My Father, My Son
by: Tom Borden

2000 by the author


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Noah also started to cry and said, "I think we're both falling apart here. Maybe we'd better say goodnight now, and just dream about being with each other tomorrow night."

After saying goodbye, Enrique returned to his chair feeling so good that he had heard Noah's voice again. He slouched down in the chair and closed his eyes. It was not until the morning sun began beaming in through the front windows of the lobby that Enrique woke up. He gathered up his books and started off for his room. He had only this one day left in class, and then in the late afternoon, Corky and Mark would pick him up and they would all go back to the ranch.


Chapter 68 

Michael and Karl both slept soundly and had a good long night's sleep. In the morning, neither of them wanted to get up. They lay in each other's arms and didn't want to move. Karl felt so thin in Michael's arms. His stomach seemed caved in and his hip bones were clearly visible. Michael finally sat up and said, "Karl, I'd love more than anything to just lie here with you for the rest of the day, but it's best we get back to the ranch and get you settled again in our room as soon as possible."

Karl beamed at the thought of it. He said, "Michael, did I tell you that I'm glad you came after me? I promise to . . . ."

Michael interrupted, "Don't, Karl. Let's just concentrate on getting back home. I'm going to call right now to see about the earliest flight we can get back to San Antonio."

Sitting naked on the side of the bed, Michael called the airlines and was able to get a direct noon flight back to San Antonio that day. Then, while Karl was in the bathroom washing and shaving, Michael called Tony and gave him the news.

"Tony, we'll be getting into San Antonio about two-thirty Central time. I would really appreciate it if you would plan dinner tonight for just Karl and me out on the front verandah. We'll get together with you and the other guys at the house this afternoon to welcome him back. But I'd like to just have a private dinner with Karl tonight. And Tony. Karl's lost a lot of weight, and he doesn't look much like himself. I wanted you to know that before you see him. Just be very welcoming, and don't look surprised or say anything about how he looks. Okay?"

Through his tears of happiness, Tony could hardly speak. "Michael, I don't care about how he looks. I'm just so happy to have him coming back. You know how much I love him myself, and always have."

"I know, Tony," said Michael. "And he's going to be happy to see you, too."

As Michael hung up the phone, Karl came out of the bathroom and began to dress in the clothes Michael had given him. Michael looked at him and smiled. "Karl, you look like a different man from when I found you yesterday. We're going to get your weight back after we get home. I talked to Tony, and I know he'll make that a personal challenge. He still loves you a lot, Karl. I suppose you know that."

Karl said, "I know. And I've always loved Tony, too. I was never very nice to him, and I regret that now."

When Michael was finished shaving, he came out of the bathroom and said, "Since we have time, let's go down to the Stage Deli just down the street here on Seventh Avenue and get a really nice big breakfast."

"Good," said Karl. "The Stage Deli was always a favorite of mine when I used to live here. They have the best hot pastrami sandwiches in town."

Late that afternoon, Noah packed up his things in preparation for returning home to the ranch. School would be starting again the following Monday and, although he wasn't looking forward to it, he would once again be back with Enrique. They had signed up for the same classes, by and large, and Noah was happy that he and Ricky would be able to study together, as they had the previous year.

Caleb was still at work, but he planned to drive Noah back to the ranch as soon as he came home. Noah and Steve sat out on the balcony talking while they waited.

Steve said, "I've enjoyed so much having you here this week with us, Noah. You're a wonderful nephew. Your dad is so lucky to have you as his son."

"I had a good time, too, Steve," said Noah. "And I was so glad that I got a chance to know you better. My dad's also lucky to have you."

Steve looked down at the floor and hesitated. Then he said, "Noah, I owe you and your dad an apology. I guess it's no secret to you that I am very attracted to you. I guess I couldn't have made that more obvious. I should have known better than to barge in between you and your dad like I did that first night. It really is not like me to do something like that."

"Well, if we're making confessions, Uncle Steve," said Noah, "I think I made it pretty obvious that I was attracted to you, too. I'm glad that Dad suggested that you and I consider ourselves uncle and nephew. In this way, the three of us can feel like we're all in the same family. Does that make any sense? I think you said that an uncle should love his nephew the same as a father loves his son. I think that's a pretty good idea, don't you."

Steve smiled at Noah and said, "Yeah, I think that's a good idea. But I think your dad was a little hurt over what happened that first night. And, believe me, I can understand that. I just kind of lost my head over you and went hog-wild over you. That wasn't a very mature thing for an adult to do, Noah. But I'll be frank with you. I can't deny that I do love you, Noah, very much. And I'll admit to you that I wish that the three of us could live with each other as lovers. Does that shock you?"

Noah opened his mouth to say something, but Steve held up his hand.

"No, Noah. I know that can never be. And I'll live with that. Love and sexual attraction is a funny thing, Noah. It happens to you, and there's nothing you can do about it. There's just no way to stop it from happening."

Noah got up and squeezed himself in beside Steve in his chair. "Steve, this isn't the last time I'll be visiting here. Maybe next time . . . ."

Steve put his arm around Noah's shoulder and kissed him on the ear. He said, "No, no. Next time I'll sleep on the sofa again just like I did this time. I don't mind. And it's the only right thing to do. We all have strong sexual attractions, Noah, but we have to know when we have to keep them in check, and when we can act on them. I love your dad too much to do anything that will hurt him. Oh, I think I hear you dad coming in now."

Caleb stepped out on the balcony and saw the two squeezed into the same chair. Noah said, "I was just saying goodbye to Uncle Steve, dad."

Steve stood up and walked over to Caleb, putting his arm around his waist. He said, "Noah and I were just talking about right and wrong, weren't we Noah. And Noah now knows what I think about love and honor and commitment."

In the car on the way to the ranch, Caleb said, "Well, son, you were having quite a cozy talk with Steve."

"Yeah. And what I found out is how much he loves you, Dad, and how much he regrets coming on to me that first night. He wanted me to know that he made a mistake and is afraid that he hurt you. That's the first time I heard that. Dad, he didn't mean to hurt you. He's worried about that and feels so sorry that it happened. He wanted me to know that. And oh! I'm the one who squeezed in with him in that chair. He didn't ask me to do that. I just think I love Uncle Steve a lot, but I feel terrible that you think he might not love you. You're the only one he loves, Dad."

"Thanks, Noah. You see and understand things beyond your years, sometimes. Thanks. I know he loves me. And when I get back, I'll tell him, and I'll also tell him how much I love him. And I'll tell him I understand what happened. I can be a silly old fart sometimes, son. There should be no room for jealousy in the heart that loves. You remember that, even though your old dad sometimes doesn't. Love can make your mind get twisted sometimes and imagine that the world is going haywire. Thanks, Noah."

When Noah got back to the ranch, he walked into the kitchen where Karl, who had just arrived, was sitting around with Michael, Tony, Clayton, and Jake.

"Nice to see you again, Noah," said Karl, who suddenly felt a little uneasy since his dalliance with Noah was one of the events that triggered the whole horrible mess between him and Michael. "I understand that you and Enrique are together now. That's really nice. By the way, where is Enrique?"

Michael said, "He's due anytime. Corky and Mark are driving him down from San Antonio where he was attending a math review course."

"Oh, Corky and Mark! I'll be glad to see them again, too. I'm sorry I missed Jeff and Paul."

Just then, Enrique, Corky and Mark arrived. They all gave Karl hugs and kisses. Karl said, "I'm terribly saddened about your son's death, Mark. Michael told me about what happened when we were on the plane coming down. It's so sad. I hope you're doing all right. How long are you going to be visiting?"

"Thanks, Karl," said Mark. "We'll probably be here about a week."

Karl took Mark's hand and said, "Let's get together sometime this week and just talk."

"I'd like that."

Enrique and Noah could hardly keep their hands off of each other. They soon excused themselves and disappeared into their room with the door closed.

Michael said, "Why don't we all go into the living room where it's comfortable."

"You go on ahead, Michael," said Karl. "I'd like to talk with Tony for a few minutes."

As soon as the others left the room, Tony threw his arms around Karl and said, "I prayed you'd come back, Karl. I prayed every night. I'm so glad to see you."

Karl sat down again, and Tony stepped to the stove and, lifting up a large pot, brought it over to show Karl. "See, Karl. I made your favorite Oxtail soup for dinner tonight, with lots of barley, just like you like it. Here, let me give you just a little to taste in a bowl."

Karl took several large spoonfuls and closed his eyes with an expression of extreme pleasure on his face. Then looking silently into the bowl for a few moments, he said, "Tony?"


With tears forming in his eyes, Karl said, "You've always been there for me, haven't you?"

Tony bowed his head and said quietly, "Well, I . . . ."

"You have, Tony. I never treated you well when we used to live back home in New York."

"Yes, you did, Karl."

"No, I didn't, Tony. I've done a lot of thinking about my life over the past months. Didn't have much else to do. I'm a changed man now. What I said was true. You were always there for me. Always. And I know now that you loved me. And all I ever did in return was throw dirt in your face."

"No, no, Karl."

"Yes, yes, Tony!" said Karl, bringing his fist down on the table. "I stupidly took Michael's love for granted, just like I stupidly took your love for granted, Tony. I didn't have brains enough to know the importance of that little thing called commitment. If I had lost Michael's love, I would have died. I would have died, Tony."

"Maybe you don't know Michael, Karl," said Tony. "You never would have lost his love."

"I'm sorry, Tony. I'm really sorry. I did love you. And I'll always love you. We grew up together and we were always a part of each other's life. I just hope you'll forgive me for the way I treated you. I promise I'll try to make it up to you."

Tony said, "Karl, you have Michael now."

"I don't mean that, Tony. I don't mean that we can ever have the sexual relationship we once had. Besides, you and Clayton have each other, and love each other. But I'll show you my love in every other way from now on. I realize I've kind of ignored you since you came here. And I'm ashamed of that. But no more. If we want to hug each other, we will. And if we want to kiss each other, we will."

"But Michael . . . ."

"Tony, Michael understands. He always knew about us before we came here. In fact, he once told me that I was heartless and thoughtless the way I ignored you. He told me over and over that he knew you wanted some affection from me. Tony, I'm a different guy now. The love that Michael and I will have will be stronger than ever. But he'll also be happy to know that I have learned how important it is to show affection to the others who are so important to me. You and your happiness, Tony, are important to me. I want to be your friend again and I will never again be hesitant to show the affection I have for you."

Tony knelt down beside Karl's chair and put his head in Karl's lap. "I love you, Karl," he sobbed, "and I'm so glad you're home again." Then looking up into Karl's eyes, he said, "Do you mean it? I can hug you and kiss you anytime I feel like it?"

"Anytime you feel like it, Tony," said Karl as he gently caressed Tony's head, "so long as you'll let me do the same anytime I feel like it."

"You got it!" said Tony with a smile. "Now you'd better go on in and be with Michael and the others, while I finish getting the meal for the crew."

Karl went into the living room to find the mood a somber one. He sat down next to Michael on the sofa and kissed him.

Mark looked over at Karl and said, "I'm sorry, Karl. I'm not helping to make your homecoming a very joyous one. I think I need to go on in and lie down for a little while, anyway."

Karl got up and went over and sat down on the floor in front of Mark. "Don't go yet, Mark. You need to be with people as much as you can, now. It's been a long time since I've seen you and Corky. You should talk about it when you feel like it, Karl. We're all your friends and if any of us can help you in any way, we're here for you. I hope you know that. Don't worry about my homecoming. Michael and I have already had a lot of private time together, with more to come, I'm sure. Right now, it's you who we're all concerned about."

Mark leaned over and put his arms around Karl and, with tears in his eyes, said, "Karl, you've not changed. You're the same selfless person you ever were. What's happened has been really hard. But what matters now, is the love I feel from all of you. As God in Heaven knows, that's what matters now."

Mark and Karl continued to hug silently for a long time. Then after several long moments, Mark said, "Karl, you go on back and be with Michael now. I'm really very tired. I think Corky and I will go to our room for a little while. Michael. Karl. I love you both. You and Corky are the ones who really matter in my life."

After Mark and Corky departed, Michael and Karl sat silently next to each other with their own thoughts. Karl looked about the room and said, "I can't believe I'm here. I can't believe I'm back home again. But here I am once again touching and breathing in the smell of your skin, and feeling your warm breath on my cheek and neck. And I'm feeling once again the strength of your arms around me. My God, is it a dream?" Then after a long pause, he said, "Michael. I'm sorry. I'm so sorry for what I did. I don't know if I can ever atone for the hurt I've caused you. I can only hope to dear God that someday you'll forgive me."

Michael hadn't expected to be confronted with this display of contrition, and was hardly prepared to respond. Kissing Karl on the lips, he said, "We love each other, Karl. And that's all we need. Everything is back the way it should be. It was no one's fault. No one is to blame. It's all in the past."

Just then, Tony appeared and said, "Clayton and I are going to bring the chow over to the dining hall for the guys now, and then I'll be back to serve your dinner out on the veranda. But before I go, how about some cocktails? You can be sipping on them while I dish up. Okay?"

"How's that sound, Karl?" said Michael.

"I'm ready for one, Tony. I think I'll join Michael in having the same thing. A triple Scotch on the Rocks." Then turning to Michael, he asked, "That's still your drink, isn't it?"

"You bet," said Michael. "Make that two for starters, Tony. Thanks."

Michael and Karl walked out onto the verandah and sat at the table. A fresh, dry breeze was blowing, and Karl said, "I'm glad it isn't so hot today. That good Oxtail soup that Tony makes can really warm you up. But it's so good. He gave me a little taste of it awhile ago. I know I'm feeling very emotional today, but the taste of it again brought tears to my eyes."

As they sipped on their drinks, Michael and Karl spoke very little. Mostly, they held each other's hand and just looked into each other's eyes. There was little that needed to be said. They were both now prepared to meet a new day in their lives. A new day of understanding and love and caring. They both knew that what happened between them, had to happen somehow. It had to happen to bring them together in a new realization of their commitment to each other.

After dinner, Michael and Karl sat for a long time on the verandah, feeling the romance that a beautiful Texas sunset always evokes. As night fell, and as they sipped on glasses of Port wine, they looked out into the vast darkness that covered the range and stared at the stars that seemed brighter than they had ever been. No greater happiness had they ever felt as they rose and walked into their room.

Soon they were lying naked on their bed, feeling and exploring each other's body with a passion they had never felt before. Neither had bathed since morning, and the smell of each other's skin was strong and erotic. After almost an hour, Karl could resist no longer and plunged his face into Michael's crotch and breathed in its moist odor. Licking and sucking on the skin of Michael's limp ball sack, Karl gently pushed one, two, three fingers up into his hole. Michael's hard penis was bobbing up and down against Karl's cheek and nose, as Karl continued to fondle each of Michael's fragile balls in his mouth.

After awhile, Michael whispered, "Karl, you're driving me crazy. I want you inside of me. Deep inside of me. Please."

Lifting Michael's Legs up, Karl released his balls from his mouth and moved his tongue down through the hair in Michael's ass crack and onto his asshole, which felt so hot and wet on his tongue. Forcing his tongue inside, he flooded it with saliva. Michael held his own legs up as high as he could against his chest, while Karl mounted him and pushed his gorged penis slowly into Michael's waiting asshole. As Karl began to piston in and out, Michael looked up into Karl's face. There he saw the love and desire and passion that he had yearned to see for so long. It was at last his Karl. His very own Karl, back where he should be, totally swallowed up into the depths of passion. Karl's face mirrored the erotic frenzy which he'd craved for so long.

The feel of Karl's hard as rock rod pressing against the walls of his rectum transported Michael into the same delirium. 'Never stop. Never stop,' were the words that he said over and over in his mind. The fact that their two bodies were linked together in this way was almost more than Michael could comprehend and was sending him into madness. He craved to have all of Karl's gorgeous, sweaty body inside of him. "Harder! Harder!" Michael called out. "Deeper! Deeper! Oh, Karl, push your whole self inside of me!"

Sweat was pouring off of Karl's face onto Michael's stomach, while Michael ran his fingers through it and sucked them, savoring the salty liquid. Michael watched the pectorals on Karl's chest rippling and quivering and, as he saw the muscles in Karl's arms tensing, he could feel Karl's penis enlarging inside of him. Then, as Karl closed his eyes and contorted his face, Michael could feel Karl's penis throbbing inside of him and the hot flood of his sperm filling his rectum. Michael reached down and barely touched his own hard penis when he also began shooting his thick white cum onto his stomach.

Karl was exhausted and finally fell forward onto Michael's body, squishing Michael's sperm between their stomachs. They kissed passionately, both wanting to reach their tongues deep into the other's throat. Then suddenly, without warning, they both simultaneously let out loud, rolling, cheek-slapping farts. They could no longer keep their mouths together, and both broke out into uncontrolled laughter.

As they both giggled like two children, Michael was finally able to speak. "I'm sure, Karl, this is God's way of making sure we never take each other too seriously!"

"You mean God made us fart?" said Karl, still unable to control his giggling.

"Who else?" said Michael through his laughter. "If God can gave us orgasms, I'm sure he can give us farts, too."

"But don't you think that was a rather indelicate thing for God to do?" said Karl. "Why would he follow a perfectly good orgasm with a smelly old fart?"

"Karl, ours is not to reason why, as the saying goes," said Michael. "Maybe God gets a kick out of playing jokes on us and making us look like fucking fools."

Michael and Karl lay side by side quietly in each other's arms. But every now and again, one of them would break out giggling again when they thought about the two farts coming out in harmony with each other. Michael thought to himself, 'Thank you, God, for the farts. I might have known you would find a way to make us laugh again. Eventually, sleep overtook them, and all was well.

The next day, Jake drove Jumper into Goliad to have his cast changed. The new cast was much smaller and lighter. Instead of going all the way up to his knee, it went only to just above his ankle.

When they returned to the ranch and into their room, Jumper said, "Jake, I've been looking at that crazy contraption you have over there in the corner. What is it?

Jake said, "Oh, that's my fuckin' bagpipes. I can play music on it. Ya know, Ricky gave it too me fer Christmas oncst. Did ya ever hear one.


Jake went over and picked up the instrument. "See, I blow into this here blowing pipe so I can fill up this windbag here. And see these two fuckin' pipes here. Their called 'chanters,' and they got finger holes so I can play a melody on 'em. And these other pipes are called 'drones,' and they give out just one tone as accompaniment."

"What does it sound like, Jake?"

"Oh, I can't play it here. Everybody around here thinks it sounds like I'm farting my fuckin' guts out."

Jumper laughed. "It sounds like farts? I can make a fart sound when I put my lips tight against my arm and blow. Wanna hear me do it?"

"Nah, the bagpipes don't sound like that. I'll tell ya what. After lunch, let's go on up there to that rise by that rocky creek, and I'll play ya a little fuckin' tune. Okay? That's where I usually go to play the damned thing."


After lunch and after Jake had done a few chores, he went up to the rise, with Jumper following along, using only one crutch. Jumper began to laugh as Jake started to fill the windbag with his air, causing the instrument to let out a terrible wheezing sound. Then blowing on the wind pipe, Jake started walking in a wide circle very slowly and playing an old Scottish tune. Jumper had never heard anything like it, but he didn't laugh. As he played and walked, Jake looked at Jumper. Then he stopped.

"Do ya like it, Jumper?"

"Yeah! I like it. I heard that song before somewhere. I really like it. Can you play some more?"

Jake was surprised that Jumper actually liked the sound of the bagpipes and started walking again and blowing out several more tunes. He played off and on for about an hour. Finally, he stopped and sat down next to Jumper on the bank of the stream.

"I'm really glad ya like it, Jumper. No one else does."

Jumper pushed himself up against Jake and said, "Fuck all them other guys. I like it."

"Yer not jist sayin' that, are ya?"

"No. I really like it. Can ya play some more?"

Jake put his bagpipes down and took Jumper in his arms. "I don't think so today, little buddy. It makes me pretty tired doin' all that fuckin' blowin'. But we'll come up here and do it agin."

"Jake?" asked Jumper, looking up into Jake's eyes. "You said Ricky gave it to ya. Did he like it?"

"Yeah, sorta. But he just gave it to me cuz I liked it. I loved him fer that. Ricky's a good boy."

Jumper said, "Did you love Ricky?"

"I sure did. And I still do. And I love you, too, Jumper. Ya can always love more than one person. Jist cuz ya love someone doesn't mean ya can't love someone else, too. Ya know, I hope ya git to know Ricky. He said he wants to teach ya how to play basketball when yer ankle's better. Okay? Would ya like that?"

"Yeah, I guess so. Could you play it with me, too."

Jake laughed, "Aw, Jumper. Basketball ain't fer old farts like me. But I'll sit and watch ya play. How's that?"


That evening, when it was time for bed, Jake and Jumper took their showers and climbed into bed. As usual, Jumper rolled over close to Jake's naked body and took hold of Jake's penis. As he played with it, he watched it grow into full flower. Every night since Jumper came back from the hospital, the two of them jacked each other off. As Jake reached over and began playing with Jumper's penis and balls, Jumper closed his eyes and turned his head away.

After a few minutes, Jake said, "Hey, little buddy. What ya thinkin' about?"

"Oh, nothing."

"Come on," said Jake. "You can talk to old Jake."

Jumper turned his head and said, "I wish I could give ya somethin' like Ricky did."

"Aw, come on Jumper," said Jake, giving him a kiss on the cheek. "Ya don't need to give me nothin'. Jist havin' you with me is enough. Jist knowin' ya wanna be here is as big a fuckin' present as I ever want."

"Jist the same, Jake, I wanna give ya somethin', too."

As Jumper's penis became rock hard, Jake began stroking it slowly.

Then Jumper turned abruptly to Jake and said, "Do ya wanna fuck me, Jake?"

"No, little buddy. We ain't doin' that now that yer not gittin involved with them fuckin' truckers no more."

"Did ya ever fuck Ricky?" asked Jumper.

"Well, ya, but . . . ."

"Ya like to fuck, don't ya?"

"Well, ya, but . . . ."

Jumper said, "I wanna let you do that, Jake. It'd be kinda like a present to ya. I can't give ya nothin' else."

Jake let go of Jumper's penis and took him in his arms. "I told ya. Ya don't have to give me no present."

"Please, Jake. I want ya to fuck me. I never wanted them truckers. I hated it. And I hated all of them. But I love you. I want ya to do it. I want ya to do it real bad."

"Ya do?" said Jake.

"It'd be a present to you, because you like it, and I want it fer myself, too."

"Aw, Jumper. Are ya sure?"

"Yeah. I want anything that's good for you."

Jake just held on to Jumper and didn't say anything.

Jumper said, "It's different with you, Jake. I love you. And it won't be the same as with them truckers. It ain't as if it would be my first time takin' a cock up my ass, though. But it'll be the first time I ever wanted it. Jake? I want you to want to do it, too. And even though I can't give ya a present just like Ricky did, it would be kinda like I was giving you somethin' you wanted. Please, Jake. Do ya know what I mean?"

"Yeah, I know, little buddy. Sure, I'll admit to ya that I really want it. But ya got to promise you'll make this present in two parts."

"What d'ya mean?"

"I mean thar's two of us. If I fuck you, ya gotta fuck me, too."

"But I never fucked nobody before," said Jumper. "All I ever done is jerk off."

"I know, but do ya wanna try? Have yer first experience with old Jake?"

Jumper grabbed hold of Jake tightly and said, "Yeah! I wanna try"

Jake reached down and ran his fingers over Jumper's asshole. He could feel it relaxing and opening up. He thought to himself, 'Now here's a fuckin' asshole that's had a lot of experience!' As he pushed several fingers into Jumper's hole, Jumper brought his legs up, with his thighs against his chest. Jake slowly lowered his face into Jumper's ass crack and ran his tongue all around, feeling and wetting down the soft hair that was beginning to grow there. As he rose up and began to mount Jumper, he saw Jumper with a big smile on his face. Jake's large gorged penis slipped into Jumper's asshole easily and smoothly. Suddenly, Jumper clenched his sphincter muscle and Jake could feel it clamping down tightly on his penis. Jake thought, 'Ah, here's a boy who knows what he's doing.'

As Jake began to pick up the pace, and thrusting his hips harder and harder against Jumper's ass, they continued to look into each other's eyes. Jumper felt good that he was giving Jake something he really wanted. Also, Jake's hard rod felt so much better than any penis he ever had up there from those truckers. He reached up and ran his slender fingers through the hair on Jake's chest and pinched his large, rigid nipples. He hoped that Jake would never cum. For the first time in his life, he loved the feeling of a hard cock, Jake's cock, pushed up into his rectum. His father's cock, and the cocks of a hundred truckers could never compare. This was pleasure beyond all his dreams.

It didn't take long. The idea that he had this sweet, dear boy's body wrapped tightly around his penis soon sent Jake into an orgasm that was like no other. He could feel the sperm surging through his shaft, and his penis cramping wildly with every volley of cum he sent into this boy's bowels. With each surge, Jumper humped his hips upward against Jake's pelvis.

Soon, Jake's orgasm faded, and he stayed in position, just looking down at Jumper. He said, "I ain't had a fuckin' orgasm like that in a long fuckin' time, little buddy. If ya wanted to give me a present, thar couldn't-a been a better one than that!"

Rolling off, he took Jumper in his arms and hugged him tightly. He said, "Now it's yer turn, to do the other half of yer present. Okay?"

Jake rolled over on his back and brought his legs up, revealing the black thicket of hair that filled his ass crack. He said, "Now you can lubricate it the way I did yers, or you can use some fuckin' KY I got over thar on the table. Either way."

Jumper looked down at the blackness between Jake's ass cheeks and smiled. He said, "I always wanna do it like you do it."

As Jumper pressed his face into Jake's ass trench, he was having trouble getting his tongue through the hair and onto the hole. But as he got the hair good and wet, his tongue got through it and touched Jake's hole. Jake could feel Jumper's tongue swishing wildly across his asshole. He said, "Ya got it good and wet? If ya do, ya can git up there on yer knees and push that hard rod of yers right in there. Okay?"

Jumper's penis by this time was so hard from excitement that it easily plowed through the thick brush and up against Jake's hole. "Now push hard, and it'll pop right in, Jumper," said Jake helpfully.

Jumper pushed his hips forward hard and said, "It ain't goin' in, Jake."

"I know," said Jake. "Yer about an inch down from my hole. Now take yer finger and find the hole, and then guide yer fuckin' cock right in there."

Jumper did as Jake said and, with just a little pushing, was able to slip his penis right in up to the hilt. Jumper looked down at Jake and said, "Wow, is yer ass tight! It feels so good. It's holding onto my cock real tight. Wow!"

"Okay, then, Jumper. Start fuckin' me. Ya know, in and out, up and down, jist like when you got fucked. Okay?"

"Sure, but it feels so good jus holdin' it there."

"But that's not the way it's done, Jumper. I'm gittin' so fuckin' horny here waitin' fer ya to start really fuckin' me!"

Jumper laughed and began moving his hips up and down as he felt the friction of Jake's asshole riding up and down his shaft. Jumper soon began looking serious and intent. It felt so good. Nothing like doing it by hand. He said, "Jake, I've never felt anything so good."

Jake said, "Well this is the natural way a fucker's penis was meant to be used . . . fuckin' a hole! Now yer doin' good, little buddy. Keep goin'."

Jake grabbed hold of Jumper's ass cheeks and began pulling him down hard on his ass. Jumper quickly got the idea and began slamming his pelvis against Jake's ass as hard as he could with every plunge of his penis. Jake closed his eyes and began to moan. Jumper loved the fact that he was giving so much pleasure to Jake and began feeling his own orgasm build. He slowed down until the feeling passed, and then started up again. This was the most erotic sexual thing that Jumper had ever done, and he wanted it to last forever. But his excitement quickly got the best of him, and he was unable to stem the tide. With Jake's asshole rapidly pinching his hard penis, Jumper's orgasm flew upon him and he sent his hot sperm in splashing against the walls of Jake's rectum. Jumper had never known such a feeling that was taking his whole body in waves, an orgasm beyond anything he had ever felt.

As they lay in each other's arms, Jumper said, "I'm never gonna jerk my dick off by hand again. I'm jist gonna fuck and fuck and fuck!"

Jake said, "Well, Jumper, now ya know why them fuckin' truckers wanted to pay ya to fuck ya. It's a lot better than sitting in their trucks and jackin' off."

"Yeah. And you know what?" said Jumper thoughtfully. "I shoulda charged more than five bucks. I bet I coulda got twenty if it's this good!"

Jake said, "Well, it's good at any price. But you and me don't have to pay fer it no more. This is the best way."

The next morning, after Marcus had finished feeding Jared and giving him his medication, they sat down and continued to go over a long list of questions. Who is your father? Who is your brother? Who is the oldest son? Who should have the ranch as his own?

"Now, Jared," said Marcus. "What is your answer when someone asks you about the ranch?"

Jared dutifully said, "I am the oldest son. My father was incompetent when he gave the ranch to Michael. The ranch should belong to me."

"Perfect!" said Marcus. "We'll practice your answers to the other questions in the coming days."

Marcus walked down to Michael's office. After knocking and told to come in, he said, "Oh, Mr. Walker, I have an appointment in town. I wonder if I could leave a little early this morning. Your brother is doing just fine. He's eaten and he's dressed and has had all his medication. I'll return later this afternoon to see that he has his dinner and is bathed."

"Of course, Marcus. We don't have a time clock you have to punch. When you think everything is okay with Jared each day, you're free to go and come back when you think best."

"Thank you, Mr. Walker. You're very kind. I'll be back later."

Marcus drove into Goliad and went straight to the law office of Morton Hanover, the attorney who always handled his father's business. Since the time Marcus was eight years old, Morton had developed an attraction to him and, without the knowledge of Marcus's father, was finally able to seduce the boy at the tender age of fifteen. They had had periodic trysts ever since and would always have their sexual episodes in Morton's private office, either on the floor or on his large expensive Naugahyde sofa, just below the pictures on the wall of his wife and three sons. On one occasion, Marcus had shot a stream of cum onto the Naugahyde and, try as he may, Morton was never able to remove the stain.

Marcus felt that, because of their secret, he would be able to talk Morton into just about anything. Because of the threat that Marcus could at any time reveal the dirty little business they often had with each other, Morton would always be cooperative.

Sitting down across the desk from Morton, Marcus said, "Well, Morton, we've talked about this before, and I'm finally getting somewhere with that fucking simpleton, Jared Walker. I think he'll be ready soon to testify credibly in a suit to give him his rightful ownership of that ranch."

Morton adjusted his collar uncomfortably and cleared his throat. "Marcus, I know your motives on this, and I still think you're making a mistake. It's been a long time now since Michael Walker inherited that ranch. I don't think any court, at this late date, is going to reverse that."

Marcus glowered at Morton and said calmly through his teeth, "That is not the kind of advice I'm paying you for. I have hired you to bring about this suit when we're ready, and I expect you do it and to do your level best to win it. But, of course, if you're not willing to cooperate with me . . . well . . . ."

"Oh, Marcus," said Morton with beads of sweat becoming visible on his forehead. "Of course, Marcus I want to help you on this and I will do my best. But you need to understand the problems that will be encountered if we do this."

With a wave of his hand, Marcus said, "The problems are yours, Ducky. You're being paid well to handle things like this. Come, come, Morton. You've represented my father for years, and everyone knows he's one of the most contemptible slime balls alive, to say nothing of being corrupt to his very toenails. You've managed just fine to deal with all his dirty work. You can with me just as well."

"But Marcus, one question you haven't answered. What are you going to do when . . . I mean, if you get the ranch?

"I'm not going to get the ranch, Morton, dear. Jared will get it. But he will hire me to run it and handle all the finances. And you know what that means, Ducky!" said Marcus, rubbing his thumb and forefinger together. And if you can pull this off, you will share handsomely in the goody. I promise you that!"

Shaking his head slightly, Morton put his elbow on the desk and put his head in his hand. He was convinced that Marcus had gone mad. He was Hitler. He was Saddam. But what could he do? He knew the little snake wouldn't hesitate to inform his father of their trysts. That slimy toad could see him ruined with no more than a snap of his fingers.

"By the way, Morton," said Marcus. "This Jared person is a pretty hot number himself. He's got a body to die for. He even let me give him blow job in the shower once."

"Oh, Marcus, how could you!"

"Now don't be judgmental, Morton. You'd like him. He's got a nice long, fat dick, which I know is right up your alley, so to speak. Now I'm going back to the ranch in a little while. I want you to start thumbing through all your fucking law books and work out a strategy. Now don't pout, dahling. You know the benefits that can accrue. AND you know the consequences if you don't behave!"

Marcus arrived back at the ranch just before suppertime. He picked up Jared's dinner from Tony as he passed through the kitchen without a word. Entering Jared's room, he closed and locked the door behind him. He found Jared sitting at the window, as usual, staring out over the vastness beyond. After Jared was fed and medicated, Marcus instructed Jared to once again strip down and sit in the shower stall. Also stripped down, Marcus washed Jared's body carefully and thoroughly. As he washed Jared's penis and balls, he soaped up Jared's ass crack and briskly massaged his asshole.

"Does that feel good, Jared?"


Marcus slowly pressed one and then two fingers into Jared's hole. "Does that still feel good, Jared?


As Marcus slid his two, then three fingers in and out, he asked, "Now?"


"Good," said Marcus, removing his fingers. "Now let's get rinsed off and dried and then pop into bed like a good boy."

Marcus found it so erotic to run his hands over Jared's handsome body as he dried him off. He thought to himself, he would have this beautiful man to play with all the time, once the ranch was his, or rather when it was Jared's.

Marcus climbed in bed with Jared so that their naked bodies were touching. Marcus once again put his fingers into Jared's ass crack and ran them firmly over his pucker. "Jared, that felt good when we were in the shower, didn't it?"


"I know how to make it feel even better. Now lie over on your side and pull your knees up."

Jared did as he was told. Marcus got up and pulled a bottle of hand lotion from his satchel and got back on the bed where he greased up his hard penis, as well as Jared's asshole. He then got on his side and spooned up behind Jared, slowly pressing his penis against Jared's hole. As the head popped into Jared's rectum, Jared gave out a little grunt.

Marcus whispered, "Now just relax, Jared, this is going to feel just as good as it did in the shower."

Marcus pushed his penis in all the way. "Does that feel okay, Jared?"


As Marcus began humping his hips and driving his penis slowly in and out, he said, "Now doesn't that feel better? Doesn't that feel good?"


As Marcus pumped away, he reached around and pinched Jared's nipples, causing Jared to moan slightly. He began pumping faster and faster, and harder and harder. It just took a couple of minutes, and Marcus felt his orgasm coming. It was an erotic feeling like he had never felt before. Pumping his sperm into this "brain dead" body was a particular thrill. It was a power he now felt over this man, over whom he was convinced he would yield power for years to come. As he lay there, his wilting penis still inside of Jared, he reveled with the thought of it.

Suddenly, there was a knock on the door. Marcus jumped up, threw the sheet over Jared and, as he struggled madly to get into his pants, he called, "Who is it?"

"It's Michael, Marcus. Can I come in? I was just checking to see how Jared is getting along."

"Just a minute, Michael. I have my hands full getting Jared into bed. I'll be right there."

Throwing on the rest of his clothes and putting on his boots, Marcus shouted, "Okay, I'm coming. He's all tucked in now."

"Unlocking and opening the door, Marcus said, "Sorry for the hold-up. He's quite a lot of man to handle!"

Michael looked down at Jared and said, "Well, it looks like he's asleep already. Have you had any problems with him."

"Oh no, Mr. Walker. He's a very good patient. He's doing just fine."

Michael looked around and thought he could sense that familiar smell of sex in the air, but wasn't sure. He looked over and saw the open bottle of hand lotion on the table by the bed. Marcus could also smell that "after sex" odor in the air, and he saw Michael looking at the bottle on the table.

"Oh, Mr. Walker. I've been under a lot of strain lately. And I suppose I need to admit to you that sometimes I just have to get off, if you know what I mean. Sometimes the only thing that helps is to go to the bathroom and . . . you know . . . . spank the old monkey, so to speak. I hope you don't mind, and I hope you understand."

Michael looked at Marcus curiously for a moment. Then he smiled and said, "Of course I understand, Marcus. The urge comes on fast sometimes, especially for a young man like yourself. When I was your age, it was Katie bar the door! It seemed like I was climbing the old pole every time I turned around."

Marcus said, "Oh, I'm glad you understand, Mr. Walker. I meant no disrespect."

"Of course you didn't, Marcus. Jared isn't aware of anything, anyway. You could probably do it right in front of him, and he wouldn't have a clue."

"I suppose not," said Marcus with a smile. Maybe I ought to try it!. Just kidding, Mr. Walker. I'll be leaving now, Mr. Walker. And I'll be back nice and early in the morning. Goodnight."

Michael walked back into the room and slowly pulled the sheet off of Jared. As he had done several times before after Jared arrived, he looked at Jared's naked body and shook his head. "How did it ever come to this," he thought. "That body, that penis. What a goddamned shame. What a fucking waste."

As he looked, Michael thought he saw a tiny blood stain on the sheet behind Jared. Then he thought, "Well, the poor guy probably scratched himself. He doesn't know what he's doing half the time, I guess."

Pulling the sheet back up over his brother, he couldn't resist leaning over and kissing him on the forehead before leaving and closing the door behind him.

To be continued...


Posted: 10/03/08