Cat & Axe - On Doby's Knob

By: Ron Nelson
( 2012 by the author)

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It was a hot Saturday morning when Cat and his cousin Axe walked up to Buck's cabin from the bunkhouse, just below the cabin, for breakfast with Buck. Axe had come in, the night before, from his summer job up at the Wadsworth Hotel and Resort. Then he and Cat got to rasslin' around on the wrestling mat on the bunkhouse floor. As a result, they didn't get to sleep until after midnight, by which time both were completely drained and exhausted from messing around and shooting their loads on each other.


Now, however, they were all up and ready to go again. As on most summer weekends, Buck and Cat had come to Buck's cabin near Landrum in the foothills of the Smoky Mountains of North Carolina from Gadwell, where Buck had his truck and auto repair service and where Cat was working for him.


Axe, last night, had come down from his summer job at the Wadsworth Hotel and Resort just outside of Gadwell. On most weekends, they liked to help Buck on the various projects he had going to keep up and improve the cabin, but this weekend they'd decided just to let the chores go and enjoy themselves. Buck had some paperwork he needed to attend to for the shop, which left Cat and Axe free for whatever they might have in mind.


In just a few minutes after Cat and Axe got up to the cabin, after they'd managed to open both eyes, Cat was putting together a whole mess of pancakes and scrambled eggs, which he did to perfection, and Buck was putting out the rest of the breakfast things.


Axe asked what he could do to help, and Buck said that Roscoe, Buck's chocolate Lab, would be ever so grateful if he'd go to the lower cabinet, in front of which Roscoe was already standing with an expectant look on his face and an intermittent wag of his tail, to open a can of Roscoe's favorite dog food and put it out in a dish for him.


As soon as Axe bent down to get the dog food, Roscoe gave him an advance lick on his face and a wag of his tail in anticipation of the good things about to come to him.


"What do you boys have in mind to do today?" asked Buck by way of wondering what their plans might be.


"Well," responded Cat, "me and Axe thought we might go out for a hike up towards Doby's Knob and see what things looked like over there!"


Doby's Knob was a local landmark about seven miles away southwest of Buck's cabin. It was a heavily wooded tract of land far from any road or other signs of a house or farm. A hundred years ago the Knob had been farmed by the Doby family on the other side of the ridge, but it was never easy due to the rugged terrain and rock outcroppings, steep ravines, and so it was pretty useless for any productive purpose.


In the Smoky Mountains, a "knob" is sort of a small mountain, or just the top of a small mountain, or an extra little elevation on the side of a bigger mountain. Sometimes a "knob" made a nice place to get a better view of the surrounding land, but at other times, as with Doby's Knob, it was all covered with trees and scrub so not much good even for that.


Today, a dirt road led into Doby's Knob from off the paved county road for maybe a mile at most and then it petered out into an overgrown path. Then even that began to trail off into next to nothing, with only a trace of the old wagon path. It was said there still was an old farmhouse inside the property, now probably abandoned, which overlooked a small pond on the south side of the Knob. Cat and Axe thought it might just be an adventure to go in and see what was there. If the pond looked good, maybe they could go for a swim in it while they were there.


"Well," said Buck, "That might be an interesting thing to do. But I understand that that area, just a few years ago, was occupied by some moonshiners who had a few stills making bootleg liquor back there in the woods in one or two of the hollows.


"The Fed ATF men and State Police got wind of it and went in to check it out intending to take out and smash up any stills and tanks and pipes and anything else they could find.


"And then when they went in, they must have found something suspicious. Suddenly there was some shotgun blasts fired at them from the woods. That made them feel they must have been on the right track for something even though they couldn't find anything. But the whole area was so heavily overgrown and uneven, they admitted they couldn't conduct an absolutely thorough search.


"Things then died down for a while after that. But then a couple of years ago it got out that maybe somebody was back up there and had set up some new stills and had a new moonshine liquor operation going.


"So I'm not sure what's going on there these days, if anything, but I'd suggest you be mighty careful and watch yourselves. If somebody does have something going on, they might not like anybody coming in and maybe taking too close a look around."


With that admonition and caution, of course, Cat and Axe were all the more eager to head over to Doby's Knob and take Buck's caution to them as a challenge to see more about the place for themselves.


Shortly after breakfast Cat and Axe set out in Axe's Ranger pickup as it had new all-terrain tires and 4WD so it should be able to go in as far as possible on the old overgrown and rutted road in. As it promised to be a hot day, they wore only their sleeveless muscle t-shirts, camo shorts, and combat boots.


On the way over toward Doby's Knob, they stopped at Duffin's general store in Landrum, which was the only store in that area. Duffin's sold everything from groceries to hardware to dry goods, and handled the small post office as well. Cat and Axe picked up a dozen cinnamon donuts and a six-pack of Cokes to tide them over in case they got hungry even though they planned to be back at Buck's cabin for lunch.


Axe was driving and turned off the country road where Cat spotted the old rusty sign which said "Doby's Knob." As expected, within a mile or less, sure enough, the old road began to peter out. There were a couple of old weathered barns close to the main road, and some open fields where the local farmers grew some hay or garden crops beyond. But then the woods closed in and the road became more overgrown and rutted.


There wasn't enough growth in the roadway that the Ranger couldn't get over it, however, so Cat and Axe continued to go in as far as they could. Then they had to cross a couple of small rocky brooks and some increasingly deep ruts which the Ranger was having more difficulty with.


They agreed if they'd had a bigger pickup or truck with more weight and traction, they could probably go in some more as the old road could still be made out. However, it was getting to be too much for the Ranger. So as soon as they found a wide spot they managed to turn around and park the Ranger and figured they'd go the rest of the way in on foot.


As they walked through the brush along the old road, their tanned and muscular bodies rippled easily. As they looked at each other, and having wrestled each other late into the previous evening, they knew maybe they'd be ready for some more of that now up by the old cabin and pond if they could find some soft place or mud to mess around in.


It took a little more than an hour, which they figured must have been about two miles due to the slow going through the rough terrain, when they dropped down over a small ridge and saw what looked like an old overgrown meadow in front of them. In the middle of it was a fair sized old weathered wood farmhouse or cabin with a wide open porch in front, an open front-to-rear passage in the middle which divided it into two halves with a stone chimney at each end, and a small pond about five hundred feet from the cabin.


"The old place looks to be real weathered and just short of collapsing," said Cat, "But it's still got some sort of a style to it," replied Axe as they looked at it together. They couldn't figure out if it was occupied or deserted from where they were. It looked too old and decrepit to be occupied, but too good to be deserted.


As they walked on to approach it more closely, they were suddenly stopped by two blasts of a shotgun which they instantly and correctly presumed was being fired in their direction. Both dropped to the ground immediately and instinctively until they could figure out what situation they were in.


But then nothing more happened. The woods returned to their usual morning silence, nobody appeared, and no sound of a voice was heard. After a moment, still on the ground, Cat reached into his pocket and pulled out his big red farmer's handkerchief and waved it over his head. It wasn't a white flag indicating he and Axe surrendered, but it was all he had and hoped that whoever had fired the blast would understand his and Axe's peaceful intentions.


Apparently whoever had fired the shots did, and first Cat, and then Axe too, slowly raised themselves first up to their hands and knees. Then they got upright some more, and slowly got back on their feet again. But, looking around, they still didn't see anybody or hear anything except the soft sound of the breeze whispering through the nearby pines and woods.


"What do you suppose is going on, Cat?" asked Axe with more a sense of curiosity than any kind of fear.


"Beats me, Axe!" said Cat, but I'm thinking somebody knows we're here, of course, and is watching us. Also I expect they mean for us to leave, too!


"I'm thinking, though, we didn't come here for that, so how 'bout if we take it real slow and easy and see if we can find out what's going on."


"I'm with you, Cat, sounds good to me!" was Axe's reply, not sounding too confident, but willing to put his trust in Cat's hands.


"Let's raise our hands like as if we were surrendering prisoners of war," said Cat, "and then they'll know we don't have any guns and are on a peaceful mission. They may think we're revenuers from the ATF or something, so we want to show them we don't have any bad intentions for being here."


Cat and Axe accordingly raised the hands, but then, instead of walking back out of the area and back towards the old road by which they'd come up and would indicate they were leaving, they walked slowly toward the old wooden cabin intending to see it more closely, and whatever else might be going on with the place.


As they approached the cabin, they still saw and heard no one appear to challenge them either from inside the cabin or from the surrounding woods.


Slowly and gingerly they stepped up on the wide cabin porch. The cabin seemed open and empty, and there was no telling who, if anyone, might be inside, and whether anyone lived there or not.


Then they walked into the passageway which separated the two sides of the cabin. They knew that was the old style the way many cabins were built, with sleeping rooms on one side, and a kitchen and general gathering room on the other side, with a fireplace at both ends of the house to heat the rooms and provide a hearth to prepare their food. Out back, there would be an outhouse and maybe one or two other small sheds to store provisions and farm tools in. For an obviously old place, it was actually a fairly substantial cabin and home for its time.


Looking in the sleeping side of the cabin, Cat and Axe saw a couple of old beds, dressers and chairs, mighty worn and decrepit, but which could probably still be used for their original purpose. Looking in the opposite side, they could see the big fireplace and hearth, the iron fixtures from which to hang a couple of pots over the fire, an old kitchen table and three or four old chairs, some cupboards and even a couple of old prints on the rough log walls. Again, all of it was pretty old and worn, but still sort of useable too.


It all seemed real old-timey, but still mighty odd as to whether the place was being used or not. So they figured they'd check out the outside and back some more, and walk down to the pond to see if they might find any more clues to the place by checking those out too.


Unfortunately, as they turned to leave the old kitchen and head back down the center passageway to the rear, there was a very big man standing in the doorway to block their exit. And he was holding a very big and shiny shotgun loosely in his hand by his side, and which was sort of casually aimed right at some very important parts of their anatomy.


'Oh, oh,' thought Cat and Axe simultaneously as they froze where they were, 'Looks like maybe we're in trouble here!'


"You boys lookin' fer sumpn'?" asked the man with a serious frown on his face.


"No, sir," replied Cat and Axe in a unison which would make even the Westminster Cathedral choir proud, "we're just out looking around the place to see what's here.


"We're staying over at our buddy's cabin on the other side of Landrum for the weekend, and thought we'd take a hike over here," said Cat.


"It sure is a nice place you got here," he continued, figuring if he could just get and keep a little conversation going, that might ease the tension just a little.


The man didn't smile as he said, "If'n you're stayin' over around Landrum for the weeken', whar you fum the rest of the time?"


"Well, I live over near Turpin's Corners in Tennessee, but working up at the Wadsworth Hotel and Resort for the summer, and Cat here is living up in Gadwell during the week and at our grandma Timmons' place up in Mutton," replied Axe, joining in the conversation to give Cat a chance to do some more fast thinking about how he figured to handle this present situation they were in.


"That so?" said the man. "What's yor names?" he asked.


"I'm Cat Timmons, and this here's my cousin, Axelrod, 'cept we all call him 'Axe'" was Cat's prompt reply.


The man made no reaction to any of their replies.


As Cat and Axe looked at the man, although he made no effort to turn the shotgun away from them, their luck seemed to be holding as he didn't look like he was going to be unreasonable and use it against them any time soon either.


He was a real big man, maybe around fifty or a tad more, about Cat's height but probably weighed at least two-twenty. He had salt and pepper gray hair which looked like it didn't get much care from one week to the next. At the same time, it didn't look too long like some old country men who never cut their hair at all. Looked more like he must cut it himself once in a while to keep it from getting too long and shaggy. Actually, on him, it looked pretty good.


He was wearing only a pair of faded blue bib overalls and muddy work boots. The overalls looked as if they'd seen some pretty heavy and rough washing, and either they'd shrunk some since he started wearing them, or he'd filled out some, as Cat and Axe could see his big and muscular legs which matched his very big muscled arms, thick neck and thick chest and pecs. His overalls fit him right tight too and showed his considerable male equipment bulging out in front between his legs. As Cat liked to wrestle around with bigger guys, he couldn't help but think he'd really like to have a go of it with this man. But this wasn't the time to be thinking of that just now.


Instead, he thought he'd try to turn the conversation over to the big man even though he wasn't sure it would work.


"Nice place you got here," Cat began, "you live here regular?"


"Mebbe I do, and mebbe I don't," was the curt reply he got. But then the man added with the frown on his face easing off slightly, "I'm Lem."


'Well,' thought Cat, 'at least that's a start!'


"How much you boys aim to look around here, and what are your leaving plans?" Lem said. The signals he was sending Cat and Axe were still mixed. At least he was still talking and he gave his name, and his questions seemed reasonable. But he didn't change from still keeping his shotgun dangling from his hand, holding it by the middle to balance it, and still kept it pointed at their most vital parts.


"Well, we just sort of hiked up here on the old road to see what was up here. We were planning to walk around the place if there was something to see, maybe look at the pond too, and then head back to have lunch back at the cabin. Maybe take a swim in the pond too?


"Then we got a couple of chores to do back at the cabin where we're staying, and then me and Axe likes to rassle around some with each other to work up an appetite for supper and afore he's got to head back to the hotel for his job," was Cat's reply to the question.


Cat couldn't help but bring in that "rassle" part. For one thing, that was indeed what he hoped to do with Axe later in the afternoon, anyway, after they got back to the cabin and the bunkhouse, and he just came out with it.


But then Cat knew, liking to wrestle around with bigger and older men like Lem here, he couldn't help but wonder what it might be like to wrestle around a while with this big man, too?


Cat knew that old time country men, farmers and woodsmen, like Lem here appeared to be, had probably never played any kind of ball game in their lives.


Instead, just like ol' Abe Lincoln himself, they got their pleasures in wrestling around with each other, just like a lot of men like the Greeks and Turks still do today. Whenever they met a new man in particular, who might turn out to be either a friend or an enemy, it wasn't long, like introducing a new dog into a pack, for them to look to wrestle each other to take the other man's measure.


The same thing was still common in the back woods and on the farms of country folk around the Smoky Mountains for the same reason. It always gave them a good workout, a lot of pleasure for the feel of it, and it was a good way to find out what sort of man the other person was.


"Yeah," said Lem, "looks to me like the two of you would be purty good rasslers, the both of you, and I can see as how you might really like to get into it with each other.


"I sorta like to rassle around myself but there ain't too many men folk around here any more these days who are into it. I'm wondering, either of you feel like rasslin' around with me fer a spell?" asked Lem.


Cat and Axe were taken completely by surprise by Lem's change in tone. From a grim and almost silent suspicion of them, now he comes up with a grin on his face and a suggestion that maybe they'd like to wrestle around some!


Cat and Axe both sure liked that idea even though they had no idea how it would turn out. It was still only mid-morning and they weren't planning to be back at the cabin for at least a couple of hours yet, and it wouldn't take more than an hour or so to walk back down the old road, get to the Ranger, and make their way down off Doby's Knob here and back to the cabin.


"Sure," said Cat, "I'd like to mess around with you, just so long's you don't kill me, and I 'spect Axe would like it, too!"


"Amen to that, brother," was Axe's reply, liking the idea, and just trusting to Cat's judgment on getting into it with Lem.


"C'mon 'round the back of the cabin. The old spring and well pump are back there, and just below the spring is a soft area covered by soft moss where they used to grow vegetables back in the old days. Makes a real nice place to rassle, for sure!" said Lem as he led the two back behind the cabin.


Sure enough, the area was almost level, and just below the spring and spring house with its pump well was an area covered with soft moss. Behind it, the ground sloped upwards into the dense undergrowth of brush and trees up to the top of the Knob.


When they reached the edge of the mossy area, which was dappled in the sunlight as it shone through the trees, Lem stopped by the old bench next to the pump house and took off his combat boots. Cat and Axe came up behind him and did the same. Looking at Lem's huge and powerful back, they glanced at each other. They had no idea what Lem had in mind for them, but Cat knew he now almost couldn't wait now to get into it with him to see what would happen. Axe felt the same way.


As soon as Cat had taken off his boots, he pulled off his sleeveless muscle shirt which showed his own muscular and lithe body. He left his camo shorts on, as Lem had left his bib overalls on.


Before Cat could figure out how he might get into it with Lem, Lem solved the problem for him. Getting right in front of Cat, Lem reached out his big thick and muscled arms and got Cat in a great big bear hug, lifting Cat's full body up off the ground and almost crushing it tightly against his massive chest until their faces were only an inch apart. Then, as their faces came together and Cat felt Lem's stubble beard against his face and Lem's tongue against his lips, Lem said, "How do you like that, boy?" Cat didn't know how it felt to Lem, but he knew it felt real good to him.


Next thing Cat knew he was on his back on the soft moss with the big Lem on top of him, looking down on him with a big grin on his face. Cat couldn't help grinning back at him while waiting for him to make his next move. Cat knew he sure couldn't lift Lem off him like they were.


Still, he knew he had to get back at Lem, so he pushed one hand up against Lem's chin and face, open palmed, to at least push his head back. Then with his other hand Cat started to pull Lem's bib overalls off his shoulder and maybe tie him up a little bit that way.


It worked, as Lem needed one of his hands to pull Cat's hand off his face. But then Lem used his other hand to pull his bib overalls down some more, and now from both shoulders, until his whole upper body was naked with the top of his overalls bunched around his waist.


Cat liked what he saw with Lem's big and muscular chest and pecs. The temptation to work them over was too great to resist, so he reached up and grabbed and began to squeeze both of Lem's thick pecs as hard as he could. Lem seemed to have no trouble with that at all.


Instead, he reached down to his sides and began to strip off his bib overalls entirely. When Cat saw that, he let go of Lem's big pecs and helped Lem by pulling off the rest of his overalls until he got them off him entirely.


With Lem's overalls now just about off, Lem twisted around to rip Cat's camo shorts off him as well. Now, suddenly both were naked and ready to get into wrestling with each other all the way. It felt real good to both of them.


As quickly as Cat's camo shorts came off and his legs were free, and while Lem was trying to position him to go on to something else, the lithe and muscular Cat brought one of his legs up and solidly jammed his bare foot hard into Lem's crotch against his big, thick, and now fast growing long and hard cock and heavy balls.


Cat wanted to be sure he didn't really damage Lem's big male equipment, but he knew he wouldn't mind crushing it just a tad either.


Lem was surprised, but he didn't seem to mind it either. Instead, he let himself be hoisted into the air over Cat, with his full body weight crushing down on his cock and balls against the bottom of Cat's foot. Then he reached down to reverse the face push and pec squeeze move Cat had just been taking on him.


That is, he pressed one of his big calloused hands down over Cat's face to blind and distract him, while with his other hand he reached down to grab and squeeze Cat's own thickly muscled pec in his fist to distract and get back at him that way. Cat, however, liked what Lem was beginning to do with him and had no problem with either of Lem's moves against him.


They kept their silent deadlock on each other a couple of minutes, but then both knew it was beginning to tire Cat out, holding the big Lem up in the air by having jammed his foot into Lem's crotch and crushing his cock and balls.


So Cat was soon obliged to let Lem back down on top of him again and Lem's big body soon once again pressed totally down on him. Then Lem added to it by sliding up on Cat's body slightly until he could jam one of his knees into Cat's crotch to crush his cock and balls, and at the same time drop one of his big pecs over Cat's face and begin to stuff it into Cat's mouth to both blind and suffocate him on it as well.


Cat was desperate to escape, but at the same time he knew he liked what Lem was doing to him and didn't want him to stop either. All he could do was try to wriggle out from under Lem and bring up his hands to push against Lem's head and face again to move him off at least some.


Lem knew that by now he'd made his point by dominating Cat right from the start and for so long, however, and he didn't want to overdo it.


At the same time, he knew Cat was liking the punishment he was getting from him, so Lem figured he'd keep at it just a tad longer, although easing up on Cat, too, so's not to wear him out.


Shifting around behind Cat, he got Cat in a solid head scissors while both were lying on the soft moss, got the back of Cat's head pressed hard into his own crotch, and grabbed both of Cat's strong arms and pulled them back over his head pretty much immobilizing him. It was just the sort of predicament Cat liked to get caught in, and even though he tried to bridge and twist out of it, he knew he sure didn't mind getting his head caught tight, between Lem's powerful thighs, with the rest of his muscular body left free to try and twist out of it as best he could.



Lem knew he surely liked what he was doing to Cat, and he liked Cat's reactions to him. But at the same time he knew he didn't want to dominate Cat too far, or wear him out too soon, so they could keep going at it as long as possible. And maybe by now he'd worked Cat over enough for the present.


After only a minute or so, Lem therefore slowly began to ease up on Cat and loosened his head scissors and arm stretch on him. Then he went even further, shifted down next to Cat before he could recover, bear hugged him again and then rolled both of them over so that now he'd have his own back on the soft moss, with Cat now on top of him. That way he could also turn the action over to Cat to see what he'd do with it in return.


It didn't take any time at all for Cat to recover and take the initiative to get back at Lem. He figured, in fact, he'd do exactly to Lem what Lem had just been doing to him a couple of holds ago. It would signal to Lem that he was still all the way into wrestling him, and also that he could do the same things back to him.


In the next move, Cat jammed one of his knees hard into Lem's crotch against his now long and hard cock and thick and bulging balls to crush them under the weight of his knee, and brought his upper body down on top of Lem until he could stuff his own muscular pec down hard against Lem's face and into his open mouth.


For long minutes, they remained deadlocked in this new reverse hold. Neither had any problem with any of it at all.


Then Cat, who was the faster of the two even though Lem was the bigger and stronger, suddenly released his holds on Lem and, before Lem could react, twisted his body completely around on top of Lem until he got a full figure four head scissors on Lem, with his now equally long and hard cock and balls pressed hard against Lem's face, and his head directly above Lem's big and naked cock and balls.


Then, before Lem could escape, Cat tightened his head scissors on Lem to blind and suffocate him all he could in the hold. And then, to add to his punishment on Lem, he grabbed Lem's big rod, sticking up right in front of his face like a truck stick shift, and began to push it forward down between Lem's big thick and powerfully muscled legs and thighs to the soft moss underneath them, almost ripping the big rod, almost as long, thick and hard as a hammer handle, off Lem's body as he did.


Desperately Lem tried to bridge or roll out of Cat's double punishment on him to escape the torture Cat was giving him, but Cat wouldn't let him go. Cat could tell he was really giving Lem a working over so he did ease up on it some, however, so as not to do any real damage to Lem, which Lem realized too. But then too, as Cat suspected, Lem didn't mind taking some pretty rough treatment either, being used to it with fighting and wrestling other country men anyway, so they were both good with the whole thing now.


Finally, after a few more minutes of punishment, Cat knew it was up to him to let go of it first, which he did, and he rolled off Lem to get to his hands and knees to see what they'd do next.


Like the backwoods wrestler he was, Lem recovered quickly, and in the next couple of seconds got to his own hands and knees. Then he shifted around to face Cat so that both now were on their knees facing each other. While Cat was thinking what he'd do next, the bigger Lem reached out one of his big, long and powerful arms and thrust it through Cat's legs to grab his whole cock and balls in his fist and lift him up in a crotch lift, almost crushing Cat's cock and balls as he did. Then Lem proceeded with his new hold on Cat and got to his feet while still holding Cat upside down, with his back to Lem, in a bear hug hard against his big, powerful and naked body.


'Oh, oh,' thought Cat, 'now what is he doing to do with me?' Here he was, he knew, upside down and unable to brace against anything, being held tightly in the big and powerful Lem's bear hug on him.


And, to make it worse, Lem then turned him around so that where he'd been facing out when Lem first picked him up, Cat now found himself with his legs high in the air with his naked cock and balls about level and right in front of Lem's face, while his own face was only an inch away from Lem's own crotch, and with Lem's big cock and heavy balls slapping back and forth in his face as Lem shook him up.


Cat was a quick thinker, however, and tried to lessen his predicament. With the looseness of his legs sticking up in the air above Lem's head, he quickly swung them around until he was able to wrap them around Lem's head and get a real good and tight head scissors on Lem, which also eased the pressure on him from being held upside down.


And then, with his hands still being free, he was able to grab the neck of Lem's big cock and balls, which were still hanging down in front and slapping against his face. With that cock and ball hold on Lem, if Lem decided to drop or throw him down to the soft moss they were wrestling on, his own cock and balls would be torn off and go down with him.


Cat remembered that hold from a statue he'd once seen a picture of showing two nude Greek wrestlers in the same hold and predicament with each other. The one Greek wrestler was on his feet holding his opponent upside down in front of him. But then his upside down opponent had grabbed his tormentor's balls in his fist, and if he was thrown to the ground, his tormentor's cock and balls would be ripped off and go down with him. Cat knew he always liked that picture, and now liked to be in it himself.


Lem decided not to take the chance on having his manhood ripped off his big and powerful body and, after a little while longer and still holding Cat in his upside down bear hug, with his big family jewels still caught in Cat's tight grip on them, he dropped down to his knees and loosened his hold on Cat, while Cat at the same time loosened his holds on Lem, and they ended up back on the moss pretty much the way they'd begun.


"You're tough, mister," said Lem, a grin on his face and liking the strong resistance Cat was giving him.


"Thanks, Lem, I sorta like all this, too!" was Cat's reply with a similar grin on his own face.


'Yeah,' thought Axe, 'looks like they're both enjoying very much what they're doing, and I'm enjoying looking at it. Only thing is, I wouldn't mind getting into it myself!'


Lem and Cat continued to wrestle naked back and forth on the soft moss behind the cabin in the warmth and dappled sunshine of the morning. First one was on top and then the other, while both obviously liked to be underneath the other just as much, too.


In the warmth, they had begun to sweat and so their bodies glistened and got more and more slippery all the time, which helped them escape from each other over and over again, only to come back against each other some new way every time.


More and more, their targets on each other were the other's big rod and bulging balls as they got more and more aroused and stimulated with all of their increased cockfighting with each other. Both liked to give and take a lot of punishment in that area, and neither ever complained that it was too much.


While Lem was generally too big and heavy for Cat to pick him up or move around, Cat was the faster of the two and found other ways to punish Lem and get back at him every chance he got. Lem on the other hand, could do pretty much whatever he wanted with Cat, but then Cat was always able to find some way to escape and come back at him another way.


And then Axe was drawn into it too.


Axe had sat down at the edge of the mossy grass to watch the two wrestlers who had, from time to time, gotten a bear hug on each other while lying on the soft moss, as they then rolled back and forth, locked together. Sometimes Lem and Cat were face to face, while at other times they were head to toe with a double figure four head scissors on each other.


After about thirty minutes of wrestling, and the second time or third time they'd locked up and rolled across the soft moss deadlocked with each other, they blindly rolled into Axe sitting at the side at the edge of the moss where the grass began.


The first time they rolled into him, Axe didn't react or interfere with them. Nor the second time either.


But then Axe noticed that first Cat, and then Lem, when they hit him, glanced up at him with a slight grin on their face. Then they rolled away again.


Now Axe waited for them to come back and run into him a third time, which they soon did. Axe had already stripped off his clothes in the warmth of the morning, following the lead of the two naked wrestlers in front of him.


When Lem and Cat rolled into him the third time, Lem was on top of Cat, who was trying to escape and reverse their positions.


'Time I help Cat!' thought Axe, 'and maybe then the two of us can take care of ol' Lem here.'


With Cat and Lem at his feet, Axe suddenly got partly up to his feet and then got into it himself by getting on top of Lem's powerful and muscular back to try and pull him off Cat so that Cat could make his escape.


That's all it took to change things around, and neither Lem nor Cat minded in the least Axe's now getting into it with them.


Lem quickly released his hold on Cat and instead reared up, with Axe on his back, and toppled backwards on top of Axe so that Axe's back was now on the soft moss with the big Lem on top of him.


Lem knew he was a lot heavier than Axe and knew he'd have to be careful not to actually squash Axe underneath him. So, as he went down, he made sure he was slightly off center so that a good part of his weight would be more on the moss than on Axe.


Axe loved the feel of Lem's big, naked and sweaty wet muscular body on top of him, however, and was in no rush for Lem to let up off him.


Cat, meanwhile, had taken advantage of Axe's getting on top of Lem to distract him, and now, twisting around, began to pull Lem off Axe by grabbing first one, and then both, of Lem's ankles to pull him away.


That then obliged Lem to focus once again on Cat and try to free himself from Cat's holds on his legs while still trying to keep at least some of his weight on Axe to hold him down, too.


Cat had everything he could do to try to keep his hold on Lem's big, heavy and powerful legs, and moved in closer to Lem's body between his legs to increase his leverage on Lem.


Unfortunately, that turned out to be not such a good idea as, when he got between Lem's big legs, Lem in turn got a real good leg scissors around Cat's head instead, immobilizing him.


But now Axe was free again, and, seeing Cat's getting caught and being held tight in Lem's big leg scissors on him, decided he'd attack Lem's upper body by taking a cross body press on him to reach one of his arms tight through Lem's naked crotch, crushing his cock and balls under his elbow as he did, to hold him in place at one end, while he wrapped his other arm around Lem's neck to get a good headlock on him, too.


In theory, that should have worked just fine for Cat and Axe to hold down the big and powerful Lem.


As a practical matter, however, two-against-one doesn't always work as the one man works with one mind, and two minds might not be quite that well coordinated to get the benefit of their combined weights and advantages.


Which is what happened now. Lem simply kept his tight leg scissors around the squirming Cat's head, making it impossible for him to escape, while he reached up his powerful arms and took exactly the same headlock hold on Axe as Axe was holding on him.


That is, he reached one arm up through Axe's crotch to crush his now also long and hard cock and thick balls in his elbow, while getting a solid headlock on Axe as well to hold him in place just as tightly as he was holding Cat at the same time.


It was a three-way deadlock. And none of them had any problem with it at all. All three liked the sensual and erotic feel of their holds on the other, as well as the other's holds on themselves. As a result, none were in any hurry to be the first to let go and all three remained deadlocked together for more than just a few minutes.


Meanwhile, the morning remained sunny and warm, the trees surrounding the old cabin rustled quietly in the light breeze, and the old cabin itself remained quiet and serene as Cat, Lem and Axe eventually broke off their three-way deadlock and then continued to wrestle each other, naked and in a heap, on the soft and damp moss behind the cabin.


For almost another half hour, the three wrestled back and forth. Sometimes it was Cat and Axe against Lem, but then sometimes Axe gave an assist to Lem if Cat had gotten him in a real tight predicament, or sometimes if Lem had gotten Axe in some kind of predicament, Cat didn't interfere for at least just a little bit against Lem to let Axe figure out an escape for himself, which, invariably, he soon did, even if then with a little assistance from Cat, too.


One hold all three really liked to get into, and repeatedly did, give or take, was to get the other in a solid headlock while they were on the soft moss, and then force their big and muscular pecs into each other's mouth to make him suck on it. Generally, even as the trapped man found himself choking on the other man's pec in his mouth, he was still able to reach out to grab his tormentor's big, naked and exposed cock in his fist to crush it in his fist while at the same time almost rip it off the other's body, the whole deadlock being to the considerably sensual and erotic pleasure of both.



With all of their three-way wrestling around, however, and with their cockfighting and crotch crushing holds on each other increasing all the time for the sensual and erotic pleasure that was giving them, too, they knew they wanted all they could get, and more, all the time.


Soon all three had gotten so aroused, however, and their big rods had gotten so long and hard and their balls so full and hard, too, almost to the point of bursting, they knew they couldn't go on much longer without shooting their full cum loads, whether they were ready to or not.


The end then came quickly. Clearly, Lem was the biggest and strongest of the three, and probably the best and most experienced country wrestler, too. But two-against-one took its toll, particularly as Cat and Axe were also real good wrestlers, and they had their combined weight advantage against Lem, as well.


Lem had once again, maybe even intentionally, fallen down with his back on the soft moss. In the next instant both Cat and Axe had gotten on top of him to hold him down. They had pretty much the same thought, which was that if they could force Lem to shoot his load, that would make him too weak to continue and he'd have to concede the match to them.


As quick as Lem and fallen on his back, Axe jumped on him to a full body press across his head. Then he shifted around so as to get a solid head scissor on Lem, whereupon he then jammed his hard rod deep into Lem's mouth which also impaled it to the ground. At the same time, he grabbed one of Lem's powerful arms in both of his own so he couldn't get free, which left Lem's upper body totally immobilized with Axe's big, long and hard rod jammed down his mouth to choke him on it as well.


Cat then, while Axe was taking care of Lem's upper body, came down hard on his knees between Lem's big, thick and muscular legs and thighs. From there, he grabbed and pulled both of Lem's powerful legs up over his shoulders, and drove into Lem until his feet would be up in the air and he'd be unable to brace against anything. Cat then followed that up by attacking Lem's enormous rod, long and hard, by grabbing it in first one fist and then the other to jerk if off while he also alternated and took as much as he could of it into his mouth to suck it as hard as he could too.


For a couple of minutes they struggled with each other, Axe and Cat holding Lem down and trying to force him to shoot his load, and Lem trying to get free and get back at Cat and Axe some way himself.


Poor Lem. Powerful and strong as he was, Axe and Cat double-teaming him was too much. He fought back as hard as he could, but then he couldn't hold back all of his hot, white and creamy male juice any longer.


In the next instant, Lem felt all of it race through his big and powerful body, drive down through his big rod, and burst out into Cat's waiting mouth, with the overflow running out and down over Cat's hand to the soft moss below them.


On and on it pulsed and flowed until finally there was nothing left and Lem found himself all limp and exhausted.


But it wasn't quite over yet. Cat had kept one eye on Axe and saw that Axe had himself gotten completely aroused with his cock being stabbed deep into Lem's mouth where Lem had been having a real good taste of it while his tongue enjoyed playing around with it, too.


No sooner had Lem gone limp, and Axe began to move off him, than Cat figured he'd take care of Axe, too, leaving him the ultimate winner if there was to be such a thing.


In a quick lunge, the lithe and muscular Cat sprang over the downed Lem and jumped on top of the unprepared Axe to get him in a real solid reverse body press. In the sudden and unexpected move, as Axe had just gotten free of Lem, who was on the grass next to him, Cat caught Axe's head between his own muscular thighs and stabbed his own long and hard rod, also just about ready to come, deep down into Axe's mouth and throat.


What Axe had been doing to Lem, Cat was now doing to Axe. Desperately Axe tried to bridge out and escape, or roll both of them over, but Cat was too much for him. And, to make it worse, as Axe tried to bridge out, Cat first grabbed Axe's hard cock in his fist to force it down to the ground between his legs, and then changed over to suck it deep into his mouth to force Axe to shoot his load, whether Axe wanted to or not.


Axe couldn't help himself. He'd already gotten so aroused with his big rod stabbed deep down into Lem's mouth, with Lem then playing with it with his tongue, that now he realized Cat was going to finish the job for him.


Cat had sort of forgotten about his own situation, however, with his own cock stabbed deep down into Axe's mouth, when he suddenly realized he was about to come, too.


And then Lem, who had by now begun to recover, added to the threesome by dropping down on top of both Cat and Axe, getting a head scissors on Cat from behind his head, and a face press on Cat's naked butt to force Cat's head even harder and deeper on Axe's rod which was already jammed deep into Cat's mouth.


For a couple minutes all three struggled with their positions and situations, but all very much surely liking the whole thing, for sure.


Then the inevitable happened, as first Axe, and then only seconds later, Cat, shot their full loads of tangy hot white cum deep into the other's mouth. On and on all their full store of male juices pulsed and poured out until both of them, too, were completely drained and exhausted.


Lem rolled off them first, and then Cat followed, so that finally Axe was free too, with then all three sprawled out on the soft moss near the well pump behind the cabin, exhausted. It felt real good to all three of them.


Gradually, they began to recover, got to their feet, and all three slowly began to put their clothes back on.


After they'd recovered and gotten dressed again, Lem asked "You boys like something to eat and drink? I got me a lunch pail here with a half dozen sandwiches and some sweet tea. I was figuring on a couple of boys over in the next holler comin' over to help me clear some brush around the cabin here, but they said if it wuz going to be a nice day, which it is, they'd have to stay home to take care of their own chores, which I 'spect is what they done. So, as I got food for them and they ain't come, I'd be right pleased if you'd make yourself to home with it instead."


Cat looked at Axe, who returned the look to him.


"Sure," Cat replied, "We'd really be much obliged. Seems like we suddenly got sort of hungry and thirsty. Maybe we been workin' out!"


"Amen to that, brother," said Axe as all three reached into Lem's lunch pail for the sandwiches and big thermos of tea.


For a couple of minutes, neither Cat nor Axe, nor Lem either, said anything as they quietly ate their sandwiches and enjoyed the peaceful stillness of the woods. As they realized it would probably be more comfortable to sit on the edge of the porch of the cabin, they moved over there to where they could also get a nice view of the lake in front of them.


Then Lem said, "You boys said you were from Turpin's Corners and Gadwell, and your grandma lives in Mutton?"


"Yup," replied Axe, "Cat and me are cousins, and she's granny to both of us."


"You said your name was Timmons?" continued Lem, with a slight grin crossing his face.


"Sure is," replied Cat this time, "We got a whole lot of kinfolk up around Mutton, and I think they're all over."


"Her first name wouldn't be 'Sarah' now would it?" asked Lem, the grin on his face widening.


Cat and Axe looked at each other in surprise and wonder.


"Sure is," both said at the same time as they took another and closer look at Lem.


"Sarah's my aunt," replied Lem, the big grin now crossing his face completely.


"She's my Daddy's sister. There were five of them originally, and we've lost three, so now there's just Sarah and her brother Ebenezer lives over in Tennessee. None of us gets to see each other much, and now we see each other mostly only for reunions and funerals.


"It were Daddy and Aunt Sarah's grandpa who came to this region originally and bought up a lot of land both around here and up around Mutton. Then part of the family stayed and farmed up there, while another part settled down here.


"This place was the homestead of one of the original brothers and sisters. Then most of 'em died off, and as the place weren't much good for farmin' in the first place it got to be abandoned, except later on I come to pick it up at a tax sale when the last of 'em was gone.


"I got two boys, they'd be your cousins, but they've moved away and gone to live in Asheville, so I sort of got the place to myself. Natcherally, I wouldn't be doing anything illegal with it," Lem continued with a little grin on his face, "but a couple of my buddies seem to find it a real nice and secluded location for to mix up an occasional batch of country likker - strictly for home consumption, you understand!"


Neither Cat nor Axe knew what to say, but they were taking in every word Lem was saying, and the wide grins on their faces told what they were thinking.


Then Lem continued. "Soon's you said you had a granny up in Mutton, and soon's you said your last name was Timmons, I suspected and then knew who you were. In fact, both of you, I kin see, got real good builds, and are real good looking men too, which is a Timmons' trait right from the start.


"And then the Timmons boys always was real good wrestlers, so I can see that passed on to you, too!"


At almost the same instant, while Cat moved over and got Lem in a real easy and friendly headlock on one side, Axe got his arm over Lem's shoulder to grab his big chest in a big hug from the other side.


"Hey, Uncle Lem, "sure good to meet you!" was the response of both.


Lem reached his powerfully muscled arms to embrace both of them in a single massive hug for both of them.


For a long minute, none said any more. The warmth and tightness of their hug told their story.


For the next hour they talked easily, mostly Lem telling them the original story of the cabin and the property and their family history in the area which went back so many years. Cat and Axe listened raptly as they absorbed everything Lem had to tell them.


It was only when the sun was high overhead that Lem said he figured he'd have to head back to his place where he lived, about three miles away in one direction, while Cat and Axe knew they'd have to get back to Buck's cabin for the rest of their day there.


As Cat and Axe headed back down the path to their Ranger pickup in one direction, Lem headed back down another path in the other direction to his place.


The old cabin near the top of Doby's Knob, as it had for so many years in the past, quietly watched all three leave. But the cabin knew that they'd return soon again, and no doubt pick up and wrestle around again on the soft moss in the warm sunshine where they'd left off this time.


The End.

Posted: 04/20/12