Cat & Axe - The First Time

By: Ron Nelson
( 2012 by the author)

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Axelrod Timmons, "Axe" to everyone but his Grandma Timmons, turned the ignition key to his old, but nevertheless clean and shiny, gold Ranger pickup truck. Then he headed down the dirt driveway from his mom and dad's farmhouse in Turpin's Corners, about twenty miles outside of Knoxville, Tennessee.


He was excited. He knew he was heading out on the biggest adventure of his life so far. He also knew he was going to enjoy it and make the most of it.


It was a hot Monday morning in the middle of June that saw him headed to his Grandma Timmons' place over in Mutton, North Carolina, in the eastern foothills of the Great Smoky Mountains. He was just at the end of his seventeenth year, and would turn eighteen in three weeks, on July Fourth.


He recalled when he pulled up to his grandma's farmhouse door and the little elderly but still sturdy gray-haired lady in her simple country dress and farm bonnet came out to see who it was who had come to visit. Then when she saw the Ranger pickup and Axe get out of it, she exclaimed "Land-o'-Goshen, Axelrod, how you done grown up since last time I saw you!"


From his grandma's place, he would head over to the beautiful and elegant Wadsworth Hotel and Resort on Lake Wadsworth, about five miles outside of the town of Gadwell, North Carolina.


Axe had a summer job lined up there as "Assistant Manager of Waterfront Activities" and looked forward to it. Actually, it was to be no more than a helper to the manager, Marty King, for whatever needed doing. The Wadsworth, as it was generally referred to, was a big and grand old hotel with many regular guests who returned to it year after year. 


Marty and his wife Susan, who were school teachers during the academic year, worked at the hotel summers. Susan was a youth guide, while Marty and he would be responsible for getting the rowboats, paddleboats and canoes out in the water every morning, bring them in at dusk, and keep them clean and in good order at all times. They were also to put up and take down the small beach umbrellas, take care of the nearby lawn sports equipment and help set up for the twice-a-week evening hotel beach barbecue and whatever else needed doing along the waterfront.


It was a seven-day operation all summer, from seven in the morning until evenings after dusk, which made for long days. However, he and Marty would alternate taking Tuesdays and Thursdays off, and alternate Saturdays and Sundays as well, and they could also feel free to take it easy on the job, go swimming or take a boat or canoe out themselves when there wasn't much else going on.


The pay wasn't much, but most of the guests understood that most of the summer employees of the hotel were working to make some money for their college educations, and were generous with their tips.


As for Axe, he had just graduated from high school, with honors, and had been accepted at UT-State, starting in the fall semester, and so the money he'd earn over the summer would help go toward that.


As for getting his job at the Wadsworth, it began with Axe's having mentioned to his grandma about looking for a summer job. She told him she knew the manager of the Wadsworth and would give him a call to recommend Axe for a job. That led to their inviting Axe over for an interview. Both they and Axe hit it off with each other real quickly, and they offered him the waterfront job to which he was now headed.


The job of "Assistant Manager of Waterfront Activities" sounded particularly good to him. At five-nine and about one-fifty,  he had reached nearly his full height, although he was still lean. However, he was already strong and agile and liked to work hard.


In high school, he was a real good swimmer and won a couple of medals, and was also on the soccer team both his junior and senior years and did well there. He liked to wrestle too, but after he started working out with the wrestling team, he found it was mostly a lot of talking about holds and having almost endless simple and repetitive practices. Then the actual matches themselves generally lasted only a couple of intense minutes, with the refs always interrupting about some minor infraction of the many rules, none of which he cared for. He knew he wasn't of a real competitive nature anyway, and that was also needed for the matches.  


Axe's preference was just to wrestle around with another guy, give and take, and get into all sorts of things on a non-competitive basis, and to make it last as long as he could. Every once in a while, after swimming and when they were still wet and wearing only their brief Speedo swimming trunks, but otherwise naked, he liked to wrestle around with a couple of other guys in particular in the gym's basement wrestling room. He always liked that.


As for spending the full summer at the Wadsworth Hotel and Resort, that was the main part of his big new summer adventure. It was the first time he'd ever spent a long time away from home and his mom and dad.  However, he was now ready to strike out on his own and looked forward to it.


Part of that feeling came, looking back, from when he realized that a couple years before, right after he turned sixteen, his parents very quietly stopped telling him to get up in the morning, get dressed, eat his breakfast, take his lunch to school, do his homework, wear his raincoat if the weather looked threatening, be home at a certain time, and all the rest of it.


Around that time, quietly, they let it be understood that all that was now up to him. If he didn't get up, he'd be late; if he forgot to take his lunch, he'd go hungry; if he spent all his allowance before his allowance day, he'd be broke; and if he didn't wear a raincoat and it rained, he'd get wet. They let him know that all of that was his business now and no longer theirs.  Axe liked that. Very soon he began to take care of all those things himself, and soon got into the habit of taking care of a lot more of his things too.


When he told his mom and dad he was going out for soccer, for instance, which was his main sport, they only said, "That's nice; we expect you'll like it." But then they let him sign up and register for it himself, see to his uniform and equipment and schedule of practices and games. Grandma Timmons had bought him the used Ranger pickup for his sixteenth birthday, and he was expected to get himself to all the practices and games.


In fact, Axes folks went to only two games, his second and then his final one. They felt it was his game and he needed to play it himself without their support or be on hand to distract his mind, and maybe trying to impress them, when his focus should be on his teammates and the opposing team. Axe never knew how it pained them sometimes to let him go out on his own, but they knew they needed to do that, and so they did.


There was another attraction in the back of Axe's mind in going over to the Wadsworth Hotel and Resort near Gadwell, although he didn't know if anything would come of it, nor was it all that big in his mind.



When Axe was back home in Turpin's Corners, he wasn't far from his Uncle Remus' place, and got over there pretty regular to visit his kin. A couple of years ago one of his Grandma Timmons' other grandchildren, Tim Timmons, whom everybody called 'Cat,' came to visit and stay with his Uncle Remus for a year or two. There was some talk, as Axe recalled, of Cat's having gotten into some trouble somewhere. But nobody ever gave out any of the details, least of all, Cat, and the reason for his staying with his Uncle Remus was soon forgotten.


Axe did remember Cat very well and was very much impressed and attracted to him. Cat was about six years older than Axe, solidly built at about five-ten and one-eighty, lithe and muscular, quick and quiet, which was where he got his "Cat" name from. Cat was attracted to Axe too, and the two of them hung around the farm and went into town together, and Axe helped him on some of his chores on their Grandma Timmons' farm.


One day a couple of men who worked for the power company, about Cat's age whom he seemed to know, came to the farm to see about running some power lines in the area. They had gone into the barn to check things out in mid-morning and Axe hadn't seen them since. So just before lunch he went out to the barn to see where they might be and what they were doing.


It was quiet in the darkened barn. Then Axe heard some soft sounds coming from the storage room in the rear of the barn where the hay and feed bags were kept. When he went over and looked in, he saw, in the dim light, Cat and one of the linemen, another muscular man, both of them naked, wrestling with each other in the hay on the floor. They were deadlocked in a double figure four head scissors on each other, oblivious to anything around them and obviously neither wanting to break their deadlock. Then Axe could see that each of the wrestlers, in the hold, had also stabbed his long and hard cock deep down into the other's mouth and throat as part of their head scissors on each other.


Axe stepped quietly into the room and the other lineman, who was sitting on a bale of hay watching the wrestlers with a grin on his face, motioned for Axe to come in quietly and sit on the bale alongside him. Which Axe was more than glad to do.


For more than five long minutes, all four were almost motionless as the two wrestlers remained locked together in the hay. Twice they rolled over so that first one, and then the other, was on top or the bottom, with neither letting go of his tight and crushing head scissors on the other.


Both Cat and the other wrestler suddenly sort of stiffened up and had a couple of powerful spasms. Then they went almost motionless, and finally went completely limp and separated. As they broke it off, Axe saw the grins which covered both of their faces.


As Axe had watched them wrestle, he felt his own cock, just recently reaching its full size and length with his maturing manhood, go hard. He'd already found out how to pleasure himself by jerking off in his bedroom or out in the same barn where he then was when he was alone there. But that was the first time he'd seen a couple of guys do it with each other, and when they were wrestling around with each other too. Axe knew he very much liked what he saw, and wanted it for himself soon too.


When Cat and the lineman slowly got up, they saw Axe sitting on the bale of hay with the other lineman, watching them. Cat went over, still naked and wet with sweat and some of the lineman's cum still on his face and chin, grin at him and give his neck a squeeze.


"Maybe you're next, if you like, Axe," said Cat as he put his sleeveless t-shirt,  tight blue jeans and boots back on.


"Yeah, Cat, I think I'd like that," was Axe's grinning reply.


As it turned out, Cat more or less unexpectedly, or at least Axe didn't know about it beforehand, left soon afterwards to return to their Grandma Timmons' place in Mutton, North Carolina.  Axe then, who was still only going into his junior year in high school, pretty much forgot about Cat for the time being. Later, Axe heard he'd gotten a job in a truck and auto repair shop in Gadwell, not far from Mutton, where he presumably still was today.



For the next couple of years, in high school, while he wrestled around with other guys in the gym once in a while, Axe wasn't yet up to messing around with the other guys more deeply than that. He felt that begin to change, however, with his graduation from high school and with his now heading out on his own.


Stopping off to visit his Grandma Timmons a couple of days, they talked about his new and exciting job at the Wadsworth Hotel and Resort. He was looking forward to it and getting into a lot of new experiences. He expected to work pretty hard at it, make some good money, but have a good time too.


He mentioned to his Grandma Timmons that he'd try to look Cat up some time too. She didn't seem to be too enthusiastic about that, however, so he didn't mention it again. He knew, however, that seeing Cat again was real close to the top of something he wanted to do.


Axe's first couple of weeks at the Wadsworth went by in a flash. He had moved his few things into the employees' quarters, which they called "the barracks." He had a very small room of his own, with a shared bath down the hall, both of which were fine with him.


Generally, he got up in the mornings soon after six, had breakfast and then washed up and changed into his camo shorts and sleeveless t-shirt for the day's work. It didn't do him any harm at all at showing his lean and well muscled body. Then he was down at the waterfront by seven-thirty to join Marty in getting things set up for the day. There were always a few guests who wanted to take a canoe out around dawn, and Marty and he set up a program for that.


The days went by fast but not very hurriedly and, after they got set up, he and Marty could spell each other and go for a swim or canoe ride themselves, or sack out or whatever else they wanted to do personally. Marty and his wife Susan frequently teamed up to take a group of hotel guests in canoes over to the other side of the lake or to an island a short distance away for a few hours at a time.



The evening sunset barbecues were great, and both Marty and Axe liked the way they always went. Axe quietly noted that with all the outdoors work with the boats and waterfront activities he was doing, he was always working up a big appetite and was eating huge meals. At the end of the first couple of weeks, checking himself on the "barracks" scale, he found he'd already added close to five pounds, just about all of which was new muscle he'd built up. He liked that.


At the start of the third week, he and Marty agreed he'd have the next day, Tuesday, off, while Marty would take Thursday off.


'Good deal,' thought Axe, 'I think I'll get in the Ranger and ride down to Gadwell to see if I can find Cat at his truck and auto body shop job, and see what's new with him.' There were a couple of other thoughts he had in his mind too, but he figured he'd lay them aside, needing to see Cat again first.



As Axe walked into the shop in Gadwell, he immediately saw Cat working on a pickup truck in the first bay. Cat saw and recognized him just as quickly and went over to give him a big hug of welcome.


Axe wasn't used to getting hugged by anybody, let alone another and very hunky guy like Cat. But he knew he liked it, and hoped Cat wouldn't let him go too soon.


"Hey, Axe," said Cat, "long time no see! But I heard from Grandma Timmons that you had gotten a summer job up at the Wadsworth Hotel and Resort! That sure is a nice looking place! We do some work for them every once in a while, and they seem like real good people!"


"Yeah," replied Axe, "I know I'm sure liking it. I'm working outside helping Marty King on what they call 'waterfront activities'. We take care of all their boats and canoes, beach and lawn equipment, and all that sort of thing. Lots of swimming too to keep in shape. One of these days I'm going to catch up with you and then we'll see what happens!"


As he said it, he couldn't help but notice Cat's lean and muscular body and recalled what it looked like when he was wrestling that lineman in the barn that time a couple of years ago. Nor could Cat help but notice that Axe was now about as tall as he was and had put on a lot of new lean muscle too. Neither could forget how the wrestling match between Cat and the lineman turned out, nor Cat's final remark to Axe, "Maybe you're next, if you like, Axe!"


Just then, Buck came out of his office, spotted Cat and a young man who looked something like Cat, and came over to see them.


"Hey, Buck," said Cat, "let me introduce you to my cousin, Axe Timmons. We've got the same grandma over in Mutton!  Axe's working for the summer up at the Wadsworth on Lake Wadsworth!"


"My pleasure, Axe; any friend of Cat's is a friend of mine, and if he's kinfolk, that's even better!"


"My pleasure too, Buck, I'm sure glad to be up at the hotel, and seeing your shop here too. It all sure looks nice."


Buck saw in Axe the same young, healthy, lean and muscular man that he had seen so many of in the US Marine Corps when he was in charge of boot camp training.  He liked what he saw in Axe.


"What's your job up at the Wadsworth, Axe?" asked Buck. You look pretty healthy so whatever it is, it must be going real good for you."


Cat explained his duties as the assistant manager, or gofer, for all of the resort's waterfront activities, all the hours they worked, but how they had a lot of free time too, including one day off during the week, and one day of every weekend off too.


"Well," said Buck,  if you're free on weekends, Cat and I would sure like to have you come up to the cabin to see and enjoy the place. We've got a bunkhouse where Cat stays and where you can stay too, and we eat real casual so that's easy to do too.


"In fact, it occurs to me, if you're ever interested in doing any extra work, and nothing is required, for sure, but I've been hiring another man to help and you could earn some extra money too. Cat and I are putting in a drainage ditch and a small foot bridge under the Appalachian Trail, which runs through the property, to channel rain water, when it's heavy, into the ditch and then under the bridge to keep the Trail from getting too wet or washing out every once in a while as it does now."


"Man, Buck, that would be great! I don't really have anything else to do on my days off anyway, and I sure would like to see your cabin and the bunkhouse. And if I can help you on some work there, I'd like that even more!"


Axe told Buck that he was free the next Saturday, and as he got up and had breakfast early anyway, he could be at the shop at eight o'clock if that was ok with Buck. Then he could follow them out in his Ranger pickup truck as he'd have to leave that late evening to get back to the Wadsworth to be there for his shift on Sunday, which would be Marty's day off.  That was agreeable to everybody, and they shook on it.


Axe was as good as his word, and come Saturday morning, right at eight, Buck and Cat headed off in Buck's F-150 pickup, with Roscoe, Buck's chocolate Lab who had already become good friends with Axe, with Axe following in his Ranger.


They stopped by the last general store before they got to the cabin and picked up some provisions for the weekend. When Axe saw Buck's setup, the cabin at the top of the meadow, the bunkhouse midway down the meadow, the Appalachian Trail crossing the lower part of the meadow, and then the broad but shallow Larson's creek at the bottom, he was thrilled by the whole thing.


'Man,' he thought, 'I could spend the rest of my life here!' He also noticed the powerfully built Buck, just a little shorter and a little stockier than Cat with his USMC bearing, and wondered if maybe there was something between Cat and Buck. If there was, it wasn't any of his business, but he could see if there were, it might be real good.


When they drove up the dirt road and driveway to the cabin and got out of their pickups, Buck said, "Tell you what, Cat, I need to put these things away and check out a couple of things. Then I've got to get some paperwork done for the shop which is going to take most of the afternoon.


"So why don't the two of you just enjoy the rest of the day.  Cat, maybe you can show Axe the bunkhouse and what we're doing down below to rebuild the ditch and bridge for the Trail and whatever else you like. Then maybe we'll aim to get together again around four-thirty or five to relax and have supper.


"Axe, can you stay here with us through supper? I figure it would take you about an hour to get back to the Wadsworth so maybe if you could stay until at least eight or so, then you'd be back at the resort by about nine so you'll be ready to start up again there early tomorrow morning."


"Buck, that really sounds great, and I'm surely obliged to you for your kindness. And then next week, when I get Sunday off and if you'll be here again, I can begin to earn my keep and give you a hand on the drainage ditch and bridge!"


All three figured the whole thing made for a great plan. They knew Buck liked to have things spelled out, just like his old USMC days, and it made a great plan for all of them.


They had been standing on the porch of the cabin as they'd been talking, and Buck turned into the big living room where he had his weekend desk.


Cat and Axe then went down the steps and headed toward the bottom of the meadow where the Appalachian Trail crossed the property. Cat showed him how they were planning to clean out and rebuild the ditch with some native stone banks to channel the water to run under the little bridge.  The wood bridge would be about four feet wide and maybe six feet long, and then channeling under it would run the water down a simple spillway to the creek below. The footbridge would be built of treated wood planks with four-by-fours along the sides to help guide people over it as it was too low and short to really bother with rails.


It was a simple job, but would just take a certain amount of heavy work and time to move the stones and build the plank bridge. Axe liked the whole setup, and told Cat he'd be ready for anything they wanted to do with him to make it happen.


After they'd checked out the ditch and proposed bridge, Cat said "How about we go up to the bunkhouse, and see what's going on up there?" leading Axe up the path through the lower meadow to the bunkhouse.


As they went into the bunkhouse, Axe was completely taken by it. It was great, with a small kitchen and bath at the far end of what was the main and wide open big room. Beyond the kitchen was the storage shed and workshop, and beyond that the two covered bays for Cat's and another pickup.


The main room had four bunks at the far end, along with some cabinets for towels and personal things. Then in the center were a couple of big comfortable leather chairs to relax in, and at the other end and off to one side, a big padded blue vinyl wrestling mat with the couple of racks of free weights to the side.


"Man," said Axe, "this is all real nice, for sure! I remember that time you and that lineman wrestled in the barn a couple of years ago. You still wrestle, and wrestle here?"


"Oh, yeah, Buck and me like to wrestle around most weekends, and there are also  a couple of local guys we know who are into it too, and they come up every once in a while on the weekends. Sometimes they come for just a couple of hours, but sometimes they can stay overnight too," was Cat's reply.


"Seems like I heard you like to wrestle around too, Axe, in addition to swimming and playing soccer. You on your high school wrestling team?"


"Yeah, I like to wrestle around, but I wasn't on the high school wrestling team. I found out they were mostly just into a lot of instructions and practice, which of course are necessary for the competitive meets and the competition for ratings between the county schools.  But the matches then were so quick and competitive, and the refs stopped the guys wrestling so often for even the slightest infraction, I figured that it just wasn't my thing.


"I sort of just like to wrestle around, real easy and non-competitive give and take, but then make it last as long as I can. I also found I sort of liked to be under the other guy as much as on top of him, and have the feel of his body against mine. But that didn't go over too good with the wrestling coach for winning matches, of course, so we didn't pursue it any more.


"But after swimming, once in a while when we were still just in our Speedos, we'd wrestle some, 'anything goes', and I always liked that a lot!"


"Well," said Cat, "seeing as how we got the whole rest of the afternoon off with nothing else to do, you feel like wrestling around some now and we'll see how it goes?"


"Yeah," replied Axe with a grin on his face, "I know I'd sure like that!"


Axe knew he was really attracted to Cat in a physical way, and knew he was already getting aroused by just the thought of wrestling with Cat. At the same time, never yet having actually had any sexual experiences from wrestling    around with another guy, he didn't have any particular thoughts in his mind    along that line.


Cat knew, however, that he would take it slow and easy with Axe the way he always wrestled with a younger or smaller guy anyway. Then he'd play it from there depending on how Axe would be doing, how he would be feeling, and however far he might like to take it.


All Axe knew was he wanted to get into it with his bigger and lithely muscular cousin Cat for however it might come out.



After showing Axe the rest of the bunkhouse setup, they came back and stood at the edge of the wrestling mat, both wanting badly by then to get into it with each other. Cat reached over to a shelf and picked up a couple of jockstraps.


"Here you go, Axe, how 'bout we wrestle in these? I'm thinking maybe they'll be most comfortable what with its being pretty warm here in the bunkhouse just now, and skin's the most natural way to rassle in anyway."


Axe was wearing boxer briefs and said, "Sounds good to me, Cat," as they stripped off their clothes and put on their jockstraps. As they stripped, they couldn't help but eye each other's muscular body. Cat was the bigger, of course, but except for that, both had the lean and muscled bodies of natural athletes. They also couldn't help but notice the other had already gotten aroused with just the thought of wrestling around, and their big rods were already getting long and hard and sticking out from their bodies, ready to go into action any time.


Axe was sort of embarrassed with his big cock already having gotten long and hard, what with his already full and big manhood, but as Cat didn't seem to notice it, he ignored it too as both finally got all of their male equipment stuffed into their  bulging jockstraps.


"Tell you what, Axe, as I'm just a little bigger than you," which was Cat's way of signaling to Axe that he knew he was bigger and would be taking it easy on Axe, which Axe appreciated, "why don't I just go down first and you can do whatever you like with me. I like to take a lot of punishment, so you can be as hard on me as you like. Maybe sometimes I can even suggest something you'd like to do, and you can practice on me all you like!" Cat knew he had a masochistic inclination, and always liked to take a fair amount of punishment anyway.


Axe liked that. He really wanted to get into it with Cat and work him over as hard as he could for his own satisfaction. But he'd also like for Cat to show him all he could so he'd learn how to give him even more. Plus hopefully get a lot back from Cat which he knew he wanted too.


Before dropping down to the mat, Cat poured a little wrestling oil over both of their bodies to make them just a little slippery. That was something new to Axe right there. He'd heard about Greek and Turkish oiled wrestlers, and now he knew how good it felt to him too.


Cat then dropped to his hands and knees, inviting Axe to get on him however he liked and do whatever he wanted with him. Axe didn't know, or even think about, where or how the whole thing would go. All he knew was that now he was getting his wish to wrestle around with Cat all the way, and Cat was willing to take him on however and for as long as he liked.


Axe, already familiar and liking to wrestle around with other guys, knew of at least a couple of different things he'd like to get into with Cat.


The first was to get on his back and ride him like a horse, wrapping his muscular legs around Cat's waist to hold on to him tight, then wrap his arms and hands around Cat's muscled chest to tighten his hold some more, and then rub his face into the tousled hair on Cat's head for the sensual pleasure he got from that. Cat had no problem with any of it, and he liked the feel of Axe riding him as hard as he could.


Cat knew Axe wanted to learn as many new holds and moves as he could, particularly, he knew, for the sensual and erotic pleasure it gave him as well as for Cat's own pleasure.  He therefore lifted one of his hands off the mat took hold of one of Axe's hands holding on to his chest, and moved it over to his thick and muscular pec. Then he squeezed Axe's hand hard which in turn squeezed his own pec hard.  Axe quickly picked up on Cat's move and shifted both of his hands to Cat's big pecs to squeeze both of them as hard as he could for the greater sensual pleasure it gave both of them.


Axe didn't forget that move, and came back to it over and over again during their match whenever he could, much to the pleasure of both. Cat, in turn, got after Axe's own lighter but still muscled pecs later on during their match, which also pleasured the two of them. Axe was a fast learner, and needed to try something just once to remember it from then on.


Axe wasn't really quite sure what to do with Cat after he got on to ride him, however. So Cat figured he would take the lead and rose up on his knees, like a bucking horse, and slid Axe off him with Axe ending up with his back on the mat. Then Cat twisted around to sort of threaten to move up on top of Axe, but not actually do so as he knew the last thing he wanted to do was put his full weight on Axe and maybe discourage or even scare him too early in the match.


So instead, while Axe was collecting himself from being slid off Cat's well-muscled back, Cat moved up toward Axe and grabbed both of his legs and pulled them over his shoulders. Axe quickly picked up on that and tightened his legs and crossed his ankles to get a solid head scissors on Cat, with Cat's head and face now facing into Axe's jock-strapped and bulging crotch. Both wrestlers liked that too.


Cat then moved in on Axe even further, his head still caught in Axe's head scissor on him, until his face was pressed hard against Axe's jock strap and already hard cock and thick balls inside. Axe not only liked the feel of that and holding Cat in his head scissors, but reached out to grab the back of Cat's head to pull and hold him in even harder and tighter. Neither had any problem with that either, it being one of Cat's favorite holds, give or take, and now quickly became one of Axe's too.


Then Cat, blinded with his whole face pressed hard into Axe's crotch against his jock strap, reached up to grab Axe's pecs to squeeze them tightly, but not too hard. Then Cat also brought his legs and his bigger body up closer to Axe as if to fold Axe more on his back and upside down. But Axe successfully resisted that move and forced Cat back down again in front of him. As they struggled back and forth with their holds on each other, Axe knew he was enjoying the back and forth deadlock between the two just as much as Cat was.


Cat then decided he'd roll both of them over, which he could do with his heavier weight, and Axe went with it and without losing his head scissors on Cat either.


Next thing both knew was Axe was on top of Cat, keeping Cat in his head scissors and putting his full weight, or as much as he could, full down on Cat's face.  Cat tried first to flip out, and then bridge out, to escape, but Axe was able to keep his hold on Cat, much to his pleasure and Cat's too. It was going just as Cat hoped. Axe was a natural wrestler, and a real fast learner.


Axe and Cat continued to wrestle back and forth for more than twenty minutes. That was longer than Axe had ever wrestled before at any one time and he was really liking the back and forth and give and take. Cat, of course, was used to wrestling for a couple of hours at a time so it wasn't very long for him at all. They wrestled back and forth easily, however, with Cat making sure Axe never used up too much energy at any one time. They also quietly paused in one deadlocked hold or another every once in a while if Axe got a little winded and needed to recover for a few seconds.


However, being only eighteen and a natural wrestler, Axe recovered fast every time and couldn't wait to come back for some more. Not that it was all that easy for Cat either because Axe was good and lots of times could come back on him real good. However, Cat had the advantages of size and experience, so he made sure never to really overwhelm Axe. And then too, Cat had other objectives for the end of the match if Axe might like it too.


As Axe and Cat wrestled back and forth in the warmth of the bunkhouse on the blue vinyl wrestling mat, they got into all sorts of other holds and predicaments. Axe was naturally good and liked all the new holds and sensations he was getting from Cat, with Cat liking it all just as much.


Axe instinctively got to taking headlocks on Cat, which Cat liked. He liked the feel of getting caught in a headlock and the punishment it gave him anyway, and liked it even more when taken by the younger and strong Axe, particularly as they were wrestling almost naked and oiled and their muscular bodies were so tightly locked together.


The second time Axe got him in a headlock, Cat thought he might take it a little further, and see how Axe might react to a couple more possibilities. When Axe held Cat's head tightly against his chest, Cat slid his face and mouth across a couple of inches to where it was directly under Axe's pec. Then he opened his mouth and sucked Axe's hard nipple and tightly muscled pec into his mouth and proceeded to hold it there.


At first, Axe wasn't sure what Cat was going to do, maybe even bite him. But no, Cat just sucked and held his pec there in his mouth. Axe had no problem with that at all and liked the feel of Cat's tongue playing around with his nipple. Later on in the match, when their positions were reversed and Cat had a good, but not too tight, headlock on Axe, Axe made the same move on Cat. The feel and taste of Cat's big, thick and muscled pec flesh in his mouth as his tongue played around with Cat's nipple felt real good to him too, just as it did later on when they repeated it a couple more times, both ways, later in their match.


The other move Cat made on Axe was when Axe had caught him in a head lock when both were on the mat, and Axe lay partly on top of him to hold him in place so he couldn't escape.


Both Cat and Axe, now wrestling oiled and naked since they had torn each others jockstraps off earlier in the match, and with a lot of their holds being tight and sensual too, they had been staying aroused with their cocks gone long and hard the whole time. And whenever they pressed all of their hard, naked and full male equipment anywhere against the other's body, that aroused them even more.


So Cat, caught in Axe's headlock on him, reached his muscled arm between Axe's legs and thighs as he was lying right alongside and partly on top of him, and at first gently cupped Axe's bulging naked cock and balls in his fist. And kept hold of it.


Axe was surprised. In other wrestling matches with his buddies, occasionally they'd accidentally, or even deliberately to fool around, moved to rub against, or even lightly touch, the other's most private parts. But no one had ever before deliberately grabbed hold of his full cock and balls and then continue to hold them in his fist.


Axe knew he sure liked the feel of it, however. To show it, he pulled Cat's head into his headlock and against his pec even tighter, and at the same time made no move to try to escape Cat's return hold on his bulging cock and balls.


Cat then tightened his grip somewhat, and Axe liked that even more. Suddenly Axe was realizing even more the pleasure he was getting from this match with Cat. He knew he wanted it to go on as long as it could.


With no objection at all to his move from Axe, Cat then held and gripped Axe's cock and balls even fuller and harder, with them now almost rock-hard and wet with oil and sweat, totally in his fist. Axe thought he was in heaven.


Then he went even further and began to lightly crush them in his fist to pleasure Axe even more. A natural wrestler such as Cat, and now Axe too, likes to take punishment as well as give it, and so with this, Axe didn't only think he was in heaven, he knew he was.


They kept that combined headlock and cock-crushing deadlock hold on each other for what seemed like long minutes until finally Cat figured it was time to move on to something else even though Cat could have remained locked up forever.  As they came back to the same deadlock later on again and again, both give and take, Axe was able to enjoy it a lot more anyway.


In fact, it wasn't but a few minutes later after they'd broken that deadlock that their positions were reversed.  Now it was Cat who got the headlock on Axe, stuffing his big pec into a very willing Axe's mouth, and Axe reaching around through Cat's own big and muscular legs and thighs to seize Cat's big, long, hard and naked rod and thick balls and begin to crush them in his fist to return the earlier favor back to Cat. Neither could get enough of it either way.


They wrestled back and forth for almost another fifteen minutes, easy give and take, with Axe in a whole new wrestling world. He had always sort of sensed its possibilities, but had never experienced any of it like this. Now he couldn't get enough of it and wanted it to last forever.  The sensual and erotic pleasure he got from it was awesome, he felt.


They'd already gotten into various and different head scissors holds on each other, and liked them all sorts of ways. Cat, with his greater weight, generally stayed on the bottom, and Axe, lighter and maybe still not quite ready to have Cat get on him totally, generally on top. In their earlier head scissors, when they were still in their jockstraps, both felt the wetness of the other's sweat-soaked jock strap against his face. But then, after having ripped off each other's jock strap, they felt the naked, wet and muscled flesh of the other's hard cock and thick balls pressed tightly against their faces, blinding and suffocating them every time.


At first, it was new, and Axe wasn't quite sure he liked it all that much. But then he quickly realized he very much did like the feel and sensation of having Cat's lithe and muscled body pressed against him on the mat, and having all of Cat's big hard, full, and naked male equipment jammed and pressed hard against his face.


And he liked the reverse just as much, when his own muscled body pressed down hard on top of Cat, and his fully aroused and hard cock and balls pressed hard and suffocating against Cat's face. Cat, as we know, could never get enough of it either way.


By now Cat and Axe had been wrestling back and forth, easy and to the pleasure of both, for just a little over an hour on the wrestling mat in the quiet warmth on the bunkhouse. Cat knew, however, that Axe would soon be getting tired even though his big rod was still hard as a rock jutting out between his muscled legs.


This time they'd gotten into another deadlock with Axe on top of Cat, holding him in a tight head scissors with his full cock and balls pressed down hard into Cat's face to blind and suffocate him as hard as he could.


Cat, however, hadn't yet been able to get Axe in a head scissors in return to make it a double figure four so that they'd sixty-nine each other. As a result, Cat's own big long rod was sticking up right in Axe's face.  So now Axe grabbed that too and was now trying to push it down forward between Cat's big thighs to the mat like a stick shift of a truck. Cat struggled to bridge out of his predicament of Axe's punishing head scissors hold on him at one end,  and avoid having his big rod almost broken off his body at the other end.   But he also loved every minute of the struggle and the punishment he was taking from Axe.


At the same time, he figured maybe he'd give Axe yet one more final pleasure for the both of them.


This time, instead of having Axe just press his hard and naked cock against his face, Cat shifted his head, caught tight and suffocatingly in Axe's head scissors on him almost imperceptibly, Cat opened his mouth and sucked Axe's big, long and hard cock deep down into his mouth and throat. Axe, concentrating on trying to break Cat's rod in half at his other end, didn't even realize where his own cock was going.


What Axe did suddenly realize, however, with all of their sensual and erotic wrestling, was that he'd by now gotten so aroused that all of a sudden he knew he was just about to come and shoot his whole cum load.


He already knew that he came real quickly, just as he also knew he would recover real quickly too after he unloaded. But his fast recovery wasn't the urgent problem right now.


All he knew was that he had caught Cat in a real good figure four head scissors with his big cock and balls, he thought, pressed hard against Cat's face. So he knew he'd have to let that hold on Cat go real fast as he now knew he was only seconds away from coming if he was going to avoid coming fully on Cat's face.


But then, as he tried to break his head scissors on Cat, he realized his situation was even worse than he thought. Instead of having his big cock, on the verge of shooting off his big load, pressed against Cat's face, it had gotten stabbed deep down into Cat's mouth and throat too. Axe was desperate.  He knew he had only a couple of seconds left before hed shoot his full load, ready or not.


Then it got even worse for him. As Axe tried to release his figure four head scissors on Cat to escape, he found Cat was holding him tightly in the hold by having wrapped his powerfully muscled arms around his butt to hold him in place to keep him from getting away. With that, Axe knew disaster loomed.


'Gawd,' thought Axe, 'What have I done!'


Suddenly he felt all of the hot white cum of his body burst out of his big and hard cock end and flood and pulse out deep down into Cat's mouth and throat. And, once it started, he couldn't stop it until he was completely drained.


Axe knew how it felt when he had the pleasure of jerking off in the privacy of his room, but he'd never done it with anybody else around, nor even come close to it in a wrestling match, and now he'd shot his full load all the way fully into Cat's mouth and throat!


He knew he was done for!  Cat would be furious with him beyond all limit, would most likely murder him on the spot and send him home immediately, never to darken his door or be seen again! It had all started so well with Cat, and now everything was lost forever!


And yet, despite shooting his full load into Cat's mouth, Cat still didn't let him go! Maybe Cat had in mind to bite his whole rod off right where it met his balls, and maybe bite off his balls too, so he'd never do it again to anybody else! He knew whatever Cat did to him, he deserved it!


But with Cat holding him tight, Axe knew he now had no choice but to just go with it until he was completely drained of every drop of hot white cum in him. And then, when it ended, he was too limp and exhausted to do anything more. He just lay on the mat as Cat finally released his tight hold on him and slid him off on to the mat next to him. He then waited for Cat to lash into him and do his worst to him.


But nothing happened. Axe, who had closed his eyes waiting for Cat to strike him, opened first one eye and then the other to look at Cat. Here was Cat lying quietly beside him looking at him with a grin on his face.


"Mmmm good," said Cat. "You know, Axe, you're a real good wrestler, and I sure liked rasslin' around with you!"


Axe was dumbfounded. He didn't know whether to laugh or cry.


"You mean you're not mad at me for doing what I just did and coming all over you and into your face and mouth too?" he asked.


"No way, Axe-man, you're my good buddy. I sure do like that ending, give or take, and you are the best!" was Cat's reply to him as he reached over and stroked Axe's damp and disheveled hair.


"Now how 'bout we shower up as it's probably getting close to supper time, Buck will be looking for us, and then you'll have to be heading back soon to the Wadsworth so you'll get back in time for work tomorrow morning.


"But maybe next week, if you've got the time off, you can come back and maybe we can help Buck with this drainage ditch and bridge problem. But maybe then, after that, we can also come back here to the bunkhouse and pick up again on where we just left off!"


"Oh, Cat," said Axe, tired but with a huge grin on his face, "You're the best, and yeah, I'm looking forward to coming back next week and helping Buck and you with the project, and then getting back into it with you again for sure!" It was Axe's first time, but by no means his last!


The End (For now, anyway!)


Posted: 04/20/12