My Father, My Son
by: Tom Borden

2000-2008 by the author


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"Oh, Jeff, being with you . . . being with both of you . . . is like a tonic. I'm glad I came. Karl will be coming back in about four or five days, and we'll just sit down and talk about it. There won't be any yelling or recriminations. I've done something wrong that I will have to own up to, and I'm almost positive that he knew that I knew what he was doing when I called. We'll get through it, thanks to you."

As they sipped their wine and ate their cheese, they speculated about the various scenes being played out on the street below them among all those hot and horny couples. They thought how much more fun they were having . . . just the three of them.


Chapter 32 


It had been a wonderful night that Michael had spent with Jeff and Paul. When he awoke the next morning, the two boys were already gone, each off to his own early morning classes. Michael found the coffee pot still on and, filling his mug, took it out on the small balcony where he sat and watched the passing cars and pedestrians. The dance hall was now quiet and closed. Michael thought about all those hot dudes he saw running around down there with their bare chests and bulging jeans, trying to make out with all those babes who were just aching to get fucked. He thought about all those hot throbbing penises down there, and all the buckets of hot sperm that must have been shot before the night was over.

Michael thought about his own college days right there in Austin, when all he was after were a long series of delicious one-night stands. In those days, he was fucking both men and women, not yet having convinced himself that women were not for him. But now, even though he was feeling unsettled about his relationship with Karl, he had that warm and fuzzy feeling about Jeff. The love that he and his son, Jeff, had was solid, indestructible, and forever. Even though Paul was now Jeff's live-in lover, Michael felt nothing could really come between him and his son.

Michael had agreed to stay a second night and join the boys who had been invited over to Adriano's and Charlie's place for drinks and dinner. It had been some time since Michael had seen Adriano, and he always had the feeling that Adriano had resented him because of the time he witnessed his father, Mario, and Michael fucking each other at the little house in the Cottonwoods. Jeff had frequently tried to convince Michael that there was no resentment on Adriano's part, who in fact harbored a sexual attraction to Michael.

Following dinner, and after several more drinks, Michael loosened up and decided to bring up the subject of his dalliance with Clayton, as well as his phone call to Karl. It was then that he learned that Adriano and Charlie found nothing wrong with any of that.

Adriano said, "Well, you guys, I guess this is a good time for Charlie and I to make a confession. We have decided that, if the opportunity arises, we will not turn down . . . you know . . . another opportunity. We love each other very much, but we're not each other's jailer."

"Yeah," said Charlie. "When I was involved with that motorcycle club, I knew two guys there who were lovers and lived together. But at the same time, they were both out fucking their brains out with other guys whenever they wanted. But last I heard, them two had been together as partners for almost thirty years, and they never wanted to be parted. They knew everything the other one was doing, too. But getting their pipes cleaned out in some strange ass once in a while kept their basic love for each other on an even keel."

Adriano said, "We started thinking about that when Charlie was getting real quiet one evening. I finally got it out of him that he had been approached by one of the guys who works over in the campus traffic division. And Charlie was really attracted to him and really wanted to go home with him. But because of me, he didn't. I could see that desire was gnawing at him all evening. We finally talked it out, and I agreed that he should go ahead and have a night with this guy."

"Yeah," said Charlie. "And I did, and that was the end of it. I couldn't wait to get back to my sweet and beautiful Adriano here."

"So since then," said Adriano, "We have both had sex with several other guys, but we promised each other that we would never lie about it. Nothing behind our backs. We know about everything we do, and it's okay with both of us, and we love each other more than ever."

Charlie got up and went over and sat next to Adriano, giving him a big hug and a kiss.

Michael sat looking at the two of them, fascinated with the thing. He couldn't believe that two people who loved each other could tolerate that kind of behavior. He didn't really consider himself a jealous person . . . not a destructively jealous person, anyway. But he couldn't figure out how two people could build a lasting relationship when each of them was going to bed with other guys whenever they felt like it.

Adriano could tell that Michael was not impressed favorably with the arrangement. He got up and went over to where Michael was sitting and, taking Michael's head in his hands, kissed him on the lips. "Michael, we all live our lives in the best way we can. What's good for one couple is not always good for another. For example, I would give a great deal to have you in my bed, Michael. You may not know it, but there's not a soul on this Earth who has ever laid eyes on that princely face of yours who doesn't crave to have you in his bed. I crave it, Michael. I have always craved it. And Charlie knows it. And if he thought I had a chance, he would encourage it."

Adriano stood up and turned to Jeff and Paul, who had been watching all of this intently. "Hey, you two. Michael was your guest last night. Since he's staying over in Austin another night, why can't he stay here and be our guest tonight.

Jeff and Paul glanced at Michael and shrugged. "Well, that's up to him, I guess," said Jeff, looking at his father with a slightly less than approving expression on his face.

Michael drained the final drops of his fourth Scotch and Soda. With a slight slur in his voice, he said, "I don't know why we all have to split up. We've all been having a good time this evening. I have a suggestion. Why don't we all stay together tonight, either here or back at Jeff and Paul's place."

Jeff could tell that his father was becoming a bit tipsy and said, "Well, Adriano and Charlie, perhaps we'd better be going. Dad, if you'd like to stay here tonight, that's your decision."

Adriano, also lacking his usual sobriety, said, "No, no. You're all staying here tonight." Walking over to Jeff and slipping his hand down the back of Jeff's pants, he said, "And you, you beautiful thing. I've never had the chance to really get acquainted with you. I mean REALLY acquainted with you. I can't see any reason to let this chance pass me by now, right Charlie?"

Charlie nodded with a big grin.

"Okay, that's settled," said Adriano as he walked into the bedroom, beckoning to the others to follow. "I think this one king-sized bed will do nicely to allow us all to get acquainted."

As the others stood and watched, Adriano threw back the bedspread, as well as the top covers onto the floor. As Adriano quickly removed his clothes, revealing his small, slender dark skinned body, as well as a hard penis that looked as though it belonged on a man twice Adriano's size, the others followed suit and stripped down, throwing themselves onto the bed.

Adriano immediately pounced on top of Michael, running his tongue over his chin and neck, and then down over the beautiful contour of his chest and stomach ridges, and then burying his face in Michael's thick and wiry pubic hair. He ran his tongue up and down the full length of Michael's throbbing hard rod, feeling the gorged veins that encircled it. As Adriano sucked the full length of Michael's penis into his mouth, Michael reached over and took hold of Charlie's huge red penis, which was now glistening with a steady oozing of pre-cum. Charlie scooted closer to Michael so that the tip of his penis was touching Michael's lips. Michael ran his tongue around the head of Charlie's penis, while Charlie pushed closer until his entire penis had disappeared into Michael's mouth.

Adriano brought his tongue down over Michael's ball sack, which was covered with hair. Sucking each ball into his mouth, one at a time, Adriano slowly pushed three fingers into Michael's hot asshole.

Michael pulled his mouth off of Charlie's penis and, looking down at Adriano, whispered, "Adriano, please. Fuck me. Please."

Adriano raised Michael's legs up so his thighs were pressed against his chest, and then positioned himself to mount Michael's ass. Michael took hold of Adriano's slender hips and, with a violent jerk, pulled him down on his ass, causing Adriano's hard cock to plunge with one swift shot into Michael's asshole. As Michael resumed sucking on Charlie's penis, Jeff and Paul put their head down on the bed on either side of Michael's hips and enjoyed a very close-up view of Adriano's hard penis sliding in and out of Jeff's father's asshole. Suddenly, Adriano let out an extended squeal and, as Jeff watched Adriano's balls pull up into his body and the veins around Adriano's penis begin to throb, Michael could feel the hot flow of Italian sperm gushing into his rectum.

As Adriano lay motionless on Michael's ass after his orgasm subsided, Paul could not resist Adriano's cute little Mediterranean ass cheeks. Spreading them gently apart, Paul pushed his face down into the soft moist hair that filled Adriano's ass trench. The taste of Adriano's little puckered asshole drove Paul crazy.

Soon Adriano rolled off of Michael, allowing Michael a clear view of Paul's throbbing member and the frantic look of desire on Paul's face.

"Paul," begged Michael, "Put it in me, Paul. I want to be fucked and fucked. Please, Paul."

Paul quickly glanced at Jeff, who still had his face down close to his dad's asshole. Jeff smiled and nodded his okay. As Paul pushed his hard cock into Michael's asshole, he could feel it sinking into the hot thick sperm that Adriano had shot into Michael. So that Michael could get a better view of Paul fucking him, he pulled off of Charlie's penis. Charlie then got on his knees, straddling Michael's chest and facing Paul so that Paul could take Charlie's penis into his mouth as he fucked Michael. This effectively blocked Michael's view of Paul, but Michael found it just as erotic to reach up and push his fingers between Charlie's very large, firm and round ass cheeks and into his asshole.

As Paul began to feel the tightness developing throughout the middle of his body, indicating that his orgasm was about to begin, he pulled off of Charlie's penis and let out about five roars, one for each volley of sperm he fired into Michael's rectum. At the same time, Charlie sat back onto Michael's face so that Michael could tongue-fuck his asshole.

As Paul pulled off, Michael said, "Now Charlie, I need your cock inside of me, too."

Charlie swung around to get into position and could see white sperm beginning to ooze out of Michael's ass. Swiping his finger over it, he brought a glob of it to his mouth and smacked his lips.

Once again, Michael's ass was getting pounded by a large rigid cock, and he was loving it. Another huge load of thick sperm was shot into his rectum. Then it was Jeff's turn. As Michael was still holding his legs up tightly against his chest, a steady stream of hot sperm was running out of his asshole down on the bed. Jeff lay flat on his stomach and began to suck as much sperm out of his father's asshole as he could.

Jeff said, "This is like sucking off three guys at once. To have three guys' sperm in my mouth at once is a real treat . . . especially you guys."

With his face now wet with cum that was smeared on it, Jeff got into position to mount his father and give him the fourth fuck of the evening. "Dad, I know that these guys are really great fucks, but I'm going to give you the best one of all."

Jeff, supporting himself on his strong, tan arms, looked down into his father's face as he slowly pushed his red hot rod into the sloppy mess of sperm that had already been deposited in Michael's rectum. As he stared down into his dad's eyes, which were so full of love and desire, he began a very slow piston-like movement, up and down, up and down. Looking up into Jeff's eyes, Michael saw a look of love in them that literally thrilled his heart. Small beads of sweat began to form on Jeff's forehead. They began to run down his cheeks and dripped off of his chin into his father's chest hair. Jeff's head was now between his father's calves. And as he continued his slow fucking motion, Jeff bent his head slightly to the side so that he could run his tongue over the downy soft hair on those calves. The tickling on his legs was bringing Michael into an even higher state of sexual excitement, and Jeff began to feel the sphincter muscle in his father's ass clamping and biting down rapidly on his hard penis. Jeff kept up a steady and slow rhythm for about fifteen minutes, coming close to orgasm, then backing off, then moving close again, and again backing off. But now Jeff felt there was no holding back. Michael's prostate had received such a constant massage that Michael felt his own orgasm about to occur.

Jeff suddenly started pounding his father's ass violently as his sperm roared up the shaft and into his father's body. At that moment, also, Jeff looked down and watched four or five long ropes of hot, white sperm shoot from his father's throbbing penis up into his chest hair. The sight of that actually brought on a second full orgasm for Jeff. He had heard of that happening, but this was his first double orgasm.

Collapsing gently onto his father's body, Jeff kissed him sweetly and tenderly. Jeff whispered, "I love you, Dad. Whatever happens, we'll always have each other."

Paul and Adriano took hold of each of Michael's legs and gently and slowly stretched them out straight, kissing and licking them as they went, knowing that they must now be pretty stiff from being in that jack-knife position for so long.

Adriano said, "Well, Michael, you were definitely the main attraction tonight. We hope that we were able, just a little bit, to take your mind off of the problem with Karl.

Paul said, "You know, Jeff, it's only one a.m. now. I think maybe we should go on home because we have to get up early again in the morning for our classes."

"I think you're right, Paul," Jeff said. Then turning to Michael, "Dad, let's get dressed now and go back to our place. You're going to have to drive back to the ranch in the morning."

After they all exchanged hugs and kisses all around and said their 'thank you's and 'goodbye's, Michael, Jeff, and Paul departed for home.

Back at Jeff and Paul's apartment, all three climbed into the bed, completely exhausted. Then there were more hugs and kisses, and then they all fell asleep.

In the morning, as the boys were about to leave, Michael, who was still in bed, said, "Listen guys, I'm going to take a shower, have some coffee, and then I'm going to get on the road. I won't forget to lock up as I leave. And, oh, one last thing. As you know we're having our big going away party for Maggie next weekend. It's going to be a blast, if I know Maggie and some of the friends she's inviting. Be sure, guys, to put it on your calendar."

Just as Michael was about to leave the apartment, the phone rang. Answering it, he found Maggie on the other end.

"Oh, Michael, I was just wondering when you were going to come back."

"I'm just on my way now, Maggie," said Michael.

"That's good, Michael. I'm afraid we may have a problem. When I fixed breakfast this morning, I expected Clayton to join Tony and me in the kitchen. But he never showed. I thought maybe he had just slept late. But after awhile, Tony and I went out to the bunkhouse and we found his door open and unlocked. Everything's gone. His clothes, his little radio, everything was gone. The only thing left behind was that small picture of you and him that Karl took. You remember he had it on his bed table. That's the only thing he left."

"Maggie, do you have any idea where is went? Do you think he's gone from the ranch?"

"We know he's gone, Michael. Tony searched all over the ranch and there's no sign of him. Tony is very upset, and he's set out in the jeep down the highway to see if he can find Clayton."

"My God, Maggie, what would make him leave like that?"

"Oh, Michael, I expect it could be because I talked to him about what the two of you did a couple of nights ago and about how you're committed to Karl, and . . . ."

"You what! Oh, Maggie, for God's sake, why the fuck did you do that? I'm hanging up now. I'm on my way!"

Michael drove the whole distance from Austin to the ranch breaking the speed limit. He kept thinking, "Why are things in such a goddamned fucking mess. It's all because I can't keep my fucking cock locked up where it belongs! I've screwed up everything with Clayton, and at the same time fucked up my whole relationship with Karl, not that Karl gives a shit. And then there's old Dear Abby Maggie sticking her busy-body nose into everything.

When Michael reached the ranch, Maggie was in tears, having realized that she had been responsible for Clayton's leaving. Pulling up in the yard at the same time was Tony, who had driven toward San Antonio and back. He was hysterical. He ran over to Michael.

"Michael, Clayton is my best friend. He just can't leave like this. I have to find him."

Michael could see Tony's tear-stained cheeks and his swollen red eyes.

Putting his arms around Tony, Michael said, "Tony, we all want to find Clayton, and we'll keep searching until we do. Now come on inside for a few minutes. I need a cup of coffee."

As they sat drinking their coffee, Michael said, "When did you discover that he was gone, Maggie?"

"Oh, we expected him about six this morning. It was about seven when Tony and I went to his room and discovered him gone. We know he must have walked, because none of our vehicles and horses are gone."

"Well, he's got a pretty good head start," said Michael. "We'd probably never find him on the road if we looked all day. He probably hitch-hiked and has by now been picked up. There's no telling where he's headed. But I know one thing I can do. I'll get in touch with the Texas State Troopers and have them check cars going into El Paso, San Antonio, Corpus Christi, Galveston, Houston, and Brownsville at the border."

The State Troopers were always glad to help the Walkers and set out to see if they could locate the young man. Evening came with no word. Tony was becoming frantic, and Maggie had all she could handle in attempting to keep him calm. By the next morning, there was still no word. Every road and highway leading out of the area was being covered. By nightfall, the troopers reported that Clayton couldn't be found.

On the following morning, when the report was still negative, Michael called Corky and Mark in San Antonio. A young lady answered the phone, "Mark Preston MacLeod's office. How may I help you?"

"Yes, is either Mark or his assistant, Corky, there?"

"May I tell him who's calling?"

Tell him it's Michael Walker."

"Just a moment, please."

After a few minutes' wait, the lady came back on. "Mr. MacLeod is in conference right now. Could I take a message and . . . .

"Please, Madam!" shouted Michael. "This is urgent. Very urgent! It's a matter of life and death! Please! Get him to the phone!"

"Mr. MacLeod told me he was not to be disturbed and . . . ."

"For God's sake, lady. I told you someone's life is at stake. Do you know who I am? I am the Mayor of this fucking city, and I'll have your ass fired if you don't get MacLeod on the phone this minute!"

"Well you don't have to talk to me like . . . ."

"Get him, for Christ's sake!"

In a moment, Michael heard, "Michael! My God, what's the matter?"

"For one thing, you can get rid of that fucking female you have answering your phone. What she needs is a good dick up her ass!"

"Never mind that now, Michael, tell me what's the matter?"

"Well, Mark, you remember meeting Clayton Adams, my nephew, last Thanksgiving, don't you?"

"Oh, yeah! What a hot little number he is. What's up?"

"Mark, he got his feelings hurt by something that was said. It was all a misunderstanding. He's had some terrible disappointments and treatment in his life, and his whole existence is really very fragile. He left the ranch. This was going to be his home. I guess you could say he ran away from home. But we don't know where he went. We even had the State Troopers out looking for him, with no luck. He shouldn't be out there alone. He's suffered great hurt in his life, and as I said, his whole frame of mind is very fragile."

"I'm really sorry to hear that, Michael."

"The reason I'm calling you, Mark, is to find out if you take missing persons cases in your investigative work. I know that you and Corky do private investigator work, and I was hoping that trying to find missing persons might be something you would do."

"Oh, Michael, as you know, I've been trained in all kinds of investigative work when I was with the Texas Rangers. I'd be glad to take on this case, Michael, especially for you and for Clayton. I'm going to drive down there right now to see you and talk with about this and ask you some questions.
I'm going to need a picture of him."

"Well, Mark, the only picture I have is one of him and me that he left behind in his room."

That'll have to do, Michael. I'm leaving right now. I'll see you in about an hour."

"Mark? How about the conference you were in? I hate to take you away from it before you've finished."

Well, Michael, it was a conference with a woman who walked in on her husband and found him in bed getting fucked by another man. So I'm not treating her case as anything urgent, if you know what I mean."

Michael went back into the kitchen for another refill of coffee. Maggie joined him at the table.

"I'm sorry, Michael. Clayton was acting as though you and he were going to be lovers. I just felt it was important that he needed to know what the real situation is. I never dreamed he would pick up and leave like this."

"Maggie, I was going to explain all that to him in my own way. That young man has been through so much and has had so much hurt in his life, it wouldn't take much to convince him that no one can be trusted, not even me. I just wish I knew where he's gone. I think I'm the only one now who can help him. I'm the latest one who he probably thinks has deceived him, and I'm the only one who can make things right."

"Oh, Michael, I almost forgot to tell you," said Maggie. "Karl has called several times. He told me that you had called him the other night. And he's very anxious to get in touch with you. The last time he called, he said he would be in Kansas City today and tomorrow."

"Did he say what he wanted?"

"No. He just said it was extremely important."

"I'm sure it is," muttered Michael under his breath.

"What did you say?"


When Mark MacLeod drove into the yard, Michael looked out of the kitchen window and could see that Corky was with him.

Michael walked out to meet them and shouted, "Who's minding the store? I didn't expect you'd both come down."

"Hi, Michael," said Mark. "Corky's my man-Friday, you know. I've got him trained real good, and he's gonna make a first rate detective some day."

Michael shook Corky's hand. "Hi, Corky. I see you're just as handsome and sexy as ever . . . even more so, really. Is Mark still treating you good?"

"Michael," Corky replied, "Mark and I were born for each other." Then leaning in close to Michael, he said softly, "I never knew what being in love was really like until Mark came along. Every day is like living a dream."

"Well, you deserve it, Corky."

Mark said, "Michael, lets go find a place to sit down so I can find out as much as possible about the young man."

Corky said, "If you guys don't mind, I'm gonna look around the ranch a little bit. It's been a long time, and I've really missed it. It's great to be back. I just want to snoop around and look the old place over."

After Mark and Michael settled down on the back verandah, Maggie brought out a pot of coffee and a plate of fresh baked cornbread and butter. Corky walked around the horse barn. Going inside, he recognized the horse he used to ride. And it seemed that the horse recognized him because he began bobbing his head up and down and whinnying in a low and gentle way. Corky rubbed him on the nose and smiled. He made his way then across the cow path and into the barn where the ranch equipment was garaged. He took a look at the repair he had once done on the axle of one of the plows. It was still looking strong and holding.

Suddenly, Enrique appeared at the door to the barn. "Corky! Maggie told me you were here!"

Corky held out his arms and Enrique ran over and they hugged and kissed and laughed. "Ricky!" shouted Corky. "You've grown so much! I used to be able to pick you up and whirl you around. But now, you're almost as tall as I am! It's so good to see you!"

"I've really missed you, Corky." said Enrique. "I wish you could come back and live here again."

"Not possible, Ricky." Said Corky. "I'm living up in San Antonio now with Mark. And we've got a great business going together . . . and a great life."

Corky sat down on a bench by the door. Enrique sat beside him and said, "Corky, I know I was the cause of you leaving. I'm the one who drove you away."

Corky laughed. "No, you didn't, Ricky. What are you talking about?"

"I saw how you looked . . . I saw what I did to you . . . when I moved out of your room and moved back in with Jake. I didn't mean to hurt you, Corky. I really didn't. I still love you very much."

"And I'll always love you, too, Ricky. You'll always have a special place in my heart." Then, looking intently at Enrique's sad face, Corky said, "Hey, everything is still okay with you and Jake, isn't it?"

"Oh, yes! Everything's okay. But Jake is so forgetful now. And sometimes . . . a lot of times . . . when I want to . . . you know . . . be with him, he falls asleep."

Laughing, Corky said, "Well, Ricky, as guys get older, you've got to be understanding about these little things that happen to them. It doesn't mean that he loves you any less."

Ricky laid his head on Corky's shoulder. "I know. But I keep remembering what it was like when you'd wrap me up in your arms every night and make me feel so warm and cozy. Corky. I wish you would come home."

"Ricky, this isn't my home anymore. But I'll come back once in a while, just to see you. Okay?"

"Okay, but could we do what we used to do? I mean . . . you know."

Corky put his arm around Enrique and drew him close. "Ricky, I told you that I will always love you, and I will always cherish and treasure the times we had together . . . our nights in bed together and the love making between us. My love for you, my dearest Ricky, hasn't died and will never, never die. I've dreamt about you, Ricky. I've fantasized about you lying close to me and about our expressing our love for each other in every possible way. But you and Jake are now together, and you love each other. And I'm now with Mark MacLeod. And he and I love each other very much. What you and I had, Ricky, is now just a beautiful memory. And that's how it has to stay. I hope you can understand that."

Enrique sat with his arms clamped tightly around Corky. Looking down, Corky could see tears on Enrique's cheeks. Pressing Enrique's head against his chest, Corky bent his head down and kissed the top of Enrique's head. He held his lips in Enrique's hair, as the memory of the smell and taste of Enrique's body came flooding back. He suddenly felt that old familiar rush of adrenaline and lust sweeping through his body, and . . .

"Are you ready, Corky? I think we'd better get back to San Antonio now." Mark stood silhouetted in the doorway. "Corky?"

Corky and Enrique loosened their grips on each other. "Oh, Mark. Yes, of course. I was just visiting with my old friend, Ricky here. And we were just saying goodbye."

As they stood up, Mark could see the tears on Enrique's cheeks. Holding Enrique by the shoulders at arm's length, Corky said, "Ricky, I'll be visiting the ranch from time to time. I'll be back. Now you take care of old Jake for us, won't you?"

As Mark and Corky walked to their car, Enrique stood leaning against the barn door jamb, sadly watching them until they drove away.

As they drove back to San Antonio, Mark and Corky discussed the Clayton Adams case.

"Well, Corky," Mark said, "the only thing we have to go on is that one picture Michael gave me, and something that one of the ranch hands told me. He was driving out of the ranch at the crack of dawn to go and pick up supplies in Goliad. He was sure he saw Clayton walking up to the highway that leads to San Antonio. He had something that looked like a white laundry bag slung over his shoulder. It was probably full of all his clothes and stuff. So we can probably rule out that he headed toward El Paso or the border or any place like that."

"What good does knowing what road he took do us?" asked Corky. "He probably hitch-hiked and got picked up hours and hours ago."

"That's probably true, Corky. But let's just drive very slowly and see if anything at all pops out at us along the way that will give some kind of a clue."

As they drove, Corky had no idea what he was supposed to be looking for. "Corky," said Mark. "We're not looking for anything specific. Just keep your eyes open for anything that one would not normally expect to see as you drive along a highway."

Soon, Mark pulled off to the side of the road. He had seen a large paper bag, which had broken open and appeared to be full of something. When they looked at it, they found that it was merely a bag of garbage that had been thrown there from a passing car. Several miles later, Corky shouted, "Hey Mark. Look over there. That looks like something."

The object that Corky saw was a white bag of some sort. It was lying at least fifty feet into the woods and was barely visible. As they approached it, Mark said, "You know, this might be that thing that looked like a laundry bag that that ranch hand said Clayton was carrying."

Mark took a long stick and, with it, held open the bag. Inside, he could see clothing and a small radio that matched the description of it given by Maggie. As he lifted the bag up with the stick and placed it in the trunk of his car, they both noticed what looked like spots of blood on the underside. They were all but certain that this was what Clayton had been carrying when he left the ranch. Mark and Corky spent about an hour walking through the woods surrounding the sack to see if there might be any other sign of Clayton. Then they sped back to their office to contemplate what this bit of evidence meant and what to do next.

Meanwhile, Karl had called once again for Michael. This time, Michael was in and took the call. Michael had guessed why Karl was so anxious to get hold of him. Karl had obviously suspected that Michael became aware of what was going on in Karl's hotel room when they spoke by phone that night.

"Hello, Karl," Michael said coldly. "I understand you've been trying to get hold of me. We've had a bit of a crisis here. Clayton has left the ranch unexpectedly and we're trying to locate him."

"I'm sorry to hear that, Michael. Is that the reason you called me the other night?"

"No it wasn't, Karl. It was something entirely different. But we can talk about it when you get home."

"Are you sure, Michael? Are you sure there is nothing wrong?"

"I'm sure. By the way, Karl, how has your trip been going. Have you had any chance to relax?"

"Not much, I'm afraid."

"Oh, really? You sounded quite relaxed when I called you the other night. Have you met any interesting people while you've been away?"

Karl remained silent. 'My God,' he thought. 'Michael knows. There's just no point in pretending. He knows.'

"Karl? Are you there?"

"Yes, Michael. I'm sorry about the other night."

"What for, Karl. You were obviously busy and couldn't talk. I understood that."

"Oh, Michael, you can stop with the clever repartee. I'm so sorry. It just happened. I had a little too much to drink, and . . . ."

"Don't Karl," Michael interrupted. "Don't say any more. We both have something to tell each other. And we have to be face to face when we do. This is too important to talk about on the phone. We have to be able to see each other and touch each other."

"Alright, Michael. We'll talk when I get home. But until then, please remember how much I love you, my dear Michael."

"I will. And you need to remember, also, how much I love you and how much you have and always will mean to me."

"I will, Michael. I'll be home the day after tomorrow. See you then."

Michael hung up the phone on his bed table and continued to lie stretched out on his bed, feeling strangely peaceful and tranquil. He knew that the fault of all this was both of theirs, and they would both get through it together. And he knew that when they would both eventually reaffirm their love for each other after Karl's return, they would probably have one of the greatest sexual releases with each other they had ever had. He closed his eyes and, in the anticipation of that exquisite moment, he could see Karl's overwhelmingly beautiful naked body standing before him. He could feel his pants stretching as they firmly constrained his growing penis. Ripping open his jeans and allowing his hard, throbbing penis to escape into the open air of the room, he clutched his gorged cock in his right hand, while cradling his balls in his left.

With his eyes remaining closed, he stroked slowly, running his forefinger lightly over the head of his penis, imagining that it was the tongue of his beloved Karl. "Oh, Karl," he said aloud softly, "Take my love rod into you as deep as it will go. I have to feel the love you have inside of you. Take all of me inside of your warm, wet mouth. Let me fill your body with my hot love sperm. Oh, my God, take me, Karl, take me!"

Every muscle in Michael's body began to tighten as he felt his whole body giving itself over to the orgasm that Karl was giving him. "Take my body, Karl! Take my sperm!"

Violent, but wonderful, muscle cramps throughout his whole abdomen forced great long streams of thick white cream from Michael's penis, shooting straight up and coming down forming delicious pools of pudding-like sperm in the ridges separating his stomach muscles. Michael felt his whole body tingle. As his body began to relax, from the hall came Maggie'c voice.

"Michael, are you alright in there. I heard you moaning."

"I'm alright, Maggie. Thanks. I was just . . . ."

"No need to explain," shouted Maggie. "I understand. I hope it was good!"

To be continued...


Posted: 09/12/08