Nicky's Naughty Night
 by: NSpencer

© 2008 by the Author


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Author's note: This story is pretty much fictional. It is based on a dream, about a person I cared for more than anyone else in the world. That person is no longer with us; he died in a car crash. This story and one of it's characters are dedicated to him. May he forever Rest In Peace. 


19TH AUGUST 1994 - 11TH MARCH 2008



It was a fairly warm autumn night and I had just walked out of my front door. I had no plans of going anywhere in particular I just really needed to get out of the house. My parents were in the middle of like their thousandth fight this week and to say that I was getting sick of it was a gross understatement. But then again I knew that there was really little that I could do about it. After all I am only sixteen years old and I was never completely sure of what they were fighting about. I suspected that my mother was having an affair with some other guy. While I have never really heard it mentioned, something in my gut told me that that was probably what it was all about.

My name by the way is Nicholas David Spencer. My parents call me Nicholas only when I'm in trouble. Otherwise they prefer the name Nick. Me I personally prefer either Nick or Nicky. As I mentioned earlier I am sixteen years of age. I live in a small suburb of Perth Western Australia. I have lived a pretty ordinary life. Nothing too fascinating has ever really happened to me. But I have a good group of friends, most of which I have had for a long time. I am a pretty average student at school, and I have a family while sometimes annoying they are generally good. I have three brothers, aged 19, 15 and 10, and a sister who is 23.

But of late my parents have been fighting a lot. And I don't just mean small fights. I mean they pick things up and throw them fight. Us kids try to stay out of the way as best we can. I normally just go to one of my friends' places. My parents have decided that it's okay for me to stay at a friend's house without asking them if they are fighting after I did it the fourth time. Sometimes my brothers do the same, or they just hide in their rooms. Daniel, the youngest one normally comes with me. I don't mind because he is a good kid. And I would rather him be safe with me than anywhere else. Danny is liked by most of my friends so I know that that's never going to be a problem.

So now DJ and I were standing at the top of our driveway as I thought of the best place to go. My immediate thought was that we should go to my best mate's place. Aaron was eighteen and for his birthday his parents gave him a house. It wasn't a mansion by any means but it was three bedrooms so he could always have friends over. I knew where he kept the spare key and he had said that any time my brothers or I needed a place to stay to just rock up even if he wasn't there. The only thing that made me think twice was the fact that I was pretty sure that he had said that he was going to be busy tonight. Danny made up my mind when he looked at me and said quietly, "We're going to A.K's." I just nodded my head and we started off.

Aaron only lived five minutes away from my house, As we walked along I wondered whether he was going to have a problem with us being there. I couldn't remember what it was that he had said that he was supposed to be doing tonight, but something in my gut said that maybe it was something major. But as we got closer I dismissed the feeling; if it turned out that we couldn't stay there the night then we would just have to find someone else. There had been two occasions in the past where we hadn't been able to find somewhere to stay and we hadn't wanted to go home. So DJ and I had ended up sleeping out for the night. At first I had been reluctant but DJ had been determined so I complied. I had ended up enjoying it.

Danny was really mature for his age. Although he still loved to goof around, he had a sense about him that outshone a couple of my other brothers. If any of my other brothers had asked to come with me when I stayed away from home I would have said yes. But Danny had been the only one to ask me. The first time that my parents fought really really bad, I had gone into my room. Then I called Aaron and he told me to come over. As I was leaving my room, DJ came out of the bathroom and had asked where I was going. When I told him he asked to come as well. I couldn't say no, and so began our night out.

We reached the driveway of Aaron's house and saw his little red hatchback was sitting in the driveway so I knew that he was at least at home. I breathed a little bit easier knowing at least that much. We walked up to the front door and knocked twice. When there was no reply I became slightly curious. Danny retrieved the spare key from the pot plant, and I slid the key into the lock and turned it gently. When I heard the door unlock I pushed it open and it creaked slightly as it opened onto the spacious living room. Every time I opened the front door to the house I got the impression of a wealthy family.

Once we had stepped in and I closed the door I listened trying to hear whether the water was running in the shower. When I could hear nothing I looked at Danny and could see that he was wondering the same thing. The thought that he may have gone for a walk down the street somewhere did occur to me, but deep down something about it didn't quite seem to agree with me. Then I heard a noise from above us, where the main bedroom was located, and I realized that he was in fact at home. I thought that maybe he had been taking a nap or something of the sort so I decided to go up to his room.

I indicated my intentions to my brother and he nodded and I thought he was going to stay downstairs but when I was halfway up I realized that he was in fact following me. I reached the top of the stairs and realized that there were strange noises emitting from my friend's room. The door to the room was slightly ajar and I could hear what sounded like moans. At first I thought he may not have been feeling well but then I realized that they were in fact moans of pleasure. A smile came across my face as I got more curious as to what was going on. I had a strong suspicion but it only made me more curious. I reached the door and peered in and was shocked at what I saw. I saw Aaron on the bed sucking on the dick of a boy who didn't look like he could be older then DJ.

To say that I was shocked was the understatement of the century. However, after a quick moment I realized that the more shocking thing was the fact that the sight didn't gross me out. I must have made a slight gasping sound or something of the sort because the boy who was facing the door suddenly opened his eyes and looked horrified as he spotted me. He opened his mouth to what I thought may have been let out a scream, but then he seemed to change his mind as a grin came across his face. I wasn't sure of the reason behind this, but as the boy closed his eyes again I realized that he must have been close to having an orgasm.

I considered barging into the room and demanding that Aaron tell me what was going on. But something inside told me not to. It told me instead that I should just watch and see what happened. The boy was moaning louder and louder until I heard him say. "Ah, AK." And then I saw his body shake as he let out a loud groan and then his body seemed to go limp. The young boy finally opened his eyes and again looked towards the door where we were standing. But this time Aaron saw the look and looked as well and was shocked to see our faces looking back at him. A look of panic seemed to flash across his face and then like the boy before him, a grin began to form on his lips.

I could only stand there in silence for a few moments until Danny lightly nudged me, indicating that he thought that I should go in. His boldness was more then a slight surprise to me, but I decided to be brave and I pushed open the door so that it opened into the sizable plush bedroom. Aaron and his companion were still both half-naked on top of the bed, but they were both now laying as AK had returned to normality. As Danny and I stood just inside the doorway, I had no idea of what I should say. Aaron it seemed was not in the least bit embarrassed about the situation that I had just found him in.

I was lost for words and was slightly thankful that Aaron decided to speak first. "Hey, Nick, DJ, howís it going. This is a friend of mine, Rhys." His attempt to act nonchalant didn't really work on me as I responded, "Um.. Hi Aaron. What the hell." Again a slight look of panic came over Aaron's face, but again it was replaced with a grin almost straight away. And it was a grin that I really didn't understand. "Okay, so that didn't work. Look, Nick, I will explain soon, Just please don't do anything rash." I knew exactly what he meant by that. And my immediate instinct had been to call somebody but there was still something holding me back.

I was fixed to the spot trying to decide what exactly it was that I should do. "Hey, AK, howís it going?" If I hadn't have seen Danny's lips moving I wouldn't have believed that he had spoken the words. When I looked at him as though he was crazy he shrugged and said. "What..... so we found him in bed with an eight-year-old." The way he said it almost made me laugh. The boy, Rhys, I think his name was, piped up with, "Hey, I'm eleven, not eight." Danny smiled slightly at Rhys. I was still unmoved as I looked between the other three occupants of the room. I thought about what my younger brother had just said. And then before I had a chance to say anything else, Danny looked at me and then as he lowered his eyes he said to me, "You know, before you say anything else maybe you should look down."

It was instantaneous. As soon as Danny finished speaking I realized exactly what he was talking about; it was, I assumed, the reason that both Aaron and Rhys had smiled after seeing me. I saw that I had a raging hard-on. This realization not only shocked me but it also scared me more than a little. No one spoke for several moments as I considered what this possibly meant. "Oh, come on, Nick, I had you spotted ages ago. I just was giving you time. I mean you already admitted to me that you were gay." This was true. I had come out to Aaron and a few others of my friends over the last year. Aaron had revealed to me that he was, also, shortly after I had stated this fact.

It was a secret that I had not only been scared by; it had at times left me wondering what kind of boys I went for. While I had never done anything with anyone more then three years younger then me. (When I was 14 I had sucked off my 11 year old cousin.) I started to question whether I had had what I would consider sexual thoughts towards someone a lot younger then me. After all, Rhys was seven years younger than him. My thoughts went to DJ. While I had never considered having sex with him, something in the back of my mind told me that maybe I had in fact wondered what it would be like to even just see him completely naked.

Aaron slowly got off of the bed and stood up and stretched. Even though I had seen him shirtless numerous times, right now it seemed as though I was seeing him in a whole new light. "Okay, I think it would be best if we went into the lounge room and had a talk. I need a drink anyway. Rhys pulled on his pants and the four of us moved downstairs and Aaron went into the kitchen to make us drinks, and as I walked past I saw that the time was only a quarter to seven. As we all took a seat in the living room I took a really good look at Rhys. He had dirty blond hair that was shaved really short with a small ratís tail at the back. He was slightly short for his age and had really babyish looks that made him look adorable.

When I realized what I had just thought, I think it became clear that maybe Aaron had in fact known me better even than I knew myself. It didn't help When I looked up at Aaron I got the impression that he could sense what was going on inside my head. "Okay, Nick, I don't know what to say. Maybe you should ask any questions that you have and then we will work from there." I nodded slightly as I thought of what question I should ask first. But I couldn't think beyond the obvious. "Well I guess I should start with, 'Who the hell is this?' " Rhys looked slightly taken aback by the question. As thought my tone had offended him. "Well, his name is Rhys. I met him a few months ago through work."

I was extremely confused. I knew that Aaron worked; he had never really clarified what it was that he did for work. But I knew that he was quite proud of it. But I was almost certain that he had mentioned dealing with kids. Especially in this way. "Okay, Aaron, you've never told me what it is that you do for work. I think it might help me understand better if you told me." I didn't know for sure whether this was true or not, but I wanted to know. Aaron seemed to consider what I had said for several moments. Then he seemed to finally reach a decision as he looked at Rhys. The younger boy hesitated for a moment before he nodded. "Okay, look, Nick, I'm training to become a youth worker. My training is mostly dealing with street kids at the moment."

I took a few moments to process this information. It kind of made sense to me, because he had always been good at dealing with kids. Now that I knew what his job was, I had a few other questions, but first I had to clear something up. "So, Rhys, does that mean that youíre on the streets." Rhys looked ashamed but he nodded all the same. I was initially going to ask him about it, but I could see the look on his face; so I decided to prolong that question. Instead, I turned my attention back to Aaron. "Okay, so you're training to be a youth worker, but how did you end up going from that to being in bed with an eleven-year-old?" Aaron's face looked guilty as he shared a look with Rhys.

After a few moments of silence. Rhys decided to answer the question for Aaron. "Well, it was basically that I liked Aaron and I'm bi-sexual. So I started flirting with him. And at first he basically ignored it, but then last week me and two other boys finally got him to fool around with us. And now he has most of the boys all over him." This disclosure of information made Aaron blush with embarrassment. And I was a little less surprised to realize that it had renewed my erection. I wasn't sure of what my next question should be, when suddenly Danny, who I had almost forgotten was there, spoke up. "So you mean to tell me that you go and hang with street kids, and then you have sex with some of them."

I expected DJ not to take this too well, but his tone when he asked this question made me look at Aaron. Neither of us seemed to be sure of what his tone had meant. It hadn't been spoken with venom, or even real distaste, but almost a slight curiosity. Aaron smiled at my little brother and said. "Well, itís not exactly like that, but, yes, I work with the street kids, and, yes, some of them I have fooled around with." Danny got a really weird look on his face as he thought about it. Then he shocked everyone by saying, "That really sux." Everyone looked at each other not sure how to react, but then DJ finished his sentence. "Why canít I do that as well?"

The look on my face must have been priceless. Had my little brother really just said what I think he did? Rhys was actually the first one to respond. He had a massive grin on his face as he looked at Danny. "You mean that you would like having sex with boys." DJ didn't even hesitate in the slightest as he replied. "Well, yeah, I mean me and Jimmy have fooled around a little bit. I want to see what else I can do." Again my jaw was dragging along the ground. Aaron couldn't seem to keep the smile off of his face as he said. "Damn, little man. I would never have guessed." He wasn't the only one. But again the thought of him and his little friend fooling around had me really, really hot.

I took a long swig of my drink. (It was only coke, unfortunately.) I had a feeling things were never going to be the same after tonight. "So anyway I assume that you guys are here cause your parents are brawling again." Rhys' eyebrows raised at the sound of this. I wasn't sure that I liked his reaction, but then I realized that it may have had something to do with the reason why he was homeless. "Yeah, they started at about half past five. God knows what it was about this time. But I decided that me and Danny had better leave. Here, was the obvious choice, but I had a feeling that you were busy tonight." Aaron looked at me a bit strangely.

Then almost as an after-thought, he remembered something. "Oh, yeah, I have to go into the city for work tonight." Both of us seemed to look at Rhys at the same moment. Then I let out a laugh. At first Aaron was confused, and then he caught on and said while grinning, "You dirty, dirty mind. I go in on Wednesday nights and buy the kids some dinner and talk to them.Ē There was an obvious pause but he decided not to say anymore. Then he changed his tact. "You guys are more than welcome to stay here. But I wonít be back until about three in the morning." Rhys, I suddenly realized, had moved closer to Danny on the couch. To the innocent eye it would have appeared like nothing. But I had a feeling it hadnít been nothing.

DJ seemed a bit fascinated by the other boy. I looked at Aaron, ignoring what was going on. "Thanks for that. And I am sorry that we walked in like we did." Aaron seemed to be watching the boys out of the corner of his eye as he grinned back at me. "That's all good, dude. Iíve told you that you guys are welcome here anytime that you need it." I smiled at him but I couldn't help but turn my head to where DJ and Rhys were sitting. I was only slightly surprised to see Rhys resting his hand on my brotherís leg. Danny for his part didn't seem to be minding it in the slightest. But then Rhys suddenly looked at Aaron and said. "Hey, Aaron, can I talk to you for a moment?" Aaron nodded and the pair got up and moved into the kitchen and closed the door.

I looked at my brother and he had a slight look of disappointment on his face, at what I assumed was the fact that Rhys had left. "Hey, bro, you doing okay?" I asked him in a quiet voice. He looked up at me, and I could sense that something had changed in him. He was no longer the innocent boy I had always taken him to be. He was now a sexy little bugger who possibly liked boys. "Yeah, Nicky, I'm okay. But......." He seemed reluctant to finish his sentence.


I just smiled at him. "I think Rhys likes you." The smile on his face broadened as he thought about what I had said. But it seemed as though there was something else on his mind. But I didn't have to worry as he finished. "Do you reckon we could go to work with AK." I certainly hadn't expected that, but the idea did certainly have its appeal.

Our thoughts were interrupted by the kitchen door reopening, and Rhys stepping out.. he looked at me and said. "Aaron said for you to come and talk to him." And then he sat back down on the couch next to Danny. I got up and looked to make sure that my brother was okay before I walked into the kitchen and closed the door behind me. Aaron was seated on top of the marble kitchen bench. I walked up and slid onto it next to him. Aaron was peeling a banana as he looked at me and said quietly. "Look, Rhys suggested that I ask if you and Danny were interested in coming into work with us. I think you would really enjoy it."

I could barely stop myself from laughing as I said, "You know what? Danny just asked me the same question." Aaron was only slightly surprised by this revelation. We both stared at the kitchen door for a moment as I thought about the decision ahead of me. It wasnít that I didnít think that we would have a great time. I was a bit worried about Danny being out in the city that late at night. I had heard some true horror stories about what went on. Aaron seemed to sense my worry and he said, "Look, he will be safe out there. Iíve never been in danger. The street kids look after me." I nodded and thought about it some more. Then finally I decided to take a chance, based on the fact that it should be fun. "Okay, Aaron, we will come, too.Ē Aaron looked delighted; we opened the kitchen door to tell the boys, but found then in a full lip-lock.


* * * * * *


So, a little under two hours later, I found myself walking down the main street of Perth with Aaron, Rhys, and my little brother. I still couldnít believe that I was here and what I was going to be doing. While I wasnít entirely ignorant to the fact that there were homeless people in the city, I didnít know that there was as many as Aaron had let me in on. He hadnít told me a lot; he said that he wanted to leave it for a surprise. It was a surprise that I wasnít too sure about. But I had already decided that I was willing to take this risk -- just this once. I knew that if it ever got too dangerous there was always a train station just down the road. I figured that DJ and I would be fine.

When Danny and Rhys had heard that we were going to tag along for the night, they could barely contain their excitement. While I didnít really think it would change anything for Rhys, this would probably completely blow my brother's mind. I had made sure that Danny knew that he couldnít mention anything that happened tonight to anyone. Especially our parents. Danny had looked at me as though I had gone insane when I had mentioned this. "Are you crazy, tell mum and dad. Theyíd kill us." He had said it almost laughing. I grinned and rubbed the top of his head. I would never look at my baby brother the same again no matter what happened tonight.

We were walking along William street. Aaron had explained to us that there was a 24-hour Maccas* there. This was the regular hangout for people who were homeless. It didnít really surprise me that they would hang out in a 24-hour store. However, I was slightly surprised that the managers let them stay there. It was a reasonably warm night, but I had brought a jacket because I was sure that it would get colder later. Even as we walked along the street, I could see that there were a lot of people out and about, considering it was a Wednesday night and it was just after ten. I guess I didnít really know what I was about to get myself into. But I trusted Aaron with my life, but more importantly I was trusting him with my brother's.

We reached the front of McDonalds; any idea that I had went straight out of the window. When we were less then ten meters away, I heard a high pitched voice call, "Aaron." Then I saw a little boy run through a group of passers-by. He looked to be about the same age as Rhys. He had long black hair. Aaron looked up at the boy and smiled. They shared a hug as Aaron said, "Hey, Jesse. Howís things?" The boy had stopped and was looking at me. "Who's that?" Aaron looked at me, and smiled as he unlatched himself from Jesse. "This is my friend, Nick, and his brother, Danny. Guys, this is Jesse."

I went to shake the boy's hand, but instead of shaking it, he slapped it, in what I assumed was their way of greeting. "Whatís up man?" We had started walking the short distance left to Maccas. When we arrived Jesse raced inside as we said hello to a few of the people who were sitting out the front. They were mostly aboriginal. And I could see that a few of them were sniffing something that smelled like paint. I looked at Aaron who only shrugged. Danny seemed to be looking at the bottle of paint with what I could only assume was disgust. We moved away from the group slowly as Jesse re-emerged from the restraint accompanied by another boy who looked to be about the same age, and a boy who looked about fifteen or sixteen.

The boys all walked up and hugged Aaron. When he introduced them to me and Danny, they looked at us curiously before slapping our hands. The older boy I noticed seemed to linger on Danny slightly. His name was Jason, he was just shorter then me and had brown curly hair that looked like it had been shaved recently. The younger boy, Liam, had a buzz cut. It was light blonde and he was wearing no shirt... He had pants on that were about 2 sizes too small for him. It made him look exceptionally hot. I tried not too look too hard but I was pretty sure that he spotted me looking. But he didnít say anything; he just gave me a slight smile.

Aaron asked the boys whether they were hungry. Which got an automatic chorus of yeahís. So I followed Aaron and his little following into the store. Inside it was reasonably busy. As Aaron and I stood in line Rhys and the others led Danny over to the side of the dining room to where there were a coupe of empty tables. Danny seemed to be comfortable with these boys. Which I was happy about. Aaron and I stood in silence just watching them as we made our way through the line. Finally, after a few minutes, he turned to me and said, "So, what do you think?" I thought it was way too soon to ask that question, but I also wanted to be honest so I said, "Yeah, itís okay; there are more kids than I expected. But itís not as scary as I expected."

Aaron laughed at what I had said, as a guy who looked to be about 19 or 20 walked up behind Aaron and tapped him on the shoulder. Aaron turned around. "Hey, Patrick, howís it going?" The pair shook hands and then Aaron introduced me. This time we shook hands properly. Once they had shared a few more words that I didnít really understand, Pat moved over to where the boys were sitting. There was something about him that made me feel slightly uneasy. Aaron turned and whispered to me, "He can be trouble. I try to keep the boys away from him." I looked at him, he was being serious. I looked at him curiously. I needed to know what he meant, because this guy was talking to Danny.

Aaron saw my look. "Donít worry, Danny is fine. Just donít let him go with him." This would never have been a possibility anyway but I still wanted to know what Aaron meant by 'this guy was trouble'. "Why is that guy trouble?" Aaron hesitated for a few seconds, while he thought about his answer before finally saying in a slightly hushed tone, "Well, he gets the other boys to do crimes with him; mostly it's breaking into businesses and cars." I couldnít believe what I had just heard. "But if thatís the case, why donít you stop the boys from going with him." Again he looked at me for a few seconds before he began to explain. "Look itís not that simple, I canít try to tell these boys what to do. They wonít listen and I will lose their friendship. I can only try to advise them on what they should and shouldnít do."

We reached the counter and Aaron ordered meals for everyone, including me and Danny. While we were waiting for the food, I asked the question that was burning inside me. "So do the boys stay with you until you leave or do they go off and do their own thing?" Aaron turned around and looked over at the group of boys who were huddled together, including Danny. But Patrick was no longer with them. I noticed that he was now standing outside having a cigarette. "It's up to them. Sometimes they stay with me the whole night. Sometimes they get something to eat and then leave, sometimes coming back but not always. It doesnít matter to me that much. I just want to make sure that they eat something."

I nodded as our food was handed over to us. I grabbed one bag while Aaron grabbed the other. As we started walking towards the group, Jason got up and grabbed the drinks and bought them to the table. Once we were all seated, Aaron handed around the food and we started to eat. While we were seated I looked around at the group. Danny was on my right, Liam was on my left, Aaron was next to him. Then on the other side of the table Rhys was sitting opposite Danny, Jason was across from me and finally there was Jesse. I noticed that there seemed to be an exchange between Danny and Rhys under the table. I wasnít sure of what it was, but I felt safe that it wasnít anything dangerous.

As we continued to eat in silence, the number of people in the store slowly decreased. Finally the silence was broken by Aaron. "So what are you boys up to tonight?" Jason looked at the rest of the boys.. He appeared to me as though he was the leader of the group, or at least as close to a leader as these boys could have. "I donít really know, we'll probably go for a cruise through Northbridge later on." He looked at Danny for a few seconds. The look was in no way threatening and it made me smile. Danny however seemed slightly distracted by Rhys. Aaron looked across at the three boys, and then he looked at me and we shared a small smile.

Once we were finished our meals, I excused myself to go to the toilet. I walked in and saw a disabled toilet and a menís toilet. The menís had a sign on it saying that it was out of order. So I had to use the disabled. I whipped out my penis and was pissing when I sensed movement behind me. I had forgotten to lock the door. I was shocked to see Liam standing at the door. I wasnít sure of what to say or do. We stood there looking at each other, I had finished pissing, and I just stood there with my dick out. Liam had his eyes fixed on my meat as he licked his lips. I decided before this got out of hand to put an end to it. I zipped up and flushed the button. Liam looked disappointed, but he followed me out all the same.

When we got back to the rest of the group, Aaron looked straight at me with a slight confused look. I sat back down next to Danny and Liam resumed his seat next to me. But this time he leaned on me slightly. I wasnít sure whether any one else noticed it. No one said anything. I poked Danny in the side. He looked at me. "You okay." He just smiled at me and nodded. I could tell that there was something between him and Rhys. Danny had his hands under the table and when I had a quick look they were resting on Rhys' leg. Rhys on the other hand, excuse the pun, had his right foot rubbing against Danny's legs.

Aaron again looked at me questioningly. I shrugged and he frowned. "Iím going out for a cigarette." This was met by a chorus of the kids wanting one as well. Aaron grinned and we all got up and moved outside. Once we were outside, Aaron handed out the cigarettes and then he pulled me aside so that no one else could hear. "What happened?" I could have played dumb but I knew exactly what he meant by that comment. I shrugged my shoulders again. "Iím not going to do anything in the Maccas toilets." Aaron smiled and nodded. We both looked at Liam, who was sitting on a bench with Jason and Danny. Liam saw us looking and smiled. "But you like him, right?" It was more a statement then a question. I simply nodded. "Okay; well, itís easy to get you somewhere that you can have fun."

We made our way back over to the group and Jesse said to us. "Were gonna go for a walk for a little while. You guys want to come?" Liam instantly got my attention and I could tell from his look that he didnít want me to go. Aaron looked at me. "I'll come; do you want to go, Nick?" I looked thoughtful for a moment. "Nah. I might stay here. I need another drink." I looked at DJ to see what he wanted to do. He looked between me and Rhys, but Rhys answered it for him when he said, "Iím gonna stay here as well." I smiled as Danny instantly nodded his head. Aaron smiled at all of us. "Okay; well, we'll be back in a little while." I nodded and the group headed off. Jason I noticed lingered a little. Then Aaron wrapped an arm around his shoulders.

As I turned to the other three boys, I wasnít entirely sure of what I should say or do; I had never been in this kind of situation before. Liam took the initiative as he said, "Letís go for a walk down to the foreshore." At first the idea of going to the foreshore scared me. But the look that Liam gave me told me that it would be fine. It only took Rhys and Danny a moment to agree, so after another moment of thought I decided that this kid wasnít going to get me into trouble so I strutted him. So with one more look back into Maccas, I saw that no one was really paying attention. When I was sure that we hadnít drawn any unwanted attention I placed an arm around Danny and Liamís shoulders and we started off.

As we were walking along William Street I noticed that the air had gotten slightly colder. It was still okay, but I knew it wouldnít be long until I was cold. Liam, I noticed, was shivering slightly because he was still shirtless, and only had shorts on. I asked him, "Liam, where is your shirt. You must be freezing." He grinned cheekily up at me. I thought I understood what that smile meant even before he explained it. I couldnít help but smile a little as the boy closed the gap between us a little more, trying, it seemed, to get some of my body warmth. I hugged him closer so as to help. "You know, I lost it somewhere along the line tonight, and I donít have another one. You can lend me yours if you want." I was tempted, but I didnít want to walk around the city without a shirt, so I just hugged him as close as I could while still walking comfortably.

We reached the foreshore, I wasnít entirely sure where we were supposed to be going. I spent very little time in the city, especially this late at night. But I followed the boys as they made their way towards the water. When we were about five meters away from the water, Liam opened the backpack that he had been carrying on his back, and pulled out a rug. I assumed it was what he used to keep warm while sleeping. He placed it onto the grass and spread it out. Danny looked at me slightly surprised. I knew what he was thinking, but then as soon as it was out, he sat down on it, half laying with his head near where Rhys had just sat down.

I looked around us, to see whether there were many people about. There was a small group of people about across the road but they werenít within eyesight. Liam was lying on the blanket looking up at me with eyes that told me he knew what he wanted. I looked down at him, and then at Rhys and Danny and finally decided that this was going to happen, and it was time for me to start enjoying it. Liam was starting to look worried, as he realized that I must have been having second thoughts. Rhys was running his hand over one of my brother's legs. I smiled when Danny looked up at me, and finally I placed myself on the rug so that I was lying with my head inches away from Liam's.

It only took a second and Liam leaned forward and placed his lips on mine. I didnít even hesitate as I returned the kiss. It felt so awesome; his lips were so soft and tender, and he expressed feeling beyond his years as he ran his tongue across my parting lips. As we swapped spit for a few moments, I could think of nothing else except for how glad I was that I had decided to come along. As I lost myself in our kiss, I glanced out of the corner of my eye that Danny and Rhys were also lip-locked. I couldnít help but smile as Liam and I released ourselves for air. It was incredible just to be here with these three boys.

All my thought processes were put on hold when I felt Liam's small hand fall onto my lap. He was wasting no time. I looked down as I felt my already half-hard penis become fully erect. When Liam felt it, he sighed in what I hope was pleasure. Just the feel of his hand had me trembling slightly. It took me a few seconds before I realized that I was supposed to be doing something. I ran my left hand up his leg, feeling the skinny legs and thighs until it reached the bottom of his pants. I could see a lump had definitely formed in his crotch and as my hand ran over the crotch of his shorts I felt his stiffness.

I leaned back towards him and kissed him lightly as we continued to grope each other through our pants. As our lips and tongues continued to intertwine, I slid my hand to the waist of his shorts and after barely a moment of thought I slid it inside. The warmth in his shorts was beautiful and I felt the hairless groin area as my hand made its way towards its goal. By the time my hand had made it to Liamís hairless balls, he had my zipper down and he slid my pants down slightly to free my boxers. My cock was tenting out the garment severely. I slid his shorts down with one of my hands while the other one was firmly holding onto his little three inches of boyhood.

Once he had my five inches out we both just grinned at each other, as I took a few moments to soak in how beautiful he was. And to say he was beautiful would have to be my biggest understatement to date. He had barely an ounce of fat on him but he was slightly short for his age. But he was the epitome of cute. I ran my tongue lightly over his cheek. As soon as I did it, I thought it would freak him out, but he giggled and planted a quick kiss on my lips. It was such a sweet kiss. As our hands continued to play with each other's penises, I was shivering and it had nothing to do with the temperature of the night.

After we shared a final kiss, Liam slowly slid down my body so that he was in a semi-crouching position. As soon as I realized what he was doing, I held my breath slightly. Even though I had decided that this was going to happen, this was going to be the point of no return. Up until now, we had only kissed. But now if his lips touched my cock I was probably a marked man. But when I felt his breath on my crotch I realized that none of that mattered. I could feel myself already on the edge even before he did anything. This whole situation was blowing my mind. Words canít even describe what happened when he wrapped those luscious lips around the head of my dick.

I couldn't help but moan as he slid his lips over my head and started to slip lower. I was amazed at the fact that he was able on the second down stroke to take my entire length into his mouth. The warmth was incredible. I had had plenty of head-jobs before, but this was incredible. I still had my hand on his penis and I was lightly jacking it as he sucked. But I knew that I needed it in my mouth. It was only a matter of half a minute or so until I was shaking and moaning into my arm, trying to keep the noise down at least a little bit. "Oh, god...... Liam, oh, ah, aw..."

I couldnít string words together, but then I felt a surge building up in my balls. "Liam, Iím gonna...." I couldnít even finish the warning as I sprayed a massive load of boy juice into his eager mouth.

Liam didn't spill a drop as he swallowed it all. The sight of him swallowing my seed was incredible. My hand on his dick had stropped moving while I was shooting. But as soon as I recovered my breath, I rolled myself over and around so that Liam's cock dropped into my waiting mouth. The taste drove me insane. He tasted like sweat and boy aromas. It was enough to make me rise slightly again. I put the whole thing in my mouth and started to swirl my tongue all over the head and the skin. My mouth was savouring the taste of this boy-treat. He instantly started writhing on the rug as he moaned loudly. The sound alone I thought might have been enough to draw attention. But luckily there was no one nearby.

It didnít take long and I knew he was getting close to his own orgasm so I decided to try something. I put my hands under his legs just below his ass cheeks. I gently rolled them up; Liam seemed to realize what I was doing. He helped me to raise his legs so that they were resting on his chest. I soon had a perfect view of his tiny arse. It was perfect, slightly red, either from a rash or possibly from a cock. I pulled his cheeks aside gently and then, looking at his pucker, I didnít take a second thought as I slid my tongue into the little hole. Liam nearly squealed in pleasure. I drove my tongue in and out as he squirmed more and more.

His arse tasted incredible. I had my mouth attached to his arse for a full minute before I had to release. But when I did, I knew that he was more than ready for something other than a tongue to be up there. But that thought made me slightly nervous. Everything we had done was fine, but could we really get away with intercourse without getting caught. Liam looked up at me and saw the look. He smiled at me and whispered. "We'd better not; I donít want you to get caught and you get into trouble." I nodded again surprised by his maturity. I instantly sank my mouth back onto his penis. It took a total of five seconds when he was shaking and moaning as he had a climax. It was mostly dry; I felt a drop of sweet semen. When I mentioned this, Liam told me it was the first time that he had ever shot.

Once I returned to lying next to Liam I looked over to where my brother and Rhys were and found them in a similar state to us. Rhys had his pants around his ankles, Danny was completely bottomless and had his shirt wrapped around his neck. My baby brother was beautiful. Both boys had obviously been engaged in oral as their dicks were damp. Rhys, I noticed, had what I thought was a hickey on his neck. I couldnít believe it -- DJ had given a boy a hickey!

I looked at the three boys once we were all dressed properly. Liam had his arm wrapped around my waist. Rhys and Danny were standing next to each other. Rhys looked at DJ and then they both giggled. "Shall we head back, then?" All three boys agreed and we made our way back towards Maccas.


* * * * * *


By the time we reached Maccas it was a little after midnight. When we got back, the rest of the crew werenít there. At first, I was worried that they had gotten back and didnít know where we were, so they had gone looking for us. But that fear was dispelled when Rhys went into Maccas and asked one of the guys that was sitting in there. His name was Ryan; it turned out that he spent a lot of time there. He told us that the group had come back, but that Aaron had said they were going to pick someone up and that they would be back soon. Feeling relieved about that, I asked the boys if they wanted something to drink, so I bought a round of cokes and we sat down on the steps to wait for them to return.

While we were sitting on the steps, the boys started to talk a bit about themselves. Rhys had been homeless for nearly two years. He had been in a hostel, but he told me that he got abused, both physically and sexually -- abused by staff and other kids there. When I heard this I was horrified. How could this go on without anyone knowing about it? He still didnít tell me why he was homeless. But I didnít press the issue. Liam told me that 10 months ago his parents and his younger brother died in a car crash. I was upset. He told me that they had tried to put him in a hostel, but he had broken the rules and been thrown out. He told me that he preferred to be out here at night anyway. I was surprised by this, but then again I had been shocked by a lot tonight.

Danny looked up at me from where he had been leaning against me. "Can I talk to you?" I looked at him and nodded, we got up and walked towards an alleyway that was next to Maccas. When we were away from everyone else I asked him, "Whatís up, DJ?" He looked quickly back towards the other boys before he said, "Look; can Rhys come back with us?" I wasnít entirely surprised by the question. I had been considering the same thing for Liam. But there was one major obstacle.. "I canít answer that; we're staying at Aaron's, remember. Itís up to him; not me." Danny looked disappointed at this so I added. "Iím sure he wonít mind. Just ask him."

The smile returned to his face instantly. We were still looking at Liam and Rhys when he said, "Do you think he likes me?" Now that question did surprise me. I would have thought that the answer had been made obvious. But looking at Danny's face I could tell that he was being serious. I looked at Rhys as though I was thinking, "Look, bro, I would say that Iím certain he is. Iíve seen how he looks at you. I'd say that he has it bad." The grin on his face could have split it in half. I grinned at him, as I realized that I thought the same could be said for Liam. Or at least I was pretty sure that it could be. Danny seemed to read my mind. "Trust me; Liam, likes you. He told us earlier."

Suddenly our conversation was interrupted by the sound of Jason talking to someone, indicating that the group was returning. As they reached where we were, Aaron stopped and looked at us. Once the rest of the group had moved into Maccas he said quietly, "Everything okay?" He looked slightly concerned. I looked at Danny who was still grinning. And then I turned to AK and said, "Hell, yeah, they couldnít be better." Aaron broke out in a grin. He whispered into my ear, "So, you got him then." I could only nod. Then he looked at DJ and seemed to hesitate for a second before he smiled and said, "How was Rhys?" At first Danny blushed, then he smiled and said, "A lot better than Jimmy." All three of us laughed at that as we got up and started back towards Maccas.

When we got back into Maccas, I realized that Jesse had left the group somewhere in their travels, but I discovered that they had acquired a newcomer. The new boy was fifteen and had brown hair that was shoulder length. He had a killer smile, that as soon as I saw it I knew that this was a cool kid. His name was Dylan. Dylan, I learnt, was new to the streets, had only been homeless for a couple of weeks. He stayed at the same hostel that Liam did, except he spent a little more time there than Liam did. Dylan asked if he could get something to eat. I paid for it this time and as I did Dylan stood in the line with me.

It only took us about five minutes to reach the front of the line this time. But in that time I learnt a little bit about the boy. His parents divorced three years ago because it was discovered that his dad had been sexually abusing Dylan and his two little brothers. They had lived with their Mum, but now she was suffering from cancer. So the state had decided to put his brothers in the care of their grandparents, but they couldnít handle Dylan, so he had, in turn, been made a ward of the state. I noticed that talking about this, especially when it was about his brothers, Dylan got slightly teary-eyed.

Once I had placed the order I said, "That sux man. Do you get to see youíre brothers?" At first he didnít respond. He was silent and seemed to be staring off into space. But then he shook his head sadly. "Nah, my grandparents donít want me to see them." I was about to ask more questions when our food arrived and he said, "Look can we not talk about it." I nodded and we sat back down at a table with the rest of the group. I sat down next to Danny. I placed my arm around his shoulders, he smiled up at me. Rhys, who was sitting along side of him, was just within my arm's reach, so I gently rubbed him on the back. At first he was a bit surprised by this but then he just smiled and enjoyed the attention.

On the other side of the table, Aaron was in a whispered conversation with Jason, while Dylan had taken a seat opposite me and was starting to eat his food. Liam, I noticed, was missing, but as soon as I realized this I saw him walk out of the toilet and head towards the table. He took a seat on the other side of me. He snuggled up as close to me as close as possible. We were sitting there for several moments in silence. I looked to where Aaron was still talking to Jason; the conversation seemed to be slightly heated. I couldnít hear what was being said, but I could see that Jason wasnít happy about something. He occasionally was looking towards other boys in the group; I wasnít sure which ones.

Finally, after nearly five minutes, Jason got up and after saying a quick goodbye to everyone, he left. Aaron looked slightly upset. I caught his eye and mouthed, 'You okay?' He frowned and then gestured for me to follow him. We walked outside; Aaron asked the boys to stay inside. Once we were alone I turned to him and said, "Okay, what was that all about?Ē Aaron led me around the corner so that we were heading along one of the major malls. "Jason is upset because I had sex with Rhys earlier on today." I was slightly confused. Why would he be upset by that? From what I understood, Aaron had done it with all of the boys at least once.

Aaron looked at me as I was trying to figure it out. "Youíve got to understand that Jason has the hots for me. A lot worse than the other boys do. Iíve known this all along." I understood a little bit better now. But there were still a few things that didnít make sense. But it was decided for me when Aaron chose to change the subject. "So did you have fun with Liam?" I couldnít help but smile, it was something I was getting used to whenever someone mentioned his name. "My god, do I ever.... hopefully it wouldn't be the last time." That comment had several purposes. Aaron, however, made a comment that surprised me. "You should be warned that thatís not a certainty."

I couldnít hide my confusion, as I tried to figure out what he had meant by that. "How do you mean?" Aaron frowned at me slightly as we took a seat in the mall. "These kids donít play by our rules." I waited for a further explanation; Aaron had paused as a couple of people walked past us. Once he was sure that they could no longer hear us, he turned back to me. "These are street kids youíre dealing with here. Iíve learnt that the things that they do at night are quite different to what they do during the day." I still wasnít sure, but I had an idea of what he may have been talking about. But if I was, in fact, right, I didnít think I'd like this. But I didnít have to ask anything, because before I could, Aaron finished his explanation. "They love to play around, but I hope that you know theyíre not going to go for any sort of relationship or anything like that."

While I hadnít thought of anything quite like that, I had a feeling that that wasnít all that he was talking about. "So, Aaron, what youíre trying to say is, that after tonight, chances are Liam won't be interested." I couldnít hide the disappointment in my voice. I had realized that I really liked this boy. Aaron, however, quickly tried to console me. "Look; itís not a guarantee, but Iíve seen it happen over the last few weeks. Basically these kids are horny, they like to play, and most of them claim to be bi. But the thing is, during the day when theyíre with their other friends, you canít act like anything happened. Otherwise, these kids will hate you. So, we keep it a secret, and so do they."

I was deep in thought when I saw Danny round the corner of the mall and walking alongside of him was Dylan. Both boys smiled when they saw us. Danny came up and sat down between us placing an arm around my waist. "Hey, little bud, how you doing?" Danny yawned slightly, and then blushed. I looked at my watch and saw that it was nearly two in the morning. "Yeah, bro, Iím okay; just tired." Aaron looked at us and then looked at Dylan. Dylan was a good looking kid, slightly chubby, but otherwise he was cute. Right now, he was standing there looking slightly unsure of what he should do.

Aaron broke away from looking at Dylan, and looking back at me and DJ he asked, "Well, do you want to see if Rhys wants to come back to my place again tonight?" After the conversation that Aaron and I had just had, I was surprised by this question. It seemed as though that would only end up hurrying my brother. But Aaron saw my look and said. "Look; Iím pretty sure that that rule doesnít apply for those two. Iíve seen the look in Rhys' eyes. He has the hots for DJ. And, correct me if Iím wrong, but Iím pretty sure that Danny feels the same way." I didnít even have to look as I knew Danny was confirming it. "So, if you want him to, you can go ask." Danny was beaming as he jumped up and started moving quickly.

The three of us watched him leave, then, when I turned back to the other two, I was shocked to see Dylan sitting on Aaron's lap. At first I thought it was some sort of joke, but then AK leaned in and kissed the boy's lips. Once they broke the kiss Aaron laughed at my face. "There are exceptions to the rule. Dylan is my boyfriend. Arenít you, babe?" As if to answer the question, Dylan leant back and kissed Aaron again. I was again slightly confused, a feeling, however, that I was getting used to. "But..... What about Rhys." I expected a question from Dylan, but instead I got an explanation. "We both like to fool around with the boys, and we allow it, but in the end, heís mine and Iím his." I couldnít help but smile. They looked so cute together.

Aaron untangled himself from Dylan. "Shall we go and say goodbye and then head home." I nodded my head and Dylan stood up. We walked back to Maccas. Once we were inside we walked to where the boys were still sitting. Aaron announced that we were leaving. At the sound of this, Liam looked at me pleadingly. I decided that I needed to talk to him. So I indicated for him to come to the back. He looked upset and then got up, and we walked into the darkness so that we could have some peace and quiet. "Look, Liam, I like you; but I donít think itís a good idea for you to come with us." Liam looked like he was about to cry. "Is it because you think Iím going to back out."

I frowned; I wasnít sure what it was really. So what if after tonight things changed. Couldnít we enjoy the rest of tonight. Liam looked at me and said, "Look; I donít know what will happen tomorrow. But tonight I want to be with you." I sighed; well, if Aaron and Dylan could last a week, could we last a night? I made my decision and looked up to find Aaron looking at me. He must have read my mind because he shrugged and mouthed, 'Okay; bring him back.' I grinned as I turned back to Liam and said. "Okay; say bye to the others." He leapt into my arms and hugged me tightly. He looked as though he was about to kiss me but I had to turn away. The last thing I needed was the staff seeing and calling the cops. Liam understood and we walked back to the group to say goodbye.


* * * * * * *


The six of us crammed into Aaron's car. Aaron and I were in the front seats, while Danny ended up basically sitting in Rhys' lap. Liam and Dylan were talking in hushed voices; they occasionally let out a giggle. I wondered what they were talking about, but Aaron was keeping me talking so I didnít spend too much time thinking about it. He was telling me a few stories about things that had happened since he had started working on the streets. The one I was most interested in was how he and Dylan had managed to start a relationship. He told me that only some of the boys knew about it. Rhys was the first to find out.

I looked over my shoulder and it looked as though the boys had fallen asleep. Danny looked so peaceful with Rhys. It was as though they were meant for each other. I turned back to Aaron and said, "But, how did you and Dylan start." Aaron grinned a little as it seemed he started remembering. "Well, I met Dylan two weeks ago, and ... I donít know ... there was just something. I mean Rhys and the a few of the others had been trying to get me for a while. But there was something about when Dylan made an attempt it took everything I had to say no. But then, after a couple of days, it was just me and Dylan down the foreshore. And I donít know how else to explain it other then that my resistance ended."

I couldnít believe what I was hearing. All this time I would never have been able to guess what Aaron was doing. "But Rhys said that he and a few other boys...Ē Aaron grinned at this, and I realized before he even said it, what his response was going to be. "Look; Rhys only found out about me and Dylan by accident. He walked out the back of Maccas just after I had sucked him off. I was fully clothed; Rhys used the opportunity and he and Dylan and I had sex. He thinks that was the first time." He gave a small laugh. I had an image flash across my mind of those three having sex behind Maccas. It was an image that gave me an instant boner.

I grinned at Aaron as we turned into his street. "So, you get any boy you want, and after it all, you have a boyfriend." I couldnít suppress how impressed I was. Aaron looked at me and grinned, but then after a moment, he frowned slightly... ďI can get almost any boy I want. There is one that I want that I havenít gotten yet." I was going to ask about it. But then he pulled into his driveway and it was time for us to wake the boys up. I got out of the front seat and opened the door next to Liam. I smiled as I planted a kiss on his soft lips. It took only a second for him to wake up but the look on his face had me worried.

He looked slightly horrified, and I thought of what Aaron had told me earlier. But then, thankfully, the look disappeared as he focused and saw that it was me. He hugged me tightly around the neck as I lifted him out of the car. Aaron had managed to get my brother and Rhys out, and he was now shaking Dylan awake. Once we were all out of the car we made our way towards the front door. Dylan had his arm wrapped around AK's waist. I was still holding Liam in my arms while Danny and Rhys were helping each other to move. It was pitch black except for the spotlight that was shining down on us. It occurred to me that if any neighbour had seen us, it would have looked really strange.

Once we were all inside and the front door was finally closed and locked, Liam sighed and leant down and kissed me passionately. I could do nothing except fall back and lean on the wall. I was so lost in the kiss that I didnít realize the other four were watching us. When we finally broke for air, I looked around and blushed. This made Liam and the other boys laugh. Aaron just smiled at me knowingly. We all moved into the kitchen and we sat down at the bench while Aaron made us all drinks. This time, though, he pulled a bottle of Jim Beam out of the cupboard and poured a drink for me, Dylan, and himself. The other boys protested slightly but then ceased and received their cokes.

Once we were all seated at the table, Aaron looked at us all and said in a quiet voice, ďWell, look; Iím not entirely sure how this is going to work. As you guys know I only have two rooms that are available." I knew that Aaron was currently using the third room as a storage room for one of his brothers, who was between houses. It just made it easier on his brother. I understood what Aaron was getting at and it wasnít something that I had considered. We all sat in silence for a few moments thinking of what the best thing to do was. Then Danny surprised me by saying, "Well, I mean, youíve got two beds in the other room don't you."

Aaron nodded his head slowly as I thought I knew where Danny was heading. "Well, I mean, why donít us four just sleep in the same room." Aaron looked instantly at me. I wasnít sure how I should react. But I figured that after everything that had happened tonight this wasnít really going to mean anything to me. After all, Danny and Rhys had been at the foreshore when Liam and I had done it. In fact, the idea of us all having sex in the same room kind of excited me. I looked at Liam and saw that he had a grin on his face, so I knew that he was okay with the idea. "Well, yeah, if it's okay with you guys, Iím fine with it."

So it was settled, we continued to drink at the table, the bourbon was exactly what I needed after the night that I had had. Now that I saw Dylan and Aaron in their element, I could see that there was a really strong bond between the two of them. Liam, I discovered, hadnít known about the relationship until we had arrived here. He took it extremely well, but Aaron still wasnít revealing that it had in fact been Dylan who had changed his mind about sex with the street kids. As I finished my drink, I decided that it was time for bed. I could see that Liam was eager as well, so I stood up and said, "Okay, Iím going to bed." Liam stood up instantly which got a smile out of the others. The other four decided to do the same, so we said good night to Aaron and Dylan.

Then Liam, Rhys, Danny, and I made our way towards the first floor spare bedroom. It wasnít until we were inside the room and I closed the door that I suddenly realized that this was an awkward situation. I was about to have sex in the same room as my baby brother (who would also be having sex.) I looked at the other three, who seemed to be looking at me as though they were waiting for me to do or say something. I decided to just go with the flow. What did it matter? Nothing would ever be the same after tonight, no matter what happened now. I picked Liam up and planted a kiss on him as I carried him towards the bed. This seemed to be cue that the other two needed as they walked over to the other bed and started making out.

I laid Liam on the bed and was placing kisses all over his face and neck. He was moaning softly as his hands started to run over my back; he then slid his hands around to my front and started to unbutton my shirt. I took his lead and had my hands running all over his still shirtless body. Once he had my shirt off, he started to play with my nipples. They were already hard, but the feeling that he was giving me was incredible. I couldnít contain myself any longer as my hands wandered lower down his body and ran over the crotch of his pants. I could feel that he was already rock hard. Just the feel of his dick under the fabric drove me insane.

My hand was inside his pants within seconds and I took no time to slide them down his thin legs. His little boner was out in the open barely a second before my hand wrapped around it. At the same time, Liam unbuttoned my pants and slid them down, leaving me only in my boxers. They lasted a total of three seconds until we were both lying on the bed completely naked. I took a few moments to again take in the beauty of this boy. It almost left me breathless. It wasnít until I felt a light tug on my bursting penis that I realized Liam was moving around so that he could suck on me. I slid around so that we were head to toe. Or more precisely cock to mouth.

I slid my mouth over his penis and again had the whole thing in my mouth... It tasted so beautiful. I could feel warmth encase my own cock as Liam swallowed it. His mouth was the most awesome thing I had ever felt in my life... We just lay there enjoying the taste and feel of each other for several minutes. Despite the fact I was extremely horny, I tried to hold off as long as I possibly could; I wanted to enjoy this forever. I heard a moan from the bed nearby and sneaked a glance over to the other bed. I could see my little brother laying on his back, while Rhys was rimming him out. My brother looked like he was in heaven. Danny chose that moment to look my way and when he saw me looking he just smiled. I could only smile back.

I felt the boy shaking above me. I knew that he was getting close to an orgasm. I knew I had been close for ages, so it wasnít that hard to synchronize our orgasms. I was trembling as it hit me. Liam and I were moaning to each other, I couldnít believe how incredible the experience was. It was sometime during my orgasm that it became clear to me that I was definitely in love. But my thoughts automatically went to what Aaron had said to me earlier. I realized that Liam may be only looking for a one-night stand, but I decided that if that was the case, I would be able to handle it, because if nothing else, I would have bucket loads of good memories.

Once we had calmed down from our orgasms, and we returned face-to-face, I looked deep into Liamís beautiful blue eyes. I leaned in and again we were kissing like there was no tomorrow. When we finally came up for air, Liam had a look on his face that could only be explained as pure bliss. He started to grind his hips into me. Then he whispered so that I could barely hear him, "Baby, please do me." I couldnít have said no even if I had wanted to. Which I definitely didnít want to do. I mean looking down at his angelic face, how the hell was I to resist. So I asked him, "Are you sure thatís what you want?" The boy didnít hesitate in the slightest before nodding his head.

This was all I needed as I started to slowly kiss my way down his body. I started by kissing both of his cheeks, then I licked down the side of his jawbone. This caused a slight giggle to come out of him; the reaction caused me to smile. I continued to lavish at his neck and throat; he tasted so sweet I was becoming drunk off of his beauty. By the time I reached his nipples Liam was going absolutely wild under me. He was moaning and groaning loud enough that I was sure that the whole neighbourhood could hear him. But even if they could, I wouldnít have cared. I swirled my tongue over his nubs and suckled on them like a baby does to its mother's tits. Except I was sure that his tasted a lot better.

My hands were caressing and kneading his ass while I continued my descent. I reached his belly button, and I couldnít resist running my tongue in and out of it, bathing it in saliva. Once I was satisfied I moved lower to where he had a few pubic hairs; I continued to run my tongue over them, and then it reached his already-hard-again penis. I took it into my mouth whole for the third time tonight and swallowed it right down like it was ice cream. I couldnít get enough of the taste. As I devoured him I could feel that he was ready; as my hands continued to knead his ass, I slowly ran a finger along the crack; he moaned and wriggled as if trying to let the digit in.

I had finally had enough as I removed his dick from my mouth. I licked down under his balls as I lifted his legs gently. Liam rolled his hips up so that it was easier and my tongue glided along the bottom of him. His arse was looking so beautifully perfect as my tongue reached the bottom of its crevice. He smelled so sweet and as I slowly pulled his cheeks apart with my fingers, his round pucker was winking at me expectantly. I took a glance up and saw a look of pure bliss on Liam's face as I smiled at him, and then I dipped my tongue into the warmth of his arse. As soon as my tongue touched the cavity inside of him, I was ready to shoot. It was so very sweet.

I darted my tongue in and out, each time reaching a little deeper, until on the fifth stroke I found his prostate. As soon as I made contact with it, Liam started bucking with pleasure. He was moaning loudly as I continued my oral manipulations. My eyes were able to see just above his upturned legs, enough to look over at the other bed to see Danny flat on his back being fucked in the arse by Rhys. I could tell that both of the boys were in heaven and I couldnít help but smile. My thoughts about what was happening on the other bed were interrupted by Liam patting me softly on the arm. When I averted my eyes to where he was laying he whispered. "Oh god, please do it now."

I couldnít resist as I pulled my tongue out of his arse. It made a slight slopping noise as it came out. I moved myself into a kneeling position and I slowly jacked my cock a little, but knew I couldnít do it for very long seen as I was already hard as a rock; the purpose of it, more then anything else, was to make sure that this was really what he wanted. I wasnít sure what was holding me back, but there was something that made me nervous. But then, when I looked at his face, and saw the begging look that was there, I lost all resistance; I held his arse in one of my hands while I placed the tip of my penis at the entrance to his hole.

As soon as the head entered his arse, I had to use all of my willpower to stop from shooting. Once the head was in, I held it there for a few seconds to make sure that Liam was okay. He grimaced slightly upon entry, and I was slightly worried, but then almost straight away the frown disappeared and his killer smile returned; when I still hesitated he said, "Donít worry, Iím fine." That was all I needed as I started to slide the rest of my length into his hot arse. It was so tight and warm that it felt like I was sliding my dick into an oven. It was the best feeling that I had ever encountered in my life. Liam groaned in pleasure as he felt my pubes hit his arse signalling that I was all the way in.

I paused for a few moments just enjoying the incredible feeling. Liam was wriggling his behind as if to try and get my cock in deeper; this movement made me even harder, a feat that I was certain was impossible. Once I was comfortable, I started to slowly drive my cock into his arse. Going deep every time, every thrust caused a small moan to emit from the young boy's lips. I leaned down, and while still buried deep inside of him, I kissed him full; his lips were so juicy as I licked his lips and duelled with his tongue, enjoying the feeling of kissing this boy as my pole was driven as deep as possible into his gut.

I knew it wouldnít be long until I was going to explode but I wanted this to last for as long as possible. So I was taking as slow a stroke as I possibly could. I would sink it all the way in and then hold it there for a few seconds and then slowly draw it all of the way out. Each time, as I drew my penis out of his arse, Liam would let out a small moan of almost disappointment, even though he knew it was only for a few seconds, it was as though he was made to have my cock in his arse, and who was I to argue with THAT argument?!?!?! The way I was feeling, I would have done anything to have this boy all for my own.

I was right on the edge of my orgasm when he whispered the words in my ear, that left me with no chance. We had just broken another soulful kiss and he crawled up slightly so that his mouth was over my ear. "Baby, god, I think I love you." It was automatic as I stammered. "Baby, I know that I love you." And as I said it I started to flood his arse with my cream. I couldnít believe the feeling as I busted my nut. It was like I had never come before in my life. I must have shot eight or nine good spurts. I just couldnít stop. Finally, it started to die off a little, and my breathing returned to normal, as my cock slowly began to deflate.

I collapsed on the bed next to Liam as my dick slid out of his arse. We just lay there in silence for several moments, until finally Liam said, "Oh, my god, that was incredible." I didnít want to speak because I was afraid that it would ruin the moment. I just lay there and stared at this boy. I couldnít help but grin. He closed his eyes and I could see that he was ready to go to sleep. I planted a kiss on his forehead, and within a minute he was snoring lightly. Seconds before I myself was asleep I took a look over to the other bed to see both boys still on top of the covers -- Rhys still lying spooned around my brother. Danny had his head tilted back slightly as if to kiss the other boy.


* * * * * * *


When I awoke in the morning, I didnít know what to think. Last night had felt as though it was all a dream. And I awoke in Aaronís spare bedroom. I was facing towards the other bed and could see Danny sleeping peacefully, but he was alone. Had it all, in fact, been some sort of strange dream. I rolled over in my bed and saw that mine was also empty. I nearly cried, it had felt so damn real. How is it possible that I could have really dreamt it all. Everything from finding Aaron in bed with Rhys, to me and Danny going into town with him, to me hooking up with Liam and Danny finding Rhys. I really couldnít believe it.

I could hear Aaron in the shower, ( I knew it was him because I could hear him singing.) I took one final look around the room, for any evidence that the boys had been there. Desperate for it not to have been a dream. I finally got up and, realizing that I was naked, I put my clothes on. I walked silently to the bedroom door and quietly opened it and slid out into the lit hallway. I couldnít decide what to do; I was in such a gloomy state, I couldnít tell Aaron about my dream because I was certain that he would think that I was a freak. I made my way into the kitchen to make a coffee and as I approached I could hear voices.

A smile split my face as I recognized the voices. I pushed open the door and couldnít believe my eyes. Rhys and Liam were sitting at the kitchen table munching on cereal. I tried my best to conceal my excitement at realizing that it wasnít a dream. I walked up to the table and when they realized that I was there they both looked up. "Hey, man ,whatís up?" Rhys looked at me with a smile. I, however, was looking at Liam; I felt awkward. Last night was incredible, but I wasnít sure what was going to happen now. He looked at me shyly and said, "Hey, Nick." I was pretty sure that that meant we were going to just be friends.

I decided that I was fine with that so I hugged him slightly as I said, "Hey, buddy, howíd you sleep?" A strange look came over Liam's face as he looked at me in almost disappointment. Then he looked at Rhys. Rhys shrugged his shoulders, and then Liam surprised me by getting up and moving into the lounge room. I could only look at Rhys in bewilderment. "Did I do something wrong." Rhys frowned as he looked at the closed kitchen door. "You called him buddy." I was confused and I didnít hide it very well. "I think he wanted more. I think he thought you were in love with him. Because he sure as hell is in love with you."

I was surprised to say the least I didnít move for a few seconds and then I got up and walked to the lounge room door. I could hear footsteps in the hallway as I assumed that my brother had gotten out of bed. I opened the door and saw Liam sitting in an armchair watching T.V. I walked up behind him and dropped down on the arm. But before I could say anything Liam said. ďLook; I know it's okay, for you it was just a one-time fuck. Iím just a stupid little kid." I silenced him by kissing him passionately. When we broke the kiss I said quite forcibly. "Please ... please; donít ever say that again. Youíre not a stupid kid; youíre my boyfriend. The shock on his face was apparent.. But he leant up and kissed me again.

I hadnít noticed that we had four people watching us until Danny said, "Oh, my god, what a night! Nick, you found a boyfriend in Liam, and I found mine in Rhys."


The End 

* Maccas - The Australian name for McDonald's Golden Arches.


* * * * * * * *


Posted: 04/25/08