My Father, My Son
by: Tom Borden

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Clayton came into the kitchen and said, "Is there anything I can do to help?"

Just then the kitchen phone rang. Clayton said, "I'll get it."

Picking up the receiver, Clayton said, "Hello."

From the other end came, "Clayton! Darling! It's Maggie! Rhapsody and I had a simply marvelous cruise! But now we're back!"


Chapter 44 

Michael and Jeff soon arrived at the old familiar spot by the stream at the west end of the ranch. Tying the reins of their horses to a tree, they sat down on the grassy slope close to the water. They took off their shirts so they could enjoy the cool breeze and feel the sun, which was now low in the sky.

"It's peaceful here, isn't it?" said Michael. "You're a comfort to me, you know. You're just always there for me. Who could be luckier than I am?"

"Dad, I've decided that I'm not going to go to school this summer. When this semester ends, I'm coming back to spend the summer here and work."

"What about Paul?" said Michael.

"Paul will be here with me," said Jeff. "He loves this place as much as I do, and he's anxious to get back down here and get his hands dirty again. Besides, Dad, I've missed you. I've really missed you a lot. We need to spend some time together again. It's hard to love somebody from a distance most of the time."

"Well, Jeff, I can't pretend that I didn't miss you, too. But I know you have Paul. And he should be the most important to you these days."

"As I said, Dad, he's going to be down here with me."

As they stared off toward a slowly reddening sky, Michael said, "I don't know what I'm going to do without . . . ."

"I know, Dad," said Jeff, putting his arm around Michael's shoulder. "Give it time. You'll get through it."

"I know I will. But Karl took care of so much of the business-end of the ranch. We're on a good sound footing because of his work. I don't know if I can run the place as well as he did . . . and doing it alone."

Jeff said, "When I'm here over the summer, let's work on it together. And, you know, maybe we could hire a business manager to work for us. We can certainly afford it."

"I guess we'll just have to figure something out. Do you know what I want to do, though? I think I'd like to just go out to my house in the Cottonwoods and be alone for a few days. I just feel like I want to be alone."

"But, Dad . . . ."

"Now don't tell me, Jeff, that I shouldn't be alone, and that I should be with people. I understand that. But I just need a few days by myself so I can think a lot of things out by myself. Try to understand how I feel."

Leaning over and kissing his father on the temple, Jeff said, "Of course, I understand, Dad. That might really be a good thing to do. You built that house as a "get-away" place, anyway. Just remember when you're there, that I love you and I'll always be here when you need me."

Michael and Jeff kissed each other deeply. Then, looking at his watch, Jeff said, "We'd better get back, Dad. Tony'll have supper ready. And then, I need to get back on the road to Austin.

Early the next morning, Michael packed a small bag and put it in his car, along with a cooler filled with various items of food that Tony had prepared for him to take along. And, of course, included was a full, unopened bottle of Michael's favorite Pinch Bottle Scotch.

After he arrived, Michael decided to busy himself with cleaning up the place. As he did a badly needed dusting and vacuuming, he wished that his housekeeper were still with them. She had for some time miraculously been unaware of the various activities that went on around her. But one evening, she decided to pay a visit to Michael to ask for a larger cleaning supply allowance. His door was ajar, and as she pushed it open, she found herself suddenly in the presence of both Michael and Karl, naked and in the throes of a torrid sexual episode. Michael was on his back with legs in the air, and Karl, with his hard member inside of Michael's ass, was just embarking on a grand orgasm. The housekeeper shrieked and ran from the room. By morning, she had packed her things and departed. She left a note giving the address to which her last check should be mailed.

Michael smiled to himself as he recalled the incident. It was probably for the best that she left, he thought. She was a demanding old crone and, besides that, her cleaning job was never very good. Michael was finding satisfaction getting his hide-away cleaned up, and the activity dulled his mind to his distress over Karl's departure.

While dusting the bedside table, Michael ran across a partially empty pack of English cigarettes that had been left there by Karl. He didn't have the heart to throw them out. He wasn't sure why he wanted to leave them laying there. Perhaps that little reminder of Karl's presence was nice to have. At lunchtime, Michael, who normally never drank during the daytime, decided to have a triple Scotch on the rocks before he ate. Why not, he thought. He could just get as drunk as he wanted, and nobody would be around to know or care. He sat out on the porch and looked out over the land. Just the very smell of the Scotch brought back the memory of Francisco.

As he drank, he felt like crying. Why shouldn't he cry. He felt he needed a good long cry, and maybe that would help. He suddenly felt his emotions running wild and jumped up and stood at the edge of the porch and shouted as loud as he could, "Why, Karl! Why! Why! Why!"

Slumping down to the floor and propped up against a pillar, he talked aloud, sobbing. "We could have made it, Karl . . . I would have helped you . . . I shouldn't have left you like that . . . I should have stayed, and we'd be together now . . . I'm to blame . . . I never understood . . . I love you, Karl . . . I love you. I love you."

Struggling to his feet, Michael went inside to fix another drink. But instead of going back outside, he put his drink on the bedside table and threw himself on the bed. He began to cry uncontrollably. Never before in his life had he felt so bereft, so empty and abandoned. He couldn't stop. The sobs kept coming and his whole face was wet with tears. He felt exhausted, and soon he fell into a deep sleep.

When Michael awoke, it was dark. He reached for the bedside lamp, knocking over his untouched drink. He sat up and, looking at his watch, he saw that it was 9:15 at night. There was a slight pounding in his head, but he felt relaxed, somehow at peace. He felt sticky and sweaty, having slept in his clothes. Going to the kitchen, he got a roll of paper towels and tried to soak up the Scotch that had soaked into the carpet.

He felt overwhelmingly hungry and found two large baked chicken sandwiches, as well as an apple, in the box that Tony had given him. He found that one of the thermoses contained milk. With a tall glass of milk and his sandwiches, Michael went back out on the porch. There was enough light coming through the window from the house. A strange and peaceful calm came over him as he ate and looked at the star-filled sky beyond.

Yes, he thought. A good long cry is what he had needed. He didn't think there were anymore tears left in him. And he was glad he was alone. His pain was his own to bear, and he knew now he would come through it alright. His pain was difficult, but it would subside. He had his memories and there were people around him who loved him and cared for him, and, most of all, he had his beloved Jeff. Oh, yes! His beloved Jeff. How could any man be luckier.

As he cleaned up the kitchen, he could hardly wait to get into the shower and feel clean and sweat-free again. As he stripped down, he looked at himself in the full-length mirror on the back of the bathroom door. He hoped that Karl would remember what his body looked like. Karl had always said that he thought Michael had the body of a twenty-year-old.

In the shower, he lathered himself up and noticed that he could see himself in the full-length mirror opposite the shower if he kept the shower door open. He had never done that before, but he found it erotic, and he soon had a full erection. He thought back when he took his first shower in Acapulco when he was unable to get aroused at all. Now as he watched himself slowly stroking his hard penis, his fantasies turned to Francisco. He imagined that Francisco was somehow watching him and becoming aroused himself. As he stroked faster and faster, the soap suds began flying in all directions and out onto the floor. He didn't care. He hoped that he would be able to see his sperm shooting out from his penis. He had never seen himself shoot from this angle before.

Soon he could feel that his orgasm was near, and his knees began to feel weak. As he bent his knees and arched his back, it happened. His orgasm swept over him like a tidal wave, and he watched as four, five, and then six long streams of his cum spewed from the end of his penis. When the last of it finally dribbled out, Michael was panting and his knees felt as though he could no longer stand. This always happened when he jacked off in the shower. But he leaned back against the wall, and his strength was quickly restored.

After rinsing off and drying himself, he mopped up all the soap suds that had flown out onto the floor. It was now close to midnight, and he thought that, even with all the sleep he had that afternoon, he was ready for more sleep. As he got in under the covers, he noticed again the pack of Karl's cigarettes on the table. But he would leave them there. He just wasn't ready to remove them.

Michael awoke early the next morning. He had cleaned the house. Now he was eager to get outside and clean up the flower beds around the house that Maggie had worked so hard to plant for him. Everything was overgrown and choked with weeds. He hadn't gotten down and on his knees in the dirt for a long time. As he worked, he had no trouble concentrating on what he was doing, and as he progressed across the front and around the side, he admired his work and the fresh clean look of renewal the garden was taking on.

It was now lunch time. It was time to look and see what other delightful tidbit Tony had prepared for him. This time it was a smoked tongue sandwich with mustard and some cold German potato salad. It was always a treat to have a tongue sandwich. Tony would buy a tongue only rarely since Michael and Jeff were the only two on the ranch who could stomach it. Taking his sandwich and a cold bottle of beer, he dragged a chair out on the terrace in front of the house so, as he ate, he could look back and further admire the garden that had now almost miraculously come back to life.

Michael felt good today, mentally alert and full of energy. After lunch, he went in, took a shower, and put on only a pair of shorts. He decided he would sit down and go over some paper work he had brought with him. He and Karl had decided to plow up a large section of the range for a planting of a new and advanced strain of Milo Maize, a cattle feed that had just come on the market. He sat looking at a large map of the ranch and pondered various locations for the planting. The size was critical since he knew he had to grow at least a certain amount so that the sale of it would bring him a handsome profit over his seed, planting, and maintenance expenses. Also there were substantial discounts available in the cost of seed as the quantity purchased became larger.

Michael was deep in thought when the phone rang.


"Is this Michael?"

Michael recognized the voice, and shouted, "Francisco! Yes, this is Michael! Where are you calling from."

"I'm still here in Acapulco for another week. Then I go back to Puerto Villarta for more shows. I called the number you gave me, and they said they would transfer me to your other house. Do you have two houses?"

"In a way I do. I just have a small house here on the ranch quite a ways away from the main house where I go to get away and relax. Francisco! It's so wonderful to hear your voice. Your call is totally unexpected. I'm so pleased!"

"No more pleased than I am, Michael, to hear your voice. I think about you constantly. And I stare at your table every night at the Bali Club and miss you so much.”

"Francisco, I have to tell you that I imagined you were in the bathroom with me when I was taking a shower yesterday and you were watching me as I came right there in the shower. I've thought of you so much."

"Michael, have you taken care of the problem you were running away from?"

"Oh, Francisco, it's a long story. Let's just say it's been taken care of in a way."

"I'm glad. And I hope it was not too difficult. The reason I am calling you, Michael, is that I called my agent yesterday and asked if there was any possibility that I could be booked up in the States. I've never even been to the States, and now that I have a friend in America, I would like to go. But I can't afford to go on my own. I would have to go with the whole show with a contract."

"That would be so wonderful. What did your agent say?"

"Without my even suggesting a place, he said he thought there would be clubs in San Antonio that would like to have our band, and will look into it."

Michael shouted, "Francisco! I can't believe it! That'll be wonderful. It'll be wonderful for your band to play in the States, and it will be even more wonderful for me! I don't live far from San Antonio. And while you're there, I'll bring you down to the ranch to stay as long as you want for a vacation."

"I am very excited, too, Michael, and I'm going to keep after my agent until he arranges a booking for me. Michael?


"I can't wait to see you again so we can be in love again."

"Oh, Francisco, I think I'm already in love."

Francisco said, "No. I mean . . . you know what I mean."

"I know what you mean, Francisco. We'll love each other when we see each other."

"Michael, I have to go now. We have a rehearsal in ten minutes of some new numbers we're doing in tonight's show. I think of you every minute, my love. You think of me, too, no?"

"Yes, Francisco, I do. Goodbye. Call me soon again."

It was now mid-afternoon, and Michael leaned back in his chair and felt a glow come over his whole body. How could he have been in such despair yesterday, and now feel as though he were floating on air. He got up and almost skipped as he moved quickly into the kitchen to fix himself a drink. This calls for another triple Scotch, he thought. Cutting a large piece of Italian sausage to eat in his fingers as he drank, Michael went outside to sit on the porch and enjoy that glow he felt. As he sat looking out over the range land, he found himself humming, "Love Walked in," the song Francisco sang just for him on the night they met. He couldn't get the tune out of his head.

After his morning classes were over, Jeff went back to the apartment for lunch with Paul. Jeff had been thinking.

"Paul, I had the classes this morning that I really needed to attend. I think I'll drive down to the ranch this afternoon and pop in to see Dad. I'm still worried about him. He says he wants to be alone, but I keep thinking he should be with someone if he wants to talk about it."

"I'm glad you're going, Jeff," said Paul. "I've been worrying about him, too. Why don't you just stay the night and come back tomorrow?"

Jeff hesitated and said, "Oh, I don't know. Did you want to come with me."

"No, Jeff, he needs you more than anyone."

"Well, I'd be sleeping with him, and . . . ."

"I know, Jeff," said Paul. "That's just what I think you should do, for both your sakes."

"But how about you, Paul."

"Jeff, please. I'm not at issue here. This is something you need to do," said Paul as he pulled Jeff close to him in a big hug. "Jeff, I love Michael about as much as you do. And I hate to see him like this. The best thing I can do for that dear man is to sacrifice you for one night . . . or more if that will help. You need to be close to him tonight, Jeff. To have you back in each other's arms will be the best thing for both of you. Now go on and pack your stuff and get going. I'll be right here when you get back."

"I don't deserve you, Paul," Jeff said, kissing him on the nose and then the lips.

"You deserve far better than me, Jeff. Now go on."

Jeff went to the phone and called Michael to warn him he was coming down.

"Dad, I'm going to make a quick ride down there to visit with you a little and see how you're doing."

"Oh Jeff," said Michael with a cheeriness in his voice. "I was just thinking about you and was thinking of calling you myself."

"Dad, you sound so happy. I hope that means you're feeling much better."

"I am, Jeff, I really am. We'll talk when you're here. And I insist when you come down you spend the night here with me . . . if it's okay with Paul, that is."

"Oh, Dad, do you really mean it?"

"Of course I do. Tony sent some great food along with me. We'll have a couple of drinks, a great dinner, and then we'll talk. Are you leaving right now?"

"Yes, I am. I'm leaving right now."

When Jeff arrived at the little house about 5:00 p.m., Michael greeted him with a cold beer in hand. He had already had a start on his own triple Scotch. They threw their arms around each other and kissed for a long time without saying anything.

"Jeff come on out on the porch with me and we'll watch another great sunset just like we used to do."

"Dad, this little get-away looks as though it's done you a lot of good."

"Jeff," said Michael, waving his arm in front of him. "Look at that garden. I worked all morning on that, and it's as good as new. It's beautiful, don't you think?"

"It is beautiful, Dad," said Jeff, still not believing how cheerful his dad had become.

"And yesterday, I cleaned the house from top to bottom. Excuse me, Jeff."

Michael got up and went inside and returned with Karl's pack of cigarettes. "Jeff, will you have one of Karl's old English cigarettes with me? Then as we smoke it, I want to drink a short toast to Karl, wishing him good luck with his life, and especially success with his treatment. Then we'll flush what's left down the toilet!"

As they each lit up, they both began coughing and choking, but quickly recovered enough to raise their drinks in a toast. Jeff said, "Dad, I really do wish Karl well. And I really was sorry to see him leave. He had a serious problem, and I truly hope he can find a way to control it."

"Thank you, Jeff. I think that you and I were the only two guys on the ranch who liked him. I'll always love him."

Then pointing down at the terrace that dropped away from the porch, Michael said, "Remember, Jeff, how we used to get nekked, as Jake would say, and roll down that steep part of the terrace together?"

"Yeah," said Jeff smiling. "It's not a thing of the past, Dad. I'm sure we could roll just as good down it now."

Michael and Jeff looked at each other for a brief moment and then both stood up and tore off their clothes as though they were on fire. Still in their boots, they ran down the terrace to the incline and threw themselves down, rolling, wrapped in each other's arms, to the bottom. Laughing and out of breath, they lay there kissing each others faces and lips furiously.

Soon Michael said, propping himself up on one elbow, "I feel alive again, Jeff. I really do, and I'm so glad you're here close to me."

Sitting up on the grass with their arms around each other and facing the west, Jeff said, "Look, Dad, there's that sunset we waited for." As they watched the sun disappear below the horizon and the sky begin to turn from red to dark, dark blue, they sat in the faint light cast on them by the porch light.

Michael said, "Jeff, yesterday I broke down completely. I yelled my lungs out, knowing that no one could hear me. I couldn't stop the tears; they kept coming for hours, it seemed. I really didn't know what was going through my mind. I don't know if I hated myself or pitied myself, or hated Karl or pitied him. But it seemed like all the feeling was draining out of me with the tears. I finally fell asleep and slept for about seven hours yesterday afternoon. And when I woke up, it was late in the evening. And I had the most rested, serene feeling come over me. I literally felt at peace with the world. I lay there and thought that I must have cried all the hurt out of me. I know that sounds silly, but I'm sure that's what happened."

"I know that's what happened, Dad."

"All I could think about was all the people around me who care for me, and about how lucky and happy I was to have you, Jeff." Then pointing back to the garden, Michael said, "And that's when I got up this morning and brought that garden back to life. It just made me feel so good again to do it."

Starting to stand up, Jeff said, "Dad, let's go back in the house and get ourselves another round. We have a lot more talking to do. I can't tell you how happy I am."

As they settled down again in the house with their drinks, Michael said, "I have a surprise for you. Actually it was a surprise for me. Guess who called me this afternoon just before you called? Francisco!"

Immediately the image of Francisco's god-like face popped up before Jeff's eyes. "Really?"

"He thinks he may be able to bring his show to San Antonio!"

"Dad, you have to remember that he was the first guy that came along after Karl. You fell in love with him on the rebound."

"I'm not in love with him, Jeff."

Jeff decided not to pursue that line. It may have been on the rebound, he thought, but Francisco obviously was not just any guy who came along. Francisco was perfect. He was handsome beyond description and he seemed sincere in his desire for Michael.

"I didn't mean . . . ."

"I know, Jeff. I don't blame you for thinking what you were thinking. I know that I can never have a long lasting permanent relationship with him. He's not a ranch person; he's a traveler. He makes his living traveling with his show."

"Do you think it's possible, Dad, that he finds a lover like you in every town he plays in?"

"It's possible. But I don't have any ties to him. He's free to do what he wants. If I'm just one of many, I guess I feel honored to be one of them."

"I know, Dad. I really didn't mean to sound cynical. I hope he does come to San Antonio. And I hope the two of you can get together as often as you can while he's here in Texas." Standing up and going over to sit close to his dad, Jeff ran his tongue around the edge of Michael's ear and whispered, "I really do hope that. Now—how about that great dinner of Tony's you promised me?"

As they feasted on Tony's special Lasagna, garlic bread, and Caesar Salad, slightly wilted, they talked. They talked about Michael's plans for further changes and improvements at the ranch, and Jeff told Michael all about his recent experiences with his classes at school. He told Michael about Adriano and Charlie breaking up. Michael then insisted that they needed to bring Adriano down to the ranch when the semester ended for a change of scenery and a vacation.

After eating, they took their coffee out on the porch to enjoy the night air. They sat silently for awhile, looking off at the vast black sky punctuated by a mass of stars shining brightly through the clean dry air of the Texas countryside. Jeff put his coffee down and abruptly sat on the floor in front of Michael and lay his head on his dad's lap.

As he ran his hands over the soft hair on Michael's tanned legs and up under the hem of his shorts, Jeff said, "I'm glad you asked me to stay with you tonight. Remember I used to sit like this with my head in your lap when I was little. And remember when we would come down here to the ranch and we would sit like this with my hands on your legs, Jake practically always found an excuse to come up and sit on the verandah with us? I don't know if you knew this, but I found out years later that Jake would get a hard-on watching us and sometimes would jack himself off with his hand in his pocket while he watched me move my hands up and down over you legs."

"Who told you that, Jeff?"

"Jake admitted it to me last year. But one thing I didn't do then was to run my hand way up here like this." Jeff ran his hand as far as it would go up Michael's pant leg until he could feel Michael's balls. "Oh, dad, it's been a long time since I was able to feel these sweet little balls. And let me see what else is in there." Jeff reached up and opened up his dad's fly, out from which immediately popped his penis. "Oh, Dad," purred Jeff, "It's just like I remember it . . . so hard and firm and warm."

Michael had enough teasing. Rising up, he said, "Jeff, come on; let's go inside."

They both went straight to the bedroom and, without saying anything, pulled off their clothes about as fast as they had before supper out on the porch. Michael threw himself on the bed and, lying on his back, put his arms up, beckoning to Jeff to lie on top of him. They could feel the hardness of their penises pressing against each other. Kissing wildly, they moved their hands frantically over each other's bodies, reveling in the feel of each other's skin once again.

Michael murmured, "How about Paul? Does he know about this?"

"Dad, Paul is the one who insisted I spend the night with you tonight. Now shut up and open your mouth and kiss me really big!"

Jeff could hardly wait to do one of his favorite things with his dad. He scooted down, pushed his dads legs apart, and lay on his stomach between them. He then pushed his face up as tightly as he could into his dad's crotch. From experience, Michael knew this was the signal to close his thighs tightly against his son's head. With his head locked in place, and his face almost smothered in the warm, moist depths of his dad's crotch, he ran his tongue everywhere, sucking in his dad's ball sack, one ball at a time. Then he could reach his tongue down around his dad's asshole. Jeff began to take in the wonderful intoxicating smell of his dad's crotch that he always loved. His face felt wonderfully wet from Michael's crotch sweat mixed with pre-cum bubbling out of his hard penis. The sound of his dad lying there moaning with the erotic pleasure of it all was like music to Jeff's ears.

Moving up a little higher, Jeff ran his tongue up along the underside of his dad's penis. Sucking the pre-cum off of the tip, he pushed the tip of his tongue into the pee hole. Lifting his head and looking closely at the little hole, Jeff said, "Dad, Paul asked me once if I ever thought about something. He asked if I ever thought about the fact that I was shot out of that little hole of yours when you conceived me. One of those little sperms that came shooting out of here was me. And I had millions and millions of little brothers and sisters come out of there, too."

Michael said, "And you would have had some brothers and sisters, too, if your mom didn't keep having miscarriages."

As Jeff ran his tongue gently over his dad's penis head, Michael said, "Jeff, you've always had a special way with your tongue. Keep doing that, but get on top of me and turn your body around and let me check out that crotch of yours. It's been a long time. I want to see if it's like I remember it."

Jeff turned around and crouched down so his dad's face could snuggle up into his crotch. As he took his dad's full cock into his mouth, he could feel Michael's tongue exploring the whole area around his balls and asshole. It tickled erotically and Jeff could feel his hard penis jumping and bobbing about furiously as he gently ran his lips up and down over the full length of his dad's penis. Michael's tongue began working faster and faster, and Jeff sucked and ran his hands over the soft fleshy area of his dad's upper inner thighs. It became too much for Michael, and Jeff could feel the muscles in his dad's thighs tightening and the head of his dad's penis enlarging. His hips were beginning to buck in short jerks as Jeff could feel on his tongue the veins that encircled his dad's penis bulging and turning into hard ridges.

Suddenly Michael let out his old familiar yell and flooded his son's mouth with powerful surges of cum. Jeff tried to keep most of it in his mouth, but was forced to swallow much of it. Jeff's pre-cum was running out of his penis in long sticky strings onto his dad's chin and neck.

"Don't move, Jeff," murmured Michael. "I want to come down off of this slowly as I enjoy the warm muskiness of your balls on my face."

Soon Jeff rolled off and turned around so he could kiss his dad. He could smell on his dad's face the odor of his own ass crack that his dad had been enjoying. Michael said, "I wish you would rape me now, Jeff. I have so often fantasized about my own son raping me. Remember the first time you entered me? You were so inexperienced, you were like an animal and just plunged into me hard without taking it slow. I've always remembered that. It was like you had raped me. It was one of the most thrilling experiences I ever had. I thought you were going to tear me open, but I loved it. My own son raping me. Jeff, would you do it like that to me again?"

Jeff said, "The idea of raping my own dad is exciting to me, too." Jeff grabbed his dad's legs and pushed them violently in the air. Plunging his face into his ass crack, he forced his tongue into his dad's asshole, getting it and the whole area as wet as possible. Then getting up on his haunches, he mounted his dad and, with one swift attack, plunged his penis into his dad's hole up to the hilt. Michael let out a squeal of pain, but then closed his eyes and went into a reverie. Jeff kept his arms around his dad's legs, holding them up forcefully, and with his hands, holding his dad's arms down tightly on the bed. He pumped his penis into his dad's rectum violently, pounding his pelvis against Michael's ass cheeks with uncommon force. Jeff was pushing so hard that Michael's body was bouncing uncontrollably under him. Michael threw his head back and forth, enduring a mixture of pain and unspeakable pleasure.

Suddenly, Jeff's orgasm swept over him like a storm and he could feel his semen charging up his shaft and into his dad's rectum. He let out a series of loud gutteral grunts with every volley of fluid that shot out of his penis. Exhausted, Jeff released his dad's legs and let them drop flat against the bed. As Jeff collapsed on his dad's body, they kissed passionately and then lay quietly as they caught their breath.

After a little while, Michael said, "Jeff?"


"You know you're going to have to be responsible for the baby when it's born, don't you?


"The baby, Jeff. I was just raped. I don't think I'll get an abortion. I'm planning on keeping the baby, but you'll have to pay child support!"

Seeing the joke, Jeff countered. "Well, I'm afraid you're on your own. I gave you a fake name and you'll never be able to find me after I'm outta here!


Jeff sat up and, looking down at his dad's prostrate body, said, "Why don't I give Paul a call. He told me he hoped I would call tonight and tell him how you were doing."

"Good idea. And let me speak to him, too."

After Paul answered, Jeff said, "Paul, it's me."

"Hey, Jeff! How's your dad?"

"Paul, can you hear me? I hear "L.A. Law" in the background on TV."

"Yeah, it's an old re-run. You know how I always loved that show. Let me reach over and turn it down. I was just lying here feeling awful lonely without you beside me. It's kind of empty feeling around here. Can't you hear the echo in this room?"

"I think I'll be coming back to Austin in the morning. Dad's really got a grip on himself pretty quickly and he's doing really well."

"I'm so glad to hear that, Jeff. Are you two still up, or have you already gone to bed?"

"Oh, Paul, we went to bed a long time ago. It's real personal, Paul. I don't think I should tell you about it."

"Oh, come on, Jeff!" Paul shouted.

"Okay, if you insist. Suffice it to say, we're both trying to recover and we're both still pretty out of breath."

Paul said innocently, "You mean you two have been out jogging?"

"Yeah . . . in place!"

"All kidding aside, Jeff, I'm really glad. It's been kind of like old times with your dad, hasn't it?"

"Paul, we had it hot tonight. Really hot. Hold on. Dad wants to speak with you."

"Hi, Paul," said Michael.

"Michael, my love! You don't sound out of breath."

"I'm pretty well recovered now. You young guys really give us oldsters a rough work over. But I love it."

"I'm so glad you're feeling better about things. You old guys sure recover faster than I would! What are your plans now, Michael?"

"I'm going back to the house and go to work tomorrow morning. I guess I'm through feeling sorry for myself. I need to get back to work on ranch business."

Paul said, "Michael, I wish you'd include in your plans a visit for a few days up here with us in Austin. I haven't seen you for awhile, and I miss you. I think the three of us could have a pretty good time together if you'd come stay with us a few days. It would just be kind of a continuation of your therapy."

"I'll plan it, Paul. I was just telling Jeff how wonderful it feels to have such great caring friends around me. No matter what else happens, that's the most important thing in my life. I love you, Paul. You and Jeff are the most important people in my life. Here's Jeff."

Jeff took the phone. "Paul, it's me again. Dad's getting weepy. He has tears in his eyes. And right now he's waving frantically at me. He doesn't want you to know that. Anyway, I'll see you in the morning sometime. I love you.

After returning to the house, Michael spent most of the day working in his office taking care of a number of loose ends. He found it a pleasure to put his mind to these matters. Later in the day, Steve knocked on his door and asked to speak to him.

"Michael, I know you have a lot on your mind," said Steve, "and I hate to bother you at a time like this."

"It's no bother, Steve," said Michael, indicating that Steve take a seat. "There's no time like the present, they say." Leaning against his desk in front of Steve, he said, "What is it you have on your mind?"

"Well, it's really not an important matter, considering all the things you have to do around here. But you know I'm staying in that big room down the hall alone. I was wondering if you would have any objection if Dan shared the room with me. He's staying out there in the bunk house with Luke, and . . . ."

"Is that all you wanted?" said Michael as he stood up. "Of course he can stay with you in your room. I was kind of wondering anyway why he didn't move in there with you. It's no secret to any of us that you two have become . . . you know . . . fond of each other."

"Yeah, we have become kind of fond of each other."

Michael went around his desk and sat in his desk chair. "By the way, Steve, I hope you don't mind my asking. There are some guys around here who have been wondering about the two of you arriving here about the same time and both being from New England. I don't mean that there's any suspicion about anything. It's just that it seems to some folks that it's more than just a coincidence. And the fact that you two are seen around together a lot adds to people's concern."

Steve had already thought about the situation looking rather suspicious. "Michael, I sort of knew that our coming here and becoming friends might look . . . well . . . kind of funny to some. But I am absolutely sincere and honest when I tell you we never knew each other existed before we met here. I'll have to admit that I found myself in strange, unfamiliar territory down here, albeit exciting to me. And it may be that when I first met Dan, it was somewhat of a comfort to me to have someone near who had been born and raised in the same environment I was. But it's progressed farther than that. We have actually become very attracted to each other. When I came down here, it was you guys, you hot Texans and your delightful ways that excited and turned me on. I never thought I would come down here and end up being attracted most to a guy . . . not from Texas . . . but from back where I came from. Please, Michael. Believe me. Any suspicions about us are totally unfounded. We're just two guys who wanted and needed a change at this time from the lives we were leading. And it was pure coincidence that we landed right here at about the same time."

Michael walked over to Steve and laid his hand on his shoulder. With a smile, he said, "Okay, Steve, you go ahead and get Dan to move into your room. But you guys have to behave in there! I'm going to have a second bed moved in there. You know, we don't allow any funny business on this ranch!"

Dismay swept over Steve's face.

"Come to think of it, we actually don't have another bed available. I'll have to put that in next year's budget. I do want to tell you, though, that your door has a nice heavy lock on it. You two will always have to keep that door secured and locked when you're in there. You don't want any prowlers bursting in."

Steve understood and smiled. "Thanks, Michael. We'll be sure to keep our door locked. And I think we can suffer through with only one bed until you can find money in the budget to get us another one."

Michael smiled and put his hand warmly on Steve's cheek. "Well what are you waiting for, dear one? It's getting late in the day. Go on and get his stuff moved!"

As soon as Steve left, Caleb came in to see Michael. "Michael! I haven't seen you since you got back. I feel so badly for you."

"Oh, Caleb. Thanks for coming in. I'm doing fine now. I'm getting busy with ranch business, and it feels good to get back to work. The only thing I'm dreading is lying in that bed without Karl. I'm going to take a very strong drink and try to go to sleep right away when I get in bed tonight."

Caleb stepped close to Michael and put his arms around him. "I've been so worried about you. You don't deserve the hurt you had to endure."

"It's okay, Caleb. You know, underneath, I always knew it was going to end someday. So in that sense, it wasn't a big shock. I just reacted like a child over it. I shouldn't have run off like I did, and then have to have my own son come after me. I made a lot of people worry needlessly. I'm really rather ashamed."

Caleb took Michael's head in his hands and kissed him very gently on the lips. "Michael Walker has never had anything to be ashamed about. And Michael Walker should never have to have anyone treat him like Karl has."

"Caleb, I wish you and I had never lost contact. You're such a steady person. I'm glad you're here."

Caleb broke away from Michael and walked into the bedroom and sat on the side of the bed. "Michael, something came up, and I need to talk with you about it. I've been concerned about Noah. He and I do very well together, but he wants to be with Enrique so badly. And Enrique feels the same. While you were out at your other house, Jake came to talk with me. He understands that both Noah and Enrique like each other and that they want to spend some time together. You know, we won't be here on the ranch forever. Jake suggested that maybe for one night, Enrique stay with Noah in our room, and I would go over and stay with Jake that night. I don't know Jake very well, so do you think that's a very good idea?

Michael chuckled and sat down next to Caleb. "I couldn't not have come up with a better arrangement if I had tried. You know, Jake's an old guy, but from all reports, he's as hot as a pistol. I think it might be a very interesting experience. I've never been with Jake, except when I was a kid visiting down here he taught me how to jerk off. He's got a really rough exterior, but he's one of the kindest men I've ever known. I know for a fact that he would never do anything you didn't want to do. Go ahead, Caleb. Do it. I think it will be a great experience. And best of all, it will give Noah and Enrique a chance at last to be with each other. I don't know what they do, but it will give Noah a chance to learn."

"Michael, I have news for you. Noah already knows just about everything."

"You mean, sucking and fucking, and the whole nine yards? Wow! Who was his teacher?"

"Well, Ricky taught him most of it in Noah's bedroom after school. And Noah's now been giving me a run for my money almost every night."

"Caleb, go ahead and tell Jake you'll do it. And then the next morning, tell me how it went. I don't think you'll be disappointed with Jake. Nobody has been!"

"Well, okay. But to be honest with you, Michael, I'd rather be right here in this bed with you while the boys are in my room."

Michael leaned over and kissed Caleb. "Not yet, Caleb. Give me just a little time. But I want the same thing. And, don't worry, it's going to happen."

To be continued...


Posted: 09/19/08