My Father, My Son
by: Tom Borden

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Michael and Jeff ran to Jake and Josiah's side. "Don't move him," shouted Michael. "We don't know where the bullet lodged." Opening up Josiah's blood soaked shirt, he said, "The bullet went right into his stomach. Hurry, Jeff go in and bring out a bunch of towels. We need to pack the wound to help stop the bleeding until the medics come."


Choking his words out, Jake stuttered, "Is he still alive? Oh, my God, Josiah, please be alive! Michael, is he alive?"


"I don't know, Jake. I don't know."


Chapter 19 


When the ambulance arrived and the medics realized that a man had been shot to death, which Maggie had not reported when she called 911, they radioed Sheriff Barnes that there was a homicide involved. Sheriff Barnes asked to speak to Michael. He told Michael that the Medics would not remove the body. It was to remain where it is. Also, he was to make sure that Jake did not leave and that no one else, other than Jake, was to touch the rifle used in the homicide. Even though it was well after midnight, two detectives would be sent out immediately, as well as a sheriff's ambulance to remove the body to the county morgue after the detectives give their okay.

As Jake knelt trembling by Josiah's side, holding the towels tightly against the wound, Enrique, with tears running down his face, sat on the floor of the verandah behind Jake with one arm around his shoulder. And behind him, Corky was kneeling with his arm around Enrique. The medics gently removed Jake's hand from the wound and asked him to step back so they could examine Josiah. Then they carefully moved him onto a stretcher and then onto a gurney which was loaded into the ambulance.

With a trembling voice, Jake spoke to the medics. "Is he alive?"

"Yeah, just barely. He's lost a lot of blood. Now is there someone who is this man's relative who wants to ride with him to the hospital?"

Jake spoke up and started to move toward the ambulance. "Yeah. I'm his Paw!"

Michael took hold of Jake's arm and told him quietly, "Jake, the Sheriff has ordered that you stay here until the detectives arrive and can talk with you because of the killing."

"Aw, Christ! I'm goin' anyway. I can't let my boy be all alone like this!"

Michael and Jeff held on to Jake and pulled him back. Michael said, "Karl, and you, Corky, would you both go in the ambulance with Josiah." Then turning to Jake, he said softly, "Karl and Corky will be with Josiah. They'll stay with him the whole time. Now, come and sit down. As soon as the detectives are through asking their questions, we'll drive you to the hospital."

As the ambulance sped off, Jake sat down on the edge of the verandah and buried his head in his hands. Sobbing, he said, "Why did that foolish kid do that? It was me that son-of-a-bitch was after. I shoulda been the one he shot. Oh, Josiah! Why, why!"

Jeff knelt down beside Jake and took hold of his arm. "That boy loves you. He loves you very much. That's why, Jake. I know you would have done the same for him."

Still with his hands over his face, Jake was barely audible. "I know."

Within minutes, the sheriff's ambulance along with a car containing the two detectives and Sheriff Harvey Barnes himself. Barnes had been an old Walker family friend and decided to come along and supervise the investigation himself.

After talking to Michael about what happened, Barnes said, "Well, Michael, from what you say, we'll just talk to Jake and finger print him right here, rather than taking him into the jail."

"Do you have to finger print him, Harvey?" said Michael. "The poor man is in shock. Do you have to finger print him?"

"Michael, I'm sorry, but when there's a homicide, there are procedures we have to follow."

Jake was led inside the house and, sitting at the kitchen table, he was questioned for about thirty minutes. Then each of the others who had been on the verandah and were witness to the shooting were also interviewed. The detectives wrapped Jake's rifle in plastic and put it in the trunk of their car. After examining Joseph's body and measuring distances, Joseph was loaded into the ambulance. It left immediately to deliver the body to the County Morgue where the coroner would examine it.

Barnes called Michael aside and said, "The case is pretty clear. We're not going to charge Jake. I know he's anxious to get to the hospital. So you better get going."

Michael, Jeff, and Paul helped a visibly shaken Jake into the back seat of the car. He sat between Jeff and Enrique, while Paul sat in the front with Michael driving.

At the hospital, they all sat in the surgical waiting room. It was not until mid-morning when Josiah came out of surgery. At around noon, he was moved from Recovery to his room on an upper floor. The visitors were told to go to another waiting room on that floor, where the surgeon would talk to them.

"I'm Doctor Morrison. Josiah was very badly wounded, but was lucky that the bullet that injured him did not touch his spinal cord. It entered between two of his frontal ribs, piercing and collapsing his left lung, and then traveled all the way to his back where it was stopped by a rib. The rib was shattered. We have removed the pieces of that rib as best we could and removed the bullet. The most serious situation, however, is the injured and collapsed lung. We have repaired the lung and believe that over time, it will heal nicely and be fully functional. Josiah is naturally in a good deal of pain now, and we have him quite heavily sedated. I am ordering that he have no visitors for another six hours. Then, only one of you will be allowed to be in his room at a time-and then, for only a short time. You might wish to leave and come back this evening after you have had some supper."

The seven men agreed that they would stay in the waiting room and just take turns going down to the snack machine for sustenance until they were allowed to see Josiah. Very soon after the doctor departed, Nurse Dracula came clomping through the waiting room.

"Well, if it ain't the Walker crowd again!" Pointing to each in turn, she exclaimed, "First it was you, who didn't have brains enough to stay outta trees at your age. Then you, who couldn't stay out of a fight and almost got your head bashed in, and then it was you who didn't know enough to stay outta the way of a tornado. So what is it this time?"

Michael said, "One of our ranch hands got shot."

"I mighta known. With a bunch of assholes like you guys, I'm not surprised!"

"What makes you so sweet, Dracula?" asked Corky.

"What makes you think I'm sweet? Huh? And please don't say that too loud. It'll ruin my reputation."

"Well, how 'bout you and me getting it on?" continued Corky as he reached over and pinched Dracula's ample butt.

"Up your ass cowboy! Don't get smart with me!"

Jeff piped up and said, "You know, Dracula, you'd look good in drag. You'd make a real comedy drag act."

Corky said, "The only way you could get Dracula to look like a woman is to put about sixteen pounds of make-up on her, and then put a bag over her head for good measure."

Dracula put her hands on her shelf-like hips and looked at the seven men. "You guys really think you're hot shit, don't you?"

Corky reached over and, grabbing the hem of Dracula's starched uniform, said, "C'mon, Dracula, how about a little nuzzle from the prettiest broad in the place."

At that, Nurse Dracula swung around a hundred and eighty degrees and decked Corky flat on the floor. Just then, the doctor walked into the room. "What's happened here?"

In her most sickeningly demure voice, Dracula said "Well, Doctor Morrison, Sir, this gentleman arose from his chair and attempted to make a pass at me. But, the poor thing, he slipped on the floor before he reached me."

"Is he alright, Nurse?"

"Oh, yes, doctor, it was just a little slip." Then looking directly at Corky, she said, "I'm sure he'll be more careful next time."

Then as the doctor left the room, Nurse Dracula turned to Corky and said, "Now get your fucking ass up off the floor and keep your fucking mouth shut. And that goes for the rest of you shit heads!"

After Dracula left the room, they all sat in silence for awhile until Karl spoke up in his best English accent. "That woman is awfully cheeky, isn't she? I have a mind to report her. I'll see to it that she's dismissed."

The others all said in unison, "Forget it!"

Jake sat lost in his thoughts, but clearly relieved to hear that Josiah was going to be alright. By early evening, Nurse Dracula had finished her shift and was replaced by the night nurse, a very good looking young man. He spoke to the group.

" I've been told that I can now let you in to see the patient, but only one at a time. I can allow you each only five minutes. We wanted to be sure that his vital signs were stable before we let anyone in. He is still sedated and asleep, so please try to be very quiet."

Everyone agreed that Jake should be the first to go in. As he entered, the nurse walked over to Josiah's bedside and brushed his blond hair off of his forehead. As he looked down at Josiah, he said, "He's so young and sweet looking. It's terrible seeing a young man like this shot and so badly wounded." Turning to Jake, He said, "Was he in a fight? Is that how he got shot?"

"No," Jake said. "Josiah jumped in front of me and took a bullet that was meant fer me. He saved my life, he did."

The nurse gasped and, as he left the room, said, "He was so brave!"

Jake looked down at Josiah and gently held his hand. He spoke softly, knowing that Josiah couldn't hear. "Forgive me, Josiah. I guess I shoulda let ya find yer own way to El Paso like ya wanted to in the first place. It's because of me that ya got beat up by that fuckin' Joseph, and it's because of me ya got shot. I always heard bad luck comes in threes. Maybe I oughta let you go on yer way now before the third one happens. It'll be alright. I learnt a lot about life from you, Josiah, and I'll be alright. When ya go, I won't try nothin' stupid like I was doin' when ya found me. Ya got yer life to live. I ain't got no fuckin' right holdin' on to ya and makin' ya go through what yer goin' through. I jist don't have no right."

As the nurse came in to tell Jake his time was up, Jake raised Josiah's hand to his lips and whispered, "I love you, my dear sweet boy. Ya saved my life twice. Yer an angel, you are. I never thought there weren't no angels. But yer an angel from Heaven. I don't deserve ya."

The others went in to see Josiah, each staying just a minute or two. Back in the car, Corky could tell how shaken Enrique still was that Jake had almost lost his life. Sitting next to Jake and holding tightly to his arm, Enrique cried softly, betraying the love he still had for Jake. Corky told himself it was only the love of a boy for his father. Enrique's love for Corky was different.

It was now the first week of June, and the school year in Austin had come to an end. Jeff had decided to spend the summer on the ranch, rather than attend the summer session. Paul also decided that he would teach no classes in the summer and would stay with Jeff on the ranch. They both assured Michael that they would pull their own weight in the work that needed to be done there. Michael and Karl, now full partners in the ownership of the ranch set about making plans for the improvement of the facilities and re-evaluating their investments in the Milo Maize crop and the many capped natural gas wells. Milo Maize was one of the principal crops used as cattle feed during the winter months, but capped natural gas wells were not producing the kind of income they should. Karl visited the pipeline distributors on a number of occasions in an effort to find a way to sell their gas to be piped up to Wisconsin and Minnesota. He was successful in having over one hundred wells uncapped to become revenue producing.

Construction had begun on a new bunkhouse, this one with separate bathrooms-toilets and showers—to be shared by two rooms, each housing two workers. When completed, the old bath house and latrine would be torn down. Attached to the bunkhouse was a good-sized dining hall for the workers, which included television and comfortable furniture, as well as tables.

Michael and Karl also started drawing up plans to rebuild Michael's house up on the knoll in the Cottonwoods. This time, instead of it being just one big room, it would have three rooms—a living room, a separate kitchen, and a bedroom, along with a bathroom. Ol' Ben's big iron bed, which had not been damaged in the tornado, would still maintain its honored place as the centerpiece of the bedroom.

Josiah had come home from the hospital and had for the past several weeks been making a good recovery under Jake's careful supervision. He was able to do light exercise on some of Corky's equipment, but tired easily because of the damage to his lung. He made regular visits to his surgeon, however, who assured him that his lungs were getting stronger and, within several months, would be almost as good as new. Josiah was anxious to get out with the workers again and get his complete strength back. What he wanted most was to be able to get on a horse again and gallop off to the far reaches of the ranch. The surgeon told Jake that he could saddle up a horse for Josiah anytime, but there was to be no galloping.

Shortly after graduation in Austin, Paul invited his now graduated young student, Brian Hovis, down to the ranch to let him see for himself what the place was like. Brian would also have an interview with Michael and Karl so they could determine Brian's suitability and knowledge when it came to caring for the animals.

Brian was introduced to most of the ranch hands. When Michael introduced him to Jake, he said, "Jake, I'd appreciate it if you would take Brian to the various buildings here so he can see our layout and some of our animals."

When Jake and Brian got to the barn, their last stop, they found Josiah inside sharpening several sickles. "Josiah, this here's Brian. He might be comin' to work fer us to take care of the animals. He graduated from the University. Brian, this is Josiah. He ain't been here too long, neither. I gotta git over to the house to give Michael some fuckin' inventory information. If you two dudes wanna visit a spell while I'm gone . . . ."

Josiah said, "Jake I've got to take my walk now. Maybe Brian will walk with me."

"That's a good idea, Josiah. Jist take yer time."

Josiah put down his sharpening tools and said, "After my accident, the doctor wants me to walk a few miles every day to strengthen my lungs. C'mon, there's a creek up yonder about a mile and a half, and we can rest there, and then come back. Do you want to walk with me?"

"Sure! After sitting in school and studying so much, I really need to get out and get some exercise."

Josiah was dressed in only a pair of shorts and a t-shirt. Of course, he also had on the standard cowboy boots and hat. Brian had on a pair of dress slacks and a long-sleeved sport shirt, open at the collar. He felt rather relieved that he was fairly well covered up so that he wouldn't be embarrassed by his white skin next to Josiah's heavy suntan.

"Did you say you went to the University?" asked Josiah.

"Yeah. I graduated a couple of weeks ago. I was in the Pre-Veterinary program. I've been accepted to the School of Veterinary Science where I'll work to become a full-fledged Vet. I am really only interested in dogs and cats. But Paul suggested that I consider working down here on the ranch, for awhile, to see if I would like taking care of farm animals."

Josiah said, "I wish I could go to the University someday."

"Well, maybe you can."

"Nah. I ain't got any money. And I don't think I got the smarts for it."

"Did you go to high school?"

"Yeah. Off and on. After I left my last foster family, one of the ranchers I worked for arranged for me to take the Texas High School Equivalency Test. I passed it, too. But it's not doing me no good."

"That's all you need, Josiah, to apply for college. By the way, did you say you lived with foster families? I lived with foster families all my life, too. The last family I lived with over in Midland paid for me to go to college."

Josiah chuckled. "Well, I guess we're both just a couple of fuckin' orphans!"


Josiah and Brian continued walking in silence until they reached the stream where Josiah and Jake and Enrique often came to get away from the others.

Josiah beckoned for Brian to sit down on the grass near the water. "If you don't mind, we can sit down here and rest for bit before we go back."

Brian found it hard to keep his eyes off of Josiah. He was so tan and when he smiled, he exposed a beautiful row of brilliantly white teeth. Josiah's arms, although slender, now showed signs of rippling with newly formed muscles. Brian tried to force himself not to look at Josiah. One of his greatest fears was that he might unintentionally expose his homosexuality.

As Brian looked off beyond the stream, he asked, "How old are you?"

"I'm twenty-two. How old are you?"

"I'm twenty-two, also."

They sat silently for awhile. Then Josiah said, "Do want to see my bullet hole?"

"Bullet hole?"

"Yeah, you know, I got shot by a crazy guy." Lifting the front of his t-shirt, he pealed back the small bandage slightly, revealing an angry looking depression about six inches above his navel. "Right there is where the bullet went in. It almost went out my back, but it hit a rib."

Brian stared hard at the wound, as well as at the beautifully tanned skin that surrounded it, noticing the line of dark blond hair that extended down below Josiah's navel and disappeared below his belt.

"Hey, Brian," said Josiah, "maybe if you come to work here, we can go out Quail hunting. Jake taught me how to hunt Quail. It's really fun. Have you ever gone hunting?"

"Nope. I've never fired a gun before. Nobody ever taught me how. I guess if I had a dad I would have learned stuff like that."

Josiah skipped several stones across the water just as Jake had taught him. "I never had a dad, either. I had a bunch of foster fathers, like you did, I guess. But none of them were worth a shit. Jake has been kind of like a dad to me. He taught me how to hunt and handle a gun and clean it and how to take care of it. He taught me how to build a fence and how to use and take care of a lot of different tools. He even taught me some old Scottish songs that we sing sometimes at night in our room together. I got embarrassed and didn't want to sing, but it was okay when I found out I could sing better than he could."

"Do you like to sing?" Brian asked.

"Yeah, but some of the songs are kinda sad and make me cry. You know, they're all about loving someone or having a good time with their family and all that stuff. I never loved nobody in my life, but those songs make me think about what it would be like."

"You never loved anybody?"

"Well, sometimes I think I love Jake. When I'm with him, I make believe he's my dad. I don't know really how a dad is supposed to be, but to me he's my dad. If I had a dad, I'd like him to be like Jake." Turning to look at Brian, Josiah said, "Did any of your foster dads feel like a real dad to you?"

"Not really," answered Brian. "Only the last one in Midland, but he was always gone. He was never mean to me or anything. And he provided plenty of food and stuff for me, and, of course, he paid for all my college expenses. I just never saw anything of him. I did meet one guy not too long ago up in Austin who I really would have liked to be my dad. He treated me real well. And he kind of understood me—more than anybody else."

After a few minutes, Brian said, "Maybe sometime you could teach me how to skip stones over water just like you do it."

Josiah and Brian sat silently for several more minutes. Finally Brian spoke again. "We've got a lot in common, don't we, Josiah, with our being orphans and all that stuff? I hope we can be good friends if I take a job down here."

Josiah smiled. "That's just what I was thinking. I hope you take the job. We could do a lot of neat stuff together." Soon, Josiah said, "Well, I guess we better get back." Then, looking at Brian, he said, "It's still kind of hard for me to get up from the ground like this. Would you take my arm and kind of pull up as I get up."

Brian stood behind Josiah and put his arms under Josiah's armpits and lifted. When Josiah came to a full standing position, he reached up and grasped Brian's hands and squeezed them, saying, "Hey, Brian, you're pretty strong!"

As they walked back toward the house, Brian asked, "Do you live in the bunkhouse?"


"Well, if I worked here, I wonder where I would live. Maybe you and I could share a room since we're the same age and all, and have some stuff in common."

Josiah looked down at the ground. "Well, I already live with Jake in his room."

Then , after walking in silence for awhile, Josiah said. "But maybe sometime . . . maybe someday we could share a room. That would be real fun. Did you ever have a brother?"

"No. Just the real kids of my foster parents. I hated them all and they never paid any attention to me, which is the way I liked it."

Josiah then quickly said, "Maybe we could be like brothers!"

"Yeah, but we'd have to be twin brothers since we're the same age."

As they finished their walk back to the bunkhouse, both Josiah and Brian were laughing and were feeling so good about having become friends.

That evening, before going to bed, Jake told Josiah that he wanted to talk with him.

"Josiah, I been thinkin'. You've had a tough time since ya been here with gittin' beat up and shot and all that shit. And it's all been my fault. I know ya wanted to go to El Paso way back when we first saw each other. I jist wanna tell ya yer no prisoner here. If ya still wanna go, I'll understand. I think I've jist been bad luck fer ya."

Josiah stood up and said, "Do you want me to go?"

Jake jumped up and took Josiah in his arms and hugged him very tightly. "Aw, shit no! I hate to admit it, but I pray every night that ya won't decide to leave. You've saved my life twice! Fuck, no! I don't want you to leave. But if you decide to do that, I'll understand."

Josiah brought his arms up and around Jake, caressing Jake's back. "You don't have to pray anymore. I'm not going any place. You're my Paw."

"I love you, Josiah," said Jake, fighting to hold back the tears.

"I love you, too, Jake."

Jake and Josiah walked over to the bathhouse for their shower. Josiah always took his shower later in the evening since he was self-conscious taking it with the rest of the workers immediately after supper. But since Jake and Josiah had taken to masturbating together, Josiah had no problem with having Jake in the shower with him. The bathhouse was slated to be torn down in a few days. Jake and Josiah would then have their own private shower next to their room.

During their shower, Jake noticed that Josiah had a very stiff hard-on, which he did not often have in the shower. Of course, at the sight of this, Jake's penis stiffened up quickly. When they masturbated together, they usually did it while lying on Jake's bed. Josiah had lost all of his reticence about mutual masturbation with Jake, and the two of them often jacked each other off.

Looking at each other's hard-ons, they each lathered up, faced each other and started stroking.

"I like to play with my dick in the shower," said Josiah, "because I don't have to wipe up the mess. It can just wash down the drain."

Jake walked over close to Josiah. "I'll cum on your cock, and you cum on mine, okay?"

Josiah cheerfully said, "Okay!"

Although it didn't happen frequently, they both came at the very same time, both moaning loudly and shooting their sperm onto each other's cock.

When they were back in their room, Jake flopped down on his bed, while Josiah lay down on his cot. They lay there quietly with the light off. Then Jake said, "Josiah, ya know that in order to cum and have an orgasm, a guy has to get sexually excited. What do ya think about to get yerself sexually excited?" Jake had wanted to ask this question for some time, but was a little afraid of what the answer would be. But this night, Josiah seemed to be unusually aroused sexually and came quite quickly in the shower.

"I don't know," said Josiah. "I guess I don't think about nothing."

"As I said, Josiah, ya gotta think about somethin', else ya couldn't cum."

"Well, watchin' you jerk off kind of gets me going"

Although both were wide awake, Jake and Josiah lay silently for awhile. Then Josiah said, "You know, Jake, I really like that new guy, Brian, who you left me with today. You know, he's my age and we're both orphans. He's a real nice guy. I hope they give him a job here. It would be great having him for a friend. I really like him. We could do a lot of stuff together."

"Were you thinking about Brian in the shower?" Jake blurted out.


"Oh, nothing. It was nothing." Jake regretted saying it the minute it came out of his mouth. He thought, "Don't start that jealousy shit again. I ain't never gonna have a repeat of what I did to Corky that time.""

"Well, Josiah, I like Brian, too. If he passes the interview with Michael and Karl, I'm sure he'll stay here. And I'd be real glad that ya had a friend yer own age."

"I will be, too. You know, Jake, maybe Brian and I might be able to share a room here in the bunkhouse sometime."

Jake said only, "That would be nice." Neither said anymore, and both were soon asleep.

The next day, a busload of high school students arrived at the ranch. Michael had agreed to let a class of seniors at Alamo Heights High School in San Antonio come down to the ranch for a field trip. It was the last week of school, and about this time of year, the teachers were always anxious to get out of the classroom and take the kids on a field trip. The class went from building to building, being told what went on in each and, in general, how a ranch was run. Josiah was asked to stay in the barn to make sure none of the students touched any of the machinery or got too close to it.

Josiah was dressed in jeans, t-shirt, boots and hat. One of the male students, dressed in Dockers and a golf shirt, asked Josiah what he did.

"Oh, I just do general work around here," Josiah replied.

The student said, "Well, this is a pretty smelly, crummy place. I suppose you have to really scrub yourself to get the smell off of you before you go on a date."

"I don't go on dates," said Josiah.

"You don't go on dates? What the Hell do you do around here in this godforsaken shit hole? Do you drive into town and get laid someplace?"

Josiah replied, "I don't know what you mean. I don't have a car. Anyway, I don't know how to drive a car. I can ride a horse, though."

The student turned to one of his friends and said, "What a hay-seed! He doesn't know how to drive! He rides a horse! Christ, I couldn't live without my wheels. My old man bought me a new Saturn when I turned sixteen. Half the cunts at school are personally familiar with its backseat."

Josiah looked surprised and said, "You mean, a lot of people ride around in your car?"

"Sure, dude. They just ride around. Under what rock were you born? Geeeez! Listen, man, don't you ever get away from this stink hole? Have you ever been to a Rave party?"

Josiah, looking bewildered, shook his head.

"You ever smoked a joint? Or shot up?'

"I don't smoke. What's that other thing you said?"

"Forget it, Rube. You ever get any women down here?"


Turning again to his friend, the student said, "I'll bet he's a fucking fairy. Look at that stupid hat he's wearing." Then to Josiah, he said, "You know, next year, my old man's sending me to the University of Texas. The old fart's dropping about ten thousand bucks in one semester for tuition, room, and board just to get me out of the house so he can fuck with his new twenty-three year old whore bride. I told him I wouldn't go unless he gave me another five thou for miscellaneous expenses. You know, booze and all that good shit. He said he'd give me whatever I wanted. Have you been to college, dude?

"No. I'd like to go, but I don't have the money."

"You probably wouldn't make it anyway." Calling to his teacher, the student said, "Hey, when can we get back on the bus and out of this smell of horse shit."

Josiah said, "I don't smell anything."

"Well, you live in it all the time. No wonder you don't smell it!"

As he watched the bus pull away, Josiah wondered what kind of life that student was talking about. He never thought about ever having a car or having a father who gave him money to spend as he wished. He never watched television, but once when he was with his last foster family he saw a program called "Life Styles of the Rich and Famous." He thought it was all made up, and that no one ever lived like that. He felt badly, though, that he had been made fun of. He was proud of his hat. Jake had bought it for him and it cost a lot of money that Josiah was determined to pay back sometime. He treasured the cot that Jake allowed him to sleep on and the warm blankets and the good food he was able to eat every day. And he treasured the love and the life that Jake had given him, the skills he taught him, and the songs he learned. Why would someone come onto the ranch and say such mean things? Jake was sitting on the step outside of his room when Josiah approached. Josiah sat beside him and leaned his head on Jake's shoulder.

"Jake, I guess I don't know much about the world. But I don't have to. I like it here and I want to stay here where you are." As his eyes filled with tears, he said, "Why do some people have to be so mean?"

Jake put his arm around Josiah's shoulder and pulled him tightly against him. "Don't ya worry 'bout it, son. Yer life has already made a bigger impact on others than that guy's fuckin' life ever will."

Over the summer, Michael and Karl settled into Michael's room—now their room, and Jeff and Paul stayed in Jeff's room-—now, likewise, their room. Paul, wanting to be impeccably honest with Jeff and, as they sat in the evening out on the front verandah, admitted to him that he had jacked off while watching Adriano and his father, Mario, fucking each other up in Austin while Jeff was down at the ranch. "Jeff, I wasn't going to participate without you, but the sight of a father and son having sex together has always driven me crazy and I just had to jerk off. And I have to tell you that Mario insisted that I shoot my sperm onto his chest and stomach, which I did."

Jeff laughed. "Paul, I hope you haven't been feeling guilty about that. You shouldn't."

"But there's something else that has kind of bothered me more. You know I never had a relationship of any kind with my own dad, but I know how much you love your dad, and I know that you have been, and are, and always will be lovers. I know that, and you know that I accept that."

Then looking intently at Jeff, Paul said, "But it's hard for me, Jeff. It's real hard for me. I know you want to spend some private time with him, and I know he wants private time with you. But it's hard for me. Do you know what I'm trying to say?"

Jeff got up and sat on the floor between Paul's legs and laid his head on Paul's lap. Running his hand up Paul's pant leg, gently pulling on the hair on his leg, he said, "I know what you're trying to say, Paul. And I know that Karl feels the same way about my dad. And he understands the situation between my dad and me, too. But my dad and I have talked about it and we agreed that he and I will never be in bed together without you and Karl in there with us. My dad said that is okay with Karl. Now I need to know whether or not that's okay with you.

"Jeff, that's more than I could ever hope to ask of you. That makes me feel a whole lot better."

"Well, now, Paul," said Jeff, "I have a confession to make to you. While you were still up in Austin, I walked in on both my dad and Karl in bed together. I was just saying goodnight. But they both invited me to join them. And I did." Jeff waited for Paul's reaction.

"Well, Jeff," said Paul, "both our consciences are now clear! How about let's go to bed now!"

As they walked into the house holding hands, they passed by the closed door to Michael and Karl's room. They paused and looked at each other.

Jeff said, "Do you think we should?"

"I don't know. What do you think?"

"Wellllllll. I don't know.

"Maybe you could just peek in and say goodnight to your dad."

"Do you think I should?"

"Oh, gosh. I don't know."

Just then the door flew open, and there stood Michael naked and with full erection. "Okay, you guys. We heard enough of this hemming and hawing out there. Just come on in and make yourselves comfortable!"

As Jeff and Paul entered the room, Paul's and Karl's eyes fell on each other's bodies. Paul and Karl had each been in bed with both Jeff and Michael, but they had never been in bed with each other, nor had they ever seen each other without clothes. As Paul removed his shirt and stepped out of his pants, he carefully eyed Karl's naked body stretched out on the bed before him. And Karl could hardly keep his eyes off of Paul.

Michael was aware of the interest Karl and Paul were showing in each other and said, "This is the first time we have all gotten together like this. I'd like to say—and I hope you'll all agree with me—that we're all in this together and none of us should have any hesitancy about doing anything with any one of us. Just because Karl is my lover, it doesn't mean, Paul, that you can't do anything the two of you wish to do together. So long as we're all together, we should do what turns us on. Now Karl, if you and Paul were to get up and go off to another room together, I'd have a problem with that."

They all laughed and agreed that so long as they were all together, anything goes.

All four lay on the bed on their backs, facing the ceiling, almost in a pre-arranged order. First there was Karl, then beside him was Michael. And beside Michael was Jeff, with Paul lying on the other side of him. All four had pressed their bodies together like they were sardines in a can. Almost immediately, they started squirming around rubbing their legs and feet together and feeling one another's bodies with their hands, as well as kissing one another. Jeff got up on his knees and took his dad's rigid hard penis into his mouth, then running his tongue down the underside of it and swirling his tongue around his dad's ball sack, all the while caressing lightly the hair on his dad's thighs. Jeff thought that Michael's cock was a lot harder than usual. The veins and ridges were so much harder, and the head was so hard it felt almost like it were made out of stone. His dad was obviously more aroused than usual.

Paul said, "Jeff, stay up on your knees, but get off your dad and put your shoulders down on the bed so your ass is up in the air."

As Paul brought his tongue into Jeff's ass crack, Karl said to Michael, "Why don't you do the same thing, Michael. I really want to get my tongue into that asshole of yours."

As Jeff and Michael lay side by side with their asses up in the air, Karl and Paul were behind them eating out the two assholes. Karl and Paul were so close together as they moved their tongues through Michael's and Jeff's warm, moist ass cracks that their bodies touched. They moved closer together and then switched positions so that Karl had his face in Jeff's ass trench, and Paul had buried his face between Michael's buns.

They soon switched positions again with Karl's shoulders on the bed and Paul up running his tongue over Karl's crotch. "My God, Karl," said Paul, "Your asshole tastes so good. Just that little bit of salty sweat makes it so yummy!"

Paul and Michael then lay flat on their backs while Karl gave Paul a tongue bath from head to toe, and Jeff did the same to Michael. Paul's tan legs were covered with a light layer of soft hair that felt like a million threads of silk on Karl's tongue. Karl loved hairy bodies, especially when the hair was soft and silky. He sucked on every inch of Paul's legs and arms, running his lips over the rounded ridges formed by Paul's leg and arm muscles. As Karl brought his tongue up over Paul's very hairy balls, Paul could not stifle a sharp cry of ecstasy.

Karl lifted Paul's legs high in the air, pressing his thighs down against his chest. With Paul's puckered hole now exposed, Karl teased it by brushing the head of his gorged penis over it. Jeff leaned over to get a good view and said, "Dad, roll over here closer so we can each watch the head of Karl's cock slip into Paul's asshole."

Both Jeff and Michael rolled over so both their heads were within inches of Paul's hole. To help Karl, Michael, put his face into Paul's ass trench and slobbered as much saliva as he could all over and inside of Paul's hole. They could see Paul's sphincter muscle snapping wildly in anticipation of Karl's rod. Jeff took Karl's penis into his mouth to get it good and wet. Michael's and Jeff's eyes were just inches away as Karl slowly pushed his hard penis against Paul's hole. The long black hair in Paul's ass trench was now wet and sticking to the sides of his ass cheeks.

As Karl pushed, Michael and Jeff alternately tickled Paul's buns and Karl's upper inner thighs with their tongues. Suddenly the head of Karl's penis popped into Paul's asshole, and Michael and Jeff watched as the shaft slowly disappeared deep into Paul's rectum. Michael pressed his face into Paul's crotch and, with his tongue, licked all around Karl's penis where it entered Paul's hole. And Jeff sucked gently on Karl's balls as Karl slowly at first moved his hard piston in and out of Paul's asshole. Karl's balls were long and large and heavy. Sucking each ball into his mouth, one at a time, Jeff chewed lightly on the sack that held them, savoring the light taste of sweat and the feel of wiry hair on his tongue.

As Karl began pounding away faster on Paul, Michael moved to the head of the bed and slowly lowered his crotch down over Paul's face so that Paul could lick and taste, and take in all the strong smells of sweat and pre-cum between Michael's ass cheeks. Michael could feel Paul's tongue furiously pushing itself into his hole. As Karl continued to fuck Paul, Michael, still sitting on Paul's face, looked down at Paul's hard cock from which great long strings of pre-cum semen were dangling and settling into his pubic hair. Michael leaned over and took Paul's dripping cock into his mouth. Then Jeff squeezed his head between Michael's and Paul's warm, sweaty stomachs and took Michael's cock in his mouth.

Karl began to moan, which was a signal to both Michael and Jeff that Karl was about to shoot his load up into Paul's rectum. Each of them sucked harder and harder in an effort to both cum at the same time Karl came. Their timing was perfect. All three orgasms began at the same time and all three cried out like wounded calves.

Paul could feel Karl's cock pulsating wildly as his rectum was filled with Karl's hot sperm. Michael's sperm flooded his son's mouth, and Paul's sperm shot like hot flames into Michael's mouth. The moaning seemed to go on and on as though there was no end to their orgasms. Jeff and Michael both held the sperm in their mouths and kissed, allowing some of it to dribble down their chins, and then swallowing the rest. Karl pulled out of Paul's asshole and immediately went down and sucked as much of his sperm out of Paul's hole as he could.

The four finally lay prostrate and out of breath on the bed, with sweat pouring off of all of them. Jeff had not cum yet, and was playing with his penis. He was very close, but wanted it to last. Then Karl leaned over and took Jeff's cock in his mouth. With only two or three swipes of Karl's tongue on the head of Jeff's penis, Jeff shot his load. Karl started to choke and almost gagged from the power of the Jeff's streams of sperm. But he managed to swallow it all.

Four hot, sweaty bodies continued to lie entangled with one another for the remainder of the night. By morning, the dim light that Michael had left on while they were having sex was still burning. Michael had also not closed the blinds the night before, and the brilliant rays of the morning sun were shining aggravatingly in his eyes. He got up, turned off the light, closed the blinds and crawled back in bed with the others. He looked at Jeff's sweet, sleeping face and had to smile. Jeff's chin was covered with a layer of dried white sperm that had dribbled out of his mouth earlier. Michael leaned over and kissed it and licked it, but very gently so as not to wake Jeff.

Michael found that he couldn't go back to sleep. But he lay there with a greater feeling of contentment than he believed he had ever felt in his life. Karl was now his for keeps, Jeff was home for the summer, the ranch seemed once again to be making money now that Karl had a hand in it, and all the others on the ranch seemed to be relatively happy. And, in addition, Jared was finally behind bars where Michael no longer had to worry about him.

All four sleepy heads were awakened by Maggie's dinner bell, signaling that breakfast was ready. Without shaving or showering, they put on only their robes and staggered into the kitchen where plates of scrambled eggs, bacon, grits, and biscuits and sausage gravy were laid out on the table for them.

Jeff said lazily, "That white sausage gravy looks like cum." The others smiled in agreement.

"Well," Maggie retorted sarcastically, "I'm sure the four of you ate plenty of that last night. I'm sure this doesn't taste nearly as good."

"What are you talking about, Maggie," said Jeff.

"I heard y'all in there moaning and groaning and carrying on all night. You were still at it when I got up at four this morning to get everybody's breakfast started. It's shameful!"

Jeff pushed his chair back a little and opened his robe, exposing two gorgeous tan and muscular thighs, on which were lying his large ball sack. His erect penis pointed straight up. And by flexing his muscle, he could make it jump around, just to tease Maggie.

Jeff said, "Aw, Maggie, I know you must have been feeling left out. Why don't you come over here and sit on my lap for a minute and let me comfort you."

With a giggle, Maggie stepped over and began to sit down on Jeff's lap.

"No, no, Maggie," said Jeff. "This cock is aching to fuck Maggie's hole. It can't fuck through your pants!"

Maggie quickly dropped her pants and lowered her ass down on Jeff's hard penis until it totally disappeared into Maggie's rectum. Maggie moved up and down faster and faster until Jeff called out that he was cumming. The others continued to eat their eggs and grits while they smilingly watched Jeff's face contort with his orgasm. When it was over, Maggie staggered over to the sink into which she emptied her own load of sperm.

Michael called out, "Watch that you don't shoot it into that pot of grits sitting there!"

As Maggie wiped herself off with a towel, she looked at Michael and said, "Why do you guys love my grits so much? I'll tell you why. I always get up and make them before any of you are awake so that you don't see me adding my secret ingredient. I just give it three or four good squirts of it and that's what makes the grits so yummy!"

The others reacted with nervous laughter as they looked down at the grits on their plates. Just then the telephone rang and Maggie answered it. "Yes, just a moment." Turning to Karl, she said, "It's someone for you, Karl. He identified himself as Tony from New York. He sounds as though he is very upset. I think he's crying.

Karl took the phone. "Tony! What's the matter?

To be continued...


Posted: 08/29/08