Night and Day

By: J.T. Evergreen
The poetry in writing is the illusion it creates.
(© 2017 by the author)

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The only problem – he doesn’t know I’m alive. Outside of setting myself on fire in front of him, I can’t think of any way I can capture his attention. I’ve consulted the Gods on Olympus and they haven’t been any help whatsoever.

If I could only stop thinking about him, but how to do that seems the dilemma – oh, cursed cupid, why me, why me? Your arrows have found their mark.

He’s really nothing special but when he walks into a room, my poor heart sinks into my shoes. One thing I do know — he dances divinely. I saw him once dancing the tango and it was sheer magic the way he moved effortlessly across the floor.  I imagined myself his partner and felt I was in seventh heaven.  Well, maybe not seventh heaven but it was up there somewhere.

The first time I saw him I was ascending a flight of stairs leading to the museum, he was descending.  We passed in the middle; I stopped and turned – he kept going. I felt the overpowering urge to follow him; I didn’t, what a shame.

It was a public dance and he didn’t seem to be with anyone. Maybe I’ll just go up to him and ask for a dance. What if he laughs at me?  That would be horrible. I would have to leave the building. And then there would be the continued humility of seeing him around the campus. I’d die a thousand deaths.

But what if he doesn’t mind and accepts me for a few minutes.  I would be able to touch him, feel his warmth, and look into his eyes.  I wondered what color they are.

“May I have this dance?” I held my breath.

He looked up and smiled. “Yes, of course,” he got up and moved closer. “Do you tango?”

“Yes, I do.”

“I’m so glad you asked.”

“You are?”

“Yes, I’ve been watching you.”

“You have?”

“Yes. Shall we?” he took my hand and swung out onto the dance floor.

I followed and then — our eyes connected and I was in his arms floating effortlessly across the floor. We were one and I was in heaven.

The alarm went off. I grabbed it and shut it off. “FUCK!”


Posted: 09/01/17