APRIL 16, 1990 - AUGUST 25, 2008




MC - Nick you meant more to me then you'll ever know.
I hope you find your peace in heaven. And say hi to your brother for me.
I'll love you forever. XOXOXO
—  Michael Castle from Perth, Australia

KH -
—  from United States

CM -
— from Canada

AJ - Nspen and I share a birthday, although there are a little more
than fifty years between us. It is sad to see one so young go without having the chance to live.
— Arli from NY, United States

Willb - Rest in peace. You will be missed.
— from United States

JJ - Till we meet again Nicky we miss you mate
— justjames17 from Australia

Mikey - Eternal Rest Grant him O Lord and may Your Perpetual Light always Shine on him
—  Mikey from United States

Bert - may god receive you with open arms and may you guide us to the light.
— bertrand from Canada

Ticky - Nick, I only got to know you from emails, but you were a fine young man.
God Bless you and Keep you Safe on your journey.
— Tickie from United States

— from PA, United States

M. S. - Rest in Peace Nick
— Miguel Sanchez from FL, United States

Rab -
— from PA, United States

GY - God Bless you on your journey, dear Nick. Say hello to,
and give a hug to, our friends whom you now join. You, too, are missed.
—    Gerry Young from Prescott, AZ, United States

RP - Nick I may not have known you in person, but I know Mick,
and you stole his heart. Im sorry that you left us so young. I hope to meet you in the other life.
—    Ryan from Bunbury, Australia

HH - Dying young always leaves pain for those who are left, as they ask why.
We can never understand, but only wish such a soul Godspeed and safe journey.
—    Henry Higgins from NJ, United States

CNL - My deepest condolence!
—    from CA, United States

RA - For NSpencer
—    KB from Opava, Českα republika (Czech Republic)

—    from United Kingdom

VDE - The loss of talent and youth dims the light of the world and saddens the heart.
By lighting this candle may their light once again shine forth to guide others.
— vanndean from TX, United States

EW - God Bless you Nick
— from United States

JRS - May you be in heaven among the angels
— Jim from United States

—    Tom from HI, United States

JADEN - until we meet in the next life, may the sun warm you,
the wind calm you and the stars brighten your way in darkness
—    Lee from Blaine, WA, United States

JOAH – rest in peace
—    Joah from Nederland (Netherlands)

HC - know one should go so young when they have so much to give.
—    Walt from IL, United States

SA -
— from United Kingdom

GS -
—    gs from United States

DAP - It is very heartbreaking that someone so young leaves us.
He shall be greatly missed but always fondly remembered.
—    Dennis Perry from NY, United States

JL -
—    from France

RA - Way to young to pass on.
— Richard from United States

JC - I am extremely sorry to hear that this young
man has had his light extinguished.
—    from TN, United States

JK - To die so young, such a tragedy.
May god bless you forever my dear boy.
Your heart is in our prayers forever.
—    James from Adelaide, Australia

BT - May gods hands have reached him and guided him into heaven.
— Bob Thomason from Liechtenstein

WCS - Farewell, friend
— from NJ, United States

MB - Maybe his brother missed him. Now they are together.
— Mark from CA, United States

RJ - My prayers go out to the young man,
who lost his life at such a young age. My peace be with your family.
— Roz from United States

RI -
—    glen from Deutschland (Germany)

DSC - I didn't know this person, but to help support Vann,
I am lighting one in the author's honor.
— David Courson from GA, United States

— from United States

S -
— stewart from United Kingdom

PAUL - I don't know why the best should be taken so early.
— Paul Schroder from Idaho, U.S.A.

O.M. -
— from Φsterreich (Austria)

— from United States

S -
— Stewart from United Kingdom

PAUL - I don't know why the best should be taken so early.
— Paul Schroder from Idaho, U.S.A.

O.M. -
— from Φsterreich (Austria)

BJF - may you and your brother rest together in eternal peace and happiness
— SabreWolf from United Kingdom

KC - God's speed young one...may angels lift you and keep you safe.
— KC from Monterey Bay, CA, United States

—    knight from OH, United States

GY - Good Journey, Nick. My heart goes with you. No more pain.
No more hurt. Now, be joyous in the Light, where you can freely be yourself.
—    Gerry Young from Prescott, AZ, United States

—    lew from FL, United States  

JM - Your passing saddens all of us.
—    from NC, United States

ML - Your presence will be felt everyday, by all those that loved you dearly.
—    Martha Lane from IL, United States

RW -
—    bob from United States  

—    from Deutschland (Germany)

CC -
—    from Deutschland (Germany)

MM –
— margarito from Espaρa (Spain)

NJI - reason, season or lifetime?
— from Nederland (Netherlands)

TSP - Too young. Too full of life. Too talented. Too loved. To young to die.
You are gone, but not forgotten. May your journey be on the wings of eagles.
— Webmaster from United States

JP - For one so young - Godspeed!
— from OR, United States

AL - Rest In peace
— Al from Australia

BJM - GOD bless
— benji from usa 

D –
— from United States

Z –
— from Zoetermeer, Nederland (Netherlands)

GKB - God must have wanted him now rather than later.
— from NC, United States

MARK - may he rest in the peace of God
— Mark from NC, United States 

AWS - To a boy who was taken far to early.
— AWS from Espaρa (Spain)

SH - rest in peace
— from United Kingdom

JM –
—    from NC, United States

NICK - May you rest in peace brother...
— Nick.d.nude from Malaysia

CESJ - Nicholas Spenser, one so young. He lived and loved. Requiem eternam.
—    cesj from PA, United States

MJB - Such a terrible waste, a bright & talented young man!
Only hope that he did not suffer. He will be missed!
—    Michael J from OH, United States

PETER - So sad when one so young leaves us.
—    Peter from United Kingdom

—    from KS, United States

 — from PA, United States

MB –
— from Canada

C –
— Cath

FS –
– Frank from Pilipinas (Philippines)

—    from United States

— tom from VT, United States

RKH - This is so sad for the family.
To loose not one but 2 children in one year.
I will hold Nick's family in my heart and prayers.
— Robert from AL, United States

AS - Nick, how can you be gone.
You were so young. Such a tragedy.
— Adam from Mandurah, Australia

MC - Nick, I will never forget you.
Or the love I felt for you, now I'll never
get the chance. xoxoxoxox
— Michael from Perth, Australia

AC - Nick it's Alex. I miss you bro, you meant the world to me.
Life will never be the same without you.
I hope we meet again, until then I love you.
— Alex from Perth, Australia

CG - May God speed you to his side, I pray.
— anon.

KDC - For the loss of a life so young.
For the peace in knowing he will forever be with us.
— from CT, United States

ID - nyugodj bιkιben
— Istvαn from Nagykαta, Magyarorszαg (Hungary)

EE –
—    from MN, United States

KO - Rest in peacefulness and love.
— from TX, United States

GVA - Cannot find the words
— from Suisse-Svizzera-Schweiz (Switzerland)

GY - Nick: I know you're at Peace now - no more pain, no more hurt,
and with those whose Love will never end.
Think of us and feel our hugs. You're missed.
— Gerry Young from Prescott, AZ, United States

RE - The joy a person brings, lives on forever.
He will be remembered for the joy he has shared and brought to others.
— from CA, United States

DS - The candle represents the light of he world.
May Christ the light of the world take Nick into his
kingdom and grant him rest and eternal life
— anon.

WD - in memory , we are never forgotten.
— from United Kingdom

JP –
—    from MS, United States   

SKB - No young man should die at this age,
no matter what the cause of death.
Live life to the fullest in honor of this young man
— Sandy from United States

— Gay from Canada   

LO -
       lars from Sverige (Sweden) 

ARD - Every live human is precious, young human live is even more so
— vsovereign from Rostock, Deutschland (Germany)

KPJ - Good night sweet prince
— from Norge (Norway)

DPG - My old heart pains to have one so young leave us.
I ache for his parents, to have lost two lights of their hearts.
— Dondi Paul Gamba from NJ, United States

EM –
—    Eric from IL, United States 

PK - Thank you for letting us inside your heart.
—    from Australia

Bert - May you guide us
—    bertrand from Montreal Canada  

—    JRC from USA 

—    Gerard from United Kingdom

Veep - gone so young
— veep from VA, United States

DLLEW - Such tragedy in one family. My heart goes out to those that survive them.
May God look after the two young men in the afterlife.
—  Davethebus from Tόrkiye (Turkey)

JM - I am slowly losing my partner to parkinsons disease.
I hope there will be a candle or two lit for him when the time comes.
— from IN, United States

 — ED from FL, United States

Bert - May your light shine on forever in our heart
—    Bertrand from Montreal, Canada

MM –
—    from United States

— from United States

BG - fully embrace God's love
— from Canada 

DON - que Dieu soit avec toi
— Don from French Polynesia

V - He will be missed.
— v from MI, United States

Bert - May you find peace in the arms of the angels,
and keep watching over us
— bertrand from montrιal

Bud-G - May angels guard & guide his precious soul to ALL
 the joys of Christ Jesus & His heavenly kingdom
— Bud in GA from GA, United States

—    from MA, United States

— AL from OK, United States

RB –
—    from United Kingdom

—    from CA, United States

CK - rest in peace my friend, you will surely be missed.
— Chuck from United States

ABP - thinking of you
— tony from Newport News, VA, United States

VOB - 18...too young to leave life. He will be deeply missed
and yet remembered for what he has given us. Peace
— from TX, United States

—    from IL, United States

DB - So sad that another young life has been lost - RIP
— from United Kingdom

—    from NJ, United States

TLH - for nick spenser a good writer
— TERRY from United States

HD - god bless.
— al from CA, United States

PN - May God bless and keep you.
— from CA, United States

GS - such a sad end to a talented authur
— GS from cumbria, United Kingdom

 — from OR, United States

TM - R.I.P
— Tamisha from AZ, United States

AE - too all who die to young
— Anouk from Nederland (Netherlands)

 RKM –
—    from United States

GMC - In God's hands may you live for all your love ones
— TWYLIGHTGMC from United States

CG –
—    from MI, United States

— Bob from TX, United States

GCS - To one who touched my heart and showed such promise.
— from Australia

DLH - The good shall never die young.
— Denny & Mike from United States

—    Steve E. Coleman from TX, United States

CC –
—   CLI.FF .C from Australia

JSM - So young, so soon.
— from United States

KT –
 — from Australia

RR –
—   from United States

JEB - You will be missed greatly
— Rogal from VA, United States

AT - Rest in Peace, may you and your brother be
two beautiful flowers to bloom in God's garden
— Andy from United Kingdom

—   from Australia

IH –
—   ISAAC HILL from United States

ES - For all those blown candles, young or old,
to show that they're remembered and missed.

— E. Solis from Panama City, Panamα (Panama)

CC - I didn't know you, Nick,
but just wanted to share my love for you and yours.
— Chris from AZ, United States

MC - Youre memory still lives on. This Candle is for Alex as well.
Ill always love you bro. xoxoxoxo
—   MC &AS from Australia

GLD - I had only just started having a dialogue with Nick when I learned of his passing.
I had no idea that he was so young. I sobbed at the realization.
— anon.

LDS - It's so sad to lose great talents. I didn't know him, but his writing
brought pleasure. This prayer is for a cure for AIDS.
— from TX, United States

—   from TX, United States

DIR - Way too young!
—   from MD, United States

JM -
Dedicated to a young talented writer.
— jimmy from United States

—   Daniela-May Davey from United Kingdom

MC -
Still your candle burns, as your memory never fades.
Every night before I go to sleep I think about you. I love you Nick.
— MickC from Perth, Australia

P.A.G - You are missed, you had a incredible talent that few had
as a author to reach your audience pray go out to you and your younger brother, with luv.
— anthony g. from DC, United States

JB - In memory of the two brothers who died much too young.
Jake from GA, United States 

G.C.S - Missing you dear nephew
— from Australia 

KJ - That one so young is gone diminishes the world by one light.
May you shine in our hearts forever.
— kori from Laurel, MD, United States

CC - Nick: A&M need your help.
Call on Archangel Michael's and St. Andrew's help.
God Bless people like you and GS
— Chris from AZ, United States

CRT - Nick: A and M need your help.
I know you have it in you to help them, with Gods help you can do what's needed.
We all miss and love you! God Bless You!
— from AZ, United States

CC - Nick ... 'Tis the season of Happiness.
I'm happy and blessed that you've been in my life and will remain so through what you've written.
Merry Christmas, Nick
— Chris from Prescott, AZ, United States

You were, and still are loved
— HB from Brisbane, Australia 04/15/10

For the loss of such a young man,
and his family that had already lost so much
— S. Shaffer from California, United States 05/23/10

Daniel & Nicholas, brothers, you're not forgotten,
and never will be. God bless you on your Spiritual journey.
Walk in Peace.
— Gerry Young from Prescott, AZ, United States 05/23/10

 You are still and forever will be my world!!
M C — from Sydney, Australia   11/01/11

Oh, bless-ed day, Nick, that we've at last heard from Mike.
The angels sing and heaven's glad tidings ring.
God bless you both in your individual journeys.
— Chris/Gerry from Prescott, AZ, United States  11/02/11

The good Lord opened his heart, and poured out his love,
and brought Mikey back to us... You just keep watching over him Nick!
— Tickie from United States  11/02/11



                                                           Posted: 11/02/11