The Devil and Mr. Jones

By: J.T. Evergreen
The poetry in writing is the illusion it creates.
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A Love Story

As told by Marty Jones

Where to begin — for one thing, I never thought of the Devil as being gay or straight. He was just the Devil who caused all sorts of trouble in my life, like following me around and encouraging me to buy things I wanted but could not afford.  More than once, I used the excuse, ‘the Devil made me do it.’

But recently — I would say in the last six months — he seemed to be hanging around all of the time and everywhere I went.  I didn’t actually see him but I knew he was there, watching me. It’s that feeling you get when someone is staring at you.

He was just a spirit, a non-entity and did not deserve much thought except when he urged me to be naughty with my credit card.

The first time I became aware that something else was going on was the night I woke with a start. There was a distinct odor I had never noticed before and I got the strangest impression that someone else was in bed with me. A dream I supposed. So, I sighed, turned over and went back to sleep.

But when it happened again a week later, I became somewhat concerned. Well, maybe not concerned, but certainly curious. I was sleeping on my left side, which is my favorite and most comfortable position, when I came awake, not with a start like the first time, but with the distinct sense that someone had their hand on my hip.  I froze for a second, then threw the bed covers back and sat up.  Of course, there was no one there.  I decided it was my imagination working overtime, that is, until I lay down again. My right arm and hand went off to the other side of the bed and startled me.  It was warm when it should not have been warm.

I was so freaked, I got out of bed and made a cup of tea to calm myself. By the time I finished, I had once again convinced myself that it was my imagination and not some unseen alien creature longing to assault my poor helpless, beautiful body. I had somehow been on that side of the bed before I woke up and it was the lingering warmth of my body heat that I felt.

But that distinct odor. It was new and different and it was there as well as being somewhat familiar. But what was it? About a week later, when I lit some candles for a dinner I was giving, the smell of the ignited kitchen match was the same — Sulphur.  It was a sulfur odor I had detected in my bed.  That — was not my imagination. I wondered what the hell was going on.

I put it out of my mind and forgot about it until about a month later when I woke up in the middle of the night and felt someone else in bed with me again. I could feel the body heat.  There was no hand on my hip this time but the sulfur order was there. I rolled over and, of course, there was no one there, but the mattress was still warm and I knew it wasn’t my body heat this time.

I wasn’t about to say anything to anyone for fear they might think I had lost my mind. The next time it happened I panicked. I woke with a start in the middle of the night, had a full erection and there was no doubt someone was pressed up against my back and had their arm over my side and had a firm grip on my penis.  I jumped out of bed and didn’t get another wink of sleep that night.

The smell and the warmth were the same as before so I knew it wasn’t my imagination, nor was it my imagination the previous times. What disturbed me even more was the pleasure I felt from the touch of this creature. Something was going on and I was trying to convince myself that I didn’t like it.

I decided to tell my friend, Jason, but changed the story slightly, implying that is was only a dream and nothing more.

The first thing out of his smart-ass mouth was, “Did you achieve an orgasm?”

“No, I did not.” Of course, he assumed I was pleasuring myself with no help from anyone else.

Then I got a long lecture on how I should get out more often and make myself available.  “I’m not a slut, Jason.”

“Well, maybe you should give it a try. You’re such a goodie two-shoes gentleman. What you need is a snoot full of poppers and a stiff cock up your ass.”

“Take it easy, Jason.  I’m not a goodie two-shoes.”

“Yes, you are. Your vernacular is so straight and scientific it makes me want to puke sometimes.”

I laughed, “No it doesn’t. You say the funniest things sometimes, and there’s nothing wrong with the way I talk.”

“Oh, yeah. Say cock.”

“What for?”

“Go ahead and say it.”

“You mean as in Rooster?”

“See, this is what I’m talking about. No, cock as in that thing between your legs.”

“That’s my penis.”

“Oh, God, give me strength.  Ok. Can you say fuck?”

“I never use that word, it’s demeaning and uncouth.”

“Well, can you say - me?”

“Yes, of course. Me.”

“Now say – fuck me.”

“Jason, this is crazy. I know you have my best interests at heart or at least I think you do, but I’ll find Mr. Right my own way.”

“He might be closer than you think.”


“Nothing. Get outta here. I have work to do.”

He was obviously angry with me but I didn’t understand why. I know he meant well but he wasn’t any help in solving my dilemma.

The middle of the night encounters stopped for several months but I often smelled the faint odor of Sulphur when I would wake in the morning. There wasn’t much I could do about it except ignore it.

Several days before Thanksgiving I experienced what I can only describe as an erotic dream. I can’t recall all of the details but I felt as if someone were on top of me performing fellatio. As my orgasm approached, my pelvis reared into the air and my back arched. I felt a clawing sensation on my legs and lower back before I fell to the mattress drained and exhausted. I slept fitfully and did not come fully awake until dawn.  As I got out of bed, I felt the damp gooiness of saliva and semen on the bottom sheet. I almost laughed when I realized I must have had a wet dream. But then I began to wonder if it were a dream.

I went into the bathroom and turned on the light. Everything appeared all right until I turned around to examine what caused the strange sensation on my legs and back. I was shocked to see red lines as if someone had dug their nails in and raked my skin. I knew I could not have done that to myself, nor was I able to comprehend what had actually happened to me.

Thanksgiving came and went and the weeks before Christmas unfolded peacefully but I had a premonition these night time episodes were not over. Two days after Christmas I retired to my bed about 10 PM and could not sleep. As the scent of Sulphur began to permeate the air I knew something was about to happen. When the grandfather clock in the living room began to chime the midnight hour, the air was so thick with the smell of Sulphur I was on the verge of choking.

And then it was there, this huge shadowy figure at the foot of the bed. I tried to sit up but my arms and legs were numb and useless. I was unable to move. The heavy breathing and grunting of this creature foretold its sexual excitement as my bed covers were ripped away and tossed on the floor. This creature engorged his mouth with my penis. I had no control over the erection that flared automatically at the stimulation.

His hands caressed my legs and torso with abandonment, I felt the sting of his nails clawing at my skin. When the orgasm came, my back arched automatically as my body relieved itself into the mouth of this creature whose eagerness to devour my semen frightened me.  It felt as if he were sucking my very soul into his being. For an instant I saw his face illuminated by the nightlight on the table next to my bed. It was strong and fierce and gentle and alive with his passion. His pallor was of the forest — greens, browns, and purples. But it was his eyes that blazed with a light of their own, piercing my skull, and caressing my soul with a desire I could never have imagined. He threw his muscular arms into the air above him, roared with satisfaction and delight and then he was gone and I was alone on my bed, thoroughly shattered by the experience.

At first, I could not move.  I don’t know how long it was before I finally got the courage to get up and look at myself in the bathroom mirror. The marks were there again only more severe this time. The skin had been broken slightly in several places. There were droplets of blood.

I sat on the toilet seat for I don’t know how long trying to cognize what was happening and what to do about it.  I was beyond being terrorized, I think I was more traumatized now.  And yet, there was this persistent longing to have him return and pleasure me again. I wondered if it was ever going to happen. When would it happen? Why was it happening, especially to me?

I was afraid to go to bed at night, anticipating another event.  So, I napped during the day and stayed awake until dawn. That seemed to work but how long could I keep that up.

Little did I realize that the time of day had nothing to do with when this creature would return. It happened again in the early afternoon on the 24th of January. I was asleep on the day bed in my studio when I felt the presence lying beside me.  I came fully awake and did not move. I could smell the Sulphur and the feeling of his hot breath on my neck.  When I felt his lips and tongue begin to explore the nap of my neck, I tried, without success, to resist the pleasure I was feeling from his warmth and closeness.  I almost lost consciousness when he reached slowly around my rib cage, his fingers crawling upward, pausing at my nipple, caressing it with the tips of his fingers, twisting it gently and then pinching it, digging his nails into the hardening flesh. My breath quickened as the pleasure of the pain surged through my chest. His hand spread out, proceeded to and pressed hard on my sternum, drawing me even closer to him.

My muscles tightened as I felt his hips began to gyrate, pressing his erect penis into the valley between my gluteus maximus.  It was then that I decided to speak. I whispered, “Who are you and what do you want?”

His breathing increased as he pulled me into a tighter embrace, his legs encircling mine, restricting their movement.  After many seconds, “I want you to come and live with me.”

“But I’m afraid, I’m terrified.”

“There is nothing to fear. I would never hurt you unless you asked me to hurt you,” He opened his mouth and tenderly enclosed it on my neck applying a gentle pressure with his teeth which sent waves of pleasure through my body.

“But you are not of this world.”

“Take a bite of the apple I’ve left on your desk and you will be with me forever.”

I glanced up and over to my desk and saw the apple.  It was large, red, and glistened in the light coming through the window. My salivary glands filled my mouth with liquid as I thought of biting into this luscious fruit.

 I could not help but relax into this embrace. “Why me?”

He tightened his legs wrapped around mine and drew me in even closer. The rhythm of his hips gyrating against me quickened. I relaxed my muscles and let his erection sink into the valley, causing his excitement to increase.

The thought of his penis touching and penetrating my sphincter muscle excited me, even though no one had ever gone that way before. I thought of Jason’s comment and found myself in agreement. I wanted that stiffened, throbbing penis inside of me. I wanted his seed embedded within me. I took a deep breath, inhaling the intoxicating smell of his Sulphur.

I tried to fight the pleasure I was feeling but it was hopeless. I finally relaxed and gave into his caress. But then he slowed and stopped. “We have been together before, many thousands of years ago.  I was overjoyed when I sensed your presence and could not resist coming to you.”

“But you gave me no choice. You were just there, terrifying me.”

“I thought I was exciting you. I’m sorry. It was my desire for you that clouded my judgment. Forgive me.”

I almost chuckled. Here was this giant creature on the verge of piercing me with his robust penis and dominating me, and he was asking me for forgiveness.

He sensed my apprehension, released me, turned me over and hovered above me. The smell of Sulphur emanating from him was stronger, intoxicating me. Inhaling his essence gave me pleasure I never imagined. I was at one with this being which frightened and satisfied me at the same time.

For the first time, I was able to see what he looked like in the afternoon light. His body was massive and muscular. His skin was slightly scaled with a wonderful forest floor green hue to it.  He flexed his giant transparent wings and refolded them against his back. The huge beautiful rams-like horns coming from his forehead, curving back and then forward in a most commanding way. He was magnificent.  But it was his face that caught me.  It was so beautiful, fierce, and kind at the same time, and his eyes — they bespoke of wisdom and gentleness far beyond mine. I was mesmerized.

He slowly moved over me and lowered his head until his lips met my hardened beckoning nipple. He caressed it with his lips and tongue and then attacked it with his teeth, biting hard until I gasped with pleasure. He quickly moved to the other one and gave me more pleasure than I thought I could handle. I was on the verge of passing out when he smiled knowingly as he moved over my face and our lips met. They were insistent but tender. When his tongue pressed forward I did not refuse. It was strong and demanding as were his piercing eyes which gazed unabashedly into mine, searching my soul to its very depths.

When he finally withdrew he hovered and waited.  I thought of Jason again when the words he wanted me to say came back to me.  I wanted to say ‘fuck me’ with all my heart to this stranger. As much as I now wanted him in every way imaginable, I knew he and I could never be. Tears welled in my eyes as I confessed, “As much as I am tempted, I am a creature of earth and you are not, I beg you to wait a little longer until we are on the same plane of existence and then I will not refuse you.”

“I understand what you are saying even though I disagree with you. But, I will respect your decision. First, however, I would like you to do something for me.”

“Yes, of course?”

He leaned back on the daybed and moved his pelvis forward so his erection was prominent. “I want you to take my seed into your body. Will you do that for me?”

Without a second thought, I straddled his body, positioning my gluteus maximus muscles over his pulsating penis, and plunged my body downward, forcing his shaft past my outer and inner sphincter muscles into my bowels.  I raised myself once and plunged downward. I raised myself once more and plunged downward before his penis struck my prostate and I lost complete control of my body in the ecstasy.  I fell forward and found his right enlarged nipple with my mouth. I bit down hard and hung on as his body convulsed in pleasure.

He embraced me with his powerful arms so tightly I was on the verge of gasping as he roared with pleasure. It seemed an eternity that our bodies writhed together in ecstasy. When his time came I could feel his seed gushing forth and passing into my body. My own time came almost simultaneously and my seed splashed onto his rippling abdomen without any assistance from either of us.

And then he was gone and I was alone, grateful and saddened at the same time.

As the months passed, I lost count of how many times I awoke in the dead of night and longed for the scent of Sulphur, his touch, his warmth and the pain he could give me if I asked.

But I also found myself thinking more and more about Jason and the comment he made during our last visit. ‘Mr. Right was closer than I thought.’ I smiled when I realized Jason was a creature of earth like myself and I had taken him for granted. I would never do that again. I wondered if he could provide the pleasure this creature had awakened within me. Probably not, but he was flesh and blood and would be there for me when I needed him. I would call him and find out.

I kept the apple my Devil offered in our parting moments, just in case. Amazingly enough, it never withered or rotted, remaining fresh and plump and luscious looking to this very day.  How many times I held it, rubbing my lips and tongue over its surface, resisting the temptation to pleasure myself and bite into it and be done with the agony I felt in his absence. I smile with a little bit of melancholy each time I see it peacefully waiting on my office shelf, eternally tempting me to join this unorthodoxed suiter. To bite or not to bite? That was the question that haunted me and I believe he knew right well that it would if I didn’t accept him at that moment. What a tease he turned out to be. In the same vain, whenever anyone strikes a match, I greedily inhale the fumes, eagerly attempting to capture another moment with my beloved Devil.

He never bothered me again when I was out and about. I missed having him at my back encouraging me to be naughty with my credit card.

The End.

Posted: 07/28/17