"Variations on a Theme"

My First Time
By: Etienne
( © 2009 by the author)

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You want to hear about my first time? I remember it as though it were yesterday.


My name is Todd Eldridge, and at the time in question, I had just finished my Junior Year in high school; and had just turned seventeen the week that school let out. By that time I had achieved my full six feet of height, but my body had not yet begun to fill out. I was well muscled from a regimen of regular workouts, but had not reached my potential, and my hair was more blond than it is now. At that point in my life, the closest thing to sex that I had ever experienced was jerking off with my best friend Ralph.


I lived on the outskirts of town with my mom - my dad having died when I was ten or so - and Ralph lived way out in the country on the other side of town. On Friday and Saturday nights, we would usually go out - on a double date to a movie or something - but sometimes by ourselves, and after we took our dates home, Ralph would spend the night at my house, rather than drive twenty miles out in the country. He had an unhappy home life, and his parents were more than content to have him stay over with us.


My mom worked the three to eleven shift at a local plant during the week, and on the weekends she usually had a date with her long time boyfriend Al - which invariably meant that she stayed over at his place after work on Friday, and I would not see her until Sunday evening.


Ralph and I would get back to my place around eleven, and would usually grab a couple of beers from the kitchen - mom “pretended” not to notice that the beer supply dwindled significantly over the weekends, even when she was not at home.


We would watch a late movie in the living room with our beers in hand, usually stripped down to our briefs by that point. After the movie, and a little worse for the beers, we would retire to my bedroom, strip off our shorts, and crawl in my bed. I don’t really remember how or when we had started jerking off while watching each other, but it had been going on almost as long as we had been capable of doing so.


We never touched each other, although for as long as I could remember, I had wanted to reach out and stroke Ralph’s cock for him; not to mention, take it in my mouth - however, I never quite got up the nerve. We would simply lay on my bed side by side and begin masturbating, watching each other’s erections intently until we came.


That was where my sexual experience stood until that summer - the summer after my Junior Year. Ralph went off in early June to spend six weeks in Denver with his grandparents. Mom was sleeping over at Al’s more and more of the time - funnily enough, she never allowed him to sleep over at our house. Perhaps she didn’t want to expose her son to her love life.


The house next door to ours had been purchased in May by a guy named Mark Hodges. Mark was in his mid twenties, and had just taken a job in our small Midwestern city as manager of a local store. I had met him when he first moved in, and had participated in a few brief conversations with him over the hedge between our respective properties. Mark was somewhere close to my six feet in height, and had a very muscular build. His hair was jet black, his eyes were bright blue, and his body appeared to have been the subject of regular workouts. I can remember fantasizing about his body the first time I saw him out mowing his yard wearing only a pair of nylon running shorts. His chest was hairless, and quite muscular. His legs were equally muscular, and clearly shaved, the mark of a serious bicycle rider, I thought at the time. I watched him covertly while I was mowing our yard, then went inside, pulled off my shorts, and jerked off thinking about what he might look like when naked.


His house included a small patio and swimming pool, located between his house and ours. My bedroom overlooked the pool, although the view was totally obscured by a hedge. About the time that school ended for the year, Mark had begun constructing a six-foot stockade fence around the patio and pool area. I asked him one Saturday as he was putting the final touches on the by then completed fence, why he needed the fence, given the thick hedge between our lots. His answer took me by complete surprise;


“Well, Todd,” he said, looking at me with his direct and intense gaze, “I need to maintain my ‘all-over’ suntan, and don’t want to shock the neighbors, especially those driving by on the street.”


“Oh,” I replied. “That sounds like fun. I wish I had some place to try that.”


He gave me that intent look again. “Well, perhaps you can. When I get started working on my tan in earnest, I’m not going to have much time for the yard. Perhaps you might consider taking care of it for me - in exchange for pool privileges.” He paused a moment, “I’ve noticed the really great job you do on your yard, and if you can get mine looking half as good, I’d be grateful.”


My response an instant ,“You’re on - I’ll start next weekend.”


The next day, Sunday, I was out in our yard puttering around in my usual costume of running shorts when I heard the door leading from Mark’s house to his patio slam as it closed. Being more than a little bit curious, I slipped quietly across the yard, and squeezed between the hedge plants to peek through a very convenient knothole in Mark’s privacy fence. Mark was wearing a towel around his waist, and had his back to me as he arranged his chaise lounge at just the correct angle to catch the maximum sun. There were a couple of towels and some tubes of what appeared to be sun tan lotion on the patio beside the chair.


Then he dropped the towel - he was wearing nothing underneath it - and I got a brief glimpse of his muscular ass, which turned into twin melon-shaped globes as he bent over to pick up something off of the patio. Before he straightened up, I got my first ever glimpse of a puckered ass hole, which was scarcely ten feet away and pointing straight at me. Then he turned around and settled down on the chaise lounge - facing me almost directly. A series of shocks ran though my body at seeing Mark naked for the first time. First, I noticed that he was sporting a half-erection. Then I realized that his groin was totally hairless - evidently he shaved his crotch, and for that matter, his balls, totally smooth. As I watched, his cock became fully erect, and jutting out of his bare crotch as it did, it looked enormous. I remember that I had never seen anything quite so exciting in my entire life. My cock, which was already straining my shorts, became hard as a rock.


After Mark settled down on the lounge, he reached down and took a bottle of baby oil, poured some on his cock, which was by then totally erect, and began to stroke himself. He lay back, closed his eyes, and pounded away until, with an audible groan, he spurted white jism all over his belly. I couldn’t take it any more - I slipped out of the hedge, ran into the house to my bedroom, pulled off my shorts, and began to pound away at my own erection. It was so hard, and I was so excited, that it only took about two minutes before white streams of cum shot clear up to my chin.


I wiped myself clean, pulled my shorts back on, and slipped outside and into the hedge again. By this time, Mark was laying back on the lounge, spread eagled in the sun. His body glistened with oil, and his cock appeared to be contained in a black sack - on closer inspection, I figured out that it was a sock. I figured that the show was over for the day, so I went back inside.


In my bathroom, I slipped off my shorts and examined myself in the mirror, trying to decide what I would look like without pubic hair. My chest was hairless anyhow, and my legs had only a slight blond fuzz. I decided to find out, and got out my shaving cream and razor, learning rather quickly that you just can’t run a razor through pubic hair - even when it is somewhat sparse as mine is - and shave it. I finally came up with the solution of taking a pair of scissors and cutting the hair very short, and then I lathered up and started shaving.


During this process, my cock stood up and became steel hard. By the time my crotch was bare as a baby’s, and my balls and shaft were also smooth, my cock was straining for release. About three strokes was all it took, and I shot all over the bathroom wall. I took a shower, and stepped out to admire my handiwork in the full length mirror. I had never thought of my cock as ‘huge’ - merely average at best, but freed of all the surrounding hair, my cock seemed to leap from my body - and it looked twice as big and bold as it had before. Just looking at it gave me another hard-on, and I went into my bedroom, lay down on the bed, and jerked off; this time fantasizing about Mark’s naked body.


I knew right then and there that what I wanted more than anything in the world, was to run my hands all over Marks naked body, take his cock in my mouth, and suck on it until he filled my willing throat with white protein. Would he let me do that? I wondered. The answer to that question was given to me a few nights later.


That Wednesday evening, I was sitting on the screen porch in the dark, sipping iced tea, and daydreaming just a bit. I had heard a car pull up in Mark’s driveway, but didn’t pay any attention - having observed that he had the occasional visitor. I heard the patio door give its familiar slam, and shortly afterward I heard voices and splashing sounds.


I slipped off the porch, and went quietly to my observation point in the hedge. There was a nearly full moon that night, so Mark’s patio and pool were bathed in soft light. I got there just in time to see a man heave himself up from the pool and sit on the edge. I could see that he was naked, but I wasn’t certain that it was Mark. However, a few moments later, I saw another guy rise out of the water, and I knew then that it was Mark on the edge of the pool because the other guy had much longer hair.


Then to my surprise and delight, the other guy came to the edge of the pool, raised up, and moved his head between Mark’s thighs. Soon, I could see his head bobbing up and down over Mark’s cock. After a time, I heard the same sounds coming from Mark’s throat that I had heard the afternoon I watched him jerk off.


Needless to say, my own cock sprang to attention, and I pulled my shorts down and began pulling on my erection while I watched the proceedings by the pool. The other guy came up out of the pool, and stood beside Mark. I could see clearly that he had an enormous erection -- at least it appeared to be enormous. Mark scrambled up, and a blanket on the patio and lay down. The other guy kneeled down between Mark’s thighs, raised Mark’s legs up over his shoulders, and before long, had his dick buried up Mark’s ass. At least that’s how it appeared to me, although I couldn’t really see the actual penetration. From the sounds, however, Mark was being royally fucked - and was thoroughly enjoying it.


I was so focused on the activity by the pool that I scarcely noticed my own orgasm when it happened. I did remember to pull my shorts up, and continued to watch the two of them for some time. Later, in my bed, I replayed the scene by the pool in my mind as I jerked off again. Then, I made my plans for the following weekend.


I knew that Mark habitually settled down by the pool by 11 a.m. on weekend mornings, that being the time at which the sun was high enough in the sky to bathe his patio with its rays. I made certain that I had finished mowing his yard by that time, having done my yard the evening before. I had taken great care with my personal ablutions that morning, and my crotch, cock, and balls were freshly shaven and smooth as a baby’s ass.


As soon as Mark’s lawn was pristine, the hedges clipped, and all the tools returned to their proper places, I went to the gate which opened from his yard onto the patio/pool area and opened it. I could see that Mark was lying face down on a blanket, his ass poking invitingly into the air. He heard the gate squeak and looked in my direction.


Before he could speak, I cut him off. “Hi. I”m done with the yard, and decided to have my first sun tan session.”


“Great,” he replied, “but perhaps you’d better wash off in the pool, first.”


That fitted my plans perfectly, so I said, “Great - I’d like to do just that.”


Fortunately for me, the blanket he was lying on was at the deep end of the pool, and I had already worked out the logistics of my planned seduction of Mark. I walked over to where he lay, picked up a towel and carried it to the shallow end of the pool. Then, I returned to the deep end, turned my back to Mark, and dropped my running shorts, bending over to give him a good view of my bare ass as I did so.


Then I jumped into the pool and spent a few minutes splashing around and cooling off - as if it were possible for me to cool off in view of what I hoped would soon be happening. I walked up the steps at the shallow end of the pool, still keeping my back to Mark, and picked up my towel.


After I toweled myself dry - always keeping my back turned - I threw the towel over my shoulder and walked around the pool. I had the towel somewhat carefully draped across my crotch, so that the entire area was totally obscured from Mark’s view. I walked over to where he lay and plopped myself down on my stomach, all the while carefully obscuring my crotch from his view as I removed the towel (with my back towards him) and got comfortable.


He was the first to speak. “Todd, you may have a good tan except where your Speedos have covered you, but you need protection for that white butt.”


“Protection?” I said.


“Sun screen. Lay still and I’ll apply some for you.” Saying no more, he began to thoroughly apply some of the same to my butt. Having his hand rubbing all over my ass made my cock spring to attention - it was half hard already. I felt his fingers stray ever so slightly into the crack of my ass. “We must not leave any crevice unprotected,” he joked. I thought that my cock was going to explode at that point. Mercifully, he removed his hand and settled down.


We chatted back and forth for a long time, and my erection began to subside. Then he looked at me “Times up,” he said.




“Time to turn over - you’ve had fifteen minutes on that bare ass. Any more and you’ll have a serious burn. Time to turn over and toast the other side.”


The prospect of exposing myself caused my cock to spring back to full attention. I hesitated a minute, then decided to go for it, and rolled over and settled down, lying back half raised up on my elbows, my erection jutting towards my navel.


Mark turned over as well, and I saw his eyes widen in surprise as his gaze brushed past my shaved crotch. His cock, at first, somewhat flaccid, sprang to half attention. Before he could say anything, I reached over and took his cock in my hand. It turned rock hard under my touch. “This is what I really want,” I said, and before Mark could reply, I reached over and took his cock in my mouth. It tasted like baby oil, and I took it out of my mouth and made a face.


His laughter at my expression served to break the tension that had suddenly developed between us. “Well, if that is what you ‘really’ want, we need to jump into the pool for a minute or two, so I can get this oil off of me.” Without a word, he stood up, bent over and took my hand, pulled me up, and led me to the pool. We both jumped in, and played around in the pool for a while. After a time, he swam up to where I was standing, chest deep in the water, and put his arms around me.


 “Are you absolutely sure about this?” he asked. “You’ve never done it before, have you?”


“I have never been more certain of anything, and no the closest I have come to sex is jerking off with my friend Ralph, and we don’t even touch each other.”


“I could get in a lot of trouble over this,” he continued. “You are a minor, aren’t you?”


“Only in years, I am what is known as an emancipated minor. When I was sixteen, my mom got a court order which ‘removed my disabilities of non-age’ to put it in legal terms. This was so I could handle affairs involving my dad’s estate without having to always get her signature. So, legally, I am not a minor anymore.”


“Good,” he said, as he pulled me close and began to kiss me. My erection, which had subsided during our time in the pool, returned with a vengeance as did his - I could feel his hardness pressing against me. The kiss continued for a long time before he released me. He took my hand again, and led me to the steps at the shallow end of the pool. He led me back to his blanket and toweled us both dry, and then he took me into the house. “Your first time ought to be in the proper setting, that is, in a nice comfortable bed.


I had not, at that point, been inside of Mark’s house before, and I was really too caught up in anticipation of what was about to happen to pay any attention to the decor. Until, that is, we arrived in Mark’s bedroom. The bedroom was totally dark, with no light showing through the heavy drapes. He flicked a switch, and small lights came up around his bed, which was an enormous canopied four-poster. I noted that the light was coming from small spots under the canopy. Still holding my hand, he led me over, and with his free hand, pulled the covers back, before he lay down on the bed and pulled me down beside him.


Looking up, I received yet another shock - the underside of the canopy was an enormous mirror, in which our naked bodies were perfectly reflected. Before I could absorb all of this, Mark pulled me on top of him and began to kiss me again, while his hands explored my body. Of course, I kissed him back, and let my hands roam over his smooth hard flesh. Soon, he moved around into a classic sixty-nine position and took my cock in his mouth. This sent shock waves through my system, as I had never felt any sensation remotely approaching what I was now feeling.


I was lying on my back, with Mark straddling me, and I reached up and took his cock in my mouth. It tasted faintly of chlorine from the pool, but felt absolutely wonderful. I began to play with his smooth balls while I continued to suck on his cock, doing my best to mimic the things I could feel him doing to me. The sensation was overwhelming, and I was so excited that I climaxed almost immediately. I remember vividly the sensations I felt with that first orgasm.


I continued to suck on Mark’s cock, and shortly, I felt his scrotum contract ever so slightly in my hands just before he erupted in my mouth. It was the most wonderful thing I had ever experienced, and I kept lapping the head of his cock until he literally begged for mercy.


Afterwards, we lay side by side, exploring each other’s bodies. As he ran his fingers over my smooth crotch, he asked me, “What made you do this?”


I cannot tell a lie, “I saw you last Sunday afternoon through a hole in the fence, and thought it was the most exciting thing I had ever seen, at least until a couple of nights later.”


He laughed “What happened then?”


 “I was out on the porch one evening and heard voices coming from the pool, so I went back to the fence and looked again. I saw you and your friend, and it turned me on totally. I went straight back into the house and jerked off thinking about it. That’s how I knew for sure that you were gay.”


“You saw everything?” he asked.


“Pretty much. I saw you sitting on the edge of the pool with his head between your legs, and then I watched him fuck you. It sounded as though you were really enjoying it, and made me want to try.”


“Try what?” he said, teasing me.


“I want you to fuck me, and I want to fuck you. I want to try it all.”


“Sounds good to me,” he said “I’ll let you go first.”


“Okay, what do you want me to do?”


“Nothing, just lie there for the moment.”


He reached into the night stand and retrieved a clear plastic bottle.


“What’s that,” I asked.


“Just a water-soluble lubricant - it is vegetable based, and doesn’t taste bad if you happen to get some in your mouth.” He squirted a liberal quantity on my cock - we were both sporting erections again - and then put some on his finger and reached around behind himself to grease up his ass hole.


Then he put away the lubricant, squatted over my groin, and impaled himself slowly on my erection. I felt my cock being enveloped by a warm moist tightness that was absolutely amazing. His face showed a brief flash of discomfort, and then he settled down all the way, until skin met skin. He sat still for a moment, and then began raising and lowering himself on my erection. I can hardly describe how fantastic that felt, but there was more to come.


He directed me to rise up on my knees, keeping him impaled on my dick until he was flat on his back with his feet on my shoulders. “Now, big stud,” he said, “fuck me like you really mean it. Hard and fast.”


I was only too eager to oblige, and I began to pound away at his ass, drawing almost out to the head of my dick and then thrusting back in. I noticed that his dick, which had gone briefly soft while he was impaling himself on me, had grown hard again, and I had a sudden inspiration. I found that if I bent down, I could take about half of his cock into my mouth while I fucked him. Needless to say, it wasn’t long before I filled his insides with a load of creamy white cum. About the same time, his cock spurted into my mouth for the second time.


I pulled slowly out of his ass so that he could lower his legs, and then I lay full length on top of him. He had a dreamy expression on his face. “For a first time, that was a fantastic fuck - you are a natural.”


Not knowing what to say, I just smiled and kissed him before I pulled away and said, “Now, it’s my turn.”


He got up and went to his bathroom, returning shortly with a warm damp washcloth which he used to wipe all traces of lube and other things from my cock. Then he took the lubricant out again, and greased up his pole before he squirted some on two of his fingers and used them to lube my virgin hole. He inserted first one finger, then the other, and finally both of them; and it felt heavenly. Finally, he got on his knees, raised my legs into the air and began to push his cock against my tight hole.


I winced briefly as the head of his cock penetrated my ring. He saw the wince and said, “Just relax. It will hurt like hell for a minute, but then it will be a different story.”


He was right. The pain subsided almost immediately, and he began a slow rhythm of thrust and withdrawal until his groin was pounding against my ass just as hard as mine had pounded against his. The sensation was indescribable.


I looked up at the mirror, and the sight of his cock disappearing into my ass was absolutely amazing. Watching our images raised the whole process to a new level of intensity. Soon, I could see nothing but his back and powerful hips, because he had bent down and taken my erection in his mouth, and had begun sucking away without missing a stroke with his powerful hips. In no time, we had both come and were lying side by side wrapped in each other’s arms.


By the time Ralph returned from his grandparent’s, Mark and I had been having sex almost every night for a month or so. We missed a night or two when my mom was around in the early evening, but always made up for it the next day or night.


Ralph and I had a lot to catch up on, so we didn’t do the double date gig the first Friday night he was home, opting for a boys night out instead. I hadn’t bothered dating since he left - I had never really enjoyed it anyway. Besides, I now had better things to do. Ralph and I went to dinner and a movie, returning to my house around eleven, and settled down with beers in front of the TV set. As usual, we were down to our jockey shorts by that time. With considerable excitement, Ralph told me all about his adventures in Denver, eventually winding down. Then he asked the inevitable question. “What have you been up to while I’ve been away?”


“Not much,” I lied. “I have been working on my tan a lot.”


“I noticed,” he said.


“You haven’t seen anything yet, I’ve got an all over tan now.”


“You’re kidding.”


“Not at all. I mow the neighbor’s yard every weekend in exchange for pool privileges. With his new privacy fence, you can skinny dip and sunbathe in the nude.”


Ralph had no response for that, and the conversation turned to other things. Eventually, we were ready to go to my room. I had deliberately tapered off the beer, all the while making sure that Ralph did not run out, as I had plans for this evening. In my room, Ralph pulled off his briefs and sat on the edge of my bed. I stood just out of reach with my back to him, and slowly and deliberately lowered my jockeys.


“Wow,” he said, “you weren’t kidding about no tan line, were you?”


“Check out the rest of it,” I replied, and slowly turned around to reveal my shaved crotch and my erection jutting out from it.


“Holy shit. Why did you do that?”


“So I could really get an all over tan,” I said. “Don’t you like it?”


“Yeah, I guess so. It’s certainly different.” He giggled a bit.


I walked over to the bed. “Feel it. You’ve never felt anything so smooth in your life,” I said as I took his hand and placed his fingers on the area where pubic hair had formerly grown. He rubbed my flesh for a moment, and his hand accidentally brushed against my erection. He jerked his hand back as though it had been scalded.


“Want to find out how you’d look without pubic hair?”


“Geez, I dunno,” he said, with another giggle.


“Come on, give it a try. It can always grow back.”


“But what will people say?”


“What people? School is out. We both have marching band when school starts again, and that gets us totally out of gym during the first half of the year, and there is no gym for seniors in the last half. So, who’s to know?”


“Well,” he said with another giggle, “if you put it that way, I suppose nobody.”


“Good,” I said, thinking that this would give me an opportunity to handle his cock all that I wanted to. I took him by the hand, “Come on, let’s go into the bathroom. Bring your beer with you.” I didn’t give him a chance to protest, but pulled him up from the bed and led him into my bathroom, directing him to sit on the counter while I got things ready.


I got out the scissors and took hold of his erection to move it out of the way. His cock trembled a little under my touch. When I had finished cutting his bush back as far as I could, I proceeded to spread shaving cream all over his groin and balls. Then I took my razor and started shaving. In no time, his groin was bare, and I was holding his erection while I shaved the hair from the base of his dick. I took the opportunity to stroke his dick ever so gently while I was shaving around the base of it - it trembled with every stroke.


Then I tackled his balls, and when the upper surface was bare, I lifted his legs one at a time to get to the under side. Finally, I washed the area with a warm wet cloth and stood back to admire my handiwork. It was impressive. Ralph was just a little larger than I in the penis department, and the shaving made him seem enormous. He had finished his beer by this time, and his eyes were glazed over with what I hoped was lust.


I took him by the hand and pulled him off the counter to his feet. We stood side by side in front of the full length mirror, so we could admire the effect. All he could say was, “Wow.”


I moved in front of him, stood belly to belly with him, grabbed both of our erections in one hand, and started stroking them together. In no time, we were both spewing great gobs of cum over each other’s bodies.


Taking the same damp cloth, I cleaned both of us off, then led him back to the bedroom and pulled him down on the bed beside me. I reached down and began to stroke his cock, which began to grow firm under my hand. “Can I ask you something,” I said.


“Sure, you know we don’t have any secrets from each other.”


“Have you ever had a blow job?”


“Nope. The most old Susie has ever done is touch my dick while it was still in my pants. Have you?”


“Yes, and it was wonderful,” I said, continuing to stroke his erection. He had begun to respond in kind, a little tentatively at first, but growing bolder as he became accustomed to handling someone else’s dick for the first time. “Would you like to have a blow job?” I asked.


“Does a bear shit in the woods? But how?” His speech was somewhat slurred at this point.


“Well, we could do each other. I’ll do you, if you’ll do me. Nobody will ever know about it, but the two of us.”


“Geez, I don’t know,” he said, rubbing his dick - which had begun to get harder at the thought. “Who would go first.”


“Both of us. We could do a sixty-nine and blow each other at the same time.” I thought to myself, it’s all or nothing, now, and I bent over and took his cock in my mouth. Before he could protest, I turned around and straddled his body with my mouth still around his dick and my cock pointed at his mouth. I sucked on him for a moment and, sensing his hesitation, brushed the tip of my cock against his mouth, which he quickly opened. Soon he was sucking lustily away at my erection. He must have been hard up while he was in Denver, because despite all the beer, and despite having come a few minutes before, in no time, an enormous load of cum spurted into my mouth, and his cock continued to jerk and spurt for what seemed an eternity. I was, of course, filling his mouth with jism at the same time. I turned around, lay full length on top of him, and kissed him. He didn’t even protest - just kissed me back.


We lay propped against the pillows for a while, drinking our beers and not talking. I decided it was time for round two. “Ralph, have you ever fucked anybody in the ass?”


“You know I haven’t. Have you?”




“No shit. Anybody I know?”


“Nope, and I can’t tell you right now. All I can say is that it was the greatest - even better than a blow job.”




“Want to try it? I’ll let you fuck me, if you will let me fuck you.”


By this time, his resistance was totally gone. “I guess so, what do I do?”


“Nothing, I said, just lay back on the bed.” I got out a tube of KY, thoroughly greased his erection, and then applied a small amount to my ass. I was so used to being fucked by now, that I didn’t really need that much lubricant, but I didn’t want him to think so at that point. Then I slowly and carefully impaled myself on Ralph’s dick. His face told it all - an expression of total ecstasy. After a time, I directed him to rise up and pull my legs over his shoulders - just as Mark had done me that first time. Ralph was an eager pupil, and in no time I felt his cock spurting into my gut. Afterward, I went to the bathroom and cleaned myself up, then I took a warm wet cloth back to the bedroom and wiped Ralph’s dick clean.


Through all of this, he had been silent. “Well,” I asked. “How did you like that?”


“Need you ask? It was great.”


“I knew you would think so. Now, it’s my turn.”


“Okay, a deal is a deal,” was his only reply.


Before he could change his mind, I lubed myself and, raising his legs in the air, began to insert my greasy index finger into his virgin hole. Before he could protest, I quickly found and massaged his prostate. While he was still sorting out that sensation, I began to replace my finger with my cock, slowly inserting the head. It slipped in with little or no resistance, or for that matter, complaint, and soon I was pounding away at my friend’s ass. When I bent down and took his cock in my mouth, I thought he was going to jump off the bed. Soon enough, his dick was spurting into my mouth, and I was filling his ass with cum.


Yes, I remember my first time. I remember it as thoroughly and clearly as though it were yesterday.


How do I remember it so vividly; you may well ask.


Because you see, that was a dozen years ago, and I am still lying on my back in Mark’s bed, watching in the mirror while his dick disappears into my ass. I moved in with Mark that fall when my mom remarried and moved away, and have never left.


As for Ralph? Well, Ralph married his Susie, but he comes over to play once in a while, and when Mark bends down to take my cock in his mouth, I can see Ralph in the mirror as well, with his dick buried up my lover’s ass.


The End

Author's note: My thanks as always to the tireless Rockhunter for editing this material.

Posted: 09/11/09