My Father, My Son
by: Tom Borden

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"Josiah, haven't you watched Maggie when she was standing at the stove stirring her cream soup. That ain't 'stirring' you see her arm doing. Where do you think that nice thick cream comes from that makes her soup taste so good?"

More giggles.

Then Josiah said, "And yeah, I guess old Jake knows what he's talking about when he says 'Please pass the fuckin' cream of mushroom soup!'"

The joking got to be such nonsense and the giggling became so uncontrolled that neither could hardly speak from laughing so hard. Both Josiah and Brian soon tired and collapsed in each other's arms ready for sleep.


Chapter 25 


It was Friday night, and most of the ranch hands shined up their boots and dusted off their hats and went into Goliad for a night of beer drinking and whoring. Corky had declined to go, in spite of repeated urgings by the others. He had been feeling particularly lonely and depressed, and had purposely worked very hard that day, hoping he would fall asleep early. Instead, he lay on his bed, wide awake, staring at the dancing shadows on his ceiling made by the yard lights shining through tree limbs being blown about in the wind. For a short while, his life had been full of a joy he had never known. He actually felt there was a purpose to his life. His love for Ricky had grown steadily until he believed it had become profound and secure. But it was all just a dream, like all the dreams he'd ever had. They had always ended like puffs of steam, disappearing almost before they started.

Corky thought back on the day he left home for good. He was twelve years old and the world before him was full of promise. Nothing could stop him now from making his dreams come true. But the same old dreams just continued to come and go. Would his life have been better in the end if he had not run away? Probably not. His stepfather was jealous of his mother's attention to Corky and he had made Corky's life a living Hell with constant beatings and recriminations. He loved his Mother, but she always seemed powerless to prevent her husband's cruelty. The picture of his mother crying and pleading with him not to leave was an image that Corky would never be able to get out of his mind. He never saw her again, and he never got over that smothering feeling of guilt for having abandoned her.

Corky no longer had any dreams. He felt there was nothing in his future to look forward to. His life now seemed meaningless and empty. But watching the graceful dancing of shadows on the ceiling seemed to cause a strange feeling of tranquility to sweep over him. He remembered Jake's lowest point when he was determined to take his own life, but was saved the last moment by an angel in the form of Josiah. Corky smiled to himself and thought there might just be an angel out there waiting for him. But probably not. In any event, he felt he needed to get off the ranch for awhile and away from all those around him who made no secret of their happy affairs and their contentment. He got up off the bed, put on his best pair of jeans, brushed off his boots and his hat, and walked down to Jake's room to tell him he would be gone for the weekend. A total change of scenery was what he needed and he would drive to San Antonio "where the lights are bright," as he told Jake.

Corky was unfamiliar with San Antonio, but he would walk around downtown, and the chances were that he would find a good bar where he could drink the night away, and then sleep it off in his car. As he drove, he could finally see the lighted skyscrapers of downtown San Antonio in the distance. The drive had been so boring, however, that he had to fight to keep his eyelids from dropping closed. Then everything went dark. Very soon, he awoke with a Texas State Trooper gently shaking him.

"Sir! Are you alright?"

"Yeah. What happened?"

"You went off the road," replied the trooper. "You must have fallen asleep. Do you feel okay?"

"Yeah, I'm okay. I'm just kind of stiff."

The trooper said, "Maybe you'd better let me take you in to the emergency room just to make sure."

"Oh, I don't know."

Walking to his car, the trooper radioed in for a wrecker to come to the scene. One tire on Corky's '72 chevy pickup had blown out when it went off the road. Corky climbed out of the car and sat on the grassy bank.

"Are you sure you're okay?" said the trooper. "Maybe you'd better let me take you in to be checked."

"No, I'm just a little dizzy. I'll just wait here for the wrecker." As Corky went to stand up, his head seemed to be whirling and he almost went down. The trooper caught him before he hit the ground.

"You're not doing too well, fella. I'm taking you in for a check-up. Come on, get in the car."

As they waited in the car for the wrecker to arrive, the trooper made out his accident report. Corky did indeed feel dizzy and was beginning to feel a sore spot on his forehead. Raising his hand to the spot, he felt a bump.

"My God. I must of hit my head."

Still writing, the trooper said, "Just keep your head back against the headrest."

Corky looked over at the trooper, who was working intently on writing his report. The lights from the dashboard highlighted the troopers youthful features. "I want to thank you for finding me and helping me like this, Trooper . . . ah."

"It's MacLeod. Trooper Mark Preston MacLeod."

"Mark Preston MacLeod," Corky repeated.

"Yeah, Preston's my middle name. You know, Sergeant Preston of the Yukon? I suppose you don't remember that old radio show, and later the TV show about the Northwest Mounted Police. They had uniforms like mine, but more colorful."

Corky thought a minute and then said, "I don't remember."

I see from your drivers license your name is Thomas. Do you go by Tom?"

"No, everybody just calls me Corky."

When they arrived at the Methodist Hospital Emergency Room, Mark MacLeod waited with Corky in the waiting room for what seemed like several hours. When Corky was called to go back to an examining room, Corky extended his hand and said, "Mark, I can't tell you how much I'm indebted to you for finding me and taking care of me like this. I hope we meet again."

As Corky turned to leave, Mark said, "No, I'm going to stay right here in the waiting room and make sure you're okay."

When Corky was discharged from the Emergency Room, he was feeling much better, except for the bump on the head. "Well, Mark, you can rest easy. I'm doing fine. Nothing's wrong with me at all."

"I'm glad to know that," Mark said. "Your car is sitting outside the repair shop, and it won't be until tomorrow morning before they put a new tire on it. I'll drive you to wherever you're staying."

"I'm not staying anywhere."

"Well, we'll get in the car and I'll call around to see if we can't find a vacancy in a motel for you."

"No, please, Mark, I don't have enough money for that. I'll just go into a park and sleep and then pick up my car and drive home in the morning. I live and work at a ranch down around Goliad."

"You can't do that, Corky. It's against City Ordinance to sleep in the parks. I get off duty at 1:00 a.m. If you'll just wait here in the waiting room until then, I'll come back and pick you up and you can crash at my apartment for the night. And then you can be on your way in the morning."

"Mark, I wouldn't want to impose on you like that. You've already done so much more for me than you had to."

"This is the way it's going to be, Corky. Now just wait here and watch Leno or Letterman on that big TV over there and I'll be back after you. Now, ya hear?"

"Okay, Mark, I'll see you in a little while."

This was not at all what Corky had planned for his weekend away from the ranch. If things had gone as he planned, he would be sitting in a downtown bar listening to country-western music and soaking up some of that great Pearl beer. But then again, he surely hadn't planned on being invited to stay at the apartment of that gorgeous hunk of a Texas trooper, Mark MacLeod. The man was at least six feet four or five inches tall. Corky had watched Mark's bulging thigh muscles outlined through his pants as he sat in the car, plus his rather large package that created a bulge under the upper part of his left pant leg. And he watched the man's large chest heave up and down with every breath. He had short-cropped brown hair and very tan skin. His face was perfectly sculpted with a straight, thin nose, full lips, and a dimple in his chin. His eyebrows slanted erotically upward and outward, and his large brown eyes were softened by a veil of long dark eyelashes.

Corky thought, 'How can I spend the night in the same apartment as this Adonis? It would drive me crazy.' He decided to leave the waiting room and run as far from the hospital as possible. He remembered that they had passed a large wooded area on their way to the hospital. That is where he would spend the night. As he ran from the Emergency Room, he saw Mark walking toward him. There were those strong thighs with their muscles rolling inside his trouser legs. There were those wide shoulders and narrow hips undulating as he walked. And the wide leather belt and, attached to it, the black holster containing his weapon. And just beneath the brim of his trooper's hat were those dark, dusky, brooding eyes. Corky began to feel dizzy again and slumped down, sitting on the curb. Mark reached down and lifted him to his feet and, with his arm around Corky's waist, walked him slowly to his car.

When they entered the apartment, Mark quickly removed his hat, belt and holster, as well as his boots. "Now Corky, I'd fix you something to eat and drink, but it's so late, I know you want to get some sleep so you can get off early in the morning. I have two bedrooms, but the bed in my room is the only one that's made up at the moment. I want you to sleep there, and I'll sleep here on the sofa."

Corky quickly said, "Mark, that's your bed. You hardly know me. I feel damned lucky that you're letting me stay here for the night. I'll just sleep here on the sofa."

"No way. You've been through a lot tonight."

"But . . . ."

"But, nothing. Do you want me to order you at gun point to get in that bed?"

Corky stripped down to his briefs and went into the bathroom to wash his face and hands and pee. When he came out, Mark was sitting on the bed in only a pair of thong underwear.

"Now Corky, just go on and get into bed and lie on your stomach. I'm going to massage your shoulders. It'll make you relax and get the blood circulating. We don't want any more of those dizzy spells."

When Corky saw Mark sitting there practically naked and looking like a Greek god, his penis expanded to a full erection in seconds. He could not believe what was happening.

"Okay, get those skivvies off and get down there on your stomach."

Corky had always believed that his own body was well-shaped and muscular enough to hold its own with anyone. But he literally felt puny, and a little embarrassed, in the presence of Mark's gorgeously sculpted body. He knew that Mark had seen his hard-on when he removed his briefs, but Mark didn't seem to react to it in any way. With his large hands, Mark began to slowly knead the flesh around Corky's shoulders and neck.

"How does that feel, buddy?"

"Great, Mark."

Slowly, Mark began to move his hands down along Corky's back, massaging his skin and muscles with firmness that almost hurt. It was not long before he felt Mark's hands lightly encircling his ass cheeks. They were being fondled so gently, it tickled and Corky began to jerk.

"Does that tickle, Corky?"


"That's meant to relax you."

Corky couldn't see Mark, but he heard and felt him shifting his position. And then it happened. He felt the unmistakable swirling of Mark's tongue on his asshole.

"Oh, God, Mark! Don't stop! That feels so good!"

Soon, Corky felt Mark's tongue move down over his balls that were visible from behind and then down the backs of each leg. Mark ran his tongue very, very lightly over the soft hair that covered Corky's legs, tickling them unbearably.

Corky had had enough. He rolled over on his back and threw his arms around Mark's neck and pulled him down to him, slamming his mouth onto Mark's mouth and thrusting his tongue between Mark's lips. They slashed at each other's tongues unmercifully. Then withdrawing his tongue, Corky began to kiss and lick every inch of Mark's gorgeous face. Corky didn't care. He was deep into an erotic hysteria that he couldn't control.

Corky reached down and tore at Mark's thong until it broke and fell by the side. Mark's rod was hard and throbbing. Corky knew it had to be the largest he had ever seen. But, clawing at Mark's hips, he screamed, "Fuck me, Mark! Fuck me hard! Ram that cock up my ass hard! Now! Please!"

Mark was now completely in control. On his knees, he lifted Corky up by the hips and pushed Corky's legs over his shoulders. Emptying about a half bottle of hand lotion all over Corky's asshole, Don pushed his thick, heavy cock into Corky's ass all the way to the hilt. Corky began to feel dizzy again and felt as though he was going to pass out. He had no control of his body. Mark was holding his entire body completely off of the bed with his two strong arms and his toes. As Mark's penis began to expand even larger, signaling that the orgasm was beginning, Corky felt his own orgasm coming on. With a roar, Mark pulled his rod out of Corky's ass, and shot long arcing streams of his thick white sperm onto Corky's face. He then went down and took Corky's penis into his mouth just as Corky began shooting his own thick cream. As Corky licked as much of Mark's sperm off of his face as he could with the help of his fingers, Mark sucked every drop from Corky's penis, even as it deflated.

Corky and Mark lay silently side by side for a long time. Finally Mark said, "Corky, are you sorry you accepted my invitation to stay here tonight?"

Corky could say nothing but, "No, I'm not sorry."

"Corky, I really didn't plan for this to happen the way it did. Sure, I admit, I wanted you the minute I saw you. But I wanted to find a way that we could get to know each other somehow and let this happen naturally as time went on."

"I know, Mark. But would it be okay if we could still try to get to know each other? What we just did shouldn't prevent us from doing that, should it?"

"We do need to get to know each other, Corky. And we're gonna start doing that tomorrow. Okay? Let's get some sleep now, and we'll talk in the morning."

As Corky lay next to the sleeping Trooper Mark MacLeod, he wondered if Mark was his Josiah. He wondered if Mark was indeed the angel come to save him.

When Corky awoke the next morning, he heard the shower running and could smell coffee brewing. He stared over at the closet door where a freshly pressed uniform was hanging. On the chair was Mark's trooper hat and holster. By the chair sat Mark's boots. Corky could hardly believe that the events of the evening before had actually happened. He thought about his car and sat up realizing that he would have to get dressed and go and see about that. Just then the bathroom door opened and Mark emerged completely naked. Corky's penis jumped several times at the sight of Mark's muscular, but graceful body. He hadn't noticed it in the dim light the night before, but Mark's body showed a very pronounced bikini tan line that started right at the upper edge of his large thicket of pubic hair.

"Corky, I was hoping I could just leave you a note and get away without waking you. I'm on duty today. But I want you to stay right here in the apartment and entertain yourself until I get back."

Mark's tone was so masculine and authoritative that Corky almost felt like saying, "Yes, Sir! Yes, Sir!"

"On my way in," Mark said as he opened the top drawer of his dresser, "I'm going to stop at the repair place and see about your car, and then I'm going to drop off the accident report."

Corky stared at Mark's perfectly melon shaped ass cheeks as he searched the drawer for some clean underwear. Corky watched every twist and flex of Mark's legs, arms, and torso muscles as he got dressed.

Fixing his hat on his head and buckling his belt and holster, Mark sat on the side of the bed and leaned over and kissed Corky very gently on the lips while Corky ran his hands slowly over Mark's arm and thigh muscles.

"Corky, the coffee's made. There's cereal or eggs and bread and just about anything in the kitchen if you want to make yourself some breakfast. And there are books and tapes and CDs you're welcome to get into while I'm gone. And here's a key to the apartment. If you leave for a walk or something, be sure to lock the door when you go."

"Do you trust me, Mark? You hardly know me," said Corky with a wry smile.

"Well, my friend," Mark said as he traced his finger over Corky's lips, "If I can't trust you, just remember I'm a cop, and I'll hunt you down like a dog. Now behave and enjoy yourself while I'm gone. I'll be back in the late afternoon."

After Mark departed, Corky took a leisurely shower, shaved, and put on the one change of clothes he brought with him in a small saddle bag. He poured a mug of coffee and helped himself to a bowl of Cheerios and milk. He sat down and turned on the television and watched Martha Stewart teach him how to baste a Thanksgiving turkey with a mixture of herbs and spices.

Two entire walls of Mark's living room were lined with shelves full of books. Corky got up to look. There were titles he had never heard of: Holinshed's "The Chronicles of England," Thucydides' "History of the Peloponnesian War," Thomas Carlyle's "History of the French Revolution," and Prescott's "History of the Conquest of Mexico." Turning to another section of this vast library, Corky found Sir Thomas More's "Utopia" and Machiavelli's "The Prince." And still further along, a collection of "Robert Burns' Poems," Dante Alighieri's "The Divine Comedy," "The Sonnets of William Shakespeare," Pindar's "Odes of Victory," and Milton's "Paradise Lost." As Corky's eyes glanced over the hundreds of books before him, he found more books on history and philosophy, books on science and religion, biographies and travel books.

'My God,' thought Corky. 'This man is way beyond me. He must really be smart. But he's just a State Trooper! Wow!'

On the mantle over the fireplace, stood several trophies and small plaques. One plaque was dated two years before, citing Mark MacLeod for heroism beyond the call of duty. Hanging on the wall next to it was a citation which told of Mark's heroism in rescuing four small children from a burning automobile after a collision "without regard for his own life and safety." Next to that on the wall was a framed diploma from Alamo Heights High School. From the date of graduation, Corky figured that Mark was now about thirty-seven years old. And next to that hung another diploma from the University of Texas from which he was granted a Ph.D., a Doctorate in Philosophy. Corky collapsed in a chair, unbelieving all the things he had just seen.

Getting up to go into the kitchen, Corky passed by a desk, piled high with stacks of papers. But what caught his eye was a small framed portrait standing on the desk. It was of a young boy with the inscription: "Happy Birthday, Daddy, with Love from Jodi."

It was Saturday noon, and Michael was helping Karl pack for a short trip back to New York to look after some business interests there. Jeff and Paul had arrived that morning to spend the weekend away from Austin and perhaps do some horseback riding, which they both loved. As Karl passed down the hall, he noticed Paul in his and Jeff's room unpacking and hanging up some of his clothes. He was hoping to find Paul alone.

"Hi, Paul. Michael's just about to drive me off to San Antonio to catch the plane to New York. Before I leave, though, there's something I wanted to talk with you about."

"Sure, Karl," said Paul motioning for him to come in.

"Paul, we both know about the enduring relationship between Michael and Jeff. I've gotten little hints lately—nothing really too strong—but just a kind of feeling that Michael really misses his times alone with his son, Jeff. I don't know if Jeff has also given off any signs of that."

Paul stopped what he was doing and sat down. "Well, now that you mention it, he has talked once or twice lately about missing his dad."

"Well, Paul, I'm going to be in New York over the weekend and I won't be getting back here until Monday night. Would you be willing somehow to make yourself scarce—you know, maybe find some reason you have to go back to Austin for a day or so? I think you and I do find it in our own interests to promote the mental health of both Michael and Jeff, if you know what I mean."

"I agree, Karl. You're absolutely right. This would be a good time to let the two of them have some private time together. But we're going to have to let them each know somehow that we would approve of it while we're away. I'll talk to Jeff, and you find a way to tell Michael that you think it would be a good idea to get . . . you know . . . reacquainted with Jeff."

On the way to the airport, Karl said, "Michael, I want you to do something for me—and for yourself—while I'm away. I want you and Jeff to go off and spend a night at your house in the Cottonwoods. It's been quite awhile and you both deserve to get off again with each other for awhile."

"Oh, Karl. I don't want to come between Jeff and Paul. They're both down here for the weekend for a little vacation from school."

Karl put his hand on Michael's thigh. "Michael, Paul agrees with me. He's going to go back to Austin and won't be back at the ranch until tomorrow night. Paul's back there right now suggesting the same thing to Jeff. Just have a good time together, Michael. There are no two people I know that deserve it more. And I've made up my mind that I'm not going to keep you two apart again for so long. I love you Michael. And it wouldn't be a loving thing for me to do to try to keep you two apart."

Michael didn't know what to say. Finally, he looked over at Karl and said, "Thanks, Karl. There are a lot of moments in my life when I think I don't deserve you."

When they pulled up to the terminal where they agreed Karl would be dropped off, Michael leaned over and hugged him. "I love you Karl. I know you're not going to be gone long, but I'm going to miss you."

Karl said firmly, "For Heaven's sakes, Michael! Don't miss me! You owe this time and all your thoughts to Jeff. You can think about me on Monday night when I return, but not before. Promise?"

"I promise."

Back at the ranch, Paul asked Jeff to sit out on the verandah for a few minutes with a cup of coffee.

"Jeff, I'm really sorry about this, but I've just remembered I have a number of things I have forgotten to do back in the animal lab in preparation for Monday morning's class. I really have to go back this afternoon. But I'll drive back here tomorrow afternoon, so we can drive back to Austin that night."

Jeff said, "Well, I understand. But I'm sorry your weekend away from Austin has to be ruined."

"That's no problem, Jeff. But I want you to promise me something. I want you to spend the night with your dad up at the house in the Cottonwoods. It's been a long time and the two of you should once again spend some time together."

"Paul," began Jeff. "You know Karl will be away this weekend, and I don't think it would be right to do that without his knowing."

"But he does know, Jeff. Karl told your dad just what I'm telling you now!"

"So it's a conspiracy!"

"You got it! Both Karl and I think it's time that you and your dad once again spend some private time together. You remember, both Karl and I promised we would always remember and respect the special relationship you and your dad have."

Tears started to well up in Jeff's eyes. "I don't deserve you Paul. I just don't deserve you."

Paul put his arms around Jeff and said, "Tonight it's the Cottonwoods, but tomorrow night you're mine again!"

As Paul drove off, Jeff went to find Michael, who was lying on his bed looking at the ceiling and thinking about the little reunion he was about to have with his son. Jeff stood in the doorway and, with a big smile, said, "Well, Dad. It's just you and me tonight!" They both laughed as Jeff threw himself on the bed and into Michael's waiting arms.

Corky's mind seemed to be exploding with all the revelations about Mark that he had discovered during the day. Shortly after noon, he left the apartment, locked it securely, and walked four blocks into the heart of downtown. Walking through Alamo Plaza, he stood on the Commerce Street bridge, looking down over the side into the San Antonio River and the walks on either side of it, crowded with noisy tourists. Three Mexican guitarists were serenading the outdoor diners at Casa Rio. Walking down the steps to the River Walk, he walked for a long distance until he found himself far away from the crowds and the roaring traffic on the streets above.

Sitting on a stone bench, Corky watched the leaves falling from the trees into the river and float lazily away. 'What the fuck have I gotten myself into?' he thought. 'This man is a scholar, a genius, a hero, and . . . my God . . . he's married and has a son.' He thought about this man—this gorgeous State Trooper—and all the things he learned about him. His thoughts became confused and rolled around in his head until nothing made any sense.

Looking at his watch, he hurried back to Mark's apartment, wanting to be there when Mark returned. As he stood at Mark's desk, again looking at the handsome young boy's picture, Mark walked in.

"Hi, Corky," said Mark, stripping off his gun belt and hat. "Am I ever glad this day is over. And I don't have to go back until Monday. Let me get into some normal clothes, and fix us a drink, and then we can talk and really get to know each other. Okay?"

"Yeah, Mark, we've got to talk."

Corky followed Mark into the bedroom and watched him strip down and get into a pair of jeans and t-shirt. He now looked at Mark with different eyes. Mark opened a couple of bottles of Pearl and motioned to Corky to follow.

"Come on out here on the balcony. Don't you think this is a great view of the city skyline? And it looks as though we're going to have a great sunset as a backdrop."

Corky agreed and added, "Mark, I'm not sure what's been happening here. First of all, to have a Texas State Trooper take me home and into his bed is beyond any dream I ever dreamt. Then today I've been looking over your books and trophies and find out you're something of a . . . I don't know. All those books! And you were a hero, rescuing those children. And on top of that you went to college and you're a Doctor of Philosophy! None of this matches with being just a State Trooper. I didn't mean JUST a State Trooper. I meant . . . "

"Aw, Corky," Mark interrupted. "I know what you meant. I'm not a real Doctor of Philosophy. That's just the name of my degree. My degree is really in criminology and the criminal justice system. I've always been interested in law enforcement. So after I graduated, I became a State Trooper."

"But all those books!" said Corky, waving his hand toward the living room.

"Well," answered Mark, "I've always loved reading and I love history, especially ancient history. I've always liked to surround myself with lots of books. I even belong to a couple of Readers' Clubs that meet every month."

Corky shook his head. "Well, I feel kind of honored to be in your company. But I really don't belong here. I don't have any education and I don't read much. I just work my ass off on a ranch and try to mind my own business. I don't have too many friends, either."

"What do you mean, you don't have too many friends?" asked Mark. "You're a damn good looking young fellow, and you seem like a nice person, too."

"Thanks for the compliment, but I've tried to . . . you know . . . be with someone down there. But he walked out on me."

"Let me tell you, Corky, what I have in mind. I never intended to stay in the State Trooper force forever. In fact, I've been planning on leaving it very soon. I want to open my own private detective agency. I have the experience and the know-how. And I've got the education."

"That sounds great, Mark!"

After looking out over the city skyline for several minutes and taking a few more gulps of beer, Mark looked at Corky and said, "Corky, have you ever considered leaving the ranch and doing something else?"

Corky gave a half-hearted laugh and shrugged his shoulders.

"No, come on, Corky. Have you ever thought of getting a different job?"

"Aw, Mark, I can't do nothing else. I never got trained to do nothing else. For awhile after I left home, I was just a drifter doing odd jobs here and there. I guess I'm just lucky the Walkers kept me on as long as they have."

"You know, Corky, everybody's trainable. I'm going to need an assistant to go out and dig up information and do surveillance work for me. I don't see any reason why I can't train you to do that kind of work. It isn't that hard to learn. Would you be interested if we could work it out?"

Corky felt his heart jump. When was the last time, he thought, that someone ever took an interest in him and offered to help him? It had never happened before, except perhaps when he wandered onto the Walker Ranch one day, and Ol' Ben Walker put him to work.

"I don't know if I could ever do that kind of work. Do you think maybe I could?"

"Of course I think maybe you could. What have we got to lose. If you fuck up and don't work out, you can always go back to the ranch."

Corky looked out over the skyline and just said, quietly, "Wow."

Mark got up and went into the kitchen. He returned with two more bottles of Pearl.

"Corky, I guess there's something else we need to talk about. It wouldn't really matter ordinarily, except, when it comes to you, I don't want what we do this weekend to be just another forgotten memory. I'm sure it's no secret that I'm very interested in you in several ways. When I came home this evening, I saw you looking at the picture on my desk."

"Oh, yeah," said Corky with a faint smile. "He's a good looking boy."

"Well, Corky, he's my sixteen-year-old son, Jodi. And I'm sure you surmised that I must be married. Well, actually, I have been divorced for close to three years. We were given joint custody of our son, and he spends every other weekend with me."

"Wow," exclaimed Corky. "What a lucky kid to have a father like you!"

"We do really well, Corky. But there is something else I have to tell you. And I'm not sure how to explain it. It's just something that happened. About a year ago, I was sent up to Chicago to attend a State Police Conference. And I took Jodi with me so he could see the big city and maybe we could do some of the museums if we had time. He and I never had any problem being naked around each other. And we've even seen each other with hard-ons sometimes, too. But one evening up there in the hotel, I was masturbating in the shower. It's one of my favorite places to get off. The shower had a glass shower door. I didn't see Jodi walk in, but he saw me. He had never seen me jack off before, and I never intended him to ever see me. But seeing me do it apparently turned him on so much that he sat down on the toilet and started jacking off himself. I didn't see him at first, but when I did, I was really kind of shocked and I stopped stroking my own penis. Then he stopped. But when I got out and was drying myself, he just stayed there on the toilet and slowly stroked himself as though he had no embarrassment or anything.

"Then we both went back into the bedroom. And I decided there was nothing I should do then but to have a talk with Jodi about masturbation and sex in general. I had never talked with him about sex before that, so this was the natural time to do it.

"While we talked, we both sat there with no clothes on. And I had a blazing hard-on through the whole thing. And he did, too. The more I talked about sex and masturbation and all that, the more turned on and horny I was getting. But I tried to do my best not to show it and just be kind of clinical about it. He told me that he had been masturbating for at least a year and had learned how from a school friend. Then he kind of rendered me speechless when he cheerfully said that since we know we both masturbate, maybe we could do it together from now on.

"And Corky, I was doing everything I could to hide my erotic feelings, and here was this son of mine with a big smile on his face suggesting we jack off together."

Corky said, "My God, Mark, I don't think I could have contained my feelings at all."

"Well, it was hard. We didn't even have twin beds. The room had only one king-sized bed. I explained everything I knew about sex, and we talked for the whole evening. I finally said it was time we got some sleep. When we got in bed, Jodi told me not to pull the covers up because he wanted to jack off and he wanted me to do it with him. I told him okay, just this once. So we did it. I tried to hold it back, but it was only a couple of minutes before I shot a huge load all over my stomach and arm, and some of it shot over to his stomach. He was watching me the whole time, and while I was shooting my sperm all over the place, he started shooting his. I have to say I was stunned, because he shot as big a load as I did.

"Anyway, I told him that that was the only time I was going to do that, and that he was to go to sleep. I lay on my side facing away from him, but all night I kept feeling him pushing his body up against my back and I felt his hands on my ass and my legs and everywhere else. I kept telling him to go to sleep. He would stop for a while, but then I'd wake up again feeling his body wiggling up against me.

"We didn't talk about it the next day, but it turned out to be the same thing that night. But this time, he got even more aggressive in his feeling and massaging my body.

"To make a long story short, Corky, this has been going on over the past year during every weekend he has been scheduled to stay over here at my apartment. I really fought it at first, but we're now into both oral and anal sex with each other. I let him do all the initiating. Nothing is done without his starting it. And I have to say, he is a hot little bugger."

Corky finally said, "Well, Mark, you can see right here what a fucking hard-on you've given me. I want to ask you something. Why did you tell me all of that. You didn't have to. And you took the chance that it would turn me off and that I would be disgusted by it."

"Corky, I don't know if you've noticed," said Mark, "but I'm hoping that you and I can see each other more than just this weekend. And I don't want you to make any decision about seeing me again without knowing everything there is to know about me, whether you think it's good or it's bad."

Mark got up from his chair and sat on the floor in front of Corky. He put his arms up on Corky's knees and rested his chin on his arms. Corky looked down into Mark's eyes. Here was this gorgeous Texas State Trooper looking up at him like a little boy pleading for approval or forgiveness or whatever. Corky thought for a few moments that he had a strange power over this trooper. Yes, Mark did want approval, and it was up to Corky to either give it or withhold it. He looked down into Mark's beautiful eyes, which were barely visible behind those heavy black eyelashes. He knew that, for the next few moments at least, Mark was totally in his power. If he rejected Mark, would he see this gorgeous Texas State Trooper fall to the floor in despair, weeping uncontrollably, and begging to be taken? Of course, there was no way he was going to reject Mark on any grounds.

Corky reached down and brushed Mark's brown hair back off of his forehead and said, "Okay, Mark, I know everything there is to know about you. And I would like you to take me to bed now."

Mark stood up and said, "Wow, Corky. You're pretty blunt. When you want to go to bed with someone, don't you know how to be a little more subtle?"

"No, I don't know anything about being subtle. Please let's go to bed."

Meanwhile, back at the Ranch . . . .

It was now late afternoon. Jeff and Michael were lying on Michael's bed. Jeff had propped himself up on one elbow and was looking down into Michael's face. Jeff could read nothing but love and longing in his father's eyes.

"Dad, I've missed having you like this where I can kiss your face—your lips, your eyes, your beautiful dimpled chin. I've missed that dear, loving, youthful smile you have when you look at me. Don't you ever age? I love you, Dad."

As Michael reached up and put his arms around Jeff's neck, pulling him down closer, they heard Maggie's dinner bell.

"Jeff, are you hungry?" said Michael softly. "Or should we skip dinner tonight?"

"I don't know, Dad. Both Karl and Paul are expecting us to go out to the house in the Cottonwoods for the night. You know, it would be the very first time you have slept there since the tornado and since it was rebuilt. And it would be kind of special for the two of us to do it together."

Michael traced Jeff's eyebrows with his finger and said, "Well, Josiah told me when he and Brian came back that the refrigerator and the freezer were still pretty full of pre-cooked food that Maggie had made. Why don't we just get into the jeep and go on up there right now? Huh? I haven't seen a beautiful sunset from that knoll for so long."

"Yeah, let's go!"

As soon as they arrived at the house, Michael went in and opened most of the windows. It was November and the breeze that blew off the range was cool and dry. As Jeff got out two bottles of beer, Michael brought out some of Maggie's sourdough bread and a plate of sliced roast beef. After making several sandwiches, Michael and Jeff carried them out to the front verandah where they sat sipping beer and eating while they watched the setting sun.

Finally, Michael said, "Jeff, let's go down and sit on the terrace like we used to do."

Leaving their plates and empty beer bottles on the verandah, they walked down along the terrace and sat next to each other on the grass. Michael put his arm around Jeff's shoulder, and Jeff leaned his head on Michael's shoulder. They stared at the reddening sky as the sun began to sink lower toward the horizon. Jeff undid several buttons on Michael's shirt and slipped his hand inside where he gently ran his finger over Michael's hardening nipples.

"Oh, Jeff, it's been a long time since I felt your fingers on my skin."

Jeff then began to rub his hand all over Michael's chest and stomach, pulling slightly on the thick strip of hair that started at his navel and disappeared down below his belt and inside his pants. Opening Michael's shirt all the way, and pushing him down flat on his back, Jeff lowered his head onto Michael's chest. As he ran his tongue over Michael's pectorals and stomach, Jeff slowly undid Michael's belt and zipper. Bringing his tongue down into Michael's thick bush of pubic hair, Jeff could feel Michael's hard penis throbbing and slapping him gently on the chin and neck. Michael's pubic hair felt moist on Jeff's tongue and tasted slightly salty with sweat.

Michael said, "Take off your shirt, son. The cool breeze really feels wonderful on the bare skin." As Jeff rose up on his haunches and unbuttoned his shirt, Michael undid Jeff's belt and unzipped his fly. Reaching inside, Michael could feel Jeff's underwear, already soaked with pre-cum.

Soon, Michael and Jeff lay totally naked in each other's arms, pressing their bodies together and running their hands all over each other. Jeff broke away and rolled his father over onto his stomach. He looked down on Michael's firm ass cheeks, standing out like two perfectly round white bowling balls, in contrast to the dark tan of his back and legs. He leaned over and ran his tongue very lightly over the entire surface of these orbs, tickling them unbearably and making Michael jerk around with pleasure. The cool air blowing over his saliva-covered buns felt so erotic. Michael lifted his hips up in the air as high as he could, slightly exposing the tangled thicket of black hair that filled his ass trench. Jeff slashed through this mass of damp, musky smelling hair with his tongue until he felt the pucker of his father's asshole. Pressing hard, Jeff felt Michael's asshole relax just enough to allow his tongue to slip into the warm wetness of his father's rectum.

"Ooooooooh!," Michael called out. "Can you go deeper, Jeff? Ooooooooooh!"

Jeff rolled over on his back with his large, throbbing hard penis standing straight up. "Sit on it, Dad. Please! Take it all."

Michael stood over Jeff's hips. Looking up, Jeff could see his father's balls waving gently in the breeze. He took hold of Michael's firm calves and ran his hand very lightly over the soft hair that covered them. To feel the shape of his father's leg muscles, now taught and firm, made Jeff's penis jump around with excitement. Michael, facing Jeff's head, slowly lowered himself onto his son's waiting penis. Jeff watched carefully as his father spread his ass cheeks with his hands and brought his asshole down just where Jeff's penis could barely touch it. Jeff took hold of his father's balls and lifted them up so he could see the head of his own penis slowly being pressed and sinking into his father's asshole and, with a jerk, it popped inside. As Jeff felt his penis pushing deeper and deeper into the warm, wet cavern of his father's rectum, Michael could feel his rectum filling slowly with his son's hard penis.

As Jeff lightly caressed the soft hair on his father's legs, Michael began his up and down motion, bringing the piston that was his son's hard penis into his body with increasing speed and force. It was only a minute or two before Jeff began bucking his hips slightly and contorting his face as his orgasm began to take complete control of his body and all of his senses.

Jeff yelled out, "Harder, Dad! Fuck me harder! Aaaaaaaaooooooooh! Jeff let all his muscles take over and pump the hot sperm from him into his father's body. Just then, Michael shouted as his own throbbing penis started spewing long ropes of thick white sperm onto his son's chest, neck, and chin.

Neither of them moved from their position until they were able to catch their breaths. Soon, Michael slowly pulled off of his son's penis, as Jeff watched his own sperm begin to drip from his father's asshole.

"Dad, quick! Come sit on my face for a minute!"

As Michael scooted up and lowered his crotch over his son's face, Jeff sucked the remaining sperm from his father's asshole.

Lying side by side, they began to doze, but soon the air began to feel cold, and they decided to go inside. Lying on the bed, they nuzzled and cuddled, kissed and licked each other's body, and just enjoyed being close to each other.

Michael finally said, "You know, Jeff, we should have both Karl and Paul join us more often. Remember that time all four of us had such a good time in my bed?"

"Yeah, Dad. Maybe the four of us could spend some nights up here in the Cottonwoods once in awhile."

They were soon asleep in each other's arms. The sun, however, had not come up in the morning before Michael and Jeff awoke two more times for some hot sessions of sixty-nine sex with each other.

Corky and Mark, up in San Antonio, had been sitting on Mark's balcony most of the evening and were also feeling the colder air blowing over them. After Corky had bluntly suggested they get in bed, they went inside and very ceremoniously undressed each other, kissing and fondling each other's body as they did so.

As Mark lay pressing his body against Corky's, Corky said, "Do you and your son really fuck each other?"

"Yeah. Does that turn you off, Corky?"

"No. It turns me on." Then rolling over on his back and throwing his legs in the air, he said, "Fuck me, Mark! Push that great big Texas Trooper cock of yours up my ass. I want to look at this big Texas Trooper while he is having the greatest orgasm of his life! Then tell me if my ass doesn't give you a better fuck than your son's little pink hole! Go ahead! Ram it in there!"

Mark looked down at Corky's pucker. It looked like it was making a sucking motion, beckoning to Mark's penis. Mark plunged his face into Corky's ass trench and flooded his hole with saliva. Then with one sweeping action, he fired his hard cock into Corky's asshole all the way to the hilt.

Corky watched the intense look on Mark's face, the beads of sweat forming and being shaken off onto Corky's face and chest with every jolting thrust. Mark grunted loudly each time his penis hit bottom. As the sexual frenzy heightened, Corky could watch this big strong Texas Trooper totally surrendering to the orgasmic phenomenon that was now taking-over his body. As Corky felt the pressure of stream after stream of sperm shooting into his rectum, this big strong Texas Trooper's body looked as though it were floating in space, completely out of control, with loud plaintive wailings emanating from his mouth. This big strong Texas Trooper was now on another planet, in another universe, oblivious to all that surrounded him.

"He's mine, he's mine," Corky muttered. "It's my body and my asshole that has torn this man out of himself. I am the one who is responsible for giving this big strong Texas Trooper the most exquisite pleasure of his existence. He's mine, he's mine!"

Later, as Mark and Corky lay serenely in each other's arms, Corky said, "About Jodi. When is his next scheduled visit with you?"

"Next weekend."

"What about me, Mark?" asked Corky. "I was hoping you and I could get together again next weekend. Also, you were going to talk with me about coming to work for you, maybe."

"I'll figure something out, Corky. You and I are going to be together again next weekend, and I'll figure something out about Jodi."

"What are you going to do?"

"Hmmmm. I don't know yet. Right now, though, I want to do something about that beautiful looking long thing you have bobbing around between your legs."

Mark slowly sucked Corky's gorged penis into his mouth as Corky leaned back with a contented sigh.

To be continued...


Posted: 09/05/08