My Father, My Son
by: Tom Borden

2000-2008 by the author


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Mark took hold of Jodie and shouted, "Jodie! Jodie!" It was no use. Jodie was dead, shot through the chest with one bullet. Enrique fell back on the sofa in total shock. Mark knelt next to Jodie. Tears came to his eyes. Corky knelt beside him and put his arms around Mark, lifting him up and leading him to a chair.

"My God," said Mark. "I had the gun in my hand, ready to take it away from him. How could it have gone off? Oh, my God!"

Corky knelt beside the chair and held Mark tightly as Mark held his head in his hands.



Chapter 65 

After the initial shock of knowing that his son, Jodie, had been shot in the chest, Mark jumped up and knelt down by Jodie. He leaned over and tried to give the boy mouth-to-mouth resuscitation in a vain attempt to revive him. There was no response, and Jodie's eyes remained open and appeared to be staring directly at his father. Mark stood up and suddenly became hysterical.

Clamping his hands on either of his head, Mark began stumbling around in circles and crying, "My God, I've killed him! My God, I've killed him! Jodie! Jodie!"

Corky tried to grab hold of Mark and get him to sit down. Finally being pushed into a chair, Mark sobbed uncontrollably. Corky yelled at Enrique, "Ricky, call 911 and tell them there has been a shooting. And tell them to hurry!"

Within ten minutes the police arrived, along with paramedics. Mark had become quiet now and was staring in horror while the paramedics did what they could to revive the boy. The police took photographs of the scene and carefully retrieved the weapon, which they put in a plastic bag. One of the policemen pulled up a chair and, sitting next to Mark, asked him to explain what had happened. As calmly as he could, Mark explained how he had struggled to get the gun away from Jodie before it went off.

The policeman said, "Mark, you don't know me, but I've heard of you and the good work you have done as an investigator and, before that, as a Texas State Trooper. I'm really sorry about this. But I'm going to have to ask you come along with us down to the station so we can ask you some more questions."

Mark got up and watched the paramedics cover Jodie's body and carry it out to the ambulance. Corky hugged Mark and said, "Mark, you go ahead. Ricky and I will drive down there and wait for you at the station. Please, Mark. It wasn't your fault. We know that. It was just a terrible accident."

Mark hugged Corky very tightly and then was escorted by the policeman down to his car.

While they waited at the police station, Corky took out his cell phone and called Michael. He explained what had happened. "Michael, it's a terrible situation, and I just don't know that it would be a good idea for Ricky to stay with us under the circumstances. He's supposed to start his class tomorrow morning, as you know. I just don't know what to do."

Michael said, "I agree with you, Corky. I know that a lot of the kids who are taking this class will be staying in one of the dorms over at the University. Perhaps they might have space there for him. I'll check. Corky? How's Mark holding up?"

Corky said, "Oh, Michael. Mark's completely fallen apart. I've never seen him like this. He, of course, blames himself. You know that he and Jodie were estranged. But Jodie was still his son. I just feel so badly for him." Corky began to choke up and found it hard to speak.

"I know, Corky," said Michael. "It's a terrible thing. Is Enrique there with you? Could I speak with him?"

Enrique also had tears in his eyes as he spoke to Michael. "Oh, Michael. It was horrible. I just feel horrible."

Michael said, "Ricky, we're not going to have you stay there at the apartment. I'm going to see if I can get you into the dorm at the University."

Enrique sobbed, "Oh, Michael, I wanna go home. I don't wanna go to any class. I just wanna go home. I wanna see Noah."

"Ricky, I'm going to drive up there right now, and we'll talk about it. You just stay with Corky. I think he needs somebody to be with him while he waits. Okay? I'll be up there in an hour or so."

When Michael arrived at the station, he sat down on the bench next to Enrique, who leaned his head on Michael's shoulder and had his arms around him.

Michael said, "We'll stay here until Mark is finished so we can find out what's going to happen."

The three of them sat and waited for almost three hours. Finally, Mark came out with an officer. The officer said, "We're holding Mr. McLeod overnight. He will be arraigned in the morning."

Corky stood up and shouted, "But it was only an accident! Why is he being arraigned?"

The officer said only, "The arraignment will be at 9:00 a.m. tomorrow." At that, Mark was led down the hall and into another room.

Corky sat down and buried his face in his hands. "Christ! It was an accident!"

Michael put his hand on Corky's shoulder and said, "Come on, Corky. Go on back home. Ricky and I will follow you and stay with you for awhile."

When they pulled up in front of the apartment, Corky got out of his car and walked over to Michael's car. "Michael, I'm going to be all right. Why don't you just go on and see if you can get Ricky settled in a dorm. If you can, just call me and I'll drive over and bring him his clothes"

Michael said, "Okay, Corky. But I'll be back to see you a little later."

At the St. Mary's University Admissions Office, Michael was glad to learn that they did have a space for Enrique in one of the dormitories. He would, however, be put into a double room where twin boys had been assigned. They would move in an extra cot for Enrique. After Michael paid the rental charge, he walked with Enrique to his room. When they got there, maintenance personnel were just setting up his cot. Michael sat down with Enrique and talked with him. He told Enrique that he would try to call him on his cell phone every day to see how it was going. Enrique reached over and hugged Michael and thanked him.

Just then, the other two occupants of the room came in. They were two blond-headed boys about the same age as Enrique. They looked surprised to find Michael and Enrique. Michael explained that it was a last minute emergency assignment, and that he hoped they wouldn't be too inconvenienced.

The two twins seemed very friendly and introduced themselves as Jack and Tommy Sutton. As they shook hands, Enrique introduced himself. Michael gave Enrique a pat on the cheek and said goodbye. He would call later that evening.

Michael called Corky, and Corky drove over with Enrique's clothes. Michael followed Corky home and, as they talked out on the sidewalk, Corky said, "Michael, I'm glad you were able to take care of Ricky. Please, now. Would you come up for awhile. I walked into that apartment a little while ago, and I went crazy. I think I need to have someone to talk with for awhile.

Michael parked the car and went up with Corky to his apartment. "Sit down, Michael," said Corky. "I'll put some coffee on."

As they drank their coffee, Corky went over and over with Michael what had happened. He told Michael about the estrangement between Jodie and his father, and what a truly out-of-control and disrespectful son Jodie was. After talking for a long time, Michael noted that it was late and that he had better get back to the ranch.

Corky looked at Michael with sadness in his eyes and said, "I wish you could stay. I just don't know how I can stand being in here alone after what's happened." Corky sat forward and put his elbows on his knees and put his face in his hands.

Michael walked over to him and knelt down. "Would you like me to stay with you tonight? I can call the ranch and tell them that I'll be back tomorrow morning."

Corky looked up and said, "I know you have a lot of things to do, Michael. I wouldn't ask you to do that."

"Well, that settles it, Corky. I think it would be best if I stayed. You shouldn't be alone."

Corky dragged out some French Bread Pizza from the freezer for both of them to eat for supper. After supper, conversation lagged. Michael didn't believe that it was good for Corky to go over and over the horrible events of the day. He said, "Let's turn in early, Corky. You need to have a good night's sleep before going in for the arraignment tomorrow."

Corky said, "Michael, the bed in the guest room is already made up. Also the en suite bath has soap and towels and some throw-away razors."

In the hall between his room and Corky's room, Michael took Corky in his arms and hugged him. "Corky, try to get to sleep as soon as you can, love. I'll see you in the morning."

Without taking a shower, Corky stripped down and threw himself on his bed. He lay there, wide awake, listening to the cars going by on the busy street below. He dozed fitfully, and then would be wide awake again, with the sound of the gun going off over and over in his head. He looked over at Mark's side of the bed, empty and undisturbed, and his eyes once again filled with tears. How could he sleep, he thought, when his beloved Mark was locked up in a jail cell. How could all this have happened, and with no warning? He knew that Jodie hated Mark, and had now taken his final blow of revenge against him. He thought Jodie must be lying on his slab in the morgue with a smirk of satisfaction on his face. That fucking son-of-a-bitch! Corky began rolling around on the bed, calling out Mark's name. He couldn't stand it anymore.

Getting up, Corky walked across the hall and knocked lightly on Michael's door. Then he opened it to find Michael sound asleep. Corky walked to the bed and his sobs awakened Michael.

"Corky!" Michael said, sitting up. "What is it?"

"Michael, could I stay with you tonight? I don't know. I just can't stand to be so alone in that room. Please."

Michael scooted over and patted the bed, beckoning Corky to lie down. Corky lay down and buried his head under Michael's arm. "Of course you can stay here, Corky. Try to go to sleep. I'll be right here beside you."

Michael gently caressed Corky's head and neck as their naked bodies lay pressed together. Michael breathed in the strong masculine smell of Corky's skin. It was the first time he had ever been this close to this handsome cowboy and he could feel his own penis becoming hard and erect. But he knew this was not the time to do anything with Corky, other than to be as much comfort to him as he could. Corky's quiet sobbing soon stopped, and Michael realized that Corky was asleep. In spite of himself, though, Michael felt increasingly aroused by the feel of Corky's body next to his. That feeling of desire just kept getting stronger and stronger. With his free hand, he reached down and took hold of his own penis and began to stroke it slowly and gently. He turned his head and kissed Corky on the forehead as he stroked. His penis had become wet with pre-cum, and each stroke made a squishing sound. As he came closer and closer to cumming, and as he could feel the orgasm creeping up on him, he hoped that it would not awaken Corky. Suddenly his orgasm rushed full-blown upon him and he felt his penis begin to throb violently, sending stream after stream of sperm onto his stomach. And in the light coming in faintly through the window, he could see that some had splattered onto Corky's pubic hair and penis.

Michael lay there panting and out of breath, hoping that his heaving chest would not make Corky wake up. There was no way he could wipe off the gooey mess, so he decided he would just let it stay there. It would be dry by morning. With his cum-covered hand still grasping his wilted penis, Michael was soon asleep.

This was the first time that Enrique had experienced bunking in with strangers. In fact, it was the first time that Enrique had slept anywhere other than at the ranch, the hospital, and that short time with a foster family. The twins were a gregarious pair, and Enrique found it interesting that their language was as dirty and foul as he had ever heard from anyone, even from Jake. Jake sounded like a choir boy next to these two. The first evening they were all together, the twins sat around naked in the room while they looked at pornographic magazines and made remarks about them.

The twins seemed to ignore Enrique, who lay on his cot looking at the TV, which had the sound turned off. Soon, the door opened and a good looking man came in. The twins said, almost in unison, "Hi, Daddy!"

The man said, "Well, I just wanted to see if you two cocksuckers were settled in. Your mom and I are going back to the house now. I hope your mom doesn't get an itch in her cunt to get laid tonight because I have to get up pretty fucking early tomorrow for an appointment with that shit-ass boss of mine.

Enrique now knew where the twins had picked up their dirty language. The man looked over at Enrique and said, "I see you got a third roommate. What's your name, son?"


"It looks like this room is pretty fucking crowded. With these beds so close together, you'll be sleeping on top of each other. Pardon the pun, boys." Then turning to his sons, he said, "You fuckers'll be here a week, and I want you to work your balls off and make the grade in this arithmetic class. If you don't, you'll have your ass held back a year. And if that happens, Daddy's gonna be mighty pissed off! Nice to meet you, Enrique. Get to know my boys here. They'll give you a good fucking time! Bye!"

It was getting late, and Enrique was exhausted from the trying events of the day. He wanted badly to go to sleep. But, although he had never been embarrassed being naked around others at the ranch, he felt hesitant to take off his clothes in front of these strangers. So he just lay there fully dressed and closed his eyes.

Soon Tommy said, "Hey Enrique. Are you going to sleep now? Aren't you going to take off your fucking clothes?" Jack added, "Yeah, get out of those clothes. We won't look at your pretty little ass."

Enrique got off the bed and stripped down, letting his clothes drop to the floor at the foot of his cot. Then he quickly jumped into the bed and pulled the sheet up over him.

"What are you afraid of Enrique?" said Tommy. "Are you afraid we'll see your little cock?"

Jack stepped over to the side of Enrique's cot and shook his erect penis in Enrique's face. He and Tommy laughed as Jack pulled back the sheet so they could see Enrique's naked body. Jack said, "You've got a really nice body, Enrique. You could make ME happy."

Enrique pulled the sheet back up over him and said, "If you don't mind, I'm very tired and I'd like to go to sleep."

"Okay, amigo," said Tommy. "That's Mexican for 'friend,' in case you didn't know."

Jack said, "Enrique's Mexican. He knows what 'amigo' means." Looking down at Enrique, Jack said, "Maybe tomorrow night we can all have some fuckin' ass fun. Okay?"

The room was small now that the two beds and the cot were so close together; there was barely enough room to walk sideways between them. Jack turned off the light and, as he climbed in his bed, he giggled and said, "buenas noches, Enrique."

Although it was dark, from all the rustling going on in the bed next to him, it was obvious both the twins were in the same bed. As his eyes became used to the dark, the small amount of light coming in under the door allowed Enrique to barely see what was going on. Jack and Tommy were lying in a sixty-nine and very noisily slurping away on each other's cocks. The sight brought Enrique's penis to full erection, which he held onto with his hand.

Soon, Jack said, "Come on, brother, eat my fucking ass out and then fuck the shit out of me." Jack got on his hands and knees with his ass up in the air. Tommy knelt behind him and, with great growling and moaning, busily slurped away at his brother's hole. Then up on his knees, he plunged his hard penis into his brother's ass from behind. They both bounced around on the bed as they fucked.

Jack said, "Come on, Tommy, talk dirty to me like Daddy always does when he fucks us."

Enrique lay there watching this and listening to the most unbelievable stream of dirty talk he had ever heard. It was such an unusual thing he was witnessing, uninhibited and erotic, that he started stroking his own penis harder and faster. He wanted to cum when Tommy was cumming, but the sight of what he was witnessing was just too much. His orgasm was upon him and he felt surge after surge of sperm coursing up through his penis and out onto his stomach. Enrique wasn't able to stifle a short cry of pleasure.

Tommy, who was getting close, said, "Wow, our little Mexican fucker just shot his load!" Tommy then let out a cry and shot his own load into his brother's ass. After the two brothers switched positions, and Jack had started fucking Tommy, Enrique climbed off his cot and went into the bathroom to clean himself off. When he returned, the twins were still at it, but Enrique was no longer aroused and lay there thinking about Noah. To watch the twins going at it together made Enrique lonely for Noah and to have Noah in his arms. He thought about poor Mark and Corky and the terrible events of the day. He was just drifting off to sleep when Jack let out a whining kind of a groan as he filled his brother's rectum with sperm.

When morning came, Caleb awoke to find Noah nestled close to him and still asleep. It took him several minutes to recall just what happened the night before. He remembered that he had acted foolishly over Steve's interest in Noah and raised his head to see if Steve was there in bed with them. Getting up he went to the bathroom to pee and then walked into the living room. He found Steve still sound asleep on the sofa. Just then, the old clock started chiming nine o'clock, and Steve began to wake up.

Caleb knelt on the floor and kissed Steve lightly on the lips. "Good morning, sleeping beauty. Did you sleep here all night. You didn't have to do that."

"Oh, yes I did, my love," said Steve returning the kiss. "You and Noah needed to be together, Caleb. It had been a long time since you'd seen him."

Caleb leaned over again and pressed his cheek against Steve's and whispered, "I'm sorry the way I acted last night. Only jealous little school girls act that way."

"I understand, Caleb," said Steve. "I really do. I'm the one who made a fool of myself, being so fucking aggressive with Noah. I know better, Caleb. One of my many character flaws is that I sometimes allow lust to overtake me to the point that I ignore my better judgment. I need to tell you, Caleb, that it's you I love more than anyone else. But your son, Caleb, is so fucking cute, I just went berserk."

Caleb smiled and said, "I know. He drives me crazy, too. I don't blame you one bit, Steve. You just let that lust overtake you anytime you want."

"Do you mean that?" said Steve as he ran his hand down over Caleb's naked body and took hold of his penis. "I'm beginning to feel that lust overtaking me right now!" Steve pushed Caleb over on his back on the floor, and then rolled off the sofa down next to Caleb. Steve took Caleb's hardening penis in his mouth and started sucking it vigorously. Just then, Noah, who had been awakened by the talking, came into the living room. As Caleb lay there on the floor while Steve was sucking his dick, he smiled at Noah, who smiled back with a big grin. Noah immediately lay down next to them and kissed his father passionately on the face, neck, chest, and stomach, swirling his tongue through Caleb's chest hair and nibbling on his large, hard nipples.

As Caleb indicated that he was about to cum, Noah laid his face down on his father's stomach with his mouth very close to Caleb's penis. Steve knew what Caleb wanted, and as soon as he felt that Caleb was about to shoot, he pulled off and aimed Caleb's penis at Noah's face. Great globs of warm sperm shot on to Noah's face. When Caleb's balls had finally been drained, Noah's eyes, nose, cheeks and lips were covered with his father's sperm.

Steve looked at Caleb, and Caleb nodded, saying, "Go ahead, Steve. Enjoy!" Steve then happily lowered his lips onto Noah's face and licked up all of Caleb's sperm.

Steve finally got up and said, "I think it's well past breakfast time. What do you say I whip up some Western Omelets for us. I always liked omelets, but the ones I used to make were the New England kind, which were kind of mild compared to the kind Tony once taught me how to make."

Sitting around the table enjoying their omelets, Caleb said, "Well, Enrique has his first day of class today. I wonder how it's going."

Noah said, "Yeah. But I also wonder how it went last night."

"What do you mean."

"Well, Enrique's staying with Mark and Corky this week, and . . . you know," said Noah.

"Noah, I'm sure they know of his attachment to you. I'm sure they'll respect that."

"Maybe," said Noah. "But Ricky and I agreed that if something were to happen with either of us while we were apart, we would just let it happen and not worry about it."

Caleb said, "Do think something happened among the three of them?"

"Knowing Mark and Corky, Dad, I wouldn't doubt it," said Noah as he picked idly at his omelet.

Caleb said, "Well, if the two of you agreed not to worry about it, why are you so concerned? I wouldn't say that YOU sat alone in your room all night last night."

Noah smiled in acknowledgement, but he still couldn't get the possibility of Ricky sleeping with Mark and Corky out of his mind, agreement or no agreement.

Steve needed to get to the shop, and Caleb told him to go ahead and that he and Noah would clean up the kitchen. Just after Steve left the apartment, the phone rang. Michael had returned to the ranch and wanted Caleb and Noah to know what had happened in San Antonio the day before. He told them that everyone, including Enrique, were quite shaken up by the events. Caleb and Noah were also shocked at the news. Noah got on the phone and asked if he could go to San Antonio and stay with Ricky.

Michael said, "Noah, I know Ricky would like that, but he's not going to be staying at Mark and Corky's place . . . not after what happened. I've arranged for him to stay at the University in one of the dorms."

Noah said, "But he'll hate it there. If I came up there, I'd be with him. Wouldn't that make it okay for him to stay at the apartment. I mean, he won't be alone. I'd be with him."

"I'm sorry, Noah. Having him stay at the dorm is the best arrangement. But I'll give you the phone number of the desk at the dorm, and maybe you could call him."

After Caleb left for the office, Noah spent the rest of the morning calling the dorm. They kept telling him that Enrique would not be back in his room until after class ended in the late afternoon. It was not a good day for Noah to be alone.

Marcus Filmore had arrived at the ranch very early that morning and, by the time Michael had returned home, had seen to it that Jared had eaten his breakfast, dressed, and had his medications. When Michael went into Jared's room to see how he was, he found Marcus and Jared both sitting by the window. A number of the family pictures had been removed from the wall and were sitting in front of them on a small table.

"Oh, hello Mr. Walker," said Marcus cheerily. "Jared wanted to look at some of these pictures, and it I thought it might be easier for him to do that sitting down here, rather than standing over at that wall."

"That's fine, Marcus. Is he doing all right? Has he been taking his medication?"

"Oh, yes. He's been a good boy. He's done everything I've asked him to do." Then turning to Jared, Marcus said, "You have been a good boy, haven't you Jared, and you do everything I ask you to do, don't you?"

Jared nodded, and said, "Yes."

"Very good," said Michael. "If you need anything, Marcus, I'll be in my office."

After Michael left and closed the door, Marcus faced Jared and said, "All right we're going to go through these again until you get them right. Now who is this in this picture?"

"Ol' Ben," answered Jared.

"And who is Ol' Ben?"

"My father."

"Good. Now who is this?" asked Marcus, holding up another picture.

"My brother."

"And what's his name?"

Jared hesitated, and then said, "I don't know."

Marcus slammed the picture down on the table and said angrily, "We've been over this Jared too many times! Now what's his name?"

"I don't know."

"We're not getting very far, Jared! I'm going to tell you one more time. It's your brother, Michael. Now have you got that in your thick skull?"

Jared nodded.

Holding up another picture, Jared asked him who it was.

"It's Jeff."

"Good, and who is he?"

"Michael's son."

"That's right," said Marcus, holding up another picture. "And this one?"

"It's Clayton."

"And who is he?"

"He's my son," answered Jared.

"That's right!" said Marcus with a big smile. "He's one of the most important ones. That's one you mustn't ever forget! Now we'll go over these pictures everyday until you learn who they are, with no mistakes. Now here are some more questions that we've been over before: Between you and your brother Michael, who is the oldest?"

"I am," answered Jared.

"Good. And who owns this ranch?"

"My brother."

"Remember Jared, when answering that question always say, 'My brother, Michael.' Now remember that." As Marcus picked up the pictures and replaced them on the wall, he said, "I think that's enough for today. We'll go over all these again tomorrow, and then I will teach you the answers to some other important questions."

Before leaving for several hours, Marcus went into the bathroom to wash his hands after handling the picture frames that had not been dusted for a long time. As he dried his hands, he said to himself, "That idiot! Before I'm done with him, he'll have it down pat why he was fucked out of his rightful share of this ranch. If I play my fucking cards right, I'll be in the chips before I know it!"

When Mark was arrested, he called his attorney, Roger Harris. The two conferred with each other at the jail for over two hours that evening. The next morning, Roger learned that Mark was going to be charged at the arraignment with a felony . . . "criminally negligent homicide." He spoke with the police investigators and the prosecutor's office in an effort to avoid any charge at all, since it was clear that Mark fired the weapon unintentionally while trying to protect himself and get it away from the victim. It was an accident, pure and simple.

The prosecutor informed Robert that the gun had been traced and was found to be registered in Mark's name, plus the fact that his fingerprints were all over the gun and that none of the boy's fingerprints could be found. Roger argued that "criminally negligent homicide" would never stand up in a court trial, considering the fact that there were witnesses and the fact that Mark's son was well known by police as a young man who was no stranger to the charges of burglary, theft, and assault, all felonies in themselves. The prosecutor realized that "criminally negligent homicide" might be a little over the top. He decided instead to charge Mark with "manslaughter."

Roger was still not happy, since manslaughter is killing someone unintentionally while performing a lawful act in a negligent manner. He insisted that a "lawful act" wasn't involved here. It happened because a man was trying to save his own life and wrest the weapon away from the one who had it.

The prosecutor, however, was adamant. The charge of "manslaughter" would be made at the arraignment.

Because of the court's overloaded docket, Mark's arraignment did not occur until 4:00 p.m. that afternoon. The judge sat slouched in his chair, looking obviously tired and out-of-patience. Both Mark's attorney and the prosecutor spoke. The judge also asked the police investigator to go over the evidence briefly.

The prosecutor then said, "Your Honor, we wish to enter a charge of manslaughter against Mr. Mark McLeod."

The judge leaned forward in his chair and took off his glasses. He looked right at the prosecutor, saying, "Christ, Tom! This was nothin' but an accident. You know it as well as I do. Every time you come up against a homicide, you get your shorts all up in a knot. I've had Mark McLeod up here in court givin' testimony before you ever knew what law school was. Mark McLeod is as honorable a man as I've ever known. There ain't no evidence in this case that he's anything but, and I ain't gonna send my friend here into a jury trial for something that was just an unfortunate accident while he was trying to protect himself. What a waste of the taxpayers' money!"

Then looking at Mark, the judge said, "I suppose I could say that, no matter how hard you struggled to get that gun away, you could have been just a little bit more careful. I'm not sayin' you wasn't. But I think in the name of propriety, I'm gonna have to charge you with somethin'. I'm not sure what. I know this ain't a legal charge, but I think I'll just charge you with "carelessness." After all, you didn't safeguard that gun enough to prevent your son from getting his hands on it. And I sentence you to teaching a one-month gun safety class at the San Antonio Police Department. Court adjourned."

Before the judge left the courtroom, he motioned to Mark to step up to bench. Leaning over close to Mark, he said, "Mark, I can't tell you how sad I feel. Losing a son is the worst thing that can happen to a man. The loss of my son and daughter in that car crash two years ago was almost more than I could bear. Something like this changes a man forever. I know that Jodie had taken the wrong path in his life, and that he was a real problem for you, but he was still your son. If there is anything I can do for you, Mark, let me know. Anything."

"Judge," Mark said, "You've done more than I could ever ask today. It truly WAS an accident, Judge. But I still blame myself. I could have avoided it. Thank you for understanding."

"I'll tell you this, Mark," said the Judge. "Too many good men like yourself are wrongly punished as a result of overzealous prosecutors. There has to be a line drawn. Mark, I hope you have someone who'll be with you through this. It ain't good to be alone in a time like this."

"My partner in my private investigative business and I live together. We're very close, and I know he'll help me a lot."

Josiah had been at the University pool for one of his usual three-times-a-week practices. When he returned home, he found a letter from Mrs. Forbes. Warming up a cup of that morning's coffee in the microwave, he sat down to read it.






My dearest Josiah,


I have been intending to write you a letter, dear son, but the arthritis in my hands kept me from it for a few days. As you can tell, my hand is still unsteady. Your visit was like seeing an angel from Heaven. I have thought about nothing else since then. I have always believed in God, and I prayed every day since I turned you over to the agency that he would look after you. And I rejoice in the knowledge that my prayers were answered.


I know that my time on this Earth is short, so I want you to have the cloth that you were wrapped in when you were delivered to us. Please visit me again when you can, and I will give it to you. I have always loved you, dear Josiah. You were the only child that God ever gave me, and my heart was broken when I could no longer care for you. I've waited for years for God to punish me for that, but instead, I have suddenly been rewarded. To see your dear, sweet face after all these years, and to be able once again to touch you was a gift that I never believed would be given to me in this life.


Your loving mother forever,


Millie Forbes


Through blinding tears, Josiah read the letter over and over. The words, "Your loving mother forever," rang in his head like nothing ever had. The thought of his having a mother was almost too much to comprehend. With all the accolades he had been given, this, and only this, made him feel as though he was somebody. At last, he was somebody! He had a mother! Why hadn't he looked for her before this? It was all because of that dark figure who talked to him on the balcony that one dark night that made him start looking.

That evening, when Brian returned home, Josiah showed him the letter, and asked if they could drive down the next day to Goliad to see his mother. Referring to her as his mother gave him goose bumps. Brian was so moved, he began to cry when he finished the letter. He and Josiah hugged and cried together.

That night, Brian could tell that Josiah was in no mood for anything but just to be held. After Brian had gone to sleep, Josiah lay there with eyes wide open, far from wanting to go to sleep. It was midnight when he got up and went out on the balcony, hoping to hear the voice of that dark figure he had heard only once before.

"Whoever you are, are you there?" said Josiah softly. He waited for a long time, and there was no answer. With the warm night air blowing over him, he began to feel drowsy. Suddenly, he heard a voice and looked up to see the same dark figure in the shadows at the other end of the balcony.

"Good evening, Josiah," said the voice. "Now that you have learned about Millie Forbes, have you come to understand a little more about yourself?"

"Yes," replied Josiah. "She's going to give me the shroud, or whatever it was, that I was wrapped in when I was delivered to her. I wish you would tell me who you are."

The dark figure laughed, "That's not important, Josiah."

"Where did I come from?" asked Josiah. "Where was I before I was given to the Forbes?"

"That's unimportant, Josiah," said the voice. "It's who you are now, and what you will be that matters."

"It IS important!" said Josiah. "Why is it such a big secret?"

"Oh, my," sighed the dark figure. "Very well. You came from God, Josiah. Are you satisfied now?"

"No. It all seems so unnatural. I've heard that only Jesus came from God. He was supposed to be the son of God. And no way am I the son of God. Now tell me. What's this all about? Why did all this happen?"

"Oh, dear, dear!" came the answer. "You ARE certainly full of questions tonight! I've already told you more than I should. I want you to just carry on according to what you must do."

"What does that mean?"

"That simply means you must do what you must do, my boy! You'll know what that is when the time comes. Ta-ta, my pet!"

"Wait," shouted Josiah. "You haven't told me anything! Wait!"

Brian appeared at the door. "I woke up and heard you talking to yourself out here. What's the matter, Josiah?"

"Oh, Brian, it was that . . . thing, that person again."

"I didn't hear anyone, but you, Josiah. You've been dreaming again, haven't you?"

"No, I don't think so," sighed Josiah. "It was real. It was a real voice that talked to me."

"Come on, let's get back to bed," said Brian, taking Josiah by the hand.

As they lay in bed, Josiah suddenly said, "You know school starts again next week. But I have to go down to the ranch before then. Maybe we can go to Goliad on the same trip to pick up the cloth from my mother."

Josiah smiled at the sound of his own voice saying the words, "my mother."

"Why is it so important you go down to the ranch?" Brian asked. "Is there someone you want to see or something you want to do? You know we've got a lot to do up here getting registered and buying our books and stuff."

"I don't know," said Josiah thoughtfully. "Isn't that funny? I don't know. I just know I have to go down there."

"You're a crazy guy, Josiah!" said Brian kiddingly and kissing Josiah on the stomach. "But we'll do what you want."

When Mark and Corky returned to their apartment the evening after Corky's court appointment, Corky called Michael and gave him the news of Mark's release. "Michael, Mark's relieved about that, but he's still enormously upset and shaken by the whole thing. It's going to be a tough night for him. Even though Jodie was the proverbial pain in the ass, Mark has to live with the fact that he shot and killed his own son. And that is really eating him up inside."

Michael said, "I'm glad you'll be with him through all this, Corky. Just be a rock for him. He's got a lot to deal with. Mark has always been a strong guy. But you're going to have to be the strong one now."

"I know."

"Corky?" said Michael. "Why don't you and Mark just close up the apartment and come on down here for awhile. It can't help Mark to stay in that apartment where his son was killed. It might do Mark a lot of good to get out of the city for awhile."

"Mark went right in and went to bed when we got home. I held him for awhile, but I think he's asleep now. When he awakens, I'll ask him. Even I would like to get out of this place for awhile. I almost sense an odor of death in here."

Noah finally got through to Enrique on the telephone that evening. As Enrique recounted for Noah the terrible scene that he had witnessed, he began to cry and found it hard to talk. Noah tried to change the subject and asked Enrique how he liked the class and what it was like to live in a college dorm.

Enrique said, "The class is okay. It's real easy. But the room I'm staying in is horrible. I have twin guys my age as roommates. And they fucked each other all night last night, and talked dirty the whole time. Their father came in once, too, and the way he talked, it was obvious that all three of them fucked each other. His language was pretty raunchy, too."

"Did they get you involved, Ricky?" asked Noah.

"No way, Noah. They're two good looking guys, but I kept thinking about you, and they weren't that good looking anymore. While they were fucking, I did jerk off once while I watched them. I hope you don't mind."

"Ricky, we promised each other we would let happen whatever would happen."

"I know," said Enrique. "How about you? Did you . . . I mean . . . did you . . . .?"

"I slept with my dad last night."

"Oh. That's okay," said Enrique. "How about Steve?"

"Well, Ricky, he climbed in with us. But when I woke up this morning, I was alone with my dad, and Steve was sleeping on the sofa in the living room."

Enrique didn't want to ask anymore about that. "Noah, I miss you so much."

"I miss you, too, Ricky. When I heard what had happened, I asked if I could go up there and stay with you for the rest of the week. But Michael said that, since you were in a dormitory, I couldn't do that. It's gonna be a long week until you come home."

When Enrique and Noah finally said goodbye and hung up, Enrique went back to his room. The twins weren't there and Enrique lay down, staring at the ceiling and wishing he weren't there. He drifted off to sleep finally, but woke up when the twins and their father came into the room.

The twins stripped down, as they had the night before, and the father sat on the side of the bed, looking at Enrique. "Enrique," he said, "I hope you don't mind, but I thought I would come up here and visit with my sons for awhile. This fucking room is so small. I don't want to crowd it more than it already is. Do you mind?"

Enrique said, "No, I don't mind."

Tommy reached around and grabbed his father's crotch and said, "Come on, Daddy, get that hard cock out of there."

The father looked again at Enrique and said, "You sure you don't mind?"

Enrique knew what was going to happen and said, "No, I told you I don't mind."

The father stood up and dropped his pants allowing his erect penis to bounce out into view. Jack reached over and unbuttoned his father's shirt and pulled it off. Pushing his father down on the bed next to Ricky, Tommy went down and began sucking on his father's balls, while Jack nibbled on his nipples. Jack then stood up on the bed, straddling his father's hips. He lowered himself down slowly over his father's gorged cock, taking its full length into his ass.

Enrique's penis became hard as a rock as he watched this, and he began to slowly rub his bulge. The father looked over and said, "That's okay, Enrique, go ahead and pull it out and give it a good wanking if you want. Enrique was becoming so aroused watching this father with his son sitting on his cock, that he undid his pants and pulled out his own penis."

"No, no," said the father. "Get out of all them clothes, I want to see your sweet-ass body as you jerk off." As Enrique stripped off his clothes, the father said, "Christ! What a hot little Mexican body you've got!"

Jack was bouncing up and down on his father's hard-on, and soon the father said, "Goddamn! I'm gonna cum now. Tell me if you feel my hot cum shooting up into your shitty asshole!" The father let out several growling moans as he shot his sperm up into his son's ass. Jack yelled, "Yeah, Daddy, I can feel your cock banging against my hole every time a shot of your cum shoots up into me."

As Jack pulled up and fell back on the bed, Tommy got his face into his brother's ass to suck out as much of his father's cum as he could. Enrique was now hot and aroused and was stroking his hard penis faster and faster as he watched. The father rolled over on his side and reached over to Enrique and ran his hand over Enrique's thigh.

"Oh, what nice smooth, brown skin!" said the father. "And such nice soft hair!"

The feel of the man's hand touching his leg brought Enrique closer to orgasm. The father leaned way over and ran his tongue over Enrique's leg, and then up to his balls. Then, without Enrique hardly noticing, the man sucked the whole length of Enrique's penis into his mouth. Enrique didn't care. Flashing into his mind was a picture of Steve sucking on Noah's penis. The twins sat on their bed smiling. Tommy was saying, "Suck that hard Mexican cock, Dad! Take it all the fuckin' way! And when you're done, pass some of that Mexican cum into our mouths!"

Enrique was sinking into a sexual frenzy as he watched this father of the twins sucking hard on his penis. He tried to hold back and let it last, but it was no use. His orgasm suddenly swept over him like a tidal wave and he felt his sperm surging up the length of his rod and into this man's warm mouth. He lay exhausted as he watched the man turn around and sit up, kissing both his sons and passing his sperm into their mouths.

The frenzied feeling had passed, and Enrique started repeating to himself, "I'm sorry, Noah. I'm sorry. I'm sorry."

To be continued...


Posted: 10/03/08