The Doctor Gets a Visitor IV
by: E Walk

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Chapter 40

Jeremy and Roddy


On Thursday, Beau was up early, but he didn’t wake anyone.  He had coffee ready and had made a big potato casserole with diced chicken fried steak and sausage gravy and scrambled eggs and toast.


Everyone ate and the guys helped clean up.  Tommy rode with Les and me and Jeff took Beau and Jason.


Berto and Jonathan showed up at Beau’s new house at 9:00 and the guys spit shined everything and got rid of the all of the extra things, washed the bed linens and made the beds.  They consolidated all of the extra stuff and put it in the garage which couldn’t hold anything else.  They went out and manicured the lawn, and the pool people came and showed the guys what to do to take care of the pool.


Ben stopped by with lunch and was amazed at what the guys had done.  As they were sitting, eating Ben said, “Beau, I thought we needed to get some groceries, if we’re going to stay here tonight.”


They finished eating and doing the dishes and Beau said, “Granddad Ben, may I call you G Dad that will be easier for my friends to remember.”


Ben laughed, “If that makes you happy and comfortable.  Come on men; we need to do some major major shopping if we are going to eat.” 


Ben took the guys and headed to the Target store.  Beau had the three guys get carts.  He started handing things to the guys as they went up and down the aisles.  Berto said, “Beau, take this cart and I’ll go get another one.  We can’t get much more in these.”


They finished and went to the check out stands.  Beau saw Pete and went to his lane.


Pete looked up and said, “You just got groceries yesterday.  Hi Berto and Jon.”


“Different house this time.” Beau said.


Pete started ringing the groceries up.  Beau kept watching as Berto was bagging and Jonathan was putting things on the conveyor belt.  All of a sudden Beau said, “Peter, stop right there and call the manager.”


Peter looked surprised but did as he was told.


The manager saw Beau and threw up his hands, “What is it this time, Mr. Benson?”


Beau said, “Sir, the scanner just charged us $10.90 for two 10 pound bags of potatoes.  The sign said they were on special for $1.89.”


“Peter, take the potatoes off the register, and continue to ring up the rest of Mr. Benson’s items while I go find out what is wrong.”  the manager said.


Peter said, “Sir. I have no idea how to do that.  This is only my second day on the register, and this is the first time something like this has happened.”


The manager showed Peter what to do and left.  He came back shortly and apologized, “I’m so embarrassed, Mr. Benson.  This is one of our advertised specials, and it was entered into the computer incorrectly.  I’m betting there will be a few more irate customers coming in.  Pete, give the potatoes to Mr. Benson.  I need to alert Customer Services.  Thanks for being a good customer, Mr. Benson.”


Peter totaled the bill and when Peter, Berto and Jonathan saw the total, they gasped when it said $803.40.”


Beau pulled out his card and swiped it and the receipt which was quite long came out.  Peter handed the receipt to Beau and said, “I guess I won’t be seeing you for a while.”


“Don’t count on it, Buckaroo.  I may even be back tomorrow to see if I can get some more free grub.  I’ll call you later.” Beau said.


They had trouble getting all of the sacks in the van but Beau managed.  They arrived back at the house and the phone was ringing.   Ben answered. “I’ll be there as soon as I get the van unloaded.”  The three guys, with Ben’s help, quickly unloaded the van and piled the groceries wherever they could find a place on the floor in the kitchen.


Ben left and Berto and Jonathan unloaded the bags and Beau started putting the groceries away where he wanted them.  They had just finished, when the phone rang.


Beau answered, “Oh, hi Dad, G Dad had to go back to work.  Why don’t you stop and get Jason and bring him home.  I’ll call Doctor Dad and maybe we can do something crazy for dinner.  I still have Berto and Jonathan captive.  Okay Dad, see you in a few.”


Jonathan looked at Beau and asked, “Beau, who is your real Dad?  You keep calling everyone Dad, Doctor Dad, G Dad, I’m confused.”


“Well, don’t feel like the Lone Ranger.  How do you think I feel?  None these people are my blood relatives, and they are all kinder to me than my Father ever was.  These people all accept me, even if I‘m damaged goods.” Beau said.


Fortunately the discussion was broken up when Josh arrived with Jason.  Jason, we need to finish Grandma Ginny and Aunt Evelyn’s rooms.  Come on guys, let's get with it.”


The guys were working in the downstairs guest bedroom when Ben came in with two reticent boys.  The guys came out to see what was going on and Ben said, “Everybody, I would like you to meet Jeremy and Roddy.”


Everyone introduced themselves and then Beau started.  “Okay guys, how old are you?  Do you eat a lot?  Are you fat?  Are you hungry, and are you potty trained?”


The older of the two said “My name is Jeremy and I’m 11, and Roddy is 5.  We are not fat, and no we don’t eat a lot.  Yes we’re hungry but we’re not potty trained.”


“Granddad, take them back to the pound.  I’m not training any more kids this week.  Jason, take these mongrels into the bathroom and have them go to the bathroom and wash their hands while us old men see if we can find them a snack.  I may be able to find some puppy chow.   Dad, please go borrow a set of clean clothes from Spencer and Chipper.”


When the guys were gone Beau asked, “Granddad, did something happen to the boys similar to what happened to me?”

“Yes.” Ben answered.  “Jeremy said he had a similar experience.  I don’t think Roddy has yet. There had been threats and that’s why they ran away.”


“G Dad, please call Doctor Dad, Jeff and Tommy and tell them to get here now with Doctor Dad’s medical bag.”  Beau ordered.


Berto and Jonathan were stunned by what was happening.  Beau turned to them and said, “Come on guys; we need to make the new guys a snack and then we can think about dinner.  You had better call your parents and tell them that you have plans for dinner.  We just don’t know what they are yet.”


The guys called their parents on Jonathan’s cell phone since Ben was on the other phone.


Jason came back with the two guys and said, “They want to know if they are going to stay here or what?”


Beau got down on his knees and said, “Roddy, I’m working on that right now.  Let’s get you a snack and then we’ll see what happens.  You two old men take Jason and Roddy and get started.  I need to talk to Jeremy for a minute.”  Everyone went to the kitchen and Beau took Jeremy to the living room.  “Jeremy, we’ll talk more later, but I want you to know I sort of know how you feel about what happened to you, because something similar happened to me.  We need to protect each other and make sure that something like that never happens again. Now let’s get you something to eat.”


Josh came in with the clothes for the two guys.  Jeff, Tommy and I arrived.  The guys were eating a snack and Beau introduced everyone and said, “Jason you take Roddy and make sure he is clean.  Come on Jeremy, let’s get you cleaned up and changed.  Doctor Dad, why don’t you come and do a preliminary check?  Tommy, please take Berto and Jonathan home so they can get cleaned up and we’ll meet here and go to Valentino’s.  Jeff, why don’t you call Grandmama W., Doctor Icky and Father W. to see if they might like to join us for dinner?”


Beau and Jeremy disappeared.  Beau had Jeremy get into the shower and started to ask him some question.  Jeremy looked at Beau funny but answered as best he could, “Our father was drinking more and more and we weren’t eating very well like before when our mother was alive.” 


Beau looked at Jeremy.  Beau had tears in his eyes. “Okay, I want you to go out and get dry and then go and lie down on the bed.  I’m going to have Doctor Wilson come and check you.  I’ll be right here with you and nothing bad is going to happen, I promise.  Doctor Dad will never hurt you.”  Beau said as he left.


Beau came and got me and as we were going up the steps, Beau said, “Dad, Jeremy was abused sexually by his father.  He told me that he had never been used by anyone else.  He seems so skinny.  Is it okay if I stay with you so he feels a little more secure?  He looks fine, otherwise.”


I walked in and said, “Hey Bat Boy, Beau says I need to check to see if you are capable of eating anything else today.  Beau, here is his chart.  You record my findings.”


I put a thermometer in his ear and said temp, 9860.”


Jeremy yelled, “No way it’s that high or I would be fried.”  Jeremy just seemed to relax after that and didn’t flinch as I was taking all of the rest of the readings.  I asked him to pull up his legs and put on a glove and inserted a finger in his anus and when I hit his prostrate gland he went ping.


“All systems say go Beau, so this young man needs some food to get these ribs covered.  I’ll see him in the morning to do the rest of the work.  I think he’ll live at least two more days.  Bring his brother with him tomorrow and I’ll give them their rabies shots.”  I chided.


“Wait a minute, we don’t need rabies shots.  Distemper maybe but not rabies. Those shots hurt.” Jeremy pleaded.


“Dad, thanks for checking Jeremy.  So you think that he might live and isn’t contagious, right?” Beau asked.


“Only if he follows your instructions.” I said as I went out the door.


Beau undressed and took a shower and came out and started to get dressed.  Beau said, “Move it Jeremy.  I am almost ready and you are sitting there gawking at my body.”


“Beau, you look like a Greek God.  Will I ever look like you?” Jeremy asked.


“Yes, if you get dressed and start exercising.  I’ll be downstairs when you’re ready.”


Jason and Roddy were playing a video game.  Ben had fixed everyone drinks and the high school guys were having sodas in the kitchen.


Jeremy came down the stairs and said, “I can’t believe you people.  It’s like Roddy and I have been here forever.”


Beau introduced him to the newcomers and said, “Drink up. It’s chow time.  Let’s get organized.  I called for reservation for 6:30 but because someone took so long getting dressed we’re running late.  We’ll need to take four cars to get to Valentino’s” Beau organized the cars and away we went.


We went to the cashier; Beau stopped and said, “Brent is that really you?”


“Yep, I am the assistant night manager now that baseball season is over.” Brent said.


“I called and asked for a table for 14.  We’re all under two so we’ll walk right in and we’d like Howdy Doody cups.” Beau said as he started to walk into the dining room.


“Wait a minute, sir.  I don’t see any two year olds.  Everyone line up by age.”  Brent said.  “Oldest first.”  We went through the line and he handed us each a drink cup.  Beau waited until Roddy was through the line and then he paid the bill.


Jonathan and Berto looked at him and asked, “Are you made of money or what?”


“Nah, I keep working and people give me money and I never can spend any, so I figured I would treat tonight.  I’ll be broke for a while now.” Beau sighed.


I leaned over and said, “Your nose is going to be so long that you will have to hide it in your briefs.”


“Dad, I can’t believe you said that.” Beau whispered.


Brent took us to a table in an enclosed room.  “Now, if you need anything, send up Beau signals and I’ll be here.  Enjoy your meal.”


Beau skillfully seated Roddy and Jeremy near Grandmama W., Doctor Crane and Father W.  We got up to go get our food and Beau said, “Jeremy, you make sure that Grandmama gets enough to eat.  Jason, you and Roddy make sure that Doctor Crane and Father Wanamaker eat healthy.  The rest of us will have to fend for ourselves.”


Beau was like a mother hen making sure that everyone had everything they needed.  He finally sat down with a plate of food and I noticed it was mostly healthy food and not what a typical teenager would eat by comparing it to the other plates which were heaped.


I leaned over to him and said, “Beau, don’t you need to eat more or you’ll waste away?”


Beau leaned over and patted my stomach and said, “I don’t want to be fat here.”  He then patted my genital area and said, “I want to be fat here like you and Jeff.”


We were both laughing and Jonathan asked, “What’s so funny?”


“I was just telling Doctor Wilson that I wanted to have fat feet like him.”  Beau answered.


Berto said, “Why do you want fat feet?”


“Gee whiz, then I could never move fast like Doctor Dad.  We’ll never get old right Doctor Icky?  Okay time for dessert.  Let’s annihilate the dessert area.”


Everyone went to see what was available and the young guys came back with ice cream and a slice of cookie pizza.  The desserts disappeared and Beau threw a $20.00 bill on the table.


Berto said, “You don’t tip at a buffet.”


Beau said, “That waiter had to remove more dishes and plates and things than Jonathan has ever seen in one night.  He deserved some kind of reward.”


Everyone left for their respective houses and I dropped Jonathan and Berto at their homes.  They both said, “This has been an amazing week so far.”


Tommy, Jeff and I were sitting there laughing at everything that had happened.  Dale and Les walked in, “Jack. Is Beau trying to arrange for the two guys to live with us?  What would people say?”


“I don’t know and as long as you have Mrs. Wanamaker there no one would think anything about it.  People would assume that they are her great grandchildren and there would be no problem.” I answered. “I think that Beau is sending me messages to that effect right now.”


“They are both neat young men and I told them I wanted them to come to the office for a complete checkup.  Beau promised to have them there at nine.  Les, why don’t do the complete physicals but I have to tell you that Jeremy’s father had used Jeremy.”


Dale, Les and Tommy were all looking a little peaked.


Jeff said, “I’m sure that Beau has decided or will decide that they are going to be your foster children.  That is why everyone was sitting where they were tonight.  The two guys already adore Grandmama W.  I am not going to interfere, because I’m sure that Beau is already two or three steps ahead of me.”


Les said, “This gets more and more unbelievable all the time.  First I get a job out of the blue.  Then I wind up living in a house full of my furniture with Dale and his Grandmother.  And now you tell I might get two sons.   I’ve been here less than a month, this is not even realistic.”


I threw up my hands and said, “Jeff and Beau have decided, and it is happening.”


Dale and Les left and Tommy asked, “Dad, would you please tell me why Beau is so special?  I am beginning to get a complex.”


Jeff said, “Tommy, Beau is a genius.  I am just going to say that Beau was sexually abused by his father and used for sexual purposes for money.  Both he and Jason are very wealthy and could buy all of us except for Mrs. Tillison.  You can never say anything about Beau to Jason, or Beau will be extremely upset.  Jason has no idea what happened to Beau and that’s the way Beau wants it.”


Tommy said, “Well why didn’t someone tell me what was happening.  I was beginning to think that Beau was gay.  I guess there is no way he’s gay.  He latches on to people but I’m just beginning to realize that he holds them at a distance and not letting them too close and everyone respects him for it..  Do you suppose he will ever tell me what happened to him?”


“Tommy, you can ask him, but don’t push.  He may think that you are trying to put the make on him or something and then you would ruin everything.  He loves and trusts you, so don’t take that away from him.” I said.


“Dad, what’s your I. Q.?  Why do I get the feeling that I have been in a house of geniuses and I didn’t realize it?”


“Tommy, look at me.  It’s not important what people’s I.Q. is but rather how they care about other people.  Some geniuses would be worrying about sex on Pluto or whatever but Jeff and Beau are worried about making the world a better place for people.  I think that you had better throw Spencer and Chip into that mix, from what I have observed.  You and I are just mortals in amongst this group. Now I suggest you get to bed or you will miss your ride to the airport in the morning.”


“Dad and Jeff, why do you want me here?  I’m not like the rest of you.” Tommy asked.


“Tommy, Beau saw something in you that said you needed to be here.  Don’t you like Jeff and me and aren’t you happy here?” I asked.


“Dad, that’s just the point.  I’d take either of you as lovers in an instance that isn’t about to happen.  I sure can’t have Beau which was never in question even though he is a beautiful person on the inside as well as the outside.  I’m doomed to live a solitary life.” Tommy was crying.


“Tommy, go to bed and things will look better in the morning.  Dad and I both love you and will be here for you.  Now what time are we leaving in the morning?” Jeff asked.


“We need to leave here at 5:00 so I guess I had better go to bed.”  Tommy hugged us as he left.


Jeff looked at me and said, “Dad, why is this all this happening to us?”


I shook my head and said, “I guess it’s your and Beau’s fault.  You keep taking all these stray creatures and making them beautiful productive people.  Quite frankly, I wish we could take Jeremy and Roddy, but I know that we can’t.  They are beautiful young guys, but I think that Les, Dale and Mrs. Wanamaker will be much better for them.  I know that Beau will make sure that the two boys get the best.  Now let’s go to bed.’


Jeff did something that he didn’t routinely do.  He set an alarm clock on his side of the bed.  He cuddled but there was no sex, since it was going to be a very short night.


The End Part IV...


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Once again we see just how wonderful Beau is in his ability to take in any situation and figure out the best possible way to make things the best he can.


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