You Ain’t Santa Claus
by: E Walk

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Chapter 53 

Day In Court


Dan and I were awakened by a knock on the door.  “Come in, Erik, we’re decent.”


“Shucks, I was hoping.  This visit is to let you know that you will have to fix your own breakfasts this morning.  The four young guys have already been kidnapped and were going to have breakfast at Village Inn with the two Grandfathers.” 


Dan was getting dressed, “Erik, why didn’t you go with them?”


Erik shook his head, “They invited me, but I turned them down, so I wouldn’t be late for school, since I’m already going to have to miss some classes this afternoon for the hearing.  What’s going to happen at the hearing, anyway?”


I hugged Erik, “Son, we have no idea what Mr. Holloway and Dr. Frank are planning.  I’m guessing that they are still developing plans.  It is obviously more complicated than we realized.”


I watched as Dan departed with Erik.  I thought to myself, ‘This has got to be hard on all the guys, especially Erik.’


I called Homebase, “This is Little House.  Is anyone awake?”


“This is Charles.  Everyone is up and gone, already.  Your parents and the Thorntons kidnapped all the little guys and were taking them to breakfast.  “Bruce and Charles didn’t even eat breakfast before they were out of here, and of course the teenagers were hauled off by Dan.”


“Guess there’s no reason for me to stop at Homebase on my way to the campus, then.  See you this afternoon.”


The morning was busy and Sandy stuck here head in about lunch time, “Dr. Richter, Mr. Holloway called to remind you to be in place about one forty five.  He’s concerned that you might already be developing the absent minded professor syndrome.”


When I was departing, I chuckled, “Sandy, I probably won’t be back until Monday, and by then, I will probably have forgotten how to get here.  Have a great weekend.”


When I arrived at the courthouse, parking was scarce.  As I was walking into the courthouse, I was looking around for some cars I recognized.  I finally spotted Bruce’s van in the handicapped parking area.  After I cleared security, I went to the bathroom and straightened my tie.  When I walked into the courtroom, it was almost full.  I thought to myself, ‘Why are all these people here for a simple adoption hearing?’


Dad Thornton saw me and motioned for me to come and sit at table in front of the judge with him Dan, Bruce and the four Sorenson guys.  I looked around and Nate and Ryan were seated in the first row with the rest of the grandparents.  Quinn, Alex and Vince were seated behind them.  I wondered, ‘Why are they here? Surely this doesn’t have anything to do with them.’


I looked at what normally would be the prosecution table and Dr. Frank was seated next to Mrs. Belton and Nels. ‘When did Nels get here?  Isn’t his presence going to muddy the waters?’


I looked around the gallery and Mr. Kean was seated behind the prosecution table and there was a man wearing a cross around his neck seated behind Mr. Kean. 


At two o’clock, the bailiff came out and announced, “Please rise for the Honorable Judge Glenn Winston.”


Judge Winston sat down, “This court is in session.”  Judge Winston looked around, “I see some faces with whom I’m not familiar.  Mrs. Belton, would you please identify the people at the table with you?”


Ginger stood, “On my left is the gentleman who is the legal guardian of the four Sorenson boys, whom this case is about, “Doctor, Nelson Richfield.”


Judge Winston waved, “It’s a pleasure to meet you Doctor Richfield.  I guess you can’t make it so Quinn wouldn’t talk all the time could you?”


I looked at Quinn and he was looking at Alex and Vince, He whispered something to them  I wish I could have heard what he was saying.


Ginger continued, “The lady on my right is Dr. Dorothea Frank.  She’s head of the Children’s Protection Services for the state of Minnesota.”


“Welcome, Dr. Frank, I guess you thought this case was too complicated for us to handle?”


Dottie stood, “Not at all, your honor.  The four Sorenson boys are legally residents of Minnesota, so they still fall within the jurisdiction of Minnesota Children’s Protection Service system.”


Mr. Kean jumped up, “Your honor, this is not Minnesota.  Therefore what happens to the four Sorenson boys is no longer a concern for the Minnesota Children’s Protection Services.  They are now in the jurisdiction of the Missouri System of which I’m the head.  I have not approved the adoption of the Sorenson boys by anyone the adoptions of Nathan and Ryan Holloway by the homo sexual, Dr. Kirk Richter, needs to be rescinded because they were not approved by my office.”


Dad Thornton stood, “Your honor, since Mr. Kean has made some serious allegations, I request that he be sworn so that his comments can be made part of the official record.”


Judge Winston pounded his gavel, “So ordered.  Mr. Kean, please take the witness stand and be sworn in.  If you don’t I will fine you ten thousand dollars, for being in contempt and disrupting the proceedings of this court.”


Judge Winston looked at the young guys, “Nathan and Ryan, why don’t you take your friends into my chambers and watch some television and have a snack, while we talk to Mr. Kean.” 


All the young people left except for Erik.  He whispered, “I hope it’s okay if I stay?”


I leaned over to him, “If the Judge would like you to leave, he’ll tell you.”


After the young guys had departed and Mr. Kean had been sworn in, Bruce approached the judge, “Judge Winston, I am going to be asking Mr. Kean some questions that would appear to have no bearing on the pending adoption.  I assure you that the information may be useful.”


“Proceed Mr. Holloway.”


“Mr. Kean, as head of the state Children’s Protection Services Agency what are your responsibilities and what is your salary?”


Mr. Kean looked at Judge Winston, “Do I have to answer the questions?”


“I think it would be advisable, if you don’t want to face contempt of court charges.”


Mr. Kean took a deep breath, “As head of the Children’s Protective Services Agency, I’m responsible for total operation of the field offices the placement of the young people to make sure they are placed in the best homes possible. My base salary is $87,500 per year.”


Judge Winston frowned, “Mr. Kean, do you mean you personally review each adoption case that goes before the courts.  If so, why have I not previously encountered you?  Are you saying that you are involved in the placement of all the children in foster homes within the state?”


Mr. Kean was very smug, “This is the first time I’ve felt it necessary to become personally involved in any of the cases that have taken place in this city   Somehow, I missed the adoption of Ryan and Nathan Holloway by Dr. Kirk Richter or it would never have taken place.”


Bruce handed a sheet of paper to the Judge and to Mr. Kean.  “This is the official job description of the position that Mr. Kean occupied.  No where does it mention being in charge of the placement of all children in the system.  When I mentioned that to the Attorney General and the Governor, they laughed and the Governor said that wasn’t even plausible.  Therefore, Mr. Kean has no legal right to be here.  But since he has been sworn in, I would like to ask him some more questions.”


Judge Winston looked skeptical, “I’ll allow questions, as long as they something to do with the case at hand.”


Bruce nodded, “They are intended to show why Mr. Kean has taken a personal interest in the Sorenson and the Holloway cases.”


“Proceed Mr. Holloway.”


“Mr. Kean, how is it that you can afford a $950.000 home when you make only $87,500 a year?”


Mr. Kean smirked, “My wife inherited the money from her parents.”


“Mr. Kean, that’s not true.  I have proof that you and your wife grew up in a foster home.  Your honor, I have two other witnesses whom I would like to call, but in the meantime, I request that you have the sheriff’s deputies make sure that Mr. Kean is rendered unable to leave the courtroom.”


Judge Winston shook his head, “Counselor Holloway, this is highly unusual.  You’re treading on thin ice.”


After Mr. Kean was taken to the side of the room and handcuffed, Bruce looked at Judge Winston, “I’d like to call Mr. William Davis to the stand.”


I had no idea who Mr. Davis was, but we were soon to find out.


Bruce didn’t waste any time, “Mr. Davis, would you tell the Judge how you happened to become involved in this case?”


“I went to talk to the Attorney General’s office to tell them that Mr. Kean has been extorting money from me and my wife for five years, ever since we adopted our two young sons.  We got fed up with paying Mr. Kean $100.00 a month to keep the fact that the boys were adopted quiet.  My wife and I sat down with the boys and told them that they were adopted.  The boys simply said that they already knew that.”


“When I told Mr. Kean that we would not be making any further payments, he threatened to find some reason to have the boys taken away from us if we didn’t continue to make the payments.  The Attorney General said that Mr. Kean would not only be charged with extortion, but blackmail as well.”


There was a scuffle in the area where Mr. Kean was being detained.   Bruce nodded, “Thank you for coming forward, to show what kind of man Mr. Kean really is, Mr. Davis.  His eyes must have seen big bucks, when he saw Belle Monte, and that’s why he decided to get involved.”


Bruce turned to the Judge, “Your honor, I have one more person whom I would like to introduce.  This person will be able to save you a lot of work.”


Judge Winston laughed, “I’m all for that.  Bring ‘em on.”


Bruce turned to the people in the court room, “Will Assistant Attorney General Michael Willis please come on down?”


After the gentleman was seated in the witness stand, he looked at Judge Winston, “Your honor, the State Patrol has arrived and they will be escorting Mr. Kean back to the capital city where he will be booked and tried for his crimes.  We are hoping that once the news gets out as to what transpired today, more people will step forward and testify against Mr. Kean.  The Governor has ordered a complete review of the state Child Protection Services system.”


After Mr. Kean was led from the room, the Judge sighed, “Erik, I think it’s safe to get the other young guys, would you please ask them to rejoin us?”


Erik returned with six guys and they took their seats.  Judge Winston pounded his gavel.  “Counselor Holloway, let’s get on with the case of the adoption of Erik, Stefan, Karl, and Dieter Sorenson by Dr. Kirk Richter.”


Before either Dad Thornton or Bruce could begin, the man, who was wearing the cross stood, “Your honor, you can save everyone some time.  I’m the boys’ paternal grandfather, Olaf Sorenson, and I’m here to take them home.  As you can see, I’m a man of the cloth and I could never allow them to live with queers.”


Nathan stood, “Come on, guys, I think we’re going to be told to disappear again.”


 After the young guys had gone into the judge’s chambers, Erik stood, “Your honor, since I’m personally involved in what’s happening, I would like to speak, and I would ask that I not be interrupted.”


“Go ahead, Erik.  If anyone interrupts you, they will be fined for being in contempt of court.”


Erik went and sat in the witness stand, “First your honor, that Mr. Sorenson is not a blood relative to us four boys.  He was our father’s adopted father.  We have not seen the man since our father moved in with Doctor Richfield.  I could never feel safe living in the same house with that man, after what he did to my father.”


Judge Winston, looked around the courtroom, “I remind you that anyone who interrupts Erik will be fined for being in contempt.  Go ahead Erik, tell us why you would never feel safe living with Reverend Sorenson?”


Erik looked and me and I nodded, Erik started, “About three weeks before my dad’s death, he came into my bedroom one night and sat down beside me.  ‘Erik, I was just about your age when my Dad taught me what it was like to be a man.  Anyway Dad was just about to make me do things that I didn’t want to do when he was interrupted by Doctor Richfield telling him he had a phone call.”


Judge Winston asked, “Did your father ever try to do anything else to you?”


“No, sir.  I never gave him another chance.”


Reverend Sorenson blurted out, “The little fucker’s lying.  He’s been perverted by these heathens.”


Judge Winston, pounded his gavel, “Mr. Sorenson, that outburst cost you five thousand dollars.  Deputies, please accompany Mr. Sorenson to the area where Mr. Kean was being detained and make sure that he doesn’t leave the courtroom before I say so.  Mr. Sorenson, I know for a fact that Dr. Richter’s father is a minister.”


Mr. Sorenson, “Yeah, but he ain’t the minister of the second largest church in Minneapolis, like me.”


Judge Winston pounded his gavel, “That outburst cost you another two thousand dollars.”


Judge Winston turned to Dad Thornton and Bruce, “Counselors, do you have anything else to present?”


Bruce rolled his wheel chair to front, “Your honor, I’d like to call Doctor Richfield to the stand.”


Nelson took the stand and was sworn in.


Bruce started, “Doctor Richfield, would you tell us why you feel that it would be better for Dr. Richter to be the Sorenson boys’ adopted father rather than you?  You’ve known the boys for three years, while Dr. Richter has known them for approximately two weeks.”


“Counselor Holloway, before I answer your question, I would like to make some comments about some things that were said earlier today, with Judge Winston’s permission.”


Judge Winston put up his hands, “Why not?  I’ve lost control of these proceedings.”


“First and foremost, I had no idea of the encounter that Erik had with his father.   Had I known, I personally would have castrated Lars.  Along the same line, Lars told me that his father had turned him into a sex pig.  It seems the two of them had sex from the time Lars turned fifteen until Lars went to college.  As far as the Sorenson's being loving grandparents, that’s a crock of bull.  They wanted nothing to do with Lars’ funeral arrangements, and didn’t even want to be identified in Lars’ obituary notice.”


“In answer to your question, Counselor Holloway.  The four boys have seemingly bonded with Dr. Richter and Doctor Thornton more in the short time they’ve known them than they did with me in three years.  I think the boys saw me as a nanny, more than a Dad.  In the short time they’ve been here, they have seemed to have matured and developed.  Even though Dr. Richter and Doctor Thornton work, the boys are never confined to the house because there is always someone about in case something should happen.”


“Thank you, Doctor Richfield.”  Bruce turned to Dr. Frank.  Dr. Frank have you anything that you would like to say?”


Dr. Frank stood, “Judge Winston, I see that there is large screen behind you.  There are some things that are happening in Minneapolis at the present time that may impact on this case. I’ve just been advised that there is going to be a news special on CNN in regard to the information.”


Judge Winston looked at the bailiff, “Is there any way to project what’s happening at CNN on the screen?”


The door to the judge’s chamber opened and Nathan emerged, “Judge Winston, we’re getting bored.  All that’s on television is news about how bad Stefan, Karl, Dieter and Erik’s granddad is.”


Judge Winston looked at the guys, “Guys, I’m sorry that you had to see that.  Mr. Young and Mr. Lake, why don’t you to take the guys to the park that’s across the street and I’ll send someone for you when this mess is cleared up?


The news started,


This is Kent Parker for KSL news.  The cities of St Paul and Minneapolis are reeling from the news that Reverend Olaf Sorenson has been ousted from his pulpit in the First Swedish Lutheran Church of Minneapolis.  The congregation met at noon today and by a unanimous vote, not only fired Sorenson from his position, but barred him and any members of his family members from participating in the official roles of the church.  It all started when a young man stepped forward and claimed that Sorenson had sexually abused him from the time he turned fifteen.  Since that initial accusation, there have been five more persons who have stepped forward with similar accusations.  One young lady claims that she is carrying a child that was caused by Sorenson.


The identity of the victims is being protected to prevent any embarrassment to them or their families.


We have just learned that Mr. Sorenson departed for Missouri this morning.  An associate said he was going to go save his grandsons from a life of sin.


I’ve just been handed this notice from the authorities.  There’s an all points bulletin out for the arrest of Mr. Sorenson.  The local authorities are preparing to file charges against Mr. Sorenson when and if he is apprehended.


Judge Winston pointed at the sheriff’s deputies. “Take Mr. Sorenson to jail and call the authorities in Minneapolis and tell them that Mr. Sorenson is being detained awaiting further instructions from them.”


Judge Winston looked at Erik, “Erik, please go tell the guys that it’s safe to return, so we can get out of here.  This case has given me not only a headache but a pain in the butt.”


As Erik was leaving the courtroom, he laughed, “Doctor Erik prescribed two stiff drinks to solve your problem, your honor.”


When the boys returned, Judge Winston started, “The case of Nathan and Ryan Holloway was never in doubt.  I am declaring that Quinn Lake’s adoption by Mr. Alex Lake is approved.  Quinn, you do understand that you need to do as your two Dads tell you to do, don’t you.”


Quinn went and hugged Judge Winston, “Thank you, sir.  I’ll try to be the best kid I can be.”


Judge Winston pulled out a tissue and blew his nose as did a number of others in the courtroom. 


Judge Winston looked at his notes, “In the last ruling of the day, I declare that Erik, Stefan, Karl and Dieter Sorenson are the sons of Dr. Kirk Richter.  We’ll discuss the name at a later point when you guys decide how you want to be known.”


Erik stood, “Your honor, can we take care of it now, so we don’t have to come back to court so often?  Could you make our middle initials T. for Thornton?  That would make my name Erik T. Richter.”


Judge Winston grinned, “That’s fine with me.  Is that okay with you other three guys?” 


Stefan, Karl and Dieter nodded yes and Judge Winston pounded his gavel.  “From this day forward you shall be known as Eric T. Richter, Stefan T. Richter, Karl T. Richter and Dieter T. Richter.”


Quinn stood with his hands folded like he was praying, “Mr. Judge, can you please make my name Quinn Y. Lake so everyone will know that I belong to both my Daddies.”


Judge Winston pounded his gavel, “So it shall be.  This session is adjourned before I go to the bathroom in my pants.”


As I was riding back to Belle Monte by myself, I was thinking.  ‘To think that before Christmas, Dan and I had no children.  Now we have six boys.  I guess I won’t be working as Santa again.’


The End.


Author’s note:  There is a lot more to tell about the Boys of Belle Monte.  If my health holds up, there will be a sequel.  But I need to work on finalizing all of my other stories.  Thanks for reading.




Editor's Notes: Please let me say something here.


As E Walk stated in his note above, his health has taken somewhat of a downward turn.  I ask that you keep E and his family in your prayers and thoughts, and send him all the positive energy that you can spare. 


I am certain that he would appreciate hearing from his fans, so if you have a spare moment, please drop him a line and let him know how you feel about him, and his wonderful stories.  They have been quite a warm inspiration for me. 


Let's all keep a positive attitude and believe, with all our hearts, that his health will improve and that he will be with us for a very long time, to come.


He has been like a brother to me, for years, and I am proud to have him as part of my family. Thank you very much, E Walk! We all love you, and wish you all the best. 


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