What Happened to Baby Cameron?
by: E Walk
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Chapter 11

We’re Going To Need a Bigger House



Cam went running toward the stairs that led to the basement, exhorting us, “Come on, Dads, Uncle Chris needs our help.”


We followed Cam down the stairs.  When Cam saw what was happening, he stopped. “The crimimals, as he would say, were being detained by Chris. 


“Look boys, I’m not going to hurt you.  I want to know how you got in here.”


The younger of the two boys looked up and saw us, “Are they the police?”


Cam went and hugged Chris, “Do I look like the police?  This is my house.  Why are you here?”


The older of the two boys answered, “We’re here because we’re not somewhere else.”


Cam didn’t stop, “Uncle Chris, why does it smell so bad in here?  Did someone go to the bathroom in their pants?”


Chris stood and let the two boys go and they started to run toward the stairs.  Hank grabbed the older boy and I caught the younger one.  Hank looked at his captive, “When was the last time that you had a bath or shower?”


The older boy answered, “We took a bath just before this creep caught us.  We were going to go see if there was someplace we could wash our clothes and find something to eat.  We’ve been wearing these same clothes for a long time and they smell.”


Cam took charge, “Guys, take off your clothes and we’ll put them in the washing machine.  What are your names anyway?”


The older boy answered, “My name is Antonio, but people call me Tony.  These big people will try to make us do something if we take off our clothes.  I’m not taking off my clothes.”


Cam took off his clothes and was standing there naked, “Look guys, my Dads and Uncle Chris would never do anything to us, now get out of the clothes so we can wash them to keep the house from smelling.”


The younger boy undressed and announced, “My name is Andreas, but people call me Andy.”


Cam grinned, “Come on Andy, we’ll go get ready for bed.  We’ll leave your brother here with my Dads and Chris.  Dads, you need to call the ranch and tell them we’re at the house on the hill.  Me and Andy are going to go get ready for bed.”


Tony took off his clothes, “I’m not staying here with these big people.  I don’t trust them.”


Cam giggled, “I figured you would be coming with us.  Let’s go see what we can find for you guys to wear.  I think you both need to have a good shampoo and conditioning.  Uncle Chris, why don’t you come and help us?”


I looked at Hank, “Okay, we know that the boys names are Antonio and Andreas and that they obviously don’t trust older men.  They’re running from something, but what?”


Hank shook his head, “Let’s see what Chris has to say when and if he returns.”


When Chris resurfaced, he started on me, “Look boss, I don’t have time to take care of all of your problem children.  I had the boys get in the tub and the two newcomers weren’t going to let me touch them until I had Cam get under the shower so I could shampoo his hair and condition it.  It wasn’t until I finished and yelled next that Andy allowed me to do him.”


Chris took a deep breath, “Cam had got out of the tub and was drying his body when Tony finally let me shampoo and condition his hair.  He turned to me and said, ‘I suppose you’re going to get in the shower now and want me to play with you?’”


Chris reported, “I tried to explain to Tony, that we didn’t do things like that around here.  Cam added, ‘We can look at the big people’s penises, but we can’t touch and they won’t touch ours.’  I went to find some clothes for the two guys and fortunately David or someone had left some briefs that Tony could wear and Andy is almost the identical size as Cam.  Cam wants someone to call the ranch and tell them where you are, so they won’t worry.  He wants you to come say goodnight to them.”


I laughed, “I’m betting that he wants to give us some marching orders.  I can hear him now, ‘Dads, we need to do this.  Dads, we need to do that.’”


Chris chuckled, “I better go with you to make sure that you get all of the instructions right.  I’ll bring a pencil and a pad.”


When we arrived in Cam’s bedroom, he was on the side nearest the door.  He looked at us, “Dad’s, Toni and Andy are hungry.   Can we go get something for them to eat?”


Chris answered, “Cam, there’s all sorts of food left from your birthday party in the refrigerator and the freezer.  Let’s go get some for the young men.”


Cam asked, “Uncle Chris, there aren’t any girls in the house are there?”


Chris shook his head no, “Nope, it’s just us six people that I know of.  Of course, I didn’t know that Tony and Andy were here either.”


Cam crawled out of bed, “Come on, guys, let's go so we can get to eat the get some sleep.”


Tony resisted, “You mean that we’re going to walk around the house in our underwear?”


Cam put his hands on his hips, “Why not?  No one is going to do anything to us.  Come on.”


The two boys reluctantly,  especially Tony,  got out of bed and followed Cam to the kitchen.  Chris opened the refrigerator, “How about I fix you a ham and cheese sandwiches and some applesauce?  Cam, get the some milk for the guys.”


While Tony and Andy were eating, Cam asked, “Dads, did you call the ranch and tell them where we are, so Ricky and Randy don’t get worried?”


Hank shook his head no, “Cam, Tad knows where we are.  He’ll make sure that Ricky and Randy are okay.”


Cam giggled, “I forgot.  Dads, you need to call Uncle Chris and Uncle Chase’s Mother and Grandfather and make it okay for Tony and Andy to stay with us.  Then we need to get the guys some more clothes.”


Tony and Andy finished their food and Cam asked, “Do you want anything else, guys?”


They shook their heads no.  Chris looked at them, “Cam, take Tony and Andy and make sure they brush their teeth again.  I’ll take care of the dishes while your Dads tuck you in.”


I was surprised when Tony and Andy hugged Hank and me like Cam had done.


When Hank and I were finally in bed, I hugged Hank, “I should punish you again for spoiling your son and collecting children, but I’m too tired.  Let’s get a little sleep at least, tonight.”


He laughed, “If you will recall, you found Ricky and Randy.  It’s me who should be punishing you.”


I was awakened by the sound of giggling boys going down the steps.  I tried to get out of bed without waking Hank but to no avail.  We put on some exercise clothes that we kept at the house since we occasionally spent nights there.


When we arrived in the kitchen, Cam was standing on a chair getting the cereal and handing it to Andy.  He had Tony getting the milk and the bowls.


Hank looked at Cam, “Why are you guys up so early?”


“Daddy, look at what time it is.  We’re usually up earlier than this.”


Cam was right.  It was after nine o’clock.  Chris came from the laundry area  carrying a stack of folded clothes, “Good morning, everyone.  The coffee is ready.  I have some sweet rolls in the oven.  Guys, there’s some orange juice in the white container in the refrigerator.  Here are the guys’ clothes.  Cam, I washed yours, too.”


“Thanks, Uncle Chris.”


I got the juice, and the glasses for the juice, while Hank poured us coffee, and Chris got the sweet rolls.  Hank and I were wanting to find out more about Tony and Andy and why they were here.  I think we both felt that it was better not to push too hard.


The three boys had started to eat when the door to the garage opened, and Ricky and Randy came skipping in. Ricky asked, “Hi, Dads and Uncle Chris.  Where’s Cam?”


Cam turned around “I’m right here with Tony and Andy.  We're just starting to eat our breakfast.  Hi, Uncle Tad and Uncle Ramsey.”


Cam motioned for Randy and Ricky to come to where they were eating.  “Randy and Ricky, come meet Tony and Andy.  Uncle Chris found them in the basement last night where Uncle Ramsey was living when Uncle Kevin found him taking food from the refrigerator.”


That caught Ramsey’s attention and he asked, “Guys, how did you get into the house?  I thought all the windows were locked after they found me here.”


Tony answered, “We walked in the door, yesterday afternoon while everyone was opening Christmas presents.  We went to see if we could find a place to hide, and we found that room in the basement.

We stayed really quiet until we thought everyone was asleep.  We were going to sneak upstairs and see if we could find something to eat when Mr. Chris caught us.”


Cam asked, “Does anyone want something to eat?”


Randy answered, “We had scrambled eggs and bacon with hash browns and toast.  Thank you for asking, but I’m still full.”


Cam asked, “How did you know we were still here?”


Chris answered, “I called the ranch and told them that you wouldn’t be back to the ranch until later, because everyone was still in bed.”


Tad added, “Ricky and Randy wanted to come and see why you were here.”


Ricky looked at me, “Daddy, are these two boys going to be our brothers, too?”


Hank answered, “Ricky, we don’t know very much about the boys yet.  All we know is that their names are Tony and Andy.”


Cam interrupted, “I’ve already told our Dads that they should call Uncle Chris and Uncle Chase’s Mother and Grandfather and take care of it.”


Hank stopped the conversation, “Guys, it’s not that easy.  Tony and Andy, we need to know exactly what’s happening.  We need to call the police, but before we do, I want you to tell us exactly why you are here.  We need all the information that you can give us, so we can protect you.”


Finish your breakfast and get dressed.  We need you to tell us everything.  Tad and Ramsey, I would appreciate if you would take Cam, Ricky and Randy so they can swim, while Tony and Andy talk to us.”


Cam started to argue, “Daddy, why can’t we hear what Tony and Andy say.”


“Son, I’m a lawyer and I think it best if you didn’t hear what they say right now.”


Cam wasn’t very happy, but he answered, “Okay.”


The boys finished eating and the three boys who were going swimming went to get their swim suits.  Tad and Ramsey went to the pool area.  Tony and Andy got dressed.


After the three young boys went to the pool area, Hank looked at Tony and Andy.  “Guys, please tell us as much as you can, so we know what we should do?  The first thing we need to know is your full name and how old you are?”


Tony started, “My name is Antonio Henri Thibodaux and I just turned 8.  I was in the second grade at our old school.”


Andy followed suit, “My name is Andreas Michaud Thibodaux and I’ll be six next week.  I was in kindergarten.


Hank was taking notes.


I asked, “Where were you going to school, and where are your parents?”


Tony answered, “We lived in New Orleans.  Our parents are dead.”


Hank looked at me with a skeptical look, “If you lived in New Orleans, who were you living with?”


“We lived in our parents house at 2435 Rue Marseilles with our stepfather Albert Cournier?”


I looked at the two guys, “If you lived in New Orleans, how did you get here?”


Tony was angry, “The prick sold us to a man who brought us here.  The man said he was going to train us, so we could make some money for him.”


Hank slammed down the pen he was writing with, “Chris, take Tony and Andy to the pool, so they can swim.   They can swim in their briefs since they have some clean ones that they can put on.”


As soon as the boys were out of sight, Hank picked up the phone and called the police; when that was done, he called Elaine Graham and Judge Baker.”


He turned to me, “Steve, I think I’m going to be ill.”


The police were the first to arrive, and Hank explained to the two officers what was happening.  Elaine and Judge Baker arrived together.  Hank asked, “Would you like to speak to the boys one at a time or together?”


Officer Townsend answered, “It would be preferable if we could talk to them one at a time.”


I spoke up, “I suggest we talk to Tony first since he is a little older.  I think Andy would be intimidated by so many people.  I’ll go get Tony.”


I went to the pool area to get Tony, “Guys, I need to borrow Tony.”


Before we arrived in the kitchen area where we going to be talking with the boys, I knelt down, “Tony, you are going to be talking to two policeman, a lady social worker and a judge.  We need you to be honest and tell them everything that they want to know, so we can help you and Andy.”


Tony looked at me, “The other boys told us you wouldn’t try to make us do anything or let anyone make us do anything, so I’ll be fine.  I'm just a little scared.”


I hugged him, “Tony, I’m a little scared, too.”


After I introduced Tony to the newcomers, the older police officer started, “Tony, we're going to ask you the same questions that Mr. Rodgers and Mr. Michaels asked you and then several others.”


After four questions, the younger officer spoke, “Tony, we have no reason not to believe you.  Where were you when you and Andy got away from the man who bought you, and do you know the man’s name?”


Tony took a deep breath, “We’d been staying at some really bad motel since before Christmas, because the prick’s car broke down.  The motel wasn’t too far from here because me and Andy walked here.  It was called La Casa del something.  We were is room 13.  The only name I ever heard the man called was Omar.”


The older officer asked, “Could it have been La Casa del Padres?  It’s not too far from here.  Would you be willing to go with us and Mr. Michaels to check and be sure?”


Tony nodded yes. Hank asked, “Officers, would it be permissible for the rest of us to follow in another vehicle to observe what is happening.”


Officer Townsend answered, “We have no objection, as long as you don’t interfere with anything.”


Tony and I climbed into the police cruiser with the two officers.  Officer Townsend drove to toward a crummy looking motel that had the vacancy light lit.  Tony acknowledged, “That’s the place.  Room 13 was at the end away from the office.  That looks like the prick coming out of the room now.  It looks as if he got his car fixed and is putting things in his car.”


The cruiser suddenly surged forward with the lights flashing and pulled behind the car.  The two officer’s jumped out of the cruiser and pulled their guns and Officer Townsend said, “You’re under arrest.”  Officer Townsend read him his rights.


The Omar person shouted, “I'll have your asses fired.  I’m not a U.S. citizen.”


Officer Townsend motioned for Tony and me. “Tony, do you know this man?”


“Yes, officer.  That’s the man who bought us from our stepfather and tried to make me and Andy do things that we didn’t want to do.”


The man tried to lunge at Tony and the officers restrained him, The man was shouting obscenities.  “That brat is lying, I’ve never seen him before in my life.”


Another cruiser arrived and Officer Townsend looked the two young officers.  “I hope you brought a search warrant.”


The young female officer nodded, “Yep, here it is.”


Officer Townsend handed it to Judge Baker, “Judge, this makes it legal for us to search this man’s possessions, does it not?”


Judge Baker nodded yes. 


Hank looked at me, “Steve, take Elaine, Judge Baker and Tony back to the house, so Andy doesn’t get worried.  I’ll catch a ride as soon as this snake is fried.”


When we got back to the house, the other four young boys were sitting around waiting for us.  Cam asked, “Dad, is it okay for us to take Andy and Tony to the ranch?  Andy says they have never been to a ranch.”


Elaine answered before I could, “Yep, it’s okay.  Don’t let the horses bite them.”


I looked at Chris, “You’re going to need take some of them back to the ranch.  There’s no way that the five of them can fit into Ramsey’s car.”


“But boss, I was going to go to work to get familiar with my new position.”


“Chris, the offices are closed until the third of January.  How do you plan to get in?”


Chris chuckled, “I was going to bribe Ted to let me in.”


“Yeah, right.  Call Michelle and tell her that her services are needed at the ranch.  Have her visit with the four newest residents of the ranch.  Tell Ellie that we’ll be there as soon as Hank finishes playing private eye.”


Everyone left for the ranch and Elaine looked at me, “Steve, I’ll have the temporary custody papers for you tomorrow.  Don’t become too attached to Tony and Andy.  I don’t know what might happen, since they are from another state.  We don’t know what the authorities might find in Louisiana.”


Elaine Graham and Judge Baker departed and I was waiting by myself waiting for the Cowboy to return wondering, ‘What’s happening?  Did something happen to Hank?’


To be continued...



Editor's Notes:


I guess that Cam is not the only person that we need to wonder what happened to.


Why is it that I feel that there is going to be a new pair of boys in the family? 


I sure hope there is another chapter pretty soon.


Darryl AKA The Radio Rancher



Posted: 10/30/09