Cat and Lark – Mud Wrestlers

By: Ron Nelson
(© 2016 by the author)

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Cat Carson was working in bay # 1 of Barton’s Truck and Auto Service, changing a radiator hose on a Dodge Ram, when he saw Dr. Justin MacGregor walk in and head toward Buck’s office.


“Buck’s not in today, Doc,” said Cat, “he’s gone down to Asheville to see about a new truck hoist. He’ll be in tomorrow, however. Anything I can help you with?”


As he said it, a smile crossed the faces of both men. Cat knew and liked Doc, who was the chief of the Traumatic Injuries section at the Asheville VA hospital. Dr. MacGregor knew Cat, and also knew of his reputation as Buck’s closest friend and buddy, as well as some of the adventures Cat always seemed to be getting into.


“As a matter of fact, Cat, I’m thinking maybe you’re the man I’d want to see anyway,” said the good doctor.


“”Whatever you want, Doc, I’m your man!” was Cat’s easy rejoinder.


“You and Buck did such a great job bringing our man Scott around that we were able to discharge him last week. Now he’s returned to his home in Cookeville, Tennessee, where he’s got a great job lined up as a dispatcher at a major truck terminal there, so I expect he’ll do real well from now on.


“That sure is great to hear, Doc, and I know Buck and I were surely glad to meet him and work with him,” said Cat in reply. 


“Now we’ve got another man, similar to Scott, who needs to get out in regular civilian life more and, like Scott, needs to get into some hard physical work to send the demons bothering him packing too.


“All of our returning vets are great men, but their experiences over in ‘stan have worn them down, and now one of the things they need is to just work it out hard, as well as work on our different rehab programs, and then I’m sure they’ll be good as new in almost no time at all.


“And you and Buck have been great, particularly taking the men out to your cabin and then, I know, what you get into out there.”


Cat knew what the Doc was referring to. One of the things Buck and Cat and Scott had gotten into was their rebuilding of the Appalachian Trail, which ran through Buck’s property. That was a lot of hard work, but they did a really great job, which the hikers on the Trail always appreciated.


The Doc also knew of the wrestling which Cat, in particular, got into with Scott, when they fought each other far into the night, anything goes, oiled and naked, until they both reached the point of exhaustion. And then only to get into it again the following night for more of the same until, once again, that ended in exhaustion too. 


The Doc knew Cat needed to work off some of the demons which hung around inside his head too, ever since, and before, he spent two years in the Creston County prison, and before Buck came along and got Cat to work for him.


The good doctor, eyeing the powerfully lean and muscular Cat, with his easy going manner and smile, was a handful for anybody who got on the mat, or in the mud, with him, and his new man, ‘Lark’ Larkin, was similarly powerfully built and muscular. Lark was maybe a couple of inches shorter than Cat, but was probably the same weight, with his thick pecs and big biceps, tight abs and thick and solid thighs.  


Lark, the doc knew, worked out on the weights every day in the VA hospital gym. It was part of his rehab therapy, but he did it more because he liked to work out and build up anyway. The Doc also knew that Lark had been a runner-up state free style wrestling champion in his senior year in college, and still liked very much to wrestle around on the VA center mats in the hospital gym with anybody he could find to work out with. 


Sometimes those matches were during the day during regular hours, but, as the gym was open at all times, the doctor knew that some of the wrestling Lark and whoever he might be wrestling took place and lasted well into the night. So long as there were no injuries or complaints, the doctor had no problem with whatever the men wanted to do in their wrestling around with each other.


The doctor had no doubt that Cat and Lark would be a real good fit together As usual, he was right.


“Sure thing, Doc,” said Cat. “Buck’s going to be heading down to Macon, Georgia, this weekend, but I’m going out to the cabin. Buck noticed an area in the woods behind the cabin that stays moist all the time, and in digging around, we find there’s a small underground spring back there.


“We figured we’d dig up around it and make sort of a pool where the deer and other wildlife could drink from without having to go down to the creek to get water.


“If Lark’s of a mind, he’d be a big help in getting that set up. Me and him would be staying in the bunkhouse and, who knows, maybe there’d be something else we could get into.” 


Cat knew that the Doc knew very well his liking to wrestle around, particularly in his “free style, anything goes” style, and knew that would be in his mind. Most likely Lark would be of the same mind or the Doc wouldn’t have suggested it.


Their conversation ended with Dr. MacGregor saying to Cat, “That will be great, Cat, and I’ll bring Lark here to the garage around eight so that you can both get started up at Buck’s cabin. Cat grinned his reply to the Doc and said “Tell Lark I’m looking forward to seeing him and having him up to the cabin as soon as he can get here!” 


Saturday morning the Doc brought Lark down to Barton’s Truck and Auto Shop. The intros were made easily all around, and Cat and Lark quickly knew, sizing each other up, they’d get along real good.


After the Doc left, Cat said, “Hey Lark, how ‘bout we head out in my executive limousine here and head out to the cabin?” As he said it, both got into Cat’s recently acquired ride, a shiny “wet look” flaming red ten-year-old customized Ford Ranger pickup, with its custom front end, low profile sport tires, flared rear fenders, sport muffler and a Bose sound system.


Cat sensed that Lark was just a little cautious and uncertain about what he was doing and getting into, but Cat’s easy going nature soon put him at ease.


“Nice set of wheels you got here, Cat, this your usual lifestyle?” said Lark with a grin starting to cross his face.


“Oh yeah, man, nothing but the best for us most responsible citizens!” was Cat’s equally grinning reply in return.


For the next hour, which was about as long as it took to get to Buck’s cabin, they rode along quietly together. Lark was obviously checking out the scenery and surroundings closely, a result of his recent experiences in ‘stan, but began to relax as they approached the peaceful surroundings of the cabin.


On the way, Cat said casually, “you look like you’ve got a real good build, Lark, you work out pretty regularly?”


“Most every day. I got a real good start back in ‘stan where we were encouraged to work out to keep in shape for whatever came up, and a couple of the other guys and myself used to go to a small gym, not much more than a mud hut, where we could wrestle around as much and as long and any way we liked. That was always a good way to work out some of the tension we were always building up.


“You look like you work out too, you get into the weights and wrestling around too?” asked Lark, looking partly ahead and also checking Cat’s reaction out of the corner of his eye.


“Oh yeah, man, like you said, I like to mess around, not too serious, but for as long as I can and for however it comes out. I don’t mind getting worked over by the other guy either, so long as nobody gets hurt. I know I wouldn’t mind getting into it with you, for sure!”


“Sounds real good to me, Cat, you think we might be able to get into it out at Buck’s cabin?


“Oh yeah, I think we sure could do something like that!” was Cat’s easy reply. 


For the moment, they let it go at that as Cat drove the Ranger up Buck’s dirt driveway, past the bunkhouse, to the cabin.


“This sure is nice, Cat. Looks beautiful, and real secluded too. I’m looking forward to meeting Buck some time if possible. He must be a great guy.”


“He is, Lark, and I’m real lucky to know him. He bailed me out when I really needed help, and he’s my best buddy. I know you and Buck would really like to know each other too!” 


It was now close to noon and the day had gotten hot.


As they got to the cabin and Cat cut the engine, he said “How ‘bout if we have some lunch first, and then see about this job we’ve got in mind to do? It’ll be sort of a dirty and muddy job, I’m thinking, but no big deal, and we’ll just have to see how it goes.”


“Sounds good to me, Cat. I’m ready for anything you have in mind, and don’t mind getting into a little dirt and mud either. Particularly if it’s with you!” was Lark’s easy reply, casting a sly glance over at Cat and seeing the grin crossing Cat’s face as he said it. He wondered if maybe they were thinking the same thing?


After they finished and cleaned up from their lunch, being a couple of big BBQ and slaw sandwiches and Buds, they walked back a couple of hundred feet behind the cabin to a damp spot in the woods behind the cabin. With them, they carried a couple of long handled shovels, cross saws, a hatchet and a couple of rakes to cut away the brush surrounding the damp spot to leave a clearing about eight feet in diameter.


They figured on digging it out to a depth of one or two feet, sloping it into the center where they could see the tiny spring which would collect the water in a small pool sufficiently big for the wildlife to drink from. In time, the grass and brush would grow back along the sides of the pool so the animals could approach it, and maybe lie in it, in safety. 


A couple of minutes later, both Cat and Lark had stripped down to just their tight gym shorts and work boots to get to work. As they stripped, they couldn’t help but notice the other’s powerfully muscular build. Cat, slightly taller, had more of a lean and lithe muscular build, and Lark, shorter but stockier, had a thick body


builder’s physique with his bulging biceps, big pecs, tight abs and thickly muscled thighs.


“Man,” thought Cat, “I sure wouldn’t mind getting my head trapped between those big legs and thighs of his, or have those pecs stuffed down into my mouth, or those biceps wrapped around my head in a tight headlock - and just all of him on top of me crushing the bejesus out of me!” With those thoughts, Cat felt his big cock grow long and hard, and his balls thicken and begin to bulge out against his tight shorts.


At the same time, Lark was thinking, “Oh yeah, I’d sure like to get the feel of those long and muscular legs of Cat’s get me in some real good body scissors from the side and rear. He’d probably like to stretch those legs and feet into my crotch to crush my cock and balls, and those powerful arms wrap around my head in a headlock, or around my chest, if he got me in a leg scissors from the rear, and squeeze the bejesus out of my pecs. Yeah, I’d sure like that!”


For the first twenty minutes, stripped down to almost naked, their powerfully built and muscular bodies began to get wet and glisten with the sweat they were beginning to work up. They didn’t need to work very fast, and paced their efforts so that while they made good progress they saved most of their energy for the rest of the job. And then have some left over after that as well.


In another twenty minutes, with the outline of the pool completed, they began to dig away the first few inches of topsoil, sod and growth to get at the dirt underneath. Although the area was fairly thickly snaked through with roots, there were no rocks.


“Most likely,” thought Cat, and Lark agreed, “this area had at one time, many years ago when the whole place was a farm, this had been a vegetable garden, with the small spring keeping it moist, and with the original rocks removed to keep the soil fresh for the vegetables.” 


The roots existing now, however, were something of a problem. As Lark took the rake to begin to level out what they had cleared so far, Cat took the hatchet to start cutting away some of the larger roots to clear the area further.


The hatchet took care of some of the thicker roots, but it seemed like it might be quicker and easier just to pull at some of the smaller roots by hand to pull them away.


But while some roots came free, some didn’t, and despite Cat’s strong efforts, some of them just wouldn’t come loose. Seeing the problem, Lark came over and said, “How ’bout you pulling at the root, and, as there isn’t room for both of us in the pit, and I get behind you and pull on you for the both of us to work at it?”


Cat didn’t notice the small grin that crossed Lark’s face as he said it, nor did Lark notice the same small grin which crossed Cat’s face at the same time.


“Yeah,” said Cat, “you can pull on me all you like, for sure!”


Meanwhile, as they worked, the tiny spring slowly flowed into the shallow clearing they had made in the dirt, with the dirt then turning into thin and slippery mud beneath their feet.


Lark came around and got a tight full body hold on Cat from behind, locking their two sweating and nearly naked bodies together in one powerfully muscular mass. Lark could feel his big cock, now grown long hard with the feel of getting his tight bear hug on Cat, press against Cat’s tight and muscular butt as if it wanted to penetrate it. At the same time, Lark brought his powerfully muscular arms around Cat’s chest to grab Cat’s muscled pecs, one in each fist, to tighten his hold on Cat so that the two of them could work as one to pull the resisting roots out of the ground. 


Cat had no problem at all with Lark’s tight hold on him and squeezing his pecs, nor the feel of Lark’s big cock trying to penetrate his butt. While he hoped their combined effort would eventually force the big root to give ‘way, he hoped it wouldn’t be any time soon while Lark kept his tight hold on him.


Suddenly, almost without warning, the big root split and broke off, and, before they knew it, Cat and Lark found themselves sprawled backwards into the mud, Lark on his back in the mud, and Cat lying on top of him.


“Mmmm, yeah,” both thought. “I like this!” 


Lark must have been thinking the same thing as he made no move to get out from under Cat. He knew he liked the feel of Cat’s naked and muscular body on top of him and Cat’s solidly muscled pecs in his fists. So he figured he’d take it to another step and brought his big and solidly muscled legs around Cat’s lower body to get him in a tight body scissors hold from the rear as well.  


As Lark crossed his booted feet over, and then into, Cat’s crotch, he jammed his heels into and against Cat’s now fully aroused cock and balls under Cat‘s brief


cut-offs while he felt Cat’s solid butt press down hard and almost crush his own equally fully aroused cock and balls.


Neither had any problem with any of it. They’d already mentioned, sort of on the side, that they both liked to wrestle round, anything goes. So now, getting into a messy mud wrestling match with the other, sure had an appeal to both.


The mud wasn’t very deep, maybe only an inch or two. Just about all of the water coming out of the small spring so far had collected on the top of the dirt, so, while it was real muddy on top, it was also real fluid. Which made for real good mud wrestling conditions. 


After getting used to their predicament, Lark keeping his tight hold on Cat’s pecs on top, he continued to jam his heels into Cat’s crotch to keep him in place while Cat began to figure out how to escape Lark’s hold on him and get back at him in return.  


Ignoring Lark’s crushing full bear hugging hold on him, and squeezing his pecs, which punishments he really liked the feel of, he slowly reached forward to unlock Lark’s crossed ankle hold jamming into his cock and balls, even though he liked the feel of that too. Lark kept his hold real tight, but, with the slipperiness of the mud which was now covering more and more of their bodies as they struggled back and forth, Cat slowly succeeded in freeing his lower body of Lark‘s tight body scissors on him.


Then, in the next moment, he was able to begin to twist around inside Lark’s bear hug hold on him. At the same time, Lark’s hands were now getting all muddy so that he began to lose his crushing and squeezing hold on Cat’s pecs too. As a result, Cat was now able to turn completely around inside Lark’s body scissors on him until he was able to see Lark face-to-face. Wide grins covered the faces of both.


Which position now enabled Cat to reach down and seize both of Lark’s big body-builder’s pecs in his fists and, with his hands already muddy, he began to squeeze them as hard as he could. Lark’s grin signaled to Cat that the harder he squeezed them the more he liked it. 


As Cat was still on top of Lark, the mud which had already begun to cover his body began to drip down on top of Lark so that he was now almost completely mud covered, both front and rear.


Lark ignored that, however, and instead kept Cat in the tight body scissors he still had on Cat, now shifting it to Cat’s waist to keep him immobilized almost completely and keep him off him for a while too. 


Which meant Cat was sort of stuck in the air over Lark, caught as he still was in Lark’s tight body scissors on him even though he was able to reach down and continue to squeeze Lark’s big pecs in his fists.


It was a precarious situation for Cat, however, as he knew very well. And Lark knew it too.


After holding Cat above him for a little while, squeezing him just tightly enough to keep him from escaping but not so tightly as to really hurt his ribs or stomach, Lark shifted to the side, getting Cat off balance. And then suddenly Lark rolled both of them over until their positions were reversed. 


Now Cat found himself underneath Lark, his back in the slippery wet mud, with the powerful Lark on top of him. And now all the mud which had already covered Lark, both front and back, began to drip and slide down on top of Cat until soon Cat too was covered with mud, front and back.


Neither had any problem with that, however, as it was soon apparent that apparently it was obvious that mud wrestling wasn’t exactly new to either one of them. And, in the slipperiness of the mud, while it made it more difficult for both of them to get hold of, and hold on, to the other, it made it just that much easier for them to escape the other and try for something else.


Plus enjoying the sensual pleasure of wrestling around in the wet mud, too, of course. For a moment, they paused in place while they pulled off their work boots, and then each tore off the other’s brief trunks so that from now on they could wrestle around in the mud completely naked.


Yeah, that’s what they liked and wanted most, and now they could get into it all the way for as long as they liked and for however it might eventually come out! 


Cat and Lark returned to their previous position, which was Lark loosely body-pressing Cat underneath him in the mud. But before Lark could come down too solidly on top of him, Cat was able to stretch out his powerful legs and wrap them around Lark’s mid-section to hold him off from coming any farther down on top of him.


That was alright with Lark, as it let him stretch out both of his powerful arms and hands to again seize both of Cat’s solid pecs in his fists and begin to squeeze them, just like Cat had been doing to him moments before.


For a moment or two, they enjoyed the pressure they were giving each other, and taking from the other the pressure they were feeling on themselves.


Slowly, however, Lark was managing to slip down out of Cat’s tight body scissors on him, and get his arms free, until only his head was still caught in Cat’s tight scissors hold.


That suited Cat just fine because then he was then able to reach out to grab the back of Lark’s head and pull it in toward his crotch until he was able to bring Lark’s face hard into and against his now naked, muddy and very much aroused cock and balls.


For a moment Lark felt like he was going to suffocate in Cat’s head-scissors hold on him. But then he managed to turn his head just enough to get some air while he tightened his grip on Cat’s mud-covered pecs even more. And then, with his head turned a little to the side, he was able to suck first one, and then both, of Cat’s thick and bulging mud-covered globes in his mouth.


With that, Cat quickly realized that Lark had suddenly turned the tables on him, and now he struggled to pull his balls free and out of Lark’s mouth. Which he did just as soon as Lark, who was in no hurry, finally opened his mouth and let them go.


Which then also freed Lark’s whole head from being caught in Cat’s tight head scissors on him, and which then let him get to his feet in the slippery mud. As he began to get up, he at the same time grabbed one of Cat’s feet to pull his leg high up into the air. Which had the effect of pressing Cat’s back even more down into the mud. Which Lark then completed his move by jamming his naked and muddy foot firmly into Cat’s exposed and muddy crotch and crushing his big cock and balls as he do so.


Lark grinned down at Cat, who couldn’t help but grin back at him, caught as he was in Lark’s punishing move on him.


Cat tried desperately to squirm out of his predicament, but without success until he was able to grab one of Lark’s ankles, which was right next to his head, and then pulling on it suddenly. In the slipperiness of the mud, Lark couldn’t help but lose his hold on Cat’s ankle and then fall down heavily into the mud next to Cat, with both of them separating for just the next moment.


Both were quick to recover, however, with Lark going to his hands and knees to prepare for whatever he might get to do next to Cat, and also defend himself from whatever Cat had in mind for him in return.


Both wrestlers were now also completely covered in the wet and oozing mud, and very much liking their circumstances. Both also found themselves, and the other, already very much sexually aroused as they wrestled each other, stark naked, in the warm wet mud. 


Seeing Lark go to his hands and knees right next to him, Cat quickly moved to mount him from the side, dropping his chest on top of Lark’s broad and muscled back and shoving one arm and hand out over Lark’s solidly muscled butt to reach under and grab his big, long and hard rod, hanging down like a stallion in heat, underneath him, in his fist.. And then from there to begin to pull it backwards and up between Lark’s powerfully thick thighs to punish him at one end. And then Cat used his other arm and hand to wrap under Lark’s far arm to once again grab hold of his big pec to control him at the other end. 


For the next couple of minutes, the two powerfully muscled, naked, mud-covered wrestlers struggled back and forth, Lark to escape and Cat to keep him in place. 


A couple of chipmunks sitting nearby in the woods watched the two hunky, naked and mud-covered wrestlers fight each other in the shallow and watery pit, but, as they couldn’t quite figure out what was going on, they soon went on about their own affairs. 


Eventually, as Lark had the advantage of slightly better leverage, being underneath Cat as they wrestled in the mud, he managed to shift around, despite Cat’s almost ripping his big rod right off his body, until he was able to face in toward Cat. Then from there he managed to ram his head hard between and into Cat’s big legs, and then raise himself up so that Cat was lifted high into the air before Lark dumped him down over his powerfully muscled back into the mud beneath them.


For a moment, until Cat recovered from the dump, Lark held off attacking him and didn’t follow up until Cat was able to get his bearings back.


But then he came back, seeing that Cat was on his back, and landed on top of him, head-to-toe, to get Cat in a full body press.


Cat had no problem with that. He always liked have the other man get a full body press on top of him, and if the man was also naked and muscular, that was even better. And when he was also covered with oil or mud, that was even better yet. 


Still, he tried to escape the predicament he saw he was fast getting into, particularly when he felt Lark’s massively thick and muscular legs and thighs


come down over his head and face to get him in a totally blinding and suffocating, and now mud covered as well, full figure-four head scissors.


‘Oh man,’ thought Cat, ‘things don’t get better than this, even though I’m thinking he’s about to crush me and kill me with what he’s doing to me!’


For a second or two, Lark realized that with his powerful thighs which were wrapped tightly around Cat’s head so that he couldn’t escape, the mud might be interfering just a little with Cat’s breathing, so he loosened his hold on Cat just a little. But when he saw Cat was doing ok, and in fact very much liking the predicament he was in, Lark didn’t let him go any looser.


Instead, in addition to his solid body press and head scissors on Cat that meant Cat’s own big, long and hard hammer handle-like cock, now fully aroused with all their sexually aroused wrestling with each other in the mud, was sticking up right in front of his face. Too good a target not to begin some torture there too. And maybe return just a little for the earlier tough hold Cat had on his own big rod when he was trying to pull it backwards through his legs, almost breaking it off in the process.


Now it was Cat’s turn to suffer as he felt Lark’s fist wrap tightly around his long, stiff and muddy rod and try to push it down between his own legs.


‘Oh man,’ thought Cat as he felt his big rod being forced down between his legs into the mud, ‘Lark here is going to break it right off me, for sure!’ Cat also hoped, of course, that Lark wouldn’t let up with his punishment on him any time soon either


In fact, both Cat and Lark liked nothing better than to get into a read good and tough cockfight with another guy. So this pressure and punishment was nothing new to either one of them, nor which they didn’t like, for sure.


While Cat was taking and trying to squirm out of Lark’s punishment on him, he at the same time managed to reach out one of his long muscled arms underneath Lark to once again seize Lark’s big rod, still just as long and hard and highly aroused, in return. So, for a few long, moments, as they lay tightly locked together in the ever-deepening mud, both tried to squeeze and crush the other man’s big sex handle in his fist to see which one would be forced to give in to their cockfight first.


Instead, the wet and slippery mud won when both lost their holds on the other’s rod at the same time. Once again they fell apart in their muddy struggle with each other. 


Nobody was there to watch the action as the two young, good looking and muscled hunks wrestled each other in the mud pit behind Buck‘s cabin. A couple of raccoons, however, making a rare daytime appearance to see what the action was and if they could scavenge anything from it, watched for a minute or two and then went on their way, just as the two chipmunks had earlier.


The two wrestlers, however, now completely covered with wet mud, continued their match in the pit, oblivious of either the chipmunks or the raccoons who had been watching them briefly, as the little spring continued to fill the increasingly wet and muddy depression in which Cat and Lark were messing around with each other. 


After Lark had held Cat in his tight figure-four head scissors, covering Cat’s face and mouth even more with his mud covered by cock and thick balls to choke him on it, Cat managed to squirm his head around just a little, just sufficiently to get his hand up between his face and Lark’s big rod, pressed down against it, to seize it and use it to lift Lark’s male equipment off his face.


Then, when Lark felt himself losing that hold on Cat in the slipperiness of the mud, Cat was suddenly able, with his leverage of being underneath Lark in the mud, to flip both of his big legs up and seize Lark’s head in a tight head scissors of his own.


And then, still with his bottom leverage and Lark now looser on top of him, Cat managed to flip and roll both of them over until their situation was entirely reversed. Now it was Lark who was on the bottom, with his back pressed down hard into the mud, while he suddenly felt his whole head caught tightly between Cat’s powerfully strong legs and his big, long and hard rod and thick balls, now heavily aroused and covered with mud, pressing down hard into his face blinding and almost smothering him.


Lark liked that and made no great effort to escape his new predicament, although he wasn’t about to let Cat know it. Nevertheless, he still tried to squirm himself out of it with all the muddy slipperiness of both of their bodies.


He wasn’t surprised when Cat then followed up, just as he had done on him earlier, when he felt Cat’s powerful and hard fist grab on to his now even more aroused and hard rod and begin to crush it even tighter in his fist while once again trying to break it off by pushing it down between his massively big thighs. 


Both Cat and Lark knew that with all of their mud wrestling and cockfighting, they were getting more and more aroused all the time. Which made them soon wonder how much longer they could go without eventually being forced to shoot their now full loads of hot cum, whether they wanted to or not.


And between all their cockfighting with each other, there were also getting more and more aroused with all the leg and body scissor holds they got on each other from one time to the next, their single and double headlocks, bear hugs and lip locks as the two grapplers fought back and forth in the wet and slippery mud of their spring-fed wrestling pit behind Buck’s cabin. 


Now, once again, under Cat and blinded and suffocating under Cat’s tight and muddy head scissors on him, Lark blindly reached out and felt that they were


positioned right at the edge of the shallow muddy depression they were wrestling in. 


That gave him an idea. While trying to fool Cat into thinking he was about to try to roll both of them over back toward the middle of the depression, with his massively muscular body-builder’s strength, he suddenly lifted Cat slightly off him. Then, in the next move, he rolled both of them up and over the edge of the wrestling pit into the soft wet grass next to the depression.


Cat was surprised at first and wasn’t able to resist Lark’s rollover of them. But then he almost instantly did realize what Lark had done, and recovered sufficiently fast that as they rolled over, he managed to stay on top of Lark in their same hold as before. But now they were on the grass instead.


Lark apparently had no problem at all with still being underneath the wet and naked Cat. He liked the feel of the muscular Cat on top of him just as much as Cat liked the feel of the even more muscular Lark on top of him.


For another couple of minutes they struggled, losing some but not all of the mud which had totally covered them so completely before. Which Cat quickly realized, as he was on top of Lark and still holding Lark in his tight head scissors on him, and which Lark quickly realized too, that Cat was now also free to stab his big, long and hard cock, now with most of the mud off it, deep down into Lark’s mouth and throat without giving him too full a mouth of mud along with it.


So that’s what Cat did. Lark quickly felt his mouth and throat suddenly filled with Cat’s big man-handle stabbed deep down into his throat and Cat’s big, thick and hard ball globes pressed and slammed down hard against his face and eyes.


Lark had no problem with that. In his new predicament, however and instead, with his powerfully big and solid body, he suddenly flipped up his massive legs to get Cat in another solid and tight head scissors of his own.


Then, in the next instant he not only rolled both of them over in the damp grass until he was now back on top, but then also quickly followed that up by stabbing his own massively long, thick, hard and now totally aroused big cock deep down into Cat’s waiting mouth and throat. Now they were both being forced to totally eat each other’s big load of meat, almost choking them on it as well. 


Both also knew that their last move, in their now totally aroused condition, gave their big man juices all the final stimulation they needed to shoot their huge loads of creamy white cum juice into the waiting mouth of the other, whether they wanted to let it all go or not.


Suddenly, at the same time, both of them felt all their hot white cum, which had been accumulating all the time in their muddy wrestling match, race toward their now rock-hard cock ends. And then explode out of their big, red heart-shaped cock-heads deep into the other’s mouth and down his throat. While, at they same time, they felt and tasted all of the other’s rich hot white cum juice explode out of the other’s cock-end and pour deep down into his own mouth and throat.


On and on their rich flows of hot cum pulsed out into each other’s waiting mouth and throat until finally both of their flows slowly ebbed and then stopped.


Which left both mud wrestlers totally exhausted as well. 


For the next few minutes both Lark and Cat lay, still loosely locked together, almost motionless. Then, gradually, first one and then the other began to recover. They then looked at each other while their hunky bodies were still covered in the mud in which they‘d been wrestling for almost an hour. Slow grins soon began to cover their faces. 


That night, after they had showered and washed all the mud off them, they had a leisurely steak, greens and Bud supper on the porch of the cabin. As they watched the sun set, a couple of deer crossed the lower meadow and they could hear the two raccoons, who had watched them wrestle in the mud earlier, move about in the brush near the cabin.


As they sat in the porch rocking chairs after it got dark, Cat turned to Lark and said, “You ready for some more, man, down on the mats in the bunkhouse? I think maybe we’ve even got some oil down there if you’d like!”


“ I‘m ready any time you are, man” replied Lark, as they easily got up and headed down the now darkened path to the bunkhouse where they were both ready to get into it all over again. 


The End.


Posted: 07/22/16