The Christmas Visitor

By: Christos Kastellanos
(© 2011 by the author)

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Chapter 1
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Sean Connolly had just finished submitting his recipe for an old fashioned Yankee Christmas dinner to the magazine that he wrote for. He wrote under the pen name of Mary Bennett, a name he took when he first got the job with Culinary Digest. It was a well established magazine that featured recipes that were native to America.

He had just graduated from Harvard College with his degree in journalism and after countless hours of sending resumes to all the well known and not so well known publications, he finally landed his current position with Culinary Digest. He was proud of his job, because at twenty-one, not many of his fellow classmates had managed to get anywhere close to the position that he had landed with the prestigious magazine.

The editor and chief of the magazine had wanted a woman for the position, but none had applied and he was desperate, so he took a chance on Sean. Sean was a better than fare cook, having grown up in a home where his mother and father were both chefs, he quickly learned the trade.

"Ah Sean, good you are still here," Frank Reynolds, his editor said from the doorway of his office.

"Yes Mr. Reynolds, but not for long," he said glancing over at the mantel clock on the fireplace. "I have just finished the Christmas issue," he added as the editor entered, grabbed a chair by the fireplace and settled in for what seemed to Sean for a long conversation.

"I was hoping to catch you before you left for vacation," Reynolds began, giving that infamous grin which meant to those that he flashed it are not going to like what I have to tell you. "As you know my boy, each Christmas we feature a certain part of the country and this year is no exception."

"I know this sir, that is why my article was settled around New England and its old fashion Christmas traditions and dinner," Sean said.

"Precisely, but another thing the magazine does each year is to invite one of our avid readers to spend the holiday in whatever part of the country that we feature."

Sean had heard about this tradition, and he knew, or rather he had an idea as to where this conversation was going and he did not like it.

"Well the magazine chose this year Massachusetts for many reasons. First off, it's the birthplace of America and also, because you have a home in the Berkshires."

"Surely you don't mean to..." he cautiously began to say.

"I have invited a young man, well a soldier actually that entered our contest for this year's winner. Seeing how you are going to be up there in New England and you have been kind enough to let the magazine feature your rustic home for the accompanying article, I would like for you to entertain the young man. Of course you will be handsomely compensated for your time and efforts," he added rather smugly.

"You want me to do what..." he shouted, standing up at his desk and glaring down into Reynolds' cold steel gray eyes. "But it's my vacation sir and it's Christmas," he reasoned.

"All the more reason to not only open your house to the visitor, but also your heart," Reynolds said, now standing eye to eye with Sean.

"But sir, he will be expecting Mary to host his stay, not a man."

"No buts young man. I am the editor and chief of this magazine and I am use to getting what I want and when I want it, are we clear on this point?"

"Yes sir...quite clear," a defeated Sean said.

"Good, now he has been notified and should arrive at your home in Massachusetts the Monday before Christmas and stay until just after the New Year," he told Sean.

"My God sir, that is nearly two weeks," a surprised and angry Sean said.

"And that is a problem why?" he asked, smirking as Sean sat down abruptly in his chair.

"No sir, it's not a problem," Sean said in surrender to his boss's demands.

"I didn't think so, Connolly. I am sure that you will figure out how to deal with the fact that Mary is actually you. After all, most soldiers are only interested in the get away and food, not in some middle age woman."

"Yes sir, I'll do my best to make his stay pleasant," a defeated Sean said.

Now you go down to the accounting department and get the Visa card I authorized for you to use. You can use it to not only buy what you'll need for his visit, but also to entertain the young man. Just look at it as you doing your patriotic duty for the fine fighting men that serve our great nation," he reasoned but Sean was not feeling very patriotic.

Sean was gay, and he planned on getting reacquainted with the gay night life while home. Now he had to put all of his best laid plans on the back burner to entertain some soldier.

"What's the soldier's name, sir?" he inquired.

"Michael, Michael Hunter and he's a Marine," Reynolds told him.

"A God sir, what am I going to do with a Marine," he asked.

"You are both the same age, so use your imagination, boy. Now I have an important engagement that requires my being there," he said suddenly, got up and left Sean's office.

Sean sat staring at the door, his mind whirling in a million directions as he contemplated quitting his job. He knew that he couldn't quit, after all, he needed a job and well, in these financial hard times, jobs were not to plentiful.

"Dammit, a fucking Marine of all branches," he swore. "It'll be my luck that he's some macho meathead that smashes empty beer cans against his forehead," he added as he closed down his computer and prepared to leave for the day.

"A fucking Marine," he whispered to himself as he waited for the elevator to arrive.

"Hold it Sean," Sean heard a voice call out as he stepped onto the elevator.

With the mood that he was in, he contemplated pressing the close door button, but seeing how it was his friend, Daryl Johnson, he pressed the door open one instead.

"Thanks buddy," Daryl said, jumping into the elevator just before the door closed.

"No problem Dar," Sean said coolly.

"What's up your ass, old man Reynolds chew you a new one," Daryl asked.

"Sort of, but now my vacation is ruined, I got to entertain this fucking Marine for the holidays," he explained.

"You have to do what?"

"Those were my words exactly, Dar. I am entertaining this year's contest winner for the holidays and he happens to be a Marine," he further explained.

Daryl began laughing and the more he laughed, the angrier Sean was getting. "You may find it funny, but I am on vacation for those two weeks and now I have to spend my vacation entertaining a damn soldier."

"Tell the old man that you can't or that you refuse to do it," Daryl suggested.

"Right and then pound the pavement again looking for another job, no thanks Dar. Been there, done that and I nearly starved to death until I landed this job," he told him and they both looked up at the floor indicator to see what floor they were stopping at.

"Good evening Mr. Reynolds," Daryl said to the boss and Sean, who was standing behind the man, sarcastically mouthed Daryl's words.

"Ahhhh, Jackson isn't it?" the man said.

"Johnson sir, Daryl Johnson from accounting," he sadly replied.

"Right," was all that Reynolds said to the man. "Ah Connolly, have you given any thought as to how you are going to entertain this years winner?"

"No sir, but I am sure that I'll think of something for us to do," Sean replied, smiling at his boss. 'Could I be hung for treason if I were to pay to have the soldier kidnapped,' he thought.

"Well you are an intuitive young man and I am sure that he'll be happy with whatever you come up with," Reynolds said and stepped out when the doors opened, followed by Sean and Daryl.

"I'm headed over to the village, Connolly, could I offer you a ride," Reynolds asked, shocking both of the young men with his offer.

"Thank you sir, but I was planning on heading over to Macy's for some last minute Christmas shopping," he lied, because Sean would have rather been run over by a city bus then to take a ride from him.

"Well have a good evening Connolly, and you also, Jackson," he said and pushed through the revolving doors and into the night.

"Johnson dammit," Daryl muttered and Sean laughed. "I'm headed over to the village for a long night of drinking, would you care to join me?" Daryl asked, but he knew his friend, or rather his moods.

When Sean got in this sour mood, he would simply go home and indulge in anything that had alcohol in it.

"Thanks Dar, but I still have some last minute packing to do and Robert has probably got dinner waiting," he said.

"Sure Sean, maybe another time," he said and Daryl hailed a taxi while Sean headed for the subway.


Sean inserted the key to his apartment into the lock, turned it and when he opened the door, he was greeted by Robert, who was standing there with another man, suitcases in hand.

"Robert...what's going on and who...who is this man?" Sean asked, looking first at Robert and then the mystery man before turning his attention back to Robert.

"This is James and I'm leaving you," Robert announced.

"What... this is fucking great, first the Marine and now my lover of two years decides to leave me at Christmas."

"It's been over for some time, Sean," Robert said coldly.

"Evidently, because you had time to find someone new," he angrily said.

"I'm sure you realize that he snores loudly and lasts for about five minutes when making love," Sean said to James, who blushed profusely.

"Do try not to be bitter, Sean, now if you'll excuse us," he abruptly said and left.

"Great...this is fucking great," he said slamming the door behind them.

He trudged down the hall to his bedroom and pulled another suitcase from the closet. He smiled when he saw how empty his closet was with Robert's clothes gone.

"I guess there is a silver lining to every dark cloud," he mused as he spread out his clothes that were crammed against the end of the pole.

It wasn't that he was upset over Robert, for that affair had been long over, he thought, but it was the Marine that he had to entertain.

"A fucking Marine," he muttered again as he shoved clothes into the last suitcase and struggled to close it. "Done and done," he happily said and then headed to the kitchen to make him something to eat.

He popped in a TV dinner, chicken, corn, mashed potatoes and gravy, and sighed as he looked at what it looked like.

"Just fucking great Robert, just fucking great," he murmured as he set the timer and wandered off to the living room.

His day had gone from bad to worse and now he had to eat somebody's rendition of a chicken dinner. He marched back into the kitchen, opened the microwave and tossed his would be dinner into the trash. He rifled through his junk drawer and found a take out order for Chinese and called in his order.

Thirty minutes later his dinner arrived, cold. "I can't win for losing," he grumbled and nuked the dinner.

Finally done eating and showered, he climbed into bed and set his alarm for five. His plane left at eight so five o'clock would give him plenty of time to shower, lug his suitcases down to the lobby and hail a taxi. He fluffed up the pillows, set them in the middle of the bed and snuggled up with the blankets.

"Another blessing Robert, I get the entire bed to myself and won't have to wear earplugs," he said with a wide smile and drifted off to sleep.


He arrived at the airport with plenty of time to spare, gave his bags to the attendant when he checked in his ticket and slowly walked trough security. Another twenty minutes in line to pass through the security check point and down the long walkway to his gate. He grabbed a seat and waited for the call to board and watched all the people that were arriving at his gate.

"Is there anyone sitting here," a handsome man of about forty asked.

"No sir," Sean said, grabbed his coat from the chair and placed it across his lap. "Heading to Massachusetts, eh?" he asked, smiling warmly at Sean.

"Yes, the Berkshires actually, I have an old country manor in Shelburne Falls, Massachusetts," Sean told him.

"I'm from Springfield myself, heading home for the holidays with my mother," he said. "How rude of me, the name's Garrett, Garrett Donaldson," he said and offering his hand to Sean.

"Sean Connolly, glad to meet you," Sean said warmly.

"Flight four thirty-six will now begin boarding, would all the first class passengers please step up to the desk and please have your boarding pass ready," a woman announced.

"It's been a pleasure to meet you, Garrett," Sean said, standing and shaking hands again with the man.

"I'm first class also," Garrett said, gathering his things and following behind Sean.

Sean surrendered his boarding pass and walked down the gangway to the plane, followed by Garrett. He looked at the numbers on his ticket and then those on the seats.

"May I help you find your seat, sir," a handsome young steward asked.

Sean stared into the most gorgeous blue eyes that he had ever seen and completely forgot to hand the steward his ticket.

"May I have your ticket please," he warmly asked Sean.

"Huh... oh yeah...sorry," Sean stammered and blushed as he handed the man his ticket.

"Right this way sir," he said and all Sean could do was stare at the young man's hard, round ass as he lead him down the aisle to his seat. "There you go sir, right next to the window," he said, motioning with his hand toward the empty seat.

As Sean passed in front of the steward, his hand grazed against the young man's crotch. Sean blushed and the steward just smiled at him. The steward reached over to lift the arm rest, allowing his hand to graze across Sean's ass, Sean smiled back at the man.

"As soon as the seatbelt sign goes off, I'll return to take your order for a drink," he said. "If you need anything, and I do mean anything, the name is Corey," he whispered to Sean.

"Sean and I'll be sure to remember that, Corey," Sean said with a wink.

Twenty-five minutes later, the plane was in the air and the sign was off. True to his word, Corey was back to ask what Sean would like to drink.

"A gin and tonic with a twist of lime would be great but seeing how those days are long over, I'll have a Coke," Sean said, smiling at the handsome man, who winked in return.

A couple of minutes later Corey returned with the Coke and set it on the table before Sean, along with a piece of paper. Sean looked at the note, up to Corey and he smiled when Corey winked. He opened the note and smiled when he read it...

Meet me in the front restroom in five minutes for initiation into the mile high club, if interested. Corey

Sean looked up and saw Corey looking at him and Sean slowly nodded his head. Sean glanced down at his watch, eight nineteen it read and he hurried down his Coke. At twenty-four minutes past eight, Sean got up and made his way to the restroom that Corey had mentioned. He looked up at the light to see if it was occupied, it wasn't, and he pushed open the door and stepped in.

When he slid the lock over, the light came on and he nearly jumped when he saw Corey standing there. Not a word was spoken, as Corey set about undressing Sean and then himself.

"Are you sure that this is safe... I mean won't you be missed?"

"Claire, the other first class attendant, she knows I'm gay and takes over for me when I do this," Corey said and then pulled Sean to him in a heated kiss.

The kiss was long and delicious and when Corey broke it, he trailed kisses down the length of Sean's neck, and when he reached his shoulder, he nibbled softly on Sean's tender skin. Sean moaned softy and gasped when he felt Corey's teeth nibbling on his nipple. He entwined his fingers through Corey's hair and held his mouth close to his nipple.

Corey was a pro Sean thought as he kissed and worked his way down to Sean's cock. After he licked the head and shaft as if a lollipop, Corey quickly engulfed the swollen knob with his mouth and moved down the shaft until his nose was buried in Sean's pubes.

"It's been a long time since I've had any sex, Corey," Sean whispered and Corey made a sound that was not understandable.

Corey knew his was around a man's cock and soon he felt the head swelling. He knew he had Sean close, so he dropped his cock and stood up.

"Dammit babe, I was just about to cum," Sean moaned sadly.

"I know," Corey said, turned around and offered Sean his ass.

Sean reached over for a glob of hand soap and rubbed it around his aching cock. He placed the head to Corey's rosebud and then gave a healthy thrust. Corey moaned in ecstasy was Sean's cock impaled him.

Sean started out slowly with his fucking, building quickly into a frenzied fuck that had them both moaning and groaning. Sean reached around Corey's torso, grabbed his cock and fisted it to the same rhythm that he was fucking with.

"Slow down have me so close," Corey moaned and Sean slowed his rhythm, wanting to prolong his ride for as long as possible.

He pulled his cock from Corey's ass, moved the two of them around and sat Corey down on his throbbing cock. While Corey hopped vigorously up and down on Sean's manhood, Sean suckled and nibbled on Corey's nipples.

"I'm close baby... cum with me," Corey whispered against Sean's lips.

All the while they kiss, both men climaxed, spewing their seed as ecstasy overtook them.

"Dammit Corey I needed that," Sean said as they struggled in the confined space to dress.

"Not as much as I did, baby boy," Corey said before he kissed Sean passionately.

Dazed and still reeling from the sex, Sean moved awkwardly back to his seat. A few moments later, the curtain opened and Corey stepped through it with a gin and tonic for Sean.

"Not a word now, handsome," Corey whispered as he set the drink down on the table.

"Thank you Corey for everything," he whispered back and Corey gave him a familiar wink before disappearing back behind the privacy curtain that separated the forward cabin from first class.

"Thank you for flying with us," Corey said to Sean, has he disembarked the plane.

"Thank you for making this the best flight that I have ever had," Sean said in return.

Sean left the airport after retrieving his luggage and found the rental car stand just outside the terminal. It was a crystal clear day, cold, but not a hint of clouds in the sky as he stepped up to sign for his rental car. He drove away smiling, hoping that his return trip would find him flying again with Corey on board.

"How was your flight, sport," Garrett asked, with a smirk that told Sean he knew what Sean had done.

" was yours?" he asked.

"Fine, but I wish I had joined the club," he said with a wink and vanished into the crowd that was getting on a shuttle bus.

Sean walked over to the rental car, through his bags in the trunk and got into the car that was already warmed up for him. He glanced at the clock in the dash and it read five after eleven. He settled in and drove away, knowing that he had another hour or so before he arrived at his house.


As Sean approached his home in the Berkshires, the ground was covered with a fresh blanket of snow. The sun's rays were blinding as they danced off the snow. He looked off in the distance and saw his house, smoke rose from the chimney and he smiled. It would be warm inside, Jason, the man that lived down the road had been diligent in getting the house ready for his arrival.

"Why did I leave this town," Sean asked himself as he turned up the long, winding drive.

The pine trees bowed majestically with snow as if they knew that he was coming home. Jason had decorated the house with fresh garlands of pine and spruce, mixed with white lights, just as Sean had requested. All the windows had a wreath and a burning candle, which seem to give the two hundred year old house a touch of the Currier and Ives appearance.

"Welcome home, Mr. Connolly," Jason said in greeting, as Sean got out of the car. "Everything has been done as you requested," he added as he shook hands with Sean.

"Thank you so much, Jason, the house looks fabulous," Sean remarked as he took in the appearance of his house, with all the Christmas trimmings. "What kind of tree were you able to get?"

"A very majestic blue spruce and it stands just shy of ten feet tall, sir," Jason said proudly. "But where is Mr. Williams?" he asked, referring to Robert.

"We are no longer together, Jason," Sean happily said, causing Jason to arch a brow.

"I'm so sorry sir," he said sincerely.

"I'm not so please don't you be sorry either," Sean said. "It's a long story and let's just say this, goodbye to bad trash," he added.

"A story that I would love to hear while you are here sir, and I am sure that Carl will also," he said, referring to his own life partner.

"Oh, before I forget, I have a young Marine soldier coming to spend the holiday season with me," he said and again, Jason raised a brow. "No, no, it's nothing like that," he said and went on to explain the entire saga of Michael and how he had come to be entertaining the young man.

"When are you going to come back and take the helm of the town paper?" Jason asked, reminding Sean of the newspaper that had been a part of his family for as long as there had been a Connolly in Shelburne Falls.

"From the way I felt yesterday, Jason, I would say that I was home to stay. I had the worse day ever in all the time that I have been at the magazine, and to top it all off, Robert left me just as I walked into the apartment."

"Well let's get you inside where it's warm, and get one of Carl's hot toddies into you."

"Now that sounds grand," Sean said and followed Jason into the house.

The foyer was grand, a spiral staircase straight ahead and a towering blue spruce stood in the curve. It had been exquisitely decorated with various, antique ornaments that had been in Sean's family for generations.

"My God Jason, you and Carl have out done yourselves," Sean gasped as he feasted his eyes upon the tree.

The banister was trimmed with a pine and spruce garland, which had white lights intertwined and it perfectly matched the tree. Sean turned to his right and gazed at a smaller, nine foot tree that stood beside the lighted fireplace. The mantle was covered with sprigs of spruce and Douglas fir bows, mixed with various fruit and dried flowers. Candle light glowed, giving a soft warm feeling to the room, causing Sean to close his eyes and remember years gone by when he celebrated the holidays with his parents, when Shelburne House had been theirs.

"It is so good to be home, Jason," Sean said, and smiled when Carl came into the room, baring his famous hot toddy.

"Welcome home Sean, welcome home," Carl said sweetly and placed a soft kiss to both of Sean's cheeks before giving him the drink and still holding another for what have been for Robert. "Where is that charming mate of yours?" he asked, looking through the doorway into the foyer.

"We broke up and before you say another word, it was to long in coming," he said before Carl could burst into tears.

Carl was the sensitive one and he still cried, even after Sean told him about how Robert had cheated on him.

"Well regardless of the reasons, breakups are never easy," Carl said, cuddling close to Jason and resting his head against Jason's arm.

Sean sat with the two men and explained in detail about the soldier and sighed when he got to the part that he would be there until after the first.

"You could get lucking and he could turn out to be gay," Carl said, for he was always the hopeless romantic.

"My God Carl, he's a fucking Marine, and Marines are all male and never gay," Sean adamantly stated as if he were an authority on the Marines.

"Oh nonsense, Marines are like any other man, they just do a better job at hiding their sexuality," he stated as he if was the authority.

"Well I highly doubt that he is, Carl, and I am not looking to get right back into the fire of a relationship," he too adamantly stated. "Besides, if I want comfort of the sexual sort, I am sure that I can always count on you and Jason," he added.

Carl and Jason were men in their early forties and have managed to keep their bodies up through the years. Although Carl tended to be the feminine one, he was still quite striking in looks. He stood just about five-six and was slender, slender as if he had been a swimmer all his life. His hair was a copper color, thick and with a tendency to curl and had the most hypnotizing green eyes that Sean had ever seen.

Now Jason was all man, he stood six-two and had broad shoulders, rich brown hair and eyes and smile that could stop a train in its tracks. He had been the first person that Sean had come out to, and he and Carl had initiated Sean into the world of gay sex. He and Sean had taken turns fucking Carl, a dedicated bottom.

"You know sweetie, we both look forward to time spent with you, sexually as well as friends," Carl said, placing his warm hand on Sean's knee and giving it a squeeze. "My derriere can still feel you from the last time you were in it," he said and blushed profusely at his remark.

"Carl please, remember yourself," Jason scolded, "you don't want to embarrass the boy," he added.

"He's not embarrassing me Jason, and I do look forward to sharing a romantic evening with the two men that taught me all I know about gay sex."

"I doubt that what you know came all from us, but thank you Sean," Jason said laughing. "Now if you'll excuse us, we have our own tree to get to," Jason stood and after Carl and Sean did also, they all shared a warm and lustful kiss goodbye.

"I'm sure that we will see you later sweetie," Carl said and gave Sean's crotch a hearty fondling.

"I remember, dinner promptly at six and desert upstairs in the bedroom to follow," Sean said and chuckled when Carl blushed again.

He closed the door softly behind them and turned, leaning against the door as he contemplated the next two weeks with his Marine.

"My God, a fucking Marine," he muttered and taking his luggage, he went upstairs to his bedroom.


"Dinner was fabulous Jason, I must remember to tell Carl so," Sean said, looking over at the empty place at the table. "I'm so sorry to hear about his mother," he added.

"Well she's getting on in years and when her neighbor called to say she fell, we had no idea how bad she was. I was going to go with him, but he insisted that I stay, and to make sure that I showed you a good time after dinner."

"Are you sure Jason, because I think it better that we wait for Carl so that he can enjoy it with us," Sean said, feeling like he was doing something dreadful behind Carl's back.

"I told him the same thing Sean, but he just scolded me and left," Jason said laughing, reaching over and placing his hand firmly to the nape of Sean's neck, pulling him into a passionate kiss.

"This will be like old times Jason, when I was thirteen and had just come out to you." Sean said, walking hand in hand upstairs to Jason and Carl's bedroom.

"I remember Sean, and I also remember how hard you worked to convince me that it was alright for me to go to bed with you."

"I remember how you kept telling me that I was just a kid and should wait until I was older to have sex."

"I still feel that what we did was wrong and hell boy, I would still be in prison if we had gotten caught," Jason said.

"But we didn't get caught and you were so gentle and caring with me, as you taught me how two men loved one another."

"It was a loving time for us, wasn't it," Jason asked as he led Sean into his bedroom. "I remember how you screamed like a girl the first time I sunk my cock into your virgin ass. Do you still scream like that?" he asked and Sean shook his head and smiled.

Sean stepped up to Jason and slowly unbuttoned his shirt, while Jason did the same to Sean. Sean splayed his finger through the dark brown hair that covered Jason's chest, thickly, pausing at his nipples to give them a tweak.

"I love all your hair, Jason, it makes feel warm and secure," Sean purred as he laid his cheek against the richness of Jason's hair and closing his eyes for but a moment.

Sean stepped back and saw how the moonlight played upon the room as it filtered in through the window. It softy touched upon Jason's exposed chest, as if caressing it with his fingers of light.

Sean's hands slowly undid Jason's jeans; Sean placed his thumbs into the waistband, and eased them down to his pool around his ankles. He could always count on Jason going commando, and Sean dropped to his knees in adoration of the man before him, taking his soft cock into his mouth.

Jason gasped when Sean fully engulfed his cock, entwining his fingers through Sean's lush head of hair. The moon's light made Sean's hair look like strands of gold as Sean's head bobbed up and down on Jason's cock, quickly getting it to its full hardness.

"How I have missed that mouth of yours, Sean," Jason whispered his voice thick with lust as he moved slowly in and out of Sean's mouth.

Sean sucked hard and slow on Jason's cock while his hand gently fondled his low hanging balls. Jason moaned, he was getting close and he didn't want to cum in Sean's mouth. Jason wanted to make love to the lad, and take his time as he replayed in his mind that first time many, many years ago with Sean.

He pulled his cock from Sean's eager mouth, helped him to his feet and finished undressing him before he lifted him into his arms. As their mouths met in a lustful kiss, Jason walked with Sean to the bed and gently set him down upon it. Jason crawled in and covered Sean's body with his, again capturing Sean's mouth with a kiss.

"Mmmmm, make love to me, Jason," Sean whispered against Jason's lips.

Jason reached over to a bedside table, took out the lube and a condom. He sat up between Sean's spread leg and gently lubed Sean's ass.

"No condom this time, Jason," Sean whispered as Jason's fingers moved around in Sean's ass. "I want to feel you inside me and when you shoot, I want to feel each burst as you fuck me."

"Are you sure honey, and I can assure you that both Carl and I are clean of all disease."

"So am I handsome, I just got back my results last week," he replied. "So please, would you bareback me, honey?"

"I'd love to sweetie, but lets keep this between you and I, ok?"

"Ok Jason, for I would not ever want to hurt Carl," Sean said. "How do you want me, on my back or stomach," Sean asked.

"Just as you are so I can look into your gorgeous blue eyes and kiss you as I slide my cock into you," Jason said, lowering his cock to Sean's entrance and his lips to Sean's, thrusting in fully as his tongue dueled with Sean's.

Sean arched his back when fully impaled, and he grabbed the sheet in his fists as Jason began his slow rhythm. Jason always marveled at how Sean could take every inch of his twelve inch cock, when Carl barely took ten of it.

"You let me know if I am hurting you, babe," Jason said and he could see that Sean was in another world all together as Jason's cock moved effortlessly in and out of him.

Sean wrapped his legs around Jason's waist and thrust his ass up each time that Jason plunged his cock in. They moved together as one in mind, body and soul, and Sean reminisced about his first time with Jason when he was just fourteen.

Jason could see how Sean's eyes were glossing over and he knew how much he loved the boy. Had he not been dating Carl then, he would have asked Sean to be his mate, but Sean had aspirations of greater things than what this little town and its country newspaper could offer him. So Jason had remained content having Sean whenever they could sneak away, and in later years, when Sean would come home for a visit, they would always get together.

"Fuck me Jason...harder, faster...oh fuck I'm gonna cum," Sean howled, feeling his balls tightening as his seed churned for release. "Aaaagggghhhh fuck I'm cumming," he shouted and erupted with volcanic force between their bodies.

That was all it took to push Jason over the edge and he too erupted deep within Sean. "Take it baby...oh fuuuuuuuuck take it," Jason cried out and blasted Sean's insides with a massive release of cum.

Both men were heaving and thrusting as their climax took them to paradise. Sean was the first to end his climax and he pulled Jason down to his cum covered chest and kissed the man heatedly as Jason spewed the last of his seed in him.

"Have you any idea how much I have been in love with you," Jason asked after, while they cuddled close together. "If you had been eighteen instead of fourteen, I would have asked you to be my mate instead of Carl."

Sean was taken back by Carl's confession, for he too had been in love with the man back then. But when he and Carl moved in together, he figured that Jason had chosen Carl over him. They went a long time before Jason introduced Carl into his love affair with Sean. At first Sean and Jason had to pretend like it first happened so that Carl didn't think that Jason had cheated on him. But as time went on and the three of them continued their tryst, Carl grew comfortable with the three of them having sex.

"Why didn't you ever tell me Jason that you were in love with me, because I was so in love with you also? Now babe, I could never hurt Carl, for I love him as much as you," Sean said, resting his face against Jason's fur covered chest.

"Don't get me wrong honey, I am in love with Carl, but you were the first one that I loved," Jason confessed and tenderly...passionately kissed Sean.

"Come spend the night, darling," Sean asked, noticing the time.

"I can't, it would be wrong for Carl to come home and find me sleeping with you in your bed. He knows that you and I were going to do this, and he approved, but he would not approve of something as intimate as spending the night together as if mates." Jason explained and Sean completely understood.

"I understand Jason, but sadly, I must return home so that I can get some sleep before Ranger Rick arrives tomorrow."

"The rangers are the army, and you are getting a Marine," Jason reminded him, kissing him one last time before they got up and got dressed. "So babe, are we on for Christmas shopping tomorrow," he asked.

"Sure, but seeing how its so late, let make it for twelve," he said and Jason agreed.


Sean was sound asleep when he was startled by the ringing of his doorbell. He jumped from the bed and gazed at his clock, twelve-fifteen it read.

"Shit, I was suppose to go with Jason and Carl today to Christmas shop," he said and through on a pair of boxers and ran down the stairs to explain.

When he got to the bottom of the stairs, he paused a moment to fuss with his bed head hair. Sighing that it was as good as it was going to be without a shower, he flung open the front door.

"I just got up and..." he froze mid-sentence, when he saw a Marine standing there in his dress blues, and his eyes were taking in Sean's half naked body.

"I sorry that I am a day early, but Mr. Reynolds assured me that it would be alright," the handsome Marine said, turning his back so that he didn't embarrass Sean any more than he already was.

"Huh...Reynolds...oh my God, you're the soldier that is coming for the holidays," Sean gasped, standing back and glowing a rich red from embarrassment. "Come in...shit... sorry but come in the air is freezing," he said and stepped aside to let the young man in.

"Is it an old New England custom to greet all visitors this way," he mused.

"No and you weren't expected until tomorrow, Michael, so you get what you get, sorry," Sean said a bit angrily and closing the door a bit too hard. "Now if you'll excuse me, I'll go throw something on and make myself more presentable," he said, taking his time as the climbed the stairs.

He could feel Michael's eyes on him as he went, "you do know its not polite to stare," he snapped and continued up without turning to look back.

"Yes sir...sorry sir," Michael said and chuckled at Sean's embarrassment.

Chapter 2
1  3  4

Sean took the quickest shower in his personal history and scurried into a pair of jeans, sweater and then hurried down the stairs. He found the Marine standing just where he had left him with his suitcase on the floor beside him.

"First off Michael, I'm sorry for the rude way that I greeted you," Sean said apologetically offering his hand to the soldier. "I'm Sean," he added and flinched when he shook hands with the man.

"Michael Fitzgerald sir," he said standing tall and looking directly into Sean's eyes. "Are you Mary Bennett's son?" he asked.

"No, and about this contest and Mary Bennett, come on into the living room and let me explain," Sean sighed as he lead the Marine into the room.

"Wow, I must say that you really do love Christmas. I loved the tree in the foyer and this one is just as beautiful," Michael remarked.

"Thank you, and as much as I would like to take credit for them, it's my friends next door that do my decorating. I live in New York so I don't have the time to do it myself before coming up here."

Sean took a seat by the fire and offered the opposite chair to Michael. Even in his uniform, Michael presented himself quite commanding, what with his height and broad shoulders. Sean figured him to be around six-four or five and damn was he put together.

"Now about the contest...I am Mary Bennett," Sean said, deciding that truthfulness was the better part of valor.

"Excuse me, but you write all those wonderful articles and recipes?" a stunned Michael asked.

"Yes," Sean said and went on to tell all about his schooling and finally finding a job with Culinary Magazine.

He also explained how this was supposed to be his vacation and that Michael had been sprung on him at the last minute by Mr. Reynolds.

"I'm sorry sir for the inconvenience and I'm sure that I can find me a hotel room," Michael said, standing and turning to leave.

" God Michael, Reynolds would fire me if he even suspected that you know everything that I just told you. Besides, you won't find a room around here for fifty miles, what with it being Christmas time."

"But I have terribly ruined your vacation by being sprung on you."

"Michael, listen to me please. You have not ruined my vacation; it was either entertain you or lose my job."

"So I'm the lesser of two evils, is that what you're saying?" a very perturbed Michael asked.

"This is going anything like I wanted it to go," he said and then his doorbell rang. "Now who is here," he asked, completely forgetting about Jason and Carl.

But before he could get up and answer the door, Jason and Carl came barging in like a summer storm.

"Yoo-hoo sweetie... and I do hope that you are indecent," Carl shouted as he came flamboyantly into the room. "Oh! Oh my...a soldier," he said with surprise as his eyes drank in Michael's handsomeness. "Introduce us to the yummy man," he added and Jason slapped his forehead, already knowing just who the soldier was.

"I'll take him out and get back to you later, Sean," Jason said as he struggled to pull Carl from the room.

"What are you doing rude of you," Carl scolded as he tried to pull his arm from Jason's grasp.

"I'll explain it to you outside," he said through clinched teeth.

"Never mind Jason, its probably better if you stay and save my life," Sean said, giving a sorrowful glance at Michael.

"Michael, this is Jason, Carl, they are my neighbors," he said sitting down and wishing that he could disappear.

"Charmed to meet you, handsome," Carl said as he ran his hand gently up Michael's arm.

Michael arched a brow and glanced over at Sean after glancing at Carl and Jason. Sean could read exactly what he was thinking in his eyes.

"Yes Michael, they're gay and so am I," he said. "Now if you would rather stay somewhere else, I'll be happy to pay for your accommodations," Sean reluctantly said, knowing that his job was lost if word of this ever got back to Reynolds.

But Michael did not have a chance to answer, because the doorbell rang once again. Sean threw his hands up into the air and went over to look out of the window.

"'s my boss Mr. Reynolds," Sean said in a panic. "Jason, Carl, would you please leave through the back door and I'll get back to you as soon as I can get rid of him," he begged with hand folded as if in prayer.

"No problem sweetie," Jason said, grabbing Carl by the arm and pulling him out of the room.

Without a word being spoken, Michael hurried to the front door and opened it.

"Good day sir, come on in," he said to Reynolds.

"Where is Sean?" he asked looking at Michael.

"He had to attend to something and asked if I'd get the door," he lied and Sean sighed.

"I'm Frank Reynolds, editor and chief of the Culinary Digest," he said offering his hand to Michael.

"Michael Fitzgerald sir, Lt. Michael Fitzgerald," he corrected and shook Reynolds' hand firmly.

"I wasn't expecting you, Mr. Reynolds," Sean said, when he stepped into the foyer.

"I was on my way to Montreal for the holiday and decided to stop by and meet this year's winner of the contest and to see your charming home," he said looking around the foyer and particularly at the tree.

Sean led them both through his house, showed Michael which room he would be using and when the tour was finished, Reynolds whispered, not so softy, to Michael... "is he making you feel at home," and Sean cringed, waiting for the hammer to fall if Michael told Reynolds about Jason and Carl, and more so about his own sexuality.

"He has been the most charming of hosts sir," Michael said and Sean exhaled softly.

"Well I do expect your letter telling me how you enjoyed your stay after the holidays, young man. Now gentlemen, I must be on my way before the wife sends out a search party for me."

Sean walked Reynolds out to his rental car and waited until he was gone before going back inside. He had some explaining to do to Michael. He also needed to thank him for his kindness for not giving away his secret.

"Michael, I can..." but the living room was empty when he walked into it.

He looked around the room and noticed that Michael's luggage was missing, so he assumed that he had gone up to his room. He climbed the stairs and walked down the hall rehearsing in his mind what he would say to Michael.

Sean knocked on the door and waited for Michael to answer it. "Come in," Michael called out and Sean entered the bedroom.

Michael was unpacking his suitcase and placing his clothes into the drawers of a dresser that Sean had told him to use.

"I need to thank you for saving my job, Michael," Sean said from the doorway, watching Michael as he placed the last of his things into the drawer. "If you had ever hinted at what had gone on here earlier, I would have been fired in a New York minute," he added.

Michael had removed his dress coat and was wearing just his dress shirt and trousers, and every muscle his body had showed. Michael had the body of a man that knew hard sessions of working out, for his arms, legs and chest showed the results of his efforts at maintaining what God had blessed him with. Sean looked at his short brown hair and luscious brown eyes and he wanted to melt into those eyes.

"Get over here," Michael said sternly.

"Why?" Sean nervously asked.

"Get your ass over here," Michael said once again, standing tall with his hands on his hips.

"I...I am here, Michael," Sean stammered.

"Come closer...right here," he ordered and pointed to the spot in front of him.

Sean moved to stand a closer to him. Michael stepped forward, placed his hands on Sean's shoulders, and pulled Sean to him. Sean felt the rugged hardness of Michael's body, but he also felt the vitality of his heat and his masculinity. He felt it through his own clothes, through Michael's clothes, and Michael's cock was pulsing against Sean's. Sean's eyes locked with those of Michael's, he stood wide eyed, speechless, his chest was pressed tightly to Michael's, where he felt Michael's heart pounding, matching the very rhythm of his own.

Michael smiled, it was a manly, rugged smile, and as if time moved with animation, Michael lowered his lips to Sean's.

Oddly, Sean expected the kiss to be heated, commanding, but it was light, as if his lips had been brushed with a feather's touch. Sean sighed, and the kiss deepened when Michael's tongue brushed demandingly against Sean's lips, demanding that they open. Sean parted his lips, his teeth and instantly, Michael's tongue penetrated his mouth and took dominion of Sean's.

It was then that their hunger and need rose and Michael's tongue pressed deeper into Sean's mouth, filling it with a fiery passion. Sean was consumed with the fire as Michael's mouth moved over his, his lips searing Sean's. Suddenly Michael's tongue became an instrument which ignited raging fires everywhere it touched as it moved from is mouth, over to his ear, and then caressingly down the length of his neck, stopping at the collar of his shirt.

Michael stepped back and his fingers moved to the buttons of his shirt. One by one they moved casually, seductively down the length of Sean's shirt, and when totally freed, Michael's splayed his hands across Sean's chest and eased the shirt over Sean's shoulders, letting it fall to the floor.

Never once did Sean move his eyes from Michael's as Michael undid Sean's jeans and shoved them down, letting them puddle around his ankles. Sean stepped from them, kicking them aside.

"You're so damn handsome," Michael whispered, with his hands resting gently on Sean's shoulders, and his eyes taking in the beauty of the man that stood before him.

Sean blushed and his nipples grew taut and tall.

Michael lowered his lips down to the sensitive nubs, caressed one with his tongue, and then nibbled it before sucking it into his mouth, causing Sean to moan in delight.

"You don't have to do this Michael," Sean heard himself whispering, but inside his mind he was saying 'yes you do'.

"Yes I do handsome," Michael whispered, his voice husky with lust. "No commitment necessary," he added before he took control of the other nipple.

'No strings, is this what I am coming to?' he asked himself mentally as Michael tortured his nipple. 'Just a future of one night stands,' he added and sighed, hating his ex all the more for having left him.

Michael's tongue was now moving again, moving further downward and leaving a trail of burning flesh behind it. Something inside Sean erupted deliciously. Fire was coursing through him...filling and consuming him. Sean felt ashamed, no it was more, and he felt like a slut.

Here he was about to give his body to a man that he'd met but a few hours before. Never in his life had he ever gone to bed with a man that he'd just met, he had always insisted that they get to know one another first, not even Robert did he sleep with before knowing him a month.

Robert, he had allowed Robert to move in with him, thinking, no believing that they would spend the rest of their lives together. But alas, it was not to be, because Robert was needy, he needed variety of men in his life to make him happy and feel desired. Sean had always strived to make Robert feel like he was the only man on earth that he would ever desire.

'My God what am I doing here with Michael,' he asked himself and then inhaled sharply, when he felt the heat of Michael's mouth as it engulfed his cock.

He looked down at the young man that knelt before him and watched as his cock moved heatedly in and out of Michael's mouth. Sean moved his fingers over the softness of what hair Michael still had and moaned, feeling his edge moving closer as the handsome Marine worked his magic on his throbbing cock.

"I'm close fucking close," he warned.

Michael dropped his cock, stood and lifted Sean up and into his muscular arms, walking over to the bed and gently setting him down upon it. Sean lay there watching as Michael hurriedly disrobed. He stood momentarily naked, Sean gasped at the length and girth of Michael's manhood. Sean had always thought that Jason's cock was the biggest he'd seen, but Michael's beat it by a good two inches.

"I'll be gentle Sean," Michael whispered as he moved atop Sean, having seen the fear in his eyes.

Seen could only nod, but more so, he wanted it in him.

Sean relished the fire that was threatening to consume him, as Michael resumed his caressing down his body with his tongue. His very insides shook, trembled, and something deep inside him burned uncontrollably with need, a need for this man's cock to be buried deep inside him.

Suddenly he felt his legs moving up and onto Michael's shoulders and then Michael's tongue caressed and delve into Sean's velvet sheath. Sean's head was tossing to and fro as Michael made love to his ass with his tongue. In his mind, Sean knew that he was not this man's first, nor would he be his last. Had Michael not said, 'no strings attached' he reminded himself as his body, mind and soul became lost forever to Michael.

Sean came back from his thoughts to find Michael's mouth taking his prisoner as he kissed Sean heatedly. "I promise not to give more than you can take," Sean heard Michael whisper as he felt his engorged manhood moving into his heat.

Sean arched his back, his head tossed backward as Michael held himself up on his hands and his cock moved inch by painful inch into Sean's stretching sheath. Sean's fingers dug into Michael's shoulders and he cried out when he felt Michael's balls resting against his own.

"That's it baby...I haven't anymore to give you," Michael said as if in shock, unable to believe that Sean had taken every inch of him, for it was something that no other man had ever been able to do. "Are you alright, my beautiful baby boy," Michael sincerely asked and Sean nodded, his eyes clouding with tears, as he willed away the pain and let it be replaced with ecstasy.

He had done it; he had taken all of Michael. He smiled up at the handsome, young soldier and nodded.

"I'm fine make love to me," Sean whispered, and then pulled Michael's lips to his in a passionate kiss.

Michael slowly withdrew and then thrusts slow and easy into Sean, letting him get use to his size. Sean wrapped his legs about Michael, began moving to meet Michael's thrusts, and needing all of Michael's cock inside him. He was here because he wanted to be and if all that Michael could or would give him was a few weeks of unbridled sex with no promises of love, then so be it. Robert had cheated on him and left him, so Sean wanted to be desired.

Michael was moving faster and harder into Sean and his thrusts were hungry and every inch a man. Michael had caused a fire in Sean, and it was something that Robert and the few other men in his life, including Jason, had never done before. Sean felt that he would soon erupt in a burning mass of flesh as Michael's cock thrust unmercifully into his tortured sheath.

It felt like just moments that they had been fucking, but in reality, it had been over thirty minutes that Michael had been ravaging Sean's insides. Sean could feel each stab, each violent caress of his inner nub and he was about to explode with such violence that he screamed.

"Aaaaagggghhhhh cumming," he screamed out, dug his nails into Michael's shoulders, and while he kissed him, Sean erupted with volcanic force.

He had never experienced such a climax, such volume of cum as he was now experiencing with Michael. Then he knew why, Michael was one hundred percent male, and there wasn't a single feminine thread of flesh or sinew in the man.

"Fuuuuuuuuck cumming baby love," Michael howled with dominance and thrust one more time, stayed and blasted violently into Sean's love canal, before he began to thrust hard, fast and deep again.

Sean felt each blast, each violent thrust as Michael spewed his seed deep into Sean's bowels. Sean's hips thrust as fast to meet each thrust that Michael gave him, both moaning in ecstasy until exhaustion claimed them.

Michael fell hard and heavy onto Sean, knocking the very breath from and claiming it as his mouth stole Sean's. Sean's arms held a strangling grip around Michael's sinewed neck while Michael's hands cupped Sean's ass and pulled him ever closer, Michael's cock still embedded deeply in Sean.

"Damn baby boy, that was one hot fuck," Michael huskily said as he pulled his spent cock from Sean.

Somehow Michael's statement made Sean feel cheap and used, as if he had been a whore, paid to satisfy this man.

"Let me up... I need a shower," Sean said coldly, struggling to free himself from Michael and get as far away as he could.

Sean was on his feet and picking up his clothes as he moved toward the door, when Michael knew that something was wrong. Sean pulled the door open and paused but a breath of time when Michael called out to him.

"Stay baby boy...please, we have only just begun to explore our possibilities," Michael said, Sean, without turning to face Michael, shook his head and then left, closing the door behind him.


Sean let the warm water of the shower move over him, as his tears joined the falling water that cascaded down his face. What had he expected, a down on one knee proposal? He had just met the soldier, and then all hell had broken loose in the house.

"Just enjoy the sex and say goodbye when he leaves," he whispered as he washed away the scent of Michael and the last of the remnants of their sex.

When he was dressed, he hurried downstairs to prepare dinner. He had forgotten that he had invited Jason and Carl for dinner, and now he had another guest to add to the dinner. Would Carl or Jason know that he and Michael had had sex? he wondered as he moved silently to the kitchen.

He was busy at the stove cooking when Michael's strong arms encircled his waist and his pelvis pushed seductively against Sean's ass.

"What happened, Sean, why did you run away so quickly after we fucked," Michael whispered into his ear, his chin resting on Sean's shoulder.

"I suddenly remembered that I had invited Jason and Carl for dinner and it was getting late. I had planned a standing rib roast and now its to late so I needed to figure out a different menu," he lied, turning in Michael's arms and looking up into his eyes.

"Are you sure baby boy?"

"Hey soldier boy, no strings attached, right?" Sean said, repeating Michael's words back to him.

"Yeah right... no strings," Michael said, and inside he regretted every word of what he said.

Michael had never met a man like Sean, and now he found himself falling for the man. Yes he had demanded that there be no strings, because he too knew the sting of betrayal, for it had been just over a year that his own man had cheated on him with another soldier, his best friend.

"Sean listen..."

"I'd love to handsome, but the guys will be arriving in less than an hour and I have tons of cooking to do. So make yourself at home while I get this dinner going," Sean said, turning back to the stove and hopefully forgetting the sting of Michael's words.

Michael sat at the kitchen table and watched how effortlessly Sean moved about the room as he prepared the feast. Forty minutes later, the doorbell rang and Michael stood.

"I'll get it for you," he said and hurried from the kitchen.

"Good afternoon... Jason and Carl, right?" Michael asked and both men nodded as they entered the foyer.

"How are you Michael," Jason asked and Carl blushed.

"I'm fine sir, Sean is in the kitchen cooking," Michael told them and followed them back to the kitchen.

"Can you use any help," Carl asked when he entered the kitchen, giving a quick kiss to Sean's cheek and grabbing an apron from the hook.

"I've got it pretty much under control, so why don't you get us all a drink," Sean suggested, still refusing to turn to face Michael.

Carl poured a delightful wine for him and Sean, while Jason grabbed two beers for him and Michael. Dinner was well on its way, so Sean sat beside Michael at the table and the four of them talked. Their conversation was generic, all of them avoiding what happened earlier.

Carl watched how Michael and Sean interacted, or rather didn't, and he came to the conclusion that they had done the deed already and that it did not go over well.

"They had sex and I don't think that it went well with Sean," Carl whispered to Jason when he had the chance alone with his husband.

"Now what gives you that opinion," Jason whispered back asking.

"Watch how they both seem to avoid the other's eyes. Even though they are sitting next to each other, they are light years apart," Carl reasoned and Jason nodded, for he too had noticed it, so he decided to get Michael from room long enough for Carl to talk with Sean.

"Hey Michael, how about you and I take a walk out to the sugar house and have a look around," Jason suggested. "Sean's family has been producing maple syrup for generations in that old sugar house," he added, leading Michael back to the foyer and their coats.

"Ok mister, out with it," Carl demanded once the two were gone.

"Whatever are you talking about, Carl?" Sean asked, unable to meet his eyes.

"You know perfectly well what I am talking about, you and Michael had sex and I have a sneaking feeling that it did not go well," Carl said, his hands resting on his hips.

"Oh Carl," Sean said and flung himself into Carl's arms, crying.

He cried hard and when he had finished, he told Carl all that had transpired between them, and ending with Michael's demand of no strings.

"Oh sweetie, what did you expect from a complete stranger, hearts and flowers? You two just met and you go and hop into the bed with the boy? That is so not you," Carl said with a hint of scolding to his voice.

"I know Carl, but it just happened so fast. I went into his room to see if he needed anything and the next thing I know, his cock is balls deep in my ass and he's fucking me. By the way, he makes Jason look small," he said and couldn't help but blush.

"Really, and were you able to take him?" a stunned Carl asked with excited eyes looking at Sean.

"Every fat sensuous inch," Sean said and again he blushed. "But that was the thing Hun, he made it very clear that he was fucking me and not making love," Sean said and again the tears threatened his eyes.

"You are just getting over the shock of losing that cheating louse Robert and now you find yourself having sex with a Marine. At least you have good taste, for that boy is one hell of a man. My God does he look as good naked as he did dressed?"

"Better, and what a body of muscles," Sean said as if seeing Michael naked right there before him. "He's the first man with an eight pack that I have ever seen," he shared. "And what a fur carpet that boy has, he could certainly keep a man warm on a cold winter night," he added.

"Who could keep who warm on a cold winter night?" Jason asked as he and Michael re-entered the kitchen.

"This cute chocolate lab that I saw at the Mall earlier," Carl lied, Sean blushed, and neither Jason nor Michael believed him, but neither made a comment, only laughed as if in agreement.

Michael knew that Carl and Sean had been talking about him and what they had shared, and inwardly, he smiled. He knew it to be so, for why else would Sean be blushing? he reasoned.

"If you tell me where the dishes are, Jason and I will set the table," Michael asked, but Carl was quicker.

"Done already Mickey," Carl said and Michael grimaced.

"It's Michael, not Mickey," he corrected, causing Carl to blush. "My step father always called me that and I grew to hate it," he added without further explanation.

"Sorry Michael, I won't make that mistake again," Carl said curtly.

"I'm not offended sir, it's that I really hate that nickname," he said smiling at Carl.

"Carl, would you go pour the wine for the dinner while I get these dishes of food out to the table," Sean asked and handed both Jason and Michael a dish to carry also.


Dinner was over and Jason and Carl had gone home. Sean turned to Michael and he saw a spark in his eyes.

"It's been a long day and I'm tired, so would you mind if I went to bed," Sean asked in the foyer, and not daring to be alone with the man.

"I'm ready for bed also," Michael said with a warm smile.

He accompanied Sean as he went about shutting off lights and then stopped at the bottom of the stairs to turn off the tree's lights. He took Sean's hand in his as they walked up the stairs. Sean could feel the fire rekindling and it alarmed him. When they got to Michael's bedroom door, Michael turned to Sean, pulled him into his arms and smiled down at Sean.

"Sleep with me, please?" he asked as he brushed an errant lock of hair from Sean's forehead.

"Michael, I..." but Michael's kiss interrupted him.

Michael did not give him a chance to answer, but merely took his hand and led him into the bedroom. Sean paused for a long moment as he looked at the handsomeness of Michael in the moonlight that streamed in through the window. Not a light was on, only the moonlight illuminated Michael's strong features and Sean could feel his strength waning.

"No questions. No emotional involvement," he whispered and yet there was something in Michael's eyes that said that he wanted more than just sex from Sean.

Sean mentally shrugged off that look, remembering Michael's words for earlier.

"No questions and no involvement," Michael.

Sean stood on his toes and touched his lips to Michael's. Inside he was pondering if he should be angry with the man for assuming that he would just fall into his arms and bed again. Did Michael think that he was easy or perhaps a slut, he wondered as Michael kissed him and his hands took liberties over his body?

Somehow it didn't matter, after all, Michael would be leaving just after the first of the year and Sean would never see him again. Sean stopped thinking when Michael's tongue began caressing each place that was being exposed as Michael undressed him. The fire...that inferno fire was raging again in Sean, and his own body was betraying him with moans and sighs as Michael's tongue paid homage to Sean's body.

"I can't take this Michael...I need you in me," Sean heard himself pleading.

Michael stood and undressed, carried Sean to the bed and covered Sean with his own body as they fell to the bed. Within seconds, Sean felt Michael's cock invading him and he stiffened momentarily as he waited for the pain to subside and the pleasure...and oh what pleasure it was, to replace it.

Sean kept his legs high on Michael's shoulders as the hung Marine pillaged his ass with his monster cock. Sean wove his fingers through the thick carpet of fur and pinched Michael's nipples unmercifully. Michael moaned loudly and his rhythm quickened to a violent pace as he pounded Sean's ass with everything in him.

Sean felt his climax rising and he thought of Robert to stay it off. He was going to take every pleasure he could from Michael before he could no longer hold off.

Michael's cock, as if not large enough, was swelling profusely as his own climax approached. He held off also, wanting to ensure that he came right along with Sean, but the longer he fucked the man, the needier he became for release.

"Come with me... shoot along with me baby boy," Michael said, no he demanded and Sean was not going to bow to another demand.

He felt he had already compromised his promise to not give in to Michael's needs so he was not going to cum, not because Michael demanded it. He felt the heat rising as Michael's cock swelled and then spewed violently into his heat.

Michael's grunts and moans excited Sean, but he kept his mind on Robert and his cheating so that he did not cum. Spent and exhausted, Michael fell upon Sean with a heated kiss.

"You didn't cum baby boy," Michael whispered, pulled out and sat back on his haunches, looking down at Sean.

"I guess I wasn't yet ready," he lied, but Michael was not going to let him off that easy.

Sean's cock was still hard and it was oozing profusely, precum. Michael lowered his mouth and took Sean's swollen cock into his mouth. Sean grabbed the sheets in his fists and surrendered to Michael's talent, minutes after Michael began sucking.

"Oh fuck... harder...faster...I'm cumming," Sean screamed and shot his seed into Michael's eager mouth.

"Mmmmm," Michael moaned as Sean shot his seed and Michael swallowed every drop.

Both of them were spent when Michael turned Sean away and then pulled his back against him, throwing his leg and arm across Sean. Michael purred softly and drifted off to sleep, while Sean lay there, thinking.

"I love you Michael," he whispered at a breath's softness and then he too allowed sleep to overtake him.

Michael's eyes flew open.

Chapter 3
1  2  4

Sean woke the next morning and Michael was gone. He rolled over to the pillow that Michael’s head had rested on and hugged it to him, inhaling the scent of the man that had stolen his heart.

He sprang from the bed when he heard the sound of voices coming from down stairs. He had company, but who, he wondered as he gathered up his clothes and moved to the door. He had just reached for it when the door flew open and there stood Michael, smiling.

“Mr. Reynolds is downstairs with his bags,” Michael informed him.

“Who…he’s got what?” he asked, and then heard the sound of the man’s feet as he climbed the stairs.

Sean threw on his pants, pulled a tee shirt he found on the floor over his head, and had just finished zipping his jeans when Reynolds arrived at the door.

“Well now, it’s about time that you got up,” he snapped, eyeing Sean’s appearance. “I thought that was your room,” he asked after noticing that Sean was in the room that Sean had said was going to be Michael’s.

“Ah…” Sean began to say.

“He insisted that I take his room sir, he said it was larger and sunnier,” Michael quickly said, interrupting Sean.

“How hospitable of you, Connolly,” he said. “Now where would you like me to sleep,” he asked as if Sean had already planned on him as a guest.

‘How about outside in the snow, you self-centered bastard,’ he thought but said, “I have a guest room right next door sir.”

“Here sir, allow me to show you to your room,” Michael said, glancing at Sean and seeing a seething glare in his eyes.

Sean hurried across the hall to his bedroom and grabbed a change of clothes before heading to his private bath and a shower. He had just stepped into the shower when he heard the bathroom door open, and into the shower stepped a naked Michael.

“I didn’t have time to shower so why not kill two birds with one stone, eh?” he asked as he grabbed the shampoo from Sean and began to wash Sean’s hair.

“Where is Reynolds,” Sean asked, enjoying how Michael’s finger felt in his hair.

“He said that he was tired and would like a nap,” Michael said as he rinsed the shampoo from Sean’s hair. “I didn’t know what to do with him and he acted like you knew that he would be coming,” he informed Sean.

“I bet he and his wife had another fight and he decided to come here instead of sticking it out with her in Montreal,” Sean said and Michael could sense the anger in his voice. “Depending on how long he is staying, this means that you and I cannot sleep together,” Sean said, turning to gauge Michael’s reaction.

Michael simply shrugged his shoulders and continued washing Sean.

‘Well if he thinks that I am sneaking off so that he can get in a quick fuck, he can think again,’ Sean thought, hurt and pissed off by Michael’s response.

“That’s tonight doll, we have right now,” Michael said as he turned Sean around, soaped up his cock and thrust it into Sean’s ass.

Sean braced himself against the shower wall while Michael pummeled his cock hard, fast and deep into Sean’s sheath. Sean knew that he should be angry, but the moment he felt Michael’s cock enter him, that fire once again began to rage within him.

Michael laid over Sean’s back and he nibbled softly on his ear as his cock pounded Sean’s ass. Sean could feel each thrust as Michael’s cock rubbed his love nut, urging Sean to the edge.

“I’m cumming… fuck me Michael… harder, deeper,” he moaned, pushing back against each thrust as his cock spewed his seed.

Michael’s hands grabbed, bit into Sean’s hips as he thrust harder and deeper into Sean, thrusting one last time and holding, spewing his own seed into Sean’s ass.

“Oh fuck baby boy, I am addicted to that ass of yours,” Michael said as he thrusts once again became aggressive.

“Excuse me Michael,” they heard Mr. Reynolds say from the other side of the bathroom door. “I can’t find Sean and I would like another blanket,” he said.

Michael looked down into Sean’s eyes questioningly. “Closet at the end of the hall,” Sean whispered and Michael called out to Reynolds, repeating what Sean had just said.

“Thank you son,” Reynolds and when they heard the bedroom door close, they both exhaled.

“I am either going to kill him or myself before this fucking holiday is over,” Sean said, turning off the water and stepping from the shower.

“Come here baby boy,” Michael said as he pulled a towel clad Sean to him.

He kissed Sean tenderly, passionately, and when he finished his kiss, Sean was gasping.

“Thanks Michael, now I do have to go to work and get dinner plans going for Christmas dinner tomorrow,” Sean said and left Michael once he was dressed.


“Aw Connolly, what smells so delicious,” Reynolds said when he entered the kitchen and found Sean slaving away at the stove.

“Irish stew sir,” he said and then reeled around, glaring at his boss. “Could you please use my first name while you are a guest in my house sir?” he asked adamantly.

“I’m sorry if I have offended you, but I am accustomed to calling people by their last names,” he said with a voice that reeked of arrogance.

“Then let me ask you, would you be offended if I referred to you as simply Reynolds?” Sean asked and he took a step back when he saw his boss’s expression.

“Very well then…Sean, I shall remember to refer to you as such,” he coldly said, turned and stormed out of the kitchen.

Michael stepped from the pantry and applauded, as he walked over to Sean.

“Now was that so hard?” he asked.

“Yes it was, but it felt good even though I may be fired once I return to work after the holiday,” Sean said.

“Well if you do or don’t, its about time that you stood up for yourself,” Michael said.

“Stood up for myself mister… you have no idea how badly I want to…”

“What time is dinner by the way,” Reynolds asked, sticking his head back into the kitchen.

“Five sharp,” he shouted and turned back to the stove. “Now if you gentlemen do not mind, I am very busy here and must concentrate on what I am doing.”

Michael wanted to say something, but he felt it better to wait. He, along with Reynolds, left Sean to his cooking.

“A tad rude today, wouldn’t you say,” Reynolds asked Michael.

“Wouldn’t you be the same way if you had a guest dropped into your lap for the holidays and then have your employer show up, unannounced and expect to be entertained as well,” Michael asked, his hands on his hips as if ready to pop the man at any minute.

“Did either of you get any sleep last night, because you both seem rather touchy today,” Reynolds snapped and hurried up to his room.

Michael turned and was about to go into the living room when the doorbell rang.

“Oh God please don’t let it be another guest for Sean,” he prayed as he opened up the door and found a good looking man standing there.

“Who the fuck are you,” Robert asked as he stepped into the foyer. “And where is my Sean?” he added rudely.

“Ah, the infamous Robert,” Michael said with a smirk on is face. “I’m Michael and…”

“What the fuck are you doing here,” Sean asked, entering the foyer and drying his hands with a hand towel.

“Sweetheart…I have reconsidered our relationship and decided it was best that we work out our differences,” he announced, taking a stunned Sean into his arms and kissing him.

Michael mouthed that he would be upstairs when his eyes met Sean’s. Sean pushed Robert away and slapped his face hard, leaving a full hand print embedded on his cheek.

“Just like that I am supposed to forgive you for cheating on me, dumping me two days before Christmas and then welcome you back with open arms? Its not going to happen Robby boy. So take your luggage, your sorry fucking ass and leave,” Sean said.

“Oh come on honey, you can’t mean that after all that we had together?”

“I do mean it and now goodbye Robert,” Sean said, opening the front door and stepping back to allow Robert room to leave.

“Why Sean, is it because of that Neanderthal upstairs, huh?” Robert asked.

“That man is a Marine and he’s my guest for Christmas. Not that I need to explain anything to you, but he is this year’s contest winner. Now if you will excuse me, leave,” he said and to emphasize his point, Sean grabbed Robert’s suitcase and tossed it out into the snow.

Robert huffed once and then hurried through the door, which Sean slammed closed. Again, Michael was applauding as he descended the stairs.

“Do you always make it a habit to listen in on other people’s conversations,” Sean snapped and turned, walking heatedly back to the kitchen.

“He loves me,” Michael said with a grin and followed him, and as soon as he stepped into the kitchen, Sean turned on him.

“Don’t, don’t you dare say one fucking word to me mister. I may have to entertain you, but damn if I have to let you fuck me also. Just make sure your clothes are out of the room and placed in my room until Reynolds is gone,” he said staring at Michael.

“No problem sir…no problem at all,” Michael saluted Sean, turned and left Sean standing there about to cry.

“Why me, why did I have to fall in love with another man that is only out to satisfy his own needs,” he asked after sinking down on to a kitchen chair.


It was Christmas Eve day and Sean still had to buy gifts. He had already gotten gifts for Jason and Carl, but now he had to buy them for Michael and begrudgingly for Mr. Reynolds. To make matters worse, it was already after twelve and he knew that the stores would be closing by six.

“I’m off to the mall to finish up my Christmas shopping,” he announced to Michael and Mr. Reynolds.

“May I go with you, I need to get a few things also,” Michael asked.

“Please don’t feel that you need to buy me something, I really would rather you saved your money, Michael.”

“It’s my money and I’ll spend it as I wish now may I go also?” he demanded more than asked.

“Yes, but I’m leaving now,” he said and was surprised to see that Michael got up and was ready also.

The drive to the Holyoke Mall was long and silent. Michael wanted to say that he was sorry for upsetting Sean but whenever he tried to talk, Sean simply turned and glared at him.

‘Why did I have to fall in love with such a moody guy,’ he asked himself.

“Please listen to me, Sean,” Michael said as he once again tried to talk to him.

“I’m not really in the mood for conversation, Michael, but go ahead if you feel that you cannot keep quiet,” Sean coldly said.

“I’m sorry for everything Sean,” he began and Sean’s heart began to thaw. “I ruined your vacation by winning this damn contest and more so for having sex with you,” he said and Sean turned suddenly and looked at him with tears in his eyes.

“If it hadn’t been you than I would be entertaining some other stranger. As for the sex part, as you said, no questions and no involvement,” he added and then turned his attention back to his driving.

“Right, no strings attached,” Michael muttered and turned also to look out of the window.

“I’m sorry Michael,” Sean finally said, feeling guilty about having ruined the spirit of the season. “I have been taking out my frustration on you because of my boss,” he said and reached over and gently squeezed Michael’s leg. “So why don’t you tell me something about you, after all, we have shared sex and I still don’t know squat about you,” he asked.

“There’s really not much to tell you,” he began. “I was born and raised in Wyoming, I have two brothers, one of them my identical twin and my parents are both dead, having died in a plane crash,” he said and Sean wanted to stop the car and hug him, his heart aching for him.

“A twin, you mean that there are two of you?”

“My brother James is older than me by three minutes, and yes, we are identical in every way, including being gay. He lives in San Diego and he’s an architect there,” he said, smiling as he remembered his brother. “I also have another brother who is older than us, Jacob or Jake as we called him. He’s still in Wyoming and living on my parent’s ranch.”

“So tell me, why the Marines?”

“I wanted to get out of Wyoming and see the world,” he began. “But all I have seen is a tour of duty in first Iraq and then Afghanistan. I’m up for re-enlistment but until recently I was undecided,” he said, looking over at Sean.

‘You can ask me to be your husband,’ Sean mentally said, smiling over at him. “So have you decided yet on what to do?”

“Yes, I’m re-enlisting for another four years,” he said and Sean felt his heart stop for the briefest moment.

“You are…I would have thought that you would have been fed up with war, especially after those countries that you have been to.”

“I was hoping that… never mind, it really doesn’t matter what I was hoping. I will be calling my recruiter the day after Christmas. I will also be leaving then,” he said and Sean almost ran off the road with the news.

“So soon, I was under the impression that you would be here until just after the first.”

“I was, but I called my brother in California and I am going there for a few days to see him and our oldest brother Jake. You should be overjoyed to hear the news, this way you can salvage most of your vacation and be rid of me.”

“Please Michael; don’t feel that I want you to go because I was stuck with you. I have enjoyed knowing you and yes, I have enjoyed the sex too,” he said and now he wanted to cry.

Thankfully, his exit for the mall was coming up and he put on his directional to exit and turned off. He circled the mall several times before finding a parking space that didn’t seem miles away from the stores.

“You go do your thing Sean and I’ll meet you back at the car in what, an hour? I have my cell on me, give me your number and I’ll call you when I am done and ready to leave,” he said to Michael.

“If you wanted my number sweetie, all you had to do was ask,” Michael said, hoping to lighten Sean’s mood.

“Cute Michael, now just give me your damn number,” Sean said with a smile.

“Give me yours first and I’ll call you, then you will have mine and I will have yours,” Michael reasoned with Sean and he smiled.

“Its 802-555-2974,” Sean said and watched as Michael entered the numbers.

Sean’s phone rang and he looked down and saw Michael’s number. He looked over at him and was about to hang up.

“Well answer it,” Michael said as he walked away.

“Hello,” Sean said.

“Now we are connected for life through our cells,” Michael said into the phone and Sean sighed.

“Great, just what I wanted to be connected with, an oversexed Marine,” Sean said into the phone and looked around to see where Michael had disappeared to.

“Call me when you are ready…stud,” Michael said and the cell went quiet on Sean’s end.

“I love you Michael Fitzgerald,” Sean whispered into the phone, knowing that Michael had already hung up.

“Ditto babe,” Sean heard and nearly dropped his phone.

“I knew that you didn’t hang up…I was testing you,” he said and hoping to recover his dignity.

“Whatever Sean, and remember, no strings and no involvement,” Michael said sharply, reminding Sean of the words that Sean had said to him on the way down to the mall.

“Gotcha Marine,” he said and ended the call. “If only I did have you forever,” he added to himself.

Sean went from store to store looking for that one special gift that would tell Michael just how he really felt. He didn’t bother considering clothes or colognes, because he didn’t know the man’s size or what he actually called that sensuous cologne that he did wear that had Sean falling into his arms whenever was near.

He was walking by a jewelry store and that is where it caught his attention, that perfect Michael gift. It was a man’s pendant that had a diamond and a sapphire in it, signifying two birthdates and set in two white gold hearts to signify love. It was perfect, his and Michael’s birthstones, Sean thought. His was April, the diamond and he remembered Michael saying that his was September, the sapphire. Yes it did seem a bit feminine, but what the fuck, it’s not as if Michael would be wearing it around other Marines.

“We have the same thing but in a money clip if you are looking to buy it for a man,” the clerk said, seeing how disappointed Sean was.

“I need these same two stones and I need it now,” he said.

“Let me see what I can do, sir,” he said and walked away to speak with another person.

Sean looked around at the various pieces of jewelry as he waited for the clerk to return.

“My manager says that I can sell you the sample piece, but you do know that it’s real gems in the piece and not costume jewelry?” he asked.

“I would hope that they are real for that price,” Sean said. “I’ll take it and could you wrap it?”

“Certainly sir, give me about ten minutes and I’ll have it ready to go for you,” he said and again walked away, and so did Sean to go find a place for a drink.

Michael roamed the mall and several times he saw Sean as he walked along looking into store windows. Finally, Michael knew what he wanted for Sean and he hoped that he was not too late to get it.


Christmas morning…

Sean woke up early Christmas morning, excited as a child. He hurried to the bathroom, showered, dressed in his best clothes and rushed downstairs to the tree.

Just as he was rounding the corner and stepping into the living room, he saw Michael hiding a gift beneath the tree. He quickly stepped back and made a sound, not wanting Michael to know that he had caught him.

“Oh you’re up,” Michael said from the sofa beside the tree.

“You’re up early also,” Sean said, smiling sheepishly at Michael. “Merry Christmas,” he said as he stepped into Michael’s arms and Michael pulled Sean tightly against him.

“Merry Christmas baby boy,” Michael whispered against Sean’s lips and then kissed him passionately.

Sean felt the fire growing again as his body pressed against Michael’s. He longed to tell him that he loved him, but he knew that the handsome Marine wanted no strings attached to their affair.

Michael deepened the kiss and his hands cupped Sean’s ass as he pulled their groins together and grounded hard against each other, both moaning softly. He had fallen in love with Sean and even though he had thought he heard Sean say, I love you, Sean had also said, no involvement.

They quickly separated when they heard Mr. Reynolds descending the stairs, each sitting in opposite chairs. “Good morning and Merry Christmas boys,” Mr. Reynolds said as he entered the living room, laden down with gifts. “Sean, could you give me a hand here,” he asked, and Sean sprang to his feet and took some of the gifts from him, setting them down in front of the tree.

“I’ve made coffee if anyone is interested,” Michael said and Sean and Mr. Reynolds both turned to Michael, surprised that he had done so.

“You made coffee, you who claims to burn water?” Sean asked.

“I may not be able to cook, but I do make a great cup of coffee,” Michael said and the three headed out to the kitchen, where Michael poured them each a cup.

“To Christmas and friendships,” Mr. Reynolds toasted, raising his cup in the air.

“To Christmas and friendships,” Sean and Michael said in unison, also raising their cups to the toast.

Sean was going to make breakfast but Mr. Reynolds wanted to do the gifts first, so they grabbed their coffee and headed back to the living room, where Mr. Reynolds took the floor beside the tree.

“To Sean from me,” he said as he offered a small box to Sean. “To Michael from me,:” he added and handed another small box to Michael.

“That large box wrapped in red and gold foil paper is for you sir,” Sean said and pointing to the box.

They quickly unwrapped their gifts and a loud cry went out from the three.

“You’ve got to be kidding sir… a promotion and raise,” Sean said reading the beautifully scripted paper.

“Sean you deserve it son, because you gave up so much to make this boy’s Christmas the best,” he said and then took a deep breath. “And also for putting up with me, no one has ever had the balls to put me in my place,” he said resting his hand on Sean’s shoulder. “I think you will make a great copy editor,” he added, smiling warmly at Sean.

“I can’t take this sir, you hardly know me and you’ve made my Christmas the best, well you and Sean have,” he said, looking at a check for five-thousand dollars.

“Nonsense son, you’re young and heaven knows that you won’t get rich on a Marine’s salary. If you look in the box, you’ll also see an offer for employment if you ever decide to put that writing talent to good use,” he said and Michael pulled out a folded letter.

It assured him of a job at the Culinary Digest if he should ever want one. Michael was at a loss for words as he looked at Mr. Reynolds.

“I truly appreciate it sir, but I just re-enlisted for another four years,” he said and Sean’s demeanor saddened, of all the words that could ruin his Christmas, those were them.

Sean got up and hurried from the room, saying that he needed another cup of coffee. Michael knew that what he had said had hurt him, but after all, they had agreed that there would be no strings, no involvement between them.

“I’ll be right back sir, but while I am gone, please open that gift wrapped in the Santa paper. It’s from me sir,” he said and then hurried to the kitchen, finding Sean staring out of the window.

When Sean heard him, he quickly wiped his eyes with the back of his hands and hurried over to the coffee pot, being careful to avoid Michael’s eyes.

“Are you alright, Sean,” Michael asked, stepping up behind him.

“Of course I’m alright, why wouldn’t I be,” Sean said, turning and giving Michael a forced smile. “Here, let me warm that for you,” he added and topped of Michael’s cup with fresh coffee. “We had better get back in there before the old man sends out a search party,” Sean said, easing by Michael and scurrying back into the living room.

Mr. Reynolds had tried on a beautiful full leather coat, and he turned and smiled at Michael, who had followed Sean back into the room.

“I love it, Michael, but you shouldn’t have, this kind of coat must have set you back a fortune,” he said running his hands over the glove soft leather and bring his arm to his nose to absorb its aroma. “I love the smell of good quality leather, thank you so much, Michael.”

“My pleasure sir,” Michael said and sat down on the chair, easing his gift for Sean out of sight of the others.

But Sean saw the gesture and eased his gift for Michael back into his pocket. Instead they each offered the other the other gifts that they had bought, keeping their personal gift secret.

A lot of cows must have surrendered their lives because Michael had gotten Sean a full length leather coat and so did Sean, for Michael, his matching identically the one that Michael had gotten him.

“Won’t we look like the three musketeers,” Mr. Reynolds said as the three stood, wearing their coats.

“All for one and one for all,” Michael said, but his heart was aching to tell Sean that he loved him.

With gifts finally opened and the scraps cleaned away, Sean left the two to go make the Christmas breakfast. He had prepared, stuffed and set the Christmas goose to cooking the night before so he could have a bit of leisure time Christmas morning.

“Damn that goose sure smell delectable,” Mr. Reynolds said as he stepped into the kitchen.

“Where’s Michael, I have the pancakes cooking,” he said, looking around for Michael and sighing when he did not see him.

“He ran up to his room for a moment to… ah, here he is,” Michael stepped into the kitchen with barely a smile on his face.

Sean could see in Michael’s eyes that something was bothering him, for Michael’s eyes mirrored his own. He set the pancakes on the table, along with warm maple syrup and slipped momentarily from the room.

Sean hurried to the living room, grabbed the small box that he had intended to give Michael, and hurried upstairs to Michael’s bedroom. He pulled Michael’s travel bag down and stuffed the gift under some clothes that Michael had left in the bag. He almost cried when he thought about the card that he had attached to the gift.

“I guess it won’t matter now, he’s re-enlisted so he’s gone for four more years,” he whispered, turned and left the room, walking slowly back down the stairs and to the kitchen.

Breakfast was no sooner done and the dishes cleaned and put away, then Jason and Carl came over. Both men carried gifts and they stomped their feet after coming into the foyer, stomping off the fresh snow that had fallen overnight.

They shouted Merry Christmas to all, but even so, they could sense that something was not right between Sean and Michael. Even though Sean and Michael smiled warmly and greeted them just as warmly, Jason and Carl knew that those smiles were being forced.

Sean received a state of the art knife set from Jason and Carl, while Michael got an authentic New England coat and match hat, and they all laughed when he tried them on.

“Eh’a, you look right at home now son, in that coat and hat,” Jason said patting Michael on the back.

“These go with them, mukluks to keep your feet toasty warm,” Carl said as he handed another box to Michael.

“Thanks guys, but how did you know my size,” Michael asked and Carl gave him a sheepish look.

“I snuck upstairs while you and Sean were out, yesterday and took a look at your clothes for the size,” he confessed and gave Michael a warm hug.

“So now I know who rifled through my underwear drawer,” he whispered against Carl’s ear and causing the man to blush profusely.

“Guilty handsome, but I just had to see what kind of underwear you wore,” Carl whispered back and again he blushed.

“All you had to do was ask me, and I would have been happy to drop the drawers and show you,” he said, causing Carl to step back quickly, fanning himself with his hands.

Jason laughed for he had an idea what had caused the commotion, causing all the others to laugh as well.

“A bit of the Nelly type wouldn’t you say,” Mr. Reynolds whispered into Michael’s ear.

Michael didn’t respond verbally, but turned and gave the man a hard, cold glare before giving Carl another hug and brief kiss on the lips.

“Oh great, now he’s never going to wash those lips,” Jason said, throwing his hands up into the air and causing everyone to laugh once again.

The day went by quickly, and Michael and Sean did their best to avoid being alone with one another, something that Carl and Jason were quick to pick up on. Carl volunteered to help with the clean up, while Jason took Mr. Reynolds and Michael into the living room for drinks.

“Ok mister, I want to know what the fuck is going on between you and that handsome Marine,” Carl snapped once he was alone with Sean in the kitchen.

“Nothing is going on and nothing will ever be going on, because Michael has re-enlisted for another four years,” Sean said, fighting back the tears that threatened to spill from his eyes.

“Oh sweetie, I’m so sorry,” Carl said, pulling Sean into his arms and hugging him. “Sometimes things are just not meant to be,” he added, “and I guess that you and Michael are just one of those things.”

“That’s the problem Carl, I am in love with him, but Michael has said right along, no strings and no involvement,” he confided to Carl and then let the tears fall, no longer trying to hold them back, and burying his face in the crook of Carl’s neck.

“Like I said, if its meant to be it’ll work out,” Carl said, brushing away Sean’s tears.


Sean woke up early and had a nice warm breakfast waiting when Michael and Mr. Reynolds came downstairs. He forced a smile to his face, but Michael knew it was forced.

“My plane is leaving at eleven-twenty,” he announced, causing Sean to turn away from him.

“Are you heading out to California to see your brothers,” Sean asked, without turning to look at Michael.

“No, I have decided to head directly back to base and sign my enlistment papers tomorrow,” he said, walking over to where Sean stood, turning him to face him.

“Give me a reason to stay,” Michael said.

“If you don’t have one already, then what could I possibly say that could change mister no strings?” Sean asked, looking directly into his eyes.

“Right Sean, no strings and no involvement,” he softly said, turned and sat back down at the table. “You’re flying home today sir, could I catch a ride to the airport with you,” he asked Mr. Reynolds.

“Of course you can, Michael. It would be my pleasure to take you,” he happily said.

“Mr. Reynolds, if you are returning to New York, could I hitch a ride back with you on the company plane?” Sean asked, shocking both Mr. Reynolds and Michael.

“What about your vacation?”

“I’ll take it some other time,” he said adamantly, turned and went upstairs to pack his luggage.

“I can’t help feeling that you both are making a tactical error here,” he said when he had turned his attention back to Michael.

“It’s his life and his decision,” Michael said coolly, leaving the man standing there alone when he walked into the living room.

In the living room he retrieved his special gift that he had gotten Sean and stowed it in is pocket. Sean returned downstairs a half hour later with his two suitcases and a carry on bag. Michael and Mr. Reynolds were already loading their bags into the car’s trunk.

“I’ll meet you both at the airport, I have to return my rental car to Hertz Rental,” Sean said, placing his own luggage into Mr. Reynolds car’s trunk, and then driving off before Michael could ask to ride with him.

At the airport, Michael stood stoically at the terminal waiting for Sean to arrive. His face showed the hurt and sadness that he was feeling when Sean finally arrived.

“So this is it then, goodbye,” Michael said as he fought the urge to take Sean in his arms and confess that he loved him, regardless of the fact that they had agreed to no strings with their time together. He did not though.

“Good luck and make sure you stay safe, Michael,” Sean said, extending his hand out to Michael. “It was a pleasure knowing you,” he added, as he too fought that same urge as Michael.

Regardless of the fact that they were in public, Michael pulled Sean to him, hugged him fiercely and then left him standing there. “Once you are on the plane, look in your carry-on. I placed a gift that I forgot to give you yesterday he said in turning, and then stepped through the metal detector as was gone… forever.

Chapter 4
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Sean had completely forgotten about what Michael had asked him to do, so he never found the gift until he arrived back home at his apartment. He was unpacking his carry-on bag when he found the gaily wrapped box. His heart raced as he sat on the end of the bed and unwrapped the box, gasping when he saw where it had been purchased…the very same jewelry store that he had purchased Michael’s gift.

He opened the box and immediately, he began to cry. There was the exact same pendant that he had gotten Michael. He pulled the small note that was folded numerous times so that it would fit into the box and began reading it.

My Dearest Sean,

I know that you and I agreed that there would be no strings attached to the relationship that we shared over the holiday, but sweetheart I was lying, I want all the strings and attachments that you can place on my heart and love for you. I know that I should have just told you, but you seemed so insistent that there be no strings, well I decided to write in and hope that Christmas morning when you read this that you will agree to be my husband.

My undying love always,

Lt. Michael Fitzgerald

Sean fastened the pendant around his neck, held the note to his heart and cried aloud. “Why sweetheart…why couldn’t you have given me this Christmas morning,” he cried out and then flung himself on the bed and cried himself asleep.


Michael sat in coach and stared out of the window. His heart was aching as he watched the ground disappear below him as the plane moved higher and higher, taking him back to Washington D.C. where he would be signing his re-enlistment papers.

“The fasten seatbelt sign has been turned off and you are now free to move about if you so need to do so,” the stewardess announced.

Michael got up and retrieved his carry-on from the overhead compartment and then sat back down. He wanted to find his manicure kit to take care of a hangnail that had been irking him. As he fished at the bottom of the bag, his hand found and took out a gift wrapped box.

“Noooo,” he said a little too loud when he saw the familiar wrapping on the box.

“Is something wrong, lieutenant?” the stewardess asked.

“No ma’am, I just realized a very grave mistake I made is all. I’m sorry if I caused you worry,” he said.

“That’s fine young man,” she told him and went about her way.

His heart sank, because he had thought that he had placed the box in Sean’s carry-on, which looked the same as his, and now Sean would never know how he truly felt about him. He opened the box and found the paper that he had folded in it. He unfolded it and began reading the words that he thought he had written.

Dearest Michael,

When you see this note and have read it, come upstairs and you’ll find me waiting to share the rest of my life with you. I don’t give a damn about what you said… no involvement or strings. I love you dammit and I fell in love with you that moment that I opened the door and saw your handsome face staring down at me. All I want is to be your husband for eternity, Michael.

So if you feel that you could and want to spend the rest of your life with me as my husband, so then come get me. All that you do is that you get down on one knee and ask me to marry you. 

My eternal love sweetheart,

Sean Aiden Connolly.

“Damn… dammit all to hell,” he muttered to himself as he stuffed the box into his bag after he placed the pendant around his neck and stuffing it inside his shirt.


Sean arrived the next morning at his office. He was in the worse of moods and he hoped that Mr. Reynolds had chosen not to return to work, but took another few days off. He unlocked his office door and opened it, sitting there behind his desk was Michael. Michael quickly rose from the chair and hurried around the desk to stand before Sean. He pulled Sean into his arms and kissed him, kicking the door shut with his foot.

“I thought…” Sean began once they had broken their kiss.

“That’s the problem Sean, neither of us thought, only reacted,” Michael said and then Sean gasped when Michael, in full dress blues uniform, dropped to his knee, his hand holding Sean’s firmly.

“Sean Aiden Fitzgerald, would you do me the honor of being my husband,” he said warmly, his eyes looking up and holding those of Sean. “I was such a fool to have let you slip away yesterday without telling you exactly how I felt about you. I am so deeply in love with you, so will you marry me,” he repeated.

“Oh Michael yes… and thousand times yes, I’ll marry you,” Sean screamed, pulling Michael to his feet and leaping into his strong arms.

Their lips met and the kiss deepened as the two men clung so tightly that it was hard to tell where one ended and the other began. This was how they were found when the door to Sean’s office suddenly opened and Mr. Reynolds softly cleared his throat.

“Mr. Reynolds… I can explain…I…I…” but he stopped talking the moment his boss held up his hand to quiet him.

“I know love when I see it, and I saw it that first day when I saw you too together and how you looked at each other. Now my only question is, can our magazine cover the wedding? There is going to be a wedding, right?”

“Yes sir, but when we do it will be a private moment between us,” Michael said proudly as he gazed down into Sean’s cobalt blue eyes.

“I do understand Michael, I totally understand,” Mr. Reynolds said and then silently slipped from the office, and closing the door behind him.

“What about your re-enlistment,” Sean suddenly asked.

“I canceled it because I will be enlisting into a far better commitment as your husband,” Michael said and then took Sean by the hand and walked him from the office.

Michael took Sean downstairs and hailed a taxi. “I’ll give you five hundred dollars and accommodations if you will take us to Shelburne Falls, Massachusetts…in advance,” he propositioned the cabbie and the car sped off.

Michael kissed Sean fiercely, and he kissed him long and hard. Michael felt the frantic rise of Sean’s heart as its rhythm quickened and as his breath left him. The cabbie smiled as he watched the two lovers kissing, viewing them though the rearview mirror.

“I love you Sean,” Michael whispered against Sean’s lips.

“No more than I love you, darling,” Sean whispered back and kissed him again with all the emotion and passion that they were feeling.


Later that night, they found themselves back at Sean’s home in the Berkshires, and relaxing in front of a fire in Sean’s bedroom. The hearth was still gaily decorated for Christmas and the only light was that from the fire.

Michael pulled Sean closer to him, tighter into his arms. Sean looked at Michael, Sean was fascinated, no he was in awe of the man that stood before him in the warm glow from the fire. Michael’s lips parted as they captured those of Sean and their world seem to melt away, leaving only them behind.

Sean started at Michael, and he felt a heat, that same raging fire that he once knew, rage through him, consuming him completely. It was still there, it had never left him and only needed Michael’s kiss to rekindle it. It was a fire that felt of something combustible between them, almost as if the very air held a static charge around them.

“I love you so much Michael,” Sean whispered against Michael’s full, sensuous lips and gently bit the bottom lip, pulling it softly out.

“If I were to live to be one hundred, my love for you would never diminish, Sean, but only grow stronger each day that we had together,” he whispered back and then kissed him with all of the emotion that he was feeling.

Michael lifted Sean into his arms and carried him to their bed. Sean pressed his face to Michael’s chest, inhaling the clean male scent of him, and Sean felt his pulse take flight at his throat, in his heart as he ran his hand over the softness of his short hair.

Michael’s fingers wove gently through Sean’s hair as he pressed his lips to Sean’s and gently set him down on the softness of the bed. He stood there returning Sean’s gaze without faltering as his hands met Sean’s and Sean pulled Michael down atop him. The softness of the fire’s light was astounding, but not nearly as astounding as the man that was looking into Sean’s eyes.

“It’s frightening Sean, how quickly we fell in love, but more so, how I look forward to falling asleep each night with you in my arms and awakening the next morning still holding you,” Michael told him.

“Just when I gave up on love, fate sent you into my life, renewing my faith in love,” Sean said, his hands were cupping Michael’s face and their hearts seemed to be beating with the same raging beat. “Thank you for coming for me and taking me for your husband,” he added and fighting back the tears of happiness.

“Well I’m not technically your husband yet…wife,” he said and Sean gave him a surprised look when Michael called him his wife.

“Wife… I’m not a woman,” Sean sternly said.

“No but isn’t it a wife that completes her husband and thus makes them one?” Michael asked.

“Then I am proud to be your…wife, but only in private ok? Jason and Carl would have a field day with that,” he explained.

“Ok baby boy, you’ll be my wife in every meaning of the word when it’s just us,” he said and softly laughing. “Now how about we do less talking and make love?” he asked and lowered his opened mouth to Sean’s, again robbing him of all reasoning and his breath.

Sean wrapped his arms around Michael’s neck and parted his lips, as Michael’s moved upon them. They melted together as one until Michael finally pulled them away, leaving Sean gasping for air.

“I’ve so fallen in love with you Sean, and I still cannot believe you said yes.” Michael said sitting up and back on his haunches between Sean’s spread legs.

He hadn’t wanted to fall in love with Sean, for he had already been burnt by a man that took his love and cast it away as if it meant nothing to him. He had slept with Sean, fucked with Sean, but he never intended to fall in love with Sean, but he had and he fell completely.

He was going to make love to Sean in the soft glow from the fire tonight and for the rest of his life. He stared down at Sean and Sean was staring up with love in his eyes at him…he smiled back, knowing that he had done the right thing to go after Sean.

Michael moaned loudly as he lowered himself onto Sean, his lips parted and ready before they ever touched those of Sean. He ravaged Sean’s mouth, invaded it demandingly and delve ever deeper into the warmth and wetness of it, his teeth grazing Sean’s lips as their breaths mingled as one, the entire kiss so deep and sensual. It was raw, fierce and it laid Sean bare, as it touched on a level so intimate that the very decadence of it aroused Sean to a pinnacle of such monumental heights that Sean felt like he was looking down from where Michael’s kiss had taken him.

Michael’s fingers were slowly unbuttoning Sean’s shirt as Sean’s did the same to Michael’s. Sean grabbed and turned Michael over so that he was now sitting atop him. After Sean discarded their shirts, he splayed his fingers through the silken softness of Michael’s fur, pinching and teasing his nipples.

Sean wiggled back, undid Michael’s pants and with his help, he removed them. Nothing excited Sean more that when his man went commando and that was exactly how he found Michael as the glow of the fire cast a soft bronze glow over his hot muscled body.

He lowered his tongue and ran it through the taut valleys of Michael’s eight pack. This Adonis beneath him was all his and he planned on savoring the taste of each part of this hot Marine’s body. Michael tossed his head back and moaned as Sean ran his tongue up his torso, pushing his arms up and licking the softness of his armpits.

Sean moaned with drunken pleasure as he drank in the sweet aroma of his man…his husband to be. Sean was drunk with wanderlust as his tongue began traveling again, seeking out new spots and new tastes. He licked, suckled and bit on Michael’s nipples until the Marine was screaming for mercy, for his nipples were raw with sensitivity and Sean moved lower.

He buried his nose in Michael’s trimmed pubes, letting himself become intoxicated from the manly scent, and his tongue licking around the base of his cock. Slowly he ran is tongue up the engorged shaft, ran his tongue seductively around the bulbous head and then when he descended Michael’s cock in one gulp, Michael sat up screaming.

“Stop…I’m gonna cum if you move or even breathe on my cock,” he said, pulling Sean’s mouth off and up to his own mouth, kissing him until the urge to cum left him.

Michael rose from the bed; he brought Sean with him and hurriedly shed the rest of Sean’s clothing. Michael stood back and let his eyes drink in the beauty of the man before him. He stood in awe of this man, still unbelieving that Sean had said yes to marry him and that forever, Sean would be his to love.

Michael looked seductively at the taut tall nipples that rose up from Sean’s chest and his fingers caressed them, urging them to a greater hardness as his mouth lowered to them. His mouth clamped hungrily around one nub as it sucked, teased and bit the hardened nub, sending streams of desire coursing through Sean. Sean marveled how the searing touch of Michael’s tongue could send a liquid fire soaring through him and down to his loins. But the fire did not stop at his loins, it burned its way to the very core of his being and hovered where he wanted Michael’s masculinity most…his heat filled sheath.

“I can’t take it any longer sweetheart…make love to me now,” Sean begged and suddenly he found himself being lowered down to the soft rug before the soft burning fire in the fireplace. ‘Just what I needed, more heat,’ he thought as Michael’s body lowered atop his.

It did not matter where Michael touched, he left a fire so intense, so hot that it threatened to consume Sean, Sean had thought. Michael kissed the long column of Sean’s neck, his shoulders and even his underarms, leaving behind a fire as his tongue course onward.

Sean had never imagined that a man’s touch could elicit such fire, such wild stirring as Michael’s did, because as in love as he had been with Robert, Robert had never inflamed his body as Michael was now doing.

Sean whimpered and moaned as ecstasy stole his senses. Sean felt Michael lift his weakened legs onto Michael’s strong, broad shoulders and then Michael’s tongue teased and then delved into the moistness of Sean’s ass. Sean arched his back and cried out, his fingers digging into the soft skin of Michael’s shoulder as Michael’s tongue made love to Sean’s most sensitive spot.

“Fuck me Michael…I’m about to burst into flames and need you in me,” Sean begged, he cried and he pleaded until Michael rose, scooted closer and then began easing his manhood into Sean’s pucker.

Sean reached up, pulled Michael’s mouth down to his and pushed up his hips, causing Michael’s cock to move fully into him. Sean sighed as he ran his fingers over the coarseness of Michael’s five o’clock shadow, knowing that this man was his.

Michael pulled out completely, thrust inward with force and determination until he had Sean thrusting upward, meeting his thrusts with his own. The rhythm that Michael found had them moving as one as they moved ever closer to that edge. He could feel Sean about to fall over, he backed off, hoping to keep him dancing on the edge and yet, feeling himself about to fall over.

Michael knew that he had held out as long as he could so he quickened his thrusts, pounding almost violently into Sean’s heat and pushing them together over that precipice of rapture and headlong into the abyss of ecstasy.

“Aaaaagggghhhhh fuck I’m cumming,” Sean howled out and blasted hot torrents of cum all over his chest, stomach and some even hit his chin.

Michael felt his cock being strangled and it was all that he needed, he erupted with volcanic force, spewing his seed deep into Sean, groaning and moaning as his ass propelled his cock faster, deeper and harder into Sean.

Both men were gasping for air and their hearts were racing when Michael finally collapsed down onto Sean, and their mouths meeting in a flurry of frantic kissing.

“I love you Sean. I love you more than I ever thought imaginable to love someone,” Michael whispered against Sean’s ear.

“Oh Michael, I love you is not nearly strong enough to express the way that I feel for you,” Sean gasped out, still reeling from the euphoric glow that still controlled him.

They rose from the rug and moved to the bed where Michael spooned Sean against him and soon the two lovers were sound asleep.


The week flew by and soon it was New Year’s Eve. Sean had decided to have a party so that he and Michael could announce their up coming marriage.

“My God babe you have over forty guests coming tonight,” Michael said as he counted the names on the response list.

“That few, I would have thought it would be more,” Sean mused and knowing a secret that had killed him all week to keep from Michael.

Michael also had a secret and he had also had a hard time to keep his secret from Michael. Unbeknownst to either of the boys, only Jason and Carl knew both of their secrets, and neither was going to tell the other.

The food was all prepared, they had made love several times during the day and finally they were showered and dressed. The house was gaily lighted and the guest began arriving around six. Dinner would be at seven followed by the announcement and then the party of all parties.

Dinner was finished and Michael stood up, lifting his glass of champagne as he prepared to make his announcement.

“May Sean and I please have your attention,” Michael said and the guest all went quiet. “I would like to announce that Sean Aiden Connolly has agreed to be my husband,” he said and after a collective gasp, the room erupted with applause, guests forming a line so that they could congratulate the happy couple.

“It’s about time that you settled down, bro,” Michael’s brother, James said, grabbing and hugging Michael tightly before releasing him and doing the same to Sean.

“When…how…” he began and froze when his brother Jake appeared, accompanied by James’ husband William. “Oh my God Jake,” Michael was about in tears as he hugged Jake to him.

“I’m so sorry Mike, can you forgive me,” Jake asked, fighting back tears.

“There is nothing to forgive Jake, so lets forget it ever happened,” Michael whispered, referring to how Jake had turned on him and his twin when they had first come out.

The three brothers hugged once again while William introduced himself to Sean.

“Thank you Sean, I have tried to get those three together and back together for years,” William said hugging Sean to him.

“When Michael told me about the silent feud, I needed to see if there was anyway that I could end it for all their sakes.”

“Well I can see that they will be forever grateful for it, Sean.”

“Now that I have all my brothers with me, I want Pastor Wilson to please come forward,” Michael said and all eyes turned toward the young man that all had simply knew as Greg.

“Why did you invite a pastor, Michael?” Sean asked, knowing how most clergy felt about gays.

“He’s the new minister at the Unitarian Church here in town,” Michael explained and introduced Sean and Greg formally to each other. “He going to marry us baby boy,” Michael announced.

“Ok,” Sean said cautiously and looking at Michael suspiciously also.

“He doesn’t know, does he,” Greg said and smiled at Sean.

“I don’t know what babe… oh my God no… you don’t mean now,” Sean said, finally picking up on Greg’s question.

“He does now pastor,” Michael said smiling at Sean.

“We can’t… there are preparations to be made and all.” Sean reasoned but Michael just smiled and the rest of the room was deathly quiet.

“Now babe,” Michael said and pulled Sean to him. “James and Jake, would you stand up as my witness and would you Jason and Carl do the same for Sean,” Michael asked and the four men fell into formation beside the happy couple.

Sean stood there in a daze as the minister recited the vows that would legally marry them.

“Babe, this is where you say I do,” Michael whispered and Sean heard himself repeating the two words. “I do.”

“Then by the power vested in me by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, I know pronounce you married, you may now kiss your husband,” Greg said with a smile.

Michael turned to Sean, cupped his face with his hands, and lowered his mouth down to Sean’s. The kiss was soft, but a breath’s touch and then it deepened as Michael brushed Sean’s lips with his tongue, causing Sean’s mouth to open, and accepting Michael’s tongue into his mouth.

The room erupted with applause once again and Jason and Carl refilled the guest’s glasses with champagne to toast the happy couple.

“We missed it…its already twenty after twelve,” someone shouted, reminding the guest that the New Year had already arrived.

Everyone began kissing and hugging as they belatedly welcomed the New Year. Jake stepped up to Sean and he smiled at his new brother-in-law.

“Happy New Year Sean and welcome to the Fitzgerald family,” Jake said and the sucked in a deep breath before he took Sean into his arms and passionately kissed him.

“Hey… I saw him first bro,” a stunned Michael said laughing. “What is this, a gay kiss from a straight dude,” Michael mused.

“About that bro,” Jake began, reached his hand out toward this handsome young man and pulled him against him.

“Derek here has taught me a few things about gay love making,” Jake confessed, his face blushing when both Michael and James looked at him.

“No way… not big bad Jake?” they said in unison and hugged their brother.

“After Carol left me for another man, I gave up on love and also on women. Not that I went out and found a man you know. I guess I had a bit much to drink so when this cutie cornered and propositioned me, we kinda snuck away and used a bedroom upstairs. I must confess though, if I had known that fucking a dude was as great as it was, I would have never gotten married,” he confessed. “You don’t mind if Derek spends the night as my guest, do you?”

“Not at all…brother dear,” Sean said and now it was his turn to kiss this handsome man long and hard.

“You’ve been gay one evening and now you are trying to steal my husband from me,” Michael said laughing.

“If he makes love like he kisses bro, I’m jealous,” Jake said, laughing also as he pulled Derek to him, locking lips with the young man.


Around three in the morning, Michael and Sean lay in their bed cuddling close to each other. From across the hall, they could hear Jake groaning as he fucked Derek. In the room adjacent to theirs, the headboard banged against the wall as James made love William.

“I guess we are the only ones that are not making love,” Sean said as he snuggled closer to his new husband. “Have I told you lately that I love you?” he said as he looked up into Michael’s soft brown eyes.

“Not nearly enough… wife,” Michael said and rolled atop Sean, sinking his length deep into Sean.

“I don’t ever want to get use to your cock being in me, darling,” Sean whispered to Michael and then kissed him. “I love you Michael,” he repeated and then Michael laughed.

“Michael…I’m James baby doll,” he whispered to Sean.

Sean struggled as hard as he could to get from underneath him. When he was standing, he slapped who he thought was James, across the face and hurried from the room. He burst into the room next to theirs and he thought he had found Michael fucking William.

“How could you…you bastard,” Sean screamed, pulling the man from William.

“What the fuck is your problem,” he shouted at Sean, just as the real Michael came charging into the bedroom.

“Babe listen to me…I am the real Michael. I was just funning with you,” Michael said, again Sean slapped him hard across the face and then walked over to James, kissing him hard and long as a stunned Michael and William looked on.

“Will, go on in with Michael, I’m taking this wildcat to bed and taming him,” James said laughing at Sean.

“What the fuck is going on in here…an orgy,” a naked Jake asked, accompanied by Derek, who was also naked.

“My God did I get the short end of the stick,” Sean said as he grabbed Jake’s hard cock, stroking it several times to get it harder.

“Hey…that’s so wrong,” Michael called out.

“Is it Michael, it’s no more so than what you just did to me in the other room,” Sean said, standing there and still holding tightly to Jake’s member.

“Whatever you did bro… keep doing it cuz this man’s hand is working wonders for me,” Jake said and laughed at Michael’s frowning face.

“Babe I’m sorry for playing such a sick joke on you…please forgive me?”

“After I finish with this, sugar,” Sean said as he further tortured his husband by dropping to his knees and sucking hard on Jake’s cock.

“Oh fuck bro…you got some magic with this one,” Jake purred and tossed his head back, enjoying the sucking that Sean was giving him.

“Hey!” Michael screamed and pulled Sean away from Jake, causing Jake to holler at him.

“If’n you can’t handle your man, then he has a right to go to who can,” Jake said, pulling Sean back to him.

“No, he doesn’t, he married me Jacob Hiram Fitzgerald,” he hollered back and pulled Sean back to him.

“Stop already…this has gotten way out of control, and I am not a rope that you can play tug-o-war with,” Sean shouted and stepped away from the two brothers. “James I’m sorry for what I did,” he said to James. “Jake, you take your man back to your room and resume what you were doing,” he ordered Jake and grudgingly he left with Derek. “Now husband of mine, you come with me,” he said to Michael, grabbing him by the cock and pulling him from the room.

“Baby boy I’m sorry,” Michael said once they were alone in their own room.

“That’s another thing…I’m a man not a baby boy, so find another term of endearment to use for me,” he demanded.

“Yes sir,” Michael said, saluting Sean and Sean began laughing, pulling Michael to him.

“Come here sweetheart and lets continue where we left off,” he whispered, and again they laughed when the headboard began banging and Jake’s groans filled the night.

Michael opened his mouth and Sean placed a finger on Michael’s lip.

“Don’t…don’t even think about saying it,” Sean said and replaced his finger with his lips.

“I love you baby…err sweetheart,” Michael said, correcting himself.

“I love you too honey and don’t you ever do that to me again, got it,” Sean demanded and Michael nodded.

“But it was so worth all the drama just to see your face when you thought James’ cock was in you and not mine.”

“Yeah well, I still feel short changed with the cock,” Sean responded, causing Michael to lift up from Sean.

“That is so not right…so not right,” he said pouting.

“Oh babe, what goes around comes around, so just don’t ever do that to me again,” Sean reminded him, and in his mind he remembered Jake and what he thought to be a fourteen inch cock.

“Am I enough for you baby…err sweetheart?”

“Always and I was just kidding, you can call me baby boy all you want when it’s just the two of us, ok,” he said and Michael nodded, kissing him again as he slid his cock fully into Sean’s velvet sheath.

It was getting to be daylight when Michael spooned Sean to him and they snuggled in for what was left of the night.

“Sweet dreams Mr. Connolly-Fitzgerald,” Michael whispered against Sean’s head.

“Good night and I love you, Mr. Connolly-Fitzgerald,” he whispered back and soon they had drifted off to dreamland.

The End.

Posted: 12/16/11