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Tyler grew up as an only child; his dad Frank was a workaholic and spent virtually no time with his one and only offspring, leaving Tyler to be loved and raised by his mum Clare. By 11years of age Tyler knew he was interested in other boys and men, girls just didn't do anything for him and in fact he was a little scared of them. His young mates all had the attitude that girls carried girl cooties and as such they too were scared of them until their hormones started to kick in in their early teens and they all began hanging out with the sheilas. This left Tyler basically a loner and he felt unwanted even though he tried to let his mates know he liked them.


The next few years he kept to himself as he matured, his balls dropped and horrors he started growing unsightly hair in his pits and above his growing penis. Tyler thought he was an ugly duckling and weird until one day in a secluded corner of the school yard one of the older boys a black haired lad named Jude gathered a group of lads whispering, "You wanna see my pubes?'


Of course no boy would knock back such an exciting thing at that age so they clustered in a tight group about Jude as he undid his school pants and pulled down his white y fronts, there on display was the hairiest groin any of them had seen. Tyler now knew he wasn't weird and hair was normal down there, it started a mad unzipping of pants as all the kids began flashing their sparse growths, non of which compared to the thick black bush Jude had on show.

Tyler had a great time peering at all those hot crotches and that night he dreamed crazy fantasies and woke up in the morning with sticky pyjamas. He lifted the blanket and peered down at his damp sticky crotch, this was a new development for him and his erection was poking straight up.


As the years passed Tyler remained a loner but he learnt to wank his dick to relieve the ache in his balls. The internet had arrived and Tyler had his first computer, there he began investigating sex on the net and discovered a chat group, gay.com, where he found other boys and men interested in homosexual talk and meeting up with one another. This was amazing there were hundreds of blokes chatting and he felt quite excited and longed to get it on with one of the many gay lads. His innate shyness restricted him to only chatting but he learnt much about gay life and places.


He matured into a tall slim but fit 18 year old with a respectable penis that erect topped out at 8inches of throbbing muscle, he still only found release with his hand and still longed to find a bloke that would be interested in joining him in sex games. Tyler was studying medicine at the university when he finally decided to try and meet up with another gay male, it was a Friday night and he had the weekend to get out and about. He knew of a beach that jumped so he decided that next day he would venture down there and see what went on and if he might find a bloke that could be interested in him.

Tyler didn't regard himself as good looking he felt he was only average and prayed his wish would come true.


That night he tossed and turned his mind racing crazily, filled with erotic thoughts and images of studly males in brief togs, by morning he'd only slept about 2 hours and he felt drained on awakening, even his dick was tired it didn't greet him with its usual stiffness it lay limp on his thigh. He forced himself out of bed and hopped under the shower hoping it would make him feel better, after the shower he dried off and dressed in his white speedos then pulled on a pair of cream cargo shorts and a red polo shirt, he combed his short hair then slipped on his thongs and went down to breakfast.


Clare glanced up as Tyler entered, "G'day Honey you look tired are you ok?"


Frank sat there head buried in the morning paper ignored him as usual and Tyler told his mum he was ok just didn't sleep too well. He ate breakfast and told his mum he was going to the beach, she said, "That's fine, enjoy the fresh air and sun, you need a break from your studying."


Tyler rinsed the dishes and stacked them in the dishwasher before heading to his room for his towel, wallet and car keys, he headed out the door and climbed into his battered old Ford Falcon started it then headed out. The drive to the beach was around 30 minutes and as he got closer his nerves kicked in and he was soon trembling and holding the wheel with sweaty hands. As it was still early there was a parking spot close to the kiosk and changing rooms where he'd heard sex took place, he didn't want o venture in there on his first tip so he grabbed his towel and headed down to the ramp leading from the footpath.


Before descending he stood leaning on the rail studying the few people lying on the golden sands, they looked top be mainly older blokes but he guessed the teens would appear later in the day as they awoke. He walked down the ramp and selected a spot near the ramp up to the change rooms where he guessed he'd see the action happening, stripping off his shirt he dropped it next to the towel and began undoing his cargo shorts, he noticed heads turned towards him and he tried to ignore them as he dropped his shorts then bent to pick them up. A couple of wolf whistles made him blush and he cringed mentally at the thought of attracting attention to his skinny body quickly dropping to the towel he lay there on his belly hiding his bulge.


The blokes on the beach all admired his tall trim taut body and the brief glimpse they'd caught of this young stud's goodies, the way his muscular buttocks filled the stark white lycra speedos was also a turn on as they dreamed of bedding him. One man in particular was very attracted to Tyler, he was Peter a 38year old blond, quite studly as he looked after himself eating the right foods and spending many hours a week toning his body at the gymnasium. Peter could still pull younger guys especially those innocent teens that had no experience, he delighted in showing them what was what sexually and he guessed this teen was an innocent by his reaction to the wolf whistles.


Peter got to his feet scooped up his towel and gear before sauntering along the sand before pausing beside the tasty teen; he cleared his throat and then asked, "Mind if I join you mate?"


Tyler glanced up at the tall blond tanned man and mumbled, "No it's a public beach mate."


Peter settled down beside Tyler and stretched out on his back his black speedos bulging with his soft manhood, Tyler's eyes secretively slipped down the man's torso to those bulging togs and he thought, "Gee he is pretty hot even if he is old."


As time passed peter began chatting to Tyler finding out about his studies, what he enjoyed and other things gradually working on the spunky lad allaying any nervousness and making him at ease talking to a stranger. Peter gradually broached sex and that the beach was a pick up place for gays, Tyler nodded indicating he knew this but didn't say anything leaving Peter wondering about his reason for being there.


Peter moved a little wriggling on his towel coming closer to the slim lad, he was now almost touching him and he moved his arm brushing it against Tyler's arm, the lad didn't pull away although he did flinch a little. A firmer move had their arms in full contact, Tyler didn't move but he was trembling in both excitement and trepidation; his teen tool began to react and grow harder by the second as he wriggled his hips trying to get comfortable. Peter knew exactly what was occurring, the lad was cracking a bar and he was longing to sneak a peek at the tumescent teen tool.


Peter gently moved his hand onto the side of Tyler's buttock enjoying the feel of his warm firm flesh and the deep indentation of the lad's dimple; Tyler shuddered and gasped at his touch. Peter whispered, "Come up into the change rooms and I'll make you feel incredibly good."


Tyler tried to resist the invitation but had to give way to his increasing urges to get his rocks off, the two got to their feet and quickly moved up the ramp into the cool dampness of the change rooms, they were deserted so early in the day and Peter led the trembling excited lad to a cubicle closing the door behind them. He turned Tyler around to face him, grinning at the deep crimson blush on his handsome smooth face, he whispered, "Calm down boy, just relax and enjoy what I'm about to do. Have you ever done anything with another bloke before?"


Tyler shook his head to nervous to talk as the man squatted on his heels and tugged his speedos out and down to free his throbbing boner, Peter whistled softly then whispered, "What a beauty you have there mate, I'm really going to enjoy this as much as you will."


Peter bent his head opening his mouth and taking the extremely stiff hot dick in his mouth began to make oral love to the smooth steel hard horn, Tyler's knees wobbled and he froze unable to breath as he felt that warm wet orifice envelope his raging rod. Instinctively he grasped Peter's head digging his fingers into the blond hair gripping the man's skull so tightly it made Peter gurgle around his long dong. Tyler was rigid and trembling like a leaf as his youthful balls tightened achingly, pre cum gushed from his slit onto the moving caressing teasing tongue stirring Peter's taste buds as an entrée to what was about to occur.


Tyler moaned loudly, the sound echoing around the empty area drowning out the sounds of the traffic moving past along the busy road outside, his cock throbbed and swlled in Peter's mouth as he tortured the sensitive edge of the lad's ragingly hard cock. A loud grunt and Tyler bent over pumping his cock deep into Peter's gullet before his balls exploded sending huge gouts of teen cream gurgling down into the man's hungry stomach, Tyler's body was rocked with the emotion and sensations of a massive climax. His taut trim body shivered and shook muscles rippling as he humped grunting and spurting sperm, emptying his bursting balls.


Peter choked and spluttered as the lad's huge climax gushed and flooded his throat, sperm oozed from his nostrils and the stretched corners of his mouth before the deluge eased and Tyler wobbling on unsteady legs collapsed back onto the toilet seat ripping his still aroused schlong from Peter's mouth. The lad slumped back against the graffiti covered wall panting eyes closed and still oozing cum from his wet shining willy. Peter licked his lips then used his fingers to feed the escaped dregs into his mouth softly murmuring his delight, He stood up and moved in using his hand to tilt the lad's head up before kissing him on his pink soft lips and insinuating his spermy tongue into Tyler's slack mouth giving the lad a taste of his own ball juice.


Tyler awoke from his post-sexual daze and pulled away spitting out Peter's tongue in fright and a little disgust, "Don't kiss me that is so gay."


Peter sniggered and looking into Tyler's soft brown eyes said, "Gay mate? You mean having your cock sucked isn't gay? Don't come the raw prawn with me I didn't come down in the last rain shower you know."


Tyler confused and somewhat ashamed of what had just occurred looked up at the man as he sat there sprawled out on the toilet with his togs around his feet, he realised that he was wrong saying what he did. This stranger had just given him an incredible climax by sucking him off, not only a molten hot head job but he'd eaten his sperm as well. He blushed and apologised for being rude and Peter undid his speedos pulling out his big hairy cock waggling it in Tyler's face. He smiled down at Tyler then said in a deep husky voice, "You can repay me by giving me the same as I gave you."


Tyler was uncertain about sucking this large salami that was waggling and dripping juice onto his thighs, he tentatively reached out taking it in his hand, it felt so strange after his years of wanking his own dick. It wasn't any longer than his, in fact it was about an inch shorter but it was much thicker and hairier than his own long smooth schlong, Peter sighed as the lad's hand began gently sliding up and down his dong, the feeling was awesome and he was hoping that warm moist teen mouth would soon be wrapped around it sucking and licking him.


Tyler was watching the thick foreskin roll back and forth over Peter's coral pink cock head; each stroke coaxed a dribble of slippery juice from the red lips, Peter was sighing and moaning softly, "Ooooh! Mmmm! Oh yeah! That feels awesome now please lick my knob mate."


Tyler was dubious about going further and just continued stroking he pulsing prick, Peter arched back eyes closed and his hands gently cradling Tyler's head as he began hunching his pelvis pushing his pole in and out of that caressing hand. His brain was awhirl as sweat broke out on his face and his hips pumped harder, the need to feel Tyler's mouth wrapped about his cock was overwhelming. He pushed forward poking Tyler's lips with his slippery drooling dong head smearing pre cum onto those moist pink pads. Tyler licked his lips tasting Peter there and found it was not in the least repugnant, the juice was almost tasteless, he licked the straining knob making Peter gasp and shudder with lust.


Peter pressed in poking his excited cock head into Tyler's soft lips rubbing his tingling knob across those white teeth, the sensation of the wet teeth sent incredible sensations racing through him, "Tyler please suck me I'm begging you just try it mate."


Tyler was now feeling incredibly aroused and he began to wish that Peter could feel as good as he had when he blew off in the man's mouth, he opened his mouth and Peter slipped inside rubbing his tingling crown on Tyler's wet tongue as he pushed towards the back of his mouth and the throat behind. Tyler gagged as peter pushed in deeper, the man pulled back looking into the lad's moist eyes, "Its ok Tyler, just relax your throat and swallow as I push in, but watch your teeth please."


Tyler calmed himself and concentrated as Peter slowly slipped inside his mouth, this time he swallowed hard and felt Peter fill his gullet, he panicked trying to breath and struggled to unplug the throat filling muscle, Peter groaned as he felt Tyler pull off him coughing and panting in distress. Peter ruffled the lad's short hair and said, "Don't try so hard mate, just ease it in and swallow then breath through your nose you wont suffocate I promise you."


Tyler again attempted to take Peter's cock and his time he swallowed it without gagging, Peter sighed and flexed his penis in the warm moist constriction that encompassed his throbbing tool. Tyler began swallowing, his throat muscles caressed and palpated the hard tube drawing moans of pleasure from Peter. Peter soon was teetering on the brink as he watched his fat schlong sliding in and out of the cute lad's puffy pink lips his thrust became faster harder, Tyler's hand came up to press against his flat muscular abdomen trying to slow Peter down. Peter was too excited and close to stop hegripped Tyler's head tight and lunged in and out driving his tool deep down the soft silky gullet till his balls exploded and he drenched Tyler's guts with his tasty thick sperm.


Once drained he slowly slid the slimy schlong out of Tyler's sore throat and it slid across his tongue leaving a trail of cum then flopped from those sweet puffy pink lips, Tyler drew a massive shuddering deep breath as he gasped in relief. Peter came down from his high and smiled at the lad, "Thank you Tyler that was totally awesome, you did that like a professional mate."


Tyler heard the praise and felt a certain elation at the man's words, "I did it ok?"


Peter stroked the lad's smooth cheek with his finger, "More than ok, you were excellent, tops mate."


They pulled up their togs and Peter licked Tyler's mouth and chin to ensure there was no stray sperm, then they left the cubical and returned to the beach. Tyler wanted to get rid of the taste of cum from his mouth so he dug out his money and said, "I'm going up to the kiosk to get an ice cream do you want anything Peter?"


Peter pulled out his wallet from his bag and gave Tyler $10 and said buy what you'd like its my shout and I'd like a cold lemonade thanks Tyler."


Tyler walked up the ramp and paused at the top leaning on the railing while looking down at the beach and Peter in particular, he was amazed that h'd gone with a bloke his age but had enjoyed their fun together once he'd been able to handle that big dick properly. He felt quite excited again and felt his cock touching the steel rail he was resting on, he wriggled his hips rubbing his hot semi hard tool on the cooler steel then headed for the kiosk before he cracked a fat.


The young guy manning the kiosk saw Tyler coming and noticed his swelling dick as it pushed on the restraining white lycra he smirked at the enchanting sight and ensured the spunk noticed he was perving on his bulge. Tyler bought two cans of drink and an ice cream passed the $10 to the twink who took his hand in his holding it as he said, "Nice dick spunky."


Tyler blushed but smiled back at the good-looking teen, who looked around his age, the twink whispered, "I knock off at 3pm I hope you are still on the beach then."


The End.   


Posted: 09/18/09