Competition at The Key Largo Manarena

By: Ron Nelson
(© 2016 by the author)

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Terry Torquay finished up his two-hour workout at Tan’s Gym in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. He was pretty well exhausted, but he felt he was as ready for the bodybuilder’s competition tomorrow as he’d ever be.


The competition was for the “Mr. Hunk of South Florida” title in the unlimited weight competition at the ManArena in Key Largo. Terry was just twenty-four and had put on another twelve pounds in the last six months to bring him up to 198lbs. He figured, with his basic build, this was his ideal weight. Some men had a bigger frame and could hold more, but he thought he looked better with slightly less weight, but greater definition, on his build. His legs were real well defined, his arms and biceps even better, tight waist and he’d developed his pecs to be one of his best points of all.


Terry had started body-building about ten years earlier and had won either first or second place in one competition or another almost every year since then. In their younger years not that many boys then were into it seriously. When he got to his senior teens, however, he found some men were into it as seriously as he was, and there was a lot more competition. Who he still beat more often than not. 


He was helped some because he liked to wrestle too. He weighed about one-seventy in school, and the coach, whom he really liked, took a personal interest in him and knew about his desire to compete someday in bodybuilding competitions. As a result, the coach gave him some special instructions and training programs, which not only helped his wrestling but his bodybuilding too. He found the two were pretty closely related. It turned out the coach was into wrestling as well, and on a couple of occasions he and the coach had wrestled after hours in the school gym.


Terry found he frequently got a big hard-on when he wrestled, but that seemed normal with a lot of guys. There was no doubt in his mind it was a really sensual sport, and he

had no problem with that at all. He recalled soon after he started wrestling with the coach that one night, after they’d been wrestling for even just a few minutes he got such a big boner, which the coach didn’t even seem to notice, that he unexpectedly shot his full load of hot cum right through his wrestling shorts into the coach’s face when he had him in a figure-four head scissors.


Terry was real embarrassed about that, but the coach didn’t seem either too surprised or bothered by it. He just wiped his face off and gave Terry a big grin. But the shot had drained Terry of his energy for that session, so they broke it off until their next session a couple of nights later.


Since he got out of school, Terry had added on a good deal more weight, and a lot more impressive muscle, in all the most important places on his body. And he kept up with his wrestling too when, more and more, some of the men in the gym where he worked out, and where they had some wrestling mats, asked him every once in a while if he’d wrestle around with them.


Some of the older men even offered to pay him a few bucks for his services. He was agreeable to that. Sometimes they really wanted to mostly just wrestle. But at other times it got sort of sensual and erotic and one or both of them ended up shooting their loads. Terry never had any problem with that. It just seemed sort of natural when a match got real sensual.


Terry more liked the idea of wrestling around with some of the older men because it meant he could then make a few extra bucks now and then, and whatever the men wanted from him or gave him during their private matches was okay with him too.


It was sort of just like being their personal trainer, and it helped to pay for his bodybuilding training and nutrition expenses too.


He fact, he got to liking the idea of wrestling more and more, particularly if the other guy was real hunky regardless of his age or weight, and they could go all the way. And maybe pro or at least semi-pro wrestling might be good for him after his bodybuilding days ended. 


That’s where tomorrow’s competition at the Key Largo ManArena came into play.


The Key Largo ManArena was formerly a boat sales center. Then it was closed for a while until it was bought by a sports group which converted it to a gym and sports arena. The arena held only about 400 or so spectators, with a ring or stage set in the center so everybody could get a real good close-up view of whatever action was taking place that night.


Mostly the arena was used for individual sports like boxing, wrestling, karate, judo, kickboxing and bodybuilding competitions They tended to attract smaller audiences, but those audiences liked to be a lot closer to the action than being in some big ball field.


In fact, last year a local wrestling promoter, Lou Jacobs, who had been keeping an eye on Terry, and in fact had wrestled with him a couple of times in the privacy of his home not long ago, asked him if he’d like to wrestle publicly down at the ManArena some time?


“Sure,” said Terry, “might be interesting. But can I ask, does it pay anything?” Lou knew that Terry needed all the funds he could get for his training and other expenses, and Lou, being in the sports promotion business, wasn’t surprised at the question.


“Oh yeah,” was Lou’s reply, “about $ 100 for one night if the match goes at least twenty minutes. We sort of arrange beforehand how it will go and how it will end up to be sure it’ll appeal to the audience, but what you do in the middle of it will be up to you.


“Then,” Lou continued, “if the audience likes you, and we get a good crowd, you can make up to $ 200 for a later match if you come back for more.”


“Sounds good to me!“ was Terry’s prompt answer.


Terry’s regular job was operating whatever machine or equipment was required at the moment at construction sites where the company he worked for had a job contract. That kept him moving and working out, which he liked. But it paid only about $ 15/hour so an extra Benjamin or two now and then would be a real help in meeting his bodybuilding expenses. 


Thinking about the competition tomorrow, and the kind of wrestling he liked to get into too, he was reminded that one of his main bodybuilding competitors tomorrow was going to be Steve Ball.


Steve was about thirty-five, weighed about two-twenty, had been bodybuilding for some years, and had really gotten and kept himself in almost perfect shape. There were other guys in the competition too, but he knew he and Steve would maybe be the most closely watched.


He knew Steve to talk to and he seemed like a nice guy. But he was competitive, Terry knew, and the competition between the two would be pretty serious even if they were casual acquaintances at other times.


Terry knew Steve was also into wrestling now and then. In fact, about six months ago, Terry was at the ManArena watching the wrestling show that night, liking to watch wrestling and picking up any pointers for when he might wrestle at the ManArena, or privately, too.


All of the wrestling shows at the ManArena were managed by Lou Jacobs, and it occurred to Terry that one evening, just casually, Lou had asked him if he’d ever considered wrestling some night with Steve?


Terry hadn’t given it any thought at the time. He knew he and Steve were in different weight and age brackets, so the idea didn’t make any impression on him at that time. Still, he had told Lou he would be interested. But they hadn’t talked any more about it since then.


He didn’t know either whether the idea of him wrestling Steve some time in the ManArena had originated with Lou or whether it was Steve who suggested it to Lou after he had seen Terry in a bodybuilding competition.


Anyway, first things first, and that meant tomorrow’s bodybuilding competition at the ManArena was going to be his main priority. After that, he’d see what might come next. 


Terry got to the ManArena about a half hour early the following night. He’d worked out and gotten real pumped up to the maximum that afternoon and then taken a couple of power drinks to keep hydrated.


Coming early to the ManArena would let him strip, shower and then oil up in the locker room so that his body would glisten to the best effect under the spotlights which had been set up to show the competitors at their best.


As he looked around, Terry saw Lou Jacobs near the door leading into the arena, and saw the dozen or more other bodybuilders he’d be competing with in the locker room doing the same thing, getting set up, as he was. They looked real good, but he thought he could handle their competition. While a lot of the judging was done by a point system, a lot depended on just what the individual judges felt individually too and how a man looked just in general.


He saw Steve getting himself ready too. Steve wasn’t far from the entrance, where he’d just seen Lou, and wondered if maybe they’d been talking, and maybe about him? Lou, as producer of this competition, however, was most likely talking with a number of

competitors, and would most likely be talking to him too sooner or later. No problem there.


Checking Steve out, figuring he was going to be his main competition, Terry couldn’t help but wonder not only how he’d do in tonight’s bodybuilding competition, but also how it might go if and when they’d wrestle around some time with each other?


They were both about the same height, five-eleven or so. But Steve had a thicker and even more muscular build than Terry, and outweighed him by that twenty-five pounds or so - all of it really solid muscle. Steve also had a lot more wrestling experience, and could be counted on to use it.


At the same time, he might be just a little less flexible, being so muscle-bound and older, and, if they were to wrestle at the ManArena to put on a show it would be in both of their interests to make it last as long as possible, and make it sort of “interesting” too. He didn’t know if Steve liked to mess around “anything goes” as he did, or only played it straight.


Terry’s mind went back to when he wrestled with some of his “clients.” As a bodybuilder, he already was stronger than anybody he wrestled with back at the gym or with one of his older “clients” who liked to wrestle with him in the privacy of their own home or maybe some hotel room somewhere.


The objectives of those matches wasn’t just to “win” in the usual sense. In fact, if his “clients” liked to “win” those matches, it was always agreeable to him to “lose” the match if that was what the client wanted.


It was to stretch out those matches as long as possible, give and take, for the workout and sensual pleasure of it and to feel real good about it. Not unlike a pro wrestling show which might last almost half an hour of give and take wrestling until finally one meaty hunk finally pinned the other in a big ball of muscle and sweat and it ended.


Terry wondered if Steve liked to wrestle the same way too? If so, that might be real interesting!


Lou came by just to talk with him briefly before the competition began, and to tell him he was looking real good for the show and competition this evening and to wish him luck. There were nine competitors in the heavyweight division, which was the one in which he and Steve were competing. There were about a total of some thirty-five men in the entire competition.


Looking around, Terry could see all of the competitors were looking good, and he wished all of them good luck. Terry himself wasn’t actually all that competitive a guy in general, which was why he could wish all of his competitors good luck. Sort of the way he felt about wrestling another guy too.  


The bodybuilding competition lasted almost two hours and went off really well to pretty close to a sold-out house. Lou knew how to plan things so they’d come out right. Lots of color and music, great announcers and great introductions, and then a dramatic show of all the bodybuilders coming out to the stage, showing themselves to their best advantages, front and back and flexing in their various positions and poses, allowing them to show individually some of their special features, and all the rest of it. A real audience-pleasing event.


In Terry’s weight division, the heavyweight and most muscled one, the men came out one by one. Terry was next to last. The last man was Steve Ball. That put the two of them, the hunkiest of all, side by side. Terry had to admit, Steve did look good. Both of them had oiled up so that their skins glistened in the spotlights, and their flexing in their various poses showed off their best features.


And, as the title was for “Mr. Hunk of South Florida,” just their muscles alone weren’t the only feature the judges were looking at. Both Steve and Terry were wearing only their briefest string bikinis, and both showed huge bulges in front. Terry was thinking of his various wrestling matches with some of his “special” clients, and now, looking at the hunky Steve right next to him, only a couple of inches away, and the possibility of wrestling around with him some time, got him so aroused that he began to bulge out even more, with the long ridge of his now long and hard cock showing clearly right up to the top edge of his bikini.


Terry didn’t know what Steve was thinking, but he noticed Steve grinning over at him, and then giving him a wink, and getting no less a huge hard-on in his own tight bikini.


After a few minutes of consultation behind their table, the judges came up with their decision. In Second Place - Terry Torquay! A big round of applause followed. In First Place - Steve Ball! Another big round of applause. The two top winners came forward, shook hands, and each was presented a Cup for his win. The First Place Cup, of course, was just a little bigger than the Second Place Cup.


The hand shake with Steve felt good. It was strong and firm but not crushingly so or unfriendly. With Terry’s the same in return. Also, Steve held Terry’s hand for a few seconds more than usual. Was he maybe saying something to him? If so, he was pleased to get the message.


As usual, most of the competitors, as well as most of the audience, got cleaned up and left the ManArena fairly quickly after the show. Only a few lingered on, having enjoyed the show and in no hurry to see it end.


Lou Jacobs had come into the locker room shortly after the competition ended, and Terry saw him go over to Steve, who nodded something. Then Lou came over to Terry and asked him if he’d be able to stay a little longer for something else he might be interested in.


“Sure,” was Terry’s easy reply. He wasn’t going anywhere else and he wasn’t working tomorrow, so he was good with whatever Lou wanted him to stay for.


Lou then left to return to the main hall to check up on some loose ends out there. When he returned to the locker room, Steve was working around at his locker and Terry doing the same at his locker. Neither was avoiding each other, nor making a point of talking with each other. They were just taking care of their own affairs for the moment.


“Hey men,” said Lou, talking to them both in the now otherwise empty locker room, “How about you two hunks want to give me a little wrestling show while you‘re here, and maybe see how you might look in the ring together one of these nights? Think you might get it up for that now?”


Terry and Steve both turned around and looked at him with grins on their faces. Both were still dressed only in the tiny string bikinis and their bodies still glistened with the oil they’d put on for the competition.


“Sure,” both said almost together. Terry noticed that Steve’s bikini bulged out even more than it had at the show, and knew his showed the same. He knew what he was thinking as he looked at the big hunk Steve, and expected Steve was thinking the same thing as he looked at him. Steve then shoved one of his big hands into his bikini, as if he were maybe re-arranging its contents somewhat, and Terry then did the same.


Oh yeah, they were ready to get into it with each other. 


Just about the lights were already turned off in the main arena, with only one overhead light, plus the red exit lights, to give any illumination. The rest of the big room was dark in shadows. The stage was pretty much the way it had been left after the bodybuilder competition except that it had been squared off and covered with a blue vinyl mat over a thickly padded soft base.


The next event to be held there in the ManArena was next Saturday night’s usual semi-pro wrestling show so the mat was set up for that. As the platform didn’t have the setup for the usual pro wrestling spring base to give it flexibility, the extra padding was the substitute. There’d be the ropes set up around the ring for that, but they wouldn’t go up until the afternoon of the match.


Steve went out to the mat, followed closely by Terry and Lou. While Steve and Terry stepped on to the mat, Lou grabbed a chair to sit by the side of the mat to watch them.


“What I’d like you to do, men, is get into it with each other. Not too hard, and don’t use up too much energy as we need for you to make it last maybe a half an hour. Not too much wild stuff either, no throws or slams yet until we see how it goes, and the way you’d need to really practice anyway.


“Just sort of lock it up with each other, give and take, and if it gets a little sexy, remember the audience always likes that! Hell, the men always go for that, and the ladies just as much, even if they don’t always say so.


“And enjoy it yourself too!” 


Terry didn’t know quite what to expect from the heavier, older and very hunky Steve, but he knew he was surely looking forward to tangling with him now in the darkened ManArena.


The came together to get started, both cautiously. Then they locked up with their hands and arms around the back of each other’s neck and their heads touching. That felt good to Terry right there.


Then Steve began to push him backwards toward the edge of the mat, like the big steam roller he was. Terry didn’t know what Steve planned to do with him next. But then Steve seemed to lose his footing and Terry managed to push him all the way back to the center of the mat. “Now,’ thought Terry, ‘that wasn’t too bad for a starter! At least so far!’


Steve still seemed a little uncertain with his balance, which let Terry take the initiative. He quickly jammed his hand and then his whole muscular arm through Steve’s crotch between his solidly muscular thighs. And, in the next instant, feeling Steve’s big load of bulging cock and balls inside his bikini in the crook of his arm, just about crushing them, he thought, he managed to lift Steve up until he was unbalanced with just one foot on the mat. And then from there Terry dumped the big man down on his back on the mat. Steve recovered from that real fast, however, and raised both his hands and his feet as if to ward Terry off in case it was his intention to jump down fast on top of him.


Which was Terry’s intention, and which he began to follow through on. But then, with Steve’s fast recovery, as Terry came down on top of him, Steve managed to lift both of his massive legs to instead get Terry in a really good body scissors to keep him off him. 


For a couple of minutes Terry tried to still press down on Steve, while Steve continued to keep him off in his tight body scissors, both trying to find some new advantage over the other. Their muscled bodies, slippery with oil, was going to make it easier for them, depending on whichever one could find his opening first.


That was Steve, who began to ease up on his powerful body scissors on Terry, which Terry was beginning to think was soon about to crush his whole set of abs and mid-section. Instead, Steve then loosened his scissors hold on Terry and then instead brought his foot up as if to push it up into Terry’s abs and stomach. But that move missed its mark, and instead Steve jammed his big naked foot up hard into Terry’s big, hard and bulging crotch and cock and balls, almost crushing them, with Terry’s full body weight coming down on top of his own cock and balls doing the crushing job on himself instead.


To protect himself a little and easing the crushing of this cock and balls against Steve‘s foot jammed hard into his crotch, and with his arms and hands free and to keep from falling down onto the mat, Terry reached out toward Steve to protect his fall. But then Steve took that opportunity to grab one of Terry’s outstretched hands in each of his own hands, which he extended upwards while Terry was falling down on top of him, which left Terry locked in a three-point predicament over Steve, with Steve holding both of his hands tight in his own hands while continuing to jam his foot hard into Terry’s crotch.


Terry thought ‘how could it hurt so much and yet feel so good?’


If Terry didn’t like the feel of the punishment Steve was now giving him, he would have been more concerned and would have tried just a little harder to escape it. But he knew it also would have looked real good if they’d had a bigger audience than just Lou, who was grinning at the two wrestlers as they were locked together. Lou was thinking that was a real good move too. 


In their slipperiness, however, and with Terry nevertheless struggling to get free of Steve’s hold on him, despite Steve’s seeming to twist his foot from side to side into Terry’s crotch, which increased his suffering even more, Steve eventually lost his foot position jammed hard into Terry’s crotch, which then let Terry drop down hard on top of the already prone Steve beneath him.


As Terry came down on top of him, Steve also lost his hold on Terry’s hands. In the next move, therefore, as Terry dropped his own hunky body down hard on top of Steve he in return got Steve in a powerful headlock instead. 


Now the advantage had reversed as Terry lay on top of the big hunky Steve and held the big monster in a tight headlock. Which he quickly straightened up until he was able to twist Steve’s head around until it faced fully into his big and muscular pec. And then from there he jammed his hard nipple right into Steve’s face against his mouth as if to choke him on it.


Steve, desperate to escape from Terry’s headlock and nipple- and soon pec-stuffing hold on him, tried to flip and then twist and then bridge out of Terry’s tight hold on him. But nothing worked. But maybe Steve wasn’t trying all that hard to escape anyway? His trying to twist and flip out looked real, but Terry noticed that maybe he wasn’t really trying all that hard to get away from Terry‘s punishing hold on him.


Terry knew one of his favorite holds to get caught in was to get caught in another man’s headlock on him with the other man then trying to stuff his big, thick and muscular pec into his mouth to make him suck and choke on it. Maybe that was one of Steve’s favorite holds and predicaments too?


Eventually, however, Steve did manage to twist around at least part way until he could reach one of his powerful bodybuilder’s bicepped arms out and between Terry’s own big and muscular thighs. Then from there he brought his hand around in such a way as to be able to push it against Terry’s upper thigh. And maybe not accidentally catching and crushing Terry’s big load of male equipment inside his bikini and begin to crush it against his thigh.


Terry didn’t have any problem with that, taking that punishment from Steve as he continued to pull Steve’s face hard in against his big pec and continued to stuff his tight nipple into Steve’s mouth.


Again, it was a real good deadlock between the two, which gave both of them a chance to catch their breath and plan their next move - without minding too much the predicament both bodybuilders were in with each other.



‘Oh yeah,’ thought Lou watching them from darkened side of the mat, ’I can’t wait to sign them up for a match as soon as possible. They’re going to be a gold mine!’ 


Steve eventually managed to pull out of Terry’s headlock on him by reaching up over Terry’s head and down over his face to grab his chin and then pull his head back, his thick forearm pressing hard against Terry’s face as he did, until Terry was forced to ease up and then release entirely his headlock on Steve, now once again freeing them both.


Steve had the initiative this time and flipped his massive legs up to catch Steve this time in a great head scissors. Steve’s massively muscular thighs were one of his biggest points as a bodybuilder and Terry, looking at him earlier and admiring his big, thick and muscular thighs, had wondered how it would feel to get his head trapped and almost crushed between them?


Steve knew his big legs were among his strong points, and he liked to catch his opponents in a good head scissors between them whenever he could - like now.


Terry knew his head, and therefore all the rest of him which was attached to his head, was now caught between Steve’s massive thighs. And he knew how good it felt to him even though all of his hearing, and most of his sight, was cut off from any outside sensation.


He was aware, however, that while Steve was holding him tight enough to keep him from escaping, he wasn’t trying to crush his head any more than that. Like in a few of Steve’s earlier holds on him, Steve held him only tightly enough to keep him from getting free, but no harder than that. And therefore not using any more energy in the hold than he had to, nor, even importantly, forcing Terry to use any more energy than he needed to withstand the hold and try to escape.


In fact, Terry quickly realized that Steve was wrestling like the pros! Making it look good, and in their case here making it feel good too, but actually conserving both of their energy to make the match and show last as long as possible and give the audience as much for their money as they could.


Terry picked up on that idea quickly and followed Steve’s lead. He’d give it all he had to catch and hold and punish Steve all he could, but not use up too much energy beyond that. And, of course, enjoy the feel and sensual sensations of it all too. 


For now, however, with his head caught tightly between Steve’s massive thighs, like a fox who’d caught his foot in a trap, he first tried to flip out. When that didn’t work, he then tried to bridge out and then twist out and then try to flip out again.


He was aware of the fact that when he tried to bridge out, the big bulge in his tight bikini showed even more what was going on inside his head, and then realized that in addition to the bulge, his tight bikini had slipped over a little and one of his thick and bulging balls was showing out from under the side of his bikini while, now being highly aroused, the big heart-shaped end of his big cock was also protruding out from the top of his bikini.


Well, nothing he could do about that now, trapped as he was in Steve’s tight head scissors on him. Instead, he’d show the audience what all was inside his bikini!


Steve had at first caught him with his big thick thighs across his throat. But then, in Terry’s flipping and twisting around, his head had twisted around until it faced into Steve’s crotch with its then, tight and bulging black show bikini being the only thing between his face and Steve’s big and now long, hard and fully aroused cock and balls. And then Terry noticed that Steve’s own big load of male equipment, mainly one of his own big and engorged balls and the head of his own big rod, had also slipped out from under his bikini and showed out with all their wet and sweaty nakedness too.


Terry knew that happened sometimes in pro bouts in the local armories. And that it always got the audience excited and liking it to see and visualize what might happen next if the ref failed to notice it and have them put themselves back together again. Which the refs never seemed to notice until the crowd roared their approval of what they were seeing. 




Meanwhile, here now, in the privacy of their own match with only Lou watching, and Lou not caring to interfere with them, Steve began to pull Terry’s head further and further into his crotch until his face was pressed not only into the black and now wet bikini Steve was wearing, but against his wet and naked exposed ball and big cock head.


In a pro match, that’s as far as the ref would have allowed it. But this time, with no ref and no one but Lou Jacobs watching, Steve pulled Terry’s head into his crotch the rest of the way until Terry was forced to take the biggest bulges into his mouth to relieve the pressure on the rest of his face. Steve noticed that Terry didn’t have any problem with that at all.


Still, they were supposed to be sort of wrestling by way of public match try-out for Lou, and Steve figured maybe it had gone far enough for the moment even though he continued to notice that Terry didn’t have any problem with the move and hold.


Slowly Steve quietly began to release the pressure of his head scissors on Terry, which let Terry once again take the initiative. With the reduced pressure on his head, and then breaking free of Steve’s head scissors on him, Terry quickly brought his legs up, first in a kneeling position and then in a low crouching position. And then from there he began to pull Steve’s big legs up on to his shoulders And then from there he began to stand up so that he could begin to drive Steve’s neck and back on the mat which, if he were successful, would let him pin the big hunk right there.


Steve quickly realized what Terry had in mind but wasn’t of a mind to give in to his young and hunky competitor quite yet. Instead, he shifted his body slightly so that most of his weight went to just one shoulder, which prevented both of his shoulders from being pinned to the mat. And then he once again tightened his still close scissors hold around Terry’s head to keep Terry just a little more, but not too much, off him.


Steve glanced up at Terry’s face as he got back at Terry and their eyes met. A small grin covered both of their faces. 


In that instant Terry knew that while Steve apparently wasn’t of a mind to necessarily beat him, he wasn’t of a mind to let Terry beat him either. Like a couple of real pros, it was the sensual and almost naked give and take of the match they liked most, and to make it look good to any audience watching, rather than just win, take their prize money, and go home. Terry liked that. 


It wasn’t but a couple of minutes later, after they’d been deadlocked long enough to regain their breath and knew an audience would be wanting to see something more as if they‘d been wrestling in front of an audience instead of just Lou in the now almost deserted ManArena. And with the oiled slipperiness of their bodies, Terry and Steve both were able to slip in and out of each one’s hold on the other. And then, in their oiled and naked combat, and each one’s changing holds on each other, both generally ended up falling apart, this latest time ending up on the mat facing in different directions.


This time Terry came back first. He knew both of them liked taking scissors holds on the other, sometimes head scissors and sometimes body scissors, as both had powerfully muscular legs and knew and liked to use them, give or take. With neither minding getting caught in the other’s scissors hold on him either.


So this time Terry figured okay, maybe he’d try to sort of reverse Steve’s big head scissors on him just prior to their latest deadlock, and get Steve in a big head scissors of his own. If he could, that is, and if Steve would fall for it. Which he did. Or did Steve let himself get trapped in it intentionally?


No matter. In order to get a good head scissors on Steve, he quickly swiveled around to face Steve, who was turning back to him and getting to his hands and knees as if to attack the still prone Terry. As Steve lunged on Terry to try and body press him one way or another, Terry suddenly split his legs wide open and got Steve in the same frontal head scissors, as he wanted, and just like Steve had just been holding on him. It worked. Now Steve was caught in Terry’s tight and powerful head scissors with Steve’s head facing into Terry’s own thick and bulging black bikini.


From which Terry then reached out to pull the big hunk Steve’s handsome face in closer and closer to his crotch until he forced Steve’s face to press hard into his full load of male equipment, now coming out even more from under his tight show bikini, and therefore shoving almost half of it fully into Steve’s mouth.


Steve didn’t seem to have any more problem with that than Terry had earlier when half of Steve’s big rod and one of Steve‘s thick balls were almost filling his mouth.


‘Oh yeah!’ thought Terry. ’This man Steve is into it, and liking it just as much as I do! And so maybe later on, if and when we’re alone and maybe at his place or mine or after the gym closes, we’ll have to go for it all the way!’


Lou, watching the action between the two oiled bodybuilder wrestlers from the darkened sidelines, liked what he saw. And felt his own big rod grow long and hard too.


Steve liked the thought of that, and, although he couldn’t say so with his mouth have filled with Terry’s big and fully aroused cock and balls in it, he was thinking the same thing. 


But for now, with their situation reversed from before, and Steve caught in Terry’s full face scissors on him, instead of trying to get to his feet to get back at Terry, Steve, with his face still pressed hard into Terry’s crotch, could do no more than blindly reach up and grab both of Terry’s big pecs and begin to crush them in his big fists by way of giving some punishment back to Terry some way.


Earlier, before they even began to wrestle, in their bodybuilding competition, in fact, while Steve’s big, thick and muscular thighs were a big point in his build, Terry’s big, solid and bulging pecs were a big point in his build.


And just like Terry liked to visualize what it might be like to get his head caught between Steve’s massive thighs, Steve wondered what it might be like to have Steve’s big pecs shoved into his mouth, or be able to squeeze them like to big grapefruits until Terry’s muscled flesh would be almost squeezed out between his fingers.


He already felt and tasted one of Terry’s big pecs in his mouth when Terry had gotten him in an earlier headlock. Maybe now he could try and crush both of them in his fists.


When Terry saw Steve blinding reaching up to his pecs, he knew what Steve had in mind. Steve wasn’t the first wrestler to go after his big pecs, and he never minded it when another wrestler did. In fact, he liked to take a lot of punishment on his heavily muscled pecs, either getting them crushed in the other wrestler’s grip or being punched on them instead.


‘So okay,’ Terry thought, ‘we’ll let ol’ Steve here grab hold of my pecs while I’m making him suck my big cock and balls, and we’ll see which of us lasts the longer. I sure don’t mind stuffing my big tool and balls as full and as deep as I can into his mouth and having him try to crush my pecs in return!’


If they’d been wrestling in front of an audience, the ref would have interfered with their sexy deadlock on each either so they wouldn’t take it too far. But in this case, wrestling in the quiet and darkened ManArena in Key Largo, with only Lou Jacobs watching, it was ‘anything goes’ between the two bodybuilder wrestlers, no time limit, so it lasted a long time, neither wanting to end it while their pleasure with it went on and on.



By now they’d been wrestling back and forth for more than half an hour, or longer than most pro matches, either at the ManArena or anywhere else. And Lou had by now seen everything that he needed to know and had already decided that he wanted to put both of them on the very next wrestling card scheduled for the ManArena. And probably a lot more cards after that.


 Lou also figured that by now both Terry and Steve had also wrestled long enough and had gotten pretty tired, particularly after their long bodybuilding competition. In particular, as Terry was the younger and lighter of the two, and he didn’t want to run the risk of Terry getting too tired and maybe getting hurt some way if they made some bad move.


“Okay, men,” Lou said as he got up from his darkened seat and walked up to the edge of the wrestling mat, “you men have done great and you’re both on the next wrestling card, coming up this next Saturday. But you don’t have to show me any more now ‘cause I’m sure satisfied with you!”


Terry and Steve both heard him, but now they both ignored him. They were too much into it with each other to stop now and wanted to see how it would end between them. 


Steve had already figured out that while Terry liked to be aggressive he also liked for his opponent to give him a hard time, and didn’t mind being beaten by him either. So Steve figured maybe this time he’d take Terry that way.


This time Steve was on his hands and knees on the mat, with Terry having gotten a good riding hold on his back, facing to the rear. Terry was holding Steve’s head between his big and muscular legs, his hard and bulging crotch pressed hard against the back of Steve’s head getting him all aroused even more than he had been during their long match. So now he reached under Steve’s big hunky lower body and grabbed a solid and full fist hold on Steve’s equally aroused and bulging black bikini to work a crotch lift on him. Oh yeah, that felt real good to both of them for sure.


But then, suddenly, Steve reared up, liking a bucking bronco, and dumped Terry off his back and slid him down on to the mat.


And then, when Terry landed on his back slightly behind but more next to him, Steve quickly reversed his position and got on top of him, straddling Terry’s chest while facing Terry’s feet. Steve kept his knees on the mat so that he didn’t put his full weight on Terry’s chest, but kept just enough on him to keep him in place.


Terry quickly tried to twist or bridge out, knowing maybe the end of their match was near, and not wanting to give Steve too much of a chance to end it on his own terms. But Steve’s weight and hold on him was too great to escape. So he had, although still struggling to get away from under Steve, to endure Steve’s punishment on him until Steve made his next move himself.


Which soon came as he felt Steve begin to slide his big muscular body, dressed only in his tight string bikini, with his big naked and wet butt coming closer and closer to his face. And then, as he quickly expected, Terry felt Steve sit fully on his face, with his whole face soon covered with Steve’s big muscular butt fully on top of it and his nose, eyes and mouth sink slowly into the deep canyon of Steve’s wet butt.


Desperately, and almost smothered by Steve’s big, hard, wet and muscular butt pressed fully and hard against his face, now blindly Terry tried to bridge out of his predicament. But hen suddenly he it was getting worse when, as he tried one final time bridge our from Steve‘s sitting so fully on his have, that he felt Steve’s big fist reach out and under his tight and tiny black bikini, which was now bulging big and hard right in front of Steve’s face as he leaned forward over his agonized and straining body. 


From almost the start of their long match, Terry, who always got aroused in just about any wrestling match anyway, had felt all along that his big long rod was getting just about as long and hard as it ever got in any wrestling match, and now, wrestling the big and hunky bodybuilder Steve in the darkened area, ’anything goes,’ his big cock and thick balls had gotten even longer and harder than usual.


Which he knew Steve was aware of by the number of times Steve had gotten a solid crotch hold on him, or whenever Terry had managed to shove his full and engorged cock and balls fully into Steve’s face and sometimes, as their match went on, even into Steve‘s open and waiting mouth.


And so now here he was caught and trapped with the big hunky Steve sitting on his face blinding and suffocating him, while at the same time crushing his big rod in his fist and, knowing Terry was now totally aroused, forcing Terry to give up the full load of his hot cum juice with Steve knew was ready to shoot out in the next couple of seconds anyway.


Still, Terry fought as hard as he could to escape the big hunk even though he knew it was going to be close to impossible as he felt all his hot creamy cum juice race through his body to its outlet.


But Terry’s final desperate effort was to no avail when, only seconds later, with Steve alternately crushing and rubbing Terry’s big and hard rod in his strong and calloused fist, Terry felt all of the hot creamy cum in him suddenly race to its heart-shaped cock end and explode out right into Steve’s face. And then run down over Steve’s hand down to the mat below until he was completely drained. And then completely exhausted as well. 

After Steve saw that Terry was totally drained and exhausted, slowly he slid off Terry’s face, turned around, and kissed him full on the lips.


On the sidelines, Lou, still watching the two hunky bodybuilder wrestlers, now lying together on the mat, tired and exhausted, suddenly felt a sudden wetness in his own pants. As did two younger bodybuilders, maybe only eighteen or nineteen, who had quietly come back into the ManArena to pick up something they’d left behind and then stayed to watch the match between Terry and Steve.


They were still wearing their own tight string bikinis under their cutoffs, and their bikinis were solidly wet too. This time with their own cum. Next time maybe with each other’s.


When Lou scheduled both Terry and Steve for a pro match a couple of weeks later at the ManArena, they couldn’t go as far with each other as they had this time. But the audience got a real good show out of it, suspected what might be the case between the two hunky wrestlers when they wrestled each other privately, and was the case when the time came.


The End

Posted: 05/27/16