What Happened to Baby Cameron?
by: E Walk
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Chapter 28  

Don’t Mess With Cowboy


On Sunday morning, we finally got organized after the guys gorged themselves on doughnuts.  I figured they would be on sugar highs all day long.  They ate all of the ones with sugar and frosting and any sort of gooey filling.  The rest of us were stuck with the cinnamon rolls and bagels.


When we got to the church, I felt like an orphan master, leading my five boys to the pew.  Fortunately they had the children’s packets to keep them occupied until the service started.  When the service started, Cam put his packet in the rack in front of the pew and the other four did likewise. 


When it was time for the offering to be collected, I handed each of the boys a dollar bill to put in the plate and I had my envelope.  Cam leaned over and whispered, “Dad, why can’t we get our own envelopes like some of the other boys and girls have?”


I shrugged my shoulders, “We’ll have to check into that.”


After the offering was blessed, the choir stood to sing and I was surprised to see Chad go to the microphone.  He had a solo and he had an incredible voice.  ‘Maybe now Hank can get a Sunday off to sit with the boys and me.’


After the service, the boys and I met up with the contingent from the house on the hill.  I looked at Chris, “Mr. Farway, I take it you found this gem in the rough.”


“Guilty, boss, I heard Chad singing in the shower and dragged him with me to choir practice. Now Mr. Rodgers won’t need to be singing every Sunday.   We’ll make Chad earn his keep.”


Colby appeared, “Great job, dude.  Let’s split this place and go do something fun like go skinny dipping at the house on the hill at two o’clock, after everyone has had a chance to eat.  Colby glared at Cam, and no pizza today, or you’ll get fat.”


Cam was ready for him, “You’re just afraid that I’ll whip your butt again, and you’re too cheap to pay.  We’ll see you all at two o’clock.”


When we arrived at the house on the hill, the three Granger boys were there.  Wayne met us, “I think the Granger boys would move in if they could, especially Colby.”


The boys had a great time.  After an hour of swimming, my boys were getting bored with swimming, and Tony came to me, “Dad, can we go to the ranch and ride the horses?  Uncle Wayne, Terry wants to know if he can go with us.”


Wayne looked at Tony, “Tell, Terry I would like to talk to him, please.”


Terry looked a little uptight when he approached Wayne, “Did I do something wrong?”


Wayne frowned, “I don’t know.  I guess you’ll have to tell me if you did anything wrong.  If you go to the ranch with the guys, do you promise to behave and not embarrass me?”


Terry put his hands on Wayne’s leg.  “Dad Wayne, how would I embarrass you?”


“I don’t know.  I was just checking.”


I looked at Wayne, “If Terry isn’t good, I'll have him sleep in the stable with the horses.  Terry, why don’t you get you things that you would need for tomorrow and you can spend the night and I’ll take you to school in the morning.”


Terry looked at Wayne, “Dad, is that okay?”


“It’s fine with me, but you need to check with your Mother.”


Terry hugged Wayne, “You know she’ll say okay if I tell her that you said it was okay.”


After Terry had disappeared with Tony and Randy, I asked, “I gather you had an opportunity to talk to the boys after being an acting Dad.”


Wayne grinned, “Yes, I talked to them individually last night after we got back from the ranch.  The three youngest had no problem with it at all.  Chad, on the other hand was a little hesitant.  He wanted to know if it would make a difference if he was gay.  I assured him it wouldn’t.”


Everyone was out of the pool and had taken their showers.  Chad and Colby were putting the towels in the washing machine.  Chad came to where Wayne and I were sitting.  “Dad Wayne and Mr. Michaels, something happened last night that made me ill.”


I was concerned, “What happened, Chad?  Did someone try to take advantage of you?  Did you and Colby forget to keep your hormones in check?”


Chad laughed, “Colby and I were able to keep our pricks in our pants, even though it was difficult to do so.   While Colby and I were at the high school last night for the dance, I had to take a leak.  I went into the  men’s room to take care of my problem,  I heard a familiar voice saying, ’Oh Jimbo, you’re so big.  Let me know that you love me.”


“I went to see what was happening.  I was sickened by what I saw.  Alan Peepers was naked below the waist and had his hands on the wall, and this guy with a huge dick was using it to plug Alan’s butt.  Alan was moaning, ‘Oh Jimbo, that feels so good.’”


“The Jimbo person yelled, ‘I’m gonna blow.’  Alan responded, ‘Fire away.’  As the Jimbo person was leaving, he remarked, ‘Here's the ten spot.’  Alan responded, ‘Pass the word that I’m here and open for business.  Tell them that I want to be paid up front.  I’m not putting out for nothing.’  I slipped out of the bathroom and watched to see if there were any other guys who went into the bathroom.  There was a constant stream of guys going into the bathroom and some of them seemed to stay in there for a long time.”


“I was dancing with a young lady, whom I know, when Alan emerged from the bathroom.  He approached where we were dancing and said, ‘Chad, we need to talk.’  I began to wonder if he knew I had seen what was happening in the bathroom.”


“I shook my head no, ‘Alan, I’m busy right now.  I’ll catch you later.’   As soon as the dance was over, I collected Colby and we left, because I didn’t want to talk to Alan.”


“On the way to drop Colby off, I told him what happened and he asked some pointed questions.  He started by asking, ‘Chad, did you and Alan ever do anything like what you witnessed tonight?’  I shook my head no, ‘The most we ever did was kiss each other and jack each either off.’  Colby asked, ‘Did you ever give him a blow job?’.  ‘Colby, I’ve never had a penis in my mouth.’  Colby’s last question was the most pertinent, ‘Chad, do you love this Alan person?’  Boy was he asking a lot of questions, ‘No, I don’t love Alan.  I always considered him to be a good friend, since we, more or less, grew up together.’”


“When I pulled up at the Granger house, Colby turned off the ignition and leaned over to me and started to kiss me.  It was not a gentle kiss; it was unlike any I’ve ever experienced.  I was so engrossed that I hadn’t realized Colby had unzipped my fly and was taking my penis out of my briefs and was manipulating it.  He whispered, ‘It’s okay if I do this, isn’t it?’  ‘Colby, stop, or I’m going to make a mess.  If you get to do that to me, then it’s only fair that I do likewise to you.’”


“To make a long story short, Colby’s penis is not so short at all when it is excited.  He had a difficult time getting presentable before he went into his house.  I figured my penis would shrivel and die on the way to here, but it didn’t.  Even when it was zipped in, it was obvious that I had a problem.”


Our conversation was interrupted by the arrival of Colby and his two brothers, Corey spoke for them, “Thanks for asking us to swim again.  It’s really neat to be able to just relax.  We’ll see you later.”


I had just arrived at the ranch with my six passengers when a car pulled in to the parking lot and a good looking young man exited, “I’m Alan Peepers, and I’m looking for Chad Martin.”


Terry was getting his backpack and gym bag with his clothes out of the van, “Hi, Alan, what are you doing here?”


Alan answered, “I’m looking for Chad.”


I went to the young man and held out my hand, “Mr. Peepers, Chad doesn’t live here.  When we left his house he was at home.” 


I turned to the boys, “Guys, go change into your riding clothes while I talk to Mr. Peepers.”


After the boys had disappeared, I turned Alan, “Mr. Peepers, might I ask why you need to talk to Chad?”


The young man took a deep breath, “I have reason to believe that Chad saw something last night that he wasn’t meant to see.  I need to explain.  Could you please tell me how to get in contact with him?”


I shook my head no, “I’m sorry, I can’t tell you where he’s living.  There are too many people trying to get in touch with him and his family, and since I don’t know you or know anything about you, I won’t tell you any more.  You can always talk to Chad at school tomorrow.”


The young man was shaking, “Sir, I’m the reason that Chad was sent away by Dad.”


“I know that.”


“Well, if you know that, then why won’t you tell me where he is so I can talk to him?”


I was going to let this punk have it between the eyes, “Mr. Peepers, I also know that you tried to talk to him last night at the dance, and he wasn’t very enthused about talking to you.”


Our conversation was interrupted by the arrival of Chad’s car.  Chad, Colby and Damon approached where I was talking to Alan as the six young guys were coming out of the house.  When Cam saw who was there, he yelled, “Run guys, the aliens are chasing us.  They can’t stand to be away from us.  Why are you here, anyway?”


Damon answered, “Jordan and Lamar called right after you left and asked us to take care of the horses tonight.  They were able to get tickets to some rock concert.  Your Daddy said we would be paid if we worked on the weekends to relieve the guys.”


I grinned, “Damon and Colby, perhaps you can help the boys saddle the horses, until I can get there.”


Damon giggled, “Never fear, Mr. Michaels, we’ll make sure that they don’t get trampled to death.


Everyone departed except Chad, Alan and me.  I looked at Chad, “Chad would you like me to leave?”


“No sir, you already know most of what Alan wants to talk about.”


Alan took a deep breath, “Chad what have you been telling people about me?  I thought it was odd that Mr. Michaels wouldn’t give me any information about where you were.”


Chad shrugged his shoulders, “For your information, Alan, Mr. Michaels and his sons are the reason I’m not in the reprogramming center in New Orleans.  He and Mr. Rodgers were the persons responsible for getting me and my family away from Mr. Martin.  You saw how vicious that man could be.”


“Mr. Michaels also knows what happened in the bathroom at the high school last night.  I was devastated when I realized that you were nothing but a whore selling your body for money.”


“But Chad, I need to make money somehow.  You’re the only person I have ever loved.”


I waited to see what Chad would say, “You sure have a funny way of showing that you thought you loved me.”


“Chad, you wouldn’t let me do anymore than give you some kisses and play with your dick.  You wouldn’t even let me give you a blow job.”


Chad asked, “How long have you been letting other guys use your body?”


“Ever since I was sixteen and I found out that guys were willing to pay me money to either fuck me or for me to give them blow jobs.  I’m not going to be poor like my family.  As soon as I graduate high school, I'm leaving this burg and moving to the west coast.”


Chad turned to walk away, “Then why did you want to talk to me.”


“Chad, you don’t get it.  I was hoping that we could still be good friends.  I guess that’s not possible now that you’ve found Colby.  I suppose he’s putting out for you.  I can’t understand why you’d be interested in him.  He has such a small dick that you almost need a microscope to see it.  He’d make a great slut.”


Chad wheeled around and had his arm cocked.  I grabbed his arms to stop him from throwing a punch.  “Chad, Mr. Peepers isn’t worth the trouble; go to the stable and see what’s going on.  The guys should be out riding by now.”


As Chad was walking toward the stable, I turned to the visitor, “Mr. Peepers, I would ask that you leave and not return to this ranch.  I’d be surprised if Chad ever talks to you again.  Now please leave.”


I watched as the dejected young man departed without saying goodbye.  Suddenly I heard Cam yell, “See I told you guys you could do it.  Let’s go show Dad.  I watched as six young men came out of the stable flanked on either side by Damon and Colby.  It wasn’t long before Chad came out of the stable on King Tut who was the majestic son of Alhambra and Anastasia. 


I went into the house to see what I could fix for dinner since Ellie usually had Sunday evenings off. I found some pork chops and decided to bake them with catsup and brown sugar.  I found some new potatoes and started to boil them.  I had everything ready so we could eat at six.


I looked at the clock and it was five thirty.  I thought to myself, ‘That’s odd.  I would have expected one of the boys to come and get some apples by now.’


My thoughts were interrupted by the phone.  “This is Steve Michaels.”


“Steve, it’s Hank.  I’ve uncovered a mess and created a hornets’ nest.  Watch ESPN Sports News at seven o’clock.  The KKK will probably have me strung up in a tree by this time tomorrow.  Gotta go.  I’ll talk to you later.”


The back door opened and I heard voices talking as the boys were taking off their shoes.  Cam was saying, “Let’s go wash our hands, Chad, Colby and Damon, you can wash your hands in the bathroom down here.”


Colby asked, “Mr. Michaels, may I call my parents and tell them that I’ll be eating here at the Ranch.”


“Of course.”


While Colby was on the phone, Chad stood next to me, “Mr. Michaels, would you be free to talk to me and maybe Colby after dinner?”


“Chad, I’ll make time to talk.  Do your Mother and Wayne know where you are?”


“Yes sir, Dad Wayne said that we would probably be eating here, but that we had to be home by nine, since it’s a school night.  The reason we‘re so late is that we went to make sure the Summers' horses were okay. ”


Cam resurfaced, “Dad, what do we need to put on the table?”


“The usual things, Cam.  It’s a plain old boring meal.”


As we were starting to eat, I announced, “We need to be finished with everything by seven o‘clock, Cam’s Daddy called and said we needed to watch ESPN at seven o’clock.”


The eating frenzy was on, and by six thirty there were no leftovers in sight.  


To be continued...


 Editor's Notes: I wonder what is going to happen at seven o'clock.


I also am wondering what happened to Grandpa T.


Once again, we seem to be left with more questions than we have answers.


I hope the next chapter comes soon.


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Posted: 03/12/10