The Summer of My Cousin
By: Etienne
( © 2009 by the author)

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A Stroke Story in Three Chapters


Part 1



It was summer, my junior year in high school had just ended, and I wasn’t looking forward to the next three months.  Why?  You may well ask.  A one-word answer would be ‘relatives,’ as in visiting relatives.  I live with my mom in an old two-story house just a block off of the main drag running through our little southern town.  Mom sleeps in the only bedroom on the first floor because she has knee problems and finds climbing stairs too painful.  There are four large bedrooms on the second floor, but my digs are in what had once been the attic.  Some long-ago owner of the house had converted the attic into a nice suite, consisting of living room, bedroom, and bath.  Even with a lot of insulation and two good-sized window air conditioners, it still got a little warm in the summer.  But I didn’t mind, because I had total privacy - even when the house was full of visiting relatives, as it would be during most of June, July, and August.


My mother has five sisters, and every one of them would be coming to stay for a week or more - often bringing their offspring with them.  Unfortunately for me, there were no male cousins near enough my age to provide adequate companionship.  Still, I was expected to entertain (read:  baby-sit in the case of the younger ones) any visiting cousins while they were in residence.


I was standing at the dormer window on the south side of the house, peering down through the leaves and branches of a huge, old oak tree into our neighbor’s back yard.  The house next door had recently been purchased by two men in their thirties, and the first thing they did after moving in was to install a six-foot privacy fence around the pool in their back yard.


Spying on them had become my favorite pastime, because they usually lounged around the pool naked, and I really like to watch naked men.  I had even climbed the oak tree a couple of times to prune some of the branches, so I would have a better view.  Stan (tall, muscular, black hair, huge dick) was a representative for a hardware distributor and traveled a lot, and his friend Ray (not quite so tall, brunette, average cock) managed a local Ace Hardware franchise.  I had gotten sort of friendly with them while they were installing the privacy fence, and had taken the job of maintaining their yard and pool - in exchange for a small amount of money and pool privileges.


As I watched them through my binoculars, they jumped in the pool and began to horse around.  This, of course, meant that I could no longer see their lower bodies, so I turned away from the window for a few minutes.  Just before I went downstairs to run some errands for my mom, I decided to take one last look.... and what a look it was.


Just as I got my binoculars focused on them, Stan and Ray climbed out of the pool, embraced, and began to kiss.  Then Stan lay on a chaise lounge on his back, and I could clearly see his erection pointing at the sky.  What happened next was the most exciting thing I’d ever seen.  Ray took a tube of something, rubbed it all over his erection, raised Stan’s legs, and began to fuck him.  At one point, he actually bent down and took Stan’s erection in his mouth, all the while still pounding away.  Eventually, they finished and jumped back in the pool.


I was stunned.  When I finally put my binoculars down, I realized that my shorts were around my knees and there were some white splotches on the wall in front of me - I had jerked off while watching them without even realizing it.


After I cleaned everything up - myself and the wall - I went downstairs, picked up the list Mom had left for me, got on my bike and rode down the street.  I could hardly keep my mind on the errands - all I could think of was the scene that I had just witnessed.  More importantly, I tried to think of a way to let either Stan or Ray know that I was like them.  The answer to that problem, when it finally landed in my head, came from a totally unexpected source.


My Aunt Linda arrived the day before the 4th of July weekend, and was planning to stay several days.  With her was her daughter, my cousin Sheila, who was eighteen and would start her first year in college in the fall.  Sheila was a good-looking brunette, and was, as they say, ‘built like a brick shithouse.’  As we sat around the dinner table late Friday evening - we hadn’t begun to eat until seven, and as usual, Mom and my aunt had been on a marathon of talking - Sheila said, “Gosh, it sure is hot tonight.”


“Yes, it is, Dear,” Mom said.


“If you folks will excuse me,” I said, “I forgot to clean Stan and Ray’s pool this afternoon, and I promised to take care of it by tomorrow.”


“Why don’t you take Sheila with you?” Mom said.


“Sure,” I said, with a total lack of enthusiasm.


“Jeremy Carter,” she said, “try to show some manners.”


“Sorry, Mom.”


Sheila followed me next door, and watched while I took care of all the little things one has to do in order to properly maintain a pool.  I had just turned the lights off and suggested it was time to go home, when she said, “It’s so hot, why don’t we take a dip?  Your neighbors won’t mind, will they?”


“No, they won’t, but we don’t have suits.”


“Who needs suits?”


She pulled off her clothes and dove in, giving me a quick glimpse of her butt as she did.  In the pool, she splashed some water in my direction and dared me to join her, so I pulled off my shorts and underwear - I was already shirtless - and dove in.


We splashed around for a bit, and then she swam to the deep end of the pool, climbed out, and got on the diving board.  There was enough ambient light from the streetlight in front of the house, not to mention moonlight, that I got a good look at her.  Starting with her very generous breasts, my eyes wandered down her torso to her crotch.  Shit, she’s shaved her pussy bare.  She dove in, swam over, and dared me to copy her.


Never one to resist a challenge, I swam to the deep end, got out, and stepped up onto the diving board.  I stood at the end of the board; my body bathed in the dim light for a moment, and dove in.


As I surfaced near Sheila, she disappeared under the water.  A minute later, I felt a hand brush my ass.  Two can play that game, I thought, so I dove and went straight for her.  I was about to feel her ass, when she spun around and my hand brushed across her crotch instead.


We played her little game for a bit, and she kept getting bolder and bolder, until finally, we were standing in four feet of water with her hand on my erection and my fingers exploring her depths.


“I just knew you’d have a big one,” she said, giving my erection a squeeze.


“Do you think it’s big?”


“Oh, yeah.  At least as big as the biggest one I’ve ever felt.  Come on, let’s go lie down somewhere.”


I followed her out of the pool, and watched while she took the cushions off two of the chaise lounges and laid them side by side on the cement.  She then grabbed me by the hand and pulled me down onto the cushions.  We began to kiss as our hands explored each other’s bodies.


She broke off the kiss for a minute and said, “I don’t suppose you have a condom in your cut-offs?”




“That’s okay.  I have some in my purse, but it’s in my room.  We can finish this, go next door, and do it again.”


“Finish it how?”


“With our mouths, silly.”


“I.... I don’t know what to do.”


“Just put your tongue where your finger is right now.”


I moved around until we were in a sixty-nine position, lowered my face to her crotch, and began to explore with my tongue.  She tasted of chlorine, but I began to do my best to please her.  Meanwhile, she was using my erection like an all-day sucker, and I was on the verge of shooting my load.  I had difficulty focusing on the sensations of my impending orgasm, because she had spread her legs a bit, raised her knees, and clamped my head between her thighs.  She began to spasm while I was filling her mouth.


Afterward we jumped in the pool to clean up.  Then I located a couple of towels in the pool house, and we were able to dry off and get dressed.  As I opened the back door to my house, Sheila said, “I’ll slip up to your room around eleven, okay?”




How could I say no to that?  I was anticipating a repeat of the blow-job I had just received (my very first, by the way).


I took a shower to soap the residue of chlorine from my body, pulled on a pair of boxers, and sat down at my computer.  As the time display in the lower right-hand corner of my screen rolled over to 11:00, there was a light tap on my door.


I opened the door for her and she quickly slipped into my room.


“Close the door quietly,” she said, “and be sure to lock it.”


“Nobody comes up here.”


“Lock it anyway.”


I locked it, and turned to look at her.  She was standing in the middle of my room, wearing a see-through shortie nightgown.  She had a small zip-lock bag in her hand, and it looked as though she wasn’t wearing panties.


“Aren’t you glad to see me?”




“Then pull those shorts off and show me how glad.”

I slipped out of my boxers, and my erection bounced a bit.


“That’s better, but before I take care of that thing again, we have to get rid of all that hair.”


“Excuse me?”


“I’m going to shave you, silly.  I love giving blow-jobs, but I don’t like to get pubic hair in my teeth.  Which of those two doors is your bathroom?”


“The one on the right goes to my bedroom, the bathroom opens off of that.  The other door is just a closet.”


“In you go.”


I led her into my bathroom and sat down on the counter as instructed.


“With that crew cut, you must have clippers.”


“In the drawer to your left.”


She proceeded to run the clippers all over my crotch, cock, and balls, using the very shortest accessory.


“That’s better, now for the razor.”


In no time at all, there wasn’t a hair left on my body anywhere in the vicinity of my crotch.


“Now, we can go to bed,” she said.


Following her instructions, I lay back on the bed.  She crawled between my knees and began to work on my erection.  It didn’t take long for her to suck me dry, and she kept on working on me until I was, once again, hard as a rock.  She reached over to the nightstand, retrieved the zip-lock bag and removed a condom from it.  In one quick motion, she ripped the foil packet open with her teeth, took the condom and rolled it snugly over my dick.


She settled back on the other pillow, spread her legs and said, “Now, it’s your turn to take care of me.”

I rolled over on top of her, and she used her hand to guide my erection to its target.  I pushed my erection into her until it hit bottom, and felt - ‘absolutely nothing.’


Here I am, doing what most guys would kill to do, and I don’t feel anything.  I wonder what all the fuss is about.  Guess I really am gay.


“What are you waiting for?  Fuck me now.”


I did as she asked, and began to thrust in and out.  She kept urging me to go faster, harder, and deeper.  It didn’t take long for her to begin to shudder and moan, and when she finally stopped, I was still pounding away.  I began to replay in my head the scene I had witnessed between Stan and Ray, and that pushed me over the edge.


“Wow!” she said, when I was finished.  “You have more staying power than anybody I know.”


If only she knew why.


After that, Sheila came to my room every night - the girl was insatiable, but I somehow managed to live through it.  I wanted to tell her about myself, but didn’t know how.  On the night before she and her mother were to leave, she must have sensed something, because she said, “You don’t seem to be enjoying this as much as I thought you would.”


“Can you keep a secret?” I asked.




“I think I might be gay.”


“You think?”


“I’ve never actually ‘done it’ with a guy, but I think about it all the time.”


“I guess we’ll have to do something about that, won’t we?”


“We will?”


“Sure.  Actually, I think we can help each other.  Didn’t you tell me your volleyball team begins practice a couple of weeks before school begins?”




“Then I’ll talk Mom into coming back for a ten day visit about that time, and I guarantee you you’ll get laid.”




She told me in some detail, and I was flabbergasted at what she suggested.


“You’d do that?” I asked.


“Why not?  You bring your teammates home, one at a time, to screw me, and I’ll make sure you get some, too.  Deal?”




I really didn’t believe that what I had just agreed to would work, but Sheila didn’t say anything else.  She and her mother left the next morning without any further conversation, and I didn’t spend any more time worrying about her plans, because I was formulating a plan of my own.  I learned from Ray that Stan was going to be out of town until Sunday, so I spent Saturday morning in my room, keeping an eye on their pool.  I knew that the pool area would be in full sun from about eleven o’clock on, so I became especially attentive about that time, and my vigilance was rewarded when I saw Ray settle down on a chaise lounge to get some sun - he was wearing only his birthday suit.  The minute I saw him, I headed downstairs and out the door.


Phase one:  here we go.


Ray looked up at me when I entered the pool area, and smiled when I asked if I was disturbing him.


“Not at all, Jeremy,” he said.  “Go ahead and take care of the pool, you’re not bothering me at all.”


“Thanks, Ray.  I won’t be long.”


“Take as much time as you like.”


He settled back down on the lounge, and I went to work.  By the time I finished, I was sweating profusely - the filtration equipment was in a small room below ground, and the equipment generated a great deal of heat.  I put my tools away, climbed the steps, and closed the manhole-type cover that allowed access to it.  I walked over to a point near where Ray was lying, dropped my shorts, and dove into the pool.  This was not unusual - I frequently skinny-dipped in the pool when its owners were present, and often skinny-dipping themselves.


I splashed around in the pool until I had cooled down sufficiently, then I swam over to the edge nearest Ray.


“Pool feels good,” I said, “why don’t you join me?”


“I’m comfortable right here.”


Cupping my hands together, I dipped them into the water and sent a fair amount of it in his direction.


“Come on in, water’s fine.”


He yelled an obscenity, jumped up, and dove into the pool after me.


Phase two: here goes nothing (or everything?).


We ducked each other a few times, then I swam underwater just as Sheila had done, and grabbed his ass briefly.  He retaliated, just as I had done with Sheila, and the game accelerated until both of us were sporting wood.


“Are you sure you know what you’re doing, Jeremy?” Ray asked as he felt me up.


“I’ve never done it before, but I know enough to know that I want to - more than anything.”


“What made you think that I’d want to?”

“Because I can see the pool from my room, and I’ve seen you and Stan having sex by the pool.”


“No shit?”


“Yeah.  I know it wasn’t nice to spy on you, but you guys were so hot.”


“You think?”


“Oh, yeah.  I jerked off watching you.  That’s when I knew for sure that I’m gay.” 


“Jeremy, I have a lover.”




“We don’t cheat on each other.”


“Then why is this so hard?”  I gave his erection a squeeze for emphasis.


“It’s hard because I’m human.  That being said, my dick belongs to Stan.”


“Does that matter?”


“Possibly, to Stan.”




I was pulling gently on his erection, as he was mine.


“All right, I’ll admit that Stan and I have an agreement.  When he’s out of town, we expect each other to be discrete, but not necessarily celibate.”


“Good, then you can show me how to do it.”


“Do what?”


“Have sex with another guy, of course.”


“Okay,” he said.  “Let’s go in the house.”

We got out of the pool, he handed me one of the towels that had been thrown on the lounge chair next to his, and we toweled ourselves dry.


“What happened to your pubes?” he asked.


“My Cousin Sheila.  She likes guys that way.”




“Oh, yeah.”


I told him about Sheila while he led me inside his house - it was only the second time I had been inside, and I had never been past the kitchen.  In the bedroom, he pulled the covers back, lay down on the bed and said, “What are you waiting for, stud?”


I dropped down beside him on the bed, and we began to kiss and do other things.  Eventually, he moved around so that we were face to crotch, and we began to sixty-nine.  It felt so good - and I’m not referring to the blow-job he was giving me, even though he was ten times better at it than Sheila had been - I found that I loved sucking dick.  It was wonderful, and when he shot his load in my mouth, I greedily swallowed every drop.


When we were again face-to-face, he said, “Well?”


“What do you think?  I loved every second of it.   Now, I want you to fuck me, and then I want to fuck you....  I want it all.”


“Are you sure?”


“Are you kidding?”


He rolled over, rummaged around in a drawer in the nightstand and found a condom.


“Stan and I don’t use these any more, but you and I will have to - do you understand why?”


“You bet.  STDs and all.”


“Yeah.  There was a time when penicillin would cure anything, but that was before even I was born.  Promise me you’ll never take any chances by not playing safe.”


“I promise.”


“One day, you may meet someone and decide you’re in love.  If and when you do, both of you have got to be tested before you throw away the condoms.  And for good measure, do it again six months later.”


“I understand.”


“Okay.  Looks like you’re ready for this.”


He opened the packet and rolled the condom over my erection.


“The key to making this as painless as possible is to go very slowly at first.  Watch my face carefully.  If I seem to be uncomfortable, stop and ask.  Okay?”




“Now, when I raise my legs in the air, place one of my heels on each of your shoulders.”


He raised his legs and I caught his feet, carefully resting his heels on my shoulders.


“Okay, stud.  Go for it.  But remember, slow and easy.  Oops, I almost forgot, take a bit of KY and rub it around and inside my anus.  The tube is right there on the night stand within reach.”


I took the tube and squeezed a bit of the KY on my index finger, then I carefully inserted my finger and wiggled it around a bit.


“That should do it,” he said.


Removing my finger, I replaced it with the tip of my dick, and slowly began to push inside of him, carefully watching his face as I did.  Seeing no obvious signs of discomfort, I kept on pushing until I hit bottom.

“Are you okay?”


“Never better,” he said.  “Now fuck me as hard and fast as you like.”


I needed no further encouragement, and began to thrust in and out of his ass rapidly.  I’d never felt anything like it - my dick was gripped by a tight ring of flesh, and it felt oh, so good.  The difference between what I had felt with my cousin, and what I was feeling now was the difference between night and day.  Eventually, I began to fill the condom and, as I did so, I was barely able to contain myself - I wanted to shout with joy.


“Oh, man,” I said, when we were again lying face to face on his bed.  “That was amazing.”


“Ready for round two?”


“Shit, yes.”


He retrieved another condom, snugged it down over his erection, and placed the tube of KY where he could reach it.  Then he raised my legs and, after a minute’s pause, I felt a cold wet finger exploring my nether regions.  I jumped a bit.






“It’ll warm up in a hurry.”


And so it did.  The finger slipped further inside, eventually finding a spot that made me twitch with pleasure.


“What was that?”


“My finger just met your prostate.  I’m going to insert a second finger now.”


The finger withdrew for a second.  When it returned, it felt larger, but it didn’t really hurt. 


“You’re stretching open nicely.  Let’s go for three fingers.”

I winced a bit at this larger invasion, so he paused.


“Everything all right?”






I could feel his fingers exploring my anus and then withdraw.



“Let’s go for the main event now,” he said.


He shifted his position against me slightly, and I felt a momentary pressure, then a bit of pain. 


“I know that hurt.  When the head forces you open, it usually does.  Ready for more?”


I nodded, and the pressure increased.  I could actually feel him filling my insides with his shaft.  The sensations were coming so hard and fast that I could hardly describe them.  Then I felt his body bump against my ass.


“I just hit bottom.  How’re you doing?”


“Never better.”


“All righty then, here we go.”


With that, he began to slide his dick in and out of me, slowly at first, but picking up speed as he went.  He was watching my face carefully for any sign of discomfort.


“I’m going to do it hard and fast for a minute.”


The in and out sensations became a relentless pounding.  Every time he hit bottom, a jolt of pleasure shot through me.  My face must have reflected the pleasure.


“You like that, don’t you?”


“Oh, yeah.  Keep it up.”


A minute later, he arched his back and a loud groan of pleasure escaped his mouth.


“I think we need a dip in the pool to cool off,” Ray said, after he caught his breath.




We splashed around in the pool for a while, climbed out, and settled down on chaise lounges.


“I don’t have to ask you if it was all you hoped it would be, do I?” Ray said.


“It was all I hoped it would be - and much more besides.”


“Yeah.  I remember my first time - it was like that.”


“How old were you?”




“Wow!  You got an early start.  Who was the other guy?”


“My best friend.  We learned everything from each other, you might say.”


“I have a couple of close friends, but I would never dare suggest doing anything with them.”


“You mean when you sleep over, you don’t even jerk off together?”


“I guess they’re not as close as I think they are, and I was always too scared to suggest anything like that.”


“Don’t worry.  You’ll find somebody.”


“Meanwhile, I’ve got you.”


“No, kiddo, you don’t.  Stan has me.... and don’t you forget it.”

“Are you saying this is it?”




“Probably?” I parroted.


“Stan and I have occasionally joked around about doing a threesome.  Let me talk to him tomorrow, and we’ll see.”


“Now, you’re talking.”


“Don’t get your hopes up.”


I got up somewhat reluctantly, pulled on my cut-offs, and went home to mow the yard and trim the hedges for Mom.


Part 2


Late Sunday evening my cell phone rang. It was Ray, and he had a few instructions for me.


Following his instructions I slipped quietly out of the house and went next door. Their back door was unlocked, as Ray had said it would be. There was just enough light coming through the blinds on the windows so that I could walk from room to room without running into furniture.


I stopped in the hallway, just outside of the master bedroom, and quietly shed my clothes. I opened the door - the room was dark, as Ray had said it would be.


“Who’s there?” Stan said.


“That would be the surprise I told you about,” Ray said. “Come on over here, mystery guest, and crawl in between us.”


I could just make out two bodies lying on top of the covers, so I walked over to the foot of the bed and did as instructed. Almost immediately, a hand found its way to my erection.


“Hmm,” Stan said, “smooth. Damn, are we doing it with ten-year-olds now? Oops, guess not, never saw a ten-year-old with a dick that big.”


“Trust me, Babe,” Ray said, “he’s legal.”


Another hand started moving up and down my torso. Soon, there were four hands caressing my body, and I was being kissed - although I wasn’t sure by whom.


“Who do you think our guest is, Babe?”


“I don’t know, but he has a nice body.”


“Give up?”




One hand was pulled away, and a bedside light clicked on.


“Jeremy!” Stan said. “I never would have guessed. How did this happen?”


“The little fucker seduced me,” Ray said.




“He started playing a game of grab ass in the pool yesterday morning, and it escalated.”


“That sounds interesting.”


“Yeah, it was. He’s a regular little horndog, and I think we ought to show him what it’s like to be in the middle of a sandwich.”


“Works for me.”


Ray retrieved a condom from somewhere and installed it on my erection. Then following his instructions, I rolled onto my side so that I was facing Ray. He turned over, presented his ass to me, and I gently slipped my erection inside his anus. It slipped in with no resistance at all, presumably because Stan had just finished fucking him. I didn’t have a lot of time to savor the experience, because I felt fingers probing at my own butt. After a while, Stan must have decided I was ready, because he began to push slowly inside me. It took a moment or two for him to hit bottom.


“Now Jeremy,” Stan said, “it’s up to you to control this. Thrust into Ray, and when you back out, you’ll impale yourself on me.”


It was more than a bit awkward, so Stan had the three of us pull apart for a minute. Then Ray lay on his stomach with his butt in the air and his legs on the floor. I entered him again, this time from behind, and once I was in place, Stan pushed his dick into me. This time I was able to control the operation. It was amazing - as I thrust into Ray, Stan would hold still, allowing me to pull part of the way off his erection. Then when I pulled back from Ray’s butt, the movement shoved Stan’s dick deep inside me. We got a steady rhythm going and eventually all three of us came.


“Oh, man,” I said. “That was awesome.”


“Kiddo,” Stan said, “you’re a natural. What you need to do is find someone your age to play with.”


“I wouldn’t dare talk about gay stuff at school. It’s not safe to do that. I’m hoping things will get better at the end of August when my cousin Sheila comes back for a visit.”


“What does that mean?” Stan asked.


I told him what she had promised to do.


“That might work,” he said, “but August is several weeks away. We need to find you a fuck-buddy now, and I’ve got an idea.”


“You have?”


“Ray and I have some friends over in Savannah who just might know someone suitable for you. I’ll give them a call this week.”


“What friends?” Ray said.


“Remember Lamar and Steve?”




“I think one of them has a gay cousin Jeremy’s age.”


“Oh, yeah, I’d forgotten about that.”


“Right now, it’s late, and we have to work tomorrow, so off you go, Jeremy.”


I retrieved my clothes from the hallway and put them on.


“It was fun,” I said, as I headed for the back door.


I didn’t hear from either Ray or Stan until the following weekend, and the news was not good - as it turned out, their friend’s cousin had acquired a boyfriend. I thanked them for trying, and moped around for a couple of weeks until they invited me over one Saturday evening to play. It was probably a ‘pity fuck’ on their part, but I wasn’t about to question their motives.


In Sheila’s absence, I had let my pubic hair grow out, but a few days before practice was scheduled to commence, I shaved myself smooth again. It was a lot more fun when she had done it, but I got the job done. Nobody in the locker room took any notice when we dressed out, but it was a different story in the shower room after practice.


I was standing under a showerhead soaping myself when one of my teammates said, “Hey, Carter, what the hell happened to you?”


“What do you mean?” I asked.


“What happened to your pubic hair?”


By then all showers had been turned off and the room was quiet.


“My cousin Sheila happened, that’s what happened.”


“What the fuck does that mean?” Someone asked.


“My cousin is eighteen, and she spent several days with us around the fourth of July. She’s a bit of a nympho, and she gives great blow-jobs, but she says she doesn’t like to get pubic hair in her teeth, so she shaved me bare.”


“No way,” someone said.


“It’s the gospel truth,” I said. “She’s coming back for a visit in a couple of days, and wants me to line up some fresh meat for her. Besides giving great blow jobs, she loves to be fucked.”


Everybody volunteered.


“Hold it. She refuses to do ‘it’ with anyone under seventeen. So, how many of you guys are already seventeen?”


All of them held up their hands.


“She also prefers guys with no experience, so step forward if you have the balls to admit that you’re still a virgin.”


Eight of my teammates stepped forward.


“Great. After we’re dressed, you can draw straws to see who comes over to my house first for a sleepover.”


We finished showering and, after we were dressed, I presided over an impromptu drawing. Armed with a list of prospective sex partners for Sheila (and myself) I went home with a smile on my face. Sheila and her mother arrived the next morning, and she and I spent a few minutes on the front porch swing, which gave me an opportunity to fill her in.


Walter Jackson arrived at our house around nine, and we went straight up to my room. We were sitting on my sofa watching TV when there was a light knock on the door. Sheila opened the door without waiting for me to do so. She locked it behind her and came over to us. She was wearing a robe.


I introduced Walter, and Sheila said, “Okay, let’s see what you guys look like.”


We stripped and stood naked in front of her. She walked over to Walter and fondled his dick for a minute or two, then she slipped out of her robe. She wasn’t wearing anything under it. I thought Walter’s eyes were going to pop out of his head.


“Like what you see, big boy,” she said. “Of course you do, and that’s an impressive erection.”


She stroked him for a minute, then she ran her hands through his pubes.


“This won’t do,” she said. “I thought you’d have him ready by now, Jeremy.” She caressed my groin with her other hand. “You need a touch-up yourself.”


“Give us half an hour,” I said.


“Okay, but not a minute longer.”


She put her robe on, tied the sash, and left the room. I locked the door behind her and led Walter into the bathroom.


“Hop up on the counter and spread your legs,” I said.


I retrieved my electric clippers and went to work. I really couldn’t watch his face while I worked, but his dick was beginning to ooze pre-cum by the time I finished - which told me he was enjoying the experience.


“Okay,” I said. “You’re smooth as a baby’s ass. Sheila won’t have any cause for complaint. Now, it’s my turn.”


He jumped off the counter, and I hopped up in his place. He took the warm damp washcloth that I had just used on him and used it on me. Using my safety razor, he did a good job on my crotch.


“Don’t forget the shaft of my dick and my balls - just like I did on you.”


As he took hold of my erection to follow my instructions, I wondered if this was the first time he had handled a dick other than his own, but didn’t quite have the nerve to ask him. When he had finished the job to my satisfaction, I suggested that we take a quick shower, after which we settled back on the sofa, towels around our waists.


“Just in time,” I said, when I heard a light knock on the door.


I opened it for Sheila, and locked it behind her. She walked into the room and took charge.


“Let’s see,” she said.


We dropped our towels, and she ran her fingers over first Walter’s crotch, then mine.


“That’s better, but you boys kept me waiting so long, I’m almost out of the mood.”


“What can we do to get you in the mood,” I asked.


“Well,” she said, somewhat coyly, “it really turns me on to watch two guys giving each other a blow job.”


She walked into my bedroom, dropping her robe along the way. Walter’s jaw dropped at the sight of her ass disappearing through the door.


She turned and faced us from the doorway. “What are you boys waiting for?”


In the bedroom, she instructed me to lie on the bed, then she spread my legs apart so she could sit between them facing me. Then she spread her legs wide, resting them on my knees.


“What are you waiting for, Walter?” she said. “If you’ll climb on this bed and do a sixty-nine with Jeremy, it will really turn me on.”


“I... I’ve never done anything like that before,” he said.


“There’s a first time for everything,” she said.


I chimed in, saying, “I won’t tell if you won’t tell.”




When he was in position with his mouth almost touching Jeremy’s dick, all Walter could see was Sheila’s pussy gaping open right in front of his eyes. He had, at that point in his life, never seen a naked woman in the flesh, let alone, one boldly displaying everything for his benefit.


To his surprise, Jeremy began to deep throat his erection, so without taking his eyes off the mesmerizing sight in front of him, he began to suck his first cock. Jeremy’s cousin took two of her fingers and began to play with herself, making little purring noises in the process.


“Watching you suck Jeremy’s dick is really turning me on,” she said.


He was so caught up in the sensations he was experiencing, he couldn’t think about what he was doing - he just kept sucking away, sort of on autopilot.


All of a sudden, he felt a finger exploring his ass, and a second or two later the finger was probing around inside it. Just as he was about to complain, that ‘oh so friendly’ finger found a spot which felt really, really good, so he kept on working on Jeremy’s erection.


A few minutes after he exploded in Jeremy’s mouth, he felt a rush of fluid in his own.




“Lick your lips, they’re covered with cum,” Sheila said, when Walter pulled his mouth from Jeremy’s erection.


He did so.


“That was nice,” she said, “and you boys got me so turned on.”


She retrieved a condom from the bedside table and opened it.


“Come over here Walter, and let me get you ready.”


Walter did as he was told, and she deep-throated him for a minute or two before she rolled the condom down over his erection.


“Okay, stud,” she said. “Show me how much you like me.”


I moved out of the way, and she slid down on the bed and spread her legs in invitation. Walter moved into position, and was staring at her breasts.


“You can kiss them if you want to.”


That was all the encouragement he needed, and he began to fondle her breasts and kiss them, all the while he was pumping in and out of her.


“Slow down,” she said. “I want it to last as long as possible.”


He changed his rhythm and began to move in and out of her much more slowly.


“That’s great,” she said. “You’ll keep me on the edge for a long time that way - just like I like it.”


A minute or two later, she broke their kiss and said, “Jeremy, why don’t you stick something up Walter’s butt? That might encourage him a bit more.”


Walter felt that ‘friendly’ finger probing his nether regions again. This time it went straight to ‘that’ spot, and he was surprised at how good it felt. Then he felt more pressure.


“What’s he doing back there?” he asked.


“I told him to loosen you up a bit before he fucks you,” she said.


“Before he what?”


He almost pulled out of her.


“Jeremy’s going to fuck you while you fuck me. Trust me, Walter, it will make you feel even better than you do now.”


The pressure in his anus increased some more.


“I’ve got three fingers in there now,” Jeremy said.


“Good,” she said. “He should be about ready for the real thing.”


“Coming up,” Jeremy said. “Or should that be coming in?” He giggled.


The fingers were withdrawn and almost immediately replaced with something a bit larger, which pressed steadily inside him until he felt Jeremy’s body bump against his own.


“Are you in?” she said to Jeremy.


“Just hit bottom.”


“Good. Now pull out just enough so that when Walter pulls out of me he impales himself on you.”


He felt Jeremy withdraw just a bit.


“Now, Walter,” she said. “It’s all up to you - give me all you’ve got, and you’ll be pleasing all three of us at the same time.”


He began to thrust in and out, slowly at first - then he found a good rhythm and speeded up just a bit. It was weird - as he shoved his dick into Sheila, he felt Jeremy’s erection sliding out of him, and when he pulled back out of Sheila, he felt Jeremy’s erection sliding home. He had to admit that it felt pretty good.


Finally, with one final thrust, he hit bottom and, with a moan, began to cum. He lay still for a moment, still buried in Sheila’s pussy. Jeremy began to pump away at his ass until he, too, collapsed with a moan.


He felt Jeremy withdraw and roll off of him, then he pulled out of Sheila, who kissed him thoroughly.


“You’re a real stud, Walter. In fact, I can honestly say you wore me out. Jeremy, can I take a rain check with you?”


“Sure. I think our moms are going shopping tomorrow afternoon - we’ll have the house to ourselves for a couple of hours.”


“It’s a date,” she said.


She found her robe where she had tossed it and put it on, but not before pressing her naked flesh up against Walter one last time. I walked with her to the door and locked it behind her. Back in my bedroom, I said, “I think we both need another shower after all that.”




We took a shower together, and as we were toweling ourselves dry, I said, “Wanta watch some more TV?”


“If you don’t mind, I’d just as soon go straight to bed. Your cousin wore me out.”




We crawled naked into my bed, and lay there for a while talking. I finally reached over and turned out the lights.


“Jeremy,” Walter said, “we can’t ever talk about what happened tonight.”


“You mean you don’t want to brag about screwing my cousin?”


“Not that. I mean the rest of it - you know, the blow-jobs.”


“Ever seen those commercials about Las Vegas?”


“The ones where they say, ‘What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas?’”


“Yeah. Let’s make a pact right now, ‘What happens in Jeremy’s attic stays in Jeremy’s attic,’ okay?”


“You’re on.”


“Jeremy, can I ask you a question?” Walter said.




“What did it feel like - fucking a guy?”


“It felt good. Your ass was a whole lot tighter than Sheila’s pussy. Want to try it?”




“If you want to know what it feels like, you can fuck me. After all, turn about is fair play.”




“Sure, why not? Can you get it up again?”


“I’m sort of hard already, just thinking about it. What do we do?”


Jeremy turned the bedside light on again, fumbled around in the nightstand, retrieved a condom, and handed it to Walter along with a small tube that was labeled KY Jelly.


“You need to loosen me up with your fingers first,” he said. “Use one finger, then two, and finally, three fingers. Then I’ll be loose enough for the main event.”


He took the proffered items, opened the foil package, and rolled the condom down over his raging erection. Then he carefully lubed his finger with the KY.


“Put some of that on my asshole,” I said, raising my knees and spreading my legs.


Using his index finger, he thoroughly moistened Jeremy’s anus. Then he began to probe a bit inside of it.


“Push that finger in all the way until you feel a little lump,” I said. “That’s my prostate.”


He followed instructions, and found the spot. My cock twitched as he probed the spot.


“I’m ready for two fingers now.”


He complied, and when again instructed, added a third finger.


“Okay, Big Guy,” I said. “Raise my legs in the air and give it to me.”


He found that my feet rested snugly on his shoulders as he carefully inserted his erection into my anus. He pushed steadily in until his crotch hit my butt.


“Are you okay?” he asked.


“Never better. Shut up and fuck me.”


He began to pound away at Jeremy’s ass. He noticed that Jeremy’s erection had returned, and Jeremy began to jerk it with rapid strokes. It didn’t take long for him began to spasm, and he saw that Jeremy’s cock was spewing all over his chest.


Later, as they lay side by side, I said, “Well?”


“Well, what?”


“How was it?”


“Different. You’re right - a guy’s ass is much tighter than a pussy.”




“I think we need to take another shower.”


They did just that, after which, they crawled into bed and went to sleep.


I woke up early the next morning and lay there thinking. Walter was still out cold, flat on his back, morning wood pointing at the ceiling - we had kicked the sheet off during the night. Seized by a sudden inspiration, I went to the foot of the bed and slowly but carefully pulled Walter’s feet until his head was well clear of the headboard. He didn’t even stir.


Then I positioned myself so that my dick was pointing at his mouth, bent down, and begin to suck lustily on his dick. It didn’t take long for him to wake up.


“Dude, what are you doing?”


“Same thing we did last night. It felt good then, and it feels good now.”


He opened his mouth to say something, but I shoved my erection in it before he could. It didn’t take very long for both of us to cum, and I moved off of him and sat on the side of the bed.


“That was a great way to start the day wasn’t it?”


“Yeah, but we can’t ever tell anybody about it, right?”


“Don’t you remember? What happens in Jeremy’s attic stays in Jeremy’s attic. Besides, who could I tell without incriminating myself?”


“Oh, yeah, I guess I didn’t think of that.”


Evidently, Sheila had been waiting for Walter to leave, because she appeared at my door ten minutes later.


“Well?” she said.


“Everything went according to script, as you know.”


“Anything happen after I left last night?”


“Last night, and again this morning.”


“Tell me all.”


Which I did. Over the next seven nights, including Saturday and Sunday, we went through the other candidates one by one. After we had done them all, Sheila and I spent some time over lunch at a fast food place discussing my eight teammates and their possibilities.


“I hate to say it, Jeremy, but I don’t think any of them are even remotely interested in guys. If they had been, I would have sensed it, just as I did with you.”




I had been hoping that at least one of the eight would have had some potential for sex throughout the coming school year.


“Sorry. Can you invite them back one at a time, starting with Walter?”


“Sure, but we won’t be able to follow your script a second time with the same person.”


“Why not? It’s worked eight nights in a row.”


“I’ll see what I can do.”


But it was not to be - at least not that night. We had been expecting a new coach this year but his arrival had been delayed. Up until now, one of the female coaches had been substituting for him. The new coach showed up at practice that afternoon.


 Part 3



Edward Meadows had been looking forward to his new job as an algebra teacher and part-time coach all summer. It was his first full-time job as a newly minted teacher, and he intended to make the most of it, although as a gay male, he was more than a bit nervous at being exposed to so many young men in a locker room setting. He was also nervous because he had been doing without for a while - he and his boyfriend had broken up while he was still working on his masters, and it had been both painful and traumatic. Since that time, he had deliberately limited himself to the occasional one night stand.


New town, fresh start, he thought as he headed to the gym to meet the team. They were already dressed in shorts, tees, and tennis shoes when he got there. The female coach who had been working with them introduced him to each of the boys, and he thanked her for having filled in for him.


“Call me if you want my opinion concerning their individual strengths and weaknesses,” she said, as she walked away.


“Give me few days to make my own assessment and we’ll compare notes.”


Turning to the team, he said, “Okay, guys, let’s see what we have to work with.”


He put them through a rigorous practice, and was more than satisfied with the group’s performance. Practice over, he stopped by his office, stripped, wrapped a towel around his waist, and followed the team into the shower room. In the shower room, he was more than a little surprised by what he saw, so keeping his towel wrapped around his waist, he called the team to attention.


“Okay, guys,” he said. “Who wants to tell me what’s going on around here?”


“What do you mean, Sir,” one of the kids asked.


“You guys look more like a swim team than a volleyball team. What’s with the shaved crotches? Anyone care to tell me?”


“Some of us sort of belong to the same club,” one boy said.




“Well, sort of. You could say that being shaved is the price of admission.”


“Admission to what?”


“Carter’s cousin’s pussy,” one of the boys said with a giggle.


“Mr. Carter, front and center.”


A tall, good-looking boy with a nice sized cock and big low-hangers stepped in front of the other boys.


“What’s your name?”


“Jeremy Carter, Sir.”


“Okay, Carter. Want to tell me what’s going on?”


“It’s my cousin, Sir. She’s been visiting for a couple of weeks, and she’s a bit of a nympho.”




“Yes, Sir. She really likes to be screwed. She likes to give blow-jobs, too, but she says she doesn’t like to get pubic hair in her teeth.”


“Hence the shaving?”


“Yes, Sir.”


“Okay, men. Carry on. Carter, I want to see you in my office when you’re dressed.”


“Yes, Sir.”


He took his shower and, ignoring the naked young men, went back to his office to dress. Jeremy Carter knocked on the door a few minutes later.


“Come in, Carter. Close the door behind you and have a seat.”


“Yes, Sir.”


He closed the door, took a seat, and looked around somewhat nervously.


“Okay, Carter - or do you prefer Jeremy?”


“Jeremy is fine, Sir.”


“Okay, Jeremy, tell me about this deal with your cousin.”


“I don’t know where to begin.”


“From the beginning is usually a good idea.”


The kid told a somewhat rambling story in fits and starts, beginning with a seduction in a swimming pool, and ending with taking eight teammates home, one by one. There were gaps in his tale large enough to drive a truck through, but basically it made sense.


“Now what, Sir?”


“Are any of your teammates coming over to play tonight?”


“No, Sir. I was going to invite one of them to come over for a second visit, but you sort of interrupted that.”


“Good, because I’d like to come over to your house tonight.”


“You, Sir?”




“Does that mean that you want to screw my cousin, too?”


“It means I want to see how this little game is played, okay?”


“Why, Sir?”


“Because I want to be very sure that we don’t have some sort of sex scandal in the making.”




“And, Jeremy.”




“Please don’t tell her who I am - at least not ahead of time. I’ll take care of that when and if the time comes.”


“Yes, Sir.”


“All right then. You may go. Remember to call me Ed tonight, instead of ‘Mister.’”


“Yes, Sir.”


Jeremy got up from the chair, scooted quickly to the door, opened it, and left.


That’s a good-looking kid. Nice cock, too.... And those low-hanging balls looked great on him. Hmm, I wonder.... Oh well, we’ll see what happens tonight.


A little before ten, he pulled on gym shorts and a tee, slipped into an old pair of loafers and headed out - as it was only a few short blocks from his temporary quarters in a somewhat dilapidated motel to his destination, he rode his mountain bike. When he arrived at the Carter home, he found Jeremy sitting in the swing on the front porch, obviously waiting - there was a girl sitting beside him. The porch light was not on, but there was enough light from the streetlight to see that she was pretty and well endowed.


He walked over to the swing with his hand extended. “Hi, I’m Ed.”


“Sheila,” she said, taking his hand. “Jeremy said somebody new might come over to play this evening.”


“That would be me.”


She stood up, brushed up against him, and slipped one hand inside his shorts. She groped him for a minute and withdrew her hand.


“Nice,” she said, “but Jeremy needs to get you ready for me.”


“Give us half an hour,” Jeremy said. “Come with me, Ed.”


He followed Jeremy up a wide flight of stairs to the second floor, down a hall, and up a narrow set of steps to a finished attic.


“This is where I live,” Jeremy said.


“Nice and private.”


“Yes, Sir.”


“I think you’d better drop the Sir, for now. What about your parents?”


“My parents are divorced. I don’t have any contact with my father. Mom sleeps on the first floor because she has difficulty climbing a lot of steps. She never comes up here.”


“What happens now?”


“We go into my bathroom and I shave you.”


“Okay, let’s do it.”


He followed Jeremy into a fair-sized bedroom.


“We can leave our clothes here.”




They both stripped, and Jeremy preceded him into the bathroom.


“It’s easier if you sit on the counter and spread your legs.”




If Jeremy had any qualms about shaving his coach he didn’t show it. He pulled a pair of electric clippers from a drawer and went to work. In no time, he had reduced the blond pubic bush to stubble. It didn’t take long after that for the kid to shave his groin, cock, and balls bare. By that time, they were both sporting erections. He slipped off the counter.


“Now what?”


“You need to give me a touch-up. I haven’t shaved in a couple of days, and she won’t like this stubble.”


Talk about an invitation.


“Up you go, big guy,” he said.


Jeremy sat on the counter, spread his legs, and watched himself being carefully shaved.


“I think we need a shower now,” Jeremy said.




They showered together, and he resisted the urge to initiate something right then and there. Stop it. You’re here to find out what goes on, so you’ve got to see it through.


They toweled themselves dry and, following Jeremy’s lead, he wrapped a towel around his waist. They went back to the sitting area and settled down on the couch to wait. A few minutes later there was a tap on the door.


Jeremy got up and let his cousin into the room, locking the door behind her. The cousin was wearing a thin robe which was loosely tied at her waist. She walked over to the sofa, loosening the robe along the way.


“Let’s have a look at you,” she said.


He obediently stood and dropped his towel.


“Nice,” she said as she ran her fingers over his crotch. She gave his erection a couple of strokes. “That’s nice, too, but you know what, you guys kept me waiting so long that I’m almost out of the mood.”


“Really?” he said.


“You know what will really turn me on and get my juices flowing again?”


“I have no idea.”


“Let’s go into the bedroom.”


They followed her into the bedroom and stood by the bed.


“Jeremy, why don’t you lay flat on the bed with your feet a bit back from the headboard?”


Jeremy assumed the position, then she dropped her robe and straddled the kid’s legs, spreading hers in the process. Everything she had popped into view.


“Now, Ed, come over here and let me watch you and Jeremy doing a sixty-nine. I guarantee that will turn me on.”


Wondering if this had been scripted, and if so, had her previous ‘subjects’ protested or not, he crawled on the bed and positioned his erection above Jeremy’s mouth. The kid began to suck eagerly on his dick. He’s had a bit of experience at this.


“What are you waiting for, Ed? Go to work on Jeremy.”


Bending his head, he took the kid’s erection in his mouth and went to work. He could see that she had inserted a couple of fingers in her cunt and was playing with herself. He felt a finger slip into his anus and begin to probe deeply inside him.


This kid knows what he’s doing - that finger went straight to my prostate like a homing pigeon and pushed the button. Curiouser and curiouser.


 He and Jeremy both came in fairly short order and he rolled off the kid.


“Now what?” he asked as he stood beside the bed.


She deep-throated him for a minute or two, then she produced a condom from somewhere and rolled it down snugly over his hard cock.


“Now that I’m turned on, you get to fuck me. Take as long as you like.”


He had never considered himself to be bi-sexual, but had screwed enough girls in college for one reason or another - mostly, he was ashamed to admit, because of peer pressure - that it wasn’t difficult to do as she asked. I’ll give this gal her money’s worth, so to speak. He slipped into her and began to thrust in and out.


“Slow down a bit,” she said. “I want it to last as long as possible.”


He obliged, and began a much slower in-out rhythm.


“Jeremy,” she said, “why don’t you use your fingers on your friend? It’ll make him feel even better than he does.”


He felt a moistened finger begin to explore his anus once again - at first tentatively, and then deep inside of him. As before, the finger found his prostate and probed.


“Go ahead and use more fingers, Jeremy,” she said. “Get him good and loose, and then you can fuck him while he’s fucking me.”


“Say what?” he said. He stopped what he was doing for a minute.


“Come on, Ed,” she said. “I think you’ll really enjoy it - it might even make you harder for me.”


He felt pressure as another finger, or perhaps two, began to explore. Then the fingers withdrew and he felt the unmistakable pressure of an erection pushing at his ring. Jeremy inserted his erection slowly and carefully until he hit bottom.


“Are you all the way in, Jeremy?” she asked.




“Then pull out just a bit. Ed, what I want you to do now, is fuck me slow and deep - every time you pull out of me, you’ll push back on Jeremy’s cock. Got it?”




He had to admit it felt good. He’d actually been in a ‘sandwich’ once with two other guys, and this was a fair substitute. Finally, he thrust into her one last time and began to spasm. He lay still for a minute, and Jeremy began to pound his butt until he, too, gave a little groan and stopped.


When it was over, he said, “I guess it’s Jeremy’s turn, now?”


“You know what?” she said. “You kind of wore me out, so if Jeremy doesn’t mind, he and I will get together some time tomorrow.”


“Sure, Sheila,” Jeremy said.


She pulled on her robe and left. He stood in the bedroom door watching as Jeremy followed her to the door and locked it behind her. He returned to face his coach.


“What now, Sir?”




He grabbed Jeremy in an embrace and began to kiss him. The kid kissed back, and their tongues dueled for a bit. He broke the embrace for a moment.


“You’re gay, aren’t you, Jeremy?”


“Yes, Sir, but please don’t tell anybody.”


“Why should I. I’m gay, too. This whole thing with your cousin was a scheme to get her screwed, and you some male/male sex wasn’t it?”


“Yes, Sir.”


“Well, guess what? It worked.”


He took Jeremy by the hand and led him to the bed.


“So, Jeremy, you’re a great cocksucker - what else do you do?”


“Well, you already know I like to fuck. I like to get fucked, too.”


“Really? Have you had much experience?”


“Enough to know that I like it.”


“Think you can get it up again?”


“You bet I can.”


“Of course you can, you’re only seventeen. The real question is can I?”


Surprisingly, he found that he could. When he raised Jeremy’s legs in the air and began to thrust in and out, his dick was as hard as ever.


Later, after Jeremy had returned the favor, they lay belly to belly and kissed for a while.


“Jeremy,” he said, “there’s something we have to discuss.”


“What’s that?”


“The need for absolute secrecy. I could get fired if the wrong people found out about this - the fact that the age of consent in this state is sixteen wouldn’t make a damn bit of difference.”


“Who would I tell? I don’t talk to other guys about sex - at least not when it involves me. Wait a minute. Does that mean we’re going to do this again?”


“If you want to - what do you think?”


“Sounds good to me. Can you spend the night?”


“That might not be a good idea. It wouldn’t do for anyone to see a teacher leaving a student’s house early in the morning.”


“Okay,” Jeremy said. “Can you come over for a swim in my neighbors’ pool tomorrow after practice?”


“Your neighbors won’t mind?”


“I have pool privileges, and they’ve encouraged me to find another gay guy to bring over.”


“Okay then. Tomorrow it is.”


They pulled on their clothes and had a long kiss, after which Jeremy led him quietly back to the porch, and he got on his bike and left.




When I got back to my room, Sheila was waiting on the sofa.


“What’s the matter?” she said. “Couldn’t he spend the night?”


“Unfortunately, no.”


“Too bad. From my point of view, he’s probably a keeper.”




“He wasn’t as enthusiastic as he should have been. I think he’s probably gay.”


“Yeah. He’s gay.”


“He admitted it?”




“Then what’s the problem?”


“He’s not a classmate, he’s a teacher. And he’s the new coach.”


“I thought he was a bit older than the average senior. In any case, I wish you luck. You do know that the two of you will have to be damn careful about being seen in public - at least until after you’ve graduated, and maybe even then.”


“Yeah,” I said with a sigh, “I know.”


“See you at breakfast,” she said.


Over breakfast, I learned that Sheila and my aunt would be leaving the next morning. Later, I asked Sheila if she would like me to bring someone home for one last evening of fun.


“Just tell me which one you want, and you can have him all to yourself,” I said.


“Oh, goody. In that case, try to get Jack to come home with you.”


“Why Jack?”


“Because he’s got the biggest dick, silly. Not to mention the fact that he seemed to have the most stamina.”


We had a good practice session that afternoon. Afterward, in the shower room, I told Jack that Sheila was leaving tomorrow and wanted him to come spend the night with her.


“You’ll have her all to yourself most of the evening,” I said. “I’m going out, and won’t be home until after midnight.”


Jack licked his lips in anticipation.


“What time should I come over?”


“She’ll be waiting for you on the porch around nine.”


We were interrupted by the appearance of Ed in the shower room. He was wearing a towel.


“I have a job for someone,” he announced, “and I’m going to use the army method of selecting a volunteer.”


“What does that mean, Sir?” someone said.


“It means that I decide who volunteers. Carter, front and center.”


“Yes, Sir,” I said, stepping forward.


Come to my office after you’re dressed. You just volunteered for the job.


I hurried into my clothes and was waiting by the office door when Ed came back from his shower, still wearing the towel.


“Is everyone gone?” he asked.


“As far as I know.”


“The first part of your job is to make certain the locker and shower rooms are empty, and to lock the doors from the inside.”


“On it,” I said.


When I returned to the office, Ed was sitting in the chair behind his desk. As far as I could tell, he was still wearing only the towel.


“Building secure?” he asked.


“I checked the locker room, the shower room, the equipment storage room, and the bathrooms and found nobody. Then I locked the door.”


“Good. Why don’t you follow me into the massage room and take off your clothes?”


In the massage room, I found that the massage table had been pushed up against the wall and the mat from it was lying on the floor. Ed lay down on the mat and opened his arms. He was already half erect.


“What are you waiting for, Jeremy?”


I slipped out of my clothes and joined him. We kissed for a long time while our hands wandered around various places. Then I moved around so that we were mouth to cock and began to work on his erection. I stopped for a moment to moisten my index finger; then I began to probe while I continued to work on his erection - he raised his knees a bit and spread them so I would have easier access, and I felt a friendly finger exploring my nether regions. Later, as we were getting dressed, I said, “What do I say when other guys ask me what the job involved?”


“You check the building, you pick up discarded towels and stuff in the locker room, and do whatever else coach asks.”


“Sounds good to me. Ready for that swim?”


“You bet.”


We did a quick once-over of the locker and shower rooms, picking up the odd towel and shower shoes that were lying about. Then we got in Ed’s old Jeep and headed for my house. Following my instructions, he parked in Ray and Stan’s back yard, then he followed me to the pool.


“Have a seat,” I said, when we reached the pool. “I have to do my maintenance stuff.”


“Can I help?”




The two of us made short work of the routine pool maintenance duties, after which I pulled off my clothes, tossed them on a chair, and jumped in.


“What are you waiting for?” I asked.


“Is it really okay to skinny dip?”




We horsed around in the pool for a while, and were standing in water up to our waists kissing when we heard a voice.


“Well, Jeremy,” Ray said, “I see you’ve found yourself a playmate.”


Ed pulled away from me hastily, which made me laugh.


“Hi, Ray. This is Ed. Ed, Ray.”


“Hi, Ed,” Ray said. “Any friend of Jeremy’s is a friend of mine.”


He walked over to look down at us.


“Say, Ed,” Ray said. “You don’t look young enough to be Jeremy’s classmate.”


“He’s not,” I said. “He’s a teacher and a coach.”


“Wow. That sounds wicked, and more than a bit dangerous for both of you.”


“Yeah,” Ed said, “which is why we have to be damn careful.”


“Don’t worry,” Ray said, “your secret is safe with Stan and me. We’ve been encouraging Jeremy to find someone to play with. Come on in the house and I’ll fix you something to drink. Stan won’t be home until later.”


Ray headed to the back door, and I followed Ed up the ladder and out of the pool. God, he has a great ass, I thought, as he reached the top of the ladder.


As we pulled on our clothes, I said, “You have a great ass.”


“Thanks. You’re no slouch in that department yourself.”


As we approached the door, Ray opened it. He had a tray in his hands which contained three cans of Coke.


“Coke okay?” he asked.


“Sure,” we both said.


“Good. The back porch is kind of in the shade right now. We can sit out here.”


As we sat and sipped, Ray began to sort of interrogate Ed. I realized that he was looking out for me, so I didn’t mind.


“Where are you living?” Ray asked finally.


“I haven’t had time to look for an apartment,” Ed said. “Right now, I’m renting by the week at the Dixie Motel over on Main Street.”


“That’s a dump,” Ray said.


“No argument there.”


“Stan and I have an unfurnished garage apartment. We haven’t tried to rent it out because we didn’t want a straight tenant. Think you might be interested?”


“You bet,” Ed said. “When can I see it?”


“Now, if you like.”


Carrying our cans of Coke, the three of us walked through the apartment. It had a nice living room, a kitchen large enough for a small table, and two bedrooms connected by a bath. One bedroom was much larger than the other. There were also hook-ups for a washer and dryer.


“As you can see,” Ray said, “this place hasn’t been occupied in years. However, a little paint will do wonders for the place.”


“I’m sold,” Ed said. “I have just about enough savings to buy some inexpensive furniture and household items.”


The two of them haggled for a couple of minutes over the proposed rent and struck a deal. Ed used his cell phone to call Stan to get his approval, and that was that. When we were once again sitting on the back porch, I looked at my watch.


“I have to get home,” I said. “I’m expected for supper.”


“Can we get together later?” Ed asked.


“Yeah, but it can’t be in my room tonight”




“Because I’ve invited Jack to come over for a command performance with Sheila tonight. She and her mom are leaving tomorrow. My bed will probably be in use until nearly midnight.”


“You can use the pool house,” Ray said. “Stan will be bringing take-out with him when he gets home. We’ll most likely eat, take a quick dip in the pool, and go straight to bed.”


“Thanks,” I said.


I kissed Ed good-bye and went home, arriving just in time to sit down at the table. After supper, Sheila and I adjourned to the swing on the front porch and I told her that Jack would be stopping by.


“And where will you be?” she asked.


“I’m going to meet Ed in the pool house next door.”


“It’s nice, getting laid regularly, isn’t it?”


“Oh, yeah.”


We sat on the swing talking for a long time, but when I saw Ed’s Jeep go down the street and turn at the corner on the other side of Ray’s house, I got up.


“Time to go,” I said. “That was Ed’s Jeep that just went by.”


“Have fun.”


“You, too. Jack will be here at nine.”


I slipped next door and into the pool house. Ed was already lying naked on the same cushions that Sheila and I had used.


“What took you so long?” he asked.


We spent the next couple of hours having great sex. At one point, we saw Ray and Stan come out of their house and enter the pool. They splashed around for a while before they got out, dried themselves off, and walked hand-in-hand back into their house.


“I haven’t met Stan,” Ed said, “but Ray seems nice enough.”


“They’re good guys.”


“Yeah, and Ray is certainly protective of you. He really gave me the ‘third degree’ when we were talking.”




We got up and spent some time in the pool, then we went back to our cushions and did ‘it’ again.


Finally, Ed said, “You’ve worn me out. I think I need to go back to my room and re-charge my batteries.”


“I guess I should be getting home, too. Can we do this again tomorrow?”


“Sure. I’m going to visit the hardware store in the morning to buy paint and stuff. Want to help me paint later?”


“You bet. Just give me a call.”


With a final kiss, I headed home, and Ed went towards his jeep. When I got to my room the door was locked, so I tapped softly on it. After a minute, Sheila came to the door.


“Are you guys finished?” I asked.


“Yeah. Jack is in your bed half asleep. We wore each other out. Did you have a good time?”


“Oh, yeah. A really good time.”


“Good. See you at breakfast.”


When I stripped and crawled into my bed, Jack didn’t even stir. The next morning, he slipped out of the house before breakfast with a huge smile on his face.


And that’s how my summer ended. Ed painted and fixed up the apartment, with my help, and we settled into a routine once the school year began. As the last coach hired, he was given the last period of the school day for his team activity, and the job of securing the locker and shower rooms every day. This worked out well for us - at least three days out of five, the other coaches were long gone by the time practice was over, and we were able to have a hot session in the massage room after the building was locked for the night. I also managed to spend at least part of very nearly every evening with him in the garage apartment next door.


The End






With thanks, as usual, to Rockhunter for an excellent editing job.

Posted: 11/13/09