You Ain’t Santa Claus
by: E Walk

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Chapter 45 

The Operations


The Sorenson boys finally took their things into the kitchen and the other guys were cheering.  The adults, including Vince and Alex went into the parlor and Alex commented, “Mr. Holloway, I really think it would be good for the Sorenson boys to stay here while they are in town.  It sounds as if they need some good boy training by Nathan and Ryan.”


Ryan and Nathan came into the room, Ryan announced, “We got kicked out of the kitchen because there wasn’t room for everyone to move.  You should hear Erik cussing because the big guys are making him scrub the pans, and Evan and Chase are showing the other three how to load the dishwasher.”


Ryan climbed on Nelson’s lap, “Doctor Richfield, you won’t let anything bad happen to Quinn tomorrow during the operation, will you?”


“Ryan, it isn’t really an operation.  It’s a procedure.  You won’t be able to tell that anything happened to Quinn. When you see him tonight, make sure that you tell him that nothing bad is going to happen to him.”


Nate was leaning on the arm of Bruce’s wheelchair, “Uncle Bruce, I don’t think you should make Doctor Richfield take the boys to a motel.  I don’t think they’re as bad as they seem.   They’re just spoiled.  Let them stay here and maybe we can get them unspoiled.”


Ryan went to Vince and  Alex, “Come on, Uncle Vince and Uncle Alex, we gotta go so Nate has time to read a bedtime story to Quinn before they kick us out of the hospital.  Dads, you make sure everyone is okay here.”


After the boys had departed with Alex and Vince, Bruce started to laugh, “Does anyone care to make a wager as to whether the guys can unspoil the four Sorenson boys?”


Eva Fort took the challenge, “I’ll wager a buck that by Sunday the four Sorenson boys will be crying the blues if they have to go back to Minnesota.”


The nine guys came into the parlor and Shawn asked, “Is it okay if we take the guys to the game room?  They don’t believe we have a pool table and other games down there.  They think we’re complete hicks.”


I looked at the guys, “You may certainly go make use of the facilities, but whatever mess you make, you need to clean up.”


It was approximately a half hour later when Dieter came up and stood by Bruce, “Sir, do we gotta go to a motel?  I like it here.  I just wish there was someone little like me that I could play with.  Everyone else is bigger.”


Bruce was taken back by Dieter’s request, “Dieter, you and your brothers and Dr. Richfield can stay here, as long as you and your brothers aren’t always saying bad things about the guys who live here.  They didn’t ask you to come here, and your biggest brother seems to think he's king of the world.”


“But sir, he’s just acting like our Dad.  If it weren’t for Nels, we’d probably starve.  Dad doesn’t care about us, all he thinks about is how handsome he is.”


Nelson stood, “Dieter, where are your brothers and the other guys?  I need to talk to your brothers.”


“Everyone is in the game room playing games, but no one wants to play with me.”


Dan, Nels and I took the steps to the game room, while George and Bruce took the elevator.  When we arrived, the other eight guys were indeed playing some games, and doing so, nicely.  George pointed to the pool table, “Dieter, why don’t you and I beat Dr. Richter in a game of pool?”


“But, mister,  I don’t know how to play pool.”


“Good, then I’ll teach you.  I don’t think Dr. Richter is very good either, so we should be able to beat him.”


The pool match of the century started and George was correct.  I had no idea what I was to do.  George spoke, “Dieter, since Dr. Richter is the oldest, I think we should let him break.”


I knew enough to align the cue ball and hit as hard as I could and hope one or two balls would fall into one of the pockets.  That was not too be, so the balls were scattered all over the table.


George was so good, he hunched down and was whispering to Dieter.  Dieter took the cue stick and lightly touched the cue ball and the number one ball went into to the pocket.  Dieter looked at George and it was obvious to see that George was going to have a loyal subject.


The other eight boys were standing, watching the proceedings and Dieter was able to sink the number one, two and three balls before he scratched.  That gave me the opportunity to set up, so I could make some easy shots, but I knocked the eight ball in the pocket.  The guys started to cheer, “Way to go Dieter.  You showed the old people that we young people are still the best.”


The levity was interrupted by the arrival of Ryan, Nate, Vince and Alex.  Ryan started, “What’s so funny?  Doctor Richfield, Quinn is really scared about what’s going to happen tomorrow.  I tried to tell him that he wouldn’t even be able to see what you did to him, but he’s still scared.  Are you going to spend the night here or are you going to a motel?”


Dieter answered, “Your Uncle Bruce said we could stay here if we could be nice.”


Nate asked, “Are you going to stay here at the big house or go to the little house with us.  If we go to the little house, we need to have Shawn go with us, so he can bring us back to Homebase after breakfast, since everyone else will be leaving.”


Ian asked, “How is Shawn going to bring you back to Homebase?”


Nate realized he made a mistake, “Whoops.  We know that Shane, Shawn and Jacob have been practicing driving the Belle Monte express.  Shawn is the best driver of the three of them.”


Shane sniffed, “Blabbermouth.  I think Shawn practices when we’re not around.”


Bruce grinned, “Yeah, I've seen you guys driving the mobile when you didn’t think anyone was watching.  I don’t mind, as long as it’s not at night or on the highway.  Dan, why don’t you leave your car here so you can drive the Belle Monte express to the little house  while Kirk and Nelson follow you.  Shawn, you probably need to go pack your backpack with some clean clothes.”


Stefan whined, “Why do we gotta go to the little house?  There’s lots of room here.  Why can’t we all stay here?”


Nate was getting frustrated, “Do you want to stay here or do you want to go a motel?  We need to go to the little house to take care of the animals.  Make up your minds.  If you’re going with us, get your jackets.  If not, we’ll see you tomorrow.”


I was surprised when all four of the Sorenson boys went to get their jackets.  Dan took the seven guys in the Belle Monte Express, and Nelson and I followed it up the mountain side.  When the Sorenson guys got out of the Express, they had a myriad of questions.  “How come you have to go through a security gate to get here?  Why would you want to live in this little house instead of at that big house?”


Nate put it very succinctly, “We wanted to live here so we could be our own family.  We love everyone who lives at the big house, but this is our special place just for the four of us and our animals.”


Nelson leaned over to me, “Lars’ sons are getting an education this trip.  More doesn’t always mean better.”


When we walked in, the boys looked around.  Erik asked, “You mean you only got one room?”


Ryan looked funny, “Why do we need more than one room.  We have everything right here and it’s easier to clean than a house with lots of rooms.  There’s three bedrooms and two bathrooms upstairs.  We have a big game room downstairs where we have our trains set up.”


Erik wasn’t too sure about what was happening, “Where is everyone going to sleep if there are only three bedrooms?”


Nate shook his head, “You and Shawn can sleep in Ryan’s room since Doctor Richfield’s things are in my room.  The rest of us will sleep down here in our sleeping bags.”


Karl asked, “You mean we’re going to have five sleeping bags down here?”


Shawn was having a blast watching the proceedings, “Guys, go take care of the animals while Erik and I fix the super dooper sleeping bag, and then we can go show the guys the downstairs so they can see why the boys wanted to live up here in the mountains with the mountain lions.”


All four guys responded, “What mountain lions?”


I decided that enough was enough, “Don’t worry about mountain lions.  It’s getting late, and we really need to get the two doctors to bed, so they don’t botch Quinn’s procedure.  Shawn, you, Nate and Ryan can show the boys around the area in the morning.  Come on, let’s get everyone a snack so they don’t starve tonight, while the doctors take their showers.”


The guys were eating their turnovers that I fixed when Dan came down in briefs to hug Ryan and Nate, “Goodnight guys, I’ll see you in the morning.”


After Dan had gone up the stairs, Karl asked, “You mean that your Dads let you see them like that?”


Nate looked perplexed, “What’s so bad about that.  Haven’t you ever seen a person in a swimming suit?  Dad’s briefs made it harder to tell how big his penis is than some swimming suits.”


Erik asked, “Do you guys even know what a penis is?”


Ryan was indignant, “Of course we know what a penis is.  You probably call it a pecker or a prick like Shawn and Shane did.  Dieter probably calls it a pee pee and Karl and Stefan probably call it a peter.  Our Dads want us to use the correct term.  If you’re finished, rinse your dish and spoon so we can take our showers and get some sleep.  Dieter’s getting very tired.”


I tucked the five youngest into bed and decided that I would take a shower in the morning.  I assumed that Dan would be asleep, but that was not to be.  When I walked into the room, he sat up, “Kirk, I can’t decide what to make of the Sorenson boys.”


“Danny, I am of the opinion that being around our boys and the other guys of Belle Monte is going to be one the best things that could possibly happen to the Sorenson guys.  I’m not sure how Nels could let himself get into a situation like this.  I haven’t met Lars, but I don’t like him.  He sounds like narcissistic prick.  Who’s going to be able to tell if you’re wearing a suit by Armani by seeing you on television?  What a waste of money.”


I was awakened by sounds emanating from downstairs.  I walked out on the balcony to see what was happening.  Shawn, Nate and Ryan were working in the kitchen.  Nate saw me, “Daddy, tell Dad and Doctor Richfield that we’re fixing them a good breakfast so they can make Quinn better.”


Dan was almost ready, so I went to check on Nelson.  He came to the door in his briefs.  I’ve been directed to tell you that breakfast is being prepared so you and Dan can make Quinn better.”


Nels laughed, “I can only assume it is your two sons that are fixing breakfast, since the four boys are rather lost in the kitchen.”


“Shawn is supervising, so you’re safe.” 


Ryan appeared with a tray with three cups of coffee, “We didn’t know if you take sugar and milk in your coffee, so I brought some just in case.  Breakfast will be ready in ten minutes.   Daddy, take Dad his coffee while I go help Shawn and Nate.”


Nels asked, “Ryan, where are the other four guys?”


“The three youngest are still asleep.  I guess Erik is still sleeping, too.  We figured that it was kinda early for city boys to get up.”


Nelson watched Ryan go down the steps, “Oh for the four guys to be so considerate.”


We were just about finished eating breakfast when Erik came down the steps, “How come you didn’t wake me?”


Ryan looked up from his plate, “Don’t worry, we have lots of food.  We needed to make sure the doctors had enough food to be able to go take care of Quinn.”


Erik asked, “Who the heck is this Quinn that you people keep talking about.   He must be someone very important for you to be so worried.”


Nate answered, “Quinn is a little four year boy who has problems talking.  Your Dad is going fix it so he can talk.”


“Is our Dad here?   How can he help make someone talk?  He only cares about himself.”


Ryan looked at Erik, “Isn’t Dr. Richfield your Dad, too?  It seems that he cares more about you than your other Dad.  He didn’t leave you alone.  He flew back to Minneapolis, wherever that is, to make sure you were okay.”


I put my hand on Ryan’s shoulder, “Son, this is not the time and the place to be talking about things like this.  The two doctors need to leave and I need to get dressed.  I do have to work today.  Why don’t you go wake Stefan, Karl and Dieter so you can fix everyone breakfast at the same time.”


I watched as Dan and Nelson departed in Nels’ car since Dan’s was already at Homebase.  I was just about dressed when there was a knock on the door.  I opened and Erik was standing there with a funny look on his face.  “Dr. Richter, why did you stop the conversation between Ryan and me at the table?  I would have liked to have had a chance to answer.”


“Erik, were you going to say something off the top of your head or were you going to respond thoughtfully?  Quite frankly, I was leery of what you might say, and I want to make it clear that our two boys don’t need to hear a bunch of b. s.  I happen to agree with Ryan’s evaluation that Doctor Richfield cares more about you four boys than you realize.”


“Dr. Richter, last night when Shawn and I were in bed he told me he thought I was acting like an ass.  He was very blunt.  He told me that it was obvious to him that Nels cared a great deal about us boys, that we were taking him for granted and treating him like a slave.  I don’t think Shawn likes me very much.”


I hugged Erik. “Knowing Shawn, as I do, I’m sure he doesn’t dislike you, but I’m guessing he doesn’t have much respect for you.  You need to earn that respect if you want them to accept you fully.  Try to be positive and things will seem much better.”


When I left, the guys were laughing so everything couldn’t be bad.


It was about ten o’clock when Sandy came into the office, “There’s someone by the name of Vince Simmons on the phone wanting to talk to you.”


I picked up the phone, “Hey Vince, what’s happening?”


“Kirk, Quinn is in the recovery room.  The procedure went very well.  Dr. Richfield has sent the polyp to pathology.  He’s optimistic that it was benign.  We’ll know the results this afternoon.  I’m going back to Belle Monte.  Alex is going to stay here until Quinn is back in his room, so one of us is here when Quinn wakes up.  Doctor Richfield doesn’t want Quinn to try to talk for at least a day.  That’s going to be difficult when Nate and Ryan are here.”


“Vince, I think you’re wrong.  If anyone can make sure that Quinn doesn’t talk, it’s the two boys.  I’ll see you at Belle Monte.”


I hadn’t heard from anyone from Belle Monte, so I guessed everything was going well.  Nelson pulled into Belle Monte right after me.  As we were walking toward the house we saw a caravan of eight horses coming from Little House.  The horses trotted toward us.  We heard Stefan complaining.  “How come me and Karl couldn’t ride by ourselves, when Chase and Ryan who are littler than us can.  That’s not fair.”


Shane was trying to explain, “Guys, this is the first time you’ve ever been on a horse.  You need to learn what to do, before you can ride alone.  Horses can get rambunctious sometimes and they can be hard to control.  They seem to know if they have someone riding them who isn’t real sure of what they are doing and sometimes do their own thing.  I promise, we’ll let you ride alone before you go home.”


Dieter spoke, “I’m not going home.  I’m staying here.  There are things to do, here.  Back at the other place, I can’t even go outside without someone being with me.”


While we were eating dinner, which was a far different environment than the night before, Ryan asked, “Doctor Richfield, can me and Nate please go see Quinn tonight?  Uncle Vince said we aren’t to let him talk.  If he tries to talk, we’ll tell him that we won’t be allowed to come visit him again.  We won’t stay long, Uncle Alex said that he’s still very sleepy.”


Nels grinned, “I’ll cut you a deal, I’ll go with you, since I want to check on him anyway.  Perhaps, we can take your Daddy with us, to keep him out of trouble.”


Nate giggled, “Good idea, Doctor Richfield.”


After the table had been cleared without any fuss.  The young people took care of the dishes.


When we walked into Quinn’s room, Ryan climbed on the bed beside Quinn, “We can only stay if you don’t try to talk.  If you talk, then we won’t be able to come see you anymore.  Do you promise you won’t try to talk?”


Quinn nodded yes.


Ryan started, Doctor Richfield has a son who is four, just like you.  He’s at our house waiting for you to come home, since there aren’t any other four year old men around for him to play with.  He rode on a horse this afternoon for the first time.  He was a little scared at the beginning, but he was riding with Jacob.  You’ll really like Jacob, Shane and Shawn.  They live at the big house like you are going to do when your Dads take you home. Doctor Richfield wants to check you to make sure that you’re okay, and Nate has a neat book to read to you.”


Nelson looked at Quinn’s chart and at the monitor. “Quinn, it looks like you're doing great.  I want to check your eyes and make sure heart is beating and that we didn’t accidentally cut off any of your body parts.”


By the time Nels was finished examining Quinn, both Ryan and Nate were having a difficult time trying not to laugh.  Nelson patted Quinn on the arm.  I think you may be ready to go home on Monday,  They said the thing I took out of you today was like a soft jelly bean had gotten stuck in there,  It didn’t have any of the bad things in it, so I think you’ll bossing Nate and Ryan around for a very long time.”


“Nate, go ahead and read your story, while I talk to the nurses.”


Nate and Ryan were lying beside Quinn as Nate read the book.  When we left the room Quinn hugged Ryan, Nate, Nels and me and blinked his eyes.  Who says eyes can’t talk?


To be continued...


Editor's Notes: Well, I knew if anyone could talk some sense into the Sorenson boys, that Nate and Ryan would be the ones to do it. I think Quinn is going to be quite well taken care of. 


I can hardly wait to see what will happen in the next chapter.


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