Cat & Buck at the County Fair

By: Ron Nelson
(© 2012 by the author)

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Chapter 1.  


Buck had read in the paper that the Gadwell County Fair was scheduled, as usual, for the July Fourth weekend,  four weeks from now.  Gadwell, the county seat of Gadwell County which was located in the foothills of the Smoky Mountains of North Carolina, was where he had his truck and auto service repair shop, and where the Fair was to be held.


As a result, Buck wasn’t surprised that the Fair organizers would ask him for a contribution, and maybe some assistance, which he was glad to give them as he’d done last year too.


It was about ten o’clock on a Thursday morning as Cat, his buddy and now his employee, was in the front bay of the shop replacing the belt and changing the oil and filter on a 2003 Ford 150 pickup, that a dark blue and white Gadwell County Sheriff’s Department car pulled up in front of the shop.


Out stepped one of the deputies in his crisp summer uniform of khaki shorts and khaki t-shirt with the GCSD logo embroidered on the front.  Attached to his leather shoulder strap was his radio, and on his shiny black belt were his pistol and note pad, while his handcuffs were snap-fastened on the back.


As he got out of his Sheriff’s cruiser, he put on his crisp blocked fatigue cap with the GCSD logo and the triple chevron on the cap which showed the wearer as being a sergeant of the force.  Before he put his cap on, a bystander could see the clean tight buzz cut of his dark blond hair.


He looked to be about 5’8” and maybe about one-ninety, all the solid muscle of a body builder with his thick muscular legs and thighs, bulging pecs,  big biceps and tight abs.  Cat knew all of the sheriff’s men were encouraged to work out and keep built up not only to impress and deter anybody who might like to tangle with them, but also to take care of them in very short order if somebody did try to mess with them.


After putting on his cap, which was regulation whenever an officer was neither indoors nor in his vehicle, he took an instinctive look around. Then he came into the shop where Cat and a couple of the other mechanics were working.


As soon as Cat saw the officer come in, he moved quickly and, he hoped, without being noticed, to the other side of the F-150 where he bent over into the engine compartment as far as he could to be as inconspicuous as possible to the sergeant.


He wasn’t quite fast enough.  As the officer came up to the F-150 to get to the back of the shop where Buck’s office was, and where Buck was helping another mechanic change the ball joints on a Dakota pickup, he paused just an instant as he glanced over at Cat.


He looked as if he were trying to remember or recall something but it wasn’t coming to him.  Then he continued to head to the rear of the shop to talk with Buck.


“Good morning, Pete, what brings you here on this fine day?  I hope it’s pleasure and not business,”  said Buck, wiping some grease off his fingers to shake hands with the man in front of him whose name tag said “Pete Pappas - Gadwell County Sheriff’s Department.”


“Half way between the two, Buck,” was Pete’s smiling reply, “but more to the latter.


“We’ve got a little problem, which isn’t really a problem, but it’s sort of two problems too.  You know the County Fair is scheduled for here in Gadwell for the Fourth of July weekend, as usual, and I’ve volunteered to be on the events committee.


“This year the Fair is dedicated partly to raising funds for a new field house for the new high school the town has just built.  Seems like they had to use all of the bond issue money for the school and its furnishings and didn’t have enough to build a field house, which isn’t planned to be much more than a changing and locker room for the football, baseball and soccer players anyway.


“So we’re hoping to raise maybe about $ 7000 for that, and already have about half that in pledges.   So now we need the other half, and we’re hoping we might count on you for a modest contribution.


“No problem with that at all Pete,” said Buck, “I’m glad to do that on behalf of both the shop and myself.  You know I’m a great believer in the boys and girls working out in their respective sports, and glad to help them along any way I can.  Just looking at you tells me you think the same thing.”


“You’re right Buck, and I know you’ve helped us out before, which sort of brings me up to the second problem.


“We project that we’ll be able to raise just about all the rest of the money in pledges needed for the field house, but it looks like we’re still going to be short about a thousand dollars.


“So what I was thinking was what if we could hold some wrestling matches off to the side toward dusk at the end of the day when everybody’s enjoying the rides and looking at the farm exhibits?   I’m thinking we know a lot of the men around here, younger and older, like to wrestle around or at least like to look at other guys wrestling, and some of the ladies like to check it out too.


“I’ve talked to the high school football and wrestling coach, Jake Saunders, and he thinks it sounds good.  He’s got three boys, all seniors, and knows one or two boys in college who wrestled on his squad in the past couple of years who would be willing to wrestle and put on a show for the folks.   He said he’d also be able to supply the mats and anything else we’d need like that.


“What I’m thinking, however, and this is where you come in, is that I thought it might be a real good idea if we could get just a couple of older guys, maybe in their twenties or thirties, to put on a little longer and more varied wrestling match,  maybe for a twenty or thirty minutes or so, give and take, rather than just the more intense usual high school matches which generally go for only a very few minutes in a round, and are pretty highly structured at that.


“In fact, I like to wrestle around myself whenever I get a chance, mostly give and take just for the pleasure and workout of it, so I’ve offered to put myself up to wrestle if I can find somebody else to wrestle with.


“Sheriff DeValle said that he couldn’t authorize me to wrestle on behalf of the Sheriff’s Department nor engage in a competitive match where we’d have a winner and loser as that would not be appropriate for the image of the Department for a number of reasons, and I understand that.   However, he said it would be ok with him if I wanted to wrestle around just as an individual just so long as it didn’t get too intense or anybody got hurt.


“So, the question is, if you think that sounds like it might be a good idea,  do you know of anybody, with the many guys you see coming here to have work done on their trucks and cars, who might like to get into a wrestling match at the Fair to raise funds for the field house?”


“Pete,” replied Buck, “Your whole idea sounds real good to me!  If I were just a few years younger I’d sure like to get into it with you myself, and of course, looking at you,  I’d still like to.  But for this event and for now, give me a couple of days to talk to some guys I know and run it by them.  I expect there’d be any number of guys who would like to get into it with you, and so we’ll see if we can’t find somebody who’d be appropriate to wrestle it up with you at the Fair.”


“Buck, I’d sure appreciate that.   And if you can find anybody, I’d be glad, of course, to work with them for any details or specifics or conditions they might have in mind.”


Pete walked back out of the shop feeling real good about the prospects of finding somebody to wrestle with at the Fair, and maybe at other times too.


On the way out toward the front of the shop, Cat had his back to Pete and didn’t see him coming.  Pete again paused just a second when he looked at Cat again, but then, whatever might have been on his mind apparently slipped away again and he got back into his cruiser and drove off.


All the time Pete was in the shop Cat was sort of nervous, but he relaxed when Pete left, and then he and the shop got back to just its usual routine of sounds of hammering, drills and running engines.



Chapter 2. 


Buck and Cat maintained a business relationship when they were at the shop and working.  But in the evenings when they frequently ate together, and on weekends when they both went up to Buck’s cabin to work on the place and then might wrestle around nights, oiled and nude on the bunkhouse mats, they were a lot more intimate.


Finishing supper at the Gadwell Café and having a cup of coffee, Buck casually mentioned to Cat, “Did you see Pete Pappas of the Sheriff’s Department come in today?”


Cat braced himself for what might come next.  “Oh yeah,” he said, “But I don’t think he saw, or at least recognized, me” was Cat’s wary reply.


“Oh?” said Buck, “Now why should that be a concern for you?  I suspect there’s something I don’t know about here.   But, Cat, you know you can trust me, so what is it that maybe I should know about?”


“Oh, Buck, something else in my past!” said Cat.   Buck already knew about Cat’s house break-in record and that he’d served two years in jail just before first meeting Buck.


“A few years ago when I had just turned seventeen, we had the County Fair here just like we’re having again this year.   At that time the local Chevrolet dealer here in town loaned the Fair the shiniest  new red Corvette you ever saw in your life for display!   It was beautiful!


“They’d put the ‘Vette at the far end of a whole row of new cars which were on display and left the door open so that people could get in it and see how it might feel to drive.   So I figured I’d do that too.  And then, when I pulled down the visor, I discovered they’d left the key up on the back of the visor.


“Temptation got me, Buck.   Around five o’clock when most of the folks were heading over to the food area getting supper and nobody was around the car just then, I went over to it, got in, started it up, and drove it quietly off the lot and out the back entrance of the Fairground.


“After about fifteen minutes, somebody noticed it was gone and they put out an all points bulletin to declare it a stolen car to see if they could locate it.   But by then I was almost over the County line and they didn’t catch me. I had a ball riding it all over the back roads for the next couple of hours.  The car had almost a half tank of gas in it when I took it, but then it got to be real low, and I guess by then I’d had my kicks of riding it around too, so I headed back home to my grandma Timmons where I was living.


“When she saw the car and me, she ‘bout had a stroke and was furious with me!  The result was that she made me polish it up cleaner than it had ever been before, including wiping off all the finger marks and dirt where the people’s fingers and shoes had messed up the windows and the floor mats.   


“Then she told me I was to fill it up full with gas and drive it back and park it right in front of the Sheriff’s office and lock it, with the keys on the dashboard, so the Sheriff and the dealer could see it and retrieve it in the morning.  Then she followed me to the Sheriff’s office in her old pickup to be sure I did what she said,  and brought me home again.


“When the dealer saw the “Vette and saw how clean it was, with now a full tank of gas besides, he withdrew his charges.  I think maybe he figured what had happened, and a lesson had been learned by somebody.  That left the Sheriff with no charge to pursue, but he still had a stolen vehicle report and record on his desk.


“My grandma meanwhile also made me sign an IOU to her for one hundred hours of work weeding her vegetable garden to make up for the mileage I’d put on the car.  I didn’t have any money for the gas, so she loaned me that money and added it to the IOU.


“Meanwhile,  she figured they’d be after me sooner or later anyway, and   the best thing would be for me to leave town for while.  So she worked it out that I’d stay with her brother, Remus Chandler, over near Knoxville, Tennessee, for a while, and I stayed with him the next two years.


“After a while the theft as an incident began to disapper under the newer stuff piled up on the Sheriff’s desk and it got sort of forgotten.


“But then Pete Pappas joined the Sheriff’s Department about three years ago, and I think they give new men a lot of the old files to look through while they get familiar with the Sheriff’s  routine.  Turns out Pete’s real thorough and has a real good memory too so I think maybe he sort of recognized me, but not quite, from my old picture.


“I should mention that after I got the gas, which I paid cash for with the money my grandma loaned me, I got a receipt which I forgot and had left in the car when I returned it to the Sheriff’s office.   The Sheriff traced  it back to the gas station, who gave them a general description of what I looked like.  That was before they had security cameras so the description wasn’t all that clear. 


“Still, it isn’t a very big town, and while they didn’t have full proof on me, they had some pretty strong suspicions.  I’m sure glad my grandma got me out of town ‘cause sure enough, they came out a few days later.  But she told them I was over in Tennessee, which I was by then, and that she didn’t know anything more about it than that.


“So now here comes Pete coming awfully close to me, and I’m not too keen about that.  The Statue of Limitations on that sort of thing runs out for me in just a couple more years, and I figure if I can just stay clean and stay clear of him and the Sheriff’s Department for that time, I should be ok again.”


“Cat,” said Buck, “You are a marvel.  All that was some time ago but I can see keeping clear of the Sheriff’s Department is a concern of yours, and we’ll hope it does stay quiet for the next couple of years too ‘til the statute runs out.


“Problem is,” Buck continued, “That’s sort of contrary to what Pete and I were talking about this morning when he came to see me and what I think you might just be interested in if it could be worked out.”


Buck then told Cat about Pete’s idea of setting up two or three wrestling matches on the Fourth of July evening of the County Fair to raise the remaining funds needed to complete the new high school field house.   There would maybe be a couple of matches between the high school and college wrestlers, which would probably be very brief matches the way   they do it. 


But then he told Cat that Pete suggested maybe there could also be a longer match between two men for maybe a longer time, say about twenty or thirty minutes, with more of a variety of holds and moves that would appeal to more of the regular folks coming to the Fair.


Buck then said that Pete had offered himself to be one of the two wrestlers, so he was looking for somebody else to wrestle with.   Maybe like Cat, for instance?


Both Buck and Cat knew, just by the looks of him, that both of them would surely like to wrestle around with the hunky and sexy Pete any time they could for as long as they could,  however it might come out.


Buck figured, much as he wouldn’t mind wrestling with Pete privately, Cat would be a real good match for what Pete had in mind for the Fair.  Cat, in his twenties and looking real good and hunky himself, and liking to wrestle around as he did, would make it a real even sort of match physically.  And  then Buck recalled from when they first got acquainted that Cat said from time to time when he was in prison he wrestled around with other prisoners or different policemen at charity functions around the region to raise funds for other organizations.  So, from that, he might like to get into it with Pete at this County Fair  now coming up too.


Cat was torn between agreeing to wrestle with Pete, or not.   On one hand, he knew he’d sure like to get into it with Pete any way he could.  He figured they’d probably be a pretty good match too as their weights were similar, with Pete being probably a little heavier and Cat a little taller.   Also, Pete, being the hunky body builder he was,  was probably the stronger and more experienced of the two with his police training, but Cat was fast and lithe and had just a real good natural feeling for wrestling around with another guy.


“Oh man,” Cat said, with a voice of both hope and despair, “I’d sure like to get into it with Pete, and wrestling around with him at the Fair and helping raise some money for the high school kids’ field house sounds great.


“But what if, ‘cause Pete’s a smart guy, he puts two and two together, they bring up the old ‘Vette theft charge which is still on the books, at least for the next couple of years,  and I end up in jail for the same next couple of years too?”


“Yeah, I can see it’s a problem Cat, and I don’t want to get you into trouble.  It’s not worth it just to raise a few hundred dollars, new field house or not, and you find yourself in court and then in jail,” said Buck.


“Tell you what - why don’t you give it some thought for the next couple of days and I will too, and I’ll check on a few things myself.   Maybe we can work something out, but if we can’t, I’ll see about some of the other men who come into the shop as I think some of them might be willing to get into it with Pete too.  None of them would be as good as you, of course, but I think that’s the way we need to look at it.”


“Thanks Buck, you’re my buddy and whatever you think is right I’ll try to see it the same way.”



Chapter 3.


A couple of days later when Buck and Cat were up at the cabin for the weekend and sitting on the porch on Saturday evening relaxing, Buck brought up the subject of Cat’s possibly wrestling Pete at  the County Fair Fourth of July event again.


I checked things out a little the past couple of days, Cat, and I think you should be ok if you decide to wrestle around with Pete at the Fair.   I asked him casually how long they keep old unresolved crime cases and how active they still were.  Pete said that legally they remained on the books for the entire period of the Statue of Limitations unless they were otherwise closed earlier.


“However, he said, as the facts of a crime begin to fade and witnesses or complainants fade away, the cases don’t come up again very often.   They would, however,  if there clearly were some new evidence - but otherwise they stayed quiet to the end.


“Then I talked with Pete again when I saw him at lunch the day after we talked in the garage at the Café, and we talked some more about his ideas about setting up the wrestling matches and some of those details.  He said he’d talked with the high school coach again, and things looked real good there.  


“He said the Sheriff was still sort of only lukewarm on the whole idea, not wanting to get the Sheriff’s Department involved due to the image side of  it.  Pete said he thought the Sheriff was concerned, frankly, that if Pete got beaten it wouldn’t look good, or at least wouldn’t help, the image of the Department.


“I told him I could understand that, but didn’t see it as any problem at all, at least if he were to wrestle with a guy I had in mind, being you.


“I told Pete I didn’t think I could see my guy beating him in any event, but I was sure we could agree beforehand as to which one would be the winner.   The pro wrestlers do this all the time for good reason.   That is, if it’s really competitive, the odds are the match will get to going too hard, the wrestlers will use up too much energy actually competing, and the whole match will end too soon.   Plus, with guys who aren’t into wrestling full time, the chance of somebody getting hurt is too great, and neither of the wrestlers wants or could afford that what with their regular day jobs.


“So I said to Pete, ‘How would it be, which I’d suggest anyway, that if you and the guy I have in mind to wrestle you agree beforehand that you will win the match?  Then you both can also wrestle around with each other privately for a few hours beforehand to get used to each other.   Wrestlers need to do that anyway if they want to have a really good match, and maybe you can both agree on whatever holds and moves and situations you both most like to get into,  and which will make a better show for the people so they get their money‘s worth?   Seems to me that would make it a win-win situation for everybody.’


“To which Pete replied that the whole thing sounded good to him if it would be ok with you too.  So that would maybe bring us coming closer to put the whole thing together.”


Buck then continued with Cat, “That would take care of the question of who wins, and keep the Sheriff happy.  Then Pete wouldn’t have to think about actually dominating you to win , or accidentally losing, while you wouldn’t have to use up all of your energy trying to win over him, and you can both make the whole thing a lot more give and take.  It’ll make a lot better show for the people watching too, and if any of them wants to bet which way it’ll go, that’ll be strictly up to them.


“Pete then took it up again with the Sheriff, who has now agreed to the whole thing.  The image of the Department would be maintained, which is the  important thing to him, and which I completely agree with as he has a bigger job to do than just this County Fair thing.


“So then you and Pete can wrestle it out, give and take, for a longer time to give the people their money’s worth, and neither of you has to be too competitive or use up too much energy trying to win when the real purpose is really just to put on a show for the people.


“I also suggested you don’t have any throws, slams, pile drivers or any rough stuff as neither of you is trained for that, and that we can also relax the rules as to exactly what they are, such as no two-second shoulders to the mat and a guy loses, or anything like that.  Instead, it would be lots of holds, give and take, and  putting on a good and realistic, but safe and pleasurable, show for the spectators.


“I also asked Pete casually if he had any particulars against maybe wrestling a guy who maybe didn’t have the saintliest record on past behavior in the police sense, and he said he had no problem with that at all.   This was going to be an off-duty affair and he was offering himself personally and so that would be the only way he would see it.


“So, Cat, what do you think about that?” asked Buck by way of now   getting Cat’s thoughts on the matter.


“Sounds real good to me, Buck, and I’d say I’m a ‘Go’ on it,” replied Cat with a sense of both enthusiasm and relief.  I’m liking the idea of wrestling Pete beforehand for a few hours, no, make that all the hours we can, to get used to each other and try all sorts of good stuff with each other.   Man, I know what I’d like to get into with him, for sure.  And we can work out how we want it to end too so that he’ll look real good, which I agree is the way  it should end.”


Buck saw Pete the next day at the Home Depot where both were picking up some things for a couple of weekend projects each had in mind.  Pete was real pleased that Buck had found someone, and that it was a man right in his own shop and about his same size, allowing for the differences between the two.


Also that Cat, as Buck had now mentioned his name, liked the idea, as a practical matter, of agreeing that Pete should win the match.  Also that they wrestle a few times before the July Fourth weekend, which was now only about three weeks off, to get used to each other and find out what each other most liked, or what maybe they’d rather pass up.


“Yeah,” said Pete when Buck mentioned his name and where he worked in the shop, “I think I recall him when I stopped by your shop that day.  Sort of a tall guy, good looking, confident but maybe a little shy or uncertain, and had a real good build.   Just the sort of guy I wouldn’t mind at all wrestling around with either at the County Fair or, just between us, privately somewhere too.”


“Tell you what, Pete,” said Buck, “You haven’t been there yet, but you know my cabin up on the mountain side down at the other end of the county?  I’ve got a bunkhouse up there which has a couple of bunks where any guys who are out at the place can stay over the night or weekend.  It’s where Cat stays when he comes out. 


“It’s also set up with some wrestling mats where Cat and I sometimes work out together, or of course anybody else too who’s so inclined to entertain themselves that way. You know Cat and I are pretty close friends and he comes out about every other weekend for company and to help with a some chores I always have to do to fix the place up some more.


“How about you coming out this Saturday afternoon after you get off duty, say around four o’clock, and then we can show you around the place.  We’ll have a good supper around six, and then we, meaning mainly you and Cat, can wrestle around privately all you like on the bunkhouse mats - all night if you want to, and do whatever you like.”


“Sounds great,” replied Pete with a grin on his face, “I’ll surely look forward to being there and messing around with Cat - and maybe you too if you’d like.” As he said it, he couldn’t help but notice the very good and muscular build on the former Marine, Buck, too.



Chapter  4.


Buck and Cat were sitting on the cabin porch on the following warm Saturday afternoon.   They had been building a gravity  feed water system from a spring up above the cabin which Buck planned to deepen for a bigger water supply.   They got the framework up, and next weekend they planned to dig a trench for a larger pipe down to the cabin, and after that, in the weeks ahead, down to the bunkhouse.


Promptly at four o’clock they saw a spotless but older gold Ranger pickup truck come up the dirt and gravel driveway.   It was Pete.  He had a big grin on his face which was matched by the grins on the faces of Buck and Cat as they got up and walked down the porch steps to greet him. Roscoe, Buck’s chocolate Lab, who never met a stranger, came too and liked the ear scratch he soon got.


“Hey Pete, good to see you - did you find your way in here to the place ok?” asked Buck.


“Oh yeah, sure.  We’ve got some of these new ‘HiDef Video Locator’ devices in the Department now and we can both locate and see whatever, or whoever, we’re looking for down to about two inches.  I could see each step of your cabin when I was still out on the highway!   Sure is a nice place you got here!,” said Pete.


“I want you to meet my friend Cat, Pete, your new wrestling buddy,” said Buck.


Cat and Pete had already sized each other up as soon as Pete got out of his pickup.  Both liked very much what they saw, and they quickly knew they were looking forward to knowing the other a lot better.


“C’mon in the cabin, Pete, and we’ll show you the place.  Then  we’ll show you around the outside and down to the bunkhouse too.  Then it’ll be about time for something to eat, and maybe after that we can get to see about all this wrestling business coming up,” said Buck.


“Sounds real good to me, Buck,” was Pete’s response.


So far, Cat hadn’t said much, holding back just a little until he got a little more comfortable with Pete.


“Hey Cat,’ said Pete, “Didn’t I see you at Buck’s shop in Gadwell the other day?  You looked good then, and you sure look good now.  I hope you’re  not going to stomp all over me when we get to rasslin’ around over at the County Fair on the Fourth of July.”


With just that casual remark, Cat felt a lot better in his mind as it sounded to him as if Pete knew and was thinking only about their wrestling show at the County Fair coming up, and nothing about his background and the car theft earlier from the other earlier Fair.


“Naw, man, I expect I could take you down and crush you like a pretzel if I wanted, but I’m too nice a guy to do that,” replied Cat.  They all  chuckled.   Looking at the powerful body builder Pete, they all knew that was the least likely thing ever to happen.  But it broke the ice and they were all feeling real good with the other.


After touring the cabin and the new water supply system Buck and Cat were building behind the cabin, they walked down the path to the bunkhouse.


“Man,” said Pete when he saw the place, including the bunks, wrestling mat, bathroom, equipment shed and two-vehicle garage, “This sure is a great set-up!


“No wonder you guys like to come here weekends not only to relax at the cabin, but maybe mess around here too,” Pete said as both a question and a good guess.


“Yeah,” said Cat, “Buck likes to get me messed up now and then, but so far I’ve been pretty much able to hold my own.”


“And then some,” said Buck with a smile on his face and a squeeze of Cat’s muscled shoulder.


“Tell you what, gentlemen, why don’t you get better acquainted here while I put together a few things for supper up at the cabin.   Then we can eat, and then you can take it from there.”


As Buck walked the path back up to the cabin, Cat and Pete watched him from the door of the bunkhouse.  When they went back inside to check it out just a little more, it wasn’t two minutes before Pete reached over to squeeze the back of Cat’s neck, which Cat returned by way of  getting an easy headlock on Pete. Then both dropped to the mat.


Buck had to ring the farm bell out on the porch about six times to let them know supper was ready before Cat and Pete came up from the cabin. They both looked sort of rumpled, but were grinning from ear to ear.


The three had a quiet supper and talked generally only about local things.  The present slight drought conditions in the area, Buck’s plans for the new water line, and what all would be going on at the upcoming County Fair and their part in it.  Cat noticed that none of their conversation ever referred to where any of them had come from or what they did in the past as part of the usual conversation people talk about in getting to know each other better.  Cat knew he surely wasn’t going to bring up anything like that, and neither did either of the others.


After supper, when it was just turning to dusk, Buck said, “While I clean up here and take care of a few papers I need to do, what don’t you two go down to the bunkhouse and maybe mess around if you like and work up whatever you’d have in mind for wrestling around at the Fair?”


They had already looked over the draft flyer and poster which was to be put out next week by the County Fair committee.  That committee included, for the events part, Buck and Pete as well as the high school wrestling coach, Jake Saunders, as the ones who were putting together the wrestling matches’ part of the program.


The flyer said, “Gadwell County Fair - Three Wrestling Matches For Your Entertainment.”  Then it mentioned that it was a fund raising event for the new high school field house, and that two of the matches would be by the three high school and one college students. They would be three rounds of three minutes each, according to the high school rules.


Then the flyer went on to say “Main match between Pete Pappas, 5’8”  190 pounds, and ‘Cat’ Carson, 5’10”’ 180 pounds.  Pete Pappas being sponsored by Logan Landscaping and Design, and ‘Cat’ Carson being sponsored by Barton Truck & Auto Repair.”  Buck knew Luke Logan, who was the owner of Logan Landscaping, and had done some work on a couple of his trucks.  Buck knew he and Pete were about the same age, single, and good buddies.  Maybe very good buddies, but that was none of  his business.


“Match to be thirty minutes long, no particular rules, pins don’t count. Whichever man is on top at the end wins the match.  Buck Barton in both corners and timekeeper.


“First matches to begin at seven o’clock, main match about eight o’clock. Closing Gadwell County Fair  Fourth of July Fireworks scheduled for nine o’clock.”


That left it real open for Pete and Cat to wrestle around pretty much however they liked, and set the time limit for the match.  They had already agreed on how it would end.  They also agreed that at twenty-eight minutes, with only a couple of minutes remaining, Buck would ring the big farm bell at the side of the mat twice to note that only two minutes remained. 


That would then be the signal for Cat and Pete too to work it out so that Pete would be on top at the end.


While the Sheriff didn’t want to make it a Sheriff’s Department event, everybody in town knew that the hunky Pete was a Sergeant on the force and he pretty much represented the Department in most people’s minds anyway.  So it would still be one of the Sheriff’s men wrestling the quiet but similarly sized and also real hunky mechanic at Barton’s Truck & Auto Repair.  Which left everybody, after they read the posters and flyers, wondering what the outcome would be?



Chapter 5.      


After Buck cleaned up and stalled around about a half hour to give Cat and Pete a chance to get into it with each other and begin to work out some of the holds and moves they’d most like to get into, and get to know each other’s interests, pace and likings, Buck and Roscoe quietly left the cabin and walked down the path to the bunkhouse.


There was only a little light coming out from the bunkhouse room where the mats were, and although the door was open to let in the cooler night air, there was little sound coming out from inside the bunkhouse.


Buck opened the door quietly and headed for the easy chair in the far corner to see what Pete and Cat might be up to.  It was his intention to say little or nothing and let Pete and Cat focus on each other and work things out for themselves.


When he stepped into the room, he saw the back of the shorter but muscled body builder Pete standing in the middle of the mats with the taller and muscular but lighter Cat draped over his shoulders in a fireman’s carry. They were facing away from him and didn’t see him come in.


Then Pete turned them around and Buck could see the grins covering both Cat and Pete’s faces.  Pete was holding Cat up on his muscled shoulders easily but not too tightly, while Cat was having no problem at all with his predicament of being draped over Pete’s big shoulders, with one arm wrapped around Pete’s head to hold on to him.


At the same time, Buck noticed that their two thin and tight nylon speedo trunks had been tossed over to one side of the mat.  One pair was black and the other pair camo.  Pete and Cat were wrestling nude, and their muscled bodies and skins bulged and glistened with a light coating of oil.


‘They didn’t lose any time getting started, for sure,’ thought Buck, but he expected that.


Buck could see that Cat, not touching the mat and draped over Pete’s shoulders, was almost completely at the mercy of Pete, but not quite.  That is, his other arm, from the one wrapped around Pete’s neck, reached down in front of Pete and had grabbed the whole big package of all of Pete’s male equipment and was crushing it lightly in his fist.  If Pete decided to dump him down on to the mat, Cat might rip off all of Pete’s valuable equipment as he went down.   By the grins on their faces, Buck could see that neither one was having any problem with that predicament.


Pete then began to turn around on the mat, but circled just once, and that only slowly, so that Cat wouldn’t get dizzy.   Then he dropped down to his knees on the mat and let Cat go to slide off his back down to the mat while Cat released  his hold on Pete‘s big cock and balls in return. 


Cat  recovered first and got on Pete’s back while Pete was on his hands and knees.  Once Cat mounted Pete his next more was to wrap his longer legs around Pete’s solid lower body to get him in a lower body scissors.  Then he wrapped his arms around Pete’s thick chest to grab the big body builder’s thick pecs in his hands and began to crush them in his fists to control Pete‘s upper body.  Pete had no problem with either of Cat’s moves or holds on him.


Then it seemed to Buck, as both wrestler’s were nude, as he knew Cat’s cock was now already long and hard and fully aroused by their wrestling around, that he might also be trying to jam his big and hard rod deep into Pete’s butt.  Buck couldn’t see for the moment whether Cat’s cock had gotten into Pete yet, or if it was just pressing into the deep canyon of Pete’s butt.  Either  way, Pete wasn’t making any complaint about the matter, for sure.


Buck knew that when he was in the same position as Pete, while he didn’t care to have another wrestler’s hard rod jammed into his body, he had no problem with the other man trying as long and as hard as he liked, while Buck liked just as much the feel of it and resisting it.


Pete took it for a couple of minutes to let Cat see what he could do and take his punishment, and then he began to move back against Cat.


He knew Cat had wrapped his legs around his lower body and wouldn’t be able to free them up too quickly. So he reached up one of his hands to Cat’s bear hug on him to hold him in place, and then rolled both of them over on the mat until now Cat’s back was on the mat with Pete’s big and muscled body fully on top of him.


Buck knew Cat would have no problem with that at all.  Cat always liked the feel of Buck’s big body on top of him.  He knew, in fact, he’d like to have Pete’s thick and muscled body on top of him too just as much.


Cat had kept his body scissors on Pete, however, and so now he crossed his ankles directly above Pete’s crotch and began to smash his heels down against Pete’s naked big, hard cock and his equally bulging balls as hard as he could.   At the same time, he again grabbed both of Pete’s big pecs in his fists to squeeze them again as hard as he could, but then also moved one of them up to bring against Pete’s face, open palmed, to distract him that way, and pull Pete’s head back closer to his own head.


Cat didn’t know it, but this predicament Pete was now in, and the punishment Cat was giving him, always felt real good to him in other wrestling matches and what his sheriff’s training had trained him to take, so he was in no hurry to escape Cat’s holds and punishment on him.


Buck figured Pete was also going to try to make as good and as even a match of it with Cat at the County Fair for the spectators.  He knew by their agreement he was going to win the match in the end, but wanted to have Cat get in just as many licks as he could so it would appear they were about even right up to the end.  And, of course, he just liked what Cat was doing to him in the first place.


Cat began to suspect Pete might be thinking along these lines, thought it was a good idea, and if that’s what Pete wanted, it sure was ok with him.


Still, Pete figured it was about time for him to even it up with Cat too.  With the slipperiness of their bodies, as they’d oiled themselves lightly before they started, Pete outmuscled Cat’s body scissors on him and twisted half way around on top of Cat until, although he was still caught in Cat’s real good body scissors on him, he now faced Cat who was now below him.


In another moment, Pete began to raise up with his legs and feet on the mat bringing Cat up with him and forcing Cat to bend and fold further back with his shoulders on the mat until Pete was almost directly over him.   Still, Cat didn’t let go of his body scissors on Pete while he tried to force Pete back down again.


As the County Fair flyer had said, pins didn’t count, so it didn’t make any difference that Cat’s shoulders were on the mat as might have been the case according to the usual rules of pins in wrestling matches.


As Pete came down on him more and more and closer and closer, Cat reached up and again grabbed Pete’s big body builder’s pecs in his fists to try to push him away, but Pete just ignored that.  He liked the feel of Cat trying to crush his big pecs, and continued to slowly come down on Cat even more.


Cat, however, seeing that he wasn’t about to keep Pete off him that way, released his body scissors on Pete and instead brought one of his feet in and under Pete and then rammed it into Pete’s crotch and against his long and hard cock and bulging balls to push him away at Pete’s lower end.


But that didn’t quite work either although now, briefly, Cat held Pete off by only three points, two hands back to crushing Pete’s big pecs, and his foot jammed into Pete’s crotch  crushing against his cock and balls.  Pete took all of Cat’s punishment and grinned down at him.  Cat couldn’t help but grin back at him in this new predicament and deadlock between the two of them.


Pete was willing to take Cat’s punishment as long as Cat wanted to give it to him.   However, he knew Cat would soon have to tire of holding him up overhead and he knew that it would not be good for Cat to use up too much of his energy that way even though he knew Cat had no small supply of energy to wrestle around with.


As a result, Pete shifted his body slightly until, in their slipperiness, Cat’s foot slipped out of its position where it was jammed into his naked crotch, and Pete came down on top of Cat anyway.


Their weights weren’t so much different that he would be crushing Cat under him, but he still didn’t want to put too much of muscled weight on him for too long either.  So, when he came down on top of Cat, he shifted one of his thick muscled legs to the outside and kept only one between Cat’s legs.  But that one big, thick and muscled leg alone he positioned right over Cat’s own naked cock and balls, and now began to crush Cat’s cock and balls under the weight of it.


Cat liked that.   Then Pete moved his body up slightly toward Cat’s head and got him in a solid, but not too tight, headlock, wrapping his big and bulging bicep around Cat’s neck and positioning the muscled flesh of his thick pec fully against Cat’s face to smother him in it, and then finished it  up by stuffing as much of his pec as he could into Cat’s mouth to choke   him on it as well.


Cat liked that even more and would have been pleased to have Pete keep that hold and punishment on him for the whole rest of the match.  As his tongue played around with Pete’s hard nipple in his mouth, he wondered what they’d come up with next.



Chapter 6.


As Buck watched Cat and Pete wrestle, he knew they couldn’t do all that in front of all the spectators at the County Fair in their open and public wrestling match there.  However, Buck knew that most of their holds could  be modified just a little to make them publicly acceptable, and they’d be wearing their wrestling speedos, so that would make it acceptable to the spectators and would be real interesting and stimulating to them too.  So Buck figured if this is the way Pete and Cat wanted to prepare themselves and practice for that match, it was surely ok with him.


Even though Pete was now on top of Cat, holding him in a smothering headlock and having Pete’s big leg crushing down against his cock and balls, Cat still had his outside leg and his arms and hands free.


So, after Pete worked him over for a few minutes, much to his pleasure, Cat figured it was time for him to try and escape Pete’s punishment of him and get back at Pete too to keep it all looking even.  With his longer legs and arms, he moved one leg over to brace himself with it and then moved his hands up to Pete’s face and head to push them away. Pete sensed what Cat had in mind and looked to cooperate with him in it.  He eased his weight on Cat and Cat then rolled both of them over until now Cat was once again on top and Pete underneath.


Then Cat, to complete the reversal, now took the same headlock on Pete  and also dropped one of his own big muscled legs over Pete’s crotch, and began to crush Pete’s own big and bulging cock and balls with his body weight of his own muscled legs.   Pete liked the whole thing, and his new predicament, just as much as Cat had earlier, and was glad to take everything that Cat was doing to him in return.  They figured the reversal would look real good to the spectators too, and keep up the suspense as to which would eventually come out the winner.


For a long couple of minutes they  struggled back and forth with each other, Cat trying to keep Pete down and punishing him, Pete trying to escape but taking Cat’s punishment until he succeeded.


Buck looked at the clock on the bunkhouse table.  He’d been watching Cat and Pete wrestle back and forth for a little over twenty mnutes now, what with all the other exchanging of their holds and punishment, predicaments and deadlocks they’d been getting into with each other.  By the rules they’d set up, the match was to go for about half an hour, and he didn’t know how long they’d been wrestling before he got to the bunkhouse.


He figured he’d give them maybe ten minutes more or so and then remind them about the thirty minute time limit they more or less had.  Clearly, however, both Pete and Cat were very much enjoying their wrestling match “practice” with each other, and neither looked like they wanted it to end  any time soon.


Cat had gotten back to his feet now with Pete in front of him on his hands and knees.  Cat looked real good with his mucular lithe body standing over Pete, who looked just as good with his powerfully muscled body builder’s body on his hands and knees in front of him, as both figured out what they would do next.


Then Pete drove forward and rammed his crew cut dark blond haired head between Cat’s muscled legs with the idea of picking Cat up by the back of his neck against Cat’s naked cock and balls and sliding him down over his back to the mat.   They knew this would look real good to the spectators to see the action of it.  If it worked.


Cat took a different view of it, however.  As he felt Pete’s head drive between his legs he tightened his muscled thighs around Pete’s head and got him in a solid head scissors. Then he crouched down himself to increase his weight against Pete’s trying to lift him up.   Cat then reached one of his long arms under Pete’s body to grab Pete’s big cock, sticking out straight and hard from his body underneath him, pointed down to the mat, and began to lift Pete up by his cock alone, like a big hammer  handle,  until he got Pete completely standing on his head, which remained trapped between Cat’s solid legs, and now his legs and feet pointing straight up into the air.


Cat kept his hold on Pete with one hand gripping Pete’s hard cock in his   fist to hold him up, and wrapping his other hand around Pete’s big muscled body to keep him balanced while he continued to hold Pete’s head tight between his legs.


Cat was real pleased that it worked as Pete was no easy guy to move around that way, but Pete liked his new predicament just as much as Cat did, with both liking it either way, give or take, too in the same or any other matches.  They also knew it would be a good move at their Fair wrestling match and kept it in close mind for next time too.


For a couple of long minutes they held their deadlock, Cat working to keep it and Pete struggling to escape it, until finally, in their slipperiness and with both knowing they’d accomplished what they’d intended, Cat relaxed his hold on Pete, who then slid down to the mat as both lost their holds on the other.


Buck figured, meanwhile, looking at the clock again as he was to be the timekeeper for their match at the Fair,  that he needed to give them some indication of how the timing was going.  He knew when two guys were wrestling and enjoying it as much as Cat and Pete were, they’d  easily lose all track of time themselves.



Chapter 7.


There was a wake-up bell in the bunkhouse on the small table next to where Buck was quietly sitting.   By now Cat and Pete knew he had slipped in to watch them, but as he only watched them quietly and never interrupted  them, they soon forgot all about him as they focused on and pleasured each other.


The Fair match agreement was that Buck, as the third man in the ring with them and timekeeper, would ring the big bell next to the mats twice to let them and the spectators they had just two minutes left.   So Buck now rang the wake-up bell twice here in the bunkhouse to give them an idea of the time left.


For an instant, Pete and Cat had to figure what the sound of the bell was  for, but then they remembered it was to be the two-minute bell.


After holding Pete upside down in his head scissors and cock hold on Pete, they had fallen to the mat and separated, with Pete coming to his hands and knees and Cat on his knees next to him.


Without missing a beat, Cat lunged for Pete, still on his hands and knees, and got full on his back once more.  Both knew the spectators would expect these last two minutes to be sort of intense as they presumed both wrestlers would be trying desperately to be the one on top at the end of the remaining two minutes and win the match.  They didn’t know, of course, that that had already long since been decided upon.  But Pete and Cat both wanted to make a good show of the last couple of minutes, however, and wanted to make it real pleasurable for themselves too.


Cat then got Pete in another lower body scissors, which was a real good hold for both of them, and then he wrapped his big muscled arms once again around Pete’s even more muscled chest and pecs.   At the same time, he forced his head and face into the back of Pete’s head to force Pete’s head down lower to the mat to further prevent him from escaping.


The outlook now looked real bad for Pete and real good for Cat if Pete couldn’t escape in just the minute or so he had left, and if Cat could hang on for just a very little bit more.


But no, that was not the way it went.  The spectators by now would have liked looking at the powerful muscular bodies of both wrestlers during the whole of the match, and Pete’s particularly muscular and good looking body builder’s body.  Most likely, because most of them also knew Pete from the Sheriff’s Department, maybe they sort of favored him to win.   At the same time Cat had also put about a great fight and was pretty much even with Pete, so he deserved to win too.


With Cat riding on top of him trying to hold him down, Cat’s legs holding Pete in a lower body scissors and keeping a tight bear hug on his upper body around his big muscled chest and pecs, Pete nevertheless slowly rose up in a powerful show of his big muscular body, which in turn caused Cat to slowly lose his holds on Pete as the two-minute clock began to run down.


Cat couldn’t keep his holds with Pete’s move and the slipperiness of their bodies.  With now maybe only half a minute remaining, Pete rolled both of them over, which both of them  knew would be a real crowd pleaser to see the reversal.  Now, with only about twenty seconds remaining, Pete was once again on top, even though he was still caught in Cat’s powerful body scissors and once again a solid pec hold on him, neither of which Cat had  let go despite their reversal, with both now facing upwards and Cat on the bottom.  So, technically, although Pete was on top of Cat, and might be considered the winner, he was actually still under the control of Cat, so Pete’s “win” wouldn’t have been all that valid.


But then Pete, with the slipperiness of their bodies due to both the oil they’d applied earlier and the sweat they’d worked up during their match, once again, with only fifteen seconds left to the match, twisted around on top of Cat to now face him in a still loose but not yet at all certain body press.


But then, before Cat could once again escape from underneath him,  with now only ten seconds left, Pete swung one of his big and muscular legs between Cat’s legs to jam and crush it against Cat’s totally exposed hard and bulging cock and balls, and at the same time once again wrapped his big biceped arm around Cat’s head and again forced all the muscled flesh of his big pec hard against Cat’s face and mouth to again choke him on it.  His hold on top of Cat was now complete and solid without any doubt.


Buck looked at his watch. A wide grin crossed his face.   It was exactly two minutes after his two “twenty-eight minute” bells.  They’d timed it perfectly and so Pete had “won” the match!



Chapter 8.    


For a moment, Cat and Pete paused while both enjoyed their situation.  Pete had “won” the match, as planned, but Cat liked it just as much and their ending in particular. 


With the “end” of their “practice” match in the bunkhouse, Buck expected they would now break it off and they would get washed and cleaned up.


Pete and Cat, however, apparently thought otherwise. Instead, they knew they were into a real good thing with each other and decided to continue with their “practice” match as long as they could for the whole night long, or at least as long as they could until both were fully exhausted and drained of everything that was in them.


Buck figured if that’s what they wanted to do, it was surely ok with him.  And, as they didn’t seem to have any problem with him staying to watch the action, they just got back into it with each other and never gave another thought to him as he and Roscoe continued to watch the action.


Pete and Cat continued to wrestle with each other in the bunkhouse for more than another half hour.   And, as they did, it became more and more of a cockfight between the two, now that their “practice” had turned out so well.  And now, increasingly, Pete and Cat got into a double figure four head scissors with each other, stabbing  their long and hard cocks down each other’s mouth and throat for longer and longer periods of time.  That was the sensual and erotic pleasure they both got from wrestling around with another guy, and neither could get enough of it.


And, with their double figure four head scissors holds on each other, they knew they were becoming more and more  aroused.  All of their sensual and erotic wrestling, naked and oiled and totally focused on each other for all the pleasure they could give each other had made them both realize, however, that it would soon have to come to an end.


One final time they found themselves in a double figure four head scissors.  Pete was on top with his thick and muscular body, and Cat underneath.   Pete had also once again plunged his big, long and hard rod deep down into Cat’s mouth and throat, which Cat had no problem with at all.   At the same time, Pete had taken Cat’s equally big, long and hard rod and alternated between taking it deep into his own mouth as well and taking it out and then stroking it and getting Cat more and more aroused all the time until both knew they had only a couple of seconds left. Then not even that.


Suddenly, both felt all the sweet hot white and creamy cum which had been building up in their bodies during their whole nude and oiled wrestling match with each other in the bunkhouse this Saturday night, suddenly race to the surface.  Then it burst out of their swollen cockheads and flooded deep into the other’s mouth and throat.


On and on their full loads of hot cum poured and pulsed out into the other’s mouth until each was filled and they had to let the rest of it run out and down the sides of their face to the mat below.


Eventually, their flows of hot cum ebbed, and with it all of their strength until now they both felt completely drained and exhausted.


As they recovered, Buck said grinning, “I’m not sure all that’s exactly the way you want to do it when you wrestle at the County Fair on the Fourth of July, but I guess it’s a real good start, and you sure do have the general idea of the thing.”


“Yeah, I think we got most of it down pretty good,” said Pete.


But then, finishing Pete’s statement, Cat added “But of course we’ll need lots more practice before than, and most likely a lot afterwards too.”


“Yeah, my thoughts too” responded Pete.


Buck didn’t know how long they’d wrestled around with each other in the bunkhouse before he got there, but figured they’d worked it out pretty good and that now he and Roscoe would head back up to the cabin for their own good night’s  rest.  He sort of guessed the two of them might want to “practice” some more after he left.  He guessed right, too.


The next morning at breakfast, Sunday, as Pete had an eleven o’clock shift he had to be back in Gadwell for, they reviewed their thinking on last night’s wrestling “practice,” and how things looked for their “match” at the County Fair, now coming up in only a couple of weeks.


Both Pete and Cat felt they had it under real good control.   They’d be wrestling in their speedos and most likely wouldn’t be able to help getting a few bulges here and there.  But they figured they could keep it under control.  And then they sort of figured maybe some of the men and women watching, as well as some of the older teenagers who were pretty smart these days, might understand and like to see, and maybe have some vicarious thoughts of their own when they saw the two nearly naked, oiled and muscular wrestlers working it out on the mats in front of them.  There might be some bulges and wet spots in the pants of the spectators too.



Chapter 9.


The two weeks until the Fair opened went by quickly. The Gadwell County Fair opened on the Second of July with speeches and games.   On the Third there were all sorts of exhibits and competitions, sports and rides for the kids, softball and horseshoes for the men, and cooking and baking competitions and prizes for the ladies.  Then there were a number of livestock showings and prizes as the farmers in the region showed off their prize cattle, horses and hogs, and the kids their prize pets.


The livestock showings were next to the permanent fairground barn where the wrestling matches were to take place the evening of the Fourth before the final fireworks display.  The livestock showing area, which would be temporarily covered over by a wooden platform and wrestling mats,  was about twenty feet square and surrounded on three sides by bleachers five rows high with space for about twenty spectators a row.  Filled up, the events committee figured that would make space for about one hundred people per bleacher, which would make about three hundred people total if they were filled.  


The committee, which included Buck and Pete, figured if they charged five dollars a head, all of it as a contribution to go toward the new field house fund, that would raise about fifteen hundred dollars, or a lot more than their thousand dollar goal. Buck and Logan Landscape, as sponsors, had pledged one hundred dollars each on top of that.  So, even if they didn’t get that much of crowd, the show should still be a success.  At least they hoped so.


Pete had come out to the cabin again the following weekend and wrestled around more with Cat - just to be sure they “practiced” enough, they said.  Looking at Buck’s own still powerful and muscular US Marine Corp build earlier, and from their talking, Pete knew he’d like to get into it some time with Buck too, just as Cat had.  And Buck knew from the start he’d like to get into it just as much with the hunky Sheriff’s Department sergeant Pete.


On this last “practice” weekend before the Fair,  Cat unexpectedly had to visit his grandma over in Mutton on Saturday afternoon.  Nevertheless,  Pete came up to the cabin early anyway.  Alone now together on the quiet warm afternoon, Buck said, “Hey Pete, you’re looking awfully good, you know.  How about if you and I messed around some down at the bunkhouse just so’s you can keep in shape for next weekend with Cat at the Fair?”


“Sounds like a real good idea to me, and what I’ve sort of been thinking  and hoping for a while now too,” was Pete’s grinning reply.


He and Buck wrestled around with each other just as long, and just as pleasureably, and with the same outcome, as when Pete and Cat, and Cat and Buck, had earlier.



Chapter 10.


It was the evening of the Fourth of July, around six thirty, and the four high school and college wrestlers, their coach Jake Saunders, some of the older and younger brothers of the high school wrestlers who wanted to share in the excitement, and Buck, Cat, Pete and his buddy Luke Logan were all on hand for the matches now about to come up.


The high school and college wrestlers did really well, and the spectators liked what they saw.  The boys were competitive, but pretty evenly matched, and while they struggled with each other, they all enjoyed it too and all of them took home one prize or another for their participation as well as the thanks of the fund raising committee for their efforts.


Then it was Pete and Cat’s turn to hit the mat.  By this time, the bleachers had filled up completely with a lot of the local farmers and their wives, the storekeepers and other working people, students and all the rest who wanted to see the show.


They all knew Pete was with the Sheriff’s Department with his powerful body builder’s build even though he wasn’t representing the Department  but by Logan Landscaping and Design. Fewer of the spectators knew Cat although they knew Buck and Barton’s Truck & Auto Repair.  As a result they all wondered who he was and what he would be like meeting up against Pete.


Promptly at seven Buck walked  to the edge of the wrestling mat in front of the crowd.  From his USMC days, he knew how to address a crowd and keep it light and simple, as he did this time too.   He wore his USMC fatigue cap and a pair of dark aviator glasses for effect. He told them he’d be minding both corners and be the timekeeper as well.  It would be a thirty minute match, with two bells at the twenty-eight minute mark.  Whichever man was on top at the end would be declared the winner.


Buck also said they wouldn’t be following the usual high school or pro  rules or anything specific like that, and pins as such didn’t count.   He     said it would be pretty much give and take and the wrestlers would do whatever they liked.  He said they promised not to break each other’s     neck “unless they really had to,” said Buck, which got sort of a nervous laugh from the crowd.


Buck knew the spectators were looking to see a good active wrestling match, but they all knew the wrestlers weren’t pros.  Instead,  they were   just guys who liked to wrestle, both happening to be really well built    hunks who volunteered to raise funds for the high school field house.


With that, Pete came out to the mat first to a round of applause.  He wore only his tight speedos, barefoot, with a towel around his neck.  He was otherwise naked, and his powerful body builder’s body bulged in all the right places.  His trunks bulged out with his full manhood too.  Many of the men watching liked that, and no few women did too.  Buck introduced him as five-eight and one-ninety.


Then Cat came out to a round of applause equal to that Pete just got.  Cat  liked that.  The spectators couldn’t help but notice Cat’s own  powerfully built,  muscular and lithe body too.  His speedos, which were all he wore too, also showed the full bulge of his manhood as well.


‘Hmmmm,’ many thought, ‘This could turn out to be more interesting than we thought it might be.’


Buck introduced Cat at five-ten and one-eighty.  Real even, everybody thought.  ‘Yeah, this could be real interesting.’



Chapter 11.


The match between Pete and Cat went really well.  All of their “practice” had paid off in that each already knew what the other liked or didn’t care for, how much pressure to apply but when it was enough, how long to keep a hold both to enjoy it themselves and let the spectators follow along with it.  And maybe, vicariously, to enjoy it just as much as the two hunky and nearly naked and lightly oiled wrestlers did too in front of them in the dimming light of the day.


Pete and Cat knew they’d have a problem of it keeping their hands and feet and lips from coming too close to the way they liked to wrestle around as they had in the bunkhouse.   But they managed for the most part to keep their hands and feet and the other parts of their body from wandering too far.   Maybe a few of the spectators speculated as to what might have gone on between the two of them before the match, and maybe afterwards too.   But all they could do was speculate about that.  Those were just thoughts and guesses, while Pete and Cat behaved themselves properly in this match.


Instead of grabbing and crushing each other’s pecs in their fists, for example, which both liked to give and take as hard as they could, now they only pushed against the other’s body in their general pec area.  Instead of grabbing and crushing each other’s hard and naked cock and trying to rip it off the other’s body, which they also so much liked to do, both give and take, now they only lifted and pushed against each other’s legs or thighs  and avoided the dirct crotch area.


When their faces came together they held them a few inches apart rather than lip-locking each other and letting their tongues wrestle it out inside each other’s mouth, which they also so much liked to do.


It was less than Pete and Cat would have liked to do with each other, but that could wait for another time,  More importantly, Pete and Cat  put on a real good match, give and take, for the spectators.  It was a lot more than the spectators had expected, and they very much liked what they were seeing.


Buck, although officially he was in both wrestlers’ corners, took the role mostly of just a bystander, looking at the wrestlers, then looking at the spectators, then back at the wrestlers.  He never interfered or said anything to them, having confidence that they knew exactly what they were doing, and not wanting to break their focus on each other.  Buck knew while they were very much enjoying what they were doing with each other,  they were also in fact working pretty hard on putting on a good show for the spectators too.


As Buck looked around at the spectators in the bleachers from time to time during the match when Cat and Pete were deadlocked in one hold or another, he noticed Jake Saunders, the high school coach, Bob DeValle, the Sheriff, and Luke Logan, Pete’s close friend, all standing to the side of one of the bleachers.  He couldn’t see their expressions and wondered what they might be thinking?   He hoped they liked what they were seeing.


At twenty-eight minutes Buck held up a blackboard for the spectators which said two minutes to go to let them know, and rang the big farm bell at the side of the enclosure twice to indicate to Cat and Pete they had just two minutes left to “decide” how their match would end.


Buck was pleased to see Pete and Cat followed their final “two-minute” script almost exactly as they had worked it out that first night in the bunkhouse a couple of weeks ago.


During this whole match, they’d traded holds and deadlocks and predicaments and reversals on each other back and forth almost evenly so that none of the spectators could guess how it might turn out.  Both of the wrestlers appeared to be so evenly matched in size, weight, experience, and both apparently liked what they were doing so very much, the spectators were hard pressed to guess what the final outcome would be.


At the start of the final two minutes, as they had back in the bunkhouse, Cat had once again gotten on top of Pete and was trying to keep him under control so that, if he could just hold on, as it appeared he would, he would “win” the match and Pete, their hero of the Sheriff’s Deparment, would lose.


But then, with less than a minute to go, Pete brought together all of his massive power and strength until every one of his considerable and bulging muscles came into play and bulged even more.  Then, with only about a minute to go, he rolled both Cat and himself over on the mat.


Now Cat was underneath Pete, but Cat still had control of him with the body scissors and bear hug he still held on Pete on top of him, with now both facing up.  However now, with less than a minute to go, in the slipperiness of their bodies, Pete turned himself over, while still caught in Cat’s body scissors on him, to now be face to face with Cat.  Now only about fifteen seconds remained.  Could maybe Cat still roll both of them back over so  that he’d be on top again?


Cat’s hold on Pete was still pretty tight, while Pete’s position on top of him was much looser.  But then, with just the final ten seconds or so remaining, Pete cemented his position on top of Cat  by positioning one of his thick and muscular body builder’s legs between Cat’s legs, crotch to crotch,  to hold him down at one end.  At the same time, he got another good headlock on Cat in which he dropped  his big and muscular pec on Cat’s face, to hold him down at the other end.  Cat struggled desperately to escape, but it didn’t work.  The clock ran out and then there were no more seconds for Cat to try a comeback.  It was, of course, exactly the way they had planned it way back earlier in the bunkhouse.


Nevertheless, here in front of the crowd it made for a solid, complete and convincing “win” for Pete as Buck rang the bell signaling the end of the match.  As soon as the bell sounded, all of the spectators got up to their feet as one and their applause and cheers could be heard from one end of the Fairgrounds to the other.


Pete promptly got off Cat, and then immediately helped Cat to his feet.   Then Buck stepped up between them and raised the hands of both wrestlers high in the air.  Grins covered the faces of all three of them as well as of all the spectators too.


It had been real good, and everyone was sorry to see it end.   Buck then asked the people to wait for just a couple of minutes more as the fireworks weren’t due to start for another twenty-five minutes, so they’d have ample time to get over to the viewing area for that, as he had just a couple of Announcements to make.


“First,” Buck said, “I’d like to present each of these two wrestlers, who have almost literally knocked themselves, or maybe each other, out for our entertainment, a framed Certificate of Appreciation for their services and volunteering to put on this great match for us and to raise funds for the new high school field house for all of our young people.  


“I’d like to just read the certificate, which says ‘This Certificate is presented by the Gadwell County Fourth of July Celebration Committee, and so on, and is signed by Mr. Charles P. McDonald,  Chairman of the Committee, County Court Judge Rufus J. Leavenworth and Sheriff Robert DeValle as Honorary Co-Chairman, and Mrs. Sandra Lincoln, Secretary.”


With that, he presented the framed Certificates to Pete and to Cat, who received them with grins on their faces to the wide and enthusiastic applause of the spectators.


“Then I’d also like to announce that while we’d set a goal of one thousand dollars for this fund raising event, we’ve actually raised just a little over twelve hundred dollars, or more than twenty percent over our goal, in cash receipts and additional pledges.


“So, again, our many thanks to all of you who contributed so generously, and to you, Pete and Cat, in particular, for your much appreciated services to the community.”


Pete grinned in appreciation, as did Cat.  In the back of his mind, however, Cat couldn’t help but wonder if all this publicity mightn’t also be the ruin of him with the dormant but still open charges pending against him for the car theft?   Particularly as two of the very co-signers of the framed Certificate in his hand, Judge Leavenworth and Sheriff DeValle, were in the business of upholding and pursuing the law, which would be against him, and which Pete, as a sergeant in the Sheriff’s Department was too.



Chapter  12.


Buck and Cat and Pete and Luke stayed together to watch the fireworks.  Buck could see that Cat and Pete had a strong relationship with each other, as did Pete and Luke.   Somehow, however, he felt they were all strong and confident relationships, and it was unlikely they would come apart whatever the interplay between the three of them would be.


After the fireworks and the Closing ceremonies, Buck and Cat rode back to Buck’s  cabin in Buck’s pickup. It was a warm and quiet night as they rode through the darkness.  Buck couldn’t see Cat’s face, but he knew something was troubling him.


“Got something on your mind, Cat?  You’re pretty quiet, and I don’t think it’s your so-called “defeat” at the hands of Pete tonight either,” said Buck quietly.


“Naw, Buck, I really enjoyed it with Pete all the way, and it worked out just the way we planned it too,” replied Cat.


“But I’m sort of wondering where we, or at least I, go from here?   You know I was concerned about getting too close to anybody in the Sheriff’s Department, even Pete, and getting too much publicity. 


“And now here I not only get into this great match with Pete with a couple hundred spectators, but now I even get a Certificate of Appreciation which is signed by Judge Leavenworth, who is the County Judge covering, among other things, car thefts, and Sheriff DeValle, who is in charge of pursuing criminals like myself, and even Pete, who apparently has done some research on my specific case.


“How long can I keep things quiet with all these people so close to me and maybe ready to close in on me at any time?” he quietly moaned.


“Oh, I wouldn’t be too concerned about that Cat,” said Buck.


“While you’re holding that fine framed Certificate of Appreciaton in your hands there,  how about turning it over and seeing if there’s anything on the back?” said Buck with a grin on his face which Cat couldn’t see in the darkness of the truck cab and the night.


Cat turned it over and saw an envelope taped to the back.  He opened the envelope and pulled out the piece of paper it enclosed.  Then he read the paper.


He yelped with joy and reached over to hug Buck’s neck as hard as he could.  Fortunately, Buck had anticipated there might be a reaction from  Cat as he read the contents of the envelope on the back of the Certificate, and kept the wheels of the pickup truck straight before Cat would have run both of them completely off the road.


“Maybe you’d like to read me what it says, Cat, so I can keep us on the road and still headed to the cabin,” Buck said with a smile in his voice.


“It’s a ‘true copy’ of the original Gadwell County Court charges filed against me as a ‘person unknown’ of the car theft when I stole that ‘Vette’ off the Fairgrounds property,” he said.


“But then down at the bottom, lower left,  in the big block where it says ‘Disposition,’ it says ‘Case Dismissed.  File Closed.’”


“And then look what it says here, Buck,” holding the Copy of the Court Charges and their dismissal up in front of Buck so that he could barely keep an eye on the road, “It says in the box on the lower right, ‘Action Recommended by: Sergeant Pete Pappas, GCSD;  Approved by: Sheriff Robert DeValle, GCSD; and So Ordered by: Judge Rufus J. Leavenworth.”


Then Cat paused just a moment.  “Hey, Buck,” said Cat thoughtfully, “Did you know anything about this beforehand?”


“Well now, I might or might not have,” replied Buck.  “Why don’t you ask Pete when he comes back up here again next weekend?


“Yeah,” said Cat, “Maybe I will just ask him that” as he leaned over and planted one of his biggest and wettest kisses on Buck’s cheek.”


The End.

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