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Lawn Boy
By: Etienne
( © 2009 by the author)

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I had been mowing Mr. Daniels’ lawn since early spring, having inherited his yard from my best friend Pete, whose parents had abruptly moved to another state just after Christmas. Pete and I both had a regular list of lawn maintenance customers since junior high school. When he moved away, I took over as many of his accounts as I could handle, including Mr. Daniels, who had become one of my favorite customers even though I had never laid eyes on him, let alone met him. Every Wednesday after school, I would stop by his house to mow, edge and trim. His front yard was small, and the back yard was mostly taken up by his pool, which had a six foot privacy fence around it. The lawn didn’t take long, but the hedges surrounding the back yard made up for that. After the school year ended, my maintenance schedule changed, and I began doing his yard just after lunch.


Mr. Daniels was a favorite client. He never called to complain, and always left my money in an envelope on the appointed day, usually with a five dollar tip. There was a wet bar under an awning at the back of the house adjacent to the pool, and I was free to open the gate to the pool area and help myself to mineral water or a Coke if I wanted. The envelope containing the money was left on the counter. On this particular Wednesday, I had finished the front yard and all that remained was the back yard and the hedges. Being hot and thirsty, I decided to take a break before finishing up, so I opened the gate, walked over to the bar, opened the small refrigerator, and selected a bottle of Evian.


When I turned around to sit down in the shade of the awning for a moment to savor the cool water, I was startled at the sight of a naked man lying face down on a chaise lounge in the far corner of the pool enclosure - his body positioned so that the sun caught his legs, buttocks, and back. He was facing away from me, and I noted quickly that he appeared to be evenly tanned all over, with absolutely no tan line whatever, at least as far as I could tell from where I stood. His legs were slightly spread, and I could see just a hint of his balls. The sight was at once mesmerizing and arousing.


At that point in my life, I had never had sex with anyone, except in my fantasies. An eighteen-year old virgin, if you can believe it. Girls didn’t particularly interest me, although I had learned to feign interest. Boys, however, were another matter, and I had learned to watch myself carefully all through school so as not to get an erection in the locker room or showers. In sum, I knew that I was gay, but didn’t know quite what to do about it - there were no opportunities to meet others like myself in our small town, at least not to my knowledge. In truth, my friend Pete particularly turned me on, but as far as I could tell, he was straight as an arrow, and therefore unapproachable, except as a fantasy.


I was wearing an old pair of warm-up pants which I had cut off at mid thigh, and no underwear. I found the outfit cool and comfortable for the hot sweaty lawn work, and having my dick flop about freely in the baggy shorts felt good, almost to the point of feeling sexy. Needless to say, I was shirtless, and the constant yard work had given me a golden tan. My six-foot frame had filled out in the past year, and I was proud of the results of my regular workouts.


The sight of the twin globes of that muscular butt caused my shorts to tent out a bit in front, so I decided I had best get back to work. I finished my water, dropped the bottle in the blue recycling bin beside the bar, and padded quietly toward the gate, which took me within ten feet of the man on the lounge. I hadn’t noticed him upon entering the pool area because the gate opened inward, obscuring my view of his corner. He stirred as I approached the gate, and raised up on one elbow to look at me.


“I’m sorry I disturbed you,” I said, and continued, “I didn’t know there was anyone here.”


“There usually isn’t, but I gave myself the day off,” he replied. “Anyhow, it was time for me to wake up and bake the other side for a bit.” He got up slowly from the chaise, and walked over to me with his hand outstretched. “I’m John Daniels,” he said.


I noted quickly, and in rapid succession, that he had a pleasantly handsome face, appeared to be in his late twenties with a muscular chest which was totally smooth, absolutely no tan line in front, and as far as I could see, he had no body hair anywhere below the curls on his head. My senses reeled, and I dragged my reluctant eyes away from that smooth crotch to look him in the eye as we shook hands. I found myself almost stammering, “Nice to meet you Mr. Daniels, I’m Ray Walters.” The tent in my shorts began to grow larger as my dick sprang to at least half mast.


He looked at me and smiled as he glanced down, either not noticing the bulge in my shorts or pretending not to. He said, “Please call me John,” and inquired “are you finished with the yard?”


“Not quite, just about thirty more minutes or so and I’ll be out of your way.”


“You’re not in my way,” he said, “not in the least. In fact, why don’t you come back to the pool when you’re done?.... I’ll have some lemonade ready, and maybe you’d like a dip.” He grinned and pointedly glanced down at my crotch. “Looks as though you need to cool off a bit.”


“Thanks,” I replied. “I’ll take you up on that.” I turned, and quickly went through the gate - fled might be a better description - and went back to work.


I don’t even remember trimming the hedges - which circled the back yard. Nor do I clearly remember raking up the debris and carrying it out. I completed all of the above, robot-like, while my mind replayed the sight of John Daniels’ smooth crotch and the prominence it seemed to give his cock. I had never seen anything so exciting in my life, and I also knew that what I wanted more than anything else was to touch it and take it in my mouth.


When I had finished cleaning up and stowing my equipment in the truck, I walked back to the pool gate, opened it, and looked around. My heart sank. John Daniels was not anywhere in sight. Maybe he had been kidding I thought as I walked toward the awning area. Just as I reached the shade of the awning, he emerged from the house through the patio doors. He was carrying a tray containing a pitcher and a couple of glasses. He was still naked, and I tried my best not to focus on his crotch.


He placed the tray carefully on the bar and poured two glasses of lemonade. He handed one to me. “All done?”


“Yes, Sir. I hope it’s to your liking.”


“Oh, I expect it will be,” he smiled, looking at me.


Somehow, at that moment, I knew that he wasn’t referring to the yard, and my dick which had been half hard all the time I was finishing up the yard, began to tingle and swell a bit more, and I couldn’t have kept from looking down at him if my life had depended on it.


He caught me at it and smiled. “See something you like?”


“I’ve never seen anyone with no pubic hair.”


He placed his glass on the bar and ran his hands down over his body. “I like the look and feel of smooth flesh, don’t you?” He didn’t wait for an answer as he took my glass from my hand and placed it beside his on the counter. Then he took my right hand and placed it on his crotch, just above the base of his penis. “Feel that,” he said. “Isn’t it the smoothest flesh you have ever touched?”


Moving my hand with his, he rubbed my hand across his body. I had never been so excited in my life, and didn’t realize that his hand had been removed and that my hand was now caressing his lower abdomen of its own accord. I did notice, however, that his penis had begun to swell a bit, and my own cock was now rock hard. Growing bolder, I inched my hand down his body until it touched his growing erection.


“You’ve never done this before, have you?” he asked.




“But you’ve always known that you wanted to.” It was not a question.




“Are you eighteen?” he continued, “I don’t want to be accused of statutory rape.”


“As of last month, yes.”


His hands slipped inside the waistband of my shorts and began to slide them down my body. The waistband caught on my erection, and he had to take hold of it to complete my undressing. No one had ever touched me there, and my cock twitched involuntarily in his hand.


“Easy,” he said, “or it will be over before it begins.”


“Sorry. I don’t think I have much control left.”


“Well then, let’s get this done quickly, and then we can have a swim and start over.” He was smiling as he said it.


Without waiting for further comment from me, he quickly knelt and took my erection in his mouth. I was overcome by the sensation which had me on the brink of orgasm in seconds. He seemed to sense that, and he removed his mouth and stood up. He wrapped his arms around me and put his lips to mine. I followed suit, and we embraced tightly.


The kiss was unbelievable, as our bodies ground together, erection rubbing against erection. Just as I felt I was about to come, he pulled away. Bending down, he picked up what appeared to be a comforter that was folded neatly on the floor beside the bar. He spread it out under the awning, and pulled me down on it with him.


He positioned me on my back, and then turned around so that his mouth was again at my crotch, and his erection was jutting in my face. I opened my mouth and took a man’s cock in my mouth for the first time. It was wonderful, all that I had hoped it would be and more. I began to suck it while he was doing indescribable things to my own erection. He stopped for a moment and, as he raised up, said, “Careful with those teeth,” and went right back to work on my erection.


My orgasm was painfully intense, but I didn’t have time to dwell on it as his cock began to throb in my mouth and spurt hot masses of cum down my throat. I already knew what cum tasted like, having sampled my own often enough, and I swallowed it greedily.


Eventually, he turned around and lay on top of me as we kissed deeply. “Did you like that?” he asked.


“You know I did. Every minute of it,” I answered.


He got up, took my hand, and pulled me up. “Time for a dip in the pool,” he said, “I’m not really into sweaty field hands.” He grinned as he said it, so I knew he was only half serious.


We walked hand in hand to the pool and jumped in. We splashed around for a while, and then got out and dried off with two of the beach towels that were lying about. He led me back to the comforter, and we lay down on it, side by side, facing each other.


He began to explore my body with his hands and tongue, and I followed his lead. After a time, he raised my legs in the air, put them on his shoulders, and began to lick my ass. When his tongue penetrated my virgin anus, it felt wonderful. It felt even better when he wet his forefinger and slowly inserted it until it touched my prostate. He looked down at me, “I want to fuck you.”


“You can do anything you want, it all feels so good,” I said.


“Good. Afterwards you can do me. I believe in reciprocity,” he said.


He let my legs down, got up, and went over to the wet bar. Opening one of the small drawers, he retrieved a lubricated condom. I watched him, fascinated, as he slipped it over his erection. Then he got back down on his knees and placed my legs back on his shoulders. He touched the tip of his cock to my anus. “This will hurt like hell at first, but I promise you the pain recedes quickly, and then it will feel like nothing you’ve ever dreamed of.”


“Okay,” I said. “I’m ready.”


He was right. It did hurt like hell - for about ten seconds. After that, it did indeed feel like nothing I could have imagined. His powerful buttocks were soon pounding away at my backside. Without interrupting his strokes, he leaned forward and began to kiss me. Then, to my amazement, he moved his head back and took my erection into his mouth. It was too much. I was approaching sensory overload, and had my second orgasm of the day minutes later. He drained my cock dry, released it, and looked at me. I could see by his face that he was very close to orgasm himself. He looked at me with a sly smile, gave one enormous thrust, and then held still as he moaned softly. He pulled out of me shortly after that, although my ass was reluctant to release him.


He lay back down beside me and I looked at him. “That was amazing,” I said.


“It certainly was. And now, it’s your turn.”


“I’m not sure I can get it up again,” I said.


“Sure you can,” he said as he took my cock back into his mouth and brought it to life.


In minutes, I had a condom on my erection, and his legs over my shoulders. I more or less imitated his performance with me. I saw a slight wince flicker across his face as I penetrated him, but he said nothing, so I continued to thrust. My cock was gripped by the tight ring of his flesh, and it felt so good that I never wanted to stop. I began to thrust in and out of his ass with short rapid strokes. Following his example, I bent forward and took his erection in my mouth. It tasted slightly, but not unpleasantly, of latex. The pounding I was giving his prostate combined with my sucking caused him to come fairly quickly, and once again, I felt the sensation of hot cum in my mouth. I was beginning to acquire a taste for it. I felt my own orgasm approaching, so I released his softening penis and concentrated on pounding his butt into the ground. When I came, it was as powerful as the first two times. I waited a moment, and as my dick began to soften, I pulled it out of his ass.


“Is it always that good,” I asked.


“Pretty much,” he responded, “depending upon the individual. You, by the way, are a natural. Are you sure you’ve never done this before?”


“Only in my dreams.”


We were lying side by side on the comforter, and I was stroking his smooth groin with my fingertips.


“Penney for your thoughts,” he said.


“I was wondering what I would look like with no pubic hair.”


“Want to find out?”




“Why not, aren’t you done for the day?”


“Yes, you’re my last customer for the day, but what if someone sees me?”


“Does anybody see you naked in the normal course of events?”


“No, I guess not, come to think of it. School is out, so I won’t be in the locker room any more until I start college in the Fall.”


“What about at home.”


“Not there, either. We’re a pretty conservative family. I’ve never seen my dad in less than a bathing suit, and my younger brother has his own room.”


“So, what’s stopping you?”


“Nothing, I guess.”


He stood up, bent over, and extended his hand. “Come on.”


I allowed myself to be pulled to my feet and then led into the house. We arrived in what appeared to be the master bedroom, and then he ushered me into the adjacent bathroom, which was at least twice as large as any bathroom in my experience. It contained, among other things, a glass enclosed shower, a large tub, and a counter next to the sink that must have been four feet long. He retrieved a towel from a linen closet and spread it on the counter. He patted the counter with his hand. “Up here, big fellow.”


I did as instructed, and settled my butt on the counter, leaning back against the wall. He spread my legs, positioning them to his satisfaction, and produced electric clippers, shaving cream and a razor from a drawer under the counter.


Taking the clippers in his hand, he looked up at me. “Are you sure you want to do this?”




“Okay, here we go.”


He turned the clippers on and ran them back and forth through my pubic hair, giving it first a buzz cut; and then changing to a finer setting, he started over and quickly reduced the hair around my cock to stubble. Then he used the same procedure on my balls and around the base of my cock which, by this time, had become hard as a rock.


He turned on the water in the sink and waited a moment for it to get warm, then he took a cloth and thoroughly wet the entire area of my groin with warm water. Taking the can of shaving gel, he squirted a large amount into one hand and worked it into a lather before he carefully spread it all over me. It was slightly astringent and gave me a tingly feeling.


Taking the razor, he began to carefully and expertly remove all of the remaining stubble. I had not expected it to be a sexy experience, but it was - intensely so. When he had finished, he directed me to slide forward so that my cheeks were on the edge of the counter. Raising my legs, he proceeded to shave the area from behind my balls all the way to my anus. At last, he took the warm wet cloth and wiped me clean of all remaining lather. Running his finger tips over my entire groin, he looked up and smiled.


“Smooth as a baby. Now, let’s let you have a look.”


He helped me off the counter and led me back into the bedroom. We stood, side by side, in front of a full length mirror. I was astonished at the change in me. My cock is by no means small, nor is it particularly large, but the erection jutting from my bare groin appeared gigantic. I ran my hands over my body. “Wow,” was all I could say.


“All we need to do now is get rid of that tan line,” he said. Before I could reply, he continued, “If you can squeeze an hour a day out of your schedule during the best sunlight, you can work on that here.”


“Sure,” I said. “Sounds good to me.”


He walked over to the king size bed and pulled down the covers. He reached down beside the bed and touched a switch. The bedroom darkened and tiny bright lights came on under the canopy. He pulled me down beside him on the bed and I discovered that the canopy was mirrored. We lay for a moment, side by side, looking up at ourselves in the mirror. Both of us were hard as rocks, and it was exciting to watch as we began to make love again. Despite the number of times I had already come that afternoon, my orgasm this time was the most intense one yet.


He also gave me a key to the gate (which was normally locked, except on lawn days) and the house, so that I could drop in any time I was free. I managed to stop by every afternoon for an hour of nude sun bathing by the pool, so that my tan line began to fade away.


On one evening, I arrived a little later than usual, and found the house dark; so I decided to surprise John by slipping into bed with him. I entered the house quietly, and made my way to the master bedroom. The room was in total darkness, except for a narrow swath of light coming from the partially opened bathroom door. I could see John lying face down on the bed, with the sheet barely covering his ass, so I quietly stepped out of my deck shoes, dropped my shorts, slid off my shirt, and crawled in the bed with him.


I snuggled up to him and began to stroke his ass. He rolled over to face me in the dark, and my hand grazed his stomach and worked its way down, encountering a thick bush of pubic hair. It wasn’t John, and I jumped up, startled. About that time, I heard a flushing sound from the bathroom, and the door opened fully, bathing the bed in light, and John spoke from the doorway.


“Hi, Ray, glad to see you. I believe you are acquainted with Pete.”


I was struck dumb on the spot.


Pete raised up in the bed and said “Hi, guy. Long time, no see. Please don’t stop what you were doing on my account.”


John came over to the bed, turned on the canopy lights, pulled back the covers, and lay down on the edge of the bed so that I was sandwiched in between himself and Pete.


The three of us lay back and looked at our reflections in the overhead mirrors. Pete broke the silence.


“I see that John has made a convert of you in the bare crotch department.”


“All over sun tan, too, I said.”


“So I see. I never had the balls to shave my crotch, no matter how much I wanted to, but it looks good on you. Now why don’t you put your hand back where it was and see what happens.”


I rolled over onto my side to face Pete, and slid my hand down his body. “I’ve always wanted to do this with you,” I said.


“Too bad you never told me, we could have had a lot of fun.” He rolled over to face me and we kissed.


Meanwhile, John had turned onto his side and had his body wrapped around mine, and I could feel his hard cock rubbing against me.


I was in heaven.


The end.


As always, my thanks to the editing skills of Rockhunter.


Posted: 09/25/09