My Father, My Son
by: Tom Borden

2000-2008 by the author


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"Can I see him?" Adriano said as he looked searchingly into his father's eyes.

"Yes, in time you can. Right now, he's still unconscious and they're doing all they can for him.

With fear in his eyes, Adriano looked up at his dad and asked, "Will he live, Dad? Will he be all right?"

"Yes, they've assured me he's going to be all right."


Chapter 72 


While Adriano slept, Mario went up to see Frack in the hospital's burn unit. Frack was lying uncovered on the bed, wearing only a pair of briefs. On his face, arms and legs were thin sheets of some material covering the burned areas. The oxygen mask had been removed, and he had only nose plugs through which he could breath oxygen. Frack was now awake and smiled faintly when he saw Mario.

"Hi, little buddy," Frack said slowly. His voice was raspy and strange, having been affected by the great deal of smoke he had inhaled. "How's the boy?"

Mario was stunned at how Frack looked and leaned over to kiss him on a small part of his forehead that had not been burned. "Adriano's doing just fine, thanks to you. You almost lost your life, Frack, doing what you did. The burns are quite bad on your face. I'm sure the doctors will be able to fix you up so there won't be any scarring."

"Aw, shit, little buddy," said Frack. "With this ugly mug of mine, nothin' could make it much uglier! I'm jist glad your little guy is okay. That's all that matters."

With tears in his eyes, Mario looked down at Frack and said, "Oh, Frack, Adriano and I will never be able to thank you enough for what you did. You almost lost your own life in that fire."

"Hey, buddy, someone had to do it. I was jist handy, that's all. Now stop yer snivelin'. If it weren't me, it'd be someone else to go up there."

"No, Frack, no one else would have done what you did. You saved a young man's life. Do you know what that means?"

"Yeah. It means I saved a guy's life. It don't mean nothin' more than that."

"It does mean more, Frack. To have done a heroic thing like that, you . . . ."

"Aw, come on, Mario. I don't want to hear none of that hero stuff. The boy's okay now, and that's all that matters. When am I gonna git outta here?"

"It's going to be awhile, yet," Mario said. "It will take time for those burns to heal, and they want to be sure your lungs haven't been damaged. Frack. I love you more than you'll ever know. You look tired. I'm going to go down and see Adriano for a little while. Try to get some sleep, and I'll be back."

Frack raised his hand and said, "Before ya go, lemme touch yer face." As he touched Mario's cheek lightly, he said, "I love you, too. There's nothin' I wouldn't do fer you and yer boy. Please come back."

Mario kissed Frack's hand and left.

Adriano had not gone to sleep and was feeling restless. When Mario came in, he asked, "Dad, how is Frack?"

"He'll be fine."

"Do you think I could go up and see him? I need to thank him and tell him I'm sorry."

Mario said, "I'll ask the nurse if we can take you up in a wheelchair. They don't want you walking just yet."

As Mario and Adriano entered Frack's room, they found him sleeping. When Adriano looked at Frack, he covered his face with both hands and broke into tears. "Oh, my God, Dad. Look at him. How will I ever make this up to him? He looks so bad. I hope he's not going to die."

Frack suddenly opened his eyes and said, "I ain't gonna die. It'll take more'n this to send an ugly old bastard like me away."

Adriano looked at Frack and tried to smile through his tears. He said, "Frack, I can't tell you how much I . . . ."

"Ya don't have to say nothin, boy. Jist as long as yer doin' okay, ya don't have to say nothin'."

"But I want to thank you, Frack," said Adriano. "And I'm sorry for all the things I said before."

"I told ya," said Frack. "Ya don't have ta say nothin' or say yer sorry or nothin' There ain't nothin' to be sorry fer. Yer okay, and that's all that matters."

Adriano wanted so much to say more. He wanted to climb out of that wheelchair and take Frack in his arms and tell him everything that was in his heart. He reached over and took hold of Frack's hand and held it without saying anything.

Frack looked at Adriano and smiled. "I know. I know, Adriano, ya gotta lotta things ya wanna say. I know ya do. I don't mean to cut ya off. I ain't no dummy. I know ya got things inside of ya that ya wanna say. It's only natural. It's jist that I ain't used to havin' a fuss made over me. It kinda embarrasses me."

The tears started rolling down Adriano's cheeks again as he said, "I love you, Frack. You can't stop me from telling you that. And if that embarrasses you, that's okay. I understand. And someday, when you're not expecting it, I am going to tell you all the other things that are in my heart. But for now, just know that I love you very much for what you did for my dad and me."

"Git 'im outta here, Mario," said Frack as his eyes began brimming with tears. "Or I'm really gonna embarrass myself!"

Adriano said, "I'll be back to see you again, Frack."

As Mario wheeled his son to the door, Frack said, "And I love you, too, Adriano."

The day had finally come for the court hearing on overturning Ol' Ben's Will. The hearing was scheduled for 2:00 p.m. Caleb had advised Michael not to confront Marcus about it prior to the hearing, but Michael found it impossible not to say something to Marcus on the morning of the hearing.

Going into Jared's room, he found Marcus getting Jared dressed up in a suit and tie. He said, "As I'm sure you're aware, Marcus, I've been asked to be at this hearing. I've been advised not to discuss it before today, but I'm curious to know why this is happening."

"Oh, Mr. Walker," said Marcus. "Jared has just had it in his mind that the ranch belongs to him and that he should have been the rightful heir. He's just insisting that we have this hearing."

"But, Marcus," said Michael. "Jared hasn't got the mental competence to raise such an issue."

"I know, Mr. Walker. But he just has this bee in his bonnet, so to speak. I'm getting him ready so he'll at least look presentable before the judge. And I'll be driving him in, if that's okay."

"Of course."

Michael and Jake drove into Goliad and met Caleb on the courthouse steps. Jake stayed outside to "look at the hot scenery," as he put it, while Michael and Caleb went into Judge Culkin's chambers together. The judge was just putting on his robe as he said, "Well, Caleb, are you ready for another circus put on by our friend Morton Hanover? He's wasted more of my fucking time over the years. I hope we can make this a short hearing.

The hearing was to be held in the judges' conference room, rather than the courtroom. As Michael and Caleb entered they found seated at one side of the long table Marcus Filmore and Morton Hanover, with Jared seated between them. Jared sat stiffly, looking like a mannequin, just dressed up for display. Michael and Caleb seated themselves across from them.

The Bailiff entered and said, "All rise. This hearing is now in session with the honorable Judge Joseph Culkin."

Judge Culkin walked in and sat at one end of the table. He began, "Now it is my understanding that Jared Walker wishes to contest the Will of his father, Ben Walker."

Hanover spoke up and said, "Yes, your Honor. Mr. Jared Walker is the eldest son of Ben Walker and wishes to contest the awarding of their family ranch in total to his younger brother Michael."

"Well, what did the Will say?" asked the judge.

"The Will, your honor, simply awarded the ranch to his youngest son, Michael."

"Is any reason for this known?" pressed the judge.

"No reason at all is known, your Honor," said Hanover, now with beads of sweat becoming visible on his brow.

"If I may say something, your Honor," said Caleb, "reasons for the various articles of a person's Will are not required by law."

Turning back to Hanover, the judge said, "On what basis do you think that Ol' Ben, or rather Ben Walker, wanted Michael to have the ranch instead of Jared?"

"The man was incompetent, your Honor," responded Hanover. "Ask anyone."

"I'm not asking anyone. I'm asking you," replied the judge.

Hanover went on, "His behavior was consistently erratic and strange. There is absolutely no reason why his eldest son should not have been awarded the ranch, or at least an equal share."

Caleb said, "Your Honor, we have obtained the results of the competency hearing that was conducted at the time the Will was first probated. Ben was judged sane and perfectly competent at the time he signed his Will. Therefore, competency is not in question."

The judge, turning once again to Morton Hanover, said, "So why are you coming here after all these years, suddenly wanting to have the Will overturned? The Will was determined to be perfectly valid at the time of his death. This whole business seems very strange to me."

"Your Honor," said Hanover, "don't you agree that it's the normal thing to do to make the eldest son the primary heir?"

"Hanover," said the judge impatiently, "what I believe is not in question here. I'm concerned with the law. Has the law be subverted? Has the original hearing been flawed in some way? You haven't shown me any evidence that it has."

Marcus became visibly fidgety.

"Now, Mr. Walker," said the judge, pointing to Jared, "Have you anything to say about this?"

Marcus gave Jared a slight jab in the side. Jared looked up and said, "I am the eldest son of my father, Ben Walker, and the ranch should be mine instead of Michael's."

The judge shook his head and stared at Jared. "That's not helping us at all here. I think that Jared should go through the same kind of competency hearing that his father did."

Caleb opened up his folder and took out several papers clipped together. "Your Honor, I have here a medical and psychiatric report from the hospital where Jared was treated after his suicide attempt. You will see that Mr. Jared Walker has suffered enormous damage to his mental capacity. The psychiatric report clearly states that Jared shows no recognition of other members of his family, including his brother, Michael, and has no recollection of the existence of the ranch on which he was raised."

After handing over the report, the judge took about five minutes reading it. Looking up, he said, "This is absolutely absurd." Looking directly at Hanover, he said, "What the Hell do you think you're doing? You've done some stupid-ass things, but this is way over the edge. You're trying to take the ranch, which was legally given to Michael here, and turn it over to a man who has no idea where he is or who he is? You need to have your head examined!"

Marcus, who was now sitting on the edge of his chair and sweating profusely, said, "Your Honor, please, I agree that Hanover needs his head examined. Please listen to Jared. He's as competent as you and I. Of course he knows who he is and where he is."

"Does he know who these two gentlemen are sitting across from him?" asked the judge.

"Of course he knows who they are," said Marcus. "Now, Jared, go ahead and tell the judge who these two men are. Go ahead."

Jared looked up and said, "I am the eldest son of my father, Ben Walker, and the ranch should be mine, instead of Michael's."

The judge looked at Marcus and started laughing. "Who the hell are you, might I ask?"

Marcus said with his voice rising, "I'm Jared's caregiver. And he's very competent. He only wants what is rightfully his. Can't you see this? Why is this so hard for you to understand?" Then pointing to Michael, he shouted, "The ranch should not be in that man's hands. It belongs to Jared!"

Morton Hanover sat with his head in his hands and said, "Oh, give it up, Marcus."

"Shut up, you asshole!" shouted Marcus. "I will not leave here until that ranch is awarded to Jared!"

Hanover looked at Marcus and said, "You mean, not until it is awarded to you!"

"Shut up!" shouted Marcus.

"Your Honor," said Hanover, "Marcus here is behind all of this. He thought that once the ranch was awarded to Jared, he would take over and sell off all the land to developers, making himself a cool fortune."

Marcus stood up and pounded his fist on the table. Looking down at Hanover, he shouted, "You asshole!" Then looking at the others, he shouted, "Don't believe all that garbage he's feeding you!"

Caleb turned to the judge and said, "Your Honor, my client and I have suspected that Marcus had something like this in mind. He has been deliberately plotting to defraud the Walker family of their land for his own gain. With your permission, your Honor, I would like, here and now, to file a complaint against Marcus Filmore and have him charged with fraud."

Marcus shouted, "What are you doing? This is all a mistake. Hanover's a liar. A goddamned liar!"

The judge gave a signal to the Bailiff, who opened the door and ushered in a policeman. Judge Culkin said, "Officer, take this man into custody. Formal charges will be filed later today."

As the officer was attaching the handcuffs, Marcus looked down at Hanover and said, bitterly, "You little piece of shit! You cocksucker! You're well aware of the consequences of this, aren't you? When I get through explaining who the well-respected Morton Hanover really is, your life will make a very juicy front-page story!"

Hanover looked up and said, "Go ahead, you little piss-ant. Tell everything you know. I don't give a shit anymore. At least, I'll be rid of you!"

After Marcus was ushered out, they all sat and looked at Jared. That poor man, who had been used, but who had no idea what was happening. Michael felt like crying. He got up and went around the table and put his arms around Jared. He said softly, "Oh, Jared, brother of mine. You're so vulnerable, so fragile. Let's go home. Let's get to know each other again."

Judge Culkin made the routine official announcement for the record that the hearing was over and that the claim was denied. He looked at Morton Hanover, who had once again put his head in his hands, and said, "Morton, I have to say this was the craziest one you've done yet. What's it going to be next?"

"Don't think there'll be a next one, Joe. I'm going to take a long vacation, and then I'll decide whether or not to continue in the law, or go flip hamburgers for MacDonalds."

"I hope that what Marcus was talking about isn't too serious. You know, whatever he threatened to tell everyone about you?"

"Ya, it's kind of serious. It's nothing illegal, though. Just kind of embarrassing. But I don't give a shit anymore. Being rid of that bastard is worth anything."

Jake loaded Jared in the car and took him back to the ranch. Caleb, Michael, and Morton Hanover stood out on the sidewalk in front of the courthouse and talked for a few minutes.

"I'm curious, Morton," said Caleb. "Have you gotten in some sort of trouble involving Marcus Filmore?"

"Well, Caleb," said Hanover, "you know I used to represent Marcus's father. What a fucking crook! One day I met Marcus when he was just a child, and to make a long story short, I eventually seduced him. Ya, ya, I know. Big, big mistake! As he grew older, we got together fairly frequently. Then as time went on, he realized he had me by the balls. Naturally, I couldn't afford to have any of what we were doing get back to my wife and kids. But he always held the threat over my head that, if I didn't go along with whatever he wanted, he'd blow the whistle."

Caleb shook his head and said only, "What a shame. What a damned shame."

"But I don't care anymore," sighed Hanover. "He can say whatever he wants, and I'll just deal with it when it happens. Maybe I can talk my way out of it somehow. But right now, the important thing is that I'm rid of that snake!"

Caleb put his hand on Hanover's shoulder and said, "I can understand what it's like to be rid of a burden like that, Morton. I was married to a shrew of a woman, and when that ended, it was like . . . well, I can't describe how my life changed. Morton, if there is anything I can do for you, or some way I can help you, please consider me a friend and let me know."

It was still only mid-afternoon and, after formally filing charges against Marcus and completing all the paper work involved, Caleb and Michael drove, in Caleb's car, over to the Cock and Balls Lounge for a quick beer before heading home. They sat in a booth near the back and, when their eyes became accustomed to the gloom, they heard a moan coming from the next booth. Taking a quick look over his shoulder and into the booth, Michael saw two young men lying on the long seat, one fucking the other.

"Good Lord," said Michael. "This place has really lost its respectability, if it ever had any, when they allow that right out in the open!"

When the bartender swished up, Caleb asked, "You know what's going on in the next booth?"

"Yeah! Ain't it hot? It just gives me goose bumps!" the waiter replied.

"I know," said Michael. "But right out in the open like this?"

"Well, honey, I don't question nothing. The owner's standing right over there, and he knows it's going on. And if he don't give a shit, I don't. You two could do the same thing if ya wanna. What are you two luscious looking guys gonna have?"

"A couple of Lone Stars, please," said Caleb.

The two in the next booth were now thumping the back of Michael's seat rather violently. He turned around and said, "Hurry up and cum, damn it! I'm getting tired of getting thumped!"

Suddenly, Michael and Caleb heard the two love birds grunting and growling, and the thumping stopped. They soon stood up and pulled up their pants and left.

Michael looked wryly at Caleb and said, "Well, Caleb, shall we try it? No don't answer that. Just kidding."

Caleb said, "Well those two and their noises sure did give me a raging hard-on. How about you?

"Ditto here!"

As they drank their beer, Michael said, "Caleb, I'm glad all that business with Marcus is over. But now, I'm not sure what to do about Jared. I know that I need to be closer to him. But at the same time, I know it doesn't make any difference if I'm there or not there."

Caleb put his hand on Michael's and said, "Michael, have you considered putting Jared in a State facility. Seriously now. You know, the State has agreed they would take him whenever you felt you couldn't manage. Jeff talked to me once about that. You know he's been for that from the beginning. And I agree with him. It won't affect Jared wherever he's at. He has no relationship of any kind with you, as it is, Michael. He really doesn't even know who you are. It might be the best thing."

"I know, Caleb. It might be best. But I can't get past the fact that he's my brother and I should take some responsibility for him."

"That's just false guilt talking, Michael," said Caleb. "You need to be practical about this. It matters nothing to him where he is or where he sleeps."

"I know you're right Caleb. I'm going to think seriously about that."

After Caleb dropped him off at the ranch, Michael went into Jared's room and found him sitting in his usual place, still dressed in his suit, and staring blankly out of the window. Michael went back to his office and sat at his desk with his eyes closed, thinking about what to do. He picked up the phone and called Jeff. He explained to Jeff what had happened that day at the hearing.

"Jeff, I've been thinking about it, and I think you were probably right. Perhaps I should have Jared taken care of in a proper State facility. I know it would never make any difference to him. I hate the thought of doing it, but it might just be the best thing to do for all of us."

Jeff said, "Well, Dad, you know how I've felt about it. Remember if you do this, you'll always be able to check on him from time to time to see how he's doing. I know that, in his condition, he won't be going back to prison. I believe he would be at a secure facility up there in Dallas. If you decide to take him up there, please let me know so that I can drive up there with you. Okay?"

"I'm pretty well decided, Jeff," Michael said. "I'll let you know. Maybe next weekend, if you'll be free."

"Why don't we do it on Saturday, Dad. I don't have anything planned for that day. And Paul has scheduled a Saturday morning lab for one of his classes. Why don't you stop by here in Austin Saturday morning on your way and pick me up."

On Friday evening, Michael packed up the few clothes that Jared had for the trip back to Dallas the next morning. He gave Jared his evening medication and helped him with his bath. As he ran his hands over Jared's body in the bath, he still could hardly believe that this handsome brother of his, who he had adored as a boy, and with whom he had once long ago been so close, was now in such a pitiful, helpless state. As he looked at and washed his brother's penis and testicles and between his ass cheeks, he remembered all those times they both jacked off together out on the range far from the house. And as he looked at the head of Jared's penis, he remembered how exciting it was when he was very young to watch the streams of thick white cum spurting out of that penis.

After Michael got Jared to bed, he looked down at him and felt a terrible sadness that his brother would now go and live the rest of his life in a State facility. The feeling that he might never see his brother again made him heart sick. Impulsively, Michael stripped off his clothes and lay down next to Jared so that their bodies were pressed together. He kissed Jared on the lips very gently. This was the first time in his life that he had ever felt his body touching his brother's body.

As tears came to Michael's eyes, he put his arm over Jared's chest and whispered to him. "I've always loved you, Jared. Please don't hate me for sending you away. Why couldn't our lives together have been different? Why did all the things that happened between us ever have to happen? The two of us should have owned this ranch together. I was wrong to fight you about that. It was my fault, Jared. I pray that you will forgive me."

Jared's eyes were open, but it was as though he didn't see Michael, nor did he hear what he was saying. Michael gently kissed Jared's neck and cheek and cried softly.

Karl had gone looking for Michael and soon knocked lightly on Jared's door. When there was no answer, he opened it slowly and saw the naked bodies of Michael and Jared lying together. Both were asleep. Karl looked at them for a few moments and understood. With a slight smile on his face, he stepped in and turned off the light. Then he tiptoed out and closed the door quietly behind him.

The next morning, without having any breakfast, Michael and Jared drove off to Austin. When they arrived at Jeff's apartment, Jeff had a full breakfast of eggs, biscuits and gravy made for them. As they sat around the kitchen table and ate, Jeff could tell that the whole business of returning Jared to State care was bothering Michael.

"Dad, I know how you feel. He'll be well cared for up there. And, as I said, we can go and visit him from time to time."

Michael said, "I'm not really sure you know how I feel, Jeff. I always regretted that your mother and I never gave you a brother or two, or perhaps a sister. We tried, but God just didn't come through for us. But then, you might have had to bear the kind of ordeal with your brother that I've had to go through."

"Dad, I never knew you regretted not having more kids," said Jeff. "I never had. It would have been nice to have a brother, I suppose, but I had some really close friends growing up, and I never missed having a brother. I guess it's a case of never missing what you never had. And if you had had another son, Dad, you would have had to chose between us."

Michael said, "That's not true. I would have loved you both equally."

"I know you would have, Dad," said Jeff. "I shouldn't have said that."

Michael looked over at Jared sitting expressionless and said, "I have the feeling that I'm doing something wrong, doing this. And I have the feeling this will be the last time I'll ever see him."

Jeff wanted to make further comment, but realized his dad was feeling his own very special emotions and that he should not inject himself into them now.

They were soon on their way to Dallas. In mid-afternoon, they checked into a motel at the edge of town near the Texas State Psychiatric Hospital, where Jared would be housed in a secure State supported assisted living facility on the premises. After washing up, they drove to the facility, where they were expected. After completing a good deal of paper work, they were ushered to another building, where they entered the room assigned to Jared. Compared to Jared's room at the ranch, his new room was very small, with a small window in the bathroom, but none in the room. The only daylight that could come into the room would be through the bathroom door. The walls were bare and painted gray with a large unrepaired blistered section of plaster near the bathroom door where water had obviously leaked through. There was a hospital type bed that came out from the wall and filled most of the floor space. The only other furniture was a metal straight chair next to the bed and a small metal chest of drawers that had a large dent in the side.

Michael looked around and said, "This is nothing more than a prison cell. I can't leave Jared here."

The matron said, "Sir, all the rooms are like this. I'm sorry. I know it's not much, but I'm sure your brother will be comfortable here. The rooms are kept very clean."

"But there's no window," said Michael, unbelieving what he was seeing. "And there's no chair he can sit and be comfortable in. He always likes to sit and look out the window."

"I'm sorry, sir," said the matron. "If you would like to talk with the superintendent, I'll see if you can get an appointment."

Michael sat down on the edge of the bed with Jared next to him and buried his face in his hands.

Jeff went over and sat next to his father and, putting his arm around his shoulder, said, "Dad. There's nothing we can do. He'll be fine here. They'll take care of him. They'll do everything for him."

Michael said, "But there's no window. How can any man live without being able to see the world outside."

"Mr. Walker," said the Matron. "We take all of our residents out into the yard for several hours each day. It's quite beautiful out there. There are lots of trees and a very pretty garden. I'm sure everything will be fine, Mr. Walker."

"See, Dad," said Jeff. "He'll be outside a lot. As she says, Dad, everything will be fine. Come on. Let's leave. It's not helping anything to stay. We can stop by here again tomorrow, if you want to, before we leave."

Michael took Jared in his arms, kissed him on the cheek, and said, "I love you, brother. I'll be back to see you tomorrow."

As they reached the door, they turned and looked back at Jared, who said simply, "Thank you," with a slight smile on his face.

When they got back to the motel, Michael said, "That's how I want to remember him, Jeff. Just like that with that little smile on his face. It was just like the smile he always had when we were little boys." Then sitting down on the bed and again burying his face in his hands, he said, "Oh God, Jeff, why have things in our lives come to this?"

Jeff said, "Dad, there's nothing more we can do. Now let's go down to the bar and have a drink and relax."

They sat at a table in the small motel bar. Michael had ordered his usual triple Scotch on the rocks, and Jeff order a bottle of Lone Star. As they drank, Jeff pulled a card from his shirt pocket and held it up for Michael to see.

"What is it?" Michael asked.

"Look at it, Dad. Do you remember this?"

"Why, it's that card from Ted Kennedy, the boy I met up the last time I was up here. How did you get that?"

"Remember, Dad, I saw it on your desk. And I sneaked it into my pocket. I didn't want you to throw it away. What would you say if we gave him a call. You know, I haven't seen him since we were in high school. Now that we have his home address and telephone number, I thought it might be nice to see him and get re-acquainted. How 'bout it?"

"You little thief!" said Michael with a smile.

Jeff said, "Why don't we give him a call and see if he wants to go to dinner with us if he hasn't already eaten yet?"

"Well, don't you think it might be a little uncomfortable for him to see us together?" Michael said. "I'm sure he believes that you have no idea what happened between him and me that night."

"I can take care of that, Dad. I'll put him at ease about that."

Michael said, "He was a really nice boy. If you want to call him, okay. I'd like to see him again. But I'd better not have another drink. I don't want him to think I'm drunk all the time."

After finishing their drinks, Michael and Jeff returned to their room, where Jeff dialed Ted's number. When Ted answered, Jeff said, "Ted! Do you remember me? This is Jeff Walker."

"Jeff!" shouted Ted. "What a surprise! Where are you?"

Jeff said, "My dad and I are here in Dallas. We had some business to take care of here, and I thought that, while we were here, I'd look you up."

"How did you know where to get a hold of me, Jeff?"

"Well, my dad had you phone number," said Jeff.

There was no response from Ted. Jeff said, "Are you still on the line, Ted?"

"Yes, I'm here."

"If you haven't had supper yet, Dad and I would like to take you out to dinner."

Ted said, "You and your dad? Well, no, I haven't eaten yet."

"Ted, I remember you always liked Italian. We do, too. Do you know a good place we could go?"

"My favorite here in town," said Ted, "is Spiro's."

"Oh, yes," said Jeff. "That's just about a block from where we're staying. We passed it coming in. Do you want to meet us there?"

"Okay, Jeff. Let's say in about a half hour?"

Michael and Jeff walked down the street to Spiro's and, as they arrived, they saw Ted just driving into the parking lot. They walked over to his car and, as soon as Ted got out, Jeff held out his arms, and they greeted each other with a big hug.

Jeff said, "My God, Ted, I always thought you were an Adonis, but you are more beautiful than ever. You met my dad?"

Ted made a move toward Michael as though he was going to hug him, but quickly backed off.

Jeff said, "That's okay, Ted. Go ahead. I understand."

"You do?" said Ted.

"Of course," said Jeff with a smile. "My dad and I have no secrets from each other. Really! Go ahead. It's okay."

As Ted hesitated, Michael moved in and took Ted in his arms. As they hugged, Michael said, "I owe you a big apology, Ted, for the pretty bad state I was in when we last met. And don't worry. Jeff's right. We have no secrets. He's knows all about that evening."

Ted looked over at Jeff and saw him with a big smile on his face. He had had no idea before this that Jeff and his father were at one with each other in their homosexuality. After a few moments, he felt completely at ease with the situation and, giving Michael a quick kiss on the lips, said, "You guys are terrific. Let's go on in and, I promise you, you haven't tasted lasagna like Luigi here makes it!"

Spiro's Restaurant was small and cozy. The three men were seated by a window looking out on a beautiful garden, graced with several replicas of Roman statuary. Ted joined Michael in ordering a triple Scotch on the rocks, while Jeff stuck with beer. Jeff said, "Ted, I know that it surprised you to see Dad and me together. I want to explain and put everything out in the open for you. Dad and I are lovers. I hope that doesn't shock you. I know it must seem awfully unnatural to you. But that's the kind of loving relationship we have. I wasn't in the least upset when I heard about the night you were with Dad. But I do wish he'd been sober enough to enjoy your company, Ted. I've told him about the times you and I had been together when we were younger, and I also told him that he missed something pretty terrific when he was too zonked to know what was happening."

Ted said, "Yes, I was kind of surprised to get your call, wanting the both of you to get together with me tonight. But, no, I'm not shocked, Jeff. I can see how close the two of you are. I am a little embarrassed, though, that I took advantage of you, Mr. Walker, that night. That was wrong of me."

"Not at all, Ted," said Michael, putting his hand on Ted's. "I was the one who was embarrassed after I realized how stinking I got that night, making you have to find my room for me. And please, Ted. Don't call me Mr. Walker. My name's Michael."

When they finished their meal and were waiting for their desert to come, Ted excused himself and headed for the restroom.

Jeff also got up and said to Michael, "Dad, I'm going with him. I want to talk with him privately for a few minutes."

As Jeff and Ted stood next to each other at the urinals, Jeff said, "Ted, are you okay with everything? I mean about Dad and me?"

"Jeff," said Ted, looking down at Jeff's penis, "everything is more than okay. You and your dad are just great. Your dad is so nice. You know, I wish you and I had kept up with each other more. I hope the three of us can see more of one another from now on."

Jeff also had his eyes on Ted's penis, and said, "Ted, I remember so well that penis of yours, with that oversized mushroom head I loved so much! Ted, Dad and I would like you to come by our motel when we finish here. Please don't say no."

"But, how about your dad, Jeff?" said Ted. "I would really like to. But don't you think it might be kind of awkward?"

"What would be awkward about it? Dad wants you to come back with us as much as I do."


"Yes, really. But he said the same as you did. He worried a little that you would be the one who felt awkward having the three of us together."

Ted smiled and leaned over and kissed Jeff on the lips. "It would be wonderful, Jeff, to go back with you. As you can see, I'm already hard as a rock!"

As soon as they all arrived at the motel room, Michael could tell that Ted was still feeling a little awkward. He immediately took Ted in his arms and kissed him. He said, "Ted, I know this seems a little strange to you, but please understand. You have been with both of us before, but you'll be with us together now. Please don't feel uneasy about it. We're all just going to relax and enjoy ourselves. And I want to make up to you my being such a dead fish the first time you and I were together."

Ted smiled and said, "I'm fine, Mr. . . . I mean, Michael. I'm really fine. All through dinner, this is exactly what I was hoping for, and I actually feared it wouldn't happen."

Jeff threw back the covers on the king-sized bed and slipped off his boots. As he took off his shirt and lowered his pants, he said, "Come on, you two! It's beddy-bye time!"

Michael and Ted were still standing close to each other. Michael said, "Here, Ted, let me have the pleasure of getting you out of those clothes."

Michael slowly and very deliberately removed Ted's shirt, revealing a tanned torso that one would normally only dream about. As Michael ran his tongue over the light hair on Ted's solid pectorals and down the thin trail of hair on his stomach, he loosened Ted's buckle and top button, and unzipped the fly. Sliding Ted's pants down to his ankles, Michael pressed his lips against the considerable bulge in Ted's briefs. Sitting down, Ted took off his boots and removed his pants altogether, revealing two beautifully shaped legs.

Jeff was now lying naked on his back on the bed, holding onto his gorged penis with one hand and fondling his balls with the other. He held out his arms and beckoned for Ted to join him. As Ted lay on the bed, kissing Jeff, Michael removed his own clothes and leaped in with them. As both Jeff and his dad wildly ran their hands all over Ted's body and were kissing him all over, Ted lay there unbelieving what was happening and could feel his whole body tingling with an erotic frenzy that he had rarely ever felt. As he sank into an indescribable sexual euphoria, Ted ran his own hands as wildly as he could over the bodies of these two gorgeous men, Jeff and his dad. He felt his penis throbbing and could feel the muscle at the base of it contracting so tightly that it seemed to him that his penis was about to explode. As Michael continued kissing and licking Ted's Adonis-like body, Ted could feel his penis being taken into Jeff's mouth. He could also feel several of Jeff's fingers probing and entering his asshole.

As Michael kissed and licked all over Ted's unbelievably handsome face, and allowed Ted's long thick dark eyelashes to tickle his lips and cheek, Ted said, "Please, Michael, I want you inside of me. Please."

Jeff heard that and pushed Ted's legs up where he could get his face into his ass crack and lubricate it well for Michael. As Michael came around and pushed his hard penis into Ted's asshole, Jeff scooted up and crouched over Ted so he could fuck Ted's mouth. In this position, Jeff's ass was right in front of his dad's face. Neither of them began their fucking motion for a few moments while Michael buried his face in his son's ass crack and licked and chewed on Jeff's sweet red pucker that he loved so much. But soon, both were pushing in and out, Michael in Ted's asshole, and Jeff in Ted's mouth.

At the same time, Ted reached down and stroked his own penis as well as he could. The feel of Jeff's pubic hair on his face tickled his nose and he felt like sneezing. But he was able to stifle it. That afternoon, Ted had never dreamed of the total erotica he would be feeling that evening. He was now totally lost in a sexual frenzy like he had never experienced before.

As they always did in situations like this, Michael and Jeff managed to have their orgasmic tremors take over their bodies at precisely the same time. As Ted felt the violent throbbing of Michaels rod inside of him, flooding his rectum with warm sperm, he felt Jeff's penis enlarge and jump in his mouth as Jeff's thick hot cream filled his mouth. Ted lay there in a state of such complete sexual arousal as he had never felt before. It was like a dream in which he was being raped by the gods, totally in their control. He felt his whole body being filled to the brim with the sperm of the gods. The smell of sex and the strong smell of their sweaty bodies made his head reel. He wanted them to lie heavily on him and crush him. He wanted to be ingested into their bodies. His mind whirled in every direction.

As Ted lay there in a dream-like state with his eyes closed, he felt Michael's and Jeff's penises being withdrawn from his body. "No, no," he said over and over to himself. "It can't end now!" He grabbed hold of Jeff's body and wouldn't let him roll off. But soon, the three of them were lying next to each other, hot and wet.

Michael began kissing Ted's face again and whispered, "Please fuck me, Ted. I want to lie there beneath you and look at your body as it is taken over by your orgasm, and as you throw your load of sperm into me."

Ted could hardly move fast enough to get into position. As he plunged his hurting penis into Michael's ass, he looked down at this beautiful man he had pinned beneath him . . . this man who was the father of his high school friend he had played with so often. How could this be happening? What god was looking down on him, who had brought him to this position? As he pumped, he watched Michael's face and its expression of painful pleasure. With every thrust, he heard a grunt of extreme pleasure coming from Michael's mouth.

All the while, Jeff was running his tongue up along the back of Ted's tan legs. The tickling feel of Jeff's tongue and the feel of Michael's asshole clamping tightly over and over on his penis sent Ted into an orgasmic frenzy that he couldn't stop. He just let it go, and felt his sperm surging up through his penis and out into Michael's rectum. Surge after surge fed his orgasm until he felt as though he were going to faint.

As Ted slowly collapsed onto Michael, he felt Jeff's tongue pressing its way into his ass crack and licking up Michael's cum that was now oozing out of his asshole.

As the three of them lay side by side, with Ted in the middle, they idly ran their hands over one another's sweaty thighs as they tried to catch their breaths. In minutes, Ted had fallen asleep. Propping themselves up on their elbows, Michael and Jeff looked down on this sleeping beauty and marveled at the true loveliness of his face and body.

Michael said, "How does anyone have the right to be so beautiful."

"He's created by God, just like you and me, Dad."

"But look at him," said Michael. "He's more like an angel. His body. His face. How could anybody be so perfect?"

Michael and Jeff lay there for a long time talking softly. But after awhile, Ted opened his eyes. "It's true," he said quietly. "I am really here. It wasn't a dream after all. I don't know what to say, but thank you. Thank you for the most wonderful experience of my life. I mean it. I could lie here for the rest of my life just having you both pressed up against me."

Jeff said, "Dad and I feel the same way. Neither of us can remember when we've ever been with someone like you." Leaning over and kissing Ted on the lips, he said, "Fate brought us together again. That's all it was. Just fate. I wish you didn't live way up here in Dallas."

Michael said, "Yes, I wish you could live down closer to us. And I think you'd like my partner, Karl, too."

"But I thought you and Jeff . . . ."

Jeff said, "Both, Dad and I have partners of our own. But they understand that the love that Dad and I have for each other will always be there. Neither of us will ever do anything like we did tonight with you without the other of us along with us. And that goes for our partners, too. Whenever Dad or I do something like this, we either do it only with each other or with our partners, never alone by ourselves." Then with a smile, Jeff looked at his dad and said, "That's so we can keep an eye on each other when we're fooling around, isn't that right, Dad?"

"Right you are, son!"

Ted looked concerned and said, "But you and me, Michael. You know, that night when it was just you and me?"

Jeff said, "That doesn't count, Ted. Dad was drunk out of his mind that night and didn't have any fucking idea of what was going on. And you can't be blamed, because you didn't know about our little rule, either."

Soon, Ted had to go and reluctantly put his clothes back on. Michael said, "Ted, this has been a special night for Jeff and me. I know you've now graduated and are looking around for a job. I hope you'll consider taking something closer to where we live so we can see you more often."

"I hope I can, too." With that, the three of them stood and kissed and hugged. Michael and Jeff stood in the doorway in only their briefs and waved goodbye as Ted drove off.

Jeff said, "Well, Dad. What can I say? I was hoping that calling Ted to see us would help you to get your mind off of Jared. And I think we succeeded."

"Isn't it terrible? I had forgotten all about Jared. I feel like I've locked him away to die today, and I just went off and had a good time."

"Don't, Dad. I'm sorry I brought up his name. He'll be fine, and you know it. Come on, let's get to bed. We have a long drive tomorrow getting home."

Michael and Jeff took their showers and brushed their teeth and fell into bed. Turning off the bed table lamp and taking Jeff in his arms, Michael said, "Jeff? Have I told you lately how much I really love you in so many ways. And not the least of which is how you take care of me, almost like role-reversal. There are so many things that would be so much harder on me if I didn't have you to keep my mind from flipping."

"Dad, one of the things I keep telling you," said Jeff as he kissed his dad on the eyes. "You worry too much. And you're always too nice. Sometimes, you're not very practical. You let your emotions get the best of you. Thank God, Karl is back. You know, he's the practical one between the two of you.

"You think I'm too nice?" said Michael.

"Well, maybe not TOO nice. I just think sometimes that you should have a little tougher skin and not let your empathetic feelings rule what you do and think so much."

"Jeff, I've always been easily moved by certain events and the misfortunes and unhappiness of others. You know that. And I never want to be unfair to them or to always think the worst of people. But I know. Being that way does cause me to worry a lot and maybe feel more concern than I should. You'll have to admit, Jeff, that my concern for Jumper turned out okay. Look at that young man now. If someone hadn't been concerned about that boy's wasted life, he'd still be out there getting himself fucked twenty times a day and stealing food and so forth. And he'd probably be getting himself beaten up again from time to time."

"I know, Dad. You were right. And you usually are. It's just that I hate to see you worry so much. Let's go to sleep now, dad, and just dream about what we had tonight."

"Okay, son. I love you."

"And I love you, too, Dad," said Jeff as he took Michael in his arms.

To be continued...


Posted: 10/10/08