Down on the Ranch
 with Grandpa

 by: Tom Borden

2008 by the author


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Chapter 1 


Summer had finally come and I'd just had my fifteenth birthday. Mom and dad were going to spend the summer having our big house in San Antonio completely renovated. Since things would be in a big upset around there, they thought it would be good if I spent two or three weeks down on the family's cattle ranch with Grandpa and Grandma. I was really excited. All the other times I'd been there were with mom and dad. This would be the first time I'd be there alone without them. What I looked forward to most was that I'd be able to ride a horse again.

Grandpa had lived there on the ranch all his life and didn't know very much about city people. When he was younger, he dropped out of school after the sixth grade and spent all his youth living the life of a range cowboy on cattle drives. Although he was a pretty rough-hewn kind of guy, I always liked him.

Before my dad took me down there, I overheard him talking to Grandpa on the phone.

"Now listen, Dad, we've talked about this before. I don't want you using all that bad language around Brian. I don't want him to have to deal with that. He's just a kid. Do you understand? He's looking forward to doing some horseback riding, but put him to work on some chores to keep him busy otherwise. He's a good boy, and he'll work hard and do a good job. Now remember, Dad, please watch the language. I'll drive him down tomorrow afternoon."

I was so glad to get there. Grandma got me settled in a room on the second floor overlooking the rangeland. I couldn't wait to get on a horse and gallop out over those open spaces. That night, I lay in bed listening to the coyotes howling in the distance, along with a few cows mooing.

The next day, Grandpa had me pitching hay in the horse barn. Just as I finished about mid-afternoon, Grandpa came in and looked around.

"Ya did a good fuckin' job there, boy. Ya wanna do a little horseback ridin' now?"

"Sure," I said.

"Why don't we ride out to the west. There's a little stream way out there where we can sit and watch the catfish jumpin'."

Grandpa had one of the ranch hands saddle up a couple of horses, and we were off. I hadn't been on a horse for a long time, and my ass was kind of sore when we got to the stream. We tied our horses to a tree and sat on the bank.

Grandpa threw a few stones into the water. "This makes them fuckin' catfish jump when ya do this. When I was a little fucker, younger than you, I used to wade in there and catch `em with my hands and bring `em back fer supper. My maw hated catfish and used to give me holy hell fer bringin' that shit into the house."

"I never had catfish," I said.

"This fuckin' stream runs pretty fast, and the water's real clear. I used to swim in it. Hey, why don't we take a quick swim? Okay?"

Grandpa stripped off all his clothes. Then he looked at me. "Ya gotta swim bare-neked, boy. Ya can't do it with all that shit on ya."

I was suddenly very embarrassed. As I took my clothes off, I couldn't keep my eyes off Grandpa's naked body. I'd never see a grown-up man's cock before. It was so huge. I'd seen the other boys' penises in the showers after Gym class, but they were small like mine. And I'd never realized a man's balls could be so big and hang so low."

When I was finally naked, he grabbed my arm and pulled me toward the water. "Come on, boy, let's git in."

When we got in the water, he started swimming underwater, circling around me. Then he grabbed my ass with his hands. He came up out of the water and laughed.

"When I was a kid, me and some of my friends from that other ranch off yonder use to come here and play grab-ass. Ya ever done that? One of them little cocksuckers nearly drowned one day. It scared the shit out of us. That's the last fuckin' time we done that."

We soon climbed out and sat in the grass on the bank. The sun felt good on my skin after being in that cold water.

"Shit," he said, "that cold water sure makes the balls shrink up, don't they?" With his hand he pulled up his shriveled up ball sack to show me.

"Yeah, it sure does," I said. I could feel the tightness in my own ball sack.

Grandpa lay back and stretched out his arms over his head. His huge soft cock lay off to the side on his left thigh.

As he looked up at the puffy clouds moving slowly across the sky, he said. "I gotta do this more often. All work and no play, you know. Ain't good for an old fucker."

As I sat beside him, I lay flat also and stared at the sky. I suddenly wanted to hear him tell me about his days as a cowboy.

"Grandpa, tell me about when you worked as a cowboy."

"Aw, shit, boy. That was way back when I was a young fucker. We made cattle drives all the way from here up to Kansas City in them days. We didn't have no fuckin' trucks and rail cars to carry `em like we do today. We had to be tough. Not like these pansy-ass cowboys today."

"How long were some of those drives?"

"Aw, shit, they went on fer weeks. It was pretty boring sometimes, unless something scared the fuckin' shit outta the cattle and they started to stampede. Them mother-fuckers were tough hombres to round up sometimes. But even on a good day, we all ended up at night smellin' like a fuckin' shit-house."

Grandpa raised one of his hairy legs. He reached down and scratched his balls. They were no longer shriveled.

"One thing we could never do is take a bath. The first fuckin' bath we had was when we finally got to Kansas City. Our underwear was as brown as tobacco juice, soaked with all our fuckin' piss and semen in it.

"What did you do at night," I asked. "You had to sleep sometimes, didn't you?"

"Sure. We made sure the fuckin' herd was calm and settled down. Then one of us stayed out there to watch `em while the rest of us tried to git some shut-eye.'

I was curious about something else. "I remember the old Western movies I saw. At night, they always sat around the camp fire and sang songs. I remember hearing Gene Autry sitting around the fire singing "That Tumblin' Tumble Weed."

Grandpa started laughing so hard his cock was bouncing up and down on his thigh. "That shit ain't real, boy. That was all a bunch of fuckin' horseshit. Them cocksuckers in them movies couldn't tell their asshole from a cow's cunt."

"You had a fire at night, didn't you?"

"Sure. Even though I sweat my fuckin' balls off all day, them Texas nights, even in the summer were pretty fuckin' cool."

"But you didn't sing songs, right? What did you do? Just sit there?"

"Shit no, we didn't jist sit there. We usually told stories about all the cunts we'd fucked. Most of `em were made up. Ya know, there weren't no women anywhere around. And ya know, a guy can git pretty fuckin' horny when he don't have nothin' to fuck."

"You just told stories?"

"Well, no. While we told `em, we usually jerked our dicks."

"Jerked your dicks?"

"Sure. You know what that is, don't ya? Yer fifteen. Ya oughta know about that. Ya know how to jack off, don't ya?" Grandpa took hold of his soft cock and stroked it several times as he spoke.

"Yeah," I said. I was getting a little embarrassed again.

"Ya know," he said, "when a critter gits horny, he's gotta empty his fuckin' balls and git rid of a load. It don't matter if yer out on the lonely trail or home in bed. You understand that shit, don't ya?"

"Sure I do." For some reason I could feel my own cock begin to harden. I was afraid to look down at it, and hoped it would stop.

"And boy," he said, patting my thigh, "you probably ain't old enough to know this, but a good fuck beats out a good jack-off anytime."

I looked at Grandpa's hand that was still on my thigh. "I suppose that's true, Grandpa. But as you say, there were no women around."

Grandpa laughed and moved his hand up to my hip. "Well, when there's a bunch of horny fuckers stranded out on the trail, ya gotta find ways of makin' do."

"I guess so," I said.

"Ya ever heard of corn-holing, boy?"


"That means havin' a good fuck with another guy."


Grandpa raised up his legs and held them high with his hands behind his knees. "Lookee here, boy. Ya see that asshole? We all got one of these. It ain't always as good as a good juicy cunt, but sometimes it's a lot better."

"You mean . . . .?

"Yeah. Fucking a good tight asshole is as good as anythin'."

I looked down and saw that my penis was rock hard. And he was looking at it. I could feel the blood rushing to my head.

"At yer age, ya ain't fucked nobody yet, I suppose," he said, "so you don't really know nothin' about fuckin'."

"No, I don't, grandpa. Some of my friends told me they've done it with girls, but I don't believe them. I think they're lying."

Grandpa patted my stomach. "Ya got a good sized cock there, boy. A little hair on yer fuckin' legs and a good bush starting around yer cock. Let me tell ya something, boy. When a young feller is finally able to jerk his fuckin' dick and shoot a load, he's a man. He's become a real fuckin' man, no matter how old he is. Yer now jist as capable of gittin' yer load off with a good fuck as ya are jerkin' yer dick."

Grandpa was now cupping my balls with his hand and, with the other, running his finger up the underside of my hard penis. "Yup, yer good and ripe now, boy, to know the joys of a good fuck.

I felt I had to say something. "But doesn't corn-holing hurt?"

"Shit no. Them cocksuckers out on the trail loved it. Some of `em liked it better than a good juicy cunt."

"Has anyone done that to you when you were out on the trail," I asked.

Grandpa was now tweeking my little nipples, and it was driving me crazy. And my cock was throbbing as though it were about to explode.

"Of course, boy. Your old Grandpa gits as horny as other cocksuckers.

We lay there without saying anything for a long time. He was now running his hand lightly over the hair on my legs, and it tickled. I had my eyes closed, and I knew he could see how much I was enjoying his touch. But at the same time, I was embarrassed that he could see I was enjoying it.

Grandpa's face was very close to my ear. I could feel his breath.

Finally he said, "Ya wanna try it, boy?"

"Try it?" I said as though I didn't know what he was talking about.

"Yeah," he said. "Ya wanna try corn-holin' me? Huh? Ya need to know what it's like. boy. Yer a man now. Ya need to know."

"Well, if you want me to." I could feel my heart beating along the full length of my gorged cock.

"I want ya to. The time has come in yer life when ya gotta know what a good fuck is like."


"Now git up here on yer knees in front of me," he said, "and lower yerself so yer cock gits into my ass crack."

I did as he instructed.

"Now push yer cock up against my fuckin' asshole. That's it. Now push real hard."

He brought his legs together so my head was pressed between his hairy calves. The hair tickled my ears. I didn't have to push very hard before the head of my cock popped in past the rim of his asshole.

"That's good, boy. Now push in and out and fuck the shit outta me."

As I started pistoning in and out, I was amazed how good it felt. Much better than with my own hand.

"Go faster and deeper, boy. Fuck that asshole like you really mean it."

When Grandpa started moaning, I thought I must be doing it right and that I was really giving him pleasure. He reached up and pinched my nipples again. I was now so sexually excited I could hardly stand it.

"I'm going to cum, Grandpa. What should I do?"

"Jist keep fuckin' me boy and shoot yer creamy load into me."

"Okay. Okay. Here it comes!"

I felt the muscle at the base of my penis cramp hard. I felt as though I was about to pass out as my orgasm grabbed hold of my gut. Wave after wave of my orgasm shook my body as I felt my cum surging into Grandpa's rectum. We were both moaning. When I felt the last spasm of my orgasm, I felt as though I had just had the most unearthly experience any man could have.

Grandpa held onto my ass cheeks so I couldn't pull out.

"That was about the best mother-fucking fuck I've ever had," he said. "Did ya like it, boy?"

Still out of breath, I gasped, "I've never felt anything like it."

"Did ya feel my asshole graspin' yer cock? Like an angry snappin' turtle, ain't it. Feels a fuckin' lot better than yer wimpy fuckin' hand.

"Yeah, it did."

"Now ya can pull out, boy."

I pulled my wilting penis out of Grandpa's asshole. I saw some of my cum oozing out of it. Grandpa reached around and took some of it on his fingers and licked them clean."

"Yer cum's good, boy."

"Won't that hurt you to put that in your mouth," I asked.

"Fuck no. It tastes like some fuckin' vanilla pudding. Them cocksuckers on the trail used to eat each other's cum all the time. It's tastes better than lickin' up pussy juice out of a fuckin' cunt."


"Yer a good fucker, boy. Yer a natural. There's a lot more ya gotta learn, boy, before ya can call yerself a real man."

"Really?" I lay back down next to Grandpa. I watched him slowly stroking his own cock and working it up to a humongous hard-on. I knew I would give him a big NO if he said he wanted to stick that enormous cock up my ass. I was expecting him to tell me he wanted to do that. But he didn't. Instead, he just kept stroking.

"I want ya to have the experience of tasting cum."

"I guess I can taste my own sometime," I said.

"That ain't what I mean. Ya gotta taste some other fucker's cum. That's always the best. Here. Git over here and take this fuckin' cock of mine in yer mouth. This'll be an experience ya won't forgit."

"Please, Grandpa," I said, turning my head. "I don't think so."

"I said git over here, boy. Yer gonna like this."

"You said it tastes like vanilla pudding?" I asked.

"Better. See them big balls of mine? They're jist full up with the sweetest nectar you'll ever taste. Now lean yer fuckin' head over here and put yer lips around my cock."

Grandpa's cock was so thick, I didn't know if I could get my lips around it. But I did what I was told and opened my mouth wide. I could see clear semen bubbling out of his pee hole. I closed my eyes and allowed the head of his hard penis to enter my mouth. The head felt so smooth and firm on my tongue.

"Bring yer lips all the way down to the fuckin base," he said.

As I did so, I felt the end of his penis almost touching the back of my throat. I couldn't believe I actually had my Grandpa's hard penis in my mouth. I could feel with my tongue the hard ridges of the veins that encircled that massive piece of meat.

"Now bring yer lips up and down on my prick like ya would if ya were jerking it off with yer hand. Yer doin' good, boy. Ya got a hot fuckin' mouth."

Grandpa started bucking his hips just like he was trying to fuck my mouth. I began to feel almost like a wild man as I sucked harder and harder on his hard cock. It made me feel so hot inside. I was so sexually turned on all of a sudden.

"I'm gonna cum pretty soon." Grandpa's voice sounded growly and wild. "Are ya ready for some hot fuckin' cream down yer throat?"

I nodded that I was ready. Then it happened. I felt his cock start to expand and get harder. My whole mouth was suddenly flooded with warm, thick cum. It tasted like nothing I had ever eaten before. I felt each surge of cum blast against the roof of my mouth. Surge after surge. Adding to the taste of his cum was the sound of Grandpa's voice grunting and moaning with every blast. To feel something that came out of Grandpa's body and was now running down into my stomach excited me like nothing ever had before. I kept that warm, meaty penis in my mouth as it slowly wilted into what felt like a delicate piece of flab on my tongue.

When I pulled off, he reached under my arms and pulled me up so our lips touched. Nothing surprised me now. I was willing and ready to do anything Grandpa asked. He slashed his tongue into my mouth and lapped up the rest of his cum that remained there.

I rolled off of him and sat beside him. I looked down at his magnificent body and ran my hands over the soft hair of his strong legs. I no longer had any inhibitions. That late afternoon, he had given me the most wonderful and exhilarating sexual experience I ever thought possible. I leaned over and ran my tongue over his leg and then up to his immense hairy balls, the balls that I had just emptied into my mouth and stomach. I took each ball and gently rolled it around in my mouth.

Grandpa propped up on his elbows. "Yer now a real man, my boy. You now know all the fuckin' pleasures every man needs to know. Yer a hot little fucker, I'll say that. Jist like yer dad."

I let his left ball drop out my mouth. "Just like my dad? What do you mean?"

"It's a duty of every father to make his son aware of the fuckin' pleasures of manhood."

I looked at Grandpa with wonder. "You mean you showed my dad about all this?"

"Why sure. He was a fast learner jist like you was. Fer some reason, I got the fuckin' impression that yer dad wasn't gonna pass all this good stuff down to you. So I jist took it upon myself to do it fer him."

I sat there stunned. "You mean my dad fucked you, too? And he sucked your cock and ate your cum?"

"You got it, boy. And he's fuckin' good at it, too."

"But how about Mom?" I asked.

"Aw, shit, boy. He still fucks her like he always did. Like I still fuck yer Grandma. But what you and yer dad learned to do from me is somethin' really special. Ya do this whenever ya really want the very hotest sex. Ya'll never find anythin' better than fuckin' a guy's tight asshole, or gitten' fucked or sucking a good hard dick and eatin' all that sweet cum.
Ya have to agree it'll be hard to beat."

"Did you do this with my dad when he was my age?"

"Why sure. That's the best fuckin' time to git to know how to do this shit. Ya'll crave it fer the rest of yer life. I'm sorry yer dad didn't take it upon himself to teach ya. But maybe now that you know, the two of you can enjoy it, like me and him still do."

"You mean you and dad still do this together?"

"Of course we do. Once ya done it, there ain't no fuckin' way yer gonna give it up."

As we rode back to the main house, on one hand, I was really glad I had this really erotic experience with Grandpa, but on the other, it was hard for me to believe that my dad had done the same thing with Grandpa . . . and was still doing it. It excited me in a way to know that, but I didn't know what was going to happen when I got back home. I felt very nervous.

Over the next three weeks, Grandpa often came into my room late at night after Grandma was asleep, and we sucked and fucked as we had that afternoon when I first came to the ranch. I asked him if my dad knew that he was going to teach me these things.

"I don't know, but I told him more than once I thought it was time ya needed breakin' in. So I was sure he knowed what I was gonna do when ya come down here fer a visit."

"Then he must know," I said.

"I'm sure as fuck he does."

"I heard him talking to you on the phone. I thought he asked you not to do anything bad."

"No he didn't. He jist told me to put a fuckin' halt to my dirty language. He's always tellin' me that. But I can't help it. That's the way I talk. Can't express myself other ways."

"Wow. What am I gonna do."

"What d'ya mean what d'ya gonna do? Jist tell him ya spent a lot of time with yer old grandpa and he taught ya a lotta fucking things. He'll know what you mean. Let him take it from there. I gotta tell ya, boy, yer dad's a hot fucker. He knows how to make a fucker happy.

At the end of my visit, my dad came down to pick me up. On the drive home, he asked me how I enjoyed my visit. I thought about what Grandpa told me to say.

"Well, dad, I spent a lot of time with Grandpa and he taught me a lot of . . . things."

"He did, huh?"

"And he told me he taught them to you, too, when you were my age."

"I see. Well, maybe we can talk about those things, Brian, when we get home."

"Sure, Dad."

We didn't speak for the rest of the drive home. It was evening when we arrived home. I found the house all redecorated and my room was painted a different color and had all new furniture. When I went to bed that night, I lay there thinking about everything. So much to think about. The yard lights outside cast a soft glow in the room. I was hard, like I was every night, and knew I couldn't go to sleep before I jacked off. I removed my skivvies and started stroking as I thought about what I had done with Grandpa.

I noticed my door opening very slowly and then saw Dad standing there, also in his skivvies. I hurried to cover up my hard-on with my hands.

"It's all right, Brian. Your mom's asleep, and I thought I'd come in to say goodnight."

Dad walked close to my bed and looked down at me. "You don't have to cover up, Brian. It's all right."

I took my hands away, letting my boner stand straight up.

"Do you mind if I lie down with you for a little while? It's been a busy day, and I haven't had much rest."

"Sure, Dad." I scooted over to make room for him. His undershorts were tented and I knew his penis was hard.

I could feel his leg pressing against mine.

Dad stared at the ceiling. "As I said in the car, I guess we have some things to talk about."

"Yeah," I said as I dared to press my leg harder against his.

"Did anything you did with your Grandpa upset you, Brian?"

"No. Not at all. We had a good time. Can I ask you, Dad, if you're upset that . . . you know . . . we had a good time?"

Dad turned his head to face me. Our faces were only inches apart. "Of course not, Brian. I'm glad that you . . . well, that you . . . ."

I could feel my heart beating in my chest. I said, "Dad, why don't you take off your skivvies? You look uncomfortable." I couldn't believe I said that, but I wanted to see him naked so badly.

"Okay." Dad raised his hips and slipped out of his shorts. His hard-on seemed considerably longer than mine. He looked at mine, and he knew I was looking at his.

Dad put his hand on my thigh. "Did you enjoy what you did with Grandpa?"

I put my hand on his thigh, very close to his cock. "I enjoyed every minute of it, Dad. And he told me you enjoyed it, too . . . when you were my age . . . fifteen."

"He did?"

"And he told me you should have done the same with me. You know, now that I'm fifteen." I moved my fingers up through his heavy bush of pubic hair. It felt so soft.

Dad moved his hand down over my balls and smiled. "He did, did he? Well, I suppose it's still not too late."

Dad rolled over hard against my body with his hard cock pressed against my thigh. He took hold of my head with both hands and kissed me on the lips, forcing his tongue with little difficulty between them and into my mouth. I reached around and ran my hands over Dad's firm round ass cheeks and then ran my finger into his crack and pressed on his asshole that felt very hot and moist.

Dad raised his face a little from mine and asked, "What was one of the things you liked best?"

"I really loved sucking on his hard cock and eating his cum. That was really great."

Dad rolled over on his back with his cock standing straight up and spread his legs wide. He said, "I've got a load waiting right here for you if you want it."

I got up and scampered down between his legs. Before I took his cock in my mouth, I looked up at dad, and we smiled at each other knowingly. Thanks to Grandpa, here we were, two men who loved each other, about to embark on the great journey into the unspeakable pleasures that all real men should enjoy.

To be continued...


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