putting on a couple more pounds anyway.’


But then he grinned to himself and thought, ‘Well, maybe I can work just a little of that off tomorrow night when I head out to “Avalanche Al’s” ranch and see if I can get into something there with him, or maybe he’ll have a couple of other of his buddies around who’d like to get into some rasslin’ around too.' 


Jeff had just turned 44 last month, and had now been driving full time a little over ten years. Before that he drove just locally around Denver to give him at least some steady income, while he wrestled semi-pro, mostly on Friday or Saturday nights, at the local high schools and armories around mid-Colorado and southern Wyoming.


He always was a big guy, even in high school, where he weighed about170# as a senior, played football and was on the wrestling squad. His interests even then were divided between auto and truck mechanics, and playing sports like football and wrestling.


He figured he was lucky over the past few years in that he was able to follow both of them to get by and make a pretty good living too.


After high school, he went to junior tech college for a couple of years. Then he got a good job as a truck mechanic, which led to making a little more money as a truck driver. Plus, that let him work out a flexible schedule to follow his other interest, which was body building and wrestling.


The back-street Cimarron Gym in Denver, where he started working out seriously, had some wrestling mats in a back room where a number of semi-pro wrestlers in the area trained and worked out. He was already in pretty good shape and hunky looking, and it wasn’t too long before he was attracted to some of the pro wrestlers in particular, and they to him.


Jeff knew early on that he found out he liked wrestling around with another guy for more than just the workouts and the semi-pro matches he could line up to earn some extra money.


His interest in wrestling wasn’t nearly so much to win as it was for the sensual pleasure he got from locking up with another big guy, both stripped almost naked, sometimes even naked if they were wrestling privately, give and take, and ending up however it came out.


Soon after he started working out at the Cimarron Gym, he was just a little surprised to see that some of the other bodybuilders and wrestlers in the gym felt the same way as he did. He’d started at the gym when he was only about 22 and hadn’t had too much experience yet. But some of the older wrestlers, seeing a good looking, muscular new man on the scene, didn’t lose much time in taking up with him, and he with them. 


‘Yeah,’ Jeff thought and reminisced as he drove along now in his big rig, ‘I remember big Al Dawson in particular. I was just about 22 and he must have been what I am now, in his mid-40’s. I then weighed about 180# and he must have been at least 225# and both of us about 5-11. I’d just started working out at the Cimarron and noticed him. He’d already noticed me.


‘Then one day soon after I started he came over and asked me to spot him while he was bench pressing some weights, which I was glad to do. Then he did the same for me, and we sort of hit it off with each other.


‘It turned out he was into semi-pro wrestling around the region and we got to talking about wrestling, which of course I was interested in too. He wrestled under the name “Avalanche Al” and was a pretty good draw for crowds. He had a great build and looked real good because his weight and muscles were spread out evenly over his whole body making him real attractive. When he came at another guy, he came on like an avalanche, which is where he got his ring name from.


‘While the basics of the matches were all staged, and it was decided beforehand who would win, which let the wrestlers focus on their moves, holds, punishments and escapes to stretch the matches out to 20 or 30 minutes, the wrestling was still a lot of punishing and hazardous work, and getting injured or hurt wasn’t uncommon.


‘Then one evening, when “Avalanche Al” and I were about the only ones left in the gym, he asked me if I’d like to wrestle around with him some in the back mat room just for the both of us to get a little workout. He said I could give him as hard a time as I liked to keep him sharp, and he’d show me some good holds and moves in return too.


‘I liked the idea of that very much, looking at the bigger and hunkier older man with whom I could be as rough as I liked. And getting roughed up some by him in return was a very appealing prospect too.


‘When we got to the back room mats, Al stripped off his gym shirt, shorts and shoes, which left him wearing only his jock strap. Man, he looked like he could be a wrestling sex machine. I took one look at Al’s now big and bulging jockstrap, and found my own jockstrap begin to bulge out equally big as I stripped down to just my jock strap too.


‘At the start, we wrestled slowly back and forth for about twenty minutes, with Al taking it easy and not getting ahead of me, but still pressuring me for as much as I could take, and me getting back at him in return.


‘I remember in particular Al soon got me in a couple of great headlocks. The first time was when we were lying on our sides on the mat and he pulled my face right into his big pecs as if to make me suck on them. I really didn’t have any problem with that at all and sort of gave him what he wanted.


‘The other time was when he was on top of me so that his pec was right over my face and he had me in another headlock. Then he dropped his whole pec right over my face as if to shove it into my mouth and make me suck it some more. Again, I didn’t have any trouble with that, and again gave him what he wanted.


‘Then I figured he probably not only would like the same holds taken on himself, and would probably like a lot of pec punishment too. So after that, whenever I was able, I reached out to grab one or both of his big pecs fully in my fists to squeeze them in a claw hold as hard as I could.


‘I know he liked the pressure and feel of that, which I did too. That was just one of the things we got at with each other. We both knew it was a real sensual turn-on too. 


‘Then he’d get me in some great head scissors too, both from on top and from the side, with me facing both out from and in toward his crotch. Each time he wrapped his huge thick and muscular legs around my head I knew it felt like he was going to crush it, but I know I sure liked it too.


‘Every time then I’d have to try to pull or flip or bridge out as best I could, and it was only after he’d really made me work at it that he’d finally let me go. But then I’d soon take the same head scissors back on him, which I knew he liked just as much as I did.


‘From there, it then wasn’t long, whenever my head was facing into his crotch, before he began pulling my head in closer and closer into his now bulging jock-strapped crotch until he was smothering me with it and I could feel and taste his hot wet sweat and full crotch in my mouth. Man, I liked the feel and taste of that.


‘And which hold, of course, I figured he’d like in return, and on which I was glad to oblige him. In fact, a couple of times he took my whole package of “junk” in his mouth and then wouldn’t let it go until I released my head scissors on him first. Which sometimes I did, and sometimes I didn’t, to see which of us could take it the longer. 


‘And then, more and more, there were all the other different crotch holds and punishment we got into too. Sometimes at first Al got me in only a few routine crotch lifts to move me around some. But then we’d get locked up together some way, or Al was body pressing me and he jammed his big leg against my bulging jock strap almost crushing it and everything I had in there. But I had to admit, the pain of it always felt real good too.


‘And, of course, every time he worked me over some way, it was with the expectation that I’d do the same to him, only more so and harder. I could see he liked that just as much as I did.


‘Then, as we got more and more into some tough crotch holds, to pick me up or hold me down or just improve our positions some way, or just to give me a hard time, he’d just out and out grab my bulging jock strap. By now my cock was all long, hard and thick, and my balls full and pretty hard too, and so crushing my junk made it all the more punishing to me.


‘Sometimes it really hurt, in fact, but I knew I sure liked it just the same. And I could see he liked it just as much when I’d either do the same to him, or just straight out grab all of his big junk in my fist and try to crush his even harder in return.


‘Of course, each time he came on to me, he’d eventually slacken off to let me recover and return to where I’d take the same holds on him and give him back just as much punishment as he’d been giving me. Which I knew he liked and expected, which is why, along with teaching me some good moves and holds, we got into it.


‘Yeah, all that sure was good.’ 


* * * * 

Jeff then had to break off his reminiscing for a few seconds to slow down when some little old lady was rocketing along at 45mph in the left lane just in front of him. Finally, after about ten minutes, she looked in her rear view mirror and saw he was right behind her. Only then did she pull into the right lane, letting him pull ahead and continue to reminisce about his first night wrestling around with “Avalanche Al.” 


With his big rod now long and hard and his balls thick in his tight jeans as he reminisced, Jeff continued to recall ‘Yeah, then soon after our last crotch hold on each other, and I was trying to get another good one on him, his jock strap shifted to one side so that his big cock and thick balls fell out on the other side. Man, that was the biggest load of junk I’d seen in a long time, and it sure did look good.


‘Having all of his junk hang loose didn’t bother either him or me, however, as both of us were fighting it out higher up trying to get a headlock on each other. Finally I got a headlock on him and brought him down to the mat. But that still left his powerfully muscled arms free, while mine were needed to keep a tight headlock on him.


‘So once we’re down on the mat, next thing I know Al has ripped his loosened jock strap off himself, and then he grabs mine and pulls mine off too so that now we’re wrestling completely naked. Now all our male junk, long, thick and rock hard rods and big naked balls, are really aroused and fully exposed to the other’s punishment. It did feel good, though.


‘Now, with our jock straps gone and we’re wrestling naked, and the punishment we’d already been giving and taking on each other’s cocks and balls, our whole wrestling match became even more and more of a cock fight between the two of us. Which, we both realized, was pretty much what we both wanted in the first place.


‘So now the next time he got a real good head scissors on me when we were down on the mat, he twisted my head to face into his crotch. And then from there he began to pull my head into his hot and sweaty crotch until he’d brought it right up against his big, long and thick cock and thick and solid balls. 


‘But I surprised him in that one when I then managed to twist my head around just a little and sucked both of his big balls right into my mouth. It was a big mouthful and I almost choked on them. But I knew he then got just a little concerned as to whether I was going to bite them right off him.


‘He didn’t let go of my head, however, nor did I let go of his balls out of my mouth either, so it was a real good stalemate for quite a while. Which I sure had no problem with. And, after he realized I didn’t have any problem with holding his balls in my mouth, he figured I probably wasn’t going to chew his balls right off him, so he didn’t let go of my head either. Still, it was a deadlock we sort of needed to be careful with.


‘Then there were the great leg scissors holds and punishment we got on each other. My legs were pretty strong and muscled, while his legs and thighs were even bigger and really thick, strong and solid. As a result, it always did feel real good whenever we got them wrapped around the other’s head or body some way.


‘Then there were the times when we were both down on the mat and he’d sit in right behind me and wrap his big legs around my waist. Then he’d cross his ankles and follow that up by smashing his bare feet and heels into my crotch hard against my big long and rock hard rod and solid balls, just exposed to his punishment, but nothing I could do about it.


‘I knew he liked that hold when he was wrestling in public, but then he had to keep his heels away from his opponent’s crotch. Except sometimes he’d “forget” and smash into the other guy’s cock and balls anyway. Which caused the other man to really look pained, but was a vicarious thrill for a lot of the men, and women too, watching the match in the audience.


‘Of course, he was sorta just showing me how to do it, but I could really feel his smashes against my cock and balls. And when I did it back on him, also doing it as hard as I could, I knew the pain it was giving him, but it was giving him a lot of pleasure too, just like when he did it to me.


‘Then to add to that crotch punishment and to keep me in place while his feet were grinding into my cock and balls, he reached around my chest with those big muscular arms of his until his big hands were right over my pecs and nipples and then he’d squeeze them too.


‘Man, I’d be hurting all over, but it always did feel real good too, as I knew it did to him too when I’d do the same thing back to him. 


‘Still, no matter what else we were getting into and out of, wrestling naked and being real turned on as well, we got into our cockfighting with each other more and more often, and for longer periods each time.


‘Sometimes we’d go at it when we were on our knees on the mat facing each other, both our cocks now long, thick and hard and sticking out from our bodies which made a perfect target for the other to grab.


‘Which we did every time. Each time then we’d try to either push it back between the other’s legs or pull it down to the mat until we‘d near break it off the other’s body. It always hurt, but it always felt good too. 


‘Then there were the times, when we weren’t cockfighting with each other, we’d get a single and then more and more often a double figure-four head scissors on each other when we’re down on the mat.


‘At first when we got a head scissors on the other, we’d only be pressing our big, long and hard rods and thick balls in our jockstraps against the other’s face.


‘Then after we went naked, we’d jam our now naked, hard and wet cocks and balls hard against the other’s full face to blind and suffocate him as well.


‘And then from there we soon went even further by stabbing our big hard cock swords deep down into the other’s mouth and throat to impale his head to the mat so that now no way could he escape either by bridging out or rolling away.


‘But whichever of us was on the bottom and taking the punishment, neither of us ever wanted to give in even though we’d be just about choking with the other man’s big rod stuffed down his mouth and throat. Nor was the top man ever willing to pull out his sword until the bottom man gave in. Yeah, those were deadlocks which lasted a long time. They actually always felt real good too. 


‘I recall some other stuff and holds or moves we also got into. A lot of them were real close to what Al did in the ring in public matches with his opponents, and they did back to him too, although, of course, they could then carry it just so far. But I wonder what Al and they got into when they were wrestling around privately too?


‘Like some of the times when he got me down on the mat on my back. After all, he was weighing about 225# and was a lot more experienced than I too, so he could pretty much do to and with me as he liked. Which I knew I didn’t have any problem with at all.


‘Anyway, then, before I could roll over or come back up some, he’d get on top of me and squat down on top of me with at first his butt on my chest. But then he’d move up just a tad until his butt was right over my head and then he’d squat down the rest of the way and sit full on my face.


‘Man, when he did that with his big, solid, wet and naked butt, I felt my whole face get pressed deep into the black canyon of his big butt so’s I couldn’t see anything or even hardly breathe except for a narrow air passage out between his enormous butt cheeks. 


‘And then, with him sitting full on my face blinding and suffocating me, when I tried to bridge out, which was about all I could do to try and escape him, that left my own big and aroused rod sticking straight up from between my legs and made a perfect target for him to slap back and forth with his hand, or crush in his fist, to increase his punishment on me. And there was nothing I could do about it but take his punishment on me.


‘Eventually, I learned to just ignore his sitting on my face, it being buried deep inside his big wet butt, and giving me a hard time smacking my big rod back and forth too, until I was able to reach my own arms up blindly and grab his own big rod, which was even bigger and harder than mine, in my fist. Then I’d just by raw power either try to pull him off me by his own big rod, or just rip it right off him in the first place, until I could get him off me.


‘And, of course and as usual, it worked just about the same when we reversed our positions. Then when I was sitting fully on his face and feeling his nose and mouth and whole face buried in the canyon of my own butt, and wouldn’t let him up or go, then he’d reach up and pretty soon give me a choice of either letting him go or having him rip my rod right off me. Man, those were good deadlocks, for sure.


‘Then there were the times when I might be on my back again, which was pretty often as actually he could, and did, pretty much do whatever he wanted with me due to our weight and experience differences. Then sometimes he’d get behind me, lean over, and pick me up by my legs and fold me back on myself, with him pretty much on top of me so’s I couldn’t escape.


‘I knew this was another of his trademark holds when he was wrestling in public, and it always was good for looking like a real punishing hold, which, of course, it partly was. Anyway, it was another one which I liked for him to take on me because the punishment felt good too, and it worked just as well when I took it back on him later on.


* * * *


‘Through all of that first match, and then all the times we wrestled together after that, however, Al never forgot, however, that here he was, something like weighing 225# or so and being in his mid-40’s, with of course a lot more experience in working another guy over, and able to himself take a lot more punishment too, than I did at my age and weight at that time.


‘As a result, for all our messing around, he actually always took it slowly so that I could keep up with him and take the same things back on him as well, and made sure I was enjoying it all too, which I sure knew he was too. 


‘“Avalanche Al,” also knew how to stretch a match out and make it last a long time. When he and another man were wrestling in front of an audience they wanted, of course, to give the crowd the best show possible. At the same time they knew they needed to conserve their own energy to make the match last a while so they got into a lot of pauses and deadlocks too. Which Al was doing with me whenever we wrestled as well. 


‘Yeah, there were a lot of the things Al and I got into that first night when we wrestled naked and alone in the Cimarron Gym. And then a lot more in our other private matches after that as we got more and more used to each other and got to know what the other man most liked, and how far to go with some of it.


‘Actually, come to think of it, a lot of our stuff wasn’t all that different from a lot of the holds and moves Al got into when he wrestled in public as “Avalanche Al.” But ours just got into them a little bit more.


‘Yeah, another one of Al’s “patented” holds when he was wrestling in public was when he’d get the other man in a real good leg grapevine hold with him. Sometimes they’d be on their backs, with Al tying the other guy’s man’s legs tight with his own massive legs and his feet up around the other man’s crotch, to get him completely locked up and unable to escape.


‘Now he did the same with me, and it really felt good to be all locked up completely under his control. But with me, and our rasslin’ naked and privately, he’d brought his foot down just a little in that hold and jammed it hard into my crotch against my cock and balls, just about crushing them. Man, I sure felt that, but it felt real good too. As I know it did to him too when I reversed it pretty soon afterwards and got it back on him.


‘That was sort of the pattern, in fact, in our whole match that night. He’d take some hold on me to show it to me, and he did it real slowly so I could see how it all fit together with whatever else he was doing. And maybe enjoy the feel and pleasure of it just a little too. And then, soon afterwards, I’d take it back on him to work on it and maybe give him just a little pleasure out of all of it too. I know the whole thing sure worked out nice for us. 


* * * * 


As he headed into the Toppman Trucking terminal in Denver marking the end of this run, Jeff reminisced about the end of that first match with Al as well.


‘Eventually, after we’d been wrestling back and forth almost two hours, I was getting pretty tired and knew I’d used up just about all of my energy in wrestling around with the bigger and older “Avalanche Al.” He’d been real good about taking it easy on me, but it still began to take its toll. And most likely he was ready to call it a night too.


‘Once more we got locked up, this time him on top of me with his big 225# pressing down hard on me, first looking real serious but then with a big grin covering his face. Then he smacked me up in one of the biggest, tightest and wettest kisses I’ve ever experienced. Boy, did that taste good.


‘And which I of course was glad to give back to him too. But then our tongues got to wrestling it out with each other inside each other’s mouth as we muscle-hugged each other. At the same time, I could also feel his big and powerful legs pressed down hard against my engorged cock and balls, but knew my own big cock and balls were pressed just as hard against his own big legs. Man, we were really locked up, and it sure felt good too. 


‘Then we separated just a little. But before I could escape from under him, which I really wasn’t in any rush to do, he swiveled around one-eighty degrees and once more we got locked in another, and final, figure-four head scissors on each other, with each us jamming our big rods, still long and hard with all our on-going cockfighting, stabbed deep down into each other’s mouth and throat.


‘He was on top, and I knew I was about to come. I knew his mouth came down and fully covered my 8” tool, so it must have been stabbed right down his throat too. However, I knew I couldn’t hold back any longer. That meant I’d be exploding my whole big load into his mouth and throat before he could withdraw - even if he wanted to, that is.


‘But I knew at the same time he was just about to come too and would be shooting his big load right down into my mouth and throat as well. Which was ok with me. After all our wrestling around to that point, I knew I was sure ready to get all the hot white cum cream he had in him and take in all as much of it as I could.


‘Then it happened and we both exploded. Suddenly I felt him give one last great spasm, and then my mouth and throat filled to overflowing as all the thick hot cum in his whole big muscled body exploded into my mouth.


‘At the same time, I felt my own cum race through my own body and explode just as suddenly into his mouth and throat. He didn’t pull back any from my rod until I was completely drained, nor did he pull his own big rod out of my mouth until he was completely drained too.


‘From there, I know we just laid on the mat, him still partly on me but partly off too, with both of us exhausted until we finally recovered just enough to get up and head to the showers.


‘By then we were the only one’s left in the Cimarron Gym that night, so Al, knowing where the lights were, and maybe having played out the same scenario with other guys before that night, turned them out as we closed the door and went our separate ways for the rest of that night.’ 


As Jeff turned his attention back to the truck and the road, and as he was approaching the Toppman Truck terminal, he was hoping the wet spot in the front of his pants would dry off before he had to get out of the truck, or at least, if anybody saw him, they’d think it was sweat and nothing else.


* * * *


When Jeff started thinking about that first match with “Avalanche Al” back at the old Cimarron Gym, he knew he was now about the same age as Al was then, and when he was only about 22 and weighed 180#.


Now he was about the same weight as Al was then, and there were a number of younger guys coming along now, just getting into driving, and some wrestling too on the side, and about the same size as he himself was then.


Al finally had to retire from active wrestling a few years later due to the accumulated injuries and strains he’d had over the years. After he retired he’d bought a good sized ranch outside of Denver where he raised some cattle and crops, and was making a good living for himself while he was at it.


And he wasn’t out of wrestling either. Soon after he bought the ranch, he built a private gym and a six-man bunkhouse for any guests or buddies who might be wanting to stay over for a few days or a weekend. In addition, he had a couple of regular ranch hands who were really built and hoping to get into the wrestling scene themselves some time.


Al’s ranch was, in fact, where Jeff was headed for this weekend, right after he turned his truck in at the terminal and completed the required paperwork.


A couple of weeks ago Al had mention he’d gotten a new ranch hand recently. The man, Eddie, was about 22 and a real hunk weighing about 185#.


“In fact,” said Al, with a grin on his face last time they talked, “he reminds me of you when you and I first got to messing around back there in the old Cimarron Gym back in the old days.


“I mentioned about you to him, and his face really lit up when I told him just a little about our first match. I’m thinking you might want to meet him and maybe mess around with him next time you’re here for the weekend!” 


‘Yeah,’ thought Jeff, a grin covering his face and his big rod growing long and hard and his balls quickly becoming engorged, ‘I think I’d really like that a lot!’


The End

Posted: 02/01/13