Shev the Tamil Tiger
by: justjames17

( 2009 by the author)


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Shev was 18, a small lad for his age but although short he had a superbly fit taut body, due to the shortage of food but also the exercise he'd done carrying supplies to the Tamil fighters as he grew up. He was dark complexioned, almost mahogany in colour with black shiny hair, flashing dark brown eyes and white teeth that glowed in his swarthy face, lighting up like a beacon when he smiled, which was often. He had been born and raised by his parents to believe his people should be free, separate and independent within the small island of Sri Lanka, the county's government declared this could not be and began to impose their iron will on the less numerous Tamil's. Shev finally at 17 finally was considered old enough to bear arms and he eagerly joined with his fellow freedom fighters.


The government forces possessed the numbers and were better equipped so the struggle was going badly for Shev and his fellow fighters, the jungle resounded to the sound of gunfire as the government troops pressed home their advantage. Many clashes occurred and Shev saw his friends cut down by the overpowering fire of the troops, Shev was afraid now, he realised that their days of freedom were eroding away rapidly as they were driven back into the jungle again and again. Often as they his from the marauding troops they could hear their compatriots screams as the soldiers tortured their captives for information.


To increase the torment Sri Lanka was hit by a massive tsunami caused by a huge earthquake off Sumatra, the killer wave smashed into their homeland totally destroying many villages and killing hundreds of people. A temporary truce was called as the island tried to recover from the disaster, bury the dead that they could find and attempt to rebuild with the help from foreign powers. The government restricted supplies to the Tamils, they made sure that as little as possible trickled through their containment lines, the Tamils knew they were being starved in the hope they would surrender.


The Tamils never recovered from this disaster, apart from the shock and sorrow at losing so many relatives and friends their supplies were washed away, they were reduced to living off the land and begging for food from the inhabitants of the poor villages still standing. Hunger and the stress of being hounded were taking their toll on the exhausted Tamils as they dodged patrols and attacked the stronger forces arraigned against them.


The jungle was horrendous, vicious vines with razor sharp thorns festooned the thick scrub these penetrated and tore at their clothing inflicting stinging flesh wounds on Shev's smooth body and those of his mates, these wounds often became infected and without medical supplies they festered and oozed foul smelling fluids. Their clothes became shredded and hung on their young slim bodies; portions of their anatomy bared to view making them feel even more exposed as they moved through the dank musty wet jungle, their feet sinking into the thick viscus gelatinous mud it clung to their feet and boots slowing their movements as they tried to move about. Pools of gangrenous green scum coated water caused further problems as the foul stagnant muck seeped into their wounds while millions of humming stinging blood sucking bugs feasted on them. The misery built and built as they attempted to continue the fight, their tired sick bodies draining their fight and enthusiasm for the struggle.


The weeks dragged on and after years of resistance the Tamil forces were being driven into a corner, their numbers, reduced by the long struggle and the terrible tsunami, were no longer able to stop the massacre as the troops plundered, pillaged and raped their way through the few Tamil towns and villages still standing. Finally Shev and a small number of his friends were cut off and surrounded the enemy who demanded they surrender their arms or be wiped out, a hurried discussion took place and after days without food the lads were in no position to resist any further. They tossed out their weapons and raised their hands skywards, the troops surged forward and began beating the lads brutally, rifle buts pounded into their thin bodies knocking them to the ground battered and bleeding.


Shev passed out from the pain and lay limply on top of one of his friends, their slim bodies glistening with sweat and blood as the triumphant soldiers milled about poking and prodding at their almost naked bodies. One soldier knelt down beside Shev and roughly groped the lad's genitals feeling him up through the dirty torn barely recognisable remnants of trousers that almost covering his intimate places, he looked up at his brutishly aroused mates and said, "Let's all have some fun with these animals."


He pulled Shev up onto his knees in the doggy position and ripped the ruined pants from the lad's bruised body, Shev wailed his discomfort but to no avail the sound of his misery only added to the lust of his attacker. Shev and his compatriots had relieved their sexual urges in the jungle, their young testosterone filled bodies denied the normal outlets found solace with one another in mutual masturbation and on some occasions fellatio and even more rare anal sex. They weren't virgins by any means but the brutality of the attack caused them to tense up which caused their rape to be both painful and damaging.


Once the troops had had their way with the battered bleeding lads they seized their weapons and stormed off into the jungle seeking more rebels to subdue, the writing was on the wall the Tamils were finished, their resistance destroyed they were now just a game for the triumphant troops. Shev lay on the soggy ground his body limp but tortured by his injuries, the bruising, cracked ribs were bad and every time he breathed deeply pain shot through him, his torn and bleeding rectum was a constant ache not unlike a severe tooth ache, it surged and diminished only to increase once more if he moved in any way. Semen and blood bubbled from his battered ring oozing down over his bruised aching balls to the muddy soil beneath him, biting stinging insects fed voraciously on his bare sweaty skin adding to his pain and discomfort as he listened to the chorus of moans and groans about him.


Shev finally rolled onto his back, the cracked ribs sent daggers of pain through him then eased to a dull ache as he lay limply staring at the thick foliage above the small clearing. Shev knew his cock was stiff and had been all through the abuse, he'd ejaculated several times as he was raped by various soldiers and he felt terribly soiled and dirty from the fact, had he really enjoyed the brutal sex it seemed impossible but he felt he must have to cum so many times and so hard. His best mate Ajinth lay nearby and Shev looked across at his naked friend, "You ok Aj?"


Ajinth moved turning his head grimacing in pain as he did, "Yes Shev, gasp! I'm hurting but I'll live."


Shev heard the other lads all begin moaning and talking, some lamenting that their forces too had been savage with the enemy when captured and had ravaged villages during their campaign in the past, now the pain was being returned in retribution. Shev realised the folly and crime that war was, it brought out all that was bad in people even though at times it made some people valiant heroes by their incredible bravery. Shev crawled across to Ajinth, his breath hissing through clenched teeth as the pain surged through his slim body. He lay beside his mate and put an arm across his friend's chest, Aj sighed at the contact then rested his hand on Shev's interlocking fingers with him as he turned his head brushing his dry cracked lips on Shev's cheek.


Shev shivered as he felt Aj's lips, he sighed and turned to meet them and they kissed softly, "Oh Aj!" He cried, "What can we do now we are finished as fighters."


Aj moaned as a spike of pain raced through him, "Ooooh Shev! We must escape from our country and seek a new land where we can be free."


Shev thought hard for a while then he agreed, "Yes Aj that sounds like a plan but we will need money to do so and what about our families and girl friends?"


Aj nodded and whispered, "We will have to escape then after we settle in the new land we can bring them to join us there; but we must first get some weapons and make one more raid on an enemy town to obtain the funds."


The small group all listened to the discussion and everyone agreed that it sounded good, their leader, Erran, told them he knew where there was a cache of guns and that as soon as they were able to move on they should make their way to where the hidden weapons were concealed. The men slowly recuperated enough to get to their feet and recover their torn clothing, Shev tied what was left of his pants around his narrow waist arranging the material to cover his privates and his arse, the rest did likewise and then the limped slowly and achingly away through the thick jungle.


They came upon a smoking village, the huts reduced to charcoal and the area reeked of burnt flesh, amongst the still smouldering buildings they could see charred corpses amidst the hot ashes. They hobbled on tears running down their bruised faces and re-entered the thick jungle their nostrils filled with the cloying miasma of the fetid green morass. That night they huddled together in the jungle and tried to sleep, their exhausted aching bodies crying out for rest but their minds reliving the horrors they'd experienced since the day began. The night insects enjoyed a feast of their blood as they bit and sucked as the exposed flesh, tormenting the tired and sore lads as they tried to rest.


Next morning they moved on arriving at a river, they had to cross the briskly flowing water their bare feet slipping and sliding on the greasy algae covered boulders. Soaked and more bruised they helped one another up the far bank and sat there resting and regaining their ebbing strength before once again staggering off into the scrub. The arms were hidden in a small cave, the entrance hidden by vines drooping from the cliff above, they gingerly moved the thorny ropes of vegetation to allow them to slip inside. The semi dark cavern had several boxes of weapons and ammunition along with a crate containing explosives and another one filled with jungle camo uniforms and boots.


The lads pulled out the clothing and were glad to cover their almost naked bodies and after trying on many outfits they found some that fitted ok, the weapons were issued and some of the C4 explosive was packed in a webbing haversack before they left the cave heading for the nearest town held by the government forces. They crept to the edge of the cover and peered out across the cleared fields to the small town, they watched out for government troops but found them few and far between; a proof that the rebels were no longer considered a viable force. They watched for patrols and found none; Erran laughed and said, "They are over confident in their superiority and ripe for plucking like juicy mangoes hanging on a tree."


He continued, "We will wait for darkness then creep into town and locate the bank so we can use the C4 to blow our way into the vault. We must act quickly and get out fast before their military can react."


Shev and the rest nodded and agreed, they then moved back into the thick jungle and rested up for the attack. The town went about its business confident they were safe from the Tamils and the residents tilled their soil and harvested fruit and vegetables. Children played about the fields their shrill young voices reaching the ears of the resting insurgents, a couple of young lads took a girl with them into the trees where they began to mess about. Their play soon turned serious as they became horny and the girl didn't reject their advances, soon they were naked and kissing and licking one another's excited genitals; from there it was a small step to enjoying sex and little did they know they had an audience watching them through the thick foliage.


The sight of the coupling teens soon had Shev and his comrades aroused and their camo pants tented obscenely as they groped their erections pulling them out and wanking hard, the cries of lust and pleasure rang in their ears as the trio climaxed as one triggering multiple orgasms amongst the audience. Shev's still sore gonads ached like the devil as his sperm spurted out coating the thick green leaves in front of him, one Tamil let out a gasp which caused the trio to freeze in fright as they tried to see who made the noise. The Tamils had no choice, they had to capture and silence the young lovers before they could scream raising alarm in the town, they rushed through the foliage leaping on the startled teens and pinning them down as they gagged them with their own underwear before tearing their clothing to make bindings to immobilise their legs and arms.


The teens struggled but were no match for the men who soon had the trio bound and dragged them further into the jungle, their naked bodies on display making them ashamed. Erran ordered them not to molest the prisoners and the men grumbled saying if the boot was on the other foot they would be more than molested. Erran glared at the man that mouthed off who looked at the ground and lost his attitude fast, they settled down around the three naked teens and relaxed as the sun slowly moved into the Western quadrant. The town's activity slowed as the day grew old and they were worried the teens would be missed and a search party would appear.


Darkness raced in as it does in the tropics, the lights came on in the houses and the tigers made their preparations for the foray into the town once things quietened further. They were amazed that nobody came looking for their captives, then they realised that maybe their parents thought they were staying for dinner at one of the other families; so things should be ok for a while longer before the crap hit the fan. Erran gave the order to move out and after checking the teens' fastenings they moved out across the dark field towards the small town.


Creeping up to the town they paused checking for any people or militia moving about, all was quiet except for voices coming from open windows in the houses, they moved on between the shacks into the small deserted shopping centre. They located the small bank building and broke open the door so they could enter after posting sentries to watch for trouble; Erran, Shev and Ajinth entered carrying the explosive. They set the charge and timing fuse moving a heavy sofa and some chairs from the customer area to pile them at the safe to help damp the explosion. Quickly they headed outside to crouch near by and await the explosion.


The timing fuse set off the explosive and a huge bang filled the air along with shards of glass from the front window and door whistled through the air, smoke billowed from the building as they ran inside. The bank was a shambles but they cleared the way quickly to where the safe sat, its door hanging open exposing the bank notes stacked inside. The three men scooped up the money and headed quickly outside as the towns folk gathered their wits and started shouting questions from house to house. The Tamils headed out racing away towards the fields as they saw torches wavering about in the town as people ran about searching for the origin of the explosion.


The Tamils escaped into the jungle before the confusion calmed in the town, they moved quickly through the jungle putting distance between them and any pursuit. They entered the river and waded down stream for many kilometres to foil any dogs that may be used by the enemy troops searching for them. Leaving the river they made their way back to the coast and headed North towards the only city not devastated by the giant wave, the group kept to the shoreline passing areas where villages had been swept away without trace except for the odd part building and the clearing where the village had been.


The tired bruised lads finally arrived at Kilinochchi and found the population in panic as the government troops were in control; the lads stashed their arms and wandered into the town their camo uniforms covered in mud making them less distinguishable by the enemy. They found friends who lent them clothes and allowed them to change and clean themselves up before reappearing on the streets. Shev and Aj headed to the port area where they knew people smugglers hung out, they wanted to buy passage on one of the boats that carried people across the sea to Australia where they would be accepted as refugees.


They entered a bar overlooking the harbour and sat together looking at the patrons trying to work out who may help them, finally Shev moved to the rough timber bar and asked the grizzled old barman if he knew any people smugglers. The old man looked squinty eyed at Shev then looked across to where Aj sat, he was obviously summing up if they were genuine or not. He finally spat on the floor and nodded his wizened old face inscrutable, he held out his trembling hand. Shev reached into his pocket and pulled out a 100LKR note offering it to the man who shook his head and demanded more. Shev ended up giving him 1000LKR before he nodded and whispered in a croaky voice, "That man sitting near the door is whom you need to see."


Shev went back to Aj and they finished their Lion lagers before getting up and moving across to talk to the man. He was large and tough looking, dressed flashily his fingers gleamed with gold rings, his cold eyes lifted to stare at the two lads standing nervously in front of the table. He nodded for them to sit down before he asked what they wanted, Shev cleared his throat nervously and told the man they and their friends needed to get to Australia. The man's eyes surveyed their bruises as he listened to their pleas showing no sign of interest until Shev finished and sat silently looking down at the soiled table.


The man nodded curtly and said, "You have money to pay for your fares?"


The two lads nodded and he went on, "It will cost each of you US$10,000 can you afford the price?"


Shev did rapid calculations in his head and worked out they would be a little short, he tried to bargain but the man just shook his head and grunted, "That is the fare, take it or leave it."


Shev and Aj walked out and headed to where their mates were holed up, as soon as they arrived the lads questioned them eagerly and their faces fell when they heard they didn't have sufficient funds. Erran sat glowering in the background then he spoke, "Ok we need more money we will just have to get more, the government troops must be getting paid, I think if we could ambush their transport bringing in their pay we will certainly have enough. But we will need to have our departure day nd time so we can hijack the money and escape the repercussions by setting sail as soon as we return. Shev you must give the smuggler all our money and tee up a boat to be ready and waiting our return."


Erran began investigating and questioning the locals about when the troops appeared to be paid and they found out it was in two days, he immediately began planning their attack. Shev and Aj left the building and headed back to see the smuggler, he was still sitting in the bar and the lads sat with him passing the satchel of money across the table. The man looked inside and his avaricious eyes lit up at all the cash, he listened to the lads plan and he nodded in agreement but warned them that if the deal fell through there were no refunds.


Our intrepid young freedom fighters nodded and left the bar to rejoin their mates who were ready to pull out and sneak out as soon as night fell to reclaim their weapons and head down the highway in a battered old farm truck to intercept the pay convoy. Aj had obtained an old WW2 Piat anti tank weapon with missiles in case there was an armoured vehicle accompanying the pay truck, the report they had was the cash was carried in a 3-ton truck and guarded by a squad of soldiers. The group drove 10 miles along the jungle-flanked road then turned off onto a track to hide the truck from view. The men settled down spread out on both sides of the road taking advantage of the long grass and scrub to be hidden from view. Their long wait allowed them to rest up after their arduous last weeks, they relaxed lying about in the shade flapping their hands to chase away the annoying insects.


Some lads feeling horny moved into the jungle to relieve their blue balls, Shev and Aj walked hand in hand behind the green curtain of foliage, once out of sight they kissed and began fondling one another before removing their clothes and using them to lie on began to 69. their moans muffled by their swollen spigots as they bobbed and sucked one another to a massive and gooey climax. The pair suckled on each others cocks until they softened and shrank, then they swung around sitting up and hugging they kissed slurping their mouthfuls of tasty sperm into each other's mouth. Feeling relaxed after their relief they lay together hugging their sexy slim bodies pressed closely together.


The day of the convoy found everyone alert and on edge gripping their weapons listening for the sound of trucks approaching, there was virtually no traffic on the road due to the danger from the fighting so it was likely the first vehicles would be the convoy. Hours passed and the sun climbed high in the sky causing the lads to sweat profusely in the humid heat, perspiration soaking their clothes when faintly the sound of engines was heard. Erran barked out, "Get ready lads they are coming, lock and load your weapons."


The convoy rumbled along the narrow road and as it appeared there was an armoured scout car in the lead followed by a lumbering 3-tonner with a dozen armed soldiers in the rear guarding the pay chest. The convoy drew level with the Tamils and Aj fired a Piat at the scout car, it hit punching a hole through its armour to explode inside. The hatches blew open as smoke and flame burst forth; the car skidded across the road and fell on its side in the ditch. The truck tried to accelerate but was too slow as a second missile hit the engine compartment destroying the engine and sending sharp shards of shrapnel into the cabin killing the driver and his side kick while the Tamils opened fire killing the soldiers. The truck rolled to a halt blocking the road as the Tamils raced out to remove the money from the pay chest. They climbed on board the truck pushing the lifeless bleeding bodies of the guards aside, the heavy padlock was soon destroyed by a carefully aimed rifle shot allowing the men to open the heavy lid and remove the money, it was then transferred to their truck, hidden under a canvas tarpaulin, they again dumped their heavy weapons but retained their pistols concealed in their clothing, in case they needed them and set off back up the road towards Kalinochchi.


They didn't enter the town but drove around the outskirts on a rutted dirt track that led towards the harbour area where a friend of the Tigers had told them they could hid the truck in his empty warehouse. The truck concealed from view Shev and the lads made their way to the docks individually or in couples to avoid being stopped by the patrols; each man carried a percentage of the stolen money in their pockets. They all grouped at the bar and met with the smuggler paying him the money owed, he led them to the dock where the old wooden fishing boat was moored, they got their first glimpse of the ramshackle vessel that would hopefully carry them far across the Indian Ocean to the shores of Australia.


The boat seemed to lean tiredly against the wharf, its paint peeling and discoloured, it was close to 40meters in length and lay there in the oily flotsam of the harbour like some ancient sea monster. The men looked at it with wide eyes, Shev whispered to j, "Do you think this old tub will get outside the harbour much less the thousands of kilometres across the sea?"


Aj turned his pale face and rolled his eyes, "I'm not at all certain it can make the trip but what other opportunity have we got, now we've paid the money?"


The skipper of the beaten up old boat leant on the weathered wooden gunwale looking down at the men, he was smoking a cigarette and he hawked up a load of sputum then spat it down to land at their feet. He turned away and disappeared as two younger men appeared and said, "If you are our passengers you'd better scramble on board."


The Tigers did as they were told grabbed their few possessions and mounted the rickety plank reaching from the wharf up to the boat's listing deck, the sound of a diesel engine turning over rumbled then with a loud cough a large puff of black smoke issued from the rusty exhaust pipe that protruded from the hull just above the waterline. The two deck hands cast off the mooring lines and hauled the ropes aboard as the hull shuddered and the propeller churned the filthy water into foam as it spun up trying to move the heavy weed encrusted hull through the water. The long voyage had commenced, the lads were both glad and sad at leaving their tropical homeland but they knew things were going to get impossible now the government troops were in control.


The skipper told them to get below out of sight as the boat motored slowly from the wharf, the old diesel making a comical poka poka poka sound; he was scared the authorities may see his illegal cargo and send a patrol boat after them. The lads clambered down the rough wooden ladder into the empty fish hold, the terrible stench of fish from the dirty wooden bulkheads and deck nearly made them puke. The old vessel slowly made her way out of the harbour and began to rise and fall on the smooth ocean swells, the swooping motion of the hull combined with the foul stench soon had all the lads' stomachs heaving. They staggered to the ladder and climbed up and out into the fresh sea air then made their way to the side where they leant over the side straining and spewed up their guts.


The skipper in the wheelhouse along with his deck hands were treated to the sight of a fine array of nice fit young male rumps stretching their pants as they heaved and drooled into the water. The three seaman cackled and whispered crudities as the watched the discomforted passengers, the sound of the lads' moans as they regurgitated caused much hilarity. The skipper tore his eyes away from the delicious sight to cast a searching look about the horizon and saw a vessel approaching from out to sea a faint streamer of smoke trailing behind as it steamed towards port. He bellowed that the passengers get back below and the deck hands began hustling the ill green-faced lads towards the hatch. They stumbled and slid down the ladder to fall on the dirty deck below where they lad stomachs still heaving even though empty. The approaching vessel turned out to be a small cargo ship but the skipper left the lads below, he didn't want to risk them being on deck till they were well out to sea, Sri Lanka was still visible as a large smudge on the horizon. The boat chugged on gradually leaving land behind and only the empty ocean was visible, gently heaving as if breathing, the hull creaked and throbbed to the beat of the diesel. The deck hands manned the handles of the pump to empty the bilges as the leaking hull took on water through its aged seams, filthy stinking murky water gurgled from the pump into the clean blue sea leaving an oily smooth trail in their wake. This task had to be carried out at regular intervals in case the bilge water rose to the engine and caused problems.


The day dragged on, in the malodorous depths of the hold the temperature rose increasing the stench and discomfort of the prostrate passengers as they lay about the wooden deck, the crew began to prepare a meal for themselves knowing the passengers were in no condition to eat, the brazier was set up in a cut down oil drum, to protect the wooden deck from the heat and fire, it was soon burning away under a pot of rice mixed with chopped vegetables and chunks of fresh fish. The aroma drifted below deck and renewed the lad's discomfort causing their empty bellies to heave once again, their gagging moans and swearing drifted up to the crew's ears, causing more laughter.


Over the next couple of days the passengers' stomachs calmed as they became used to the stench of fish and the continual swaying swooping movements of the old boat, their hunger asserted itself driving the lads on deck when they smelt the aroma of food. The crew laughed at their gaunt appearance and their spew spattered clothes as the staggered up the ladder onto the swaying deck. The food was soon served up and they fell on it like ravenous wolves stuffing the rice concoction into their mouths with their grubby fingers. The amount was not sufficient to completely allay their hunger but at least it helped, the skipper ordered the crew to provide buckets and a couple of mops to give to the lads to clean up their accommodation area in the hold.


They carried the buckets of seawater below and grumbling aloud about having to do the work when they were paying passengers, the crew just laughed at their complaints and said that it was either they cleaned up their mess or they could sleep in it. Their almost naked bodies sweated up a storm in the putrid heat of the hold as they worked taking turns on the mops and climbing up on deck to replenish the water buckets. After an hour they had the mess cleaned up and returned on deck to relax their tired and sweaty bodies. the crew were delighted to see these fit young lads in nothing but their tight briefs as they lay about the deck, their sleek sweaty bodies glistening in the bright light. These lads, due to their military service, were all fit with taut muscular bodies, a very attractive sight to behold and the crew sat about enjoying the sight.


Most of the lads fell into dreamless sleep as the gently rolling boat rocked them to sleep; Shev and Aj were lying together Shev resting his head on Aj's firm trim stomach as they slept. On awakening their erections were painfully evident stretching the cotton of their briefs obscenely, the crew enjoyed the sight of so many fit lads most showing excitement as they dozed. The heat and long abstinence from sex taking their toll on the libido of the teens and young men; their bodies were chock a block with testosterone and it was evident in their steel hard stiffies leaking juice staining their grubby undies.


Shev awoke and lay there enjoying the feel of his mate's supporting stomach, he felt sleepy but happy and rolled his head to look at Aj's bulging briefs, nearly poking out his eye on the knob. He chuckled and moved slightly then kissed the glans through the moist briefs, Aj awoke and mumbled incoherently as he felt Shev move and press his lips to his cock head. Aj became fully awake and whispered, "Suck me Shev! Gobble my dick, I need to cum so badly I feel like I'm ready to burst."


Shev moved onto his side and took Aj into his mouth briefs and all, he sucked and licked as he bobbed up and down saturating the cotton cover with his free flowing saliva until the cotton was transparent and slippery. Aj was bucking his hips up into Shev's gobbling gob and in no time his cock was spitting spunk into Shev's hungry hole. Shev gobbled and sucked draining Aj's cum filled nads until Aj pushed him off saying, "Shit Shev enough I'm too ticklish mate, let me rest a minute and I'll reciprocate I could do with some of your so tasty sperm."


They moved and swapped positions Shev pulled his briefs down baring his sweet schlong to the sun, Aj licked his lips, "Gees Shev you have a gorgeous cock I so love it."


Shev blushed at the compliment then grasped his delightful 6incher and waggled it in the air as he grinned at Aj, they were lost in their own little world completely unaware of their surroundings and the excited audience watching them. The two crew members were sitting side by side tugging each others tools as the watched the two young Tigers enjoying each other, they moaned softly as they watched Aj slowly ingest Shev's sweet spike burying it fully in his mouth and throat. The sexy sight turned the crew on and they wanked like mad as Aj bobbed up and down slobbering on Shev's smooth slick schlong. Shev already high from sucking Aj was soon clenching his muscular buttocks and his superb abs as his climax surged through his fit young body. He grunted loudly and bucked up driving his cock deep, his hard pubis and pubic hair grinding onto Aj's squashed nose as he began to erupt. Volleys of pearly pud juice spurted out and down Aj's impaled throat as Aj's gullet massaged the throbbing spewing cock.


Their climaxes complete both lads slumped back on the sun warmed wood panting and enjoying the tangy aftertaste of their sperm, Shev sighed and said, "Ooooh Aj! I never tire of eating your sperm it is so tasty and hot." Aj grinned sleepily and nodded, "Yep yours fills my tummy deliciously too Shev I love it."


They settled back and dozed off once again as the boat motored slowly on, as the day passed dark heavy clouds began to fill the sky blotting out the warm sun and causing shivers on the lads' bare flesh, the skipper watched the weather turning and hoped they weren't in for a storm. The sky darkened further and before the sun set it was like night, the smooth swells crinkled with cats' paws of ripples as wind gusts began to arrive, a crackling flash of lightning suddenly lit the heavy clouds and thunder drowned out the chugging engine. Everybody jumped startled by the raw violence of nature, a storm was upon them and the fickle wind began blowing hard into the heart of the storm driving the old boat on at a few knots more speed as it struck her high stern.


Lightning lit the sky constantly and huge raindrops began to strike the sea and the boat, the lads all hurried below deck out of the deluge as it built to blinding proportions, the black sea turned to white froth from the rain lit by the garish flashes racing across the dark sky. The crew and passengers offered prayers to their Gods as the old vessel creaked and groaned in distress; spray flew across her deck and drizzled down through cracks into the hold where the Tigers huddled in fear. The ocean was an awesome sight as the downpour flattened the seas whipped up by the wind gusts, the flare of lightning showed everything in stark relief blanching the faces of the three crew crammed in the tiny wheelhouse.


As fast as it had approached the storm abated and the wind and rain eased to a drizzle, the ocean turned dark once again then slowly the clouds dispersed and the tranquil stars looked down on the chugging vessel and her relieved passengers. The night was spent pumping the flooded bilges and trying to sleep in the uncomfortably damp conditions. The next day dawned and a cloudless sky greeted the men, soon the heat was building drying the damp decks and warming the bodies of the crew and passengers everyone was soon on deck hungry for breakfast even though the food was monotonous. Fishing lines were brought out to try and augment their meagre supplies, as the fresh fish was gone and only rice, dried fish and vegetables remained, the lines were trailed astern hoping for a catch.


As the boat passed a large floating semi submerged tree trunk a flash of speedy bright fish appeared and literally leapt upon the shiny lures swallowing them and making the lines twang tight under the strain. The two crew men leapt to grab the lines after pulling on some leather gloves, they struggled with the fast moving fish as they zigged and zagged from port to starboard, the lines crisscrossing back and forth as the creatures attempted to break free. The strong lines held their weight and as the boat lost way the struggle ended and two gloriously coloured dolphin fish were soon flapping and flipping on the wooden deck; a fast hard blow with a steel bar killed them and their wet shiny bodies quivered twitching in the sunlight. The crew scaled and gutted the two fish then filleted them and chopped them into chunks before placing them in the refrigerator to keep them fresh, the skipper engaged the gears and slowly motored back in a wide circle to troll past the other side of the huge tree, a third dolphin fish lunged out and took a lure and was soon on board after a short sharp tussle and despatched then prepared for the fridge in no time. The skipper then smiling happily turned the boat back on course and left the tree behind in their wake. The lads had never seen such beautiful creatures and felt sad that they had been killed for food, that afternoon their opinion altered after their meal was finished the fish was delicious, much better than the fish they had eaten earlier in the voyage.


The days drew on with the heat and humidity increasing as they neared the Equator, everyone slept up on deck as the hold was too hot for comfort, the night was filled with the sounds of moans, groans and wet moist sounds as the lads obtained release by sucking one another off in the darkness. The two crew members joined in and they wanted more than a head job, they desired tight hot holes to dip their wicks and after some begging and cajoling they convinced Shev and Aj to join them. At first neither lad was prepared to accept their deflowering but as the two more experienced older lads began fingering their tight rings as they sucked on their stiffies.


Shev flinched as the exploratory digit pressed into his clenched anus, he tightened up his muscle but the sensation of his nerve endings being massaged by that wet finger had him gurgling, he relaxed as his brain began to fog up with pleasure and the invader slipped inside his private portal. The initial entry burnt a little and he clenched tight trapping the finger in his hot silky rectum, he gasped and the crewman pressed his lips to Shev's and sent his tongue inside to play with Shev's. Shev sucked on the wriggling member as he caressed it with his own tongue, soon they were both moaning and swapping spit. The finger was moving, rubbing and caressing inside Shev's body, he began to love the new feelings it gave then it stroked his swollen excited prostate gland sending a jolt through his groin and into his stiff dick.


Shev's mood swang and his burning bum needed something to quench the inner fires, Shev moaned into the man's mouth his hips bucking as that finger slid back and forth stimulating him with each pass across his gland. He was ripe for the plucking as he moaned and humped, the crewman knew from Shev's reaction that he was hot to trot he broke the kiss and moved down Shev's incredibly cut taut torso. He licked and slurped on Shev's hot sweaty flesh, licking his hard pointy nipples, slobbering in his sweaty arm pits, this made Shev go crazy as that tongue licked and laved at his dark pit hair.


He was now writhing about with two fingers up his tight ring stretching him gently as they swivelled and moved, the man now licked about the tight bulge of each tense abdominal muscle driving Shev crazy, his straining aching schlong throbbed and jerked as it spa juice onto his straining belly. That slowly moving tantalising tongue licked the sweet dick juice as it slid and slobbered down Shev's sexy heaving stomach. Shev opened his legs thinking his cock was bout to be sucked but that tantalising tongue slid down the smooth valley between upper thigh and Shev's tight round scrotum dodging the dribbling throbbing cock, much to Shev's anguish.


Then the utterly unbelievable sensation of a wet slippery tongue licking up his stretched open crack made Shev yelp aloud, he'd never experienced such incredible delight in his life, a hot moist mouth on his cock he thought was the best but this blew him away. He almost screamed his delight to the stars as his anus was pleasured to the max, that tongue had replaced the fingers that were now grasping his taut firm buns pulling them apart to encourage that wriggling member that twisted like a huge bloated worm up inside his arse. Shev's reeling brain wondered if this felt so incredible what would a hot hard dick feel like? He was on the verge of begging; he was hyperventilating, sweating profusely as his brain burst into a kaleidoscope as if fireworks were exploding in his befuddled head.


He heard a voice rasping, "Fuck me oh please fuck me."


He suddenly realised it was himself begging for a cock to lunge inside him and take his virginity, the man didn't need a second invitation he grasped his rigid rod and speared it into the circle of rubbery muscle that opened into Shev's hot tight guts. Shev yelped in pain but then he clenched up strangling the invading muscle, the crewman waited feeling that tight ring gripping him and waited for Shev to relax once again. Shev heard AJ whimpering nearby and heard him plead, "Aaargh! Gees! Take it easy you impatient bastard that hurts like crazy."


Shev couldn't clench up any longer and he relaxed as the initial pain eased, the man's cock moved slowly pulling back allowing Shev's chute to suck closed on his retreating cock head, Shev moaned then that prong stopped moving the flange tingling against his inner ring before slowly moving forward opening him once more. The second penetration was less painful and the third even less as Shev began to enjoy the sensations of filling and emptying and his sphincter being stimulated by that moving meat. The crewman was soon hammering Shev's bum like a jackhammer then he'd slow and swivel his hips as he humped, his hard horn caressing and poking all about that so sensitive chute. Shev felt the cock swell and stuff deeply into his guts as the man ejaculated, hot spurts filling him as he pushed back hard forcing the cock deep as he could.


The deck about them was covered in men all getting off, wanking or sucking one another; only Aj and Shev had gone all the way due to the eager crewmen. Shev felt strange after the sex, he wasn't sure how his mates would feel seeing he and Aj getting rooted. He feared that they would be ostracised by them even after all they had been through together. Things quietened down after everyone had achieved their climaxes and the Tigers relaxed after pulling on their briefs. The night was silent except for the creaking of the aged hull and the chugging of the diesel engine, Shev and Aj lay side by side holding hands as they slowly drifted off to sleep in the balmy tropical night air.


Suddenly everyone awoke, noone knew what had disturbed them at first but they soon realised that the night was suddenly silent except for the sound of waves washing along the boat's hull, the comforting poka poka sound of the old engine was missing, the engine had stopped. The skipper was yelling at the crew, "Get below and fix the damned engine and be quick about it."


The two crew vanished down the engine bay hatch and everyone could hear the clink and clunk of tools contacting metal, a shout of pain announced one man had come in contact with the red hot exhaust then loud foul language drifted out of the open hatch. The Tamils all giggled at the language then they settled back drifting off to sleep on the deck. Dawn found the boat still drifting beam on to the seas, her deck rolling alarmingly as the smooth swells passed beneath her weed and barnacle overgrown bottom, the passengers luckily had acclimatised to the boat's gyrations so their stomachs felt fine.


The skipper awoke and was furious that the boat was still drifting powerless on the wind and currents, he left the wheelhouse to peer down into the engine bay his wizened dark face frowning as he puffed on a cigarette. He asked what was going on and the muffled reply from below made him curse, he tossed the but of the cigarette overboard and paced the deck muttering under his breath. One of the crew clambered up on deck his slim body glistening with grease and sweat, he wiped his brow on his forearm and said that he would prepare breakfast while his mate continued working on the old engine.


The boat was lower in the water after the long night without the pump being used and the skipper looked at the recumbent Tamils and said, "Two of you need to pump the bilges or we will end up foundering."


The Tamils mumbled amongst themselves aggrieved that they should be asked to work after paying a fortune for their places on board, the skipper growled, "If you don't pump we will all end up swimming and feeding the sharks so get on with it and stop whining."


Shev and Aj got to their feet and moved to the double handled pump, they took a handle each nd began pumping up and down, the work soon had them sweating in the humid heat and the stinking bilge water gushed in bursts from the pump port into the clear blue sea leaving an oily rainbow shimmering trail behind the boat as it drifted slowly on. The lads were soon panting from the exertion as they operated the heavy old bilge pump, after a while two other lads moved in and took over giving Shev and Aj a rest as the meal was ready. The feed was welcome by all and after eating the second crewman descended into the engine bay so his mate could come on deck and eat.


The two worked on the recalcitrant engine until nearly noon, the burning sun heating the hull to incredible temperatures as the wind died completely and the sea took on a glassy mirror like surface, suddenly there was a loud backfire and a big black sooty cloud shot from the exhaust and the diesel began to run, roughly at first but gradually it ran as normal, poka poka poka it chugged and then the propeller churned and they were on their way once again to loud cheers and clapping of hands. The skipper brought the bluff bows back on course heading for Australia, the old tub moved slowly shouldering the glassy seas apart as she chugged along.


As the afternoon passed clouds developed in the clear blue sky, thickening and darkening as the humidity built, sweat poured from the men as the boat creaked and rolled along the slight breeze of their movement hardly cooled their hot bodies. thunder rumbled overhead and huge rain drops spattered on the smooth sea an afternoon tropical storm was bearing down on the boat. The heat built then the deluge began with blinding flashes of lightning and everyone rejoiced as the rain drenched their sweaty bodies. they laughed and stood arms raised allowing the water to run down their bodies as the removed their sweat soiled briefs and started rinsing them out in the fresh water.


As suddenly as it began the storm moved on leaving them in sunshine once again while behind them it was black as the storm headed North towards land far away. The deck steamed and their bodies dried as they hung their clothing out to dry walking about naked without a care, the sight of so many fit young bodies and the lack of sex soon had them boned up, steel stiff cocks jutted from dark thick pubes and sopon had them wanking together in a frenzy until gouts of fresh sperm spurted onto the aged wooden deck.


The voyage continued with no more disasters, the engine ran like a dream and apart from the leaking hull the vessel carried them on towards their land of milk and honey. A plane appeared and flew over them then turned and flew back circling the boat as they waved to the pilots, it then flew back in the direction of Australia now not too far below the horizon. A few hours later a grey ship appeared on the horizon and rapidly approached their position, the fast armed patrol boat circled them and over the water a voice boomed turn away you are not permitted to land in Australia you must turn to port and head for Sumatra.


Everyone on board were stunned at this news, they all knew of people who had gone ahead of them to land and settle in Australia, they called back saying that they needed to land and seek protection as refugees. The commander of the war ship, his gold braid glistening in the lowering sun again repeated the orders to turn away as they would not be permitted to land as they were illegally trying to circumvent the waiting list of people applying for refugee status. The commander went on, "We will escort you out of our territorial waters."


The lads muttered amongst themselves cursing the navy and the Australian government, they asked the skipper if during the night they might be able to escape and head towards Australia. The skipper shrugged his thin shoulders and said, "We can try but I doubt we can escape their watchful eyes or radar."


The sun raced down to the horizon and darkness followed almost instantly, the two boats motored along slowly, in the early hours of the morning the skipper gradually steered away on a slight angle so as not to arouse suspicion and they moved away little by little. The lads cheered softly as the patrol boats shape and lights gradually diminished in clarity, maybe they could escape and make a run for Ashmore Reef where they would be in Australia's zone and they would be forced to accept them. Their hopes built minute by minute then suddenly a blinding white light flashed on as the patrol boat lit up their search light, it moved quickly onto the fleeing boat and they were ordered to turn about and return or they would be fired upon.


Weeping in frustration the lads slumped defeated on the deck as the boat turned back towards the warship, one of the crew excitedly ran to the skipper, "What if we break down or something similar will they tow us out of their zone?"


The skipper scratched at the wispy hairs on his chin, "I don't think so but maybe it would be better to set the boat on fire then they would have to rescue us. Go below and spread some diesel about then light it and hurry back on deck."


The man scrambled below and they could hear him rattling around then a glow flickered on the hatch as he came back on deck and partially closed the hatch. The fire below burned getting hotter as it began to feed on the oil and diesel soaked timbers, a haze of smoke issued from the hatch and the pitch in the deck seams began to bubble over the engine compartment. The lads and crew all moved forward away from the stern leaving just the skipper at the helm, suddenly the engine stopped and the heavy boat slowed rapidly falling behind the patrol boat.


The patrol boat quickly swung about and approached the now smoking boat, the glow of the fire visible through the seams between some of her old hull timbers. The commander bellowed through the loud hailer, "What is going on there?'


The skipper called back as if in fear, "We have a fire in the engine and it is out of control."


The commander replied, "Hold fast we will send our boats to assist you."


The patrol boat slowed to a stop and two large rubber boats were launched and manned then raced to the wallowing old boat, they bumped alongside and the lads leapt over into them bumping heavily into the naval crews. A lieutenant in charge clambered up onto the boat and hurried aft lifting the hatch, a huge sheet of flame and a billow of oily smoke issued from the engine bay singeing the man's eyebrows. He leapt back and hurried back to the boat ordering them to cast off and return to the patrol boat.


The craft raced across the calm sea as the flames gained strength licking along the bubbling pitch between the deck timbers until the whole hulk was burning brightly. They reached the patrol boat and clambered up the side onto her deck, armed sailors stood waiting for them and they were searched for weapns, their pistols were seized from their meagre belongings as the commander approached looking very grim. He stood in front of the lads and said, "You deliberately set fire to your boat and this will go hard on you with the authorities when we reach shore."


The skipper whined, "We no set fire. It just happened may be a fuel line broke."


The commander frowned and replied, "That is a huge coincident that it just happened when you were being led away from our waters, you must think I am stupid."


The commander knew it was impossible to prove that the fire was deliberate and he was furious the liars would probably get away with it and be granted asylum, he hated that the group would be treated as refugees where they should have been jailed for their deliberate act. The lads were overjoyed and eagerly looking forward to landing on Australian shores but then were suddenly plunged into gloom when the commander told them they were heading for the detention centre on Christmas Island not Australia.


The journey to Christmas Island was very depressing and they were landed and marched under guard to the camp, they entered through gates in the high razor wire fences and were marched into a hall where they were searched again before being told to strip off then sent nude for medical examination. The lads entered another area where nurses and a doctor all dressed in crisp white uniforms waited for them, they held their hands in front of their groins to hide their genitals from the female nurses. The doctor told them to stand at attention with their hands on their heads, the lads shuffled about embarrassed but obeyed the direction.


The nurses looked each of them over smiling at their obvious shyness as they took their temperatures, checked their eyes and ears looked in their hair for lice. The sight of lice on some was enough, they were all told to wash their hair with a lotion that stung their eyes as it ran down their foreheads, after the shampoo they had their long curly locks shaved off leaving them almost bald, their pit hair and pubes followed until they were all as bare as young boys. The doctor then told then to bend over and clutch their ankles, he moved behind the line and grasped the first man's buttocks pulling them open checking the depths of his crack before he inserted a latex gloved middle finger up the shaking lad's anus. The lad yelped in discomfort as the finger waggled about inside his quivering rectum, he felt the finger rubbing his walnut sized gland which triggered an instant hard on causing him to moan. After the anal probing the medico reached between his thighs and clutched the lad's scrotum feeling his gonads and rolling them about roughly then he let go the balls and reached around the lad's side to feel his throbbing tool. He moved on carrying out the same groping on each of the men leaving each one with a throbbing boner that refused to go limp.


The group were now marched on to a shower room where they were given soap and towels and told to bathe then after drying to move on to the next room down the hall. The lads still boned up showered and some began to wank their boners in the hope they'd deflate before they moved on, soon all were seeking relief and cum flowed copiously down the drain as they drained their excited balls. After drying off they moved on to the next room where they were given overalls and new underwear and sandals, they dressed and left the reception building to enter the exercise yard.


Around the yard were the sleeping quarters 3 story buildings with rooms containing 6 two tiered bunks, the mess hall was in the centre and the yard was full of detainees who were all awaiting their papers to enter Australia.  There were people from Iraq, Afghanistan and Sri Lanka all mingling together and the tension was thick enough to cut with a knife. The Tigers sought out more of their friends as they were well outnumbered by the Muslim detainees, they felt completely disconcerted by the other races present. The heat didn't help the situation and squabbles broke out between the races, nothing serious but still innerving.


Shev and Aj stuck close together always touching, arms or thighs sometimes hands, the other lads from their boat also did the same so great was the bond they had formed and the fear they were feeling. The skipper and the two crewmembers had been pulled from their group and removed to another part of the complex for intensive questioning regarding the fire. The evening mess call saw everyone shuffling in lines into the huge canteen building where they were served food and then moved to sit at the long tables, their cutlery was plastic to avoid any danger of weapons being secreted on their persons after eating.


That night they were forced to sleep doubled up in the bunks as the centre was overcrowded, Shev ad Aj slept together of course their now totally smooth bodies pressed together. During the night both lads enjoyed full sex together and had to bite their lips to keep from crying out in their pleasure as they rooted frantically. Their excited bodies revelled in the feel of one another's turgid tools slipped slickly in and out of each other's tight rings until they deposited huge quantities of pearly essence deep inside one another.  During the night they could hear deep breathing as others enjoyed hands or mouths stimulating their eager organs. Some detainees, who had been here much longer, found solace like Shev and Aj enjoying the delicious delight of full sex.


The days dragged on, apart from the nightly relief in sex, most of the time was totally boring and destroying, the occasional flare up of violence almost a relief for the inmates. Weeks turned to months without relief, their hair grew back itching like crazy, the bland food, nothing like their native spicy meals, filled their bellies but became tastelessly boring. Months dragged by and after a year locked away on this speck in the middle of the ocean the Tamils finally were granted visas to enter Australia; they were transported across to their new homeland and settled into a complex near Darwin in the tropical north.


Centrelink, the social services department, interviewed the group, they were quizzed about any employment they'd had in Sri Lanka and they all admitted very little as they had been fighting a war since they'd left school. The department organised temporary accommodation and arranged for them to obtain the job search allowance till they found jobs. The climate was almost identical to their homeland but they found the local inhabitants a little stand offish, but gradually they were accepted and soon began to make friends once they began visiting a few pubs. Shev and Aj learnt of a gay bar and visited it, there they found that they were readily accepted as they were considered to be a trifle exotic. The local gays liked their dark complexions and trim taut bodies, the lads were touched and entertained, invited to parties and generally had a great time. They learnt more about gay sex during the first few weeks than they dreamed possible and enjoyed every nuance they experienced.


Once the group had adjusted to their new surroundings, although they still bore deep feelings about being interned, they moved into housing and were able to begin working and saving their money to bring their families or girl friends across to join them. Shev and Aj settled into a flat together and both obtained jobs on a prawn trawler, they were now hopelessly in love and had no wish to separate although they did enjoy bringing well hung Aussies home with them and taking them to bed where anything went and the lads loved being stretched as those big pale boners slammed up their tight dark little arses.


The end.


Posted: 11/06/09