You Ain’t Santa Claus
by: E Walk

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Chapter 30 

Broken Backs and Scars


Bruce looked at us after the teenagers and younger boys were in the kitchen, “The FBI thinks the threat to Nathan and Ryan has been neutralized.  They want us to be especially alert for the next several weeks.  They’re concerned that some scam artists will try to take advantage of the situation to make money.  They want us to be especially alert for anyone who might claim to be the boys’ surrogate mother.  Somehow the press has gotten wind of the fact that the boys had a surrogate mother.”


“Mr. Bates will probably never be able to walk again.  He was severely injured and broke his back when he tried to drive around the gate last night, and the head of the gambling syndicate in this area has died.”


“The Sheriff has agreed to provide twenty four hour a day protection for the next week.  I think that’s as much as we can expect.  Kirk, I understand that Deputy Lane is going to be stationed at the Little House.  At first I didn’t think that was a good idea, but the more I’ve thought about it, I’ve decided that was a wise decision.  We know the gate does what it was intended to do.  The FBI people think that what was done was absolutely great.”


Vince stood, “Uncle Bruce, we need to be excused.  Alex and I have a show to do, so we can make you some money, and we can have people playing with our penises, or trying to.”


Ryan came into the room, “Dads, we need to go check on the animals.”


Dan and I stood and I nodded, “Bruce, if you need to talk to us anymore, call us.  But it was a very short night last night and a long day for all of us.  We all probably need to get some sleep.”


Shane asked, “Doctor Thornton, are you going to be taking us to school, or should we catch the bus.”


Dan responded, “I’ll take you to school on my way to work, and Vince or Alex will pick you up like today.  I don’t think you should be riding the school bus until we’re sure that something else isn’t going to happen.  We don’t need to jeopardize anyone else.  Besides, I enjoyed listening to you brag about how big your pricks were.  I’ll have to schedule an appointment so I can examine you and see for myself.”


The three teenagers were laughing and Jacob sputtered, “Ryan was right when he said we need to watch out for Dad Dan.”


When we went to get in the cars, I looked at Nate, “Why don’t you ride with Sheriff Lane, so you can close the gate?  I’ll go first and open the gate.”


We went through the gate and waited until we heard it lock.  When we arrived at the Little House, Nate came up to us, “Dads, Sheriff Lane says he going to sit out here all night.”


Ryan took things into his own hands and went and knocked on the window of the Sheriff’s cruiser.  “Mr. Lane, you’ll freeze if you sit out here all night.  You need to come into the house to keep warm.  Just turn on your flashing lights, so people know that you’re here.”


Lanny was at a loss for words, “But Ryan, if I leave the lights flashing then the battery will run down unless I keep the motor on and that will use gasoline.”


Ryan wasn’t satisfied, “We’ll pay for the gasoline.  You won’t be able to see if someone tries to come in from the back if you‘re out here.  You need to be in the house, since there is only one big room on the first floor so you can make sure that we’re safe.”


Dan went to assist Ryan, “Lanny, Ryan is right.  You need to be inside to adequately be able to protect the boys.”


Lanny condescended.  When he had everything set, we entered the house, and of course we were met by the two dogs and the two kittens.  Nate and Ryan went to tend to the animals' needs and Lanny looked around, “Ryan, wasn’t kidding when he said there was only one room on the first floor.  What’s the rest of the house look like?”


When we went to the game room, of course, the sliding glass door was the first thing that Lanny noticed, “That would be a very easy entry point for any intruder.”

I disagreed, “There are two safety bars so anybody attempting to enter would have to break the glass to get in and it is industrial quality glass in the windows.  That’s the only way to enter into this level.”


While we were looking at the second floor, Ryan and Nate appeared on the scene and Nate announced, “Dads, we need to get some more kitty litter and some more food for the animals.”


Ryan asked, “Mr. Lane, where are you going to be sleeping?”


Lanny looked at Dan and me for help, “Ryan, I’m on duty, so I can’t go to sleep.  I’ll sit on the first floor and make sure you, Nathan and the animals are safe.”


Ryan wasn’t satisfied, “That’s so silly.  We’ll make sure the Intercom is on, and if something happens at the gate or at Homebase we’ll hear about it.”


What an opportune time for the Intercom to be activated, “Little House, this is Homebase.  Is something happening there.  Why are the lights flashing?”


Ryan went to the Intercom, “Hi, Uncle Bruce, we’re fine.  We had Sheriff Lane turn on his flashing lights to warn any bad guys that he was here.  Me and Nate may need to borrow some money for him to fill his gas tank in the morning so his bosses don’t yell at him.”


We could hear Bruce and George chuckling, “Ryan, may I please talk to Sheriff Lane?”


“Yep, but tell him that me and Nate are the bosses.”


“This is Deputy Sheriff Lane.


“Lanny you had better do what my nephews tell you to do.  I’m going to call the dispatcher and tell the person on duty that you can be reached at the Little House.  Seriously, the Little House is very secure.  I have no idea who thought of having the flashing lights to scare away any intruders, but it’s ingenious.”


Lanny sighed, “Mr. Holloway, it was Ryan who decided that I needed to be inside the house, if I was to be able to protect them.  Now the boys are trying to convince me that it is okay for me to sleep on the job, because the Intercom would alert us if something was happening.”


Bruce responded, “Lanny, the boys are right.  What the Sheriff doesn’t know won’t hurt him.  We’ll talk to you tomorrow.  Stop at Homebase before you leave in the morning, so we can make plans as to how best to solve your other problems.  This is Homebase signing off.”


Nate took hold of Lanny’s hand, “Come on, Sheriff, you need to help us get ready for bed.  Dads, please fix the sleeping bags so we can sleep down here with Sheriff Lane, so he doesn’t get scared.”


Dan and I were fixing the sleeping bags when Ryan came down the steps naked, “Dads, come make the Sheriff take off the girls swimsuit so he can get in the shower with us.  He says he doesn’t have any clean clothes with him.  Get him some of your briefs.”


Dan looked at Ryan, “Son, we’ll be there as soon as we get the sleeping bags put together.”


After Ryan had gone back up the stairs, Dan looked at me, “This might be just what Lanny needs to get him out of his self pity mode.  He has felt like an ugly duckling for the past five years,  Between our sons and what Bruce is doing for him, I think he will finally begin to feel good about himself again.”


When Dan and I walked into the boys’ bathroom, Nate pleaded, “Dad, make Sheriff Lane take that girl’s swim suit off.”


Lanny was trying to explain, “Guys, it called a singlet.  It’s what wrestlers wear.”


Ryan wasn’t satisfied, “I don’t care what you call it.  It still looks like a girl’s swim suit.  Dads, make him take the silly thing off.”


Lanny was getting emotional, “Guys, if I take it off you’ll see how ugly I am.”


Dan took charge, “Lanny, take the singlet off.  Our sons are not going to be happy until you do.  Let them tell you if they think you have an ugly body.  It’s only your imagination that says you have an ugly body.  Now get undressed and get in the shower with the boys and make sure that you shampoo their hair good.  They can scrub your back for you.”


Lanny took off the singlet and threw it down, “Are you happy now that everyone has seen how ugly my body is.”


Nate was the first to speak, “Sheriff Lane, I don’t see an ugly body.  You look to be as handsome as Uncle Brandon.  You have hair all of over your tummy like he does.  The only difference is that you have hair that looks like gold and his hair looks black.  I think you might have a bigger penis than even he does.  We‘ll have to check.”


Lanny wasn’t finished, “Look at these scars where the doctor cut me and made my body look so ugly.”


Ryan giggled, “Sheriff, you can tell everyone that you were attacked by people from outer space.  Tell the people that you won and the bad people are missing some parts of their bodies.”


Dan and I left the bathroom and went to our room to take a shower.  We figured that Nate and Ryan had everything under control.  When we were finished, I went to check on the guys and they were in the sleeping bag on either side of Lanny.  Nate looked at me, “Daddy, we made sure that everything was locked up.  We’ll be fine.”


Dan was waiting for some action that I needed to take care of when I returned to the bedroom.  I took care of it and we were soon gone for the night.  I woke up the next morning to the smell of coffee.  I put on a pair of briefs and went to see what was happening.  When I arrived on the first floor, the two boys were still asleep but the kittens and dogs were gone as was Lanny.  I went to the eating area and he was sitting in my briefs that he was wearing, watching the dogs and kittens cavorting in the kennel area.”


He hadn’t heard me approaching and jumped when I asked, “Is there a problem, Mr. Lane?”


He looked at me, “Dr. Richter, why did it take two young boys to bring me to my senses.  I have been hiding what that bastard did to me for five years.” 


I went and hugged Lanny, “Get the anger out of your system and things will look better.  You’ve got a lot of people pulling for you.”


Lanny put his head on my shoulder, “Dr. Richter, why couldn’t I have met you and your sons five years ago?”


“Lanny, you wouldn’t have wanted to meet me five years ago, I was desperately trying to find someone with whom I could relate.  I didn’t do much except do research for journal articles that all seemed to get rejected even before I sent them.  It wasn’t until I connected with Doctor Thornton that things changed.  Ryan and Nathan just came into our lives about a month ago.”


Our conversation was interrupted by Nate, “Good morning Daddy and Sheriff Lane.  Daddy, why does Sheriff Lane have tears in his eyes?”


I threw up my hands, “I guess he’s allergic to the either the dogs or the kittens.”


Lanny shook his head no, “Nu uh, I’m allergic to little boys.”


Nathan put his hands on hips, “Yeah, right.  Daddy, can we have some of those L’Eggo things for breakfast with some sausages?”


I nodded yes, “I’ll fix them while you make sure that your brother and Dad are awake.  I’ll make sure that Sheriff Lane is properly dressed.”

We were eating breakfast when the Intercom sounded, “Little House, this is Homebase.  Tell Sheriff Lane that he is free to move about the country.  His replacement is here.  Is the doctor going to be available to take us to school?”


Nate went to the Intercom, “Homebase, this is Nate, we’re finishing breakfast.  Dad will be there to take you school as soon as he kisses Daddy goodbye.  I’ll tell the not so ugly duckling that he is free to move about the country.  Have a good day and we’ll see you after you spend your time in detention for being tardy.  Over and out.”


Dan left with Nate and Lanny left with Ryan.  I watched as they opened and closed the gate.  I finished the cleanup and looked to see what we needed besides kitty litter and dog and cat food. 


When I arrived at Homebase, I went in to see if there was anything that I needed to do.  Everyone was already gone except the four young guys and Eva and Tessa.


When I arrived at the university, I was working on my lesson plans for the first week when Sandy opened the door, “Dr. Richter, Mr. Kenmore would like to talk to you.”


“Show Lance in.  I’ll be glad to talk to him.”


Lance came into the office and apologized, “Dr. Richter, I’m a little panicked.  I’ve never taught a class before.  How are the students going to perceive an invalid like me being their instructor?”


I started to laugh, “Lance, first and foremost, you need to stop thinking of yourself as invalid.  The two courses that you are teaching are for freshman and sophomores.  You need to be positive and present an aura that you know what you’re talking about.  But above everything else, if someone should ask you something that you don't know anything about, don’t try to bluff your way through it.  Be honest and tell them that you’ll get back to them with the answer after you’ve done some research.”


We were interrupted by Sandy, “Dr. Richter, that handsome Mr. Lane is here again, asking to talk to you.”


“Tell him to come in.”


Lanny entered the office and Lance asked, “What happened to you?”


Lanny grinned, “Dr. Richter’s youngest son said I need to get my hair styled so I could look like a movie star.  I did and now I won’t be able to eat for a week except that they feed me dinner and breakfast at Belle Monte and Little House.  I need to follow Dr. Richter’s sons advice or they’ve threatened me that their Dad is going to make sure I never graduate.”


Lance laughed, “Lanny, me thinks thou dost exaggerate.  I’m getting hungry.  Why don’t we go to the Union and grab some lunch.  I’ll even buy you lunch, since you spent your lunch money on a haircut.  Dr. Richter, I’ll even spring for your lunch if you would care to join us.”


“Thank you for asking, but I’m waiting for some phone calls.  I’ll talk to you later.”


I finished my plans for the second week of classes and was sitting at the computer and started to write a journal article that required no research.  I decided to write a true story of how I became the father of two young boys.  I knew that it wouldn’t be published in any professional journals but, what the heck.  Maybe someone would publish it.”


I was editing what I had written when the phone rang.  I wasn’t use to the phone ringing in my office and I had a sick feeling that something was wrong. 


To be continued...



Editor's Notes:  Is that any way to end a chapter?  I don't know why, but for some reason, I am a bit worried.  I sure hope that nothing bad has happened to the boys.


Let's hope we find out soon.


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