Love Finds Neil

By: Christos Kastellanos
(© 2011 by the author)

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The following story is true, only the names were changed so that the parties involved would not be discovered and protected. It’s about love being found when you are not looking for it. Other than a certain part, which you will surely recognize as totally made up; the rest is one hundred percent true. Enjoy guys. Christos

Love Finds Neil

January 2011

It was another typical January day in Edinburgh, gray skies, bitterly cold and the air held a promise of snow. Edinburgh is a quaint Scottish city, what with its cobblestone streets that were narrow but charming in an old European sort of way. Had it not been for the automobiles and electricity, one got a feeling that time had forgotten this charming city.

Neil McDade was professor with a PhD in mathematics and theoretical physics at one of Edinburgh’s prestigious universities. The day’s weather was no different from the mood that Neil was feeling.

His day had been one of drudgery, with lecturing and then going over papers… and not to mention the various meetings with staff, Neil was mentally exhausted as he threw on a charcoal grey overcoat and headed out into the bitter elements.

“Thank fuck that it’s Friday, at least I’ve got the next two days off,” he muttered, and shivered when he looked up at the sky, seeing clouds that surely held snow within them.

Already dark out, he trudged to his car, and hurriedly got inside.

“I hate winter with its gloom and darkness,” Neil thought as he started car. “It’s just after five-thirty in the afternoon and it’s dark already,” Neil felt the gloom of the winter enveloping him.

He knew that he should go home, but living alone was getting to him also, and he really needed a few drinks to help him relax before going back to his cold flat and a microwavable dinner for one.

“The Dome, now that’s a bar that I have never been in,” he said, pulling to the curb and parking his car.

Stepping out into a bitter north wind, he fired up a smoke and slowly walked to the bar.

“I’m even gonna be drinking alone what a fucking saddo I am,” he muttered, tossing his cigarette down and crushing it out with his shoe.

The snow had started to fall gently to the ground as he drew close to the door of the bar and a shiver ran down his spine when a brisk wind caught him. He stepped into the dim light of the bar and looked around before propping himself up at the bar. The atmosphere was quiet and relaxed, dimly lit but warm and very modern in appearance, with candles on tables and soft music playing.

“’All right mate, how you doing today?” the friendly bartender asked. “I’m Michael, so what can I get you,” he asked.

Michael was cute and built; he seemed to be about 35, with blonde hair and blue eyes. He stood a muscular six feet tall or taller and he dressed in a black shirt and skin tight jeans. To add to his charm and appearance, he was very friendly and chatty.

“Give me a pint, Michael,” Neil groaned and then his attention was drawn to laughter that drew his eyes from Michael’s hard, round ass, to a group of men that were sitting at a booth in the corner of the bar.

Neil removed his overcoat and draped it across the back of a stool beside him. Neil looked sharp and debonair in his dark grey suit with his blue shirt, red tie and black shoes.

Neil stood around five-eleven and weighed in at one fifty-five, with short black hair, brown eyes and a body that was hot, although he never thought so, but others did.

Again his attention was drawn to the same group of men once again by their laughter and turned nonchalantly to get a better look. He noticed how two of the men sat side by side, with a third opposite of them.

“Hmmm, must be a couple with a third wheel tagging along,” he assumed, studying the threesome.

It was that third guy that caught Neil’s attention, wishing that he had shaved this morning, because he was sporting a two day growth, which made him feel grungy, but also made him look extremely sexy.

This man was handsome and Neil’s heart began to race as he took a better look at the man, who had just stood up and removed his black leather coat. As he began walking toward the restroom, Neil noticed that he wearing, a pair of dark blue jeans that showed how muscular his legs were and much more… it also revealed the outline of a cock that ran down his leg and leaned to the right. It was when this man had his back to Neil, walking away, that Neil could see an arse that was nicely round and hard. Neil sighed and imagined what it would be like to have this guy in his bed, with his hands firmly holding that arse as this man drove his manhood deep into him.

“Like I would stand a chance with that guy,” he sighed, shooting his chances down and taking another sip from his drink. “He’s probably meeting a lover here or might have a guy at home just waiting for him to come home and love on him,” he thought, again sighing.

Still looking around the bar, Neil soon saw the man returning to the table that he was sitting at. His white tee shirt fit him so snug that it could have been his second skin…just like those jeans. His pecks were well defined and his nipples stood tall, straining against the fabric of his shirt, just as his cock was pushing against the fabric of those jeans.

“Damn what a cock,” Neil again thought and smiled at the thought, just as this mystery man gazed over at Neil and returned his smile. “He’s tall just how I like them,” Neil whispered, but then at this point, I’d take about anything with a body.

Neil blushed when he saw the man smile at him, knowing that he had been caught staring at this Adonis. Neil quickly turned and motioned over to Michael.

“Hey, who is the cute guy in white over there in the corner?” Neil asked quietly, Michael leaned up and gave a quick look and then shrugged his shoulders.

“I’ve never seen the guy before, mate, but then again, I’m new here,” he said and moved away, but quickly returned with another pint for Neil.

Neil nodded his thanks, figuring that this man was well out of his league, as he grabbed another glance at him.


It had been one, grueling week at work, so Ryan Cunningham had joined his friends to unwind before heading home. Now he was happy that he had come to the bar, because when he sat back down at his table, he gave another glance toward the bar, but more so at Neil.

“Damn that guy is cute,” Ryan thought to himself and then leaned across the table toward Alex and Chris.

“Do either of you know that guy over there at the bar… the one all alone with the suit and the short black hair?” Ryan asked, causing his two friends, Christopher and Alex, to turn and look at Neil.

“I never saw him before, but he’s really handsome Ryan,” Christopher said, giving Neil another look.

“Nice body, from what I can see of it with that suit on,” Alex added.

“I bet that he’s waiting for someone, he’s too cute to be here all alone,” Ryan added.

The men talked amongst themselves, but Ryan kept glancing over at Neil. When he saw Neil finish his second pint and order another, Ryan slowly shook his head.

“What’s wrong mate,” Alex asked, moving his eyes in the direction that Ryan was looking…right to Neil.

“How sad is that, he’s drinking all alone,” Ryan said, hating to see someone as cute as Neil, all alone.

“Then go and invite him over to join us,” Christopher suggested. “Because it’s evident that he’s not meeting anyone, or else they would have been here already,” he added, causing Ryan to stand and move determinedly over toward Neil.

“Here, let me get that for you mate,” Ryan said adamantly, placing his hand softly, but firmly, on Neil’s shoulder.

“Thanks but…” Neil stopped mid-sentence, when he had turned toward the voice, and saw his Adonis looking down and smiling at him.

Neil’s heart pounded so hard in his chest, he felt that this man would hear it.

“I insist mate, now grab your pint and come and join us,” Ryan ordered, but in a sweet and caring way, as he shoved a £10 note toward Michael.

“Really,” Neil asked, grabbing his drink and coat.

“Really, now move it pup,” Ryan said, making Neil smile when Ryan called him pup.

“Pup? Wonder why he called me that; he’s probably just being friendly,” Neil thought.

Ryan smiled. “Fuck this guy is cute,” he thought.

They walked quietly back to the table and Neil blushed, feeling Ryan’s arm as it circled his waist, almost as if he were claiming Neil for his own.

“After you handsome,” Ryan whispered, holding out his hand toward the seat so that only Neil would hear, and giving him a quick pat to the arse as Neil slid into the seat.

Ryan let his eyes take in Neil’s cute arse that nicely filled out his suit slacks, as Neil slid into the booth and was quickly followed by Ryan.

“Nice arse mate,” he whispered again, causing Neil to blush.

“If he finds me handsome, he must need glasses or else the light is really bad in here,” Neil thought, feeling that he was just an ordinary man…with nothing special in the way of looks. “Or else, he must think me easy and wants me to go home with him for a quick fuck and then leave,” he further thought.

“I’m Ryan, Ryan Cunningham,” he said and flashed Neil a smile, showing perfect white, straight teeth. “This here is Christopher and Alex, but watch out for this one,” he said and pointed to Alex, “give him an opening and he’ll pounce on it,” he said, referring to Alex’s sense of humor.

Everyone laughed.

It was evident that Alex and Christopher were a couple, simply by the way that they interacted, but they made Neil feel comfortable and welcome. They were both handsome men… really handsome men of about thirty, with Christopher being the quieter of the two.

“I’m Neil, Neil McDade,” he said shyly, still not believing that Ryan had picked him out from all the others at the bar to sit with.

“So what do you do mate,” Ryan asked, turning to look into Neil’s eyes and his arm encircling Neil’s shoulders.

“I’m an assistant professor at the university and I teach applied mathematics and theoretical physics,” he said, feeling very much the geek at this moment, among these men.

“Wow, a professor, and who said that guys don’t have brains,” Alex said laughing.

“It looks like you got yourself a brainy one Ryan,” Christopher said to Ryan, causing Neil to blush again. “Cute but smart,” he added.

“I’m nothing special guys, I just like this stuff and decided that I wanted a career in this teaching it. Once I got my PhD I decided to put it to good use,” Neil said quietly, as if he felt insignificant to them at the table.

“None of us have a PhD in anything,” Ryan retorted, picking up on Neil’s lack of self confidence or worth.

Feeling rather uncomfortable with the conversation and the attention on him, Neil turned back to Ryan, “so what do you do, Ryan,” he asked.

“I’m a fitness instructor and personal trainer,” he said proudly.

“Well that surely shows… what a fucking awesome body,” Neil thought, again blushing from where his thoughts had taken him.

“Look Chris, we got brains and brawn and all at the same table,” Alex said, causing everyone to roar with laughter.

“Yeah, but Neil also has both,” Christopher added, smiling flirtatiously at Neil, causing Neil to blush yet again, Ryan noticed.

The men talked about everything from the weather to politics, and it was when the discussion had turned to one’s political views, that Ryan turned to Neil and asked...

“So tell me pup, what persuasion are you politically,” Ryan asked, his fingers gently stroking Neil’s shoulder.

“I’m a socialist, and before you ask, I do not believe in God either.” Neil emphatically stated, causing Ryan’s eyebrow to rise. “What about you, Ryan,” Neil asked, again trying to get the conversation from him to someone else.

“I support the Conservative Party myself, and I’m also Christian,” Ryan stated, “but I do think that even I can turn you around to the right way of thinking and believing,” he added.

Neil told Ryan, Alex and Christopher how he’d been single for over a year, and it surprised them all.  He noticed how Ryan kept looking at him throughout the evening with a smile on his face… but his eyes held a sort of curiosity, as if studying him. As the evening wore on, Neil found himself getting tipsy and needing to go home when he saw that it was nearing midnight.

Alex made a funny remark as they all got up to leave, which got everyone laughing again.

“Anyways, it was nice meeting you Neil,” Christopher said, shooting Alex a look, before shaking hands with Neil.

“I’m sure that we’ll be seeing you around,” Alex added and also shook Neil’s hand, shooting a wink at Ryan.

“Now just did that wink mean,” Neil wondered silently, catching the body language between the two men.

Neil and Ryan followed them out of the bar, and Neil snuggled closer to Ryan, when Ryan slipped his arm protectively around Neil’s waist, pulling Neil closer to him, warming Neil’s heart.

“I always watch out for my guy,” Ryan whispered into Neil’s ear, nibbling it lightly and then turned Ryan’s back to the wall, pinning his body against the wall with his, but in a nice way, and giving Neil a feeling of security and protection.

Gazing a moment into Neil’s eyes, Ryan took possession of Neil’s mouth with his, kissing him in a way that was dominant, yet not aggressive. Ryan kissed Neil long, hard and deep, slipping his phone number into Neil’s coat pocket before he winked and walked off with Alex and Christopher, who were smiling at Neil as they hailed a taxi.

Once they were all gone, Neil felt to drunk to drive, so he too hailed a taxi.

“I never saw this evening coming, but I’m thankful,” Neil cooed as he settled into the warmth of the taxi’s seat, his fingers running over his lips that still held the touch of Ryan’s kiss on them. “He found me handsome, fuck he must need his eyes tested. He seems so manly and in charge. I feel safe and happy being around him,” thought Neil.

Neil shrugged his shoulders and dismissed it, wondering about Ryan and why Ryan had chosen him that evening.

“I’ll probably never see him again anyways,” he thought as he looked down at the number that Ryan had given him. “This is probably not even his real number,” he groaned, but kept it anyways, stuffing it back into his coat pocket…just in case it was.


With the next day being Saturday, Neil slept in and when he was fully awake, he decided to give Ryan a call before he went to take a shower. He retrieved the paper with Ryan’s number from his coat pocket and hesitantly, dialed the number.

“Hello,” Ryan said after the second ring, hoping that it was Neil calling.

“Good morning Ryan, I want to know if you would like to meet at the Dome for a drink,” Neil asked, hoping he would say yes.

“I’d love to Neil, how about in an hour, because I still have to shower and shave,” he told him.

“So do I, so an hour is good for me.”

There was a moment’s pause before Ryan continued.

“Would you mind not shaving, I find your growth sexy,” Ryan said chuckling, making Neil’s face turn crimson.

A long moment of silence ensued and when there was no reply, Ryan chuckled and said, “I bet you are blushing like crazy from my remark,” he said, causing Neil’s redness to glow even brighter than ever.

Noooooo and I’ll see you in an hour,” he said and heard a fit of laughter before he hung up.


The bar was quiet for this time of day, and a different bartender was tending bar. Ryan had gotten there first and ordered a pint, noticing that this bartender’s name was David and like Michael, he too was quite cute. Ryan’s face lighted up like a light bulb when Neil stepped into the room, Neil’s very presence seemed to light up the room for Ryan.

Ryan greeted Neil with a warm hug, while he softy placed his hands on Neil’s arse. “You look absolutely adorable today,” Ryan said his voice so manly and thick with desire, as he ordered a pint for Neil.

Ryan wore jeans similar to the ones that Neil loved him in from the previous night, the kind that left nothing to the imagination.

“I was happy that you called me,” Ryan said, turning and placing his left arm across Neil’s shoulders, his mouth but a breath away from Neil’s.

“I…I,” Neil began to say, but Ryan covered Neil’s mouth with his, kissing him with a kiss that was demanding, yet tender.

“You look very happy today Neil,” Ryan remarked, knowing that he was the cause of Neil’s happiness.

“I am Ryan…very happy,” Neil cooed, giving a shy look to Ryan, who was smiling warmly at him.

They talked for what seemed hours, about each other and anything that came to mind.

“You seem to be a very dominant man,” Neil stated, liking how Ryan always made him feel so warm and secure.

“I am pup, but I gotta say, I am not like those other doms that need to control their partner’s lives, as if they were some baby. I like to use my domination to guide and care for my guy, by doing it in a loving and caring way. Is this going to be a problem for you…or maybe us,” he asked.

“Not at all Ryan, to be honest I have forgot what its like letting someone else be around to care for me” Neil replied, and then felt the urge to go, his pint pressing against the limits of his bladder.

“I’ve got to use the restroom,” Neil said, excusing himself.

Standing at the urinal pissing, he was surprised when Ryan entered the restroom also and took the urinal next to Neil, his hands busy as he unfastened his jeans and let his manhood fall out…literally.

“Damn… that is one monster of a cock,” Neil said, noticing that it was a strong nine and half inches in length and fat around.

“Thanks, and yours is quite a nice one also,” Ryan replied, giving Neil’s seven inch, fat cock a long look.

Both men finished pissing and neither made an effort to put their cocks away, but was gingerly stroking them as they stood gazing into each other’s eyes for the longest time, before Neil dropped to his knees before Ryan.

“You don’t have to do this pup…not here,” Ryan said his voice husky with need.

“Oh yes I do Ryan,” Neil said emphatically and let his mouth envelope Ryan’s manhood, while his hands drew Ryan’s jeans down to his ankles.

“Oh fuck, your mouth is magical,” Ryan purred, throwing his head back and closing his eyes as Neil pleasured him, his hands fisting in Neil’s silky hair.

With a hand wrapped around Ryan’s cock, sliding back the foreskin, Neil moved his mouth methodically up and down on Ryan’s length, causing Ryan to moan as ecstasy flooded his senses.

Minutes passed and soon Neil felt the knowing swelling of Ryan’s manhood, knowing that Ryan was close to cumming.

“I’m gonna cum pup… do you want it,” Ryan said and when Neil nodded, he gripped Neil’s head and began fucking his face urgently, his seed rising just as rapidly.

Thrusting is cock in and out, deep and fast, Ryan howled when his seed burst forth like a volcano, erupting in great spurts of semen, flooding Neil’s throat with his seed. Neil sucked and swallowed fast, drinking each drop that this man…this Adonis gave him, savoring its taste as if a fine wine.

“Wow, I thought you were going to drown me,” Neil said grabbing a paper towel to wipe the remnants of Ryan’s sperm from his mouth.

“That was the best blowjob that anyone has ever given me, pup…ever,” Ryan moaned, still struggling for a normal breathing as he pulled his jeans up.

When Neil went to pull up his own jeans, Ryan placed his hand there, stopping him and dropping to his knees before Neil’s engorged cock, taking it immediately into his mouth.

“You don’t have to do that Ryan, I was happy just to do you,” Neil commented, but when he felt Ryan’s lips wrap tightly around his manhood, he tossed his head back and became lost to the ecstasy that Ryan’s mouth was giving him.

Neil held firmly to Ryan’s head, more to stabilize himself, because his knees were weak from the pleasure that Ryan was giving him.

“Aaaagggghhhhh fuck…cumming Ryan,” Neil groaned minutes later, thrusting his cock all the way into Ryan’s mouth and spewing his seed down his lover’s throat.

Once his initial blasts were over, Neil fucked hard and fast into Ryan’s mouth, until his balls were drained, and he was now leaning back exhausted against the wall.

“Damn guys, I could hear you two all… holy shit, can I have a bit of that,” David asked, pulling his throbbing cock from his pants as he stepped into the restroom, seeing how gorgeous Ryan and Neil’s cocks were.

Ryan looked up at Neil and nodded his head. Neil dropped to his knees in front of David while Ryan knelt behind the handsome bartender, pulled his and David’s jeans down his muscular legs to the floor, and began rimming his arse.

“I’ve fucking died and gone to heaven,” David howled, holding Neil to his groin with one hand and reaching around for Ryan’s head, so that he could hold him in place at his rosebud.

Once Ryan had well primed David’s arse for what he wanted, Ryan stood and thrust his cock fully into the handsome bartender. David howled when he became fully impaled by Ryan’s throbbing cock.

“Yeah mate… oh damn I need a good fucking,” he howled, thrusting his arse backward to meet each thrust that Ryan gave him. “Stand up mate…I so need a cock to suck,” he added, having Neil stand and once Neil was standing half naked before David, David swallowed Neil’s cock.

It wasn’t long, not with Ryan fucking him and massaging his prostate, that David’s edge soon arrived.

“I’m cumming… aaaaaggggghhhh fuck me harder mate,” David howled as he began thrusting rapidly against Ryan’s thrust and shooting his seed onto the floor.

As David continued to shoot his seed, he retook Neil’s cock into his mouth and sucked it as if it were the last cock that he’d have.

“Oh fuck… fuck yeah I’m cumming,” Neil howled, slamming his cock ferociously into David’s mouth.

“Oh my God mate… don’t stop fucking me…I’m cumming again,” David moaned, shooting another hot volume of seed, but this time into Neil’s eager mouth.

“Suck him pup… oh fuck I’m cumming,” Ryan roared as he thrust one last time deep into David’s heat, stopped and spewed one, two and then three hard blasts of cum before resuming his urgent thrusts.

Spent and exhausted, David’s knees were turning to rubber when Ryan relinquished his claim on David’s arse, pulling his spent manhood from it, and leaving a trail of oozing cum running from David’s well used arse.

“That was so fucking intense mates,” David said as he wiped his arse with a paper towel and pulled his jeans up. “Any time you want another threesome, you come by and look me up mates,” he said, leaving the bathroom and also Ryan and Neil who were entwined and kissing.


During the next two weeks, Neil and Ryan grew closer, dating and always ending with them cuddling, kissing, before they orally satisfied each other. They went to the movies, where they always sat in the back row and kissed. They also loved the blowing each other at the movies, both men reveling in the danger of being caught it gave them, knowing that other patrons were but a few rows away.

Ryan loved how Neil gave head, but he was an alpha man that needed and wanted more, he wanted to make love to Neil. It was after a date, that Neil, knowing that Ryan wanted more than head, invited Ryan back to his flat.

“Now don’t expect a palace, because I am not one for keeping house,” Neil said, apologizing before hand for the mess that Ryan would find in his flat.

“It’s you that I want to be with pup, not your flat. Although it’s much better there than in the cinema,” he chuckled.

When they walked into Neil’s flat, Ryan noticed the chaos and chuckled; it looked like the Neil’s desk had been a bomb site with books and papers lying about.

“I told you that I was not one for keeping house,” Neil said apologetically.

“I think it’s so sweet for some reason,” pulling Neil into his arms and kissing him.

“I’d like to talk a bit before we move on to something sensuous pup,” Ryan said, getting all serious on Neil.

Neil felt that… here it comes, the big dump the loser speech.

“Sure Ryan…what do you want to talk about as they sat side by side on the sofa.

“I want you to know just the kind of man that I am Neil,” Ryan said, taking Neil’s hand in his. “I expect that you now realize that I’m a dominant kind of man,” he said and Neil nodded. “But I want you to know that I am not the kind of alpha male that feels or thinks he has the right to be cruel to his partners.”

Neil relaxed, Ryan was opening himself up to him and it turned Neil’s inside to mush to see this man’s man so vulnerable, especially to him.

“I’m a dominant male that loves to take care of my man and love him to bits. I have also come to realize over the last two weeks, that you are not only a very strong minded man with a wonderfully beautiful mind, but you really need someone to look after and care for you.”

“Wow, really Ryan, you have noticed this about me in just two weeks,” he was shocked but thrilled, for no one has ever cared enough to not only notice this about him, but actually want to do it.

“Yes pup, you really do need care and guidance,” he said, squeezing Neil’s hand softly, but firm enough to say ‘hey babe, I’m the one that can take care of you’.

“Awe babe, I’m not all that special that you have to do all this for me,” Neil shyly said, lowering his eyes downward.

Ryan placed a finger under Neil’s chin and raised his head up so that their eyes could meet.

“Do you know that this modesty of yours is really annoying Neil, because you are so smart and good looking. While most guys with your looks and brains would be smug, you have an air of innocence about you and not some smugness.”

“So what are you saying Ryan?” Neil asked, still holding Ryan’s gaze.

“What am I saying…I am saying that I am done fucking around with one night stands and that I have found the man that I want to settle down with, because you are my everything, Neil.”

Tears formed in the corners of Neil’s eyes, as his dreams enfolded before him. He hoped that no one would pinch him so that he would find out that this has been just a dream and he was still alone in life.

“So what I am saying is Neil, could we…would you be my guy?” Ryan asked, standing up and pulling Neil into his arms.

“Yes Ryan, I’d like to give us a try babe,” Neil said and then Ryan lowered his mouth to Neil’s in a kiss that was all consuming.

As they kissed, Ryan lowered Neil down to the sofa, kissing him for what seemed an eternity. Ryan sat up and began to strip Neil, and once Neil was naked, Ryan removed his own clothes. Covering Neil’s body with his own, Ryan kissed Neil until they somehow maneuvered their bodies into a sixty-nine position, sucked each other until they found paradise in a shared bliss of climaxes.

It felt like heaven, it was so fucking good.

Ryan sat up and rolled Neil unto his stomach, bending, Ryan began making love with his tongue to Neil’s rosebud. Neil was beside himself with ecstasy, moaning and groaning as Ryan pleasured him, lubing his rosebud with spit, in anticipation of what Ryan needed.

“You’re going to fuck me, aren’t you,” Neil nervously asked, looking over his shoulder at his handsome lover.

Ryan softly stroked Neil’s cheek, “no sweetie, I am going to make love to you; there is quite a difference babe,” Ryan said, as he gently slid his manhood into Neil’s lubed sheath.

Neil moaned as Ryan’s cock impaled him, because it had been quite a while since he had been taken in such a way. Ryan took Neil’s hand in his to reassure him, slowly inserting his manhood in one inch at a time.

“Sweetheart, see in your mind’s eye, the first time you saw me,” Ryan whispered into Neil’s ear, as he began to make love slowly to Neil.

Picturing the moment in his mind and holding it, Neil soon found that the pain subsided and a dull ache of pleasure enveloped him, as Ryan’s cock massaged Neil’s prostate.

“Mmmmm,” Neil moaned in ecstasy, his arse relaxing as Ryan made love to him, and Neil reveled in the warmth of this man’s love.

Sensing that he was close to his edge after the better part of an hour, Ryan pulled his manhood from Neil’s velvet sheath and rolled him over onto his back. Ryan then placed Neil’s leg onto his own sinewy shoulders, re-entered Neil’s heat and began making love with an urgent rhythm.

Neil rapped his arms around Ryan’s neck, pulling him down into a torrid kiss as his fingers entwined in Ryan’s hair. Ryan was again, rapidly approaching his edge, so his thrusts became greater and he was pounding Neil’s arse with urgency, fucking him another twenty minutes until ready to explode.

“I’m cumming babe,” he moaned and then erupted like a volcano inside Neil’s heat, spreading a liquid fire throughout Neil’s insides, as he filled Neil’s love canal with his seed.

Spent and still reveling in his afterglow, Ryan pulled from Neil and moved quickly to his cock; enveloping it with his mouth, and bringing Neil to a climax so intense that he could not remember such an experience.

“Aaaaaggggghhhh…fuck…I’m shooting,” Neil howled and spewed his sperm into Ryan’s hot mouth, holding Ryan’s head as he pummeled his cock into it, until he too was spent.

Neither spoke a word, but only kissed as they got beneath the covers, both men exhausted from their intense love making. With Neil’s face nuzzled securely against Ryan’s muscularly defined chest, his fingers moving through the softness of Ryan’s chest hair, Neil drifted off into a bliss filled sleep, secure in Ryan’s strong, muscular arms.

Ryan contented and holding what was proving to be his heart’s love in his arms, soon drifted off to sleep also.


Hours later, Neil woke up and found that Ryan was gone; Ryan’s seed was oozing from Neil’s ass. With the room filled with darkness, Neil reached for a bedside lamp and turned it on. Neil moved from his bed and before leaving the bedroom, he covered his nakedness with a robe.

As Neil walked down the hall and looked into each room, he noticed that Ryan had tidied them up.

“Awe, that was so sweet of him,” Neil purred, and had his attention drawn to a noise that was coming from his kitchen.

“Hey sleepy head, dinner will be ready in ten,” he said, turning back to the stove, where steaks were cooking under the broiler, and veggies boiled on the stove.

“Sit down and relax pup,” Ryan said, but when Neil offered to help, Ryan kissed Neil on the forehead and laughed.

“You just sit there quietly and let someone take care of you for a change,” Ryan said with a wink, causing Neil to blush as he poured himself some water to drink.

“When did you get up babe,” Neil asked, setting his glass on the table and studying Ryan’s body from behind… and oh what a behind it was.

“I got up about three hours ago,” Ryan replied, feeling the scorching of Neil’s eyes on him.

“You should have woke me up Ry,” oh how Ryan loved being called that by Neil.

“You looked so cute and vulnerable asleep, I decided to leave you,” Ryan said, glancing over his shoulder at the man that he was so in love with.

“I see that you also tackled my mess,” Neil said, feeling embarrassed by the mess of his flat.

“I did a bit of tidying up and when I looked to see what you had to eat and found little, I went to the market.”

“Oh…I’m use to having just toast, some milk and fruit for breakfast,” Neil said, causing Ryan to give him a worried look.

“That’s it…that is all that you eat?”

“Well I usually have sandwich and some more fruit at lunch, and then I splurge and have a microwavable meal when I get home from work,” he said and then remembered to add, “plus I sustain that with coffee and cigarettes throughout the day.”

“Aaaauugh,” Ryan growled at the mention of cigarettes.

“You are going to give up that nasty habit and I’m just the man to make it so,” he said, shooting Neil a look that, although Ryan meant it, Neil was not afraid.

“And just how are you going to do that mister,” Neil questioned, a seductive grin on his lips.

“Oh I have my ways pup… I do have my ways,” he said emphatically, Neil gasped and when he saw his man wink, he did not worry.

After a great meal, better than Neil would have prepared, Ryan took Neil into the living room where they watched television as they cuddled and kissed on the sofa, until around two in the morning they moved to the bedroom.

Again they made love and once spent, the two lovers drifted off to sleep, with Neil content in this new found happiness and very much in love.

The End.

Posted: 12/16/11