Caribbean Cruise
on the Tropical Seas

By: Ron Nelson
(© 2015 by the author)

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Part 1

Jere Jerrigan stood on the Sport Deck of the gleaming white Caribbean cruise liner Tropical Seas, of the PanCaribbean Cruise Line, taking in the sunshine of the quiet afternoon on the ship. This was his third Caribbean cruise, and he pretty much knew the routine now.


It was a nine-day cruise out of Fort Lauderdale, Florida, long enough to be really enjoyable, but not too long or expensive for his vacation time from back home where he was a graphics artist in his regular daytime job. Evenings and weekends he had a second job as a personal trainer at Zeke’s Gym, which gave him a chance to keep in the very good shape he was in. He liked to work out with some of the guys who came to the gym in particular.


On the cruise, Jere knew he wasn’t really all that interested in an island the ship stopped at if the main attraction was shopping in the local native town. Now on islands where the beaches and snorkeling in the crystal clear waters of some bay, where colorful reefs could be swam around, were the main features, that was different. Today, however, was a “shopping” day so he figured stay on board.


Most of the passengers, however, understandably liked to get off the ship and taste the islands’ delights. Not caring too much about that, he found instead that when most of the passengers were off the ship, he had the whole ship almost entirely to himself. It was then like having his own private yacht in which he was free to do anything he liked. 


Jere had a small outside cabin on one of the lower decks which was just big enough for his tastes as he didn’t spend much time in it except for sleeping, anyway. But sleeping in it was always a pleasure because the stewards put the two twin beds together to make it one big bed. Really big, and maybe then it was good for all sorts of other things in addition to sleeping.


After a couple of days, he’d worked up sort of a routine for his days on board. After getting up and dressed, he generally went up to the top Sun Deck of the ship to see what the weather was looking like for that day. It was almost always the same. Sunny and going to be hot, with maybe an afternoon shower, followed by a warm evening.


Eating well on a cruise ship is one of its big attractions. Jere, keeping in good shape, watched what he ate most of the time. But on a cruise ship, he could let go just a little.


After checking the day’s weather, he went down a couple of decks to a vast open buffet breakfast on the Lido Deck, where he could indulge in all his favorite breakfast specialties. Some delicious chilled fresh tropical fruits, maybe some Belgian waffles, some fancily prepared eggs, and all sorts of other good things to eat and which were the opposite of the simple cereal and toast he always had at home. Heck, that was one of the attractions of taking a cruise!


For lunch, another wide variety of offerings, except now the Lido Deck buffet held all sorts of delicious luncheon offerings like cold cuts, salads, and a whole host of Italian, Greek and Chinese dishes, meats, pastas and salads to tempt and satisfy every conceivable pallet.


Evenings, after getting cleaned up again after being out and around in the sun all day, he liked to have his meal down below in the really elegant main Nautilus Dining Room in the aft section of the ship, with its fine white table cloths, china, silver and crystal goblets, and a fine dinner menu served by the highly competent, and very easy to look at too, Filipino waiters. And then, after a really fine gourmet dinner, there was always a special dessert, liked Baked Alaska, to top it all off. Again, as he said to himself, “heck, a guy’s got to eat, doesn’t he, and that’s another reason to take a cruise.”


After dinner there would then be some really great Las Vegas type show and entertainment in the beautiful Neptune Theatre on the same deck in the forward part of the ship. 


There was more to it than just fine dining and great shows on board a Caribbean cruise ship however.


Between the meals and entertainment, Jere liked to work out in the fully equipped Atlantis Fitness Center up on the Navigation Deck in the forward part of the ship. The ship’s really well equipped gym overlooked the bow of the ship so that a guy could watch the progress the ship was making as it cut through the deep blue Caribbean waters while he was working out on the machines. Then, after his workouts, he liked to either take a swim in one of the two colorfully tiled pools on board for a workout there also, or just relax and improve his already deep tan up on the Sport Deck.


One day, while working out, he saw a couple of particularly hunky guys, tanned, one in his younger 20’s and the other maybe in his 40’s. They looked like they were working out together, and although they didn’t say much to each other, Jere could see them eyeing each other pretty steadily.


‘Yeah,’ thought Jere, ‘maybe they’re together, and who knows what they might be doing in their cabin when they’re alone? Wouldn’t mind doing it with them either, for sure. I’ll have to get to know them better!’


With that and everything else on board, ‘Ummmm yes,’ Jere often thought, ‘this whole cruise thing is very nice indeed with all sorts of possibilities!’ 


At the moment, however, after checking out the activity on the dock far below, to which the ship was tied up today while stopping at Ocho Rios, Jamaica, and watching the passengers who were moving off and on board. At the same time he gazed at the rugged jungle-clad mountains which rose in a tropical haze inland. And then from there he turned his attention to the main pool on the Lido Deck, just below the Sport Deck on which he was presently standing.


As he casually looked down, he saw four hunky Filipino deck hands, dressed in their tight white pants and t-shirt uniform. Each one of them looked real good and toned. Two of them were pulling a work cart filled with strings of colored lights, sound equipment, and a couple of boxes of some party decorations.


Jere then recalled that tonight was to be a “Caribbean Fiesta” event with an island native steel drum band as well as the ship’s own dance band, plus an outdoor midnight buffet for the passengers. That was always a special treat on every cruise. It took a lot of work on the part of the crew to set it up every week or ten days and then have to take down again when the night was over.


Then Jere saw that the Filipino work crew was followed by one of the ship’s maintenance staff and the deck crew chief.


Jere, who, as a personal trainer, always had an eye out for good looking and well built guys and consider what their workout routines might be. And for other reasons too. Looking at this crew chief, his interest was quickly aroused, and some other parts of him down there between his legs too.


As part of his job as a personal trainer, with his muscular build and other interests, every once in a while one or another of his clients wanted to wrestle around with him to test their strength against his own, and maybe wrestle around with him for some other reasons too.


Jere always liked to wrestle around with other guys. It was not only for the workout, but for the sensual pleasure he got from it. Sometimes he and the other guy would get all locked up with each other and get themselves totally aroused. And then sometimes end up going “all the way” if they were in the privacy of his or the other man’s apartment or, sometimes, in the gym after it was closed up for the night

and they had the place to themselves. He never had any problem with that scenario if that was the other guy’s interests too. 


Now, here on the Sport Deck of the Tropical Seas, he was wearing only his yellow and white sleeveless muscle shirt which said “Zeke’s Gym” on it, and a tight pair of boxer shorts for working out in the gym and taking a swim and then getting some sun afterwards as well.


As he looked at the deck crew chief, he hoped the bulge which was developing in his shorts didn’t bulge too far, and his big and still thickening boner, as the shorts didn’t have any lining to them, wouldn’t show out from under the shorts.


Fortunately, there were no other passengers around as he felt himself getting more and more aroused. ‘Man,’ he thought to himself, ‘I sure wouldn’t mind wrestling around with that guy sometime!’ 


The crew chief was a good looking guy, maybe about six feet tall, on the lean and muscular side, and maybe about the same weight as Jere, who was five-nine. He was really good looking in a Nordic sort of way, and his dark blond hair was trimmed in a real good-looking crew cut that glistened in the sun.


Most cruise ships had mainly Filipino or other Asian or other nationalities to take care of the deck and dining room service work, while they had European or other nationalities for the officers and chiefs of the various departments of the ships.


Generally, the Asian employees worked only a few years until they could save enough money to go home and set up a small business of their own, while many of the European officers and chiefs made the sea their life’s work.


This crew chief looked like he’d probably already been on a cruise ship for maybe a couple of years, and would eventually advance to one of the senior levels of the ship’s officer complement. His lean and muscular look suggested he must also work out regularly in the ship’s crew’s gym. And who knew what else he might be interested in?  


As Jere watched them, the Filipino men unloaded the cart and started to lay out the strings of lights across the Lido Deck before hanging them up. Most likely that would be from the Sport Deck railing where he was standing.


The good looking deck chief began by first helping the crew lay out the strings, and then he began to direct them as to which light lines went where. The crew seemed to know the routine well, which gave the chief a chance to stand back, look around, check their progress, and begin to think about what else they needed to do. In looking around, he glanced up to the Sports Deck and saw Jere.


As he and Jere checked each other out, grins covered their faces. They were about the only ones around, with no other passengers or crew members nearby apart from the Filipino crew.


Generally, crew members of all ranks were not permitted to talk or socialize with the passengers unless they were directly involved with the passengers’ activities.


However, Jere had noticed that when the ship was quiet, as it was now, and there were no senior officers around, the younger members of the crew frequently liked to talk with the passengers, just as a number of passengers were also always interested in what the crew members were doing.


Maybe talking with the passengers, for the members of the crew, was also partly to relieve the boredom of just talking to their fellow crew members all the time. Or maybe for the passengers similarly to talk with the crew members on what they were doing. Or maybe get acquainted for any number of other reasons too.


The Filipino crewmen had now split up into two two-man teams, with one member of each team coming up the ladder (stairs to landlubbers!), to the Sports Deck on which Jere was standing. The good looking crew chief was coming up right behind them.


Apparently they were going to string the lights, as he expected they would, from one side of the Lido Deck area to the other to create a canopy of brightly colored lights to add to the starlight which would shine down upon them tonight from the clear tropical night skies above.


In another moment, the crew chief was up on the Sport Deck. He then came over to near where Jere was standing to help the crewman fasten the lights to the rail. As they glanced at each other, an even easier grin now came to both of their faces. 


Jere walked over to where the crew chief was leaning over the rail directing the Filipinos on just where the light string should be fastened. As Jere walked up to him, he saw that the chief’s name badge said “Erik Eriksson.”


“Hey man,” said Jere, “looks like you’re stringing up a lot of real nice lights for the big Fiesta tonight!”


“Oh yes,” was Erik’s easy and Norwegian-accented reply, “every cruise we always have a big ‘Caribbean Fiesta’ night for the passengers. They always like it, and we always like to keep our passengers happy and give them whatever pleasures we can. And because sometimes we can go to the Fiesta as well!”


Looking at the hunky Erik, Jere knew what pleasures he’d like to have with him. And by Erik’s grinning reply, and noticing the bulge in the front of the tight white uniform pants he was wearing, he wondered if maybe Erik might not be thinking the same thing? 


On board a cruise ship Jere had already found it was possible to be more direct in talking with people who looked interesting as to what a guy might or might not like to do. For the ladies it was much the same thing. A cruise really didn’t allow very much time to spend getting acquainted, and after the cruise ended, everybody went their own separate ways anyway. So anything interesting that might come up sort of needed to be pursued pretty promptly.


“You look like you keep in really great shape, Erik, you work out on the ship?” asked Jere by way of starting up a conversation with him.


“Oh yes,” glancing first over at his Filipino men who were working steadily and focused at a job which they had already done many times before, and then turning back to Jere, “we have a very good gym for the crew members, although it’s always pretty crowded as so many crew members, and some of the women crew members too, like to use it to keep in shape.


“But you look really good too, so you must also work out. What do you do?” asked Erik by way of a reply and inquiry about Jere.


“By day, I’m a graphics artist with a small printing company up in Philadelphia, but three nights a week and weekends I work out at a nearby gym where I’m also a personal trainer. And sometimes if a guy likes, I like to wrestle around too.


“So that gives me a change and a workout from my daytime job, and I can keep in shape too. And, of course, there are all sorts of pleasures that come with that,” was Jere’s reply.”


“That must be interesting, working out that way with the clients of your gym. What is it you do with them in particular?” asked Erik.


“There are three of us personal trainers, and we mainly show our gym patrons how to work out with the different exercise machines in the gym, and the purpose of each. And then we also work out with them individually on the mats when they need to do some specific exercises too.


“And then sometimes one or two of our male patrons like to take it another step or two, and like to wrestle around by way of increasing their strength and flexibility. But I know that sometimes they also like to wrestle around because of the special pleasure they get from it. And which of course I like too,” continued Jere, watching Erik’s reaction to what he was saying.


The grin on Erik’s face answered the question Jere was wondering about.


“That sounds like a very good thing to happen, for sure,” was Erik’s easy reply.


To which he added, “I too like to wrestle around with another man for the good feeling one gets from that. And, who knows, if something more comes out of that, so much the better.


“Unfortunately, we don’t have the space or privacy in the crew’s quarters for such pleasures, although I wish we did.” 


Jere and Erik knew they were both thinking the same thing, and coming around to it in their conversation.


“Well,” said Jere, “I’m in stateroom #3012, Maybe if you were free some time, we could maybe wrestle around in my stateroom some and then see what happened!”


“That sounds like a very good idea to me,” was Erik’s grinning reply.


“Let me see,” he continued, “stateroom # 3012 would be on Deck 3, forward, port side, six cabins back from the bow. I know just where it is as there’s a crew stairwell almost opposite your stateroom.


“Generally, crew members are not permitted in passenger areas unless specifically authorized, although I am permitted to go anywhere when an electrician is needed somewhere to make a repair as I am officially a ship’s electrician. So I could get to your stateroom without any great difficulty.


“I will go off duty tonight at 10pm, when our night shift comes on and my counterpart electrician will be up on the Lido Deck to dismantle these Fiesta decorations and lighting.


“Would it be convenient to you if I came a few minutes after 10pm, when I have checked out from my duties and gotten cleaned up?” asked Erik.


“No problema there at all, Erik. Any time that’s good for you is good for me.


See you whenever you can get there!” said Jere. A grin covered both of their faces.


“But now I must return to my deck crew to be sure all is being properly set up for our big Fiesta tonight,” said Erik as he turned to re-join his work crew and see to the present job at hand.


With that, Erik turned back to his work crew to continue with setting up for tonight’s big “Caribbean Fiesta,” and Jere turned to take a few laps in the pool before taking a nap in one of the very comfortable deck chairs set out for that purpose.


Both men grinned to themselves as they anticipated what good things might happen to them later that night.




Part 2



A soft knock on his stateroom door shortly after 10pm brought a grin to Jere’s face. Apparently Erik had been able to get his work done for the day and was then able to be free to get to his stateroom for whatever might come next.


Jere had already had dinner a couple of hours earlier, showered, and now wore his red bikini and a light Hawaiian shirt buttoned with only one button. His deeply tanned skin showed his stocky muscular build, and the big bulge and long ridge line in his trunks showed what he was thinking and getting ready for.


As he opened the door, Erik came into the room. Erik had taken the precaution of wearing his work uniform in case he should meet someone who might wonder what he was doing in the passenger area, although this time it was a clean fresh one after what, during the day, would have darkened and sweat-stained the uniform he had worn earlier.


A grin covered his face as he looked at Jere’s tanned and muscular body and similar grin.


As both reached out to shake the other’s hand after Erik entered, Erik pushed the door closed with his foot and their solid handshake turned into a powerful embrace as both moved to bear-hug the other as tightly as he could.


As one, they moved into the room, still tightly locked together, and fell backwards on the big bed. Jere landed underneath the taller and leaner but strong Erik, and their faces and lips met and then their tongues quickly found themselves deep inside each other’s mouth.


‘Ummm yeah,’ both thought, ‘this is like it ought to be!’


For a couple of minutes they struggled, locked together, on the bed, their tongues already wrestling it out inside each other’s mouth. Jere was probably the stronger and better wrestler of the two as he was able to work out a lot more frequently, both in body building and wrestling. But Erik was a natural wrestler and so, with their size similarities, they were pretty evenly matched.


Jere always also liked to be pressured and tested whenever he wrestled another man, and having Erik on top of him now and holding him down felt real good.


He figured, too, that as Erik didn’t have that many opportunities on board ship to mess around either with his other crewmates or passengers, and Jere liked the feel of being beaten and being forced to submit, he’d aim to give Erik a hard time in their wrestling around. But, and if Erik liked, he figured he’d ultimately submit to whatever Erik might want or force him to do. But only if Erik forced him into it.


‘Ummmm yeah,’ Jere thought as Erik laid solidly on top of him, holding him down, ‘Ol’ Erik here can do whatever he likes with me, and I know I’m going to like it!’ Still, Jere wasn’t about to let him come to that point any sooner than he could help it.


In another moment, Erik had stripped Jere’s shirt of him, and Jere, in return, quickly stripped Erik’s uniform off him. That was also partly so it wouldn’t get messed up when ultimately he’d have to leave and go back to his own quarters.


Soon Erik was down to only his tight and brief blue trunks. Then both of them stripped down even more to their now hard and bulging jock straps for at least the early part of their messing around with each other.


Standing next to the bed right after they stripped down to their jock straps, Erik quickly got a tight headlock on Jere and they toppled down on top of the bed again.


But this time Jere landed on top of Erik, who had no problem at all with Jere being on top of him and looking forward to taking whatever punishment Jere wanted to mete out to him on his own part.


The stocky Jere had thick and muscular pecs which he liked to use to punish the other man, and get punished on in return. Edging up on Erik’s muscled body underneath him, he moved to wrap one muscular arm with its big bicep around Erik’s head, even though Erik still had his own headlock on Jere’s head, and brought his pec up to cover Erik’s face. Then he stuffed his thick pec deep into Erik’s mouth to force Erik to suck his nipple, which was now stuffed fully into Erik’s mouth.


Hardly able to breath, Erik was forced to suck it, just as Jere wanted. But he didn’t mind that at all as he wrapped his tongue around Jere’s hard tit, which felt real good to Jere too as he felt Erik’s tongue begin to play around it.


At the same time Jere got his headlock on Erik, he also positioned one of this thick and muscular thighs between Erik’s legs and followed that up by pressing it down hard against Erik’s now hard and bulging crotch and jock strap. Erik felt his engorged cock and balls almost being crushed under the pressure and weight of Jere’s thick leg. He hoped that would go on forever.


At the same time, however, he also knew he wanted to get back at Jere, and sensed that was what Jere wanted him to do. As a result, after sucking Jere’s solid pec for a couple of minutes, (and having no problem with that at all), he reached up one of his own muscled arms and shoved one of his big calloused hands flat against Jere’s face to push him off him.


At first, Jere took the pressure on his face, but then, after Erik also stuck two of his fingers into Jere’s mouth to add to the pressure, Erik eventually succeeded in his move. Slowly Jere moved his head back, and then back some more, until Erik was able to get Jere’s choking man-boob out of his mouth and was able to breath more freely again.


And then, with that, Erik found, with his longer and powerfully muscular legs and thighs now a little more free of Jere’s full weight on them, he was able to bring both of his legs up and get Jere in a tight body scissors around his waist on top of him. Next thing Jere knew was that Erik was holding him suspended directly overhead, caught in Erik’s tight body scissors on him around his waist, with Jere’s arms and legs both dangling free in the air.


Jere soon found himself almost being almost crushed with Erik’s powerful legs squeezing him and holding him off on top of him, and being unable to get any leverage to ease up or escape his predicament. But it was a predicament he liked to get caught in, and now Erik had him at his mercy.


Nevertheless, even though he was caught in Erik’s tight body scissors around him, Jere eventually found he could still just reach down to touch Erik’s head and face. And so, with one open hand, he pushed it flat against Erik’s face to disorient him. And then, reaching down with his other hand, he began to wrap it, but not too tightly, around and against Erik’s throat to disorient him even more.


Neither of which disoriented Erik at all. It was only when he got tired of holding Jere overhead, with his tight body scissors on him, that Erik began to loosen his hold on him and let Jere get free to slide out.


But then, as they twisted and shifted back and forth to try and find some new advantageous position, they found themselves at the edge of the bed, And then from there both fell off the bed and against the bulkhead to break their holds on each other entirely. Neither minded that diversion, and scrambled to get back on the bed to see what they could do with the other next.


Erik recovered first, and as Jere climbed back onto the bed, Erik was soon on top of him again.


By now Erik realized that Jere was a powerfully muscular and obviously good wrestler, but, at the same time, he apparently liked to take punishment too. And Erik was more than willing to accommodate him on that.


As soon as Erik got on top of Jere again, he managed to get a really good and tight body press on him, face to face, and then proceeded to jam his knee hard into Jere’s crotch as well. He’d already noticed the hard and engorged bulge of Jere’s jock strap, and knew that Jere had already become highly aroused with their wrestling around, as he knew he had too. That opened more possibilities for both to further punish each other. Both were ready for that too.


In one almost simultaneous move, both thinking the same thing, both reached down to rip off the other’s jock strap so that from now on they would wrestle naked, with every part of their body now exposed to the other’s punishment while being exposed to the punishment of the other in return.


‘Yeah,’ both thought, ‘this is even better! Anything goes now!’ 


Erik had already tasted Jere’s big pec in his mouth and wondered, as he had said he worked in a gym, if he also liked to get hit on his body? Erik wasn’t into boxing or punching, although he didn’t mind it on some parts of his body, such as his own pecs or back, if it wasn’t too hard.


With Jere once again underneath him and under his, if only temporary, control, Erik thought he’d see what Jere’s reaction might be if he punched Jere’s pecs, at least lightly at the start. He knew that getting his own pecs punched felt good to him, and wondered if maybe Jere was the same?


As Erik punched first one of Jere’s big pecs, and then the other, he heard Jere mumble quietly, “Ummm yeah, man, give it to me harder…harder…. Harder!”


Erik knew he wasn’t about to punch out Jere’s thick pec slabs totally, despite his longer and powerful arms. But he knew what Jere was saying, and was glad to oblige him accordingly. As a result, for a long minute or two Jere felt his pecs being punched and smashed by Erik’s strong fists landing blow after blow on them. As thick and hard as they were, Erik’s blows made no impression on them at all, and Jere knew the punishment on him felt real good.


Still, Jere knew that the punishment he was taking from Erik would make it that he’d have to get back at Erik soon too. So, despite Erik’s blows to his pecs, he slowly shifted until he was able to bring one of his feet up and aim it directly into Erik’s crotch. And then from there, he jammed his foot hard right into the middle of Erik’s manhood directly against his now long and hard big boner, which was sticking out hard straight in front of him, and against his thick and heavy engorged balls as well, which were hanging down heavily behind it.


Suddenly Erik felt his whole big, long and hard cock and bulging balls being crushed back against his stomach and then being crushed even more under his own full body weight as Jere straightened his leg out and pushed Erik into the air over him.


And then to follow up on that, with Erik now suspended high over him, Jere grabbed both of Erik’s hands, which Erik had reached down to keep his balance, so that now Erik suddenly founded himself suspended high over Jere at only three points, his crushing crotch and his two hands, with all of his middle and lower body weight crushing down on his cock and balls, while his hands and arms remained immobilized in Jere’s tight grip.


‘Ummm yeah,’ both thought. ‘I like this!’ Despite Jere’s foot jammed in his crotch, with his weight crushing down on his totally aroused cock and balls, Erik liked the predicament he was in. It wasn’t the first time he’d ever been caught in such a position nor having taken the same hold on another man when the situation was reversed.


And then he knew, with his longer and equally powerful legs, there was a real good remedy to the situation, which maybe Jere mightn’t be too surprised in, in return.


For a couple of minutes, Jere bounced Erik up and down to increase the punishment on him even more, which Erik had no problem taking for as long as Jere wanted to give it to him. But then, as before, with the limited space of the cabin and softness of the bed, they soon lost the balance of the hold, and Erik crashed down to the bed on top of Jere.


But this time, having a plan in mind, it was Erik who recovered first. Before Jere could roll away and escape him, Erik twisted around, both on their backs on the bed until their legs were opposite each other. Then Erik managed to grab one of Jere’s ankles with one hand, and then with both hands, while at the same time he extended one of his big and longer legs and jammed it straight into Jere’s exposed and bulging crotch. As he did, he caught both Jere’s own big boner and throbbing balls squarely under the bottom of his foot, just as Jere had caught him moments before.


Then from there it was no trouble for Erik to arch back, pull Jere’s ankle and leg back with him even further, and then jam his foot just as hard, and then even harder, into Jere’s crotch and crush his total load of male equipment back into his own waiting and muscular body.


To ease the pressure on his big and hard cock and thick balls, Jere reached down to grab Erik’s foot out of his crotch. But Erik had it in too tight and solid for Jere to dislodge it. As that didn’t work, Jere then tried to reach out to grab Erik’s own other foot and ankle, while jamming his own foot as hard as he could into Erik’s equally exposed crotch. He just barely managed to reach it, but with Erik’s longer legs and Jere’s shorter legs, the pressure Jere could force against Erik’s big rod and balls was great, but not as great as Erik’s greater pressure against his own cock and balls.


‘Umm, yeah,’ each thought, despite the pain it was giving both of them, ‘I like this, for sure.’ Erik now knew Jere liked the greater punishment he was getting from him, and the lesser, but still real good, punishment he was getting in return from Jere.


It only broke off, a few minutes later, when Erik’s sweaty foot slipped out of Jere’s crotch. Then, with that, Erik was able to pull Jere’s foot out of his own crotch and they soon separated and began to look at whatever else they could find to do with and to the other. 


This time it was Jere who recovered first and was once again able to get on top of Erik while Erik was on his back on the bed. As soon as he got a real tight body press on Erik, which Erik had no problem with at all, very much liking to have the hunky and muscular Jere on top of him, Jere twisted around until he was head-to-toe on top of Erik, and able to get him in a real good solid and smothering head scissors. Before Erik could pull away (and maybe he knew what Jere had in mind for him and so was in no great hurry to escape it) Jere caught and held Erik’s head tightly between his thick and powerfully muscled thighs. And, in that hold, was albe to press the full load of his now strongly aroused and naked cock and balls hard against Erik’s face until he almost smothered him.


Erik had no problem with that at all as he felt Jere’s big thighs wrap around his head, cutting off his hearing entirely, and Jere’s thick and swollen balls first press against his face and then Jere’s long and hard boner press hard against his mouth and lips.


From there, it was only another instant, and with no reluctance on his part for sure, thaat Erik opened his mouth to breathe, and then felt and soon tasted Jere’s big rod as Jere stabbed it deep down into his mouth and throat.


For along moment, they hardly moved as Jere slowly shifted back and forth to power drive his jack hammer as deep as he could down into Erik’s mouth and throat, while Erik shifted back and forth both to expel it and yet take in as much of it as he could.


But then it got even worse for Erik, or maybe better, depending on how you look at it.


In their position, Erik’s own big rod was positioned directly below Jere’s own face and within grabbing distance of Jere’s powerful arms and fists.


Even as Erik felt Jere’s long and hard man-rod stabbed deep down his mouth and throat, he felt Jere wrap his fist around his own hard tool, and then felt it not only almost being crushed in Jere’s tight grip, but then also being forced forward and down between his legs as Jere pushed it forward like a pickup truck’s stick shift.


Jere knew he shouldn’t push his punishment of Erik too far, however, and so quickly eased up as soon as he sensed Erik’s concern with the move. In fact, he was not only enjoying the punishment he was inflicting on Erik, but just as importantly, or even more so, signaling to Erik that that was what he liked if somebody did the same thing to him. Maybe Erik next and in return? 


This time, once again, in struggling and wrestling back and forth, they had gotten too close to the edge of the bed, and once again tumbled to the floor together in a heap. And, once again, but now with both aroused even more and almost to the limit, they quickly climbed back on top of the bed to continue their struggle with each other. 


Meanwhile, five decks above, up on the open air Lido Deck, the “Caribbean Fiesta,” with its native steel band and ship’s orchestra were playing a whole medley of hot Caribbean melodies and rhythms, the passengers gaily dressed in their best and most elaborate tropical outfits, and the midnight buffet tables laden with all sorts of Caribbean delicacies.


On the Lido Deck, those passengers who weren’t directly dancing and eating in a wild abandon in the festivities, were also enjoying the warm and quiet night aft and upper Sport Deck. As the ship silently glided across the smooth sea, the passengers on the starboard side of the ship saw the dim lights of a tropical island. It probably wasn’t more than four miles away, and on shore, anyone looking would have seen the brilliantly lit ship as it sailed silently through the night toward its next island destination. 


None of the passengers on the Lido Deck, however, were aware of the wrestling match and struggle going on between Jere and Erik five decks below, as the two wrestlers pleasurably but silently and desperately fought each other down in stateroom # 3012 to determine how it would finally come out.  


By now Jere and Erik had been wrestling with each other for almost an hour. Erik proved to be an equal match to the body-builder/wrestler Jere, and had been able, time and time again, not only to escape whatever Jere might be trying to do with him, but was more than able to return it back on to Jere, who liked and wanted to take all that the hunky Scandinavian could give him.


Quickly, after Jere had caught and trapped Erik in his tight figure-four head scissors on Erik, and almost breaking Erik’s big, long and hard rod off by pushing it down between his legs, and then both falling off the bed and down to the floor, both quickly scrambled back on to the bed. But this time they ended up in the reverse position, and it was Erik would quickly got a tight and solid figure-four head scissors on Jere with his own powerfully muscular and long legs. And then it was no trouble for him to stab his own long and naked man sword deep down into the waiting Jere’s mouth and throat. 


But now with their tight figure-four head scissors holds on each other, with their long ram-rod cocks stabbed deep down each other’s throat, both Jere and Erik knew they’d have to end it soon. For now having wrestled each other for more than an hour in Jere’s Tropical Seas stateroom, not only would Erik eventually have to soon return to his quarters before he was missed or called to make some emergency electrical repair somewhere on the ship, but, more importantly, they knew that very soon, maybe within only a few seconds more, all of the sweet and creamy hot cum juice which had been so long accumulating in their muscled, naked and now sweat-wet bodies, which had been building up in even greater quantities with all of their sensual grappling and cock-fighting each other, would soon have to explode out of them whether they were ready for it to come or not.


Erik recalled how, early in their match, Jere had gotten a really great head scissors on him, almost crushing his head between his thick and muscled thighs. And then from there he had jammed the full load of all of his male equipment hard against his face. And then, from there, Jere had stabbed his totally hard boner deep down into his mouth and throat.


Erik figured, correctly, that most likely that’s exactly what his new muscle-hunk friend liked to take too. And so now he planned to do just exactly that back on Jere.


Once more, they’d fallen off the edge of the bed on to the floor. But this time Jere had been first to get back up on the bed, which let Erik get back up and now come back down on top him hard. As he did, he made sure to position himself head-to-toe on top of Jere, who was on his back crossways on the bed.


That’s all it took for Erik‘s next move. In the next couple of seconds, with his long and powerfully muscular legs, Erik wrapped them around Jere’s head in a tight head scissors, his muscled thighs crushing both sides of Jere’s head and blocking out all sound. Then he positioned himself so that all of his now totally aroused long and hard cock and fully engorged balls were pressed fully and hard against Jere’s face and mouth, blinding and suffocating him as well in the hold.


And then from there, Erik had only to make a slight shift in order to stab his steel-hard nine-inch boner deep down into the waiting Jere’s open mouth and throat as he gasped for air.


Jere had no problem at all taking what Erik was now giving him. It was what he liked most, and the deeper Erik’s thick and hard rod went in, and the longer it stayed in, the more he liked it.


For a few seconds, Erik began to pump his big rod in harder and harder, deeper and deeper and faster and faster into Jere’s mouth and down his throat while Jere lay trapped beneath him. Each time Erik pumped his big steel tool down his throat, Jere could also feel Erik’s big hard and fully engorged balls smashing into his face and eyes punishing them as well. 


Then, suddenly, Jere felt Erik stiffen and pause. The next thing he knew was when he first felt, and then tasted, all of Erik’s enormous load of hot wet creamy cum suddenly explode into his mouth and flood deep down into his throat.


On and on it pulsed and flowed and Jere took in as much as he could. And, when he couldn’t take any more, he felt the overflow flood out of his mouth and run down the side of his face and neck to the sheets below.


It was only when the flood had ended that Jere realized that while Erik was shooting his full load into him, that Erik had, at the same time, seized, crushed and been torturing Jere’s own equally big and fully loaded steel-hard rod in his own fist. And now, as Jere began to recover from tasting all of Erik’s big load of cum in his own mouth, he realized he’d shot his own equally big load of cum, which Erik was now licking off his big man-tool for his own pleasure.


‘Oh yeah!’ they both thought as they slowly began to relax their tight holds on each other as their bodies became more and more drained.


When they found themselves completely drained and exhausted, they looked at each other as they lay on the bed side by side.


“Hey man,” said Erik, “they never told me there’d be these great extra benefits to working on a cruise ship!”


“Oh yeah, man,” was Jere’s grinning reply, “they never mentioned it to me as one of the passengers either!” 


Easy grins covered their faces as they got cleaned up and Erik got dressed and left to return to his quarters. Jere thought he’d go topside to see how the “Caribbean Fiesta” was going. It was a beautiful night, with the brilliant night stars and the colored lights overhead, the tropical music coming from the bands and the tables filled with delicacies for the midnight buffet.


And the best part was, both knew as they eventually returned to their own quarters, that there were still five more days left in the cruise before they’d return to port. 


The End

Posted: 02/06/15