The Boy in the Green Speedos
by: justjames17

( 2008 by the author)


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Our college was listed to play Miramonte High School in the metropolitan water polo finals, it was to be a battle to the finish winner takes all. I'm James an 18 year old in my final year before moving on to university, I'm a typical swimmer in build, broad shoulders tapering to a slender waist which flares out to a well muscled tight but full arse that gets fondled heaps in the pool. I love the experience of guys groping my arse and cock and the number of times I've been pantsed, had my speedos pulled down, I'd lost count of but still enjoyed the feeling of being naked in the pool incredibly sexy.

The day of the big match arrived and we greeted the Miramonte team to our college pool, they were impressed at our facilities, as they had to swim and compete in a public pool. It made us feel good to see their expressions as we led them through to the change rooms behind the Olympic sized pool next to the fully set up gymnasium. Their captain Jack Lawrence was a stunning looking blond with a mass of curly hair that framed the face of an angel, full red lips, long blond lashes, any girl would die to have, framed the most beautiful sea green eyes. His body was similar to mine but fairer in colour even though he sported a nice tan, as he changed into his green speedos I had an instant injection of blood into my cock as it throbbed and boned up. If my arse was hot his was molten, full pear shaped buttocks with the deepest dimples I'd ever seen, the sight made me want to reach out and grab them pull them open so I could bury my face in that deep crevice.

The glimpse I had of his hidden entrance was tantalising, a sweet little anemone of puckered muscle that flexed as he raised his leg to slip the flimsy green togs over his right foot while balancing on his left. I froze in place my eyes fastened on his perfect smooth arse below which I caught sight of his dangling bits as he slid the togs up. I sighed then was treated to him lifting his left leg up and repeating the operation before tucking his goodies into the pouch, his crack was just visible dividing those marvellous melons before diving into the silky speedos with his school's name, crest and sport emblazoned across his incredible arse.

We moved to the pool and began our warm up swim, perfect teen bodies sporting like dolphins, smooth and speedy laps back and forth, I stuck close to Jack stroke for stroke watching his sexy body glide through the water. The referee blew his whistle and brought the warm up session to an end, we climbed from the pool water coursing down our smooth bodies and draining from our speedos. Jack and I tossed the coin and he won picking the goal he wanted and we donned our helmets before diving in and jockeying about waiting for the whistle to blow.

The ref blew the whistle and the game was on, I chased Jack and caught him coming up behind him as he swam with the ball, I reached out and slid my hand between his thighs grasped him by the goolies crushing them in my fist. Jack doubled up losing control of the ball our team took it away and scored the first goal. Jack glared at me; if looks could kill I was dead on the spot, the next thing I knew the ball was splashing down in my face and I swam hard towards our goal. Next thing I felt a slippery body slide onto my back and a hard bulge pressed to my arse as Jack whispered in my ear, "Now its my turn."

His body pressed to mine as his hands moved round my chest under my arms, his fingers grasped my wet nipples twisting them as the ball sailed away. I gasped and twisted in his grasp thrusting back with my arse against his hips feeling his cock poke into my crack. We sank together towards the bottom as he humped my bum and clutched my genitals in a cruel grip, on the tiled bottom we struggled but his grip kept me under control as we could see our team mates swimming back and forth, until lack of air forced us back to the surface. We broke water and gasped air into our depleted lungs, I looked at Jack and he smiled impishly and winked before we swam back into the fray.

Back and forth the game surged but slowly our team wore them down until at the final whistle we won by two goals, everyone dived into the pool and began shaking hands and rough housing about. My togs were tugged down and I looked over my shoulder to see Jack grinning as his fingers slid into my crack to rub a fingertip on my wet twitching twat. I smiled back at him and his finger breeched my muscle wriggling about inside my eager arse, he moved close and said, "I want you, my cock is on fire."

I nodded and replied, "After we finish up here can you come with me?"

He nodded and slipped that incredible digit from my hot hole and I pulled up my tiny grey speedos making sure my boner was snugly covered; we swam to the side of the pool and pulled ourselves out of the water making our way dripping to the showers. We removed our helmets and tossed them in the container in the locker room then made our way to the showers. Jack made sure he was next to me as we washed off the chlorine and removed our togs rinsing them out, I admired his incredibly white midriff where his speedos had been, I was tanned all over from sunbaking around the pool at home.

After we'd showered and dressed Jack walked with me to my VW Golf and we drove to my home, on the way he was enjoying groping my crotch keeping me excitedly hard, it was a competition between my penis and the gear stick, which was the hardest. We pulled into our driveway and I parked in front of the portico as Jack whistled, "Whew Jimmy this is some pad mate."

I grinned and thanked him as we slipped from the car, I opened the front door and we climbed the stairs to my bedroom on the second floor, he looked at all the gear in my pad and said, "Stone the flaming crows Jimmy, your folks must be rolling in dosh mate."

I laughed and agreed with him as I wrapped my arms around his narrow waist pulling him to me and silencing him with my lips, we kissed passionately as our tongues greeted each other. I gently edged him to my bed and we fell back onto it pressed together and rubbing cocks, he growled like a wild dog and broke the kiss to bite the side of my neck, "I could bloody eat you alive Jimmy."

I groaned and arched my throat as he chewed on my flesh, our cocks throbbed in unison, I began undoing his cargo shorts and inserted my hand inside his briefs working his stiffy out so I could wank it. Jack moved his body away while still nibbling on my throat to give me access to his sweet schlong. We soon frantically stripped off and he grabbed my legs hoisting them up on his wide shoulders as he took possession of me, I moaned loudly as his sweet schlong pressed into my chute. He stretched and opened me up sliding slowly but irresistibly up my hot hole till he was fully embedded, his hips ground against my arse as he stirred my innards. I was panting hard and sweating profusely as he began moving in and out, my soft innards stretching and shrinking on his moving cock.

He sped up and was soon driving hard and deep into my unresisting body, my body bounced and moved on the bed as I clutched the bedding moaning loudly, his motion became faster but lost all rhythm as his face turned red and sweat dripped from him onto me seemed to burn like molten lead. His tool swelled up as he lunged and plunged straining to reach my core then he erupted spewing sperm in huge gouts coating my insides and driving my own eruption as my dick went crazy hosing pearly ropes all over both our heaving torsos. Jack collapsed on top of me our gasps a duet as my sperm glued us together our hot sweaty bodies cooled and his cock ceased twitching, mine was squashed tight between us as it drooled the last vestiges of cum.

Jack peeled himself off me tearing the dried goo apart as his limp dick slopped from my loose muscle, he rolled onto his back and sighed, "Thanks Jimmy that was unreal sex, I hope we can get together often now we've broken the ice."

I smiled tiredly at him and nodded, "That sounds great Jack, anytime you can get here we can have a ball."

He looked at his watch and said, "Gees I've got to get going I'll be late for tea if I don't."

He got to his feet and dressed then bent over me gave my limp cock a waggle as he kissed me, "See you soon Jimmy really soon."

The End.


Posted: 09/19/08