Mixed Doubles

By: Etienne
( © 2010 by the author)

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  Part 1, 2


I had just crossed the Intra Coastal Waterway heading east, and was waiting at the light where busy US 90 came to an end at its intersection with A1A at Jacksonville Beach when I spotted a familiar sign that triggered a hunger and thirst response.... So when the light changed, I crossed the busy thoroughfare and pulled into McDonald’s parking lot. In the restaurant I settled down with a chicken sandwich and drink to consider my next move. A friend had told me that I would find the cheapest motels if I went north on A1A and followed the signs toward the Mayport Naval Air Station, so that’s what I decided to do after I ate.


I finished my meal and went back to my aging Escort, but when I tried to start it, a tell-tale clicking told me that I either needed a new starter or a new starter motor. I had just replaced the battery, so that wasn’t even a consideration. Luckily, the last thing my mom had handed me when I had left Orlando was an AAA membership card.


“Shit,” I said out loud.... As I was alone in the car, there was no answer.


“This might come in handy,” she had said, “especially when you’re driving a car that old and with that many miles on it.”


She was, of course, right. I had purchased the Escort during my junior year in high school, and had gotten a deal because of its age and high mileage at that time. Still, it was an ideal choice for a mechanically inclined guy, and I had put a lot of effort into fixing it up and keeping it running. I had left it with mom to use while I was in the Navy, so the car was now four years older and had a lot more miles on it. I uttered a sigh of exasperation, retrieved the AAA card from my wallet and placed a service call.


Without air conditioning, the temperature in the car began to rise, so I went back inside the restaurant, refilled my drink cup, and settled down to wait. Forty-five minutes later, as the operator had promised, a flatbed tow truck pulled up in the parking lot beside my car and stopped. A tall, lanky man wearing overalls got out of the truck as I left the restaurant and hurried over to him.


“Got car trouble?” he asked.


“Yeah. I think it might be the starter or starter motor.”


“Let’s give her a try.”


“Help yourself. Key’s in the ignition.”


He tried to start the car a few times and gave it up.


“I expect you’re right,” he said. “Where do you want it towed?”


“I have no idea. At home, I’d go pick up a part and fix it myself.”


“Where’s home?”




“What brings you to town?”


“I just got out of the Navy, and I start school at the University of North Florida in the Fall, so I’m looking for a job and a place to stay.”


“I was in the Navy back during the Gulf War. Served on a carrier.”


“Me, too. I spent most of my last tour on a carrier in the Mediterranean.”


“I can tow you back to my garage if you like.”


“Do you do repairs?”


“I have one of the few full-service stations in the area.”




“Why don’t you help me push it out onto the side street? We’re really causing a backup in the parking lot here.”


He moved the flat-bed to the side street, and the two of us easily pushed the Escort out onto the street and into position. Then he went to work, and quickly got the Escort winched onto the flat-bed and secured in place. I climbed into the cab of his truck, and he eased it carefully into the flow of traffic.


“Name’s Gus Maxwell,” he said.


“Pete Connors.”


“Good to meet you.”


“Can you recommend a cheap motel or some place with rooms to rent - I need someplace to stay until I can find an apartment.”


“I can do better than that.”




“There’s a little apartment upstairs over the back of the garage. The last guy that rented it left it in a mess, and I haven’t gotten around to cleaning it up yet. If you aren’t too picky about how it looks, maybe we can strike a deal.”


“I’d like to take a look at it.”


“We’ll be there shortly.”


He had turned south off of the side street and onto A1A. As ex-Navy types do, we swapped a few war stories about life on an aircraft carrier. A few blocks later, he made a u-turn and pulled up beside a small garage/service station. The building that housed it had clearly been adapted from some other purpose. There were a couple of service bays that appeared to have been added onto a small frame two-story structure. A teenager was pumping gas for a customer at one of the two islands.


“Here we are,” he said. “That’s my boy Cody over there pumping gas. He just graduated and will be going to UNF in September.”


“What’s he studying?”


“He’s a music major. Plays the trumpet. Wants to become a band director and music teacher. Hard to believe I have a son who became drum major in his high school band.”


“That’s quite an honor for a kid, isn’t it?”


“I guess. It also kinda marks him, if you know what I mean.”


“Can’t say as how I do.”


“Most of the drum majors I knew in school were fags.”


“Are you saying that you think your son is gay?”


“He has a sort of girlfriend, but I don’t know.”


“Sort of girlfriend?”


“Just a girl he’s been going out with off and on for a couple of years.”


“That sounds normal enough.”


“Yeah.... but a drum major!”


“I don’t know about that, Gus. It takes balls to wear one of those funny hats and march down the street in front of the band.”


“Not if you like to dress up and prance around.”


“Maybe Cody’s the exception that proves the rule.”




He backed the flatbed up in front of one of the service bays and carefully unloaded my car. Together we pushed it into the bay.


“She’ll be safe there for the night,” he said. “Come on around back and I’ll show you the apartment.”


I followed him out of the bay and around to the back of the building where an outside set of stairs clung to the side of the building. They were covered by an awning all the way from the top down to ground level where the stairs ended at a free-standing carport.


“I like the fact that the stairs are covered,” I said.


“Yeah, and that carport comes with the apartment.”


At the head of the stairs, he produced a key and opened the door. I followed him inside.


“It ain’t much, but it’s cheap,” he said. “A little paint will go a long way. Fix it up just right, and you’ll be proud to bring your girlfriend up here.”


“That won’t happen. The last one of those I had sent me a ‘Dear John’ letter while I was in basic training. For the next four years, I’m gonna be too busy getting a degree to worry about relationships - for that matter, if I make it into law school, it’ll be seven years before I’m able to get serious.”


“Man still has to get laid once in a while.”


“Absolutely, and I intend to do just that - get laid once in a while, but without entanglements.”


“It’s still a nice little place.”


He was right about the little. It was a dingy one-bedroom apartment which contained a tiny kitchen, a decent bathroom with a stall shower in lieu of a tub, and not much more. The kitchen contained an elderly stove and refrigerator, and there was a sagging couch in the main room, an equally sagging double bed in the bedroom, and a tiny table with two chairs next to the kitchen that would suffice for study space. In a word, it was small, but perfect for my needs.


“It looks smaller inside than it did from the outside,” I said.


“That’s because part of the second floor of the station is used for an office. Cody comes in early, totals the previous day’s business, makes up the bank deposit, and my wife finishes the book work after she brings us our lunch. The office area backs up against the kitchen and bathroom, that’s why there aren’t any windows on that side.”


“It also feels like there’s an air conditioner running somewhere.”


“That’s because I installed a heat pump in the station a couple of years back, and I had ducts run to the apartment.”


“How much,” I asked.


He gave me a figure.


“That don’t include electricity,” he said. “Lights are still on, and the bill comes in my name because the hot water heater up here serves the employee rest room where we clean up.”


“I’ll take it, provided you can give me a ride to the nearest store where I can buy some cleaning supplies and stuff.”


“You’ll need sheets and towels, too.”


“They’re in one of the boxes in the back seat of my car.”


“Cody gets off duty in a bit, and I’m sure he’ll be glad to drive you.”


“Great. Let me dig my checkbook out of my car and we’ll settle up right now.”


I followed him back to the station, stopping by my car to retrieve my checkbook. He led me into a storeroom behind the checkout counter, up some stairs, and into the office. I looked around with interest. It was a nicely paneled office - nicer than I had expected. The desk faced away from the back wall, and there were a pair of closets behind sliding doors on either side of the desk.


He followed my gaze and said, “Your bathroom and kitchen are on the other side of that wall.”


“This is kind of isolated for your son or you wife to be up here by themselves counting money and stuff isn’t it?”


“They always lock the door when there’s any money that’s not in the safe. Besides, nobody knows this office is here except my part-time helper - from the outside, it looks like part of the apartment.”


I sat down to write a check.


“Just make it out for the month of July,” Gus said. “There’s only a few days left in June, and you’re gonna have to do some work on it.”




I handed him a check with the payee blank, and asked if he had a rubber stamp.


“Sure do. Do you want a signed lease?”


“Not if you don’t want to - I’m okay with a handshake between two ex-navy guys.”


“Pete, you’re not gonna make much of a lawyer if you go around doing things on a handshake.”


Gus opened a file cabinet, fished around for a minute or two, and produced a form.


“Between you and me,” he said, “we don’t need this - but it’ll make my tax accountant happy.”




We each signed a standard lease form which called for a term of one year, with options for three renewals at the same rate. He gave me a copy and put his copy back in his files.


“Let’s go see if Cody has time to give you a hand.”


I followed him back downstairs and out to the checkout counter where the kid - Cody - was giving a customer his change.


“Cody,” Gus said, when the customer had left, “this here’s Pete. He’s gonna be renting the apartment.”


The boy and I shook hands, and I was impressed both with his firm handshake and the forthright way in which he looked me right in the eyes as we shook hands. I was impressed with everything else, too. The kid was about my height, and appeared to be very fit. He had a sort of square, chiseled face, and wore his blond hair in a crew cut. I had noticed his bubble butt earlier when I saw him pumping gas.


“Good to meet you, Cody,” I said. “Your dad said you might give me a ride somewhere so I can buy some cleaning supplies.”


“Sure,” Cody said in a resonant baritone. “Are you gonna sleep in the apartment tonight?”


“You bet - it’s either that or a motel.”


“When you get back,” Gus said, “maybe you can help him carry his stuff upstairs from his car.”


“That the old Escort in the service bay?”


“That’s the one,” I said.


“Let’s go,” he said.


“What time do you guys close?” I asked.


“Eight,” father and son said.


“Great,” I said, “then let’s go get cleaning supplies first, if you don’t mind, Cody.”


“Follow me.”


“Take the pickup,” Gus said.


“Okay, Dad,” Cody said. “Where to, Pete?”


“Is there a Publix nearby? I might as well lay in some stuff for breakfast and lunch tomorrow.”


“Right down the street.”


Cody led me to a fairly new F150 which was parked on the other side of the station.


“That’s my heap,” he said, pointing to a ten year old mustang.


“That’s not a heap, that’s a pony car.”


“Yeah, but it’s an old, very tired pony right now, and it needs major surgery.”


“I’m pretty good with that stuff, what’s wrong with it?”


“Right now, it needs a valve job, complete with new head gaskets. After that, I’m not sure. I’m trying to save enough money to get it done before school starts.”


“I can help with that,” I said, “but I’ve got to find a job before I commit to a specific schedule.”


“Doing what?”


“Anything that will pay a few bucks. I start at UNF in September, and hope to work full time for the rest of the summer.”


“Me, too. That is, I start at UNF also. I’m a music major.”


“Yeah, your dad told me you were a drum major.”


“I’m surprised he told you that.”




“He tends to look down on it.”


“Then he’s an idiot. It takes real balls to march down the street wearing one of those silly hats, not to mention the fact that it takes skill to lead the band. I was in the marching band all through high school, and we always had a lot of respect for our drum majors.”


“What instrument did you play?”






He pulled up in the Publix parking lot and we went inside. I picked up all the cleaning supplies I thought I would need, and enough basic grocery items to get me through the next few days. On the way out of the store, I noticed a little computer terminal with a sign which invited job applicants, so I quickly filled out an application.


“Maybe I can get a job stocking shelves or something,” I said.


“It would sure be convenient - you could walk to work of you wanted to.”




We talked about a lot of things on the way back to the station, and I began to realize that Cody was anything but a typically shallow teenager. In fact, he appeared to know exactly what he wanted out of life and had his eyes firmly fixed on a goal. He pulled the truck around back and parked next to the stairs. It took the two of us only a few minutes to carry my purchases up to the apartment, along with all of my clothes and boxes of stuff from my car.


“Want some help with the cleaning?” Cody asked.


“Sure, as long as your dad doesn’t mind.”


He ran back downstairs to check with Gus, and I got to work. I decided to start with the bedroom, which is where he found me a few minutes later.


“Dad says business is slow, so I can help til closing time,” Cody said.


“Thanks. I decided to start in the bedroom, and as soon as it’s clean, I can move all my stuff in here and out of the way while we clean the rest of the apartment.”


“What can I do?”


“You any good at cleaning out refrigerators?”


“Sure - I’ve helped mom in the kitchen a few times.”


“Knock yourself out then.”


With two guys working non-stop, it didn’t take long. By the time Gus came upstairs to tell Cody it was time to go home, we were done.


Gus’s reaction was one of amazement. “Sheeit,” he said, “you boys did a really good job. By the way, I forgot to tell you the sofa opens into a bed.”


“I couldn’t have done it without Cody’s help,” I said. “Thanks, guy. Once I get my car running, I’ll buy you a steak dinner.”


“Speaking of your car,” Gus said. “I’ll call NAPA first thing in the morning. Parts will be here before ten.”


“Are you gonna order a starter, or a starter motor?” I asked.


“I’ll order the whole package. They’ll take back what we don’t need.”


“Great. Holler when they get here and I’ll lend you a hand.”


The two Maxwells left, and I surveyed my new domain. It was still a dump, but at least it was a clean dump, and a gallon or so of paint would work wonders. I took a shower, toweled myself dry, and crawled naked under my clean sheets. I woke up promptly at six, as usual, pulled on a pair of running shorts and shoes, and headed out. Cody had told me that the beach was only two or three blocks away, so I headed in that direction. It was a perfect day, the tide was at its lowest - as far as I could tell - and the beach was almost deserted. I got back to the station just as Gus and Cody pulled up in the F150.


“Good morning, gentlemen,” I said.


“Been for a run on the beach?” Gus asked.


“Yep. No reason to get soft just because I’m a civilian now.”


“If you’ve got any body fat, it sure don’t show,” Gus said, his eyes giving my body a quick glance.


“How far do you run?” Cody asked, his eyes obviously focused at my mid-section.


Maybe Gus was right. The kid’s certainly checking out the goodies. Sorry, kiddo, but all running shorts reveal - even when they’re plastered to your body with sweat - is a lump.


“I don’t know the local landmarks, but based on the time it took, I’d say about six miles.”


“I run two or three times a week to keep fit for marching band,” Cody said, “but not quite that far.”


“Great. Maybe you can join me some time - running by yourself is kinda lonesome. Excuse me, guys, but I need to hit the shower.”


I shaved, took a shower, and dressed in jeans and a tee. Then I made myself a quick breakfast, ate it, and headed down to the service bay. My car was already up in the air on the lift, so I walked under it and investigated. There were some tools on a nearby bench, and I used them to remove the starter assembly. After I inspected it for a moment, I carried it into the station proper.


“Hey, Gus,” I said, “have you called NAPA, yet?”


“I was just about to, why?”


“Take a look at this - I think it’s just the solenoid.”


He came over to where I was standing and inspected the starter and its components.


“I think you’re right. Damn, you got that thing off in a hurry.”


“I’ve got a lot of time invested in working on that baby, and I’m familiar with its innards.”


“I’ll order just a solenoid then. If we’re right, it’ll save you quite a few bucks.”


“The more the better. Give me a ring when it gets here, if you will.”


I went back to my apartment and called the local cable company - I was in luck, and was able to get a new customer deal on an internet/basic cable package. When my cell phone rang I was in the middle of setting up the kitchen to my liking, and making a list of things I would need.


“Part’s here,” Gus said.


“Be right down.”


In the service bay, I went to work, and my diagnosis was vindicated when I was able to turn the ignition key and hear the engine come to life. I backed the car carefully out of the service bay and drove it around to my carport. Then I went back to the station to settle up.


“Worked like a charm,” I said, when Gus looked up from the counter. “How much do I owe you?”


He named a figure, and I said, “Are you sure?”


“That’s cost plus 10% for the part. You did all the labor.”




I handed him a credit card and he swiped it.


Transaction completed, I said, “Can you point me to the nearest Wal-Mart or K-Mart? I need to pick up a few things for the apartment.


“The nearest Wal-Mart is halfway back to Jacksonville, but there’s a K-Mart up in Neptune Beach on Atlantic Boulevard.”


“Much obliged,” I said, and I went back upstairs to finish my list.


I found the K-Mart with no problem and made short work of my shopping list. Back in my apartment, I put things away to my satisfaction, and fixed a light lunch. I went back down to the station in search of Gus, and found him behind the counter talking to a good looking blonde in her late thirties.


“Speak of the devil,” Gus said. “Sandra, this is our new tenant.”


“Pete, meet my wife Sandra.”


We shook hands.


“Is everything okay with the apartment, Pete?” Sandra asked.


“It’s fine. All it lacks is a washer and dryer.”


“Gus!” she said. “You didn’t tell him.”


“Tell me what?” I said.


“I guess I forgot,” Gus said. “Follow me.”


He led me through a door, past a stairway, and into a store room.


“We use these to clean our coveralls and rags,” he said, pointing at an aging washer and dryer, “but they are also available to tenants during station hours.”


“So I provide the hot water for this as well.”


“Yeah, but the rent would be a bit higher otherwise.”


“Great,” I said. “Now, all I need to do is open an account at a local bank.”


“Try Vystar Credit Union,” he said, “it’s just up A1A from here.”


“Will I qualify? Don’t you have to be a member of some organization or other to join a Credit Union?”


“It was Jax Navy Credit Union before the name was changed. Remember, we’ve got two big Navy bases here - in fact you’ll be able to use the commissary at Mayport or the one at the Naval Air Station, if you want to drive that far.”


“I guess that answers my question.”


“You bet.”


By the end of the week I had cable and internet; I had also painted every room in the apartment - and I opened a checking account at the credit union. I had an early lunch Saturday, then I pulled on a pair of Speedos under my running shorts, grabbed a towel, and headed for the beach. When I arrived at the surf, I pulled off the running shorts and stuffed them into a canvas bag with my towel, and began to walk briskly down the beach. I hadn’t had my ashes hauled in a while, and I was debating going to one of the bars that evening - my least favorite thing to do - when I saw them. A good-looking pair of twins were walking toward me on the beach - they appeared, at first glance, to be identical, from their brown crew-cut hair down to the larger than normal bulges in their Speedos. As far as I could tell, there were no differences in the two - other than the fact that one twin’s dick was pointed east and the other twin’s dick was pointed west. My own bulge began to get a little larger than normal in my Speedos as it considered the possibilities. I changed course just enough that they would either have to step aside, or preferably stop, when we were face-to-face. They chose the latter.


“Hi,” I said, “I’m Pete, and I’ve never been with twins before.” I held out my right hand.


Geez, where did that streak of boldness come from?


“I’m Zeke,” one of them said, shaking my hand.


“I’m Zeb,” the other one said, taking my hand from his brother, “and what makes you think we’d be interested?”


“Mostly wishful thinking,” I said. “That, and the fact that not too many straight guys wear Speedos on the beach. Are you?”


“Are we what?” they said.




“Sure,” they chorused, “but we have to be at work by three.”


“That gives us nearly three hours,” I said. “I live nearby, how about you?”


“We’re staying with friends in Jacksonville for the summer,” one of them said, “but we’re parked at McDonald’s.”


“How do you get away with that?”


“We’re both in training there and, at the store on Atlantic Boulevard.” 


“I hope you don’t have to drive all the way back to Jacksonville to change clothes for work.”


“Nope,” one of them said, “our uniforms are at someone’s house, and it’s not too far from McDonald’s.”


“Then what are we waiting for,” I said.


I followed them up the beach to where Beach Boulevard ended at an access ramp, and from there to McDonald’s. They were right, their friends’ house wasn’t too far from the golden arches. I followed them inside and into one of the bedrooms where our Speedos hit the floor.


“Who wants to go first?” one of them asked.


“I think that bed will hold all three of us,” I said, “but shouldn’t we wash the sand and salt off first?”


We crowded into the shower where we got more than a bit playful while the warm water sluiced the sand and salt off of our bodies. Once we were dry we hit the bed, and spent an amazing two hours doing everything three men could do to please each other. Eventually, I wound up in the middle of a sandwich, which was a first for me - an amazing first. The twins were the most energetic playmates I had ever had. Finally, the clock told us it was time to get dressed, and we showered and changed - the twins into their work uniforms, and I put on my shorts and tee.


On the way to McDonald’s, one of them said, “Can we drop you off, Pete?”


“I’m just a few blocks from McDonald’s, and I don’t mind walking.”


“Just show us where to take you,” one of them said, “and we’ll drop you off.”


“Yeah,” his brother said, “that way we’ll know where to find you.”


“Does that mean you want to come over and play some evening after work?” I asked.


“You bet.”


I directed them to the service station, down the side street, and around back to my stairs.


“I’m right up the stairs, guys,” I said.


They said good-bye and left to go to work. I went upstairs and crawled in bed for a nap. The telephone woke me up an hour later, but I was happy to take the call as it was Publix calling me to schedule a job interview. A little after ten that evening the telephone interrupted my web surfing.


“Hello,” I said.


“Hi, Pete. This is Zeb.”


“Hey, Zeb. What’s up?”


“I got off early, and I have almost an hour to kill before I have to pick up Zeke. Want some company?”



Part 2



“You bet. I’ll turn the outside light on. How far away are you?”


“About a block.”


“See you shortly.”


I shut down the laptop, turned the outside light on, and waited. A couple of minutes later there was a knock on the door. Once I had closed the door behind him, Zeb said, “Nice place,” and kissed me.


This guy doesn’t want to waste any time on preliminaries.


I led him to the bedroom and we stripped.


“What’s your pleasure?” I asked.


“Your ass.”


“Works for me.”


I was flat on my back, legs in the air, before I knew what hit me. It was a wild ride and over in no time. Of course, I returned the favor with equal speed.


Afterward, when we lay belly to belly, I said, “You were kind of in a hurry weren’t you?”


“I’ve been thinking about that ass all day,” he said.


“Can you do it again, before you have to leave?”


“Give me a minute.”


Round two took a bit longer than round one and, because he was running out of time, he declined my offer of a shower after I had finished with him. So I waited for him to dress and followed him naked to the door. We exchanged a brief good-night kiss and he left. Zeke called me around the same time Sunday night.


“Want some company?” he asked.


“Sure, come on over.”


We went straight to the bed and spent a pleasant half-hour together. As he was dressing to go, I said, “Are you and Zeb taking turns with me, or what?”


“Not really - it’s just that our schedules are a little off right now, why?”


“I just wondered. In any case, you guys are welcome back any time I’m alone - which is most of the time right now - together or separately.”


“Great. I’ll pass that along to Zeb when I pick him up.”


I went to Publix Monday morning for an interview and started work the next afternoon. My hours were going to be very erratic until school started, after which I had been promised a set schedule. I settled down to a routine of work and playing with the twins - as our various schedules permitted. One morning as I was standing naked in front of the bathroom vanity shaving, I heard a muffled sound - seemingly coming through the connecting wall between my bathroom and the office - but I didn’t think anything of it until I heard a similar sound two mornings later. As it happened, the electric bill had just arrived, so I wrote a check and went to the station in search of Gus. I was in luck - he was busily waiting on two cars at the same time.


“I’ve got the utility check for you,” I said, walking up to him.


“Do you mind taking it up and putting it on the desk where Sandra can find it when she comes in?”


“Not at all.”


It was what I was hoping he would ask me to do. I went inside the station and up the stairs to the office, closing the door behind me. I placed the check in the middle of the desk blotter, then I studied the connecting wall. My best guess was that the closet on the right was opposite my bathroom, so I opened the doors to take a look. At first, I didn’t see anything, but when I squatted down, I saw a glimmer of light in back of the closet. The office was paneled, but the closet wall was bare studs, and the light was coming from a spot just below a horizontal two by four. I peered through it and could see a clear view of my bathroom. I examined the wall below the little hole and saw some tell-tale stains. There was a stack of letter/legal storage boxes a couple of feet to the left of the hole and I had an idea.


That little fox - he’s been squatting down and jerking off, watching me in the bathroom. It had to be Cody, as he locked himself in the office every morning to count the previous days’ cash and make up the bank deposit.


I went back to the desk, found a paperclip, and stuck it through the hole. Then I shut the closet door and left the office. Back in my bathroom, I found the paperclip protruding from a small gap in the grouting between the wall tiles. It was just to the left of the toilet. Using a pencil, I made a small mark beside the spot, then I pulled the paperclip through the hole. On the way to work that afternoon, I stopped at the nearest Radio Shack and made a purchase. On the way home from work I detoured by an adult video store and made another small purchase.


After the twins left that evening, I spent some time learning to use the gadget I had bought at Radio Shack. The next afternoon, when Gus was again busy with multiple customers, I walked into the station carrying a laundry basket, but I took a quick side trip up to the office before going to the washing machine. Before I went to bed that night I set my laptop on the tank of the toilet in my bathroom, knowing that the toilet was out of the field of my watcher’s view. I headed into my bathroom the next morning, ready to put on a show, and before I stepped into the shower I turned on the laptop and opened a program. The screen was still dark when I stepped into the shower, but as I toweled myself dry I could see some activity, so I walked a bit closer. The screen now showed a pair of naked thighs, with blond pubes and an impressive cock nestled between them. I took a tube of KY, squirted some in my palm, and greased my growing cock. As I glanced at the laptop, I saw that my watcher was now sporting a nice erection, so I began to slowly stroke myself. Then I put some more lube on my fingers, and bent over with my ass pointing right at the hole in the wall. I carefully lubed my anus and used my fingers to stretch it a bit, then I took the small butt plug that I had purchased at the adult video shop, slowly inserted it, and worked it around a bit. When I stood up to resume stroking my erection, I could see that my watcher was already generating pre-cum - so I stroked a bit faster, finally turning so that I was facing my audience and my laptop. I stroked even faster, and I could see that he was doing the same. We actually came together. I repeated my performance almost every day for the next two or three weeks while I decided what my next move would be.


Cody came to see me on a Wednesday after he closed the station for the night.


“What’s up?” I asked.


“Did you mean it when you said you’d help me with the car?”


“Cody, I never say things I don’t mean. Of course I’ll help.”


“Well, I’ve finally got enough money saved up to pay to have the valves ground - so I could use some help getting the head off.”


“Give me a minute and I’ll print out my work schedule.”


I sent my schedule to the printer.


“While we’re waiting,” I said, “I have a question for you.”




“Isn’t your dad the best qualified person to help you with this?”


“Yeah, but I want to show him that I can get the job done without running to him.”


“Okay. That makes sense. Let’s have a look at the schedule.”


We settled on a day to pull the heads and a tentative date to put it all back together, based on his best estimate of how long the valves would be at the shop. I almost confronted him with the videos at that point, but decided to hold off for a while. He thanked me and left. A week later his car was running just fine, and he was extremely profuse in his thanks.


“It’s okay,” I said. “I never did buy you that steak dinner for helping me clean up the apartment. Why don’t we call it even?”




The next evening, Gus came upstairs and said he wanted to talk to me while Cody was busy closing up the station.


“Have a seat and tell me what’s on your mind,” I said. “Want a beer?”


“No thanks. Sandra would smell it on my breath and have a fit.”


“She doesn’t like you to drink?”


“Not if she isn’t with me.”




“Cody seems to be smitten with you. He sort of follows you around like a puppy.”


“Maybe he’s got a crush. It’s a normal thing for teenagers.”


“I think it’s more than that.”


“What exactly are you saying, Gus?”


“I think he has the hots for you.”


“No way.”


“I could be wrong, but if he does come on to you, I’d appreciate it if you’d sort of show him what to do.”


“Gus! This is too weird. In fact, it may be just about the most bizarre conversation I’ve ever had. Are you seriously telling me you want me to screw your son?”


“Pete - you’re a man’s man. Okay? Better you than some sissy-boy.”


“What makes you think I’d want to do such a thing?”


“Come on, Pete. You know what it’s like on a carrier - 5,000 randy young men at sea for months at a time with no sexual outlet. At least half of the guys that have wives or girlfriends find outlets other than jerking off - there’s always a willing mouth or ass to be found in an out-of-the way place.”


“That may be true, but I preferred to wait and get laid when we made port.”


Actually on one of my tours there was a little corpsman with a bubble butt on board that knew dozens of secluded spots where he could bend over and be fucked, but I wasn’t going to admit that to Gus.


“Sure you did, just like me.”


“Are you saying you got your needs taken care of while at sea, rather than in port?”


“I never took shore leave unless I was forced to.”




“So I could come home, screw my wife, and honestly say to her that I hadn’t been with another woman.”


“No offense, Gus, but I’m not at sea any more, nor am I so hard up that I have to take advantage of horny teenagers.”


“Well, I just wanted to let you know. In any case, Sandra and I are going away this weekend. Cody is going to take care of the station from Friday evening until Monday evening, and I’d appreciate it if you kept an eye out in the mornings while he’s upstairs counting the money.”


“Sure. I can do that. Is he staying at home?”


“No, he’s gonna spend the weekend with his best friend Luke.”


He got up and headed for the door.


“Don’t worry about Cody,” I said. “I’ll look in on him first thing in the mornings, and again before I go to work. I’ll probably be at work when he closes, but I can call to make sure he gets to his friend’s house okay.”


“Thanks, Pete. I appreciate that.”


As it happened, I was working an early shift on Friday and got home just about the time Cody was closing up the station, so I parked the Escort in its usual spot and went around to see him. He was locking the door to the station when I got there.


“Hi, Pete,” he said.


“Hi, Cody. Everything all right?”


“You bet. Dad said you’d be checking up on me.”


“Yeah. Have you got a minute? There’s something I want to show you.”




“Why don’t you drive your car around back - that way nobody will start banging on the doors down here.”




I trotted back to the stairs and ran up to my apartment. By the time Cody knocked on the door, I had the laptop set up on the kitchen table.


“It’s open,” I yelled.


He came into my little living room.


“What’s up, Pete?”


“I’ve got a video I want you to see. Have a seat at the table.”


He sat down at the table and looked expectantly at the screen.


I clicked on the optical mouse - I much prefer an actual mouse to a touch pad - the screen came to life, and he saw the image on the screen of a hard cock framed by blond pubes being jerked off.


“What’s this?” he stammered. His face was all of a sudden very red.


“I think you know what it is.”


“But, how?”


“Wireless web cam. Wonderful thing, those letter/legal boxes - that punched out handle you use to grip the box is just the right size to hide a cam.”


“I’m sorry.”


“Don’t be. In a way, I’m sort of flattered that I turned you on that much.”


“I guess it wasn’t very nice of me to spy on you.”


“No, it wasn’t. The question is have you told anyone about it?”




“Don’t dig yourself in too deeply, buddy.”


Using the mouse, I changed files and a new image appeared on the screen.


“What’s this?” he asked.


“The question is who’s this. It’s certainly not you, unless you somehow managed to shorten your dick just a bit and dyed your pubic hair.”


“Okay.... it’s my friend Luke. You met him, remember? He stopped by while we were working on my car.” His face was even redder, and he was starting to tear up a bit.


“So, you did tell someone.”


“Yeah. He didn’t believe me when I told him what I saw, so I let him see for himself.”


“Are you and Luke having sex?”


“No. We just jerk off together. I think we’d both like to try it, but we’re both scared to make the first move.”




“So what happens now?”


“That’s up to you. I can’t go on putting on a morning show forever - somebody’s bound to open that box eventually and find the web cam.”




“So, the question is, are you ready to try the real thing?”


“You mean now?”






“What time are you expected at your friend’s house tonight?”


“When I get there - his mom’s out of town until tomorrow.”


“What about his dad?”


“He lives in Houston.”


I walked to the door and locked it, then I went into the bedroom.


“Coming, Cody?”




We stood together, looking at the bed, and I pulled him close and kissed him.


“You do understand,” I said, pulling back momentarily, “that if you get naked in that bed, you’re going to get fucked.”


“That’s okay, I want to try everything.”


By the time we had shed our clothes, we were both hard as rocks. I pulled him to me again and we kissed.


“We’ve both worked all day,” I said, “I think we need to take a quick shower together first.”




We got very playful in the shower, and he showed no hesitation at all as he explored my body. I finally shut off the water and reached for towels.


“We’ll be a lot more comfortable in the bed - even if it does sag,” I said.




When we were finally on the bed, I moved quickly into a sixty-nine position - he was far too excited for any more foreplay. When it was over, I shifted positions until I was on top of him.


“Well?” I said.


“Well, what?”


“Was it as good as you hoped it would be?”


“Are you kidding me? It was beyond great.”


While we were kissing, I slid one hand between our bodies and began to explore. He was already erect again, and I was well on my way, so I shifted position, until I was kneeling between his legs. Then I lubed a finger and began to explore his ass. I watched his face carefully as I added a second finger.


“Hmm,” I said, “you’re a lot looser than I thought you’d be.”


“That’s because I’ve been practicing.”


“Practicing, how?”


“Sticking things up there.”


“What things?”


“Just things.”


“Did they feel good?”




I probed deeply, found his prostate, and massaged it.


“As good as this?”


“Not even close to that. What did you do?”


“My finger found your prostate.”




“Ready for the real thing?”




I retrieved a condom from the night stand, opened the foil package, and rolled it in place. Then I raised his legs in the air and began to ease my erection inside of him. There was minimum physical resistance to the intrusion, and he didn’t make a sound.


Finally, I said, “I’m all the way in. How does it feel?”




“Are you sure?”


“Oh, yeah.”


Thus assured, I began to move in and out of his ass, slowly at first, but with gathering speed. I bent down to kiss him for a while then raised back up, took a good look at his erection, and saw that he was beginning to leak. I was seized by a sudden inspiration, so I stopped pounding his ass and slowly withdrew from it. Then I let his legs down and crawled back on top of him.


“Why did you stop?” Cody asked. “I was just about to cum again.”


“I had an idea, and decided to save it for a bit. As for you, you can get off when you fuck me - which you can do right now, if you like.”


“Just tell me what to do.”


“Same thing I did to you, kiddo. One finger, then two fingers, then three, and then the main event. Just go slowly. The first thing you should do is try to find my prostate. I’ll walk you through it.”


I took him step by step through the process, and he was an apt pupil. In no time, he had my legs in the air and his dick buried in my ass. He threw himself into it with abandon, and it was a wild ride, until he collapsed on top of me.


“Enjoyed that did you?” I asked.


“Shit, yes.”


“Let’s take a quick shower.”


We took a quick shower, grabbed a couple of cans of Sprite from the fridge, and settled down on the sofa.


“You said you had an idea,” Cody said.


“Excuse me?”


“After you screwed me, you said you had an idea.”


“Oh, yeah. Do you think Luke would enjoy what we’re doing?”




“Are you sure?”


“Yeah. We’ve talked about doing ‘it,’ but we’ve never quite gotten the nerve. Why?”


“Why don’t you give him a call and invite him over?”


“What should I tell him?”


“Just that you’re in my apartment and have something to show him.”




When he had finished making the call, he said, “He’s coming.”


“How far away does he live?”


“Not very. Shouldn’t we get dressed?”


“Why? He’s already seen both of us naked.”


When we heard the knock on the door, I said, “Why don’t you answer the door, Cody?”




He opened the door to admit Luke, who was a tall brunette, and kind of cute.


“Hi,” Cody said.


“Hi,” Luke said. “What’s going on? You guys are naked.” He giggled nervously.


“Come on in, Luke,” I said. “Cody and I are playing ‘show and tell.’”


“Yeah?” Luke said.


“Yeah,” I said, “and I’ve got something in my laptop to show you. Come on over to the table.”


He followed me to the table and I played both videos for him.


“So,” I said, when they had finished, “what do you have to say?”


“What do you mean?”


“I’ve just showed you videos of Cody and yourself jerking off while you watched me in my bathroom. Surely you have something to say for yourself.”


My cell phone rang, so I added, “Hold that thought.”


I picked it up off of the table and said, “Hello.”


“Hi, Pete, this is Zeke. Are you busy?”


“Not at all. Where are you?”


“Just around the corner.”


“Come on up. Don’t bother to knock, I’ve got a surprise for you.”




“Wait and see.”


I closed the phone and turned to Luke. “Well?”


“Well, what?”


“You didn’t mind jerking off while you watched me. Are you man enough to try the real thing? Cody did, and he loved it.”


“You did?” Luke said, looking at Cody.


“You bet.”


“Well?” I said, taking Luke’s hand.


“Yeah,” he said, “let’s do it.”


I heard footsteps on the stairs, the door opened, and Zeke came into the room.


“Hi, Zeke,” I said. “Take off your clothes and lock the door behind you.”


He locked the door and said, “What’s going on, Pete?”


“We’re having fun,” I said. “Zeke, meet Cody and Luke. Cody, Luke, this is my friend Zeke. Luke and I were just about to try the bed. Why don’t you and Cody try the sofa-bed? You’ll find sheets in the drawer underneath it.”


“Oh,” Zeke said, “I get it. Cody’s my surprise.”




“Goody. I love surprises.”


“Come on, Luke,” I said, and I led him to the bedroom.


“Aren’t you gonna close the door?” Luke asked.


“Why? We’re all guys.”


Naked in bed, Luke was a quick study. Quicker, perhaps, than Cody had been, and we progressed from oral to anal in record time. I had just begun to pound his ass when I noticed that he was looking at something behind me, so I turned my head.


“What’s up, Zeke?” I asked.


“Sorry to bother you, Pete, but I need condoms.”


“Help yourself - you know where they are.”




I finished the job on Luke, we swapped places, and it didn’t take him long to get the hang of it. Afterward, we rested for a minute or two.


“Sounds like Cody is still going strong,” Luke said.


“Yeah, let’s go have a look.”


I took him by the hand and led him into the living room just as Cody gave one final thrust into Zeke and collapsed onto him.


“Good job,” I said.


“What time is it?” Zeke asked.


I told him.


“Shit,” he said, “I’ve got to pick up Zeb in a couple of minutes.”


“Who’s Zeb?” Cody asked.


“My brother.”


“His identical twin brother,” I said.


Zeke finished pulling on his clothes, gave Cody a quick kiss, said good-bye, and left.


“We need to go, too,” Luke said.


The two boys retrieved their clothes, dressed, and left. I took a long shower, toweled myself dry, and crawled into bed. The next morning, I was waiting when Cody came to work.


“Hi, Pete,” he said cheerfully. “What’s up?”


“I need to retrieve that web cam.”


“Follow me.”


When we were in the office, I went to the closet, found the cam, and slipped it into my pocket.


“Have a good time last night”? I asked.


“You know I did.”


“You and Luke go straight to bed?”


“Yeah, but not straight to sleep.” He giggled.


“So, in the last twelve hours you’ve had sex with three different guys. Way to go, Cody.”


“Yeah. Can Luke and I come over some evening?”


“Whenever you like, but I don’t think it’s a good idea for your cars to be seen parked back there late at night.”


“We can walk, or ride our bikes. It’s not that far.”


“Okay,” I said.


And that was how it began. For the rest of what was left of the summer, I could always count on having one or more playmates nearly every evening. Cody and Luke opted to go jogging late in the evening every other day, which solved the problem of concealing their cars. On those nights when they were sleeping over at one house or the other, they would both show up on my doorstep. The twins were scheduled to go back to North Carolina during the last week of August just before school started, and the five of us managed to get together for an evening of sex before they left.


Luke had won a scholarship to a school in another state, so after Labor Day, it was just Cody and me. Neither Luke nor I had taken any AP courses in high school, so our course loads were basic freshman stuff, and very nearly identical. The fact that we had three classes in common gave him an excuse to come over and study with me two or three nights a week - my work schedule permitting. We got in the habit of going to bed the minute he arrived, and settling down to study afterward. This made things seem open and aboveboard on those evenings when Gus would stop by to pick him up - the door was always unlocked, and he could see us sitting at my little table.


The End


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Posted: 03/26/10