by: justjames17

( 2010 by the author)


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The first time I saw Gene he was surfing at Apollo Bay; where I was spending a week fishing. I'd come down with our angling club for the long weekend but as the house was rented for a week I'd taken a week off work to relax and catch more fish to fill the freezer. The other members left on the Monday afternoon leaving me to it, after waving them off I decided to take a stroll down to the beach and sit in the late afternoon sunshine to watch the surf crash ashore in huge cascades of froth and bubbles before it surged hissing up the smooth wet sand before retreating once again.

This hypnotic ebbing and flowing had me day dreaming until a figure caught my eye, there he was riding his surf board into the shore, I watched in awe as his tall lean body balanced on that fibreglass board, his youthful muscles flexing to maintain his balance as his large feet shuffled on the waxed surface. I then noticed his long drab camouflage board shorts and the incredible bulge of his hidden treasures while the waistband of his Summitz underwear peeking above the waistband. This lad was hung, even the cool seawater couldn't shrink what he had, I wondered just how big he was when he cracked a hard on. Little did I know I was soon to find out.

This apparition kept surfing and entertaining me, he kept glancing across to where I sat on the beach with my knees up resting my chin on them while my arms were wrapped about them. I didn't realise my baggy shorts had slid up giving him a view of my red briefs and my bulge, it wasn't until he came ashore and planted his wet board nose first in the sand near by and picked up his towel to begin drying himself. As he towelled his longish wet hair I was afforded a great view of his cock and balls giggling about sexily, my own dick started to chub and stretch my cotton briefs as it poked out in full view.

He roughly dried his torso before looking across at me and grinning, I complimented him on his surfing prowess and he blushed charmingly, and dropped his towel beside me and sat down. He spoke softly, "I haven't seen you round here before are you just visiting?"

I nodded and explained how I was there and he asked where I was staying, I told him the address and he laughed saying, "That's just around the corner from my home it belongs to the McBride's, they live in the city and use it for holidays and rent it out when they aren't around."

We chatted away and got to know one another better, the longer we talked the friendlier he became and then he rested his left knee against mine and lay back on his towel affording me a delicious view of his tented boardies pointing skywards. I dragged my eyes away from his crotch and smiled at him, "Gene that is one impressive wand you have there mate."

He blushed and chuckled nodding and said, "Its all your fault I saw how hard your dick was while I was drying off, it looked so sexy sticking out the leg of your shorts like that and I saw it was oozing with excitement."

It was my turn to blush, "So you liked what you saw did you Gene?"

He grinned and his hand brushed across his stiffy making it bend then spring back up like a flag pole, I whistled softly then said, "Gene that looks awesome, so stiff and sexy."

He moaned softly and whispered, "I wish we could do something to get it to go soft its aching badly."

I swallowed hard and croaked, "Eeer do you really mean that?"

He nodded, "Too bloody right I do my nuts are killing me they are aching so much, I need to cum so badly."

I took him at his word and asked, "Would you like to come back with me and I can do something to alleviate your discomfort?"

He nodded vehemently groping himself squeezing that beaut boner making it look even stiffer if that was possible, we climbed to our feet and he grabbed his board and towel hiding his swollen pud from view as we shuffled up to the road and along the foreshore before crossing the highway and entering the street where the house I was staying in was located. We went inside after gene rested his board against the weatherboard wall near the porch, as soon as we were out of public view Gene grabbed me pulling us together as his succulent mouth found mine and we pashed on tongues flailing about in each other's mouths.

Our rigid rods fenced together as we humped and swayed in our sexual frenzy, after a few minutes I slowly led the panting lad to my bedroom where he began ripping off my t-shirt and shorts until I was standing there in my stretched briefs. He fell to his knees and began kissing, licking and sucking on my covered cock, I was moaning like a wolf as his hot hungry mouth made oral love to my raging rod. I was close to exploding when I pulled Gene to his feet saying, "Stop you randy bugger or I'll erupt and I don't want to cum yet."

He was red faced and gasping his sweet lips puffy from his exertions as I licked across them before kissing his nose, eyelids then licking his ears, Gene squirmed and mewed, his stiffy jerked in his damp boardies. I reached down and tugged at the wet cord trying to undo his baggy shorts but the water made the knot almost impossible to release, Gene sucked in his flat abdomen as I tugged those damp boardies until they finally parted company and slid down over his taut firm buttocks. Hig erection was dragged down by the shorts and he groaned wincing until it was clear and slammed back up against his muscular belly and stood there jerking to his excited heartbeat.

I looked at his seven inch slim arrow straight prick, its crimson turgid glistening cock head peeping from his loose cowl like foreskin, my mouth and arse twitched both desiring to experience that magnificent manhood's penetration.

I whispered, "I'm all yours Gene do what you desire mate, you can do me if you'd like."

His green eyes widened as he looked into mine searching for confirmation, I nodded, "Anything you want go for it Gene."

He blushed and cleared his throat, "Anything James?"

I nodded, "Anything mate."

He croaked out, "You mean I can have sex with you? I've never had sex only wanks and sucks before."

I nodded my mouth dry and my ring twitching at the thought of that wondrous wang sliding into my chute, "Go for it mate I'd love to have your babies."

Gene did just what I asked I lay on my back pulling my legs open and back inviting him in, he greased my ring with KY before he mounted me, I groaned in pleasure as his slippery cock head breeched my defences and that long slender shaft followed as he filled and stretched my long unused depths. The feeling of his incredibly stiff teen tool was totally satisfying as Gene lunged and thrust, squirmed and swayed reaming my innards to the maximum. Unfortunately he erupted too soon and I felt him gushing goo into my guts, my own dick deluged our bodies in unison and we lay together grunting and panting as our cocks slowly deflated.

Over that week Gene and I had lots of fun, fishing in my boat and on the beach where he tried to teach me to surf, without success, we also enjoyed each others' bodies to the max. I took his cherry and he loved it as much as rooting my arse, we made a fantastic couple but it had to end eventually, as I had to return to Melbourne. Gene was crying when we parted and although I held up as we hugged and kissed after I drove away watching the forlorn figure in the rear vision mirror I broke down sobbing. My mood on the long drive homewards was sad and I missed gene heaps, we kept in touch by emails and I'd drag the boat down for weekends once a month. Until he rang me one day to tell me he had a boyfriend who lived locally, I was both heartbroken but pleased for Gene.

The End.

Posted: 06/25/10