What Happened to Baby Cameron?
by: E Walk
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Chapter 6

Everyone’s Home



After an early lunch, we stopped and picked up Ramsey, and went to the airport to get Tad.  The guys were not interested in watching the airplanes land and take off anymore, so we were waiting in the concourse for Tad  to come up the walkway from the waiting area.


We spotted Tad and he was walking with two other cadets from The Air Force Academy.  Cam ran to him and snapped to attention and saluted, “Private Cameron reporting as directed, General Tad.  We’re here to make sure that you have a safe trip home.  You gotta come meet our new brothers.”


Tad looked around, “What new brothers?”


Cam grabbed Tad’s hand and started pulling Tad, “Come on, I’ll introduce you to.”


Tad turned to the male and female cadets he was with, “I’ll see you at the Academy, after the holidays.  I think I’m being kidnapped.”


As soon as they got to where we were standing, Cam started, “Randy and Ricky, this is our brother, Tad.  He’s Tim’s little brother, except he’s not so little.”


Ricky asked, “Why is he dressed like a bus driver?”


“Because he goes to his school so he can learn to drive airplanes.  He wants to be a pilot.  He wrestles people except that it’s not like David and Louie.  He wears sleeveless pajamas that are so tight that you can see what his penis and testicles look like.”


Tad was blushing and Ramsey was chuckling; I decided that I had better intervene and hugged Tad, “Good to have you home, son.”


“Tad, let me formally introduce our new family members.”  I pointed to Randy, “This is Randy, he’s seven.  The other young man is Ricky.  He’s five.  I think you already know our friend Ramsey Watt.”


Tad hugged Ricky and Randy, “Welcome to the family.”


He hugged Ramsey for a little longer than I would have expected, and I thought to myself, ‘There must be more to Tad’s and Ramsey’s relationship than we thought.’


As I was driving to the ranch, Tad was talking to the three boys and Ramsey.  He was finding out how I found them in the mall.  Cam emphatically stated, “Dad Michaels is going to adopt them as soon as possible, so they can be our brothers.”


A little background on Tad;  Tad is now 21, and is a junior at The Air Force Academy where he is excelling academically.  As Cam already said, he is a wrestler and highly ranked in his weight class.  He wants to be a fighter pilot.  Hank and I were totally bushwhacked when he was accepted to and decided to go to the Academy, since he had scholarship offers to a number of highly ranked universities.


When Hank questioned him as to why he chose to go that route, Tad replied, “Dad Hank, I need to learn to take care of myself.  You’ve already done too much for me and Tim.”


I must tell you also that of our four oldest sons, Tad is probably what you would call a heart throb.  The other three are extremely handsome, but Tad has an aura about him that rather draws peoples’ attention to him.


We dropped Ramsey off at the Farway ranch and he announced, “Tad, I’ll come pick you up after dinner, and we can go do our Christmas shopping.”


The boys were waiting for Tad to come down the stairs after changing out of his uniform.  Cam took charge when he reappeared, “Come on Tad, you gotta come see Randy and Ricky’s horses.  Dad, did you tell Daddy what he was supposed to do?   Come on, we’ll take the apples so we can give the horses a snack after we go for a ride.”


Ellie looked at me, “The apple growers are probably loving this ranch, about now.” 


We walked out on the deck and watched as Freddie came out of the stable with Randy in front of him.  He was followed by Chase, with Ricky,  and after they were out the stable, Cam exited the stable on Riki Tiki and yelled, “Ride, ride, as fast as you can you can’t catch us because we’re the gingerbread men.”


Tad came charging out of the stable on his horse, “You can’t get away from me you fat gingerbread boys.” Chase and Freddie took off after them with their charges.


Hank had pulled into the drive and witnessed the scene and was sitting in his vehicle laughing.


Tad came back and announced, “I caught the gingerbread boys.  Now what do you want me to do with them?  I’m certainly not going to eat them.”


Cam jumped off Riki Tiki and ran to Hank, “Daddy, Tad cheated.  He didn’t stop when we got to the highway; he just galloped across it.  Spank him because he didn’t Stop, Look and Listen.  Daddy, did you have a good day?”


Hank kissed Cam, “I had a very busy day, Son.  I’m going to take a shower while you guys take care of the horses.”


Tad hugged Hank as Hank got out of the car.  “Hi, Dad Hank.”


The six guys went into the stable and Hank came and hugged me, “Stevie, when did Tad become so good looking?  He must turn a lot of heads.”


“Hank, our four older sons are all extremely good looking and I have to agree that Tad has developed into quite a stud.  Do you need me to help you take a shower or can you control your lust for our sons?”


“Stevie, I can promise you that I only lust for your body and not those of our sons.  I’ll take a shower while you check on the guys.  There’s too much laughter coming from the stable.”


I walked into the stable and Tad, Freddie, and Chase were standing there chuckling, “What’s so funny, guys?”


Tad giggled, “It all started when the guys were standing giving Anastasia her apple and she started to urinate.  The urine started to splash on Ricky and Randy and they got away as fast as they could.  Now Cam is explaining the difference between boy horses and girl horses and how baby horses are born.”


Cam looked up and saw me, “Dad, Ricky and Randy want to know if it hurts when girl horses have babies?”


I looked at Tad, Freddie, and Chase and they were no help at all.  “Guys, since I’m not a horse nor a girl, I have no idea.  I would guess that it probably hurts though.  I tell you what; we’ll asked Dr. Mansfield the next time she comes.”


Ricky asked, “Is she going to be our doctor?”


Cam shook his head no, “She’s an animal doctor.  Dad, we need to take Randy and Ricky to see Doctor Hayfield and Doctor Bastrop to make sure they’re okay.”


Fortunately the intercom was activated, “This is Slave Ellie; the master is ready to partake of his evening meal and requests that any of you who are going to partake with him get your butts in here, now.”


Cam jumped up from where the three boys were crouched, looking at Alhambra, “Come on guys, we need to go wash our hands and set the table or we’ll get grounded.”


The three boys took off toward the house and Tad commented, “Dad Steve, I can’t believe how much Cam has matured since I went to the Academy at the beginning of the term.  If I didn’t know better, I would think he was a teenager.”


Freddie laughed, “Yep, he’s five, almost six, going on sixteen.”


As we were finishing eating, Ramsey come in the back door, “I’m here to take General Tad shopping; we’ll be back about ten.”


Kevin, Tim and Denise and the three young boys were taking care of the dishes. 


The phone rang and Cam must have answered because he came into the dining room, “Dads, Danny is on the phone, and he wants to talk to whomever is going to pick up Jacob.”


I went to get the phone because Hank had just told us that he was working from nine until noon.


“Hi Danny, what’s happening?”


“Granddad Steve, would it be possible for Lionel and me to go the airport with you to pick up Jacob?”


“Not a problem.  I’ll pick you up at about 8:30 in the morning.  I’ll call you if there is a change.”


Danny asked, “Are you and Granddad Hank going to watch the championship game tonight on television?”


I laughed, “Danny, I’m surprised that Cam hasn’t already turned on the television.   We’ll be watching.”


Danny giggled, “I’m sure that we’ll hear a play by play description on the way to the airport tomorrow.  See you in the morning, Granddad Steve.”


Hank, Ellie and I were in the family room when Kevin entered, “Dads, Tim, Denise and I are going to the Wrights’ house to watch the game.”


Cam came in and asked, “Dads, what time does the game start?  Should we take our showers before the game or after the game?”


Hank answered, “Guys, why don’t you take them before?  But you probably should wear something other than just your briefs in case someone should stop by.”


Cam motioned for the Randy and Ricky to follow him, “We’ll put on our swim suits.  That way we’ll be ready for Ricky’s birthday party on Christmas Day.”


When the three guys reappeared, they were wearing three of Hank’s tee shirts.  Cam announced, “Dad, we borrowed three of your tee shirts.”


Hank looked at them and grinned, “Yes, I see.  I hope you’re wearing briefs as well.”


Cam pulled up his tee shirt and showed us, “Yes, and before you ask:  we didn’t make a mess and we did shampoo and condition our hair.  We also hung the wet towels up so they could dry.   Can we have a snack to munch on while we watch the game?”


Ellie looked at me, “Steve, there’s some trail mix for the squirrelly squirrels in the cabinet with the cereal.”


“Dad, I’ll go get it.  Come on guys.  I don’t know why we have cereal; we hardly ever eat it.”


The guys returned carrying trays with three bowls of trail mix and three drinks.  Ricky handed a bowl of the mix to Hank and me and one to Ellie, “We didn’t know what you wanted to drink.”


Ellie smiled, “Thank you, Ricky, but we’re old enough to help ourselves.”


Everyone was settled when the pre-game show started and they showed two teams practicing.  Cam started his play by play account, “See number 22, that’s our brother Jacob.  He’s the tallest of all of us.  He’s two times bigger than me.  Isn’t he nice looking?”


When the game started it was very close, but by half time, Duke had a sizeable lead.  Cam turned to us, “Dads, how did that other team get into championship game?  Jacob and his teammates are making them look really bad.”


To make a long story short:  Duke won the game going away and Jacob was named the MVP of the tournament.


Hank and I had just gone to bed and, for some reason, I had suggested that we should wear briefs to bed, and it’s a good thing that we did.


We were cuddling when there was a knock on the door.  Hank called out, “Please come in.”


Tad walked in and I could tell that he was tense, “Dads, can we talk?”


Hank nodded, “Of course.”


“Dads, you’ll probably hate me for what I’m about to say, but I have to be honest with you.  I’m in love with Ramsey.”


Hank stood and hugged Tad, “Tad, we already rather knew that and we don’t hate you.  We figured that you already loved him when you were in high school and that’s why we were so surprised when you decided to go to The Academy.  Being in the military isn’t going to make this very easy for you.”


“Dads, something happened tonight that made me realize that Ramsey is more important to me than a career in the military.  Please trust me, I will not embarrass you, Ramsey or myself.”


Hank kissed Tad, “Son, we’ll support you in every way we can.”


The conversation was interrupted by a voice, “Dads, may I come in?”


Hank looked at the door, “Cam, why are you still awake?  Of course, you can come in?”


Cam entered and stopped, “Tad, why are you here?   Did you and Ramsey have a fight?”


Tad stooped down, “Cam, why would you ask that?”


Cam put his hands on his hips, “Tad, everyone knows that you and Ramsey love each other.”


Cam switched gears, “Dad, did you tell Daddy what he was supposed to do?”


I had no idea what he was asking, “Cam, what are you talking about?”


Cam looked disgusted, “I told you to call Daddy and tell him to get Ricky and Randy their own saddles and some cowboy boots.”


“Cam, I didn’t tell him because I thought we should wait until we know for sure that they were going to be able to stay with us.  What would we do with them if they had to leave?”


“Dad, the reason we gotta get them those things is so we can tell the judge that they gotta stay because they have their own saddles and cowboy boots.”


Tad and Hank were having a difficult time trying not to laugh.  Fortunately the discussion was ended by the phone.


Cam answered it, “This is the Rodgers ranch. … Oh hi, Jacob. … I had something I needed to talk to the Dads about.  We have a surprise for you when you arrive tomorrow. … Oh, you have one for us, too?” … Here’s Dad.”


“Hi Jake, is there a problem?”


“Dad, there’s no problem.  I just wanted to alert you that I have invited a guest home for Christmas.  We’ll explain when we get there.  I need to go.  The bus is leaving for the hotel.  We’ll see you tomorrow at ten in the morning. 


I turned to the three guys, “Jake is bringing a friend and he didn’t give any more details than that.  We’ll need to take the big van to the airport tomorrow.”


Cam wasn’t finished, “Dads, I only want one thing for my birthday and that is for Ricky and Randy to be our brothers.”


After Cam and Tad had departed, I cuddled next to Hank, “I swear, the world has gone whacko.”


After breakfast, I went to get the van that we used to transport the children in the area to school in the morning.  We had almost gotten rid of it but decided that after the quads were born that we had better keep it.


We arrived at the airport at 8:50 as there was an airplane landing.  I looked at the guys, “I think we might need to go to the baggage claim area.  That was probably Jacob’s flight landing.”


As we were entering the baggage claim area, Cam spotted Jacob and took off running.  Jacob picked him up and Cam kissed him on the lips, “Good game last night.”


The others of us had arrived and Jacob introduced his friend who was a very stunning young lady.  “Dad, and everyone, this is my soon to be fiancée Senorita Gisele Blanco.”


Danny asked, “Does that mean you’re going to be married?”


“Yes,  we’re going to work wedding plans around everyone else’s weddings while we’re here.”


Cam decided that he needed to lay his surprise on Jacob.  “Jacob, these are our two new brothers, Ricky and Randy.”


Jacob dropped his suitcase.  “Our brothers?”


Cam looked smug, “Yep, our Dads are going to get them to be our brothers for my birthday present.”


Jacob looked at me with a questioning look.  I laughed, “We’ll talk about this later.  Let’s get back to the ranch before the guys starve.”


To be continued...


Editor's Notes:  I think Cam is pretty serious about wanting Ricky and Randy to be his brothers.  Knowing how much the people in charge of such things trust Hank and Steve, I don't think it will be all that much of a problem.  I sure would like to see the next chapter and I hope we find out soon. 


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Posted: 09/25/09