You Ain’t Santa Claus
by: E Walk

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Chapter 2

Come On Santa Dad



I stood outside the bedroom door and took several deep breaths to compose myself. I went downstairs and fell on the sofa and looked at Dan. “Dan, what’s going to happen to the two boys.  I just met them today and I feel as if I want to love them to death.  They called me Santa Dad when I hugged them goodnight.”


Dan sat down beside me and put his arm around me, “Kirk, that’s why I suggested that you go say goodnight to the two boys.  I don’t know what’s going to happen to the two guys, but we need to let someone know that they’re here.”


I shuddered, “Dan, do we have to do it tonight?”


“Kirk, if we don’t do it tonight, we would be opening ourselves up for big problems.  I can’t imagine that anyone is going to yank Ryan and Nathan out of bed and take them away.  I’ll call the police and tell them that we have two runaway children here at our house.  We’ll see what they advise us to do.”


Dan went and got the portable phone and turned it on speaker and dialed 911.


“This is 911.  How can I help you?”


“This is Doctor Dan Thornton.  I would like to report that we have two young runaway boys here at our residence.”


“Just a minute, sir, I’ll connect you with the police department.”


“This is the City Police Department, how may I direct your call?”


I listened as Dan was talking, “I’d like to report that we have two runaway young boys at our residence.”


“How old are the boys and where are they now?”


“The boys say they are six and eight and they are in bed, hopefully asleep.”


“Sir, who are you and where do you reside?”


“This is Doctor Dan Thornton and we live at 726 Limerick Drive.”


“I’ll send someone to your house to talk to you.  They should be there in approximately fifteen minutes.  Would you give me your phone number in case there is a problem, please?”


Dan frowned, “The phone number is 592-1638.”


“A patrol car should be there shortly.”


The line went dead and Dan turned off the phone, “Kirk, we had to let someone know.”


I nodded, “Dan, I know, but why do they have to come tonight?  Why couldn’t they wait until tomorrow when the boys are awake?”


Dan was shaking his head, “Kirk, the police are just doing their job.”


Dan was interrupted by the doorbell and all I could think was, ‘That sure was fast.’


I went to answer the door.  There were two police officers standing there the older of the officers spoke, “We had a report that there were two runaway young boys at this residence.”


I nodded, “Yes, please come in.”


I led the two officers into the living room.  Before I could introduce Dan the younger officer spoke, “Good evening, Doctor Thornton.  This is not where we usually see you.  Usually we’re bringing people for you to take care of.”


Dan stood and shook their hands, “Good to see you J.J. and Barry.  You sure got here quickly.”


The older officer, J.J., answered, “We were patrolling in the next street so we were already in the area when the dispatcher’s call came in.”


Dan turned to me, this is my partner, “Dr. Kirk Richter.  He is the person who found the two young boys.”


Barry pulled out a pad.  “Dr. Richter, are you a medical doctor, also?”


I shook my head no, “I am afraid I’m only a teacher of child psychology at the university.”


Barry laughed, “Close enough.  Would you please tell us how you came to be in the possession of two runaway boys?”


I explained how the boys happened to be in the house and J.J. was laughing, “Well is you or ain’t you Santa?  Where are the boys now?”


I grinned, “The boys were in bed but I think I hear someone sobbing on the stairs.  Let me go check.”


I went and Nathan was holding Ryan who was sobbing, “Nate please don’t let them arrest us and take us away.”


‘These boys are trying to break my heart.’ “Ryan and Nathan, please come talk to the police officers.  They aren’t going to arrest you, and they aren’t going to take you away.”


I took the boys hands and led them to the living room.  “Ryan and Nathan, I’d like for you to meet Officer Macklin and Officer Rodgers.  They would like to ask you some questions.  Officer Macklin and Officer Rodgers, these are Nathan and Ryan Holloway.  Guys, come sit beside me while the officers talk with you.”


Ryan climbed on my lap and Nathan had his arms wrapped around my left arm.  Dan moved to sit beside Nate so he could put his arms around Nate.


J.J. smiled, “Nathan and Ryan, we aren’t going to take you away.  We just need to find out why you ran away from the home.”


Ryan answered before Nathan could, “Everyone was always picking on me because I couldn’t talk.”


Both of the officers looked at Ryan.  Barry frowned, “Ryan, you sound like you can talk just fine to me.”


Nathan sat up, “Officer Rodgers, this afternoon was the first time Ryan has talked since our parents were killed in the car accident last summer.  He said that it was as if Daddy Santa opened a bottle and words just started to come out.”


The two officers laughed.  J. J. asked, “Nathan, when did you runaway from the home and where was the home?


Nathan looked at the him, “We ran away the Sunday after Thanksgiving, and the home was in Bentley.”


That caught both officer’s attention.  Barry looked skeptical, “Nathan, that’s almost 100 miles from here.  How did you get here?”


Nathan nodded, “A family with a boy about Ryan's age stopped and picked us up.  We told them we wanted to come here and stay with an aunt because our Mother was in the hospital.  They were from here and had been in Bentley visiting the boy’s Grandparents for Thanksgiving,  They dropped us at an apartment house and we went inside until the family left.”


J.J. was looking a little confused.  “Dr. Richter said that you had  been living in an abandoned warehouse on Hoover street.  How did you find it?” 


Nathan answered, “I stopped another kid, who was begging, and asked if he knew a place where we could live.  He told us that he lived in the abandoned warehouse.  When we got there it was rather scary, because there were a lot of mean looking men standing around.  There was this one older man who showed us where we could stay.  He sort of looked after us and didn’t let anything bad happen to us.”


J.J. shook his head, “Guys, we’re not going to take you anywhere.  I suggest that you get back to bed.  It’s getting late.  We need to talk to Doctor Thornton and Dr. Richter a little more.”


Ryan reluctantly climbed off my lap.  He looked at the two officers and put his two hands together as if he was pleading, “Please, officers, make it so we can stay here with Daddy Santa and Daddy Doctor.”


Both of the officers’ eyes started to water.  Barry smiled, “Guys, we’ll see what we can do.  Now get your butts up the steps.”


As soon as he was sure that the boys were out of hearing range, J.J. looked at us, “Dr. Richter, it is a good thing that you got the boys out of that warehouse.  They have some very unsavory things happening there.”


Barry looked at us, “It is also a good thing that you filed the report today because it will save you from having to answer a lot of questions later.  I’m going to give you my sister’s home phone number.  She is a case worker at the Child Protection Agency.  I’ll call her in the morning and tell the background of the boys.  She can do some preliminary checking on the boys’ background.  Why don’t you call her about noon?” 


I shrugged my shoulders, “I’m suppose to work as Santa at the mall from 10:00 until 2:00.  I still need to figure out what to do with the boys during that time.”


Barry nodded, “I’ll inform Ginger that you will call here between two and three.  That shouldn’t be a problem.”


J.J. stood, “Got your other problem solved Doc.  I just happen to have a 14 year old son who is in desperate need of money.  He also happens to have his babysitter training certification.  I’ll drop him off at 9:00 if you will see that he gets home when he’s finished.  Just call Officers Macklin and Rogers and we’ll solve all your problems.”


That caused us all to laugh.  As soon as the officers departed, “I looked at Dan, “I’m going to check on the boys.  Why don’t you lock up and get us a beer?”


When I looked into the boys’ room Nate was holding Ryan, “Ry, everything is going to be okay.  Santa Dad and Daddy Doctor aren’t going to let anything bad happen to us.”


I knocked and went in and sat on the bed, “Guys, come sit beside me.  We had to call the police to let them know that you were here.  If we hadn’t, Doctor Thornton and I could have gotten into a lot of trouble.”


The boys complied and I put an arm around each of them, “The policemen have gone.  Dad Dan and I are going to bed because tomorrow is going to be a busy day.  Dad Dan has to go to work early, and I need to play Santa at the mall from 10:00 until 2:00.”


Ryan interrupted me, “But Dad, what are we going while you are at the mall?”


“Guys, that’s what I’m trying to tell you.  Officer Macklin has a son and he is going to come stay with you while I’m gone.  You’ll be staying here while I’m gone.”


Nate looked at me, “Dad, you can’t play Santa because you are Santa.  So, are you saying that this boy is going baby-sit us?  I thought babysitters were always girls.”


Dan came into the room and sat down beside Ryan, “What’s going on here?  How come I didn’t get invited to this party?  I’m going to report you all to Santa for being mean to me.”


Ryan got the funniest look on his face.  He pushed Dan on the arm, “Daddy Dan, stop teasing.  Santa’s sitting right here with us and he’ll be able to tell who’s been naughty.”


Dan fell backwards on the bed and pulled Ryan with him, “I’m a Doctor and I think you men need to get to sleep or you’re going be grouches all day tomorrow.  Get you butts into bed again.”


The two boys climbed into bed and this time I kissed them on the lips.  I figured that was the least I could do.  I watched as Dan did likewise.  Dan looked at them, “Sweet dreams.  Our bedroom is right next door if you get scared.”


Ryan looked at us, “We feel safe here.  It isn’t like the warehouse where people kept looking at us.” 


I was having bad vibes, “Guys, I’m going to leave the bathroom light on so you can go to the bathroom without tripping over anything.   See you in the morning.”


Nate looked at us, “Good night Dads, don’t let the bed bugs bite.”


Dan looked back at them, “That’s okay.  We put all the bed bugs in this room.”


Both boys were laughing.  Nate hugged Ryan, “You were right, Ryan.  Dad Dan is a mean one.”


Dan had put our beers in the bedroom before he joined us in the boys’ room.  Dan looked at me, “Do you suppose we could shower together or would that be too risky?”


“Look Danny, if the boys are going to living with us, they’re going to see us naked at some point in time.  There is no sense trying to hide that we love each other.  I think they already sense that and that’s why they want to stay with us.  Ryan … actually, both of them have my stomach turning somersaults.”


“Don’t feel like the Lone Ranger.  I’m sorry I won’t be able to be more help during the next couple days, but this is the busiest time of the year in ER.  I was lucky to get home tonight as early as I did.”


Dan and I took a shower together and our tensions went flowing down the drain along with all of the soap suds.  The next decision was to decide if we would dare to sleep naked as we had done every night for the two years that we had been living in the condo.”


I assured Dan, “Dan, we don’t have anything that the boys don’t have.  They would expect that our penises might be bigger than theirs because our bodies are bigger than theirs.”


Dan snickered, “But your’s is obscene.”


I glared, “At least mine doesn’t make me look like I’m an elephant and hang down touching every mud puddle.  Just kiss me and go to sleep.”


Well I was to find out the next morning that I should have worn something to bed.  I had fallen back asleep after Dan had left for the emergency room.  I guess I was holding his pillow when I was awakened by a little body.  “Santa Dad, please get up.  We’re hungry and don’t know where to find anything.”


I threw the covers back without even thinking and started to get up.  “Go tell Nate that I will be there as soon as I can get dressed.”


Ryan stood there looking at me, “Dad, why aren’t you wearing any clothes?  Why do we have to wear pajamas and you don’t?  How come your pee pee is so big?”


I looked at him, “I was so tired that I forgot to put any clothes on.  You need to put on pajamas so you have clothes on when we have visitors like the officers last night.  My penis is not called a pee pee it is a penis, and since I’m bigger all over than you are, it will be too.  You may look at it, but you may never touch it.  I won’t hide it from you if you don’t hide yours from me.”


I guess Ryan was satisfied because he just sat there and watched me pull on my clothes.  As soon as I was dressed, he was pulling me toward the stairs.  “Come on, Santa Dad.”  I guess he was hungry.


When we got downstairs Nate looked at me, “Dad, I don’t know where to find anything.  Where do you keep the cereal?  Even a piece of toast would be good.  Where do you keep the bread?”


I showed the boys where the cereal was.  “Guys we don’t have many kinds of cereal you would like.  If you are going to be staying with us, we may need to get something you like.  We only have Raisin Bran and Corn Flakes now.  We don’t use much bread so it is in the freezer.  How about I fix you a fried egg sandwich on an English muffin?  Nate get the orange juice out of the frig and pour three glasses while I fry the eggs.  Ryan you cook the English muffins in the toaster oven.  I’ll take them out when they’re done or you might get burned.”


The guys practically inhaled their sandwiches and I gave them their clothes and told them to get dressed while I did the dishes.  They had just returned when the doorbell rang.  Both guys steered away from the door. 


I went to answer the door and J.J. Macklin was standing there with handsome young man, “Dr. Richter, this is Joshua, our oldest son.  He’s here to take care of your two sons while you’re working.”


Joshua looked at his Dad, “Don’t believe him Doc.  They just want me out of the house so they can sneak my presents into the house.  Where are troops that I need to train?”


I was  having second thoughts about this arrangement.  Officer Macklin looked at his son, “Cool it, Boy, these people don’t know you.  Kirk, I’m sorry to drop the kid off and run, but we have an appointment.”


I took Joshua, who was carrying a shopping  bag, into the kitchen where the boys had retreated.  Joshua looked at he boys, “My name is Josh, what are your names?”


I was pleased to see that neither boy backed down as they told him their names.  Josh glared, “My Dad said you might not have any games, so I borrowed some of my brothers’ so I can keep you busy.  What are we going to eat for lunch?  Does Dr. Richter have anything edible that we can eat?”


I watched as Josh looked in the refrigerator and freezer.  “Ryan and Nate, how about we have grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup.  We’ll make some brownies after we get rid of your Dad.”


I went to get ready to leave, and when I went to say goodbye it was as if everyone was too busy to talk to me, so I left after handing Joshua my cell phone number.


When I got to work, the line was already forming so I knew I was going to be busy.   It was about noon and I was thinking this has got to the longest four hours ever,  How are the guys making out with Josh?  I was never so glad to see my replacement arrive.


When I got home I found the three boys sprawled on the living room floor playing the Candy Cane Lane.  I listened to them shouting at each other.  “Guys, please be a little quiet.  I need to make a phone call.”


As I was dialing Ginger’s number, I was thinking, ‘I’ve lost control.’


To be continued...


 Editor's Notes: This is only the second chapter but I have already fallen in love with the two boys. Josh seems like a pretty nice young man as well. I do hope that Ginger is going to be helpful and let the boys stay there. It still amazes me that there are as many homeless or runaway boys and girls as there are.  Children are the future of our world.  We as adults need to protect and cherish them.  We need to help make their lives happier and give them love and understanding. They are a precious treasure and must be protected from harm of any kind.


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Posted: 08/07/09