What Happened to Baby Cameron?
by: E Walk
( 2009 by the Author)

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Chapter 49  

The Slime Balls


Since I didn't have my own transportation, Officer Cline transported me to the Michaels Advertising Agency.  Hank met us at the door, "Steve, we're going to slam dunk these creeps, once and for all."


As soon as we were inside the facility, Hank turned to Ted, "Ted, no one is to be allowed to enter or leave the facility until I give you the word.  I don't care if the FBI and CIA arrive with machine guns, the order still stands.  Call the local police department, and have them standing by to make arrests as necessary."


We went into the briefing room and a gentleman was standing at the front of the room, obviously awaiting my arrival.  He pointed at me and scowled. "I see the culprit, Mr. Stephen Michaels, has finally arrived.  I'm Arthur Lasiter, the agent in charge of the Denver District IRS offices. It's time to show the American people what a fine upstanding American citizen Mr. Michaels isn't."


The man continued, "Mr. Michaels, we have evidence that shows that you have been forging the financial statements of the Michaels Advertising Agency and skimming off the profits, to avoid paying taxes.  Here is the proof.  In the last two years, you have written personal checks for more than five hundred thousand dollars on the company's account.  The most recent incident we can find took place over the Christmas holidays this year, when you wrote a company check to yourself for $100,000.00."


I stood, "Mr. Lassiter, this is a frame job, through and through.  First of all, for your information, I am not even authorized to sign the company checks, and I haven't been for four years.  May I see the, so called, evidence that you say you have?"


Mr. Lassiter handed me a number of checks, "Mr. Michaels, are you saying that you didn't write these checks?"


"Mr. Lassiter, first of all, my name isn't Stephen R. Michaels.  My name is Stephen S. Michaels.  I am left handed, and these forgeries were obviously written by a right handed person, and I would guess they were written by a woman.  As I look at the check that I supposedly wrote over the Christmas holidays, it would have been a physical impossibility for me to write this most recent check, since I was in New Orleans during that time period, and, yes, I do have witnesses that I was there, including the New Orleans City Attorney, with whom I was conducting business."


"Mr. Lassiter, you should know that this building has been secured, and you and your lackeys will be unable to leave, nor will the members of the media, until this sham has been resolved.  Mr. Rodgers, would you please call the White House, and the Federal Marshals, and advise them as to exactly what is taking place, here, at the agency.  I have the feeling that the Denver detention facilities are going to be a little crowded, tonight.  Mr. Lassiter, when you make your one phone call to your string pullers, you might want to tell them that we have declared an all out war on them, and their activities, and we're not going to rest until they have all been exposed for the criminals that they are."


One reporter asked, "Mr. Rodgers, are you really going to talk to the White House?"


"I don't know why I shouldn't.  After all, I had a call from President Snow the other night, when we found out that some of his White House staffers have been involved in the attempt to privatize the nation's schools."


As soon as the IRS Inspection Team had been led away in handcuffs, and the media people had hightailed it out of the agency, I plopped down at the table, "I need a good stiff drink."


I looked at Hank, "I'll meet you at the ranch.  I'm ready to resign."


Bill laughed, "Superintendent Michaels, you can't resign.  You have to meet the grumbling masses, tomorrow afternoon at The Can.  Besides, I'm sure that things will look better in the morning."


Bill took me to the house on the hill, so I could get my car.  As I was getting out of the cruiser, Bill asked, "Would it be okay if Nolan and I came to talk to you and Mr. Rodgers, at the ranch, tonight?"


I shrugged my shoulders, "I don't know why not.  We have no other plans, that I know of."


The bombshells started falling fast and furious, as we were finishing dinner; the phone was ringing off the hook, so to speak.


I went to the phone, "This is Steve Michaels."


"Mr. Michaels, this is Mike Ford.  We have just learned that Mr. Lasiter has committed suicide.  Do you have any comments?"


"Mr. Ford, I have no comments.  I never even met the man before today.  Are you positive that Mr. Lasiter committed suicide, or was he assisted by the weasels behind this case?  I think it is highly likely that it was an assisted suicide."


I could hear Mr. Ford breathing deeply, "The police reported his death as a suicide."


"Mr. Ford, as unscrupulous as the adversary has been, I wouldn't trust the powers behind the operation to stop at anything, to save their own butts from being exposed.  I'll talk to you later.  We're expecting company, any minute, now.


Grandpa Tibideaux turned on the television.  The announcer was saying, "We interrupt our regular nightly newscast for some remarks from the President of the United States."


"Good evening, ladies and gentlemen.  I have come to tell you that I am deeply grieved by what the group who has been trying to privatize the schools of the United States has done.  I have ordered all federal law enforcement officers to move swiftly to neutralize the forces.  I regret to inform you that a number of top government officials have been deeply involved in this scandal, and all of the guilty parties will be severely dealt with.  Those, now former, officials will never serve in a federal capacity again.  In fact, I'd be surprised if the any of the top corporations in America will touch them with a ten foot pole."


"I salute Mr. Stephen Michaels and Mr. Henry Rodgers for standing up and facing this powerful opposing force, head on.  We need more Americans to stand up the way these two men did, and protect their constitutional rights.  This is President Snow signing off for tonight.  You can be assured that I will very closely monitor what is happening in this situation."


The phone kept ringing, and finally Cam had had enough, "Dads, unplug the phones.  There is nothing more that you can do today.  Just let the President and his people take care of the problem. It was their people who started it."


What else could Hank and I do?  We did as we were told, of course. The guys went to get their backpacks and were studying their spelling words when Officer Bill Cline and Nolan Stark arrived.  Bill and Nolan immediately sat down on the floor with the guys.  Bill was helping Tony and Randy with their spelling words, while Nolan was helping Cam, Ricky and Andy, with theirs.  Nothing was said, but Bill and Nolan took the guys to help them get a snack and get ready for bed.


When I returned from saying goodnight to the guys and giving them their good night hugs, Nolan was saying, "Mr. Rodgers, I don't know if Superintendent Michaels has had an opportunity to talk to you about what happened to me, but the man who has been making me pay through the nose, for my youthful indiscretion was at the school offices, today, gloating, that he was going to make the Superintendent pay for interrupting his friends' plans."


Hank looked confused, "Nolan, I think you had better start at the beginning.  Steve and I have been rather preoccupied for some time, now, and I'm not sure exactly what you're talking about."


Nolan began, "When I was in my senior year in college, I let my hormones get in the way of my thinking, and supposedly impregnated a young woman who claimed to have been a virgin.  At the time of the incident, I was totally inebriated.  Her parents refused to let me marry her because I was beneath their social status.  Instead, I have been paying through the nose for palimony and child support."


Hank was frowning, "Nolan, have you ever seen this child that you're supporting?"


"No, sir.  I don't even know if the child is a male or female.  Every time I tried to see the child, there was always some excuse, and Mr. Mortensen threatened to take me to court for even more money.  Needless to say, I don't have much more to give, unless the asshole wants my blood, too."


"Does this Mr. Mortensen have a first name, and where does he live?"


Nolan looked surprised, "He's a Supreme Court Judge, here in Colorado.  His name is Andrew Mortensen.  It is his daughter, Elena, whom I supposedly defiled, and caused to become pregnant."


I stepped in, "Nolan, did you say that he was at the District Office, today, saying that he was going to make me pay for ruining his friends?"


"Yes, sir."


"I wonder... Why would a State Supreme Court Judge be involved in this case, unless he's one of the major players?  Nolan, do you have any proof that there even is a child, or that you are indeed the father of such a child, if he or she does exist?  How old would such a child be?"


Nolan looked confused, "The child would be about four."


Hank stood, "Guys, it's getting late.  Nolan, I want you to arrange to have a sample of your DNA taken, as soon as possible, I don't like what I've heard, tonight.  I'm going to see what I can do to help you with your dilemma, but I need to develop a plan to do so.  Tomorrow is going to be a very busy day."


Boy did Hank forecast that correctly.  When Bill and I arrived at the Central Office, there weren't any parking spaces, so I had Bill park his cruiser in a no parking zone in front of the main door.  When we entered the building, the receptionist and Nolan pointed to the conference room.  Nolan grinned, "The unions and the media are waiting to greet you in the conference room.  Mrs. Wright decided that it would be best if you took them all on at the same time."


I walked into the conference room and was greeted by a room full of not so friendly looking people. I went to the podium, "I will entertain one person, representing the group of you.  I do not need all of you talking at one time, and I ask that the media refrain from asking any questions until I'm ready, since I have no idea what this meeting is about.  Who's going to speak for the assembled group?"


A gentleman stood, "I'm Duane Munson, President of the Colorado State Teacher's Association."


I nodded, "It's nice to meet you, Mr. Munson, but why should you be addressing this body.  It is my understanding that your primary responsibility is to work with the state government and legislature to make things better for all teachers and students of the state.  Do you speak for the administrators, as well?  I think not.  Who's here representing the teachers of our district?"


A lady stood, "I'm Carol Grace.  I'm the president of the Denver Consolidated Teacher's Association.  I rise to tell you that you have no right to order the teachers and other employees of this district to appear at a mandatory meeting this afternoon at four o'clock."


I pointed. "Miss Grace, I understand that you are probably responding to the complaints of your constituents, but you are in no position to tell me, as the Acting Superintendent, what is going to happen.  If the employees of this district want to keep their positions, then they will, in fact, be in their seats at the Pepsi Center, no later than four o'clock this afternoon. Attendance will be taken at that time, and anyone who is not in attendance will be summarily deleted from the employment rolls.  I don't care what their position is.  We are going to turn this district around, with or without the teachers' union's help.  Do I make myself clear?"


I turned and quickly walked out of the conference room, without answering any questions.  Cynthia whispered as we were leaving, "I don't think you made many friends, this morning."


It was almost ten o'clock when Hank appeared, "Steve, what on Earth did you do?  You're name is all over the media and the education associated unions are complaining that you're out of control, acting like a dictator."


"So be it.  If I'm going to do this job, then by golly, I'm going to do it to the best of my abilities."


Cynthia poked her head in the door, "A Judge Andrew Mortensen is here to talk to you.  He says it is important."


Hank and I looked at each other and Hank grinned, "Cynthia, please show the man in.  It might be interesting to see just what the asshole wants.  Cynthia, would you please remain in here, and take notes of the conversation?"


Cynthia showed a man of about fifty into the room.  After the introductions, he looked around, "I thought that this was to be a private meeting?"


I looked at the man, "Mr. Mortensen, I am a public employee, and as such, the people of this school district have every right to know exactly what I'm doing.  What is it that I can help you with?"


"Michaels, I'm a sitting judge on the Colorado Supreme Court, I insist that you stop persecuting these people who are trying to improve the education opportunities for the children of this state.  I have a four year-old grandson, and he deserves only the best.  If you don't stop interfering in this matter, I shall issue a warrant for your arrest."


Hank pulled out his cell phone and dialed, "This is Hank Rodgers. May I please speak to Chief Justice Bird,  One of his Supreme Court Justices, a Mr. Mortensen,  is sitting here in Superintendent Michaels' office at the Denver Consolidated School District, and he is threatening all sorts of legal action against Mr. Michaels. Yes sir, but would you order that Mr. Mortensen bring his grandson along, so we can have a DNA test taken of the youngster, to prove whether he is actually the son of the man whom Mr. Mortensen claims?"


"Yes, sir, I know Judge Oliver, I'll have the appropriate people there at two o'clock.  Would it be permissible to notify the media of what is happening?  I have the distinct impression that Mr. Mortensen is involved in the covert attempt to privatize the state's schools."


Hank handed the phone to Mr. Mortensen who wasn't looking too good. "Justice Bird, you have no right to tell me what to do. I'll be there, but we're not having any DNA testing done.  My grandson shouldn't be embroiled in this mess."


After Mr. Mortensen had departed, Cynthia started to laugh, "Hank and Steve, I think that man is going to be striking like a rattlesnake that's been cornered.  What's going to happen now?"


Hank grinned, "For starters, I'm going to make sure that Nolan has his DNA Testing out of the way before the hearing before Judge Oliver.  I need to go prepare a case, to make sure that Nolan gets what's due him.  I have the feeling that there will be one less Supreme Court Judge on the bench, before the afternoon is over.  Steve, I strongly suggest that you stay as far away from this mess as you can.  You're going to have your hands full with the meeting at The Can, this afternoon."


Cynthia laughed, "To that, I say, Amen."


To be continued...


Editor's Notes: I don't think these numbskulls have a hint of a clue who and what they have managed to get themselves up against.  For once, it looks as if justice just might prevail.  Let us hope that is the case.


There are just too many politicians and career bureaucrats holding way too much power over ordinary citizens.  It is time something was done to put a stop to all this nonsense. I can hardly wait for the next chapter to see what will happen next.


Darryl AKA The Radio Rancher     

Posted: 09/10/10