My Father, My Son
by: Tom Borden

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Michael shouted back, "Jared, you'll go to any despicable lengths to show your resentment over not being included in our father's will. How dare you come into this hospital and tear this child away from the one person in his life who ever meant anything to him? You have no morals and no feelings. You are as cold as stone. And you're not going to win this one, Jared. I swear to God I'm going to blast you into the ground over this. I can hardly stand to look at you!

Jared laughed and turned to go, saying, "You will see me in family court, good brother!"

With Enrique's cries still ringing in their ears, Michael and Jeff raced from the hospital to follow the Family Services vehicle that held their beloved Enrique.


Chapter 7 


While Jake remained in the hospital in a deep coma, Enrique was remanded to foster care until his case could be heard in family court. The boy was sent to live with a family in Goliad who already had two young boys and two young girls in their foster care. Members of the Walker family were forbidden to see or talk to Enrique until the case was heard.


The foster family also had living with them their only son whom they called Butch. Butch was twenty-two years old and had a severe learning disability. His parents allowed him to drop out of school after his sophomore year in high school, but he was unable to work, primarily because of his frequent violent outbursts. Therefore, he spent practically all of his time around the house doing simple chores assigned to him by his parents.


After Enrique had been in the family's care for almost a week, Butch went into Enrique's room one night when it was close to midnight. Enrique was asleep, but Butch sat on the bed next to him and started to run his fingers over his face. Enrique awoke with a start and sat up.


Butch quietly said, "I want to chew on your little cock." Then as he ran his hand down inside Enrique's pajama bottoms, "Please let me chew on your little cock."


Enrique flew out of bed and ran to the corner of the room where he stood with his back to the wall. "I don't want you to do that. Please leave me alone!"


Butch started toward Enrique. "I'm not going to hurt you. I just want to play with you."


As Butch reached to pull down Enrique's pajama bottoms, Enrique thrust his knee up into Butch's crotch. Butch yelled out and, with one blow to the side of the head, knocked Enrique to the floor and left the room. Enrique could feel a terrible ringing in his ear and an aching feeling running down the side of his face and neck. Then he could taste what he knew was blood in his mouth. He felt dizzy and didn't want to get to his feet. So it was there, in the corner, that he lay for the rest of the night.


By morning, Enrique's face had swollen grotesquely, but the family acted as though they didn't notice. On several occasions after that, Butch entered Enrique's room at night, but Enrique had felt the blast of Butch's violence and no longer fought his advances. He allowed Butch to strip off his pajamas and play with his body. Butch limited himself mainly to sucking Enrique's penis and licking his asshole and caressing his body. All Enrique could do was to lie still with his eyes pressed closed and count the minutes until it was over.


One night, Butch seemed almost crazed and told Enrique that he was going to fuck him. Enrique had vowed to himself that he would never allow Butch to go that far. He started to fight and, with his fingernails, dug a long gash down Butch's chest and stomach from his neck to his navel. Enraged, Butch tore the gold chain from Enrique's neck and threw the boy across the room against the wall. Butch had left the door open and Enrique scrambled out into the hall, screaming for help. No one came. He ran down the stairs and, as he heard Butch not far behind, he hid in a small closet beneath the stairs. He could hear Butch pacing the hall, wheezing and breathing heavily, and muttering to himself. When it appeared that Butch had walked on to the back room of the house, Enrique dashed out into the hall and threw the bolt on the front door and ran out.


Enrique didn't know what to do or where to go. He was naked and cold. The first thing he thought of, though, was his gold chain that Butch had torn off of him, and he started to cry. He ran through the yards for several blocks and came to a main thoroughfare that was well lit with street lights, but there were no cars in sight. He had no idea where he was and sat down on the ground behind a thicket of bushes. There were some newspapers blowing in the wind along the curb, and Enrique went out to retrieve several sheets to cover himself from the cold. Just then, a car appeared from around the corner. Enrique held the paper in front of him in an attempt to conceal his nakedness.


The car with a man and a woman inside pulled up alongside of Enrique. The woman opened her window and called out.


"What are you doing out here. You poor boy. Why aren't you dressed?"


Enrique stammered, "Please, I have to go to the hospital to see my daddy. Could you take me? Please?"


The couple looked at each other as though they really didn't want to get involved. But then the man leaned over and shouted to Enrique to get in the back seat.


"Why is your daddy in the hospital?" the woman asked.


"He fell out of a tree and hit some rocks."


Enrique could hear the man and the woman talking, but couldn't make out what they were saying. Soon, the car stopped in a wooded area near the edge of an old limestone quarry.


The man turned and said, "What's your name, young man?"


"My name is Ricky."


"Well, Ricky, we're going to take you to the hospital like you wanted. But as you can see, our car is an old one and we have to let it cool down periodically as we drive any distance."


Enrique knew a little bit about vehicles from his experience on the ranch, but had never heard of having to bring a working car to a stop to cool down.


"Ricky, let's get out and we'll sit on a blanket while the car cools down."


The woman spread a large blanket on the ground and, as she and the man sat down, she invited Enrique to sit there between them. They talked for a few moments and then the man began to take his shirt off, and then his shoes. Soon, the woman took off her jacket and then her blouse. They both began to undress without a word, as though Enrique wasn't even there.


"Since you don't have any clothes on, Ricky," said the man, "we didn't want you to feel self-conscious. You don't have to do anything. You're just a young boy. Have you ever seen a man and a woman fucking? You know, men and women do fuck, and it's perfectly natural. We think you'll enjoy watching us. Have you ever seen a cock as big as mine, young man? You see that big wet hole between her legs?" The woman laid back and spread her legs. "I'm going to put my big cock into that hole and shoot sperm into it."


Enrique quickly got a hard-on at the thought of watching something he had never seen before. The man lay on his back, and the woman, facing him, slowly lowered herself onto his hard penis. Enrique was fascinated. The man said,


"Ricky, lie closer to me and let me take hold of your penis and I'll jack you off while we're fucking."


It didn't take but a few minutes, and Enrique shot his sperm all over the man's hand and arm. And as he did, the woman pulled off, and the man shot his own load of sperm onto his stomach. Then the man held onto Enrique's head and tried to push his face down on his stomach to lick up the man's cum. Enrique didn't like the way the man was forcing him. Then as the man was forcing his penis into Enrique's mouth, the woman put her face into the crack of Enrique's ass and tried to tongue-fuck him. They were both holding on to his body so tightly that Enrique became frightened and began to struggle to break loose. He was able to heave his hips upward and sent the woman sprawling on the ground. And, just as he had done earlier on Butch, he used his fingernails on the man's chest, causing the man to loosen his grip and yell out


"Why, you little fucking piece of shit! Come back here you fucking asshole!"


Enrique ran as fast as he could through the woods. He knew he was cutting the bottoms of his feet with sharp stones and sticks, but he kept going in spite of the pain. Finally, he came to a highway, but he still had no idea where he was. Since he had nothing to cover him, cars would slow down to look, but none stopped. He began to walk, but wasn't certain whether he was walking toward Goliad or away from it. Soon a car did stop and a young man swung open the passenger side door and told Enrique to get in.


"What in the world are you doing out here with no clothes on? Are you in trouble? Did someone dump you here and take your clothes?"


Shivering, Enrique answered, "I ran away from my foster home. They were so mean to me. I have to get to see my daddy who's in the hospital. Could you take me to the hospital?"


"Sure, little buddy."


Ahead of the car, lights in the distance signaled that they were entering Goliad. The driver kept looking over at Enrique and, as the he turned onto the main street, he put his hand on Enrique's thigh and said. "You're a cute little guy. You know, you could spend the night at my place and I can get you some clothes to wear and we can go and find your daddy tomorrow."


Enrique suddenly felt that he was going to be attacked again. As the car slowed down at a stop light, Enrique flung open the door and jumped out, running into an alley that went through the middle of a block. As the driver shouted for him to come back, Enrique darted through the darkness of the alley until he came to a row of trash cans. He hid behind them until the driver finally reached over and closed the door and drove off.


As Enrique ran into the alley, he knew that he had stepped on some broken glass and the bottoms of his feet were burning and sore. The wind whipped down the alley, and Enrique did his best to curl up and huddle behind the cans to keep warm. He finally fell asleep, but awoke suddenly by someone rummaging through the trash cans. When he looked up, he saw an unshaven man wrapped up in a long black coat. At that moment the man noticed Enrique lying between the cans and the brick wall.


"Hey, man, what'chu doin' there? You ain't got no clothes on. You naked as a plucked chicken."


The man squatted down to get a better look while Enrique cowered in fear of this new perceived danger. "Please, mister, I just want to find my daddy."


The man started to laugh. "You ain't gonna find him down there. Where'd you come from?"


"I ran away from my foster home. I need to get to the hospital to find my daddy."


"Why's yer daddy at the hospital? Is he sick or somethin'?"


"My daddy fell out of a tree and they couldn't wake him up. I have to be with him."


The man took off his coat and then removed a long cardigan sweater he was wearing underneath. "Here, son, put this on. Then I'll take ya to the hospital. It's jist down the street."


The sweater was so large that it hung down below Enrique's knees. It was now half past three in the morning. Enrique tried to stand, but fell back because of the pain from the cuts on the bottom of his feet.


Tears came to Enrique's eyes as he looked at the man and said, "Just leave me here. I'll get there somehow. I can't walk."


The man knelt down and tried to look at Enrique's feet, but it was too dark to see. "C'mon, raise your arms up on my shoulders. You can ride piggy back on me. I'll git ya there."


The old man with Enrique hanging on his back trudged the two and a half blocks to the hospital. When they arrived, he lowered Enrique into a chair in the ER waiting room and motioned for someone to come over and look at Enrique's feet. It was not long before Enrique was put on a gurney and wheeled away. The old man asked the receptionist to let him know when Enrique had been fixed up and then sat down to wait.


While a nurse was bandaging Enrique's feet, a rather officious looking woman with a clip board approached and asked him where his parents were.


"My daddy is here somewhere in the hospital."


"What's your daddy's name?'


"It's Jake McKeever."


"And what's your name?"


"My name is Ricky . . . uh . . . uh . . . Mckeever."


"Well, Ricky, I'd better go talk to your daddy about his insurance to pay for your treatment here."


"Lady, please take me with you. I have to see my daddy bad."


"Nurse, I think you had better put the lad in a wheelchair. He'll never be able to walk on those feet."


Jake had come out of his coma several days before and was lying on his back staring at the ceiling when Ricky and the officious lady arrived. He had been told about Enrique's abduction from the hospital that had been arranged by Jared. As soon as he saw Enrique in the doorway, all he could do was to make noises that sounded like a loud humming. His jaw was still wired shut and he was unable to say a word. He raised up his arms and Enrique jumped up from the wheelchair and ran to the bed, throwing his arms around Jake. He climbed up on the bed with Jake and, holding on to each other tightly, they both sobbed openly, with Enrique kissing away Jake's tears from his cheeks as fast as they rolled out of his eyes.


Normally, visitors were not allowed to sit or lie on the patients' beds, but the scene was so touching that the two nurses who had just come in didn't have the heart to tear the two apart. It was now 6:00 a.m. and Jake's breakfast arrived-a milkshake and a straw. And at that moment, Michael arrived for his early morning visit. Enrique jumped down off of the bed and ran over to hug Michael.


"Michael, please don't send me back to that place. There was a man there that was so mean. He hurt me a lot."


Michael hugged Enrique's slender body tightly. His small body felt so vulnerable and weak as he held him. "No, no, Enrique. I'll never allow you to leave us again. You know, don't you, that Jeff and I were not the ones who sent you away that day? Jeff and I will never let that happen to you again."


Enrique began to sob uncontrollably and held on to Michael's arm so tightly that his arm actually began to feel numb.


"Enrique, what is this old thing you have on? You don't have any clothes on underneath. What happened?"


"That man at the Foster house took my clothes off and I ran outside to get away."


Michael said, "That does it. Jake, I'm going to take Enrique home now and get him in some clothes. We'll be back to visit you later."


Enrique went over and kissed Jake on the mouth very gently and Jake raised his hand and patted his Ricky lovingly on the cheek. On the way out, Enrique said he wanted to see if the old man who brought him in was still around. They went down through the ER waiting room, and Enrique pointed to the old man who was still dozing in a chair. Michael went up to him and shook him lightly.


"I don't know your name," said Michael, "but I want to thank you for what you did for this young lad. He was in a great deal of trouble and if it weren't for you, I don't know what would have happened to him. Could I buy you some breakfast?"


The old man said no, that all he wanted was to be sure the young one was okay.


Michael then offered him a twenty dollar bill.


The man simply said, "I don't need nothin'. I just wanted to make sure that the young one was okay." He then patted Enrique on the head and walked out whistling to himself.


Over the past several weeks since Enrique had been put into foster care, Michael had talked to Judge Irby who was slated to officiate over the custody hearing. Judge Irby, it developed, had been a close friend of Ol' Ben and had always been fond of Ol' Ben's son, Michael. Over drinks one night, Michael explained to Judge Irby what Jared's true motives were in having Enrique remanded to foster care. Judge Irby, furthermore, had known all the details of Enrique's situation, including the not widely known fact that he was Ol' Ben's son. He had checked the records, however, and found that Enrique's birth had been recorded under the name of his mother, Portillo, rather than Walker. But he assured Michael that he would rule that the boy be given over to the custody of Michael Walker. He felt that he had the discretion to act in this way on the basis of the fact that The Walker Ranch was the only home Enrique had ever known and that he loved both Michael and Jeff Walker and had never been abused by them.


As soon as Michael and Enrique arrived back at the ranch, Michael called Judge Irby to inform him of the latest development. Judge Irby said that Michael was to continue to hold Enrique at the ranch and that he would have the hearing scheduled immediately at which he would announce his ruling.


That night, Michael told Enrique that he had to take a bath. He was as dirty as an urchin from his terrible experience of the night before. But because of Enrique's bandaged feet, he would need to take a sponge bath, instead of a shower. Michael told Enrique to take off his clothes and lie in the empty tub so Michael could sponge off his body for him. Michael let the water run very slowly so that it wouldn't get on the boy. Then he knelt down beside the tub and began to wash Enrique's body with a wash cloth.


Michael thought that he had never seen such a sweet, gentle boy in his life, even as small as he was, for his age. Enrique's legs were slender and so perfectly shaped. His arms were thin and soft. His body was slender, but his chest was firm with perfect little nipples that stood out enticingly. Michael had the great urge to lean over and run his tongue over that chest and those nipples. Enrique's skin was absolutely without blemish and looked like velvet. Michael's penis became so hard that it was beginning to hurt as it pressed against his trousers. Then as he washed Enrique's balls and penis, Enrique became very hard.


Enrique laughed, "See what you did, Michael?"


"Well, Enrique, you should see what you did to me?" Michael hoped that Enrique would ask to see it, but he didn't.


When they were finished with the sponge bath, Michael said, "Okay, Enrique, go and get into bed and I'll give you a back rub so you can go to sleep."


As Michael sat on the side of the bed slowly moving his hand over Enrique's smooth back, Enrique groaned with pleasure. Michael slowly moved his hand down over Enrique's firm round buns and brought the side of his hand down into his crack. Since Enrique couldn't see what Michael was doing, he leaned over and kissed those beautiful buns and ran his tongue down into the crack until the tip of it touched Enrique's little rosebud asshole.


"That feels so good, Michael. Don't stop."


Michael spread the little buns apart and pushed his tongue harder on Enrique's asshole. As his tongue entered the boy's rectum, Enrique groaned and started humping very slightly. Michael could tell by looking between Enrique's legs that he had a very stiff hard-on and was masturbating by humping on the sheet. Michael was so aroused that he told Enrique that he was taking off his clothes. Enrique just continued to groan. Michael, now completely naked, moved over Enrique and straddled him from behind. He slowly lowered himself until the tip of his hard penis was touching Enrique's asshole. Now Enrique was humping more vigorously and pushing his ass up against Michael's penis. Slowly, Michael pushed his hard cock into Enrique's asshole. As the head popped in, Enrique gave a short cry, but kept humping faster and faster. Michael held his body up by his arms so he could look down and see his hard cock fucking Enrique's asshole. It drove him crazy and he could feel the orgasm beginning to build. As he pumped harder and harder, Enrique humped higher and higher. Enrique finally let out a loud yell and called out, "Ah, Ah, Ah, Ah." It was too much for Michael and he could feel the muscle at the base of his penis tighten up to the point that he could hardly stand it, and then he felt surge after surge of his sperm pumping into little Enrique's asshole. The feeling of his orgasm lasted and lasted until Michael finally collapsed onto Enrique's body. Enrique reached around with his hand and rubbed Michael's leg lightly. Finally, Michael rolled over next to Enrique, not knowing what Enrique was going to say. But Enrique rolled over on his side and, with tears in his eyes, reached over and kissed Michael on the lips, and simply said,


"It's so good to be back home."


Michael returned the kiss, and said, "It's good to have you home, my sweet boy."


The following April saw the end to some unpleasant events for the inhabitants of the Walker Ranch. Enrique had begged Michael to let him live in Jake's room until Jake could return to the ranch. Michael gave his permission, but warned all of the other ranch hands to stay out of Enrique's quarters if not invited. Also, Enrique was to keep his door locked at all times. Jake had finally returned to the ranch some weeks after being hospitalized and, because of his injuries, was unable to do much for himself. Enrique gladly took over the job of feeding and dressing his friend, as well as bathing him and keeping him company day and night. Michael had a cot moved into Jake's room for Enrique, but most usually, Enrique slept with Jake in his narrow single bed, except on those nights when Jake was particularly uncomfortable.


Unpleasantness also hung in the air for a time after Michael's wife, Marion, had been in San Antonio shopping with her sisters and drove back to the ranch unexpectedly a day early only to find Michael in the middle of getting fucked by Jeff in her bed. She had always had a slight suspicion concerning Michael's aberrant sex drive since she had first seen him performing his exotic dancing and strip act back in their college days. But she really never believed that he would allow himself to be fucked by their own son. That night, they could be heard in a very loud argument, after which, Michael left the house, jumped into his jeep and drove off to his little house on the knoll. When he returned late the next morning, Marion had packed several suitcases and had driven away. She left a note to Michael saying that she would be staying with her sisters in San Antonio indefinitely and would seek a legal separation.


Word, of course, spread throughout the ranch, and when Michael sat down with Jeff at the kitchen table for lunch and to explain to Jeff what happened that day, Maggie insisted on making little sarcastic remarks.


"You'd think two grown men could keep their peckers put away and under control. I'm going to miss Miss Marion. Imagine! Catching her own son fucking his father! You're a couple of oversexed creeps!"


Jeff looked up and said, "Fuck you, Maggie!"


Maggie just threw his head back and said, "Promises, promises!"


The legal separation was soon granted and life settled down without Marion. Ellie, the housekeeper sort of took over as the lady of the house. But unlike, Marion, she was purposely blind and deaf to what went on and always discretely looked the other way.


Paul and Jeff became close friends and frequently went into Goliad to sit around in a Country-Western bar in the evenings and drink beer and listen to the band play. Paul suggested that they set a date to drive up to Austin, as he had earlier mentioned, in order to introduce Jeff to some of the influential faculty in the Veterinary School of the University of Texas. They decided to drive up the following week on a Thursday and possibly stay through the weekend so that Paul could give Jeff a tour of the city. Michael told them to take the new red ford pick-up that he had just purchased in January. Since the weather was turning warm, they were glad that it was not only air-conditioned, but had a stereo radio and CD player.


When they arrived in Austin late in the afternoon, they checked into a motel called the "Texas Ranger Lodge."


"Hey, Ernie," shouted Paul to the young man behind the desk. "Like you to meet Jeff Walker from the Walker Ranch down near Goliad. We're going to be here probably four nights. Can you fix me up with the usual?"


Ernie could hardly take his eyes off of Jeff and, while looking him up and down, said, "Sure, Paul, old buddy."


Paul and Jeff drove down to the very end of the building and went into the last room at the end. Inside, there were two king-sized beds, a totally mirrored wall opposite from the beds, and a huge bathroom with a large shower stall that contained four showerheads.


"Wow!" shouted Jeff. "I don't know if we can afford all this!"


"Don't worry, Jeff, my friend. It's all taken care of. Let's go out and get us a couple of beers and some dinner."


Paul directed Jeff to drive out to the extreme western side of Austin where they parked in a lot behind a large, rambling stand-alone building. A huge neon sign over the front entrance read, "The Nest."


Taking Jeff by the arm and leading him inside, he said, "This is a great place. I hope you'll like it."


The room was so dark, it took Jeff a minute or two to get accustomed to it. It was lit primarily by several neon beer signs over the bar. Paul led him over to a table in a far corner. After a few moments, a young man in shorts and a t-shirt came up.


"Hey, Paul. Long time, no see. What'll it be tonight?"


"Bring us a pitcher of draft, will ya, Bubba." Then turning to Jeff, he said, "Are you okay?"


"Sure, Paul. Why wouldn't I be?"


"No, Jeff, I mean are you okay coming to this place?"


"Sure. Why?"


Paul just smiled and looked into Jeff's eyes. "You know, Jeff, I like you a lot, and I was hoping we could get off together like this and have a good time together."


Jeff said, "Me, too, Paul." Jeff could feel his penis jump a little. The light from the beer signs was faint, but it highlighted Paul's facial features just enough to make him look to Jeff like a Greek god.


'Oh, my God,' Jeff thought. 'How am I going to keep my hands off of this beautiful man for four days.'


Just then a small young man sashayed up to the table and said, "Hi, Paul, you sweet hunk, you. Are you gonna introduce me to this gorgeous person here?"


"Sure, this is Jeff Walker. Jeff, meet a good friend of mine. They call him Little Toby."


Little Toby reached over and felt Jeff's upper arm.


"Oooooo," he screamed. "I've simply got to have some of that! Are you going to share, Paul, or are you going to be mean to Little Toby again?" Turning to Jeff again and looking down at his lap, he cooed, "I'll bet you've got a real luscious pile of meat in the basket of yours."


Jeff now understood. They were in a gay bar. He had never been in a gay bar before. And then it hit him. "My God, Paul must be gay." The blood seemed to rush to Jeff's head, and he felt slightly dizzy. Just then, Paul put his hand on Jeff's hand and leaned toward him, smiling.


"Are you really okay with this, Jeff. If not, we can go. Please tell me what you want to do. I need to know, Jeff."


Jeff put his other hand on Paul's hand and squeezed it. "Paul, I am suddenly very, very happy." Then he reached up and lightly caressed Paul's cheek. "I can't tell you how happy I really am. I'll stay here as long as you want me to, and I'll go anywhere you want me to go with you, and I'll do anything you want me to do." Then looking deep into Paul's eyes, he asked, "Is this really happening?"


After finishing off two full pitchers of beer and being visited by every curious person in the crowded bar, Paul said, "You said you'll go anywhere with me I want you to go? Well, I think I want you to go back to our room with me."


They leaned across he table and kissed deeply, their tongues searching out every corner of each other's mouth. They both agreed, though, that they couldn't go anywhere until they pissed out all that beer. They staggered into the restroom and both stood at one urinal, trying to intersect their streams. Suddenly, there was a crowd that developed around them, all trying to get a glimpse of the new cock in town.


On the drive back to the motel, Jeff kept muttering, "I can't believe this, I can't believe this."


Paul responded, "Jeff, remember the New Year's party? I was new to the ranch then. But I looked at you once when you were dancing with one of those drag queens up on your verandah, and you saw me and smiled at me. It was the sweetest smile I have ever seen. I have to admit to you that I have wanted you ever since that moment. I would lie in bed at night just aching to have you in my arms. But I was never really sure about you. That's why I took you to that gay bar. I knew being there with you would give me my answer. Oh, Jeff, I can hardly believe this myself."


After they entered the room and locked and bolted the door behind them, they stood very close, facing each other, and looking into each other's face, still not believing that this night was happening. Paul moved his head closer and, with the tip of his tongue, lightly traced the outline and curve of Jeff's lips. Jeff brought his tongue out, also, and they each licked each other's tongues in a circular motion. Then, as if on cue, they each started to slowly unbutton each other's shirts. When the light mat of hair on Paul's chest came into view, Jeff moved his head down and swirled his tongue around in the hair and then gently sucked on each of Paul's nipples as Paul threw his head back and softly groaned. Step by step, they carefully and slowly with great deliberation removed each item of each other's clothing. And with the removal of each piece, they admired and caressed and kissed each new section of skin to be revealed.


Soon, all that remained on them were their boots and their hats. They turned to the large mirror that covered the wall opposite the beds and watched themselves as they moved their hands slowly and lightly over each other's suntanned skin.


Soon Jeff said, "I want your body so much, that I feel like I want to be raped tonight. I have so often watched you working around the ranch and watched your muscles expanding and contracting and glistening with sweat. I have longed to be able to plunge my face into your crotch and suck on your balls and on the hair around your asshole. I've dreamed of it. I just wish you would take me now any way you want me. I want to be raped by you Paul!"


Jeff had drunk so much that the room seemed to spin and it looked as though there were four people in the mirror. He knew what he was saying to Paul, and he knew he was saying it only because he was pretty drunk. Otherwise, he knew he would never ask anyone to rape him. But he was definitely in the mood to be had in anyway Paul wished.


Paul, likewise, was feeling the alcohol and, as he turned abruptly to face Jeff, they both lost their balance and fell onto the foot of one of the beds. Jeff lay there with his legs hanging off of the end, and Paul rolled off onto the floor at Jeff's feet. They both started laughing and giggling. Then Paul took hold of one of Jeff's feet and started licking and kissing his leg.


"You have the world's most beautiful legs, Jeffy boy," said Paul as he sucked on the light layer of blond hair on Jeff's calves. He swirled his tongue over and around Jeff's leg, and then moved over to the other leg. "I love your sweet soft legs. I want to eat them."


Jeff then stretched his legs out straight so the muscles in his thighs, as well as his calves, were fully flexed. As Paul brought his head up higher and ran his tongue and lips over the muscular contour of Jeff's thighs, Jeff clamped Paul's neck between his legs, but not tight enough to prevent Paul from eventually bringing his tongue up to Jeff's balls. As Paul tickled his balls with the tip of his tongue, Jeff's hard penis began bobbing up and down. Then Paul brought his tongue up the whole length of the underside of Jeff's Penis and swirled it around the head, slurping off the huge quantity of semen that seemed to be bubbling out of Jeff's pee hole.


They both somehow maneuvered themselves finally so their bodies were both fully on the bed. Paul lay on top of Jeff, their hard penises pressed together. They kissed so deeply that each of them, for a moment, thought they were going to gag from the other's tongue thrust so deeply into his throat. Jeff told Paul to roll off and onto his back. Then Jeff began a slow and sensuous tongue bath of Paul's entire body, beginning with Paul's forehead. Jeff licked Paul's beautiful eyebrows and his eyes and ears. He brought his tongue down over Paul's nose and mouth and cheeks. Then the chin and neck and around and over the curve between his neck and shoulder. He licked and sucked on every inch of Paul's strong arms covered with a soft layer of light tan hair. Jeff's tongue went lovingly through the hair on Paul's chest and stomach and lingered over his nipples and navel. Soon, Jeff had buried his lips and tongue in Paul's very large black bush of pubic hair, with Paul's hard penis throbbing against his cheek. Jeff proceeded down over Paul's penis and balls and over his sensuously shaped legs, with each muscle now glistening with a light layer of sweat.


"Roll over on your stomach, Paul. I haven't finished bathing you."


As he brought his tongue up along the backside of Paul's legs, he could feel that Paul was beginning to hump slightly.


"Not yet Paul. Get up on your knees and stick your ass up in the air,"


Paul dutifully obeyed and Jeff gently pulled Paul's firm ass cheeks apart revealing a large red asshole, barely visible through a mat of light tan hair that filled his ass crack. Jeff worked his tongue through the soft hair and onto the puckered asshole. He could feel with his tongue that Paul's asshole was already contracting rapidly in anticipation of getting fucked. Jeff slowly forced his tongue into the waiting and eager hole and could feel the wonderful sensation of Paul's asshole literally snapping on his tongue.


Paul moaned softly, and quietly said, "Fuck me, my sweet Jeff. Oh, please, fuck me hard."


Jeff then rolled onto his back and forced his head up under Paul's balls and penis and up under his pubic hair and stomach, wiping the sweat from Paul's body with his tongue. As Paul then began to tongue-bathe him, Jeff held on tightly to Paul's almost perfectly round ass cheeks.


Jeff felt himself thinking crazy thoughts.


"Paul, I want you to swallow me. I want you to suck me into you. I want my whole body inside of your body. I want you to take me anyway you want me. I need to be inside of you. If you could only suck me into your body through your asshole. Oh, God, I want to get inside of your beautiful body so badly."


Jeff could almost feel himself slipping in and out of consciousness. He actually imagined himself inside of Paul. He closed his eyes and could feel the darkness inside of Paul's rectum.


"Suck me in farther, Paul. Suck me in farther. I need to get my legs in, too. Are you sucking hard? I feel myself sliding up into your rectum. I can't breathe, I don't need to breathe. I need to get up farther and farther inside of you. Suck harder, suck harder!"


Jeff felt the bed whirling around. He imagined himself whirling through Paul's insides. Soon Paul was licking and sucking on Jeff's legs.


"Paul, I feel my legs being sucked into your rectum. Suck harder!:


Soon Jeff passed out completely. To Paul, it was like having this beautiful body totally at his disposal where he could do to it anything he wished. He rolled Jeff over onto his stomach and kissed and licked Jeff's firm buns until they were glistening with saliva. He thought that, since Jeff had begged to be raped, that is exactly what he would do. He raised Jeff's hips up and put two pillows under him. He then went down and sucked on Jeff's asshole and got it covered with saliva. He took a dildo out of his suitcase and began to slowly fuck Jeff's ass with the dildo while he laid his head on one of Jeff's buns and watched it close up going in and out of Jeff's asshole. Removing the dildo and straddling Jeff's hips, Paul slowly pushed his own hard and throbbing penis into that asshole. After a few strokes, he stopped and began forcing the dildo into Jeff's asshole just below his own penis.


Jeff still did not wake up. Paul turned on the vibrator in the dildo, which he could feel pressing tightly against his own penis. With one hand, he moved the dildo in and out of Jeff's asshole in concert with the motion of his own penis as he brought it in and out. To feel the extreme tightness of Jeff's asshole that was stretched around both the vibrating dildo and his hard penis sent a prickling sensation up and down his legs. His whole groin began to feel like it was going to explode. Paul licked the back of Jeff's sunburned neck and chewed on his ear.


"I want you inside of my body, too, Jeff. I want to eat every inch of you. I want to taste your skin and your sweat and feel your firm muscles in my mouth. Oh, Jeff, I need to have you more than anything. I can't ever let this end."


But in spite of his pleading, Paul felt the muscles in his legs and deep down inside at the base of his penis begin to tighten, and all he could do was to totally give himself over to what his body was about to do. He just let it happen. It felt like a terrible knot had caught hold of his penis and balls and then it came. He could feel surge after surge of his hot sperm shooting up the whole length of his hard penis and into Jeff's asshole. He felt totally powerless in the grip of his orgasm, a feeling that only the creator could have given to a man. The vibrator was still going and for a few moments, Paul thought that he was going to cum again with another orgasm. But the feeling soon went away and the vibrating dildo was beginning to make his penis sore.


As Paul pulled out of Jeff's hole, he turned off the vibrating dildo and laid it aside. Jeff was so drunk that he never woke up while Paul was having his way with him. Paul put his face down into Jeff's ass crack and sucked very hard to get as much of his own sperm out as possible. Paul had always loved the taste of his own sperm, but somehow it tasted better now that he knew it had been in Jeff's rectum.


Paul lay down next to Jeff and ran his finger's over all the features of Jeff's face. He thought that Jeff looked so young and sweet. A little bit of a stubble was appearing on Jeff's chin, and Paul felt it with his tongue. Paul felt a few tears coming to his eyes. How would he be able to make this last? He knew he was in love. This was no pickup gay guy off the street. Even though he was six years older than Jeff, he was Jeff's employee. How could he somehow have Jeff as his lifetime partner and lover? Soon, he fell sound asleep with his arm over Jeff's waist.


When Jeff finally awoke the next morning around 10:00 a.m., he felt as though his mouth was filled with a ton of sawdust. He could hear water running and realized that Paul was in the shower. Paul had not gotten as drunk as Jeff had, and he seemed to be feeling fine. Paul came out of the shower and sat on the side of the bed and kissed Jeff lightly on the lips.


"I love you, Jeff. Do you remember you said last night that you wanted to be raped? Well, you got raped."


"Who raped me?"


"I did, you dear sweet boy."


"Oh, that's good. My ass feels so relaxed this morning. Would you rape me again now while I'm awake?"


"Jeff, have you forgotten we have an appointment at one o'clock with Dr. Cinella over at the University?"


Jeff eventually got himself showered and shaved, and they both drove down the street to a café‚ where they consumed several cups of very strong coffee.


"Paul," said Jeff, "was I a good fuck last night? I wish I had been awake for it. Did it really feel to you like you were raping me?"


"It really did. You know, I had both my cock and a dildo up your pretty little ass at the same time. Did you know that? How does your ass hole feel this morning?


"It feels good. It feels so relaxed and kind of warm. Did you really stretch my asshole that much? Well, I want to feel that sometime again while I'm awake."


Paul and Jeff talked for a long time, but it was soon time to go for their appointment with Dr. Cinella. Dr. Cinella was a young man of twenty-nine who had come to the United States from Italy when he was eighteen with his parents. He had entered Veterinary School at the University of Texas immediately and, soon after graduation, became a member of the faculty. He had a charming Italian accent and, as Jeff shook hands with him, he could feel his penis jump slightly. Dr. Cinella's hands were very slight and delicate and felt as smooth as satin to the touch. Jeff couldn't understand how the hands of a man who dealt with large farm animals could be so soft and smooth.


Dr. Cinella's first name was Adriano, but wanted everyone to call him Andre. Paul explained why they were there.


"Jeff has applied for entrance into the University where he will be taking his pre-veterinary work starting in the fall. I explained to him that gaining entrance to the actual veterinary program is difficult at best. Andre, you and I have worked together for several years before I graduated and I wanted Jeff to meet you. He's a bright young man and I want him to meet as many people here at the school as possible so that we can be sure that he and his good work in class is noticed at the time he makes application to the Veterinary School."


Andre agreed that that was a good policy and asked Jeff if he would like to be given a tour of all the labs and animal facilities that were a part of the Veterinary School. Jeff was sincere in his eagerness to become acquainted with the place. They spent about three hours walking around the campus and looking at all of the veterinary facilities. When they finished, Jeff was more convinced than ever that studying veterinary science was what he most wanted to do.


Paul suggested he treat Jeff and Andre to a nice dinner at the Starling Club, a chic restaurant and lounge at the top of an office building near the campus. Now Jeff knew why Paul had insisted that he bring a sport coat, dress shirt, and tie. Paul had everything planned out. Andre, however, insisted that he would not go unless he was allowed to buy the dinner for all three. Paul relented. They were all to meet at the Starling Club at 6:00 p.m.


Cocktails preceded dinner, and Jeff had two double Scotches on the rocks and was now feeling no effects from his debauchery of the night before. All through dinner, Andre insisted that Jeff tell him about what life on an American cattle ranch was like. While he had serviced a few animals at some small farms near Austin before becoming a faculty member, he had never been on a full-blown operating cattle ranch. Before leaving Italy, he had, as a youngster, seen movies about the American West and admired Hollywood's version of the life of the cowboy. Jeff made no effort to disabuse him of his fantasy about cowboys, but painted as romantic a picture as possible of life on a cattle ranch, with Paul dutifully agreeing with Jeff's depiction.


Soon it was time to leave, and Paul suggested that they all go back to their motel room and have a night cap. Jeff wondered to himself if having this attractive Italian in their room might lead to something more. He could only hope.


As soon as they entered their motel room, Andre said he had to pee very badly and excused himself. While he was gone, Paul quickly explained to Jeff that he and Andre had played together many times while he was Andre's student. And he knew that there would be no problem in getting Andre into the sack. As soon as Andre emerged from the bathroom, Paul poured a round of Scotch and water in the little plastic cups provided by the motel. They sat in chairs and talked idly about nothing much.


Soon, Paul said, "Andre, remember when that Possum you were demonstrating something on once in the lab suddenly reached out with it's paw and scratched a big gash right through your shirt and down your stomach? I remember you ended up with a terrible looking scar. Has that ever more or less disappeared?


"Sure, Paul, that was a few years ago, and you can hardly see it anymore."


"Andre, why don't you let me see what it looks like now? I know Jeff would be interested also in seeing how dangerous some of these animals in the lab can be."


"Well, okay." Andre took off his tie and unbuttoned his shirt to reveal the scar. Paul went over and kneeled down next to Andre and rubbed his hand over the area of the scar. Jeff once again could feel his penis getting hard and bobbing up against his shorts and he looked at Andre's beautifully formed chest and stomach that was laden with three or four heavy bars of muscle.


'A washboard stomach!' thought Jeff. It was something he always wanted, but didn't have.


As Paul was gently feeling the scar area on Andre's stomach, he let his hand slowly slip down behind Andre's belt and down into his pubic hair.


Andre leaned over to Paul and whispered, "What are you doing, Paul. The young man will see you."


Paul continued to reach down and held Andre's balls tightly. He whispered in Andre's ear, "Don't worry, my love. Jeff told me he wants to fuck you very badly."


Andre looked over at Jeff and saw him staring with his mouth open at Paul's hand foraging its way into his crotch. He then sat back and relaxed as Paul undid the top button on his trousers, unzipped them, and slowly pulled them down to a crumpled heap around his ankles. Jeff was now openly rubbing the enormous bulge that had risen in his pants.


As Paul then began stripping off his own clothes, he looked at Jeff and said, "Okay, Jeff, let's get them off. What are you waiting for?


Within seconds, all three were in bed completely naked. Andre's beautiful swarthy skin covered his whole body, but both Paul and Jeff had distinct tan lines that accentuated their very white ass cheeks next to their very dark tan legs and torsos. Andre found the tan lines so erotic that he immediately went down and started kissing all along the tan line on Jeff's waist. Andre had a startlingly long and thin penis with a head that looked considerably wider than the shaft. His balls hung very low, and as he lay on the bed, they rested in an exotic looking pile on one of his thighs. Paul leaned over and was able to suck Andre's entire ball sack into his mouth, rolling the balls around gently.


With Andre on his back, Paul lifted his legs high in the air and, crouching down, sucked on is asshole, which was completely hairless. At the same time, Jeff crouched behind Paul and was able to get his tongue easily through Paul's asshole and well into his rectum. They all sucked on one another's assholes and on one another's penises and balls for some time when Paul suggested that they do what Andre wanted most of all—to be fucked by two penises at the same time.


Paul told Jeff to stretch out on the bed with his head at the head of the bed. Then Paul stretched out with his head at the foot of the bed. They each put their left leg under the right leg of the other, and put their right leg under the left leg of the other, and then scooted up to each other until their balls were pressed together and their hard penises where pressed together forming an erect double penis. Then Andre stood over their hips and slowly lowered himself down to a sitting position, allowing both penises to enter his asshole as one. It was a very strange sensation for Jeff to feel the very strong pressure of Andre's ass hole against the top side of his penis, while feeling Paul's penis pressed against the under side of his penis.


Andre started moving up and down slowly. Both Jeff and Paul could plainly see their two penises as they pistoned up and down in Andre's asshole. Just the sight of it made Jeff unusually hard. Paul suggested to Jeff that they should try to time it so that they would both shoot their loads at the very same time. They would signal each other as they were getting close. Andre pumped his ass up and down for about ten minutes before neither Jeff nor Paul felt they could hold it any longer. They could feel each other's legs tensing up. Jeff found it so erotic just to have his own leg on top of Paul's leg as he tensed his thigh muscles tighter and tighter.


Jeff finally gave the signal that he could no longer hold it. He felt the muscle at the base of his penis turn into what felt like a painful knot. Then he felt the great river of sperm shooting up his shaft and out into Andre's rectum. He could see both of their penises throbbing at each surge and he could feel Paul's penis throbbing heavily against his own, which drove him to yell out loud as he came. Andre settled down slowly until both penises were completely inside his rectum. He rested for a moment, and then slowly pulled off. Great gobs of thick white sperm began to drip from his hole onto Paul's and Jeff's penises and pubic hair. Paul beckoned for Andre to move his ass over to his face, where Paul sucked out as much sperm as he could. He then motioned for Andre to go and sit on Jeff's face so he could also share in tasting the nectar. Jeff could feel with his tongue that Andre's asshole was still open and the sphincter muscle had not barely closed at all. He could push his tongue inside very easily and didn't want to stop.


Just then, Andre knelt next to both Paul and Jeff and jacked off, spraying long ribbons of white cum all over both Paul's and Jeff's penises that were wilting, but still pressed together. Andre leaned over and sucked both penises into his mouth sucking them clean of his sperm.


While Paul and Jeff lay exhausted, Andre jumped up, went into the bathroom, and wiped off as much residue from his asshole as he could and began getting dressed.


"I'm sorry, Jeff, but I need to get home now. It's very late. I think you'll have to drive me."


"Why can't you just stay here and sleep with us," queried Jeff. "We'll drive you home in the morning."


Paul leaned over and whispered to Jeff, "Andre's married and has two small children. He pretty much has to get home tonight."


Jeff put his clothes on and told Paul not to go anywhere. He would be back soon. As Jeff drew up in front of Andre's house, Andre took Jeff's hand.


"Jeff," he said, "I can't tell you what a great evening this has been.  When Paul first brought you into my office, I thought I was going to pass out. I knew he was going to bring someone in to see me, but I never dreamed it would be someone as beautiful as you. I hope sometime you will invite me down to your ranch so I can see what ranch life really is like first hand."


"You can count on it, Andre. I can guarantee you'll have a great time."


Andre held onto Jeff's hand very tightly and leaned over to kiss Jeff on the lips. Jeff grabbed Andre and pulled him tightly to him and they kissed deeply, exploring every corner of each other's mouths with their tongues.


They broke apart, and Jeff said, "I really would have liked you to stay with us tonight, but I understand. The next time I get together with you, I'm going to go over every inch of your body. I promise you."


They kissed again, and Andre jumped out and ran up the sidewalk to his door. When Jeff returned to the motel room, he stripped down immediately and jumped into bed with Paul. They lay there with their arms wrapped tightly around each other and kissed each other gently.


Just then, the phone on the bedside table rang. Jeff answered it. It was his father, Michael.


Michael said, "Have you met the people you wanted to meet up there?"


"Yes, Dad, we went out to dinner with them."


"I want you to come home right now, Jeff."


"But, Dad, we planned to stay over the weekend."


"Please, Jeff, come home now. I can't talk right now. I need you here, Jeff. Please!


"But Dad . . ."




"Okay, we'll start back first thing in the morning."


Jeff told Paul that they needed to go back to the ranch, but that his dad did not explain anything. Jeff lay there in the dark staring at the ceiling and worrying about what had happened to make his dad so insistent. Paul lay next to him, kissing his neck and caressing his chest and arms.


"Go to sleep now, my dearest Jeff," whispered Paul. "I have the feeling you're going to need your sleep tomorrow. They said nothing more and both were soon sound asleep.


To be continued...


Posted: 08/22/08