What Happened to Baby Cameron?
by: E Walk
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Chapter 25  

Ready for Grandpa T.


Hank woke in a playful mood; he was causing certain parts of my body to become stimulated.  He whispered, “I think we need to go into the bathroom and take care of this major problem you seem to have developed.”


After we had taken care of each other’s problems, Hank laughed, “I’ll bet you a hundred bucks that the five boys are all in Cam’s bed.”


I was amenable to the bet, “Tell you what, Mr. Rodgers.  If you’re wrong, you get to take care of the boys for the day as well.”


We went to Cam’s room and there were only four boys in bed, Cam was missing.  We went to Kevin and Jacob’s room and Cam was sprawled all over Kevin’s bed.”


Hank sat down beside Cam and started to tickle him.  Cam giggled, “Daddy, stop that, or you’re gonna get wet.”


When Cam returned from the bathroom, he stood with a serious look on his face, “Dads, I think that we should have Ricky’s eyes checked.  He was complaining at school yesterday that the letters looked blurry.  Last night when we were in bed, Andy said that he had a tooth that was hurting.”


Hank looked at me with a scowl, but kept talking to Cam, “Son, go wake your brothers.  Your Dad and I will discuss what we need to do.”


Hank and I were having a cup of coffee, deciding what should be done first.  It was too early to make any calls; we were waiting for the boys so we could have breakfast.  We decided that we would both take the boys to school and go talk to Wayne and suggest that we should also get the four Martin boys checked at the same time as we were taking care of our five boys.


Cam looked at Hank, “Daddy, you almost never take us to school.  Did we do something bad?”


Hank hugged Cam, “Son, we just want to talk to your teachers.  You’ve done nothing wrong.  Dad Steve is going to talk to Miss Dee and I’m going to talk to Tony and Randy’s teacher.  We need to go talk to your Uncle Wayne and see if there is anything that Chad and his brothers need.”


We talked to the teachers to make sure we hadn’t missed anything or if the boys would be missing much if we took them out of school for appointments.  Miss Dee looked at me, “Cam, has all bases covered.  You can take the boys out of school whenever you can make appointments for them.  Cam, will make sure that Ricky and Andy don’t fall behind.”


When we arrived at the Michaels Advertising Agency, Ted greeted us.  When we went to the office, Lamar looked at us, “Funny you gentlemen should choose to take this time to appear.  Mr. Young has been trying to track you down.  I’ll advise him that you’re here.”


Mrs. Jacobs looked at us, “Don’t mess with Lamar; or he’ll take control of your life.”


Wayne came out of his office, “Guys, I’ve been trying to reach you.  Come into my office.  I have some things I need to share with you.”


Wayne closed the door when we were in his office, “Guys, I had nothing to do with the fund to assist the Martin family.  That was strictly something that Dusty and Lamar decided to do.  I’m concerned about the boys.  They are a godsend to me, especially Len and Terry.  Chad and Damon are apprehensive about becoming too attached, because of what their father made them do.”


Both Hank and I were confused by Wayne’s last statement.  Hank asked, “Wayne, what did you mean by that last comment.  Their father never penetrated them, did he?”


Wayne seemed agitated, “No, but he made them do something just as bad.  He would force them to fellate him and swallow what he ejaculated, against their will.


I could tell that Hank was becoming very irritated, so I decided to change the subject since what had happened couldn’t be undone. “Wayne, the reason we stopped in was to ask if you wanted us to set up medical appointments for the four boys when we arrange for our sons’ appointments.  We’re going to be making appointments for eye examinations, dental exams and physicals.”


Wayne shrugged his shoulders, “Let me call Linda and see when the last time the boys had appointments was.”


Wayne made the call, “Linda, it’s Wayne.  Hank and Steve are here in the office asking if the boys need dental appointments, eye exams or physicals. …  Chad had a sports physical at school last fall and the other three boys haven’t seen a a doctor in over a year. … Okay, I’ll tell them, but it won’t make a difference.  See you tonight.”


Wayne hung up, “Linda said to tell you that she’ll make appointments for the boys as soon as she gets some money.”


Hank nodded, “We’ll take care of the appointments.  How are Gaylen and Terry going to get home?”


“Linda is going to be picking Len and Terry up in the afternoons.  Hank, Gaylen wants to have his name legally changed to Len.  He says people tease him because of his name.  I didn’t realize that people his age even knew what gay meant.”


I asked, “Are you sure he knows what gay means?”


Wayne nodded yes, “I challenged him on that and he told me that it was like what his old Dad made Damon do.  I decided to not pursue the subject with Len and went to talk to Damon and Chad.  Damon answered the door in his briefs and his hair was still wet, so I assumed that he had just gotten out of the shower.”


“He opened the door and invited me in, ‘What can I do for you Mr. Young?’”


“I wasn’t sure how to broach the subject so I decided to be direct, ‘Damon, Len said that your father made you do some things that were gay.  Will you tell me what he made you do?’”


“Damon started to back away and tears were forming in his eyes, ‘Mr. Young, please don’t make me do what he made me do.’”


“Damon, I can assure you that as long as you live in this house or are anywhere around me, Mr. Rodgers or Mr. Michaels you will not be required to do anything sexual.  Now come sit down and tell me what the man did that you dislike so much.”


“It seems that the evening that Damon turned fifteen, that man told Damon that he had a special present for him in the barn and that’s when the activity started as far as Damon was concerned.  Damon was almost crying as he told me, ‘I really hated him when he made me do in front of Gaylen and Terry after he found out that Chad hadn’t shown up at the deprogramming center.’”


Hank hit the desk with his fist, “The prick had to be totally deranged.  Should we take Damon to a psychologist?  How did you find out that Chad had had similar experiences?”


“I was so upset that I asked Chad what his Dad had made him do.  His reaction was totally different.  Chad raised his voice, ‘Why are you asking me that question?  I suppose you expect me to do the same to you.’”


Wayne fell back in his chair, “This being a father figure is new to me, I guess I didn’t handle the two guys very well.”


I grinned, “Believe me, Wayne, even we experienced fathers make some bad moves sometimes.  Why don’t we have a nude swim party tonight and Hank and I can maybe talk to Chad and Damon.  Chad will probably be more open than Damon since we had the opportunity to get to know Chad during our recent trip.”


Hank added, “We have to remember that the guys have to be feeling some stress after what their father did.”


Hank and I stopped at the Bread Basket to have lunch and it just didn’t seem the same without Flo.  She had sold the restaurant to a very nice couple.  They had the same basic menu, but there was a different feel about the place.  After lunch, I dropped Hank at his office and went to make appointments for the guys at Cam’s pediatrician and his dentist whose offices just happened to be located in the same building.


I stopped in the pediatrician’s office first and was talking to the receptionist, and we were trying to schedule the appointments in blocks so we wouldn’t need to make so many trips when Dr. Granger returned from lunch, “Hi, Steve, is Cam ill?”


“No, I’m trying to schedule well-kid check ups for seven or nine young men.”


Stuart looked at me, “What do you mean seven or nine young men?  I thought your other sons were all older?” 


“I now have four young men whom I am responsible for, and we have in our possession the sons of the man who was responsible for the tragedy at the State Capitol.”


“Two of the Martin boys are older.  Chad is seventeen, almost eighteen and Damon is fifteen.  I guess we should take them to be checked by a General Practitioner.”


Dr. Granger asked, “What are the ages of the other seven children?”


“There are three six year olds including Cam, three eight year olds and Len is twelve.”


Dr. Granger looked at the receptionist, “Sandy, give Mr. Michaels two one hour blocks for the six year olds and the eight year olds.  We’ll schedule the twelve year old for his own appointment since he might be embarrassed to be examined with the younger guys around.”


I looked at Stuart, “It’s too bad that you can’t come to the house on the hill tonight to observe the young men.  We’re going to have a nude swim party.”


Stuart laughed, “I’ll be there, but I’ll have to bring my three sons with me, since their Mother has a meeting that she has to attend.  What time and where?”


I gave him the directions, thinking that he wouldn’t show


After I made appointments with the dentist, I stopped at the optometrist's office that was located on the first floor of the medical facility and took care of the appointments.  I realized that I needed to get my butt in gear and go pick up the boys at the academy.  I was immediately chastised by Cam upon my arrival, “We thought you had forgotten about us.  We were getting ready to start walking home.  We figured you had a wreck.”


“Get your little butts in the van.  We need to go get your Daddy.”  I handed Cam my cell phone,  “Here, call him and tell him we’ll be there in fifteen minutes.”


Cam called Hank’s cell phone, “Daddy, this mean man picked us up at school.  He says he’s going to spank us if you're not in the pick up zone in fifteen minutes.”


When we arrived at Hank’s office building, he was waiting for us.  When he crawled into the van, he asked, “Where’s the mean man?  The only person I see is this pussycat who is driving the van.  Let’s get this buggy home, so we can go swimming tonight.”


When we arrived at the ranch, Rod Lucas and his people were packing up.  When he saw us, Rod handed Hank an envelope, “Hank, here is the bill for this facility.  We’ve already started on the house on the hill, and it should be completed by next Tuesday.  The chair lift is already here.  Let me demonstrate how the chair lift will work.”


“Cam, get on the chair and push the green button so everyone can see what happens.”


Cam did as directed and the chair started up the stairs.  When it  stopped, Cam climbed off the chair and yelled down, “Okay, the rest of you monsters, get up here and change clothes so we can go check on the horses.”


Hank yelled back, “Cameron, that was the last ride any of you young people make on the chair lift.  It is only for Grandpa Tibideaux’s use.  You young people will get fatter if you don’t have to walk up and down the steps.”


As we were eating dinner, Tony asked, “Sirs, when is Grandpa Tibideaux going to come live with us?  I’m worried about him being all by himself.  What if something should happen to him.  Me and Andy are the only family he has left.  We need to take care of him.”


Hank took a deep breath, “Tony and Andy, we’ll call your Granddad after we finish eating, while the rest of the people take care of the dishes before we go swimming, and see what we can arrange.”


When we arrived at the house on the hill, Doctor Granger was already there with his three sons, Colby who was seventeen, Corey who was fifteen and Cody who was twelve.  It was apparent that Doctor Granger's sons knew the three Martin boys.  It turned out that they had classes together. 


We went to the pool and Cam shed his clothes as soon as he hit the pool deck.  “The last one in gets to wash the towels.”


Our other four guys followed without any hesitation.  Doctor Granger looked at Hank and me, “You weren’t kidding about going swimming in the nude.”


Hank and I stood and started to take off our clothes and dove into the pool.  We were soon joined by Doctor Granger and it wasn’t long before everyone was naked except Colby.  I swam to where he was standing and asked, “Colby, aren’t you going to join us?”


Before he could answer, Chris and Wayne joined us and they were in the pool almost as soon as they entered the pool area.


Colby shook his head, “Mr. Michaels, I don’t think I can.  I have some major wood in my briefs.  How can everyone else not have any?  You people act as if you do things like this everyday.”


I grinned, “All men have times when their penis becomes aroused.  Go into the shower and toss one or whatever and come back and join us.  You’ll probably never get hard from seeing a bunch of old men and young boys nude again.”


“But, Mr. Michaels, after seeing Chad and the rest of you, I feel as if my parents’ genes treated me unfairly.”


I climbed out of the pool, “Colby, either you get into the pool voluntarily or I’ll throw you in, clothes and all.”


Colby was naked and in the pool in no time   I watched as the young man swam the length of the pool without breathing and thought to myself, ‘The young man has to be a swimmer.’


Cam swam up to Colby, “Cody says that you’re a good swimmer.  Let’s see if you can beat me in a race of one lap of backstroke, one of breast, one of butterfly and a lap of free style.”


Colby felt rather smug and said, “I’ll tell you what, Cam.  The loser has to buy pizza for everyone.”


Cam challenged, “I hope you have enough money to buy us all pizza.”


I don’t think Colby realized that Cam was serious, “I hope your Dad will loan you the money to pay.”


Cam looked at us, “Chris, you be the starter, since this is where you live.”


Everyone cleared the pool and after the race started, it was obvious that Colby was a very good backstroker, but the amazing thing was that Cam wasn’t about to let him to get too far ahead.  Cam overtook Colby’s lead on the breaststroke leg and pulled away on the butterfly leg and he was standing at the end of the pool cajoling after the freestyle lap.  “What’s the matter old man?  Did you run out of steam?  The pizza will be here in twenty minutes.  I hope you have enough money to pay for it.”


I went to take a shower so I could intercept the pizza delivery person before Linda had to.  When the doorbell rang, a young man was standing there with four pizzas.  He announced, “I have four pizzas for Cameron Rodgers.”


I looked at the young man, “Freddie, what are you doing delivering pizzas?”


The young man looked at me, “I’m not Freddie, my name is Frankie.”


Chris appeared on the scene, “Mr. Michaels, I came to help you.”


The Frankie person almost dropped the pizzas. “Chris, what are you doing here?”


“Frankie, this is where I’m living until Michelle and I can find a house.  This has to be your last delivery, knowing your Dad’s rule.  Come and join us in the pool area.”


Frankie resisted, “There are some more things that I need to get  from the car.  This must be a big party.”


I took the pizzas to the pool area and Hank had three tables set up.  When Chris returned he was carrying a tray of paper plates, napkins and paper cups.  Frankie was carrying a container with six large bottles of soda with more small pizza boxes on top. 


When Frankie saw the state of dress, he looked at Chris, “If everyone else is naked, why aren’t you naked?”


Chris grinned, “I was, until I went to see if I could help Mr. Michaels,”


“Get undressed and I’ll call your parents and tell them where you are.  I’ll introduce you to the guys as soon as I make the call.”


Frankie started to undress, “I already know Colby and Chad.  They can introduce me.”


Since I had already had a shower, I opted to not go swimming again.

I went to get the six elementary school children out of the pool so they could eat so we could get them home, since they did have school tomorrow.


As we were eating, Dr. Granger shook his head, “Steve, I thought you were kidding when you said we would be swimming nude.  It's so nice to see that all young people aren’t obsessed with the male anatomy.  I’m really surprised that our three boys fit in as easily as they did, especially Colby.  We’ve suspected for sometime that he might be gay.”


Our conversation was interrupted by Terry.  He went to Wayne and put his hands on Wayne’s leg,” D.. Mr. Young, can you make it so I can go to school with Tony and Randy?  Their school sounds much more funner than mine.”


Wayne put his arm around Terry, “Terry, let me see what we can arrange.”


“Thanks, I would really like to go to school with people I know.  I don’t have any friends at the new school.  They treat me different.”


Hank and I looked at each other wondering what Terry meant by his comment.


Terry had returned to where Tony and Randy were seated, and I watched as they put their used plates and things in the trash and went to take a shower.  Hank went to get dressed as well.  Gaylen came up and put his arms around Wayne‘s neck, “Mr. Y., Cody asked me to go to a dance at school tomorrow night with him and some of his friends. Can I go?”


Wayne looked a little surprised, “Len, shouldn’t you be asking your Mother instead of me?”


Gaylen took a deep breath, “She’d just tell me to check with you.  Our old Dad never let Mother make a decision.”


“Len, let me discuss this with your Mother before I take you to school in the morning.  You can talk to Cody at school tomorrow.”


As Hank and I were getting ready to leave, Frankie swam over, “Doctor Granger, I’ll bring Colby and Corey home after we clean up.  Mr. Rodgers and Mr. Michaels, let me know when you’re going to have another swim party.  Tell my brother-in-law-to-be, and I’ll be here with bells on.  Thanks for allowing me to join in.”


As we were driving to the ranch, Hank commented, “Steve, there’s a lot happening now.  I’m going to be leaving tomorrow to bring Monsieur Tibideaux back.  Are you going to be able to handle everything that needs to be done?”


Cam spoke up from the back, “Don’t worry Daddy, we’ll help him get everything done.”


To be continued...


Editor's Notes:  I am glad to see that they are going to get Grandpa  Tibideaux home.  I am sure that he is lonely down there by himself. I can hardly wait for the next chapter to see what will happen next.


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