First Time Fucked


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The man didn’t get up from the bed as I got dressed and he stayed there as I left.

“Hey, drop around again anytime, real soon,” he told me.

“Yeah, I will, thanks,” I said, raking my eyes over his tanned, muscular frame, and rather longingly on his big cock laying across one hip. He was older than me.  Old enough to be my dad, in fact.  Surprisingly, that wasn’t a turn-off for me.  In the moments of pure ball-busting, mind-busting lust, I actually imagined he was my dad fucking me. My dad is a hunk, and now that I had experienced getting fucked, I would turn my butt for him any time. Not that I ever would.  He didn’t know I liked guys, and it would kill him if he did.

I left the man’s room in a daze.  I had just gotten my ass fucked for the first time, and I didn’t know what to make of it. I didn’t understand the mixture of pain and pleasure when it happened, but at last I had satisfied the curiosity and the desire that had haunted me for so long. Being fucked was a different kind of pleasure from sucking a cock, or even getting my cock sucked.  It was more reciprocal; more intimate. I knew I would go back.  I also knew I would be on the prowl for different guys now. In fact, I couldn’t wait. 

I worked in a fast-food place, at the drive-up window; that’s where I made the connection.  It wasn’t a glamorous job and it didn’t pay a whole lot, but I realized all of a sudden what a great opportunity it offered. The position of my workstation was perfect.  I stood higher than the cars going through, with a straight crotch view down into the vehicles. It was, secretly, the reason I volunteered to work the drive-up window; that, and I got to meet and chat briefly with the male customers, many of whom were high school students or workers from the nearby factories and warehouses.

The guy came through in a huge pickup truck with John Rogers Construction printed on the door.  He fit the truck, the truck fit him. He had on his hard hat…a major turn on for me…and his arm crooked out the window. It was a big arm, solid, from his rolled up shirtsleeve down to his thick wrist. Big hands, too.  Tanned and good looking in a construction worker sort of way. I felt a sudden tremor shake my bones. I asked for his order, and the deep, sexy voice that came back made the tremor worse. I repeated it then scurried around to fill it.  Not that I wanted the guy out of there; I wanted to get back to him and hear his voice again and look at him. As I turned back with his order I peered around to see that there were no cars behind him. I repeated his order again and told him how much he owed.  He extended his big, muscular arm out with his money in a ham-like hand; a ten dollar bill.  I took it, my eyes lingering on his thick fingers. I made his change and when I handed it to him I took hold of his hand and laid the money in it, sort of dragging my fingers across the palm of his hand. No, it wasn’t the way I usually made change, but I wanted to touch this guy in the worst way, and that was a way I could do it without getting my lights punched out. I wasn’t sure of his look, but he did look at me sort of funny, and I thought I might’ve made the connection.

“What’re you building today?” I asked during the short process of giving him his change.

“Got a lot of projects going on,” he said.

I picked up his order to hand to him, and again, bold as hell, when he reached across for it I put my free hand over his as if to make sure he had hold of it, and sort of trailed my fingers over his as he pulled back.

“Have a great day, and build it solid,” I told him.

He smiled and put his hand to his hard hat, like he was tipping his hat to me.  “I’ll be sure to do that,” he said.

As he drove off, I looked around to see if anyone had noticed.  Nope, everybody was going about their work.

Next day the guy was back. My heart thudded in my chest when I saw the Rogers Construction truck pulling up to my window.

“Same as I had yesterday…….,” he started.

I cut in and rattled off what he’d ordered the day before.

“You remembered,” he said with a smile.

“Yes, sir,” I said as I set about making up his order. “What’re you building today?” I asked with mischievous grin.

“Had to pull everybody off to break ground at the site of the new brewery,” he said. 

I went through the same routine as before, making change and handing him his order, and he seemed to cooperate, hesitating a little with his hands as we made the exchange.  I felt a surge in my loins.

“I’m gonna drive out there sometime and watch the heavy equipment,” I remarked.

“Any time. Just can’t get too close,” he said, with a wave, and he drove off.

I took it as an invitation extraordinaire and the next afternoon, my day off, I drove out to the sight where they were building the new brewery. I drove in as close as I dared and got out and sat on the hood of my car to watch. Right away, some big dude came sauntering over….fuck, the guy had no clue how sexy he was….and told me I would have to leave.

I told him the site foreman said I could watch.  He didn’t believe me; he asked me who the site foreman was. I didn’t know his name but I described him and the truck he drove. The guy took off his hardhat and scratched his head and frowned.

“Okay, I’ll get him, send him over, make sure,” he said.

A few minutes later I saw him walking toward me.  Fuck, didn’t these guys know how sexy they were, in those dusty jeans and work boots and hard hats, bulging out of their T-shirts?  He took his hardhat off too, like the other guy and I eyed his big bicep that curled up the size of a fuckin’ grapefruit.

“Is this too close?” I asked.

“Naw, you’re fine. You could get closer if you want,” he said.

“I would like to,” I said, but I didn’t slide off the car like I was going to drive up closer. That wasn’t what I meant anyway, but I doubted if he caught my meaning.  He surprised the crap out of me.

“Well, I could show you some things up closer if you want me to,” he said with a tight-lipped smile.  He turned and I slid off the hood of my car to follow him. He actually showed me around the site. I wasn’t sure he had caught my real meaning after all, so I tried again.

“I’ll be you’ve got a beautiful house, being a contractor,” I said.

He laughed. “Actually, I don’t have a house,” he said. I live in a small efficiency in the Creighton Motel.”

“But that’s just while you’re working here,” I said.

“Yeah, when I go to another site I get another efficiency in another motel,” he said.

“You don’t have your own house?”

“Nope. Just never got around to it,” he said.

“Are you ever going to build your own house?” I asked.

“Someday, when I’m ready to settle down.”

“You don’t have a wife…or girlfriend?…I noticed you don’t wear a wedding ring.

“No, I’m pretty much a loner,” he said.

“A loner, but I bet you don’t get lonely,” I said.  “I’ll bet you don’t have any trouble finding women to help keep your efficiency clean,” I joked.

He laughed again.  “They do seem to all want to pick up after me,” he said. Then he gave me my surprise. “You ever wanta drop by and see the place, it’s number one-eighty-two, second level,” he said.

Shit!!!  “I just might do that,” I said.  Might!!!  “How about tonight?” I asked.

“Sure.  I’ll be there anytime after six thirty.”

Oh, shit!  Oh, shit! I was so excited I couldn’t think. It was gonna happen!  I didn’t know it was going to happen, but I knew it was.  I rushed home to get ready.  I felt like a slut-minded high school girl getting ready for a first date with the high school jock.  He said anytime after 6:30; I was there at 6:31.  I held back from running up the stairs, and I managed to walk, not run, down the corridor to his room, number one-eighty-two. I raised my hand but paused to look down at myself….okay, I looked all right…I knocked. He opened the door. He had apparently just got there himself; he still had his hardhat on his head.

 “Hey, you didn’t waste any time,” he said with a big smile.

 “You said anytime after 6:30; I hope I’m not too early,” I said, feeling a little embarrassed that I appeared so anxious.

“No, I’m here, so you’re not too early,” he said. “Come in, make yourself comfortable.”

I didn’t know what he meant by that so I just sat on the other bed, the one that was made up.  He hadn’t made the one he slept in.  Without asking, he set his hardhat aside and got a beer out of a cooler and handed it to me.

“I know you’re not old enough to drink, but one beer won’t hurt you, and it’ll wear off before you have to drive.”

I wasn’t sure what he meant by that either, but it sounded like he expected me to stay a while.

He turned on the TV and handed me the remote. “I gotta shower off some of this work grime,” he said as he peeled his dirty T-shirt off over his head.

Whoa! I almost said it out loud. Fuck, he had muscles layered over muscles that rippled beautifully when he pulled his shirt off. I was almost breathless at the way his huge chest muscles settled on his ribcage when he lowered his arms. I’d never seen such big pecs, and they were nicely covered with just the right amount of hair. His stomach looked like a plate of armour, like stacks of bricks, and sported a light flurry of hair all over with a darker line that trailed down into his jeans. His shoulders and back flared out as he bent over to unlace his work boots.  I wished he’d left them on.  I wished he would let me take his clothes off of him.  I wished he wouldn’t even shower. He was so hot and sexy, I would’ve been glad to lick the sweat off his muscles. He reached for his belt but then turned and walked into the bathroom before he took his jeans off, leaving me breathless and rubbing my crotch with great anticipation.

There was no guarantee that we were going to have sex…he hadn’t said anything outright…but I knew we were. I could feel the vibes. I couldn’t imagine that he’d invited me just to see his room, or to pick up after him. I expected everyone who came to his room, he had sex with them, male or female. I couldn’t wait for him to come out of the bathroom. He hadn’t taken any clean clothes in with him so I was going to get to see him naked.

I fidgeted as I waited; Godd, I wish he would hurry up! I thought about rummaging around in his drawers to find a pair of shorts to take in to him. But before I found the nerve, he came out of the bathroom with a towel around his waist, holding it in place with two fingers at his side.  Ohh, Fuck!  I squirmed in my chair.  I was surprised at the towel, but he didn’t leave it on long. He walked over to the dresser and got a pair of shorts then let the towel drop to the floor. He was standing sideways to me, giving me a great view of his gorgeous, round, tight butt and an even better view of his front in the mirror.  He glanced in the mirror just as he was about to put his shorts on and our eyes met for a split second. I knew we had connected, for whatever purposes. 

“Hell, I guess I don’t need these,” he said, tossing his shorts back in the drawer.  “It just you and me.  You don’t mind, do you?”

“No,” I replied, too quickly.  “It’s your room, you can run around any way you please.”

He was at the cooler getting another beer.  He got me another one too, even though I hadn’t finished my first one. He walked over to where I was sitting, set the can down on the table and took my beer out of my hand, while I tried to keep my eyes off his manhood. It didn’t work. His cock was magnificent, hanging over a pair of high and tight balls, like magnets drawing my gaze to them. It was thick and meaty, the head looked heavy, with a wide rim.  The bluish veins were like a roadmap.  I swallowed hard…he probably heard me…and quickly took a gulp of beer to have a reason to swallow.

“I guess I didn’t get your name,” he said.

“Tomas,” I said.

“Deck,” he said, putting out his hand. “It’s my last name, but people use it as my first name.”

“Glad to meet you,” I said.

 “I hope to make you even more glad,” he said with a sly grin. “Well, how do you like my place?” he asked with a sweep of his hand holding the beer can as he laid back on the other bed, leaning up against the headboard. He kicked at the rumbled covers to get them out of the way.

“Its okay; all you need,” I said.

“Fuck, it’s a dump, but you’re right, it’s all I need.  All I use it for is to shower and shave, fuck and sleep.”

I choked on my beer at his “fuck” remark, and started laughing. He broke out laughing too, his solid abs rippling when he did.

“Life’s pretty simple for you, then,” I joked.

“Simple, the way I like it. But interesting,” he said as he laid his hand over his manhood.  He jerked it back with,  “Damn, that’s cold!”

“Use your other hand,” I said, laughing.

“Both of my hands are cold. You got a warm hand?” he asked.

“No, I’ve had both of my hands around my beer,” I said.

“Well, anything else warm you could offer that’s warm?” he asked.

The room was instantly tense. Actually, I guess it was me that was tense, he seemed to be completely relaxed and at ease with his question. I quickly relaxed my insides. I didn’t want to appear frightened.  I didn’t want this opportunity to be spoiled by anything.  I took a sip of beer before I answered him.

“I guess I could have,” I said quietly.

“Come on, Son, we both know you didn’t come here to check out my living quarters,” he said with a smile as he spread his legs out wide. “How about you come over here and show me what you’ve got that’s warm.”

It thrilled me that he called me son. I didn’t need a second invitation. I set my beer down and climbed on the bed.

“You look pretty young, have you ever been with another guy?” he asked as I was crawling between his legs.  His cock was coming to life.

“Yes, a few,” I said.  I knelt there, sort of crouched forward, my hands on my thighs.

“By a few…….?  How much experience have you had. You ever been fucked?” he asked.       


“You wanta try it?”

“I don’t know; I’ve often thought I would like to see what its like. But your cock is so big.” I began rubbing my hands up and down his thighs and his cock swung straight up over his abs, throbbing.

“I would take it easy with you,” he said as he reached down and squeezed his cock.   Then he held it straight up.

“That wouldn’t make your cock any smaller,” I said, gazing at the huge meat that he was stroking.

“Okay, but if you’re curious and really wanting to try it, I would sure like to be the first one to show you how it feels.”

Who was I kidding?  Him, maybe, a little bit.  Not myself. I wanted to feel his big, beautiful cock sliding in my ass so bad it was itching. Truth was, I was scared. I couldn’t imagine anything the size of his cock going in my ass. Well, I could…I had imagined it a hundred times…but thinking about it as a reality, it would probably hurt like hell. I reached out for his cock and he moved his hand.  It felt wonderful. It felt even bigger than it looked. I couldn’t get my fingers all the way around it. It was so virile, I could actually feel the veins bloated with blood. 

“Would it hurt?” I asked.

“A little, for about a minute,” he said. “You’re built like an athlete. You play football?”

“Yeah,” I replied, wondering what that had to do with anything.

“Did it ever hurt when you had some big linebacker knock you on your ass?”

“Yeah. Fuck, yeah, it did.”

“What’d you do, walk off the field and go back to the locker room and cry?”

“No,” I said, laughing.

“Fuck no, you didn’t.  You went back for more.  Same thing, different kind of hurt.”

“Let me think about it…while I do this,” I said as I leaned down and slid my lips around the head of his cock.

“Ohhhhhh,” he moaned, laying his head back. “Yeah, you think about it all you want.”

I was able to handle only about of his cock but he seemed to be satisfied with that.  I sure was. Half of his cock was the full size of some cock’s I’d sucked. I was thinking about what he’d said about getting fucked. I wanted to, real bad. I’d thought about it a lot, and this was my big chance, but he was so damned big! Maybe nine inches, besides being so thick. But he was so sure I could take him, and maybe I could, but I just knew it was gonna hurt like hell.

“Hey, Tomas, why don’t you slip out of those jeans,” he said.

I unlaced my boots while I kept on sucking his cock, then stood and took my jeans off. I lay crossways on the bed and went back down on his cock that he was holding up for me.  Right away, he reached out and laid his hand on my butt. He squeezed my muscles through my shorts then shoved his hand down inside.

“Fuck, nice solid ass,” he said. “Nice and smooth.”

“Thanks,” I murmured around his cock.

I knew now why he wanted me out of my jeans. He kept squeezing my butt and working his thick fingers down between them. He wet his fingers in his mouth and began massaging my asshole with them, probing at the rubbery muscle. I knew it was coming.  It was going to happen. He wet them again and probed through. I winced a little, mostly from surprise, but didn’t make any sound.  I couldn’t help groaning when he shoved a finger deep inside me. I rose up with a loud intake of breath when he shoved a second one in.

“Ohhh…Ohhhhh….Ohhh,” I moaned softly as he worked his fingers in and out of my ass, and before long I was squirming around on his hand.

“You’ve never had anybody do this before, have you?” he asked as he wriggled his fingers around inside my ass.

“No,” I said nervously.

“Feel good?”

“Ohh, Godd, yeah.”

He smiled.  He pulled his fingers out of my ass and held them up to my face.  “Open your mouth and give me some spit.”

I was horrified and excited at the same time. More excited than horrified, for I opened up and he shoved three fingers in my mouth and worked them around in my spit. I welcomed the third, thick finger into my ass. 

“OOOhhhh,” I moaned around his cock as he stretched my ass even more.

“You ready to try my cock on for size?” he asked.

“I want to, but…ohhh…ohhh...I don’t know if I can take it,” I said. “Ohh, Godd!” I gasped as he touched a spot inside me that made me want to scream with pleasure.

“Don’t sell yourself short,” he said. “You want to, and that’s half the battle.”  He pulled his fingers out of my ass and held them up beside his cock.  “See, its not much bigger than my fingers you were taking,” he said.

I thought it looked a lot bigger, but he had a point.  And, Godd, his fingers felt so good.

“All right, I guess we can try it,” I said meekly.

“You can stop me any time you want,” he said. He moved to the side and urged me to lie on the bed on my stomach.  Then he got behind me, on his knees, using them to shove my legs wider apart.  He had a tube that he must’ve slipped from under the mattress or his pillow, and he was squeezing lube on his fingers.  He pulled one side of my butt apart and applied the lube, rubbing my crack and my asshole, the shoving his fingers inside me again. He made sure he found that spot again, causing me to let out a squealing moan and raise my hips. 

“Yeah, you’re gonna love this,” he said.

Next I felt the heat of his cock separating my butt muscles and searing against my asshole. He nudged and worked it around for a couple of minutes against the spongy muscle surrounding my hole.  Then I felt some serious pressure and the spongy muscle was being stretched to the limit and I knew there was only one way for his cock to go, that was straight inside me.

“I said you could stop me anytime you want, but you gotta say it like you mean it,” he said.

It sounded like a warning, and I wasn’t sure what he was saying. He started bearing down and I was breathless with anticipation.  I was scared too, but I wanted this to happen, and I vowed to take him no matter what.  He gripped my right hipbone to pull me up onto my knees. When he did, it was like I humped back onto his cock. It shoved through my hole like a ball bat and seared deep into my guts. I let out a yowl that nobody heard that was muffled in the pillow.  I saw stars and thought I was going to black out.

“Fuck, kid, I didn’t mean for you to skewer yourself on it,” the man said. His voice came from a far distance.

“I’m….okay!” I gasped, too loudly, as if I needed to make him hear me.

‘Okay, but we’ll wait a minute and let you get used to it,” he said.

I wondered how much of his cock I had inside me; how much was left. I could feel it throbbing and that felt good, sort of soothing the pain. My asshole clenched steadily around the thick girth and that helped work it out too.  He gave me all the time he thought I needed before he inched in a little deeper.

“How’s that feel?” he asked.

“Big,” I said.

He laughed.  “Well, yeah, I know, big, but are you okay. Do you want more?”

“I want it all,” I said. “I want you to fuck me.”

“I’m gonna fuck you, I just don’t wanta rape you,” he said.

“You’re not gonna be raping me, I asked for it,” I told him.

Deck fucked my brains out.  I admit, part of it was me.  I wasn’t exactly passive; I fucked back on his cock. I liked being fucked.  I felt like I wanted to scream each time he shoved into me and slid his cock across that certain spot. I wanted to scream and I wanted to cum. 

Deck slowed, then stopped. “Now that you’re use to it, and I think you’re liking it, let’s turn you over,” he said. He pulled out and I turned over on my back. He brought my legs up and put my ankles on his shoulders.

“You want me like those women you bring here,” I said.

He laughed.  “Nobody would ever mistake you for a woman,” he said. “And I’m not pretending you are one.  I wanta see your face when I fuck you, and I like to watch your muscles when you move.”

“You do?” I was surprised he even noticed my muscles.

“Yeah, you’re built real nice.  That’s part of the attraction I have for guys, is their muscles.”

“You must have guys with a lot more muscle than me,” I said.

“Don’t put yourself down, Son.  You’re built and you’re cute as fuck.  Not to mention, you’re hung pretty nice, too.”  With that he surprised me again by taking hold of my cock.  He jacked me slowly as he shoved his cock back inside me.

“OOOhhhhhh!” I moaned.

“Goes in a little deeper this way,” he said as he lodged his cock deep.  He held it there for a minute then started fucking me again.

I closed my eyes and sailed.  I couldn’t believe he was touching my cock, but he was jacking me steadily, using his spit for lube. Then he surprised me again.

“Look, I want you to know I don’t do this for everybody, but you’re so young and so fuckin’ cute and sexy, I wanta do it.”  He bent over and took my cock in his mouth!

“Ohh, Godd!” I cried with surprise.  I lifted my head to watch, to gape at his handsome face down in my crotch, those full strong lips wrapped around my cock, sliding up and down the shaft.  I trembled at the feel of his tongue slurping all around the head. He sucked me as he fucked me. I was in heaven; in a state of disbelief.

He lifted his head.  “Tell me when you’re getting close,” he said.

“Yes, I will.” I thought he wanted me to warn him so he could get off my cock. 

He must’ve fucked me for a half hour or more. We both worked up a good sweat. When he would rise up, his sweat dripped off his face and I was lucky enough to catch some of the salty stuff in my mouth.  He fucked me hard and he fucked me slow.  It was good both ways, even better when he had his mouth on my cock.  Finally, I couldn’t hold off.  I warned him.  But he didn’t get off my cock.  He just fucked me harder, and I sort of knew that he was trying to cum too, at the same time as me, and I still thought he would get off of my cock.

Suddenly he groaned, a loud groan from deep in his belly and lunged at me with his hips then fucked me with short, hard jabs. I didn’t warn him again that I was so close. I couldn’t. I was choking on it. I just let it go. It jolted me when I fired off the first blast into his mouth.  He was going to be mad and probably kill me for cumming in his mouth. But he didn’t say anything. He didn’t even rise up; so he could speak. He just kept sucking me and taking my load, and I kept cumming, and then I felt and heard him swallowing.  He was swallowing my load!  I was about half finished when I felt the heat of his cum flooding my insides. I think it made me cum even more.  He came so hard it seared that little spot he was touching and it quivered and I felt like my cock was a hose.  After a long moment, he rose up. He wiped his mouth with the back of his hand.

“Goddam, Son, you come like a pony,” he said.

“You cum like a stallion, it felt like,” I said. “Feels like it’s running out of me.”

“Yeah, I’m a pretty heavy cummer,” he said.  “But so are you. Damn, by the time you’re my age, you’re gonna be a stallion.”

 I had to ask him. “Can I ask you something?”


“Was that the first time you ever took somebody’s load?”


I smiled, a big, broad, happy smile.

“That makes you happy, don’t it?  Knowing you got my cum gulping virginity.”

“Yes, it does.  Especially a big stud like you,” I said.

The man didn’t get up from the bed as I got dressed and he stayed there as I left.

That was the first time…….                                 

The Second Time 

I put on my headset and took over the station from my co-worker. The place was not modernly equipped with an order station separate from the pickup window.  It was a small, family business where you drove up to the window, gave your order and waited on it, offering a few precious minutes to converse with the customer. I was pleasantly surprised – no, I was bowled over – with the very first car that drove through.  He was so good looking I almost gasped when I saw him.  I must have had a gasped expression on my face because he smiled before he gave me his order.  I had to concentrate on his order; my eyes and mind were elsewhere. He was maybe twenty years old, with dusty blonde hair and cobalt blue eyes, teeth that sparkled when he smiled.  All he had on were his sneakers and a yellow swim suit with dark blue stripes angled down the front toward the crotch; a very small swim suit   The way it rode up on his thighs and in his crotch, it was hard to tell if it was a boxer brief or a bikini; either way, it had the same effect. It not only barely covered the essentials, it accented them.  The bulge he was showing was almost criminal.  I was almost salivating as I tried to speak intelligently while I waited for his order to be called.  Then the most incredible thing happened. We ran out of buns and French fries, at the same time. They would get buns from the storeroom and go back to the walk-in freezer to get the French fries.  I took advantage of the situation.  Really took advantage, for it wasn’t really a situation.

“Sir, I’m sorry, it’s going to be a few minutes.  If you want to pull through and park, I’ll bring your order out to you,” I told him.

“No problem,” he said as he slipped the car into gear. 

I didn’t know how the manager would react but I had made a decision. I took another order and by that time they had the buns, and had potatoes in the fryers. When the stud’s order was up, I took off my headphones and told a co-worker I had to deliver an order outside. I was almost breathless as I walked to his car.  There would only be a moment; every word had to count.

“Here you go, sir, sorry for the wait,” I said, handing him the order through the window. 

“That was pretty quick, thanks for bringing it out,” he said.

Leaning down for another look inside the car, I said, “It’s my pleasure,” with a big smile and a more-than-casual glance downward.  “Hey, that’s a really sharp swim suit, by the way,” I said.

His smile broadened.  “Oh. Thanks,” he said as if he was surprised at my remark.

“Where’d you get it?”  I asked.

“I don’t remember, actually.  I’ve got a lot of swim suits.”

“Well, wear them through, I’d like to see you in some more of them,” I said boldly.  It was a dumb thing to say; even dangerous.  It could cost me my job if he took it the wrong way; not to mention the possibility of loosing some teeth if he put those muscles into action. But after that first fuck in the construction worker’s motel room, I’d found my nerve. And the guy caught my meaning and smiled.

“Would you, now?” he said with a smile.


“Well, I’m on my way home right now, but….what time do you get off? Maybe we could go swimming,” he asked.

“Not till eleven.  It would be too late to go swimming,” I said.

“We don’t have to go swimming for you to see me in another swim suit, do we?” he said with a twinkle in his eye.

“No, I guess we don’t,” I said.

“Well, then, I’ll see you back here at eleven o’clock,” he said.  “What’s your favorite color?”

I thought for a second then gave the perfect answer.  “It really doesn’t matter, as long as you’re in it,” I said.

He laughed, the sloping muscles of his hard abs rippling.

“Fuckin’ great abs, too,” I said for good measure.

“Hey, I’ll park over in the mall parking lot, back under the trees when I come back; that okay?” he said.

“Yeah, that would be a good idea,” I said.

I knew I took too long delivering the order and I knew the manager would be unhappy.

“That took too long,” she said with her usual glare.

“I thought it would be impolite to just walk away when he was talking,” I said defensively. I thought she was jealous that I’d taken the order out and she probably wanted to.

The rest of the night was half hell and all excitement.  The waiting was the hell part, but the excitement and anticipation made the time go faster. I volunteered to finish the floor and clean the grill so I would be the last one out, besides the manager.  I didn’t want the others to see me going to the guy’s car.  We locked up and left, and I drove my car out of the lot as if I was leaving, then around to the mall parking lot.  I parked back under the trees, several spaces away, and walked to his car.  He greeted me warmly and told me to get in, and immediately started his car.

“Where are we going?” I asked, eyeing the near naked stud.

“Someplace where I can how off my swim suit,” he said.  

“You’re already showing it off just fine,” I told him. Was he ever!  The suit was a bright yellow bikini, little more than a strip of material stretched around his hips with a bulge the size of two fists.

“You like it?” he asked with a smile.


“You’re awfully shy, aren’t you,” he said jokingly as he reached across for my hand and placed it over the bulge of his suit. He held it there till he knew I wasn’t going to pull away. Not a fuckin’ chance!

“Yeah, almost as shy as you are,” I said.

My heart thudded in my chest as I squeezed and massaged the warm, live bulge of his manhood. He felt like a horse, and my mouth was watering as he pushed the bulge into my palm. He drove out to the county park and followed a winding, narrow road to a secluded picnic area, close to the lake, all the while with me working on his swimsuit. He parked the car facing out then turned in the seat toward me.  I sort of twisted around too, and he brought his right leg up on the other side of me so I was virtually between his legs. I leaned over and he pushed my head down into his crotch. I met it with my mouth wide open and began mouthing the warm pouch that contained what felt like the biggest cock I would ever see. It took only moments before the front of his suit was tented with his hardon. I moved to the side of the tented bulge and lapped my tongue around the bared base of his cock.

“Fuck, take it out,” he groaned huskily.

I tugged the front of his suit out from his stomach, stretching it away from his manhood till the big hunk of meat sprang free.

“Geezusss!” I gasped.  He wasn’t just big, he was huge. Unbelievably huge. “My God!  How big is it?”

He laughed, his muscular abs rippling.  “Why don’t you get your mouth around it and measure it for yourself,” he said.

“I don’t know if I can get my mouth around it,” I said.

“It’s not all that big,” he said.

“Are you kidding?”

“Well, there’s only one way to find out,” he said as he pressed on the back of my neck, forcing me on his cock.

I succumbed to the force of his muscular arm and met his manhood with my mouth opened so wide I thought my jaws my lock.  The head alone filled my mouth nearly to capacity.  There was no way I could actually suck a cock that size, but I gave it all I had with my tongue and that drove him nuts.  I was suddenly aware of his hand on my butt, his thick, long fingers squeezing the muscles, fingers trying to probe between them.

“Damn, you’ve got a nice butt,” he whispered as he shoved his hand down inside my shorts.

“Uuhhnnnnn,” I moaned around his cock as he pressed his fingertip against my hole.

“I gotta fuck that sometime,” he said.

“MMMMnnnhh,” I groaned again as he shoved the first knuckle of his finger inside me.

“Oh, so nice and tight and hot,” he said.  “Have you ever been fucked?” he asked.

I shook my head no while I concentrated on giving him the best blowjob/tongue-job I could. I don’t know why I lied, except I was a little scared; I wondered if he could even find women who could handle him. I sucked hard and slathered his cockhead with my tongue, hoping to get him off before the idea of fucking me became a reality in his mind, at the same time I was squirming around on his probing finger, glad that the older guy had already broke me in, just in case.   

“Would you like to get fucked?” he asked as he shoved a second finger through my hole.

“Aaawwwhnnn!” I groaned loudly.  “I don’t know, right now I want to suck your cock.  It’s so big, and so fuckin’ beautiful.”

“Yeah, go ahead, chow down, fuckin’ can wait,” he said, but he was actually fucking me with his fingers.  “Do you swallow?” he asked.

I shook my head as I tried to rise up to answer him but he kept me down.  I didn’t like to swallow, but I wanted to tell him he could come in my mouth.  I loved having hot, thick semen spurt into my mouth and swirl it around the guy’s cock while he was cumming. But then I usually spit it out. 

“I want you to swallow it, okay?” he said as he humped his cock up into my mouth in short thrusts.

I managed to rise up this time.  “You can shoot in my mouth but I don’t know if I can swallow it,” I said.  “I never have,” I liked again.

“Well, this’ll be your first time, then,” he said, and before I had a chance to answer, he pushed me back down on his cock. “Won’t be long,” he told me. “I’ll warn you when I’m close.”

I was sort of panicked.  I loved sucking his cock, and I wanted to feel his load shooting in my mouth, but I was afraid I would be sick if he forced me to swallow the stuff. Either way, there wasn’t much I could do, so I tried to brace myself and get psyched up for it.  Even if I had to swallow his come, that would be better than getting fucked by his big horse cock. Yeah, I wanted it, but I was afraid of it.

His warning came at precisely the same second that the first salvo of semen blasted into my mouth so it wasn’t a warning at all.

“I’m comming!” he gasped as he clamped his hand firmly on the back of my head to hold it in place, which pretty much let me know that I was going to swallow his cum. He filled my mouth in no time; with the size of his cockhead, there wasn’t much room for come.

“Swallow,” he said frantically.  “Don’t lose it, swallow it.”

I fought down my gag reflex as I took the first big gulp.  The stuff slid down my throat in a long, thick globby rope, more easily than I could’ve imagined. With my throat opened up he was suddenly shooting directly into my throat and my throat muscles were accepting it and contracting and taking it down into my stomach.  The entire task was easier than I expected.  With his cock pressed tightly against the opening of my throat and spurting cum into my throat, I wasn’t getting the taste of the stuff. But there was a lot of it.  I know he must’ve shot off at least twelve or thirteen loads before the stuff started boiling out into my mouth.  At last, I was left with a mouthful of warm cockmeat and semen.  He held it there for a long moment as he caught his breath.  Finally, the pressure on the back of my head was released and I rose up. As my lips slid back from around his cockhead, his semen swirled in my mouth and I got the full blast of taste. I willed myself to swallow it to get rid of it.  Rising up, I wiped my mouth with the back of my hand.

“Fuck, that was fantastic!  You didn’t loose a drop,” he said.

“I don’t think so,” I said.

“Shit, you’ve got a real educated tongue,” he said.  “I wish you could go down on it more.”

“Your cock’s gotta be dam near a foot long, I could never get it in my throat,” I said.

“Aw, come on, its not that big,” he scoffed. “I know it’d fit in your ass nice and snug,” he said.

I wanted to tell him that it wasn’t certain that we were ever going to find that out, but then he mentioned coming to his room.

“Sorry I couldn’t take you there tonight, but my roommate was using it, and its too late now, he would already be in bed,” he said.

“You share a place?” I asked.

“Me and another guy share a room at a motel.  We’re on the construction crew building the new brewery,” he said.

“Which motel,” I asked.

A nearly shit when he told me. I almost blurted out that I knew another guy who stayed there. I wondered how many other men from the crew were living at the motel.

“Sometime we’ll go to my room where it’s more comfortable, and we can fuck,” he said.

“Yeah, sometime when your roommate isn’t entertaining,” I said.

By the time I got home I was regretting not letting the guy fuck me on one of the picnic tables. I could’ve handled him somehow, and my ass was rebelling, all itchy inside. There was an empty ache inside me, more than pain that I had endured with my first fuck, that I knew it would not go away.  The body healed itself, and being in such great shape, mine would rebound in no time and I would be ready for more.  The idea of being fucked again, especially by this young stud, scared me a little but I couldn’t help myself.  I had gotten past the pain on my virgin voyage, and I would again. Besides, I told myself, I had managed to get used to taking the older guy’s cock, I would have no fear of any man who wanted to fuck me, including the giant-cocked guy in the swimsuit.

“I have to get over it,” I said. “I know I’m gonna let him fuck me, eventually.”

A few days later Deck drove through again. He smiled when he saw me. “How’re you doing, Son? You okay?” he asked.

“Doing great. You?”

“Could be better,” he said.

“Oh? Something wrong?”

“Nothing that you couldn’t cure,” he said in a low tone.

“I’m at your beck and call, sir,” I said.  “Just tell me what you want.”

“I guess that means you want my order,” he said.

“For starters,” I said.

I took his order and me and another kid scurried around to fill it.  I told Deck what he owed and we went through the same little ritual in him paying and me handing him his order.

“Six thirty again?” he asked with a tight smile.

“I can’t tonight, I’m working till eleven,” I said.

“Well, come by when you get off work, I’ll probably still be awake.  If I’m not, just wake me.”


Later, the young stud came through. He wasn’t wearing a swimsuit, but he was wearing cargo shorts that rode up high, exposing his thick, muscular thighs, and no shirt.

“Hey, dude, you ready to try it?” he asked with a grin.

“Try what?” I asked, toying with him.

“You want me to spell it out right here?”

“No!” I said, laughing.

“What time do you get off, eleven again?” he asked.

“I get off any time I can,” I joked.

“I’ll be parked over under the tree,” he said.

I met the guy again after work.  We drove to the motel where the construction guys were staying.  I was more than a little surprised when he led the way up the stairs… room one-eighty-two!  He was roomies with Deck!

Inside, the one bed wasn’t made, same as before.

“You’ll have to forgive the mess. My Dad’s a real slob,” he said.


“Yeah, we’re both working at this site. He’s my foreman.  Don’t worry, he won’t be home for a while.  And if he does show up, that’s no sweat. We both know what’s going on. Hell, I’ve watched him going at it, and he’s watched me.”

“Man, that is cool as hell,” I said.  “Do you ever do things together?” I asked as my mind raced with the possibilities.

“No, but I would like to mix it up with him. He’s a total stud.”  He laughed softly. He told me about having a young kid here the other night who’d never been fucked. He was so excited that he got the kid’s cherry.  Kinda like I’m gonna be happy and excited to get yours.”

The End  

Posted: 12/04/09